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Black Friday Announcement From Snake Hound Machine And PHLster

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

PHLster and SHM Black Friday 2015

Black Friday, 2015

Years in the making, PHLster Holsters is proud to finally announce in-stock and quick shipping inventory of their most popular items. Four years ago, when they made their first YouTube video as PhillyEDC, nobody had any idea that a holster manufacturing business would grow up around this educational resource. Well, 200 videos, 24,000 subscribers, 2.5 million views, and several trend-setting, innovative products later, they are excited to have leveraged the recent advancements in DIY and Maker technology, to successfully reverse-engineer large-scale manufacturing processes. Using 3D scanning, vacuum forming, and CNC technology, this small operation of just three people has, at last, clawed their way out of a perpetual 4-6 week backlog and have assembled an IN STOCK inventory of their most popular holsters and accessories, ready for Black Friday of 2015. Not only has the speed of production improved, but these new processes allows the production of a holster with functionality otherwise impossible with traditional hand-forming. Aside from superior consistency and fit, and the famous fight-worthy and deliberate-yet-smooth level of holster retention, the Glock holsters offer a true universal fit, something that, despite best efforts, slapping hot plastic on a replica G19 never could accomplish.

Due to the small size of a startup operation, overcoming the challenge of merely creating all of these holsters has proved more than enough. To get them out into the world and into the hands of waiting customers, they have enlisted their good friend Owen Martin of Snake Hound Machine to handle our distribution needs, through the new web store. Snake Hound Machine has recently moved into a new 2500 square foot warehouse and prototyping facility and their new optimized website hosted on a cloud based CDN is primed to serve customers with lightning speed.

The initial inventory will include our innovative and time-tested Glock Skeleton minimalist holster, designed to reduce the absolute maximum amount of holster while retaining the ability to re-holster with one hand, if required. As an alternative to the ultra-minimalist types of options which only cover the trigger, the Skeleton holster offers the capabilities of a full-sized holster while only adding a nearly imperceptible amount of bulk compared to smaller and more compromised designs.

The other available model of holster is the ACCESS holster for Glock and Smith and Wesson Shield, respectively. The ACCESS holsters feature additional muzzle coverage, for improved comfort during training, as well as 3/4th height ambidextrous body shields. The streamlined appearance, ambidextrous functionality, and single attachment point sets the standard for what many makers and customers expect from a dedicated AIWB holster.

Glock holsters will fit everything from the 26 through the 17L (as well as any .40/.357sig variants) and the Shield holsters are compatible with safety and safety-less models.

In addition to the Glock Skeleton and ACCESS offerings, the Universal IWB double-stack magazine carrier is also available. Universal fit, adjustable, minimal, comfortable, and ambidextrous, it fits all popular double-stack 9mm and .40 caliber magazines.

Last, but not least, is the TDI Fight-Worthy knife sheath. The KaBar TDI small law enforcement knife is one of the best last-ditch clinch fighting emergency self-defense blades available for the price, making it an incredibly popular enduring choice for concealed carry and law-enforcement. The free “sheath” it comes with, however, doesn’t live up to the capabilities or the potential duty requirements of knife. Poor grip access and a loose fit, creating the risk that the knife may fall out during a fight, led to the design the Fight-Worthy sheath in response. Despite having the maximum cutaway, allowing the user to get the highest, most complete grip on the knife, They’ve made each sheath with the level of retention required of a piece of last-ditch emergency equipment. No amount of physical disruption, aside from the deliberate and aggressive draw of the user, will dislodge the knife from the sheath, ensuring that it WILL be there when you need it in that worst circumstance.

“It is such a relief to have finally beat the holster backlog game. We’re looking forward to keeping Snake Hound in stock, adding to the quick-ship selection, and efficiently delivering these quality products to customers with zero lead time.” – Jon Hauptman

Raven Concealment Systems Announces New Holster Available Black Friday

Saturday, November 21st, 2015

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Friday, 16 November 2015Raven Concealment Systems has released images today of a new inside-the-waistband holster called the Morrigan, which they will be releasing on Black Friday.

