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EOD Warrior 5k Run On Memorial Day

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

EOD Warrior Foundation is hosting a 5k event at Liberty Station in San Diego on Memorial Day (29 May).


Lead The Way Fund Gala

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

The Army Ranger Lead The Way Fund will be hosting its 3rd Gala Benefit this evening at Pier Sixty in NYC in support of our wounded and active duty U.S. Army Rangers and their families. Tom Brokaw will be back again as the Master of Ceremonies and the United States Special Operations Command Warrior Care Program (Care Coalition) will be honored with the Sgt. James J. Regan Lifetime Achievement Award. The USSOCOM Warrior Care Program supports Special Operations Forces (SOF) Wounded, Ill, or Injured service members and their families by providing a model advocacy program to enhance and strengthen their quality of life.

Protonex Technology Corporation is proud to support the great work of the Lead The Way Fund and has donated a custom Glock pistol for the auction portion of this evening’s event. Protonex Director of Military Sales, Ray Summers (himself a former 75th Ranger Regiment NCO) will also be in attendance at this evening’s Gala.

Team MultiCam Video Series: Jeff Benrud

Friday, March 31st, 2017

The next installment of the Team MultiCam Video Series highlights Army Special Operations veteran Jeff Benrud.

Jeff’s incredible drive has not only made him a decorated combat veteran but also a two-time 2nd place finisher in the solo dirt bike class of the SCORE International Baja 1000. When not competing Jeff is training Special Operations groups in off-road driving techniques through his company American Offroad. He also works tirelessly to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation through his GoFundMe page. Please help Jeff’s charitable efforts by donating today. Thank you.

To support Jeff’s GoFundMe page, visit

Help Bill Jarvis’s Family Out

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

Bill Jarvis is a friend of mine and many of you as well. Unfortunately, Bill needs our help.

For those of you who don’t know him, Bill Jarvis is also a 23 year Retired Navy SEAL who served his country with honor. Bill just found out he has EML leukemia and is currently undergoing Chemo Treatments at Duke University. Bill has to spend a month at Duke University for his initial Chemo Treatment. His wife Laura has been by his side for the last 2 weeks. With his wife and children livining 4 hours away, the plan is to set up lodging for the family to stay by Bill’s side for this month and the follow up treatments.

This is Bill along with our mutual friend, Ron Bellan at Duke Medical Center. Ron has organized a GoFundMe for Bill.

Mr. Jarvis has been battling health issues for the last couple years with 2 heart atacks, 4 stents put in, and now finding out he has Leukemia. This has not broken his spirit or his family’s spirit. If there is anything we, as his friends, brothers, family can do to support the Jarvis family, it’s to take some of the financial burdon off of him so he can concentrate on living.

The funds will be used for additional Medical Expenses, Mortgage payments, Wife and children’s travel and living expenses to and from Virginia Beach to the hospital, along with additional expenses for their needs. Any additional funding over the amount needed will be donated to Duke University Hospital for further cancer research.

Bill is the main provider for the family. With Bill in the hospital, income for the bills has dropped and the family will be in need of assistence. The goal is to stay ahead of the financial burdon on the Jarvis family during this time of need. You are not only giving to the Jarvis family today, but the families of cancer tomorrow. Bill is adamant about donating any left over funding to the Duke University Cancer center.

Thank you all for your support in this very time of need.

To donate, visit

Make Mosul Great Again

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

We, here at SSD received this interesting message from Battle Brothers Trading.

We made some patches a couple of weeks ago during the initial push into western Mosul. We are selling and auctioning these off in order to donate 100% of the proceeds towards medical aid and equipment for civilians currently escaping ISIS on the western front.

We have been going over to Kurdistan and Iraq for the last two years supporting Peshmerga and now recently ISOF in certain capacity. We met and worked together with an organization called “The Academy of Emergency Medicine” on our last couple of trips, assisting them in rendering aid to civilians and soldiers on the battlefield. These guys are the real deal. Based out of the Slovak Republic, they are currently embedded with ISOF and are doing a lot of good on the medical front.

