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SKD Tactical – PIG HAG Glove

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

The new PIG HAG, a glove made by skydivers, for skydivers.

-Riser Dive Loop Abrasion Protection
-Silicon Print Palm for Enhanced Grip
-Touchscreen Compatible Synthetic Suede on Every Fingertip
-Wrist Cuff Closure direction Optimal for Relative Wind
-Fold Over Finger Tips for Comfort
-Flex Zones on Each Finger
-Enhanced Grip Protection on Thumb and Forefingers

Offered in Black, Carbon Grey and White in both Men’s and Women’s sizing.


IWA 19 – New Handwear from Helikon-Tex

Tuesday, March 12th, 2019

Helikon-Tex is expanding their Bushcraft line with three new glove models made from water resistant goatskin. I tried them all on and the fit was comfortable with no binding.

From left to right, they are the Woodcrafter glove which features a wrist strap and nylon tape gauntlet, Lumber glove the most basic model, and the Ranger Winter glove which is fleece lined.


Provengo Announces NEW Mechanix Wear Thin Blue Line Gloves

Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Provengo recently announced they have teamed up with Mechanix Wear to provide government users an exclusive deal on the brand new Thin Blue Line Gloves.


The Limited Edition Thin Blue Line Original® features subdued logos and Thin Blue Line insignia for dedicated hands in law enforcement. Take control with high-dexterity 0.6mm synthetic leather and stay connected with touchscreen technology in the palm of your hands. The Thin Blue Line Original® features removable trigger finger seams for a custom fit and carrier loops for storage in the field. These limited edition gloves feature form-fitting TrekDry, helping to keep your hands cool and comfortable. Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) closure provides a secure fit while the reinforced thumb and index finger provide added durability.

NOTE: $1 of every sale is donated to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)

Provengo is currently offering 20% off for eligible law enforcement/government users. Simply register for an account at Provengo.com to access this deal.

Meet the DRIFIRE FORTREX FR Contact Glove

Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Cleveland, OH –  The team at DRIFIRE® announces the launch of the DRIFIRE® FORTREX® FR Contact Glove.  

The DRIFIRE FR Contact Glove leads with the breathable, moisture wicking power of FORTREX FR fabric and a hex grip palm and fingers for optimized contact. Featuring breathable, moisture wicking FORTREX® FR fabric, the FR – flame resistance – is inherent; it won’t wash out – and won’t melt or drip. The ultimate in contact durability, DRIFIRE’s FR Contact Glove has leather reinforcements at the touch areas and weapons manipulation surfaces for a second skin feel with an enhanced Berry compliant FR hex grip on the palm.

See innovative technologies from DRIFIRE at SHOT Show, booth 32309 and in the New Product Showcase.


A7 Defense “Gunfighter” Tactical Gloves – USAF Version

Monday, December 24th, 2018

A7 Defense “Gunfighter” tactical gloves. Lightweight (1.4 ounces), super high dexterity, super grip palms even when wet, comfortable, and with full touchscreen capability. They are also fully licensed by the United States Air Force, but you could probably guess that already.


SCUBAPRO Sunday – Gloves

Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Having the right pair of gloves will make your life so much better when you are working in the water. Whether you are doing a two-hour dive in Norway or you are on a zodiac for a long-range OTB. The right pair of gloves will depend on what you are doing, for how long you are doing it, and the water temperature/ weather. If you need to use your hands a lot during a dive like pushing button on a Navigation board or be able to use your hand right after the dive, like climbing a ladder, shooting a gun. Your tolerance to cold will be the main factors to take into account when choosing the thickness of the gloves. The colder the water, the thicker you will need to go.

1-3mm: water between 60- 75 ° F (16-24 ° C)

5-7mm: water between 45-60° F (8-16 ° C)

Here are the two main things to think about when choosing a pair of gloves for military use.

• Freedom of movement with a minimum thickness that allows you the thermal comfort you will need.

• What is on the palm and fingers? A glove that can be used to grab and hold medal and plastic.

When you are trying them on try and grab stuff around the store.