Named after a war deity from Irish mythology, the Morrigan is quite different from the products that customers are accustomed to seeing from Raven. “Historically, RCS is known for extremely modular, multi-functional designs,” said John Chapman, CEO of Raven Concealment Systems. “With the Morrigan, our goal was to create a much simpler design that was very application-specific. The Morrigan is designed to have a small, streamlined profile, and serve optimally for those who carry on or behind the hip, inside the waistband. It does this remarkably well, without requiring a bunch of extra parts and time spent assembling it.”
The Morrigan is ambidextrous, and has adjustable cant and adjustable retention. Other than attaching the soft-loops, it comes ready for use right out of the box. The holster body is very trim, and contoured for comfort for both right- and left-handed shooters. Of particular interest is the innovative “tourniquet-style” retention system, which uses a band of low-profile Velcro to “cinch” the retention down on the weapon, instead of the more traditional retention screw. This gives a much greater range of adjustment, while also eliminating the tendency for retention screws to back off and loosen over time. It also makes the retention setting more repeatable, since one need only mark the strip with a paint pen to indicate where “just right” is.  

Also of great interest is the price-point of the holster: MSRP is just $49.99. “We wanted to make a solution for the daily-carry market that was highly-functional, but still fit within the budgets of departments and families who need top-quality concealment holsters,” said Scott Wilson, Director of Sales at RCS. “The Morrigan embodies all the quality and innovative design you expect from Raven, just simplified.”

The Morrigan will be in stock at RCS dealers starting on Black Friday, and will be available for the following pistols:  

– Glock 17

– Glock 19

– Glock 43

– Smith & Wesson M&P Fullsize (9/40/357)

– Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

S&S Precision Maker Monday – Multi-Pistol Holster

Monday, November 16th, 2015


S&S Precision’s Multi-Pistol Holster (MPH) is an injection molded thermoplastic elastomer holster designed to fit most full-size handguns from manufacturers such as Glock, SIG, and S&W. The holster is symmetrical, designed to be ambidextrous and with contoured surfaces for comfort.


The MPH comes with rigid nylon belt clips which can be reconfigured for OWB or IWB; these clips will attach to belts up to 1.5″.


S&S produced a video which demonstrates the Multi-Pistol Holster in action.

G-Code And Haley Strategic Partners – 2015 Incog Bloodstripe IWB Holster

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

INCOG Bloodstripe

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – November 10, 2015 – G-Code and Haley Strategic Partners are proud to present the 2015 edition of the Incog Bloodstripe IWB holster.

Released in honor of the 240th birthday of the US Marine Corps, the 2015 edition of the holster features a new US Marine Corps “Dress Blue” tactical fuzz and includes a Brass Super Mojo, exclusive to this holster. Like every previous Bloodstripe holster offering, the 2015 line up will include the Incog, Incog Eclipse, the G-Code OSH Holster and the Disruptive Environments Carrier system. These are limited edition items with a portion of each sale donated to the MARSOC foundation.


The MARSOC Foundation was established to provide benevolent support to active duty and medically retired MARSOC personnel and their families as well as to the families of Marines and Sailors who have lost their lives in service to our Nation. The Foundation aims to meet needs unmet by the government with an emphasis on building personal and family resiliency and supporting the full reintegration of MARSOC Marines and Sailors following wounds, injuries and extended deployments.

Read more about the Foundation at

Incog Bloodstripe holsters are available at


Thursday, November 5th, 2015


Compact Discreet Carry IWB Holster

Fort Worth, TX, – Defense Solutions Group, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new inside-waistband concealed carry kydex holster to the DSG Alpha Holster Series. The CDC (Compact Discreet Carry) Holster is designed for low-profile all-day wear, with an adjustable cant for both appendix or behind the hip belt placement. The rubber-mounted belt clips are designed to easily slide onto standard size 1.5” or 1.75” belts, locking securely in place. The CDC Holster comes with an engineered sight channel for night sights, as well as adjustable weapon retention.

