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FirstSpear Friday Focus – FirstSpear TV Launch and Giveaway

Friday, January 18th, 2019

FirstSpear has launched an all new totally free multi-platform entertainment destination for all things that go boom. Get exclusive access and experience content you will never find anywhere else. Stay tuned for all new episodes and video series from your favorite Brands. New videos drop every Wednesday!

FSTV has launched an impressive giveaway to kick off the launch with over $2,000 worth of equipment to be given away to one lucky winner. Rules are simple go check them out on first-spear.tv/contest

FirstSpear Friday Focus – SHOT Show 2019

Friday, January 11th, 2019

Go see FirstSpear at the SHOT Show on the 1st floor in the Casanova Ballroom booth 6203. Get your hands on the latest amphibious plate carrier systems, cutting edge body armor, and more! Stay tuned to FirstSpear for surprise giveaways at the show!

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Gadget Bag

Friday, January 4th, 2019

Gadget bags are now available in the non-stocking non-standard section of the FirstSpear web store.

100% American made with simple carry handle, loop patch for your cell tags on one side and clear window on the other. Approximately 10 x 5 x 4 these are perfect for small electronics or a simple hygiene kit.

First quality goods ready to ship. Available while supplies last.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Summit Bag Sizes

Friday, December 21st, 2018

Introducing yet another all new item from the FirstSpear web store! They have decided to bring on two new sizes to their popular Summit Bag line with an 11L and massive 56L. These are 100% American made and available in all stocking summit bag materials and colors including both full mesh and light weight ripstop. Both new sizes feature a simple webbing handle to hang in a locker or tie off point.

With absolutely no limit on possible applications the Summit Line is excellent for interior organization inside larger bags or packs, hauling loose ammo, under seat/glove box storage, stuff sacks for garments, hygiene kits, electronics/ cables and other various loose equipment you can keep an eye on all in one place.

Made in America, available now only on first-spear.com.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi Climate Glove

Friday, December 14th, 2018

Introducing the all new Multi Climate Glove (MCG) from FirstSpear. Built for maximum dexterity and tactile performance using an incredibly soft carbon infused goat skin palm that offers exceptional feedback with a digital texture for enhanced grip. The back of the MCG is built with a premium poly soft shell material that has a perfect amount of stretch with minimal weight making this glove feel like its not even there.

• Maximum Manipulation for Peak Performance Feel of Essential Weapon Controls
• Improved Breathability, Low Water Uptake, and Soft Drying
• Digital Texture Enhances Grip
• Strong and Technically Advanced, Remains Comfortable and Flexible
• Pittards Digital Goatskin Palm, with Premium Polyester Soft Shell back

Now shipping in black and coyote.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Maritime Buoyancy Compensator Technology

Friday, December 7th, 2018

FirstSpear is well known for high quality body armor systems and performance technical apparel. What you may not know is they also develop specialized gear for some of the most highly trained amphibious military and law enforcement professionals all over the world. The AAC Frog Kit, for example was developed for the combat diver and specifically designed to integrate with a rebreather system. Today we are looking at just one of the unique features that makes FirstSpear Maritime equipment a top choice by the professional.

The FirstSpear Buoyancy Compensator Kit is designed to be installed inside the plate bag behind the front and back plate pockets. Orally inflated at the operators discretion, you can achieve a maximum of 5lbs (2kg/22N) of lift on each front and back insert in a size Medium – XL to help offset a combat load on the surface in sea water.

Buoyancy Compensators Kits are user configured and can be set up for not only right or left handed users but also single and dual inflate options which give the Operator even more control on how they can trim their system while in the water.

This video shows how to set up your BC kit and the user configurations available. Law Enforcement and Military credentials required for purchase. Contact us for more info.

Learn more about FirstSpear industry leading manufacturing and technology integration for personal protective and load bearing equipment on first-spear.com

To learn more about FirstSpear Technology Group visit First-spear.tech

FirstSpear Friday Focus – 10×12 Padded Plate Backer Kit

Friday, November 30th, 2018

Meet the all new FS 10×12 Padded Plate Backer Kit!

These Non-Ballistic padded inserts come in a set of two and designed to go inside your plate carrier and behind the plate to increase comfort with minimal bulk and weight while providing an extra large channel to increase air flow. The Padded plate backer can be used in multiple configurations based on user needs. Shipping Now. 100% American Made.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Flannel Colors

Friday, November 23rd, 2018

Right in time for the holidays FirstSpear has released three new color options on the popular Stratton Flannel. Same cut and features but now even better for winter in a much heavier 9oz weight.

100% American Made, available now in the FS Store along with what appear to be some new hats!