Dive gloves come in a variety of thickness levels between 0.5mm and 7mm. A good pair of 1.5mm Tropical gloves that have a leather palm is a good start. Some Tactical gear companies are making gloves designed for being in a wet environment that are also good for diving. The WETWORX gloves from S&S Precision come in two styles. One is thinner for warmer water and one is a little thinker (2mm) for cold. I know they have put a lot of work into them and they are nice gloves. As more units get back into the water, I am hoping you can get more companies like S&S that will make gear for use in the water.  That said S&S makes all their stuff so it can be used in the water as they come from a water background. I like gloves that can hold on to medal like if you have to climb a caving ladder or hold onto a gun. Being able to hold plastic like a navigation board or buckles. Some gloves have small plastic beads that are not the best for working in the water. It is hard to find a good pair of thick dive gloves that meet the above requirements. If you have to be on a boat or mostly about the water you can get a pair of dive gloves that are a couple sizes bigger, then you usually would wear and put wool gloves on as a base layer. Wool even when wet, will still hold heat in and the dive gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry. You can also bring a thinner set of gloves like 1.5mm with you and change them out a couple of minutes before you hit the target. The other thing you can try with a thinker pair of gloves is putting a set of gardening gloves on over them.

When choosing the right glove, they should fit well enough to avoid water circulation inside as much as possible this will help keep the heat in also. They should not be so tight that it will cut off circulation to your hands. The thicker the gloves, the more insulated you have, but the tradeoff is less mobility. It will be difficult to manipulate the equipment and also to done and doff them. Choose the gloves that you think will protect you enough for the type of water in which you will perform most dives. If you are diving a semi-dry suit, choose gloves that don’t have a zipper or Velcro. It will make it easier to place the glove in the most sealed way possible between the inner and outer layers of the suit. You will want them to fit close to your wrist to reduce the bulge that can happen if there is too much material between your sleeves and gloves. If you don’t do this right just moving your hands will let water in.

The material the gloves are made of should align with your intended purpose.

• Kevlar: This material is known for its elasticity and strength. It increases the durability of gloves by avoiding premature deterioration.

• Neoprene: This is the most common type of material used for dive gloves because it’s flexible and mainly designed for use in the water.

• Dyneema: It is an ultra-abrasion resistant, strong material. It is suitable for working around piers and ship bottoms. Dyneema isn’t designed for warm, but it will protect your hands,

• Amara is synthetic leather that is usually used on the palm of a lot of dive gloves. It increases your grip. Most tropical dive gloves palms use Amara

Dive Gloves Maintenance Tips

Treat dive gloves like you treat anything you want to last. You should care for gloves like you do your wetsuit. They should soaked in fresh water after each dive. You want to force the salt out. Do not put them in the washing machine or use detergents to clean your wetsuits or gloves. Allow them to dry in a ventilated place until completely dry. Textile gloves, take longer to dry. Do not dry them in the sun, as with all neoprene it will cause it to age faster.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi Climate Glove

Friday, December 14th, 2018

Introducing the all new Multi Climate Glove (MCG) from FirstSpear. Built for maximum dexterity and tactile performance using an incredibly soft carbon infused goat skin palm that offers exceptional feedback with a digital texture for enhanced grip. The back of the MCG is built with a premium poly soft shell material that has a perfect amount of stretch with minimal weight making this glove feel like its not even there.

• Maximum Manipulation for Peak Performance Feel of Essential Weapon Controls
• Improved Breathability, Low Water Uptake, and Soft Drying
• Digital Texture Enhances Grip
• Strong and Technically Advanced, Remains Comfortable and Flexible
• Pittards Digital Goatskin Palm, with Premium Polyester Soft Shell back

Now shipping in black and coyote.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Cold Climate Glove

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Just in time for winter FirstSpear has announced the all new new Cold Climate Glove is now available for purchase.

As with all FirstSpear equipment this is simply not your average winter glove. Built with a keratin leather palm patch, Primaloft Gold insulation, and a waterproof breathable insert. Incredibly warm with excellent dexterity allowing basic trigger control.

Additionally, they removed the insulation from the upper half of the Trigger Finger to increase basic trigger manipulation and make it easier when using a Touch Screen. In fact, Touch Screen sensitive index fingers and adjustable wrist cuffs come standard on this premium cold climate glove from FirstSpear. Available and now shipping in sizes small – 2X.