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TEAM WENDY’S Transit Pack By Mystery Ranch Is Now Available!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017


CLEVELAND – Team Wendy is pleased to announce the release of the Team Wendy Transit Pack. A collaborative effort between Team Wendy and Mystery Ranch, the pack’s innovate design offers the user multiple ways to transport the bag as well as organize its contents.

The Transit Pack is available through TeamWendy.com and authorized Team Wendy dealers.


Transit Pack: AT A GLANCE

• Durable design with padding on all sides to protect helmet
• Offers three ways to carry your bag:
o Shoulder straps
o Bag handle on top and side for hand-carry (can also be used to secure to vehicle)
o MOLLE on back of bag that can be attached to MOLLE panels on packs or elsewhere
• Clamshell opening gives access to the entire contents and creates two useable surfaces for kit layout
o Interior flap has Velcro for spare patches and loop mounted accessories
• Three moveable internal pockets that can be placed anywhere in the bag
o Two flat pockets for accessory items such as strobes, goggles, glasses, etc.
o One draw cord bag for NVGs or headset, stored under the helmet

Learn more about the Team Wendy Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch:

VPAM-Certified Ballistic Helmets Now Available from Armor Express via Strategic Partnership with Busch PROtective

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

New helmets represent the ultimate breakthrough in ballistic science and design, exceeding requirements for law enforcement, anti-terror and special ops units across the Americas

CENTRAL LAKE, MI, February 6, 2017 – Central Lake Armor Express, Inc. (“Armor Express”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions, announced today that the Company has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Germany’s Busch PROtective, to market its revolutionary ballistic helmets certified to the VPAM standard. Building on Armor Express’ strong heritage in innovation, these latest ballistic helmets are now commercially available to law enforcement officers across the Americas (North, South and Central America), who stand to benefit from an unprecedented level of protection.

“The new VPAM-certified ballistic helmets surpass current NIJ helmet testing levels of performance, creating an entirely new benchmark in head protection for today’s officers,” stated Steve Murphy, Tactical Channel Manager, Armor Express. “Working with the Busch PROtective team, we have determined the very best ballistic material and capabilities typically utilized by the most elite police and military allies around the world, were also the very best solutions for our law enforcement officers here in the U.S. We’re extremely excited about this partnership, being the first licensed distributor in North America to deliver these cutting-edge helmets to the men and women who deserve the highest-performing head protection on the market. In addition to VPAM-certification, the helmets have been independently tested against NIJ .06 Level IIIA threats, as well as special threats, surpassing some of the most stringent requirements of the NIJ Standard.”

Certified to VPAM, the Gold Standard of ballistic testing within Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the advanced helmets bring first rate protection to tactical law enforcement, anti-terror and specialized police officers who may be exposed to close quarter combat and increased risk of being shot within the head region. The AMP-1TP specifically, is the lightest and first composite (non-metal) helmet to achieve the certification through independent testing labs both in Europe and the U.S. The helmet is constructed of a multi-layered aramid composite, using a patented EBSP method – a unique production technique that creates elite ballistic capabilities previously attainable only in Titanium helmets.

Weighing an average of 3.6 pounds, the AMP-1TP is capable of stopping ballistic threats as close as .78” from the edge and multiple shots on a small surface area. The increased edge and multi-impact capabilities enhance the helmet’s protective area by up to 50%, compared to standard ballistic helmets. For officers at risk of taking multiple hits at close range, another key protective element is the helmet’s ability to transfer and dissipate energy around the helmet’s shell, thereby reducing back-face deformation/blunt force trauma. VPAM’s extremely high testing requirements measure back-face deformation, ensuring when the helmet is hit by an incoming round, there is minimal energy transferred from the helmet shell to the user’s head.

Further, the AMP-1TP offers high fragmentation protection of more than 2,034 f/s, in accordance with STANAG 2920, the NATO testing standards for military ballistics protection and armor.

Commenting on today’s news, Matt Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Armor Express, stated, “We believe this is a disruptive technology in the marketplace that will transform the way the industry has addressed protection of officers in one of the most critical areas of their body – the head – particularly when this region comes under greater threat in certain hostile environments. It’s not only about stopping bullets; we looked extensively to find the right solution that safeguards against trauma to the head, and with Busch helmets, we believe we have found the best helmet technology the industry has seen.”

See how the VPAM-certified AMP-1TP helmet with patented EBSP technology (right) stacks up against a standard IIIA style ballistic helmet (left). Watch the comparison of three helmets on bullet impact by visiting www.armorexpress.com/busch.

Compared to other test standards, the VPAM protocol uses a more realistic ballistic testing aspect for close quarter combat threats. Unfortunately, most helmets used today by law enforcement and first response teams are more suited for military operations.

“We are thrilled to have Armor Express as our partner, as they have one of the strongest distribution networks throughout North America. Most importantly, they are a leader in innovation and have earned the trust of the law enforcement community,” stated Shammass Khan, International Sales Director, Busch PROtective. Together, I believe we will do great things and provide the most essential head protection that officers deserve.”

