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Blackhawk Launches T-series Holsters

Wednesday, April 10th, 2019

Blackhawk has just launched the first holster in their new T-series. Their holster team in Bozeman, Montana, started with a clean slate. This new line offers a new release mechanism and features dual shot molding techniques.


Right off the bat I’m going to tell you, this isn’t Serpa. I’d say it’s the opposite of Serpa. While Serpa uses the trigger finger to actuate the release from the holster, the T-series relies upon a downward press of the thumb, which then curls around the grip in presentation, their master grip principle. The holster features a channel which guides the thumb right down to the button.

In addition to the new release mechanism, Blackhawk has also introduced an industry first for holsters. The T-Series features dual-shot molding technology utilizing a supple liner for smooth, quiet draws and a glass-fiber reinforced exoskeleton for strength. Additionally, the liner keeps down wear on the firearm.

The launch consists of two models, The L2D and L3D, denote level 2 and 3 retention, focused on law enforcement, duty use. The level 3 model adds a retention strap over the back of the slide.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the T-series holster on the range. I fired 300 rounds through a Glock during the range session. While that doesn’t sound like a lot, the range master specified drills which required multiple draws and reholstering which offered some good experience.

Initially, I found myself reaching with my thumb for a lever at the top of the holster to release the pistol. I slowed down and my thumb followed the channel down depress to the button and the draw was very natural. Later, during timed shoots, I caught myself a few more times, feeling for that lever at the top, but my thumb easily found its way down to the button.

It’s different than other holsters out there, so when you get one, make sure you spend some time on the range as well as reinforcement with dry holster and presentation drills to reprogram your muscle memory.

Although the configuration I used during the range session was intended for duty wear with body armor, I like the holster. The thumb activated retention release is intuitive. Unfortunately, the indoor range setting wasn’t the best place to evaluate if it was indeed a quieter holster, so I’ll leave it up to their customers to make that determination.

I asked Blackhawk representatives if this meant they were discontinuing the Serpa series. Although the T-series is a new direction for Blackhawk, the Serpa remains immensely popular, particularly overseas. It is not going anywhere.

Naturally, the first T-series Holster is for the Glock 17, the most popular handgun in America. However, Blackhawk has a very brisk schedule through the end of the year, regularly introducing new models and accessories. This includes alternative mounting options along with compact, light bearing, and RMR compatible models.

Due to the initial focus of the T-series as an LE Duty Holster, it’s currently only available in Black.

Get yours at blackhawk.com/products/holsters-accessories.

Comp-Tac Releases Holster Fits for New CZ P-10 Variants

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

3/13/19 – Houston, TX – Comp-Tac® a leader in high quality holsters for competition, concealed carry, and duty use, has expanded many of their holsters to fit the new CZ P-10 Subcompact and CZ P-10 Full Size weapons including: The MTAC™, The eV2™ and The International™.

The MTAC™ Holster is hybrid holster with two layer leather backing and Kydex shell making this a comfortable concealed carry choice. The MTAC™ is tuckable allowing the user to tuck their shirt in over the gun. With interchangeable shells, customers who already own and MTAC™ holster can upgrade just the shell for their new either the CZ P-10 S or the CZ P-10 F.


The eV2™ is an appendix inside the waistband (AIWB) holster that is designed for casual EDC as well as deep concealment applications. The CZ P-10 Subcompact fit works well with the eV2™’s Kick which will hide the grip by pushing it into the body.

The International™ holster is an outside the waistband holster with a modular mounting system. With a belt mount, paddle mount and drop offset piece the International is perfect for range use and competitive shooting. The International has been the top used holster at the IDPA Nationals 7 years running and will allow owners of the CZ P-10 Full size the perfect option for using their gun on the range.


“CZ has come out with some very popular handguns in the past year. These new P-10 options give users more variations for applications like concealed carry and competition. Providing holsters for the CZ P-10 S and F help the whole process come together,” said Gordon Carrell, General Manager of Comp-Tac®


For a full list of the holster fits for the CZ P-10 Subcompact, Compact and Full Size please visit comp-tac.com.

IWA 19 – Blackhawk Rotating Belt Loop

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Developed for the Hessian Police in Germany by Blackhawk, this Rotating Belt Loop allows the wearer to drop the holster out of the way of body armor, yet not have to remove the holster and reposition it, when seated in a vehicle.

This is thanks to two rotating joints which move with the pull of a single lever. Below, you can see it mounted to a belt.

The next two images show it in use.

As you can see, the pistol remains accessible, forward of seatbelts.

The Rotating Belt Loop will work with a variety of holster.