Battle Brothers Trading Company is a consulting and training company that has an FFL/SOT and a showroom, as well as a website for product sales. A portion of all sales in the pro shop and the website goes towards medical equipment and gear for guys putting foot to ass against ISIS.

“Make Mosul Great Again”

These patches were made to commemorate ongoing operations in Western Mosul in 2017.

Besides the ones currently being worn in the field, we made 21 more. These are made in Iraq, supporting local small business. All proceeds of sales go directly towards medical equipment and care for wounded Civilians currently escaping Mosul.

We have ten up for sale at 100.00 per patch, and another 10 that will be auctioned off to the highest bidders. Each patch comes with a certificate and the patches will be numbered 2-21/21.

1/20 is going to the man who coined the original MAGA….

If you’re interested in getting one of these limited edition patches, visit

Join The MAWL Man Militia

Friday, March 10th, 2017

For Christmas last year, BE Myers & Co., Inc sent out custom brick figures configured as MAWL Man to commemorate the launch of their weapon laser. Armed with a MAWL-DA on top of a suppressed MK18, MAWL Man also sports a pistol, knife, plate carrier and full loadout.

These proved so popular in social media that they decided to offer them for sale in order to raise funds for their favorite charity, SOC-F.

Get your MAWL Man from Weapon Outfitters and share photos of him in action by joining the MAWL Man Militia on Facebook.

Kickstarter – Mark I, II, III ODIN Tactical Belt System by Raptor Tactical

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Raptor Tactical is promoting their new Mk III ODIN tactical belt system on Kickstarter. Also available are their Mk I & II belts.

The Mk I is similar to a standard rigger’s belt. Inside the ODIN Mk 1 belt there are three compartments with a zipper so you can stash your small items in it like a spare key or money for later use. The Mk II incorprates laser cut PALS webbing. The Mk III also features the laser cut PALS compatible webbing as well as an optional inner belt which can be woen stand alone as a trouser belt or in conjunction with the outer belt. In this case, it relies on Velcro to connect with the outer belt. Additionally, tye belts feature a Velcro section at the back so you can put your name or logo patch on it.




Belt sizes are:
S – 28-32″
M – 32-36″
L – 36-40″
XL – 40-44″

Heat Experience– First ever fully zipped heated mid-layer pants

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Heat on demand – Allows you to dress lightly when active while delivering heat on demand. No more changing sweaty clothes on those windy mountain tops!

Multi-purpose – Use as an outer or midlayer depending on your need.

More space – Removes the need for bringing heavy sweaters and frees up dearly needed space in your pack for extra food and gear.

First ever – Fully zipped heated mid-layer pants.

‘Raise The Black’ Fundraiser

Monday, February 13th, 2017

We’ve had notions of “hoisting the black flag” at some point in our lives. While the thought of being a pirate is a romantic notion, the black flag has been used by Daesh to terrorize the Middle East. It’s time to take it back and there’s a way to do it. One group of men who strike fear in the hearts of ISIS are ISOF.

A group of retired SF NCOs who worked with the Iraqi Special Operations Forces from 2004-2011 want to show the world what their Iraqi brothers are doing in defense of their country.

They are raising funds to create these flags which will be shipped to Iraq and flown by ISOF as they destroy Daesh.

The flag was inspired by ISOF’s use of black uniforms and black gun trucks. They took the traditional pirate flag and replace the sabers with crossed arrows of the Special Forces branch. The term “Nous Defions” is the motto of SF’s direction action elements.

Consider donating to this cause by visiting

GAOS – Diamondback NRA Airboat to be Auctioned this March on

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

The NRA displayed the custom Diamondback Airboat they’ll be auctioning next month on Bidding begins March 17th.

All proceeds from the auction will benefit The NRA Foundation in their efforts to protect and improve the future of the shooting sports.

The special edition airboat features custom NRA wraps on the sides of the hull and rudders, custom seats inserts, panels and trim, Rhino non-skid hull interiors, custom powdercoat color, seat shells, webbing and center panel. The airboat comes with a painted single 5,200-lb. trailer with easy load ramps with rollers and custom XD wheels.