All helmets come with a unique rail-system with speed-system technology, advanced protective padding system certified to the EN 397 (impact/shock attenuation standard), wheel dial for ultimate uni-sizing flexibility, and protective bag. The ‘uni-size’ feature is especially instrumental, helping LE departments with typical limited budgets to remove the cost of having to purchase multiple units based on individual fit. 

The unique rail-system and its speed-system connector point (SSCP) gives the user even more tactical and modular protective capability. The modular protective visors (Impact, Fragmentation, 9mm/44Mag) can be added/removed from the helmet within seconds, without ever having to take off the helmet – providing the benefit of always being protected. Additional accessories include the NVG 3-hole shroud, helmet cover (black or green color), helmet Velcro kit, helmet counter weight kit, visor protective cover, and side-rail adaptor. The AMP-1TP helmet comes in black, green and sand colors.


SHOT Show 17 – MTEK Flux Ballistic Helmet

Monday, January 30th, 2017

It was great to see the MTEK team in their own booth at SHOT Show. They had their whole line on display. A small company, creating lightweight, innovative designs, what’s not love about these guys?

This dipped version of the Flux Ballistic caught my eye and I thought it worth sharing.


SHOT Show 17 – Team Wendy CVC Adapter

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

Team Wendy had begun working on a new Combat Vehicle Crewman Helmet for a foreign government when they realized that they could adapt the Bose or RACAL ear protection associated with the DH-132A helmet to their EXFIL ballistic helmet. One advantage to this development is that Vehicle Crewmen will enjoy the same level of protection as ground troops whether mounted or dismounted. This also means they won’t need two helmets.

The secret sauce is the adapter seen above which attaches to their rail and captures the earcups around their circumference. Additionally, the ear cups can be stowed to the rear of the helmet when dismounted from the vehicle to maximize hearing.


SHOT Show 17 – Team Wendy Exfil Gen II

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

The Exfil Gen II offers a 20% weight reduction at Level IIIA protection. Additionally, it retains the same frag and BFD spec as the original helmet.

The helmet also features a new shroud from Wilcox. You can see the new version to the left, compared to the right.

Finally, the Gen II rail, offers a new geometry to both save weight and provide an attachment point for a forthcoming visor. This new rail is also backward compatible to the original message.


FirstSpear Range Day – Gentex/Ops-Core

Monday, January 16th, 2017

To the left is the Gentex TBH-II MC (Mission Configured) and to the right is the Ops-Core FAST MT (Maritime).  I wanted to give you a little information to help guide those making helmet purchases.

From any angle, they look the same.  Both have the same shape, same suspension system, and same accessories. However, the TBH-II is an aramid ballistic solution and the FAST relies on a Polyethylene solution.  The TBH-II offers 9mm protection at 1400 fps and the FAST offers 9mm protection at 1200 fps, so fairly similar balllistics.  The real differences are in weight and cost.  The TBH-II weighs in at about 2.5 lbs while the FAST helmet is 1.5 lbs, both as configured. Now is the biggest factor for many agencies; the TBH-II is $599 and the FAST is in the $1400-1500 range.  

If you’re looking for mission configurability, and the cool guy factor, but are willing to accept higher weight, then you may want to consider the Gentex TBH-II MC.  

Team Wendy M-216 Ski Search & Rescue Helmet

Friday, January 13th, 2017

The M-216™ marks a return to ski helmet production for Team Wendy. The M-216™ is being released in 2017 in honor of Wendy Moore, the company’s namesake. Wendy tragically passed away following a traumatic brain injury suffered while skiing on Mammoth Mountain, CA in 1997.

The M-216™ is the first ever purpose built ski helmet to integrate tactical modularity and scalability. The helmet includes an integrated front shroud compatible with GoPro camera mounts and a variety of headlamps, as well as offering the capability to mount night vision and thermal optics for rescue operations. The side accessory rail was developed in collaboration with Princeton Tec®, for seamless low profile integration of a variety of their task lights (MPLS Point, Switch, and Switch Rail).

Other features include:
-Glass-reinforced polycarbonate shroud for mounting NOD’s, cameras and head lamps
-Hybrid shell design – ABS/PC copolymer hard front shell provides reinforcement for mounted accessories, and an in-mold PC rear shell reduces weight
-14 total vents: 8 crown (adjustable), 2 front (passive open), 4 rear (fixed open) for maximum cooling during high exertion rescues
-8 adjustable crown vents have three positions: full open, half open and full closed for completely on-the-fly user selectable comfort
-Above-goggle vent channels draw air through the helmet to the rear exhaust ports to reduce goggle fogging
Integrated goggle strap retention
-Liner System:
–Lightweight EPS impact liner with a removable and washable comfort liner
Meets ASTM F-2040-11 (Recreational snow sports) and EN 1077:2007 (Alpine skiing and Snowboarding)
–Ear padding was specifically designed to be comfortable while using in-ear communication systems, and includes a pocket for audio device compatibility
-Retention System:
–Customized Boa® Closure System for precise fit adjustment with single handed quick release
–Under the chin strap utilizes Fidlock® magnetic buckle closure for one handed operation even while wearing gloves
–Attached accessory rails allow for mounting a variety of lights and cameras
–Included Picatinny Quick Release Rail Adapters allow tool free removal and attachment of any standard Picatinny mountable accessories
–Forward mounting position of the rail directly interfaces with Princeton Tec® MPLS Point, Switch, and Switch Rail lights to provide an extremely low profile, fully integrated task light
–Open area on the crown allows for mounting of cameras and beacon lights, including the MOHOC® military-optimized camera, and Core Survival HEL-STAR 6® multi-function light

