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Rampart Range Day 18 – Mechanixwear Introduces OD Green

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

By mid-summer, Mechanixwear will have their three most popular models, Original, Fast Fit and Impact in the new OD color.

Mechanixwear gloves are available through Rampart Corp.

Warrior West 18 – Wiley X Orion Glove

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

This is Wiley X’s answer to the GI flight glove. The Orion Glove is NAVAIR & US Army approved as well as US Air Force Safe-to-Fly certified.

It is made from a Nomex/Kevlar knit and Sherman skin leather, making it at least 4x more durable than the issue glove.

Available in Coyote and Foliage Green, sizes Small – 2X-Large.

Vertx Launches New Glove Line for 2018

Friday, April 6th, 2018

Cincinnati, Ohio – Vertx®, a leading manufacturer in low-profile apparel and gear, announces the launch of a new cutting-edge tactical glove line designed to further support the Prepared Professional™. This new line of gloves consists of four innovative styles including the VaporCore™ Shooter, Rapid LT, FR Assaulter and FR Breacher.


With more than 175 years of experience in the military and tactical world, we combined expertise and research to develop a new line of gloves that would meet our standard of quality, provide superior functionality and address some of the top needs expressed by today’s customer base,” said Justin Roberts, Vertx Brand Manager.

All four gloves share similar features including articulated pre-curved fingers that provide exceptional fit and dexterity necessary for comfort and functionality. Strong hook and loop wrist closures ensure a secure fit and double needle topstitch reinforcement in all key areas maximizes the gloves life-span.

The gloves mimic human skin through the use of natural goatskin suede, enabling a better sense of touch. The middle finger and thumb also include conductive touchpoints for use with smartphones and other touchscreen technology.

In addition to the gloves’ shared characteristics, each style has a unique set of key features. The VaporCore™ Shooter has active particles permanently embedded within its fabric that allows the glove to dry five times faster, keeping the hand cool and comfortable. The Rapid LT incorporates an expertly constructed lightweight

design, pairing the suede with a two-way fabric providing free range of motion. This glove also benefits from color fastness, retaining its original color wear after wear. The FR Assaulter and FR Breacher both benefit from flame resistant qualities, as Kevlar® thread knitted throughout the pieces provide excellent durability. The FR Breacher also provides knuckle protection, guarding the back of the hand from harsh environments and general wear and tear.

For more information regarding the new tactical glove line, visit

A7 Kinetix Low-Profile Tactical Gloves

Thursday, March 8th, 2018


A7’s gloves do not compromise on quality or durability and are made with the best materials available: flame-resistant Nomex® reinforced with A7’s BIO-FLEX™ armor and Gila Skin™ textured and super tough nylon.


– Available in desert tan, tactical black and foliage green
– BIO-FLEX™ flexible armor across the knuckles and on all fingers
– NOMEX® fire-resistant fabric on the top of the gloves
– GILA SKIN™ super tough textured nylon palm for durability and grip
– Touch screen capability for the index and middle fingers and thumb
– Reinforced contact areas for increased durability with extra trigger finger padding
– Pull tab for easy donning and tightening
– Quick tightening strap (BIO-FLEX durability).

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Operator Glove Sneak Peek

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

The FirstSpear “OG” is a 100% US Manufactured Shooting Glove, selected by a US Special Operations Command element as issued handwear.


Utilizing a unique core spun nylon US Merino Wool sourced directly from Open Range LLC and FS High Dexterity Leather (FS-HDL) with Touch Screen Compatible Thumb and Trigger Finger the OG gives inherent “No Melt No Drip” protection in addition to the natural anti-microbial properties of Wool. The design of the glove features an almost effortless flex that makes for comfortable grip during long shooting sessions. The OG puts protection where the SF Shooter needs it and keeps the overall function light and flexible. The FS-HDL is a Goat Skin, textured to provide enhanced grip during the tanning process this goat impregnated with carbon that aids in not only shedding water but once water saturation has happened keeps the gloves soft and flexible after they dry.

For the FS-OG, the US Merino is spun around a nylon core. In this manner, the glove is a low luster product with the next to skin comfort Merino Wool while still retaining burst strength of the nylon. This material will not shine or reflect in the field even when wet. During field trials with Army SF it was found that the initial Black dyed wool used in the test sample OG’s was too hot in the Summer Sun. For this reason FS and Open Range developed three color formulations specific to this new fabric. The first FS-Commando is a light greenish hue and has FS-HDL dyed to match it, the second FS-Sand is close to light Coyote Pantone 80132 with its own matching FS-HDL and finally FS-Manatee Grey which has not yet received a NSN assignment.

With production under way, delivery of the first FS-OG’s is beginning in late March.

Within its Commercial “Hands On” Product Line, FirstSpear will still be stocking its Non-Berry: Operator Inner Glove (OIG) and Operator Contact Glove (OCG) both of which have several of the OG’s features but in two different weights (OIG is slightly lighter and OCG is slightly heavier) however the Berry Compliant OG will also be in stocking inventory to support growing SOF & DoD needs.



Friday, January 26th, 2018

Blackhawk is offering the FURY Prime (left) and FURY Utilitarian (right) gloves.

They are both touch screen compatible with silicone grip palms. Available on Grey, Black and Coyote.

Dynamis Alliance Partners With Line Of Fire To Create Gauntlet Precision Glove

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

(Dec. 22, 2017) — Dynamis Alliance partners with Line of Fire to create a new shooter glove. Durability, dexterity, and technology were top priorities in this design. The ‘Gauntlet Precision Glove’ offers superior durability compared to other dextrous gloves. It features premium lightweight microsuede, water repellency and sweat absorption. With a next-to-skin feel, integrated touch screen technology and strategically reinforced high-wear sections for added durability, the Gauntlet Precision Glove is setting a new standard.

Gauntlets were used by Crusaders to protect the warriors hands in battle. Although wars change, the principles remain the same. Warriors are still needing to EQUIP themselves with the best possible gear.

Over 10 years of discussion and design has gone into the product you now see. All of our experience, testing, and evaluation has culminated into the creation of this glove. The Gauntlet Precision Glove is now a critical piece of load-out gear for modern day warriors and guardians.

From recreational activities to operating in high threat environments the Gauntlet Precision Glove will give you the tactical advantage to CRUSH EVERYTHING!

Milipol 17 – EMD / S&S Precision

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


Bretagne-based EMD has an awesome booth which showcases the products of their various vendors.


Above you can see a manakin set up as a K9 handler wearing kit from a variety of manufacturers including S&S Precision.


While the booth is awesome, something S&S Precision is exhibiting in it is very interesting. They have new handwear called WetWerx Maritime Assault Gloves. Like the name says, they are designed for use in wet environments and come is cold and warm models, with usage prescribed by air, rather than water temperature.


The following construction is common to both models. The palm is Axe Suede making it very grippy in wet environments and incorporates keyhole thumb construction for improved articulation. The wrap-up index finger construction removes the seam off of your finger pad for better trigger feel. The other fingers use wrap-over construction for improved feel in the finger tips. This also makes it easier to pick things up. The trigger finger and the thumb edge (Gripmax thumb construction) are also conductive. Finally, they offer quick don and doff.

The differences come down to materials. Warm Maritime Assault Glove feature water repellant open mesh offering quick dry times. The Cold Maritime Assualt Glove is made 2mm Neoproene with wind resistant patches at the back of finger and hand. Its gasketed wrist seal prevents water flushing in order to keep your hand warmer.

Offered in standard handwear sizing in Grey. The Black colored Warm is a sample only. Available December 1st from