The DSG Arms CDC Holster, priced at $49-retail, is currently available in the following models: Glock 17, 19, 26, 42, and Glock 43. Models for the Sig Sauer P320/P320C/P229, Ruger LCP, M & P Shield in 9mm and .40, and the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard are in the production plans for 2016.


– Adjustable cant: upright/vertical for appendix OR forward for behind the hip
– Smooth kydex texture for comfortable carry
– Rubber mounted belt clip for easy on-and-off the belt
– Belt clip designed for secure retention through daily activities
– Adjustable weapon retention
– Engineered sight channel for night sights 
– Smooth draw

ADJUSTABLE CANT & RETENTION: Holster is delivered in an upright/vertical cant. Adjust holster cant by loosening screw on right side of belt clip and re-positioning the left-side belt clip screw to the second available hole. Tighten both screws snugly after adjusting cant. Adjust weapon retention by tightening or loosening the two tension screws on lower right-side of holster.

Raven Concealment Systems Debuts Vickers Signature Series

Thursday, October 29th, 2015

This is big news from two great great brands.  LAV has been using Raven holsters for years, so it was a natural fit. I’m looking forward to checking out what they’ve come up with.

Vickers Signature Series Launch

North Ridgeville, Ohio — Thursday, 29 October 2015

Raven Concealment Systems announced today the release of their Vickers Signature Series of holsters and magazine carriers.

The Vickers Signature Series is a collaboration between Raven Concealment Systems and Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical.

The Vickers Signature Series is the first in a new family of products Raven Concealment Systems will be bringing to market over the next several months. Signature Series products are limited-run production batches of gear designed to the personal specifications of some of the most respected gunfighters and shooting instructors of our time. These Signature Series items promise to be both highly functional and visually striking.

“As one of the first adopters of the Raven Concealment Systems Phantom holster, I’ve always been a believer in the design’s exceptional comfort, concealability, and speed of draw. Over the past decade, I’ve seen and experienced the unparalleled durability, quality, and consistency of Raven’s products,” said Larry Vickers. “It was a pleasure to work with Raven’s professional design team on this project. We tailored the Signature products to reflect the functional and aesthetic attributes I was seeking in a holster and magazine carrier optimized for outside-the-waistband concealed-carry.”

The Vickers Signature Series is only available in one of four “shooter’s pack” configurations. These shooter packs are only produced for the pistols which LAV views as his “go-to” handguns: The Glock 17, Glock 19, Heckler and Koch VP9, Beretta M-9, and of course, the M1911 A1 pistols. Every item is tastefully emblazoned with the Vickers Tactical logo, and is produced to the same exacting standards of fit and finish that customers have come to expect from both RCS and Larry Vickers.

“As an organization, Raven Concealment Systems could not be more proud that Larry collaborated with us to design and manufacture the inceptive products in our Signature Series.” said John Chapman, CEO of Raven Concealment Systems. “Working with Larry is predictably pleasant due to his professionalism and clear vision of the excellence required to fulfill the needs of expert end users.”

The Vickers Signature Series is available exclusively through the Raven Concealment Systems website and a limited number of dealers specially selected by Vickers Tactical.

Raven Concealment Systems – VanGuard 2 Holster Advanced Kit

Tuesday, September 29th, 2015

VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit 1

Raven Concealment Systems has released a new holster, the VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit. As the name would imply, the VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit is an upgrade to the VanGuard 2. It consists of the same minimalist trigger guard holster of the VanGuard2, but with the addition of the CLAW from the EIDOLON holster, which leverages the grip of the pistol close to the body, increasing concealbility. The Advanced Kit can be equipped with either a tuckable strut with overhook or with soft loop, is fully ambidextrous, and adjustable for ride-height and cant.

The VanGuard 2 Advanced Kit is designed for all Glock 9/40/357 model pistols, however it won’t work with the G42/G43.

If you’re wondering what RDS mount is on the Glock in the above images, check this video out: