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FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series – Ryker Nylon Gear

Friday, January 12th, 2018

This week, we focus on one of FirstSpear’s OEM Partners, Ryker Nylon Gear and their AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit).


Made in the USA by FirstSpear the AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) was designed by Ryker Nylon Gear for carrying medical items concealed on your ankle. Weighing in at only 2.3 ounces the AFAK is lightweight and comfortable making it very easy to conceal not just medical items.

– Features 3 Vertical pockets for items like combat gauze, mini compression bandage, tourniquet, trauma sheers, etc
– 1 Horizontal pocket that will fit a chest seal
– Includes new elastic extension piece for full size boots

OEM Partner Interview

1. Why was the AFAK originally developed?

The AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit) was originally designed to provide a way for my friend Chris Lapre, a Arizona law enforcement officer, to carry medical gear in a low profile manner. At the time he worked plain clothes and conducted undercover operations while assigned to a federal task force. He wanted a way to have medical gear available immediately, but still be concealed. I went home that night with a list of items (chest seal, TQ, sheers, quickclot, gloves) we potentially wanted it to hold. This produced the first two prototype AFAKs. Once we started wearing the AFAK, the design changed slightly with Chris’s feedback. We had one additional AFAK in Afghanistan within two weeks of the prototypes being made.
My family and I started making them for free to send overseas to friends and acquaintances that needed a concealed medical kit option. I never intended to start a business and sell the AFAK. It was more of a way to help out people I know in high-risk professions.

Once the demand was beyond our capabilities I decided to start a business selling the AFAK.

2. Why did Ryker choose American Made?

While we’re a small business, I hope every time we order more product from First Spear it creates a tiny economic ripple that helps support American businesses. From fabric suppliers, sewers, fabric cutters, to office staff, etc and the American economy in general.

I’ve worked in manufacturing for 17 years and have personally seen the effects of what’s happened to people and communities due to outsourcing over seas.

American Made was the only way we were going to produce the product. Going overseas wasn’t an option.

3. How did the relationship between FS and Ryker begin (or how did you hear about us) and Why did Ryker ultimately choose FirstSpear manufacturing?

Our original local manufacturer went out of business right after our first year of business. We decided we had enough business to support First Spear manufacturing the AFAK. Chris Lapre who the AFAK was originally designed for, put me in touch with friend Ronnie Fowlkes.

We were only interested in American manufacturing that we knew could produce the best product for our customers. A good percentage of our customers work in high risk professions and depend on our product to carry critical medical gear. We needed a manufacturer that could produce a product that would last in austere conditions.

With a strong manufacturing background I was specifically interested in the quality of manufacturing that First Spear offers. These include Non Destructive Marking, laser cut fabric, etc. These practices make for a much higher quality, durable product in the end for my customers.

4. Any new product developments between Ryker and FS in the future?

Yes we are working on our next product. It will create a solution to fill a void in the vehicle medical kit arena similarly to the AFAK filling a void in the ankle medical kit market. We’re still testing it and it’ll be ready for First Spear later this year.



FirstSpear Friday Focus – Arms Case

Friday, January 5th, 2018

This week’s Friday Focus is the Arms Case.


Available for Carbine and Long Guns

Carbine 36″ x 13″ (fits Storm case iM3100, not included)

Long Guns 43″ x 13″ (fits Storm Case iM3200, not included)

Constructed from 500D this padded carbine and long gun case was designed to work as a light weight stand alone case or purpose built padded insert for your Storm case. Features an extra large exterior pocket with a 4”x9” loop field to attach cell tags. 6/12 Organier panel (sold separately) allows the user to mount accessory pockets to the panel which can be stored inside the case or easily removed and taken on the go. Made in the USA! In stock and shipping Coyote, Black, Multicam, and Ranger Green.

SSD Readers order any Arms Case this weekend and get the Organizer Panel FREE!


FirstSpear Friday Focus – The Squadron Smock Returns!

Friday, December 29th, 2017

Its Back! The FS Squadron Smock is back and better than ever, now built with FS ACM MID 400 through the torso for maximum wicking and warming comfort.