USAF Security Forces Holster for Modular Handgun System M18

Monday, February 11th, 2019

US Air Force Security Forces soon begin fielding the M18 variant of the Modular Handgun System, a variant of the SIG SAUER P320.

For many years, Security Forces have been using a Safariland holster with the M9 Beretta pistol. It appears that they will continue to do so once they transition to the M18.

Download PDF here.

The Safariland kit detailed in this image will be available in Coyote as well as Black to support the full Security Forces Mission. It includes mounting options as well as magazine pouches.

Sneak Peek – New Holster for Modular Handgun System with Pistol Aiming Light

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

When we showed the new Pistol Aiming Light (PAiL) by LaserMax Defense for the M17/18 Modular Handgun System, there was a lot of concern about there not being a holster for the PAiL equipped pistol. Since the US military plans on buying pistols in the tens of thousands per year and each will be equipped with a holster, this really wasn’t the disaster so many made it out to be. Of course, the Army and industry have already developed a solution.


This is a first look at what will become the new holster for MHS. Because the basis of issue for MHS goes all the way down to Squad Leaders, and the PAiL will go on pistols issued to all Close Combat Forces, this PAiL compatible holster will become the standard Army holster.


A modification of the current interim MHS Holster, it is designed and produced by Safariland.


I picked a PAiL up off the table and thought it was a display model without any guts because it felt so light. It’s only 2.6 oz with battery. Here are a few shots of the PAiL. It’s capabilities include White light, IR Laser and IR Illuminator.

An interesting thing about the size and shape of the PAiL is that it mates with the MHS Trigger Guard to offer a continuous flat surface.


PAiL will commence fielding with the MHS later this year. Additionally, PAiL is already loaded on GSA for those organizations who wish to purchase it.

Contact LaserMax Defense for details.

Regular Guy Tactical – A Holster Company

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

During last week’s Outdoor Retailer Snow Show I had to pleasure of meeting the owner of Regular Guy Tactical. Turns out the owner of RGT is anything but regular.

One of the good things about Outdoor Retailer moving to Denver is that it’s fairly close to Fort Carson, Colorado, home of the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne). Regular Guy Tactical was founded by a wounded warrior 10th Group NCO who has taken the needs of his profession and created a holster to satisfy them in his off-duty time. Since he is still on active duty, we’ll keep his identity a secret, but due to his injuries, he will probably be separating soon.

As for the holster itself. It’s an injection molded modular design that quickly converts from inside to outside the waist band. They use their own clip to secure the holster which combined with the grid holes allows ride height and cant adjustment.

Their patented retention system relies on silicon bands which can be combined up to four total to adjust the amount of retention.

The holster is also configurable for left or right handed use. Additionally, the screws are countersunk so you never scratch your pistol’s finish.

There’s a concealment device molded into the holster to prevent printing.

The magazine carrier can be worn stand alone of mounted to the IWB platform and is configurable for right or left carry (bullets to front or rear) as well as height and cant.

Currently, RGT only makes holsters for the most common Glock handguns. This is simply a matter of being a small, but growing company and concentrating initially on the pistols they encounter most often.

If all of that isn’t enough, a portion of every sale goes to the Special Forces Foundation.


SOCOM GPC Customer At Ft Campbell Seeks Glock Clips

Monday, February 4th, 2019

Guys, educate your Government Purchase Card holders and Contracting Officers on the proper nomenclatures for the equipment you need to complete the mission.

Recently, FedBid.com issued this notice on FedBizOpps.com alerting industry to a SOCOM GPC holder’s desire to buy “Glock 19 Holsters & Clips.” The problem here is that there’s no such thing as a “Glock Clip.” Obviously, the request should have been for magazines, along with the desired capacity.

FedBid is a reverse auction site, operated on behalf of the government by a private company. It lists the item(s) required by the government client and facilitates industry’s bids to provide the gear, but with bids going lower and lower until the lowest price is established. Then, the winner provides the equipment purchased to the government client.

On the surface, the process sounds great, particularly for commodities like cleaning and office supplies. But for some items, the process may result in the client not getting what they want due to poorly written requirements. For instance, asking for “clips.” A vendor could sell the government something that doesn’t meet the actual end user requirement. Worse still, due to the FedBid process, it can be difficult for the client to recoup their funds if the vendor’s solution doesn’t line up with expectations.

Educate those providing your equipment so they don’t inadvertently buy you something you don’t need, or can’t use.

SHOT Show 19 – UnderTech UnderCover

Saturday, January 26th, 2019

In a nutshell, UnderTech offers compression undergarments with built-in holsters.

Available for both men and women, UnderTech offers a wide variety of clothing, all of which features integrated holsters.