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FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM MID 400 – Light Weight Vest

Friday, January 31st, 2020

Today we are getting the first look at all new addition to the FirstSpear American Merino Wool line, introducing the ACM MID 400 Light Weight Vest. Low bulk, high performance garment that works exceptionally well to keep you warm when you need it most. Center front 3/4 zip closure with an external chest pocket lined in super lightweight cooling mesh. Also features a low profile hidden pocket on the inside of the chest. Back hem scoops into tailcoat style to cover your waist band while active.

Available and now shipping in Black, Sand, Charcoal, Manatee Grey, and Commando Green. 100% American Made with USA Materials.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – V18 Catalog

Friday, January 24th, 2020

Now available for digital download, FirstSpear has released the all new V18 product catalog. Check out some of the latest advancements in maritime and land based personal protective equipment, technology and technical apparel. Also get the first look at the all new Streetwalker Bag, available now for preorder, delivers end of February.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – SHOT Show 2020

Friday, January 17th, 2020

Be sure to add FirstSpear to your list of must sees at the SHOT Show, Booth 6203 on the 1st floor in the Casanova Ballroom. Check out the latest advancements in land and maritime based protective equipment and technology and while your are there enter to win the first prototype design sample of the Streetwalker, just one of the new items FS is debuting at the show. Stay tuned for more details and photos from the show floor.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM MID 400 – Squadron Smock

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Today is another edition of the FirstSpear American Wool Series where we take a look at an item that FS builds with their USA Merino packages.

Check out the Squadron Smock, an exceptionally popular garment from FS which has maintained its classic design matched with modern high performance materials. The dual layer MID 400 merino package is used throughout the hood, back and shoulders as well as two zippered hand pockets. With over 18 total pockets this smock serves a load bearing vest style capability many outer garments could not support. An oversized hood works great over the top of a bump lid or helmet.

FirstSpear has also used a low profile padding through the elbow and forearm finished with extra large adjustable cuffs. Webbing attachment points on the back and hood can be used to secure a pack like the ECP or even add foliage for concealment. Like most FirstSpear products the Squadron Smock is 100% American made and Berry Compliant.

In Stock and shipping now in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, Multicam, and Manatee Grey.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Tac Belt

Friday, January 3rd, 2020

Today we are getting a look at the Tac Belt from FirstSpear.

Designed to integrate with the low profile 6/12 AGB sleeve and base belt lite, the Tac Belt features loop sections for securing the Modular v-ring and sewn on loop points perfect for attaching a non-load bearing carabiner.

The inside of the belt is lined with hook and will secure to loop style belts like the base belt lite. This belt is not a stiffened belt like the AGB and provides an ultra light and low profile platform to work from. Made in the USA.

Available in Black, Multicam, and Coyote. Does not include padded AGB sleeve.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – ACM MID 400 – Hoodlum Hoodie

Friday, December 27th, 2019

Today we are taking a look at another item in the FirstSpear American merino wool series. We started off with the lightest base layer package, ACM BASE 100, and we have since moved into the ACM MID 400 weight.

This package is particularly unique because it is double layer fabric, not a blend. Constructed from a fine polyester and merino wool, this material combo will quickly wick away moisture from the body and transfer it into the absorbent wool layer. This allows the poly layer to dry quickly and avoid the typical stink found in 100% synthetic apparel.

FirstSpear uses ACM MID 400 in several items, the Mid Shirt we saw several weeks ago and Today we are getting a look at the Hoodlum Hoodie. The Hoodie features a full zip front, thumb holes, low profile hood, and two zippered pockets in the front. The Hoodlum Hoodie is an exceptional standalone item that can be worn all its own or if you find yourself in particularly cold temps use it as mid layer to really keep you warm.

100% American Made with American Merino Wool. Available in black, charcoal, commando, manatee grey, and sand. Check out all of FirstSpear’s USA Merino wool Line Here.

Hoodlum Hoodie

FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series: Shaw Concepts

Friday, December 20th, 2019

It’s Friday and we have another edition of the FirstSpear OEM Partner Series where we take a look at a new company FS has partnered with and the equipment they build for them. Today we are checking out a great up-and-coming American equipment company, Shaw Concepts and the RAID Pouch.

Why was the RAID developed and why did you choose the Tubes system?

The RAID was developed from the lack of a good IFAK that could be easily removed and reattached. Most IFAKs on the market come off easily but once used don’t offer the user an easy way to pack up the contents and reattach the pouch. Some just dump out their contents, leaving the user to pick up their trash and just stuff it in their pockets or dump pouch. The RAID started out as a solution to this but proved itself to also make a great general utility plate carrier hanger pouch as well. The idea to use the FirstSpear Tubes came from my experience with the Tubes on the AAC I owned. They’re easy to connect and disconnect and they are short in distance from end to end making them fit well in the slim space between the plate carrier and RAID Pouch, something not many buckles can do well, which made it a simple choice. The ease of connecting with one hand without seeing it made it idea for lowlight and night time operations as well and that’s the sort of work our target customer base does.

Why did you choose FS manufacturing?

Once some of my designs caught a bit of traction and I found myself unable to fulfill the demand on my own sewing equipment I started looking into OEM options. FirstSpear turned out to be one and I was already familiar with their products and quality since I used their AAC Plate Carrier. I contacted them and to my surprise they answered and were willing to help and easy to work with.

Why is American manufacturing important to Shaw Concepts?

I fundamentally believe in American Exceptionalism and that as Americans it’s our responsibility to pioneer continuously. I also believe in taking care of fellow Americans and American Industries first. Most of us hate how much of what we use is made overseas and now that I’m in a position to choose to make things here or abroad I prioritize American manufacturing. Plus I get a sense of pride in seeing the ‘Made in the US’ tag on some of my products. I hope this shows in the quality of my products and the values of my business.

Why was Shaw Concepts started?

Shaw Concepts was started due to a lack of satisfaction in the gear offerings of the industry. Time and time again I found myself wishing for a particular piece of gear tailored to a certain purpose or just made well with the user’s comfort and use in mind. I found myself designing gear I wish I had and even making some early creations out of sea bag canvas with the help of my unit’s riggers. From there I started making things for fellow recondos around the barracks and coming up with new products like the RAID Pouch. I started an instagram (@ShawConcepts) for my creations; not planning for too much to come of it but people online and around the barracks were really impressed with what I came up with so from there it just kind of grew.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Helmet Hut

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Today we are getting a look at a very popular FirstSpear item we got the first look at all the way back in 2012, the Helmet Hut. Designed specifically to transport and protect a bump lid or ballistic helmet the overall design has gone unchanged for many years simply because it works so well.

Internal security strap keeps the helmet in place inside the fully padded case during transport. Extra room inside as well as multiple internal pockets provides storage for sensitive electronics.

Like most FS products the Helmet Hut is 100% American made with USA Materials.

Available now in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and MultiCam.