The Squadron Smock is a hybrid garment that depending upon your circumstances can be a uniform top, a weather barrier, or even hasty load carriage. An oversized hood will fit over your helmet with most NVGs attached and an easily adjusted stiffener in the bill will help keep the shape.

Loaded with pockets and features, the Squadron Smock has a loose fit to accommodate additional layers. Oversized buttons that interface into slightly undersized holes provide security from windblast received in open vehicles or helicopters. Tough and flexible brushed Nylon exterior with a Wool interior made 100% in the USA out of 100% US materials. The Squadron Smock has so much character that Colonel Sir David Stirling would have worn it!

The squadron smock will be available in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Manatee Grey, and even some Multicam has been rumored. Coyote is in stock and shipping now. Place your order today for Ranger Green, Black, Manatee, or Multicam – shipping next week!

For all those who waited patiently for the Squadron Smock enjoy 10% off MSRP on any Smock from now until SHOT Show ends – January 26th 2018.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Merry Christmas from FirstSpear

Friday, December 22nd, 2017


Introducing a new addition to the FS hydration line up, the 750ml STASH™ uses the same quality material and RF welded construction used in the 1L, 2L, and 3 Liter hydration bladders. Simply twist to collapse down to 1/4 of its filled size minimizing the space used in your pack. 50% lighter than most hard bottles.


This weekend only SSD readers take free domestic ground shipping on your entire cart and Spend $200 or more and get the new 750ml collapsible water bottle FREE! Merry Christmas from FirstSpear!


FirstSpear Friday Focus Non-Standard Non-Stocking Strandhogg / Retro-Fit Cummerbund

Friday, December 15th, 2017

FirstSpear has a run of Strandhoggs and Retro Fit Cummerbunds built in the older Coyote just a shade darker than the new spec for Coyote 498.


SSD readers get the first look at a non-stocking run of 100% new Strandhögg plate carrier systems and the Tubes Retro-Fit Cummerbund all constructed in FS 6/12 from a slightly darker shade of the spec Coyote 498 currently in production.



Government run Strandhögg comes with an ultra light weight Amphibian cummerbund (no flotation inserts) and standard 6/12 front and back panels featuring comfort padding and ventilation channels to keep you cool.

Retro-Fit Cummerbund


Retro fit your current carrier with FirstSpear Tube technology on the Reto-Fit Cummerbund for single hand operation to don and doff your plate carrier in just seconds. Includes 6/12 cummerbund and male Tubes panel that goes under the front flap of your current vest. Works with most vests that have a pass through channel in the back of vest. Includes a pocket to hold 6×6 side plate or bungee tabs to hold 2 M4 magazines on each side.

Supplies are limited! No back orders will be filled. Maintains standard FS lifetime warranty on materials and craftsmanship. Made in the USA.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – American Wool Mid Shirt

Friday, December 8th, 2017


The FirstSpear ACM Mid 400 material is a dual layer wool combination that works to pull moisture away from the base layer to help keep you cool or trap warmth when its cold. This material makes for an exceptionally high performance garment that can be worn all on its own or as another layering component. The mid shirt features a 2/3 front zip for extra comfort when layering or a quick vent when you get hot. A high collar will keep your neck protected and comfortable when running a sling.


Constructed from ACM MID 400: Dual layer 100? USA Wool Exterior, 100? Polyester Interior.


Now available in all new Charcoal, Sand, Commando, and Manatee Grey. Made in the USA with USA Materials.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Wind Cheater

Friday, December 1st, 2017


Constructed from a brushed 330D Ambush with a DWR coating, the Wind Cheater is one of the most versatile technical apparel garments in the FS line up. Highly Breathable yet stills shed wind and light moisture thanks to the durable water repellent coating. Although not waterproof, the Wind Cheater will dry exceptionally fast.

Lightweight and durable the Wind Cheater can be worn all on its own or used as a great layering component. Features an extra large hood you can wear over a hat or ballistic helmet with a wide range of adjustability.

In-Stock and Shipping now in Coyote, Ranger Green, Black, and Manatee Grey.



FirstSpear Friday Focus – Black Friday

Friday, November 24th, 2017