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All Skill No Luck x Gripstop Collaboration – California Combat Hoodie

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

We showed a sneak peek of the California Combat Hoodie around SHOT Show and All Skill No Luck informs us the fabric will be here soon.


The concept came from our friend Nathan Murr, inventor of the Gripstop.


Remember, these are prototype photos. Hopefully, they’ll clean up a few tells and turn this into a true Grey Man garment.

ATS Tactical Gear – Low Level Clothing System

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

ATS Tactical Gear has introduced their Low Level Clothing System which consists of a plate carrier, low visibility chest harness and shirt. What makes this unique is that they’ve never reduced the items in Grey Man colors. For example, this Clay.

The Plate Carrier is sized around ESAPI plates and sizes and the chest harness can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with the plate carrier by using the included strap hangers. The shirt can be used in combination with either of the other parts of the system, and is modified to accept the low visibility chest harness to its front, whether using the plate carrier or not.

Available in Black, Light Olive, Loden, British Tan, Brown and Clay; sized Small – 2XLarge, in long or short sleeves.


ADAPTIVX Integrated Waistband System

Friday, August 10th, 2018

I stopped by Dynamis Alliance the other day and they were going over some marketing materials for their ADAPTIVX line. Right now, it consists of jeans, but the core of the brand is the IWS (Integrated Waistband System).

Granted, I had seen it in the past, but I was focused primarily on its use for concealed carry of a firearm. But then I started to look at the different inserts they had available and consider other uses. It’s then when I realized that they are redefining concealability. Consider that as long as their has been money, there have been pickpockets. The defense has long been some form of money belt. IWS will do that and more, offering options for concealed carry of a wide variety of items, whether they are valuables, electronics or weapons for self defense. I know you’ll groan, but I have to say it, “This is Adaptive.”

From jogging outdoors during a workout – to operating in environments overseas – IWS is an essential part of your ability to blend in and be prepared.

They are working on new styles and additional modules. I look forward to seeing where this goes.


ADAPTIV-X Is Now Live On The Web

Wednesday, July 25th, 2018


ADAPTIV-X makes jeans here in America which integrate the Dynamis Alliance Integrated Waistband System.


IWS allows firearms, knives, and other equipment you want to keep concealed, to be attach to the inside of the waistband of the jeans.


Learn more at adaptivx.com

S&S Precision Shop Show – Adaptiv-X Holster from Dynamis Alliance

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

This holster lives up to the name of the company that created it. Its adaptive design can be configured with their IWS tabs or Zero Clips. It will fit a Glock 17/19 or any of the same size variant and features a one-piece boltaron construction with retention adjustment at the trigger guard.


Additionally, this holster is one of the first available in MultiCam Black.



Sneak Peek – Adaptiv.X Brings Something For The Ladies

Friday, July 6th, 2018

Here’s a a sneak peek at what Adaptiv.X has coming in the near future; functional women’s athletic carry apparel. Designed and developed by Navy SEAL’s (they might know a thing or two about defense). It incorporates their patented IWS technology allowing you to carry whatever self defense tools you could ever need, including their custom designed holsters.

Concealment, comfort, retention and security.

Made in USA. Very early prototype depicted. Shown with holster, G10 blade and pistol magazine pouch. Stay tuned because adaptiv.x is “Changing the way you think by what you wear.”

Grayman & Company – First Of Its Kind Tactical Tailoring House 

Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Earlier this week, Greyman & Company formally launched. Although, this small, ‘boutique’ tailoring house has already been creating high-end, bespoke suits for close protection officers, police detectives, and civilians who conceal carry for the past year.


In movies like ‘Kingsmen’ or ‘John Wick’ there’s a handy tailor standing buy to create a custom suit for the hero. Daniel Craig destroyed 40 bespoke Tom Ford suits shooting Quantum of Solace, but real life James Bonds have no such options. That was the motivation, with a goal to address a complete market absence of a high-end tailored suit that is optimized for tactical requirements; elegance and function.


This suit is a purpose-made solution for those who have spent months experimenting with ad-hoc alterations with their neighborhood seamstress, and resigned themselves to purchasing only cheap disposable suits, which can be discarded when damaged.

Instead, these are the real deal. Grayman & Company suits are all made-to-measure by traditional methods, with a very small staff of experienced tailors in Shanghai’s French Concession. These are not mass-manufactured fast-fashion suits and the process is extensive, including a fitting with a mailed trial garment, Naturally, they are available with a number of options for mobility and protection, such as an ‘action back’ shoulder gusset, cut-resistant sleeves, and covert pockets.

Their publicly available fabric is by the Italian mill Loro Piana, part of the Louis Vuitton-Moet-Hennessy group, which produces fabrics long regarded as the most luxurious on earth. For vetted military, LEO, gov, and private security professionals, their industry program called ‘SFPROG’ allows a lower-priced Italian alternative, which also incorporates ripstop Cordura.

According to Greyman & Company, the base price for their Premium suit, made with the Loro Piana cloth is $1,300 USD. Customers who register with SFPROG will get a tiered discount on the premium and access to the lower priced fabric. From June 13th, the first 100 orders include a complementary gift set provided by industry partners.


Dynamis Alliance L.V.L. Bag Giveaway

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Dynamis Alliance announced that they are giving away one of their L.V.L. (Low-Vis Lifestyle) Bags with Custom DFNDR Pistol Armor today ($605 Value). This giveaway will remain open until Sunday, June 17th at midnight EDT.  All you have to do to enter is follow @dynamisalliance on social media.

This video explains the features and functionality of the L.V.L. Bag in great detail.

The Dynamis L.V.L Bag is a rapidly deployable bag that is designed to adapt.  The bag can be worn as a two strapped backpack or you can remove a strap and wear it as a sling bag. There are several access points all around the bag to the weapons pocket, which allows for rapid access to your firearm in a threat situation.


There is a rain cover that pulls over the bag to protect against the elements. There is also a rollout helmet cover that clips into the hooks on the front of the bag. The rearmost pocket is padded and protected to keep your laptop or tablet safe and secure from being scratched or broken. There is also an armor insert panel in this pouch.