We invite you to stop by our booth #8311 to see the new M-216™ and all our other new items to include the EXFIL® GEN II Ballistic Helmet, which will be 20% lighter than our current model and the Team Wendy Transit Pack by Mystery Ranch.


Ops-Core Armored Mandibles And Visors Now Available For Direct Order Via eCommerce

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

First available in early 2015, the Ops-Core Sentry and ACH Mandibles and Visors are now more broadly available through Ops-Core’s ecommerce website. Using a unique system design, the mandible and visor combine to provide full-face protection for Ops-Core Sentry Helmets, and ACH style helmets, including certain Gentex Tactical Ballistic Helmets (TBH) using an Ops-Core Upgrade Kit. Unique features of the mandibles include a front vent that prevents fogging and a folding mechanism for easy storage.

Ops-Core Sentry Visor and Mandible shown separately as well as on an Ops-Core Sentry Helmet.

Development of the Ops-Core Sentry Mandible and Visor started as a response to a U.S. government solicitation in 2013. The Program Office was looking for a Maxillofacial System (MFS) that could be worn in conjunction with a visor for complete eye and face protection. The Ops-Core Design Team learned from user feedback trials that dismounted infantry would resist adopting a rigid mandible due to the impediment it created to rifle sighting. This drove the Design Team to pursue two MFS paths: a flexible mandible for dismounted infantry that allowed for rifle sighting (the Ops-Core Gunsight Mandible) and a rigid mandible for mounted infantry manning turret guns (the Ops-Core Sentry Mandible and Visor).

While there wasn’t an Ops-Core MFS product at that time, the Ops-Core Design Team did obtain user input on competitors’ MFS products, which revealed tremendous frustration with existing solutions. Rigid mandibles were typically a one-piece static design that did not allow for exhaled breath to be vented out of the system. This consistently caused fogging on the visor and therefore rendered the product ineffective. In addition, these one piece static designs were typically as wide as a helmet and difficult to stow in a ruck sack.

Unique patented hinge front system on the Ops-Core Sentry Mandible provides natural ventilation, which greatly reduces lens fogging, while increasing user comfort.

The Ops-Core Design Team responded to these issues by creating a hinged MFS system that provided two benefits: 1) the hinge at the front of the mandible provided a critical exit for exhaled breath and a critical intake for inhaled breath so that the visor would not fog up; 2) the hinge allowed the mandible to fold up so that it could be easily stowed in a ruck sack and take up as little storage space as possible. The Design Team took MFS thinking one step further by creating a visor that attaches edge to edge on the mandible to create a sealed system, protecting the user from dust and debris.

Ops-Core Sentry Mandible is ideal for exposed vehicle crewmen. Shown here in use on a HMMWV turret.

From its inception, the use of the Ops-Core Sentry Mandible has matured and expanded beyond what the Ops-Core Design Team had originally intended. Designed for defense and law enforcement use, the Sentry Mandible is ideal for exposed vehicle crewmen. When used in conjunction with the Ops-Core Sentry Helmet, the Sentry Mandible creates a full-face ballistic helmet. The Sentry Mandible meets RTP 9mm protection requirements at 1400 FPS and the 17grain V50 requirement at 1800 FPS.

The Sentry Mandible is also a great choice for crowd and riot control. In 2016, the Sentry Mandible was chosen from a broad field of competitors to protect law enforcement at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. The design quickly gained confidence and traction with the user community, so a second version was produced that fits ACH style helmets, once an Ops-Core Upgrade Kit is added. The Upgrade Kit includes Ops-Core Accessory Rail Connectors (ARCs), which allow for the addition of components such as mandibles and visors. Ops-Core offers almost identical mandible and visor configurations for ACH style helmets, the key difference being the different geometry between Ops-Core Sentry Helmets and the ACH.

SIG Sauer Rifle Stock with Ops-Core Sentry Mandible allows rifle sighting with a rigid mandible.

Mandibles and visors continue to gain popularity with users based on their mission requirements. Not every user will want a rigid mandible because of the rifle-sighting impediment, but innovative solutions like the rifle stock that Sig Sauer has created to work with the Ops-Core Sentry Mandible strives to address this deficiency. The geometry of the rifle stock is shaped to go around the front of the mandible so that the rifle can be correctly sighted.

Given the success of the Ops-Core Sentry Mandible and Visor, different variations of them are currently in development, such as the mandible for the Ops-Core FAST Carbon Helmet, which is expected to be available in early 2017.