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Qore Performance EDC Coin Purse

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

Introducing the all-new, limited-run EDC Coin Purse.

The purpose of the EDC Coin Purse is to carry currency to go everywhere…places other things can’t go. When we say “everywhere,” we mean everywhere. We’ve flown over 75,000 miles on commercial airlines in the United States to places like California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Hawaii. You get the idea.

The EDC Coin Purse is built from the exact same unique laser-cut composite laminate that we use to build the all-new, cutting-edge IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton (ICE) (coming soon). More than 14x stronger than steel for the same weight with a tensile strength of more than 600 pounds, the EDC Coin Purse is hydrophobic, cut and abrasion resistant.

That is why the EDC Coin Purse is stitched and assembled in the same factory as most of the mission-critical free fall parachute equipment used by the U.S. Military. The EDC Coin Purse has your back. Everywhere.

100% Made in USA from American materials.

Wndsn Universal Moon Clock

Monday, December 23rd, 2019

Wndsn universal moon clock; the view from the northern hemisphere from the front, and the view from the southern hemisphere from the reverse side. Yes, it’s one and the same device, seen from the transparent, and hence mirrored, backside. Up is down.

A visual aid in determining Moon phase, we introduce a simple universal equatorium predicting cardinal direction, and approximate time (in unequal hours) from observed shape and altitude in either hemisphere. Made in Germany.

This is a teaching tool showing average (equinox) conditions; the directions and times throughout the rest of the year have to be extrapolated.

Quickcord – Ending Soon on Kickstarter

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Designed by former Marine Matthew Adams, Quickcord, stores, dispenses and cuts Paracord because he was tired of untangling cordage when he needed to use it. Additionally, Quickcord can be operated one-handed.

There’s an additional function which I find most interesting. Quickcord will hold a Chemlite and quickly configured as a buzz saw signaling device thanks to the cord contained inside.

Available in two colors.

Order yours now on Kickstarter.

Predator Tools Model 25, The Raven

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

If you’re looking for a made in the USA spade, check out the Model 25 from Predator Tools.

Made from temepered Chrome-Moly 4130 Aircraft quality steel, the Raven features a double serrated edge on the blade.

If the Raven isn’t what you’re looking for, Predator Tools has a full line of digging implements.

Blast From The Past – The Chinese Entrenching Tool

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

This may prove to be the most entertaining 8:46 of your life, or the most terrifying if you consider the Chinese horde all armed to the teeth with these shovels. It slices, it dices, it juliennes. Truth be told, a couple of the features such as the “scissor” and nail puller are pretty cool, but music and effects make this one worth the price of admission. Make sure you stay long enough to see the entrenching tool museum.

This article first appeared on SSD June 9th, 2010.

Mission First Tactical Dump Trays and Wallets

Tuesday, October 29th, 2019

During Triggrcon we showed you the new MFT Dump Trays, but they weren’t quite ready yet. Well, they are now.

Offered in a variety of patterns, they feature two compartments (Overall 8.2 x 11.2”, small area 3.5×7” and large area 6×7”).

They’ve also introduced wallets which will accommodate up to 8/15 Credit Cards or 15/25 Business Cards.

Both products are made from Boltaron.

Release Your Inner MacGyver with the Combar Outdoor Multi-tool

Thursday, October 24th, 2019

Designed by ex-special operations veterans, COMBAR has an innovative rapid-activation design and meticulous safety mechanisms. It’s a revolutionary multi-tool in one grip for survivalists, hunters, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement and military.

It was borne out of a quest to find the right combination of tools that could be easily carried and handle essential needs for outdoor adventures. The COMBAR PRO features five tools in one: a hammer, axe, spade, saw and knife … capable of cutting, sawing, chopping, hammering and digging. The basic COMBAR features three tools in one: a hammer, axe, and spade.

COMBAR is great for camping, fishing, hunting, off-roading, winter sports, trail sports, as well as emergency preparedness and survivalist essentials.

Versatile and rugged, COMBAR offers the following features:
•      Heavy-duty: Made with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium
•      Safety: State-of-the-art safety mechanisms for your protection
•      Lightweight: The Pro toolset weighs only 1.5 kilos/3.3 lbs
•      Ergonomic: Feels even better than it looks with balanced weight for extended use
•      Designed for durability: Put through hundreds of field tests in extreme conditions
•      A 25-year warranty: Provides decades of use
•      A Red Dot design award winner that “combines sophisticated ideas for sensible use in nature with optimum handling”

The COMBAR Pro and COMBAR Basic are on Amazon. Retail prices: COMBAR Pro $600, COMBAR Basic $425, Pro Kit (knife and saw) $200, Case $95, Holster $45 and Magazine $15. For more info, visit

Fire Escape – The Newest Must-Have Multi-Tool Carabiner

Sunday, October 13th, 2019

A fire starting, window breaking, seatbelt cutting, bottle popping, O2 tank opening, every-day-carry, multi-tool carabiner, a must-have, life-saving tool for everyone.

The Fire EscapeTM has a patent-pending, innovative design which includes a beefy seatbelt cutter, a window breaker, a fire-starter, a bottle opener, an O2 wrench and a hex wrench (double as hang-slots for keys), all disguised in an aesthetic carabiner clip. It has EverSpark technology, same as the Firebiner, which works with a replaceable ferro rod housed inside the stainless steel body. So clip it, cut it, turn it, smash it, pop it, spark it, escape it with the fire-starting multitool carabiner. It weighs only 1.7 oz and holds up to 100 lbs of gear..

Be prepared and able to escape with the Fire EscapeTM. #fireescape