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FirstSpear Friday Focus – SSV Pistol Holster

Friday, November 21st, 2014

That’s right, FirstSpear is releasing a holster. They’ve been working on the idea for awhile now, refining the concept until they’d come to this design. I’ve seen various versions as it came along as well as this model at Modern Day Marine where the Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action Holster lay, taunting passersby, as an open secret.

FS has really put a lot into this, analyzing what works, and what doesn’t, in order to do something new. While some might think that a Kydex holster isn’t that exciting, this is just the beginning. You’re going to see some additional capability introduced that will complement this holster. It’s a very good design and I’m excited to see what they are doing.

Meet the FirstSpear SSV Pistol Holster


Rather than just another molded pistol holster, FirstSpear wanted to give Armed Professionals a complimentary capability to their sidearm. Utilizing the latest in signature suppressive materials and construction techniques, the SSV Holster takes into account the full range of modern pistol craft manipulation. This holster will live up to the CQB axiom of: Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action!


The SSV incorporates multiple User requested features:

-Modular security retention that can be changed to accommodate your preferred method of carry

-Adjustable tension to give you the precise snatch stroke that you require

-Tension can be set with any modern pistol cartridge case by turning the external screw located over the trigger guard area of the holster

-Exterior face constructed to mask visual and Near Infrared (NIR) signature; aiding in overall silhouette suppression as seen by your opponent


The SSV was developed and engineered with the finest materials possible, exceeding all known Military Specifications. In addition to an Industry leading fit and finish, the holster utilizes subdued, corrosion resistant hardware for saltwater resistance standard in this capability’s composition.


Like all other FirstSpear Products the SSV holster will integrate into an overall system approach that will lighten your load, reduce your signature and keep you streamlined for the fight. This holster will adapt into future FirstSpear equipment platforms that will aid in better concealment and transportation of your sidearm. Currently, the SSV Holster integrates perfectly with their Line 1 Belt and AGB.

As with all FirstSpear products this holster will be continually innovated and improved, but the reliability, craftsmanship and confidence that it inspires will always be standard. The SSV Holster is 100% American Made out of US Materials.


Currently available and ready for shipping within 5-10 business days are the following SSV Holster and Color Combination’s; more are being added all the time, so please be sure to check their website or call for the latest additions.

Belt Mounted SSV:

Sig 229 No Light With and Without Rail

Sig 226 No Light With and Without Rail

Glock 19/23 No Light

Glock 17/22 No Light

Beretta M9 No Light With and Without Rail

HK45CT Accommodates Barrel With and Without Suppressor Thread Protector

S&W M&P Duty 9/40 No Light

S&W M&P Compact 9/40 No Light

1911-1 (STI, Nighthawk, Wilson, & Sig Sauer & Caspian) No Light With and Without Rail

1911-2 (Colt, Springfield Armory, & Kimber) No Light With and Without Rail

1911-3 (Colt M45A1 CQBP MARSOC) No Light With Rail


Available in Ranger Green, Coyote, Black, MultiCam and for qualified customers AOR1 & AOR2.

G-Code / Haley Strategic – INCOG Eclipse

Thursday, November 20th, 2014

Click to view .pdf

The INCOG Eclipse is a minimalist holster jointly developed by Haley Strategic and G-Code, and is the newest addition to the INCOG line.


The Eclipse is a minimum bulk, multi-positional concealment holster with a streamlined design. It features G-Code’s Tactical FUZZ outer laminate, providing a softer surface which reduces noise during movement while reducing the holster’s IR signature.


The Eclipse utilizes a patent-pending single-clip belt interface called the Super MoJo. The Super MoJo is designed to both place the clip in the correct orientation, and to provide multiple angle adjustments. The Super MoJo allows the Eclipse to mount at its natural center of gravity, while forcing the holster closer to the body, improving the concealability of the holster without increasing bulk. This also has the effect of supporting a higher positional carry without compromising the security of the holster during use.


The INCOG Eclipse is available for most common pistol models, and for left or right-hand carry. Available in Black, Gray, OD Green, and Tan. The finishes available for the Super MoJo include Brushed Aluminum, Black, Gold, and Burnt Orange.

Available now at

Maker Monday – Trifecta Connecta

Monday, November 17th, 2014


S&S Precision refers to the Trifecta Connecta as the “Gateway to Modularity” and for holsters, it certainly is. It’s their solution for adapting their new Gear Retention Track (GRT) to a variety of holsters. GRT versions are PALS as well as belt compatible. The Trifecta Connecta’s hole pattern makes it compatible with Safariland, Blackhawk! and G-Code holsters, as well as S&S Precision’s own Grenade Launcher Holster. With the included spacers and screw kit, you will be able to get the standoff you need.


By adding the Trifecta Connecta to the Grenade Launcher Holster they have been able to reduce the cost while making the product more adaptable for mounting to a variety of platforms.


Features include:
-Low weight and high speed
-Gear Retention Track modularity
-Snag-Free Design

A Sheath For Your Rip Shears

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


Rip Shears has introduced a purpose built, PALS compatible Kydex sheath.


It utilizes MALICE clips and comes in Black or Coyote.


Now available from

Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s Holster Extender

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


S&S Precision has been working product development hard this year. One of the many items they have updated is the Holster Extender which was originally developed for a government customer to allow them to instantly transition their holsters from belt to extended, leg carry.

First off, the Holster Extender has been updated to fit the new Gear Retention Track (GRT). This allows the holster to be easily attached or removed from different loadouts utilizing any GRT platform. Next, this new design has reduced the weight by 30% and resulted in a much smoother operation. Additionally, its newly designed hole pattern makes the Holster Extender compatible with Safariland, Blackhawk and G-Code holsters. With the included GRT-Belt spacer and screw kit you will be able to get the standoff you need to make your preferred holster function properly. With a push of a button the Holster Extender gives the shooter three set drop positions to set their holster (0″, 1.5″, 3″) in order to ensure proper holster draw clearance when wearing bulky clothing and gear.

In addition to this new model, S&S Precision is clearing the old model out with a 50% off price.

Velocity Systems Scarab Light in Action with HTC

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

High Threat Concealment recently put the Velocity Systems Scarab Light through its paces.


Reports are it was great and worked well with the HTC belt rig.

757 Performance Denim Demonstration Video

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

S&S Precision has been reading your questions and produced this video to give you an idea how the Internal Belt Retention on their 757 Performance Denim Jeans works.

Specter Gear – Spartan Series Tactical Thigh Holster

Wednesday, October 8th, 2014


Specter Gear has released their new line of Spartan Series Tactical Thigh Holsters. The holsters are constructed from four layers of heavy duty ballistic nylon with a two layer 1000D Cordura nylon outer shell. The holster is permanently attached to a vertically adjustable triple layer 2″ wide scuba webbing hanger strap.

The leg strap, which is removable and reversible, is made from 2″ webbing with a heavy duty side release buckle closure, and heavy duty elastic loops which allow for expansion of the thigh straps during movement, as well as two rows of imbedded rubber stitching on the inside to prevent shifting and movement of the holster.

The Spartan Series is available for most popular handgun models, including the 1911A1 series, Beretta M9/92/96, Glock 17/22/31, SIG P220/P226, XD-9/40/45, and S&W M&P9/40/45.

Color options: Black, Coyote Tan, Foliage Green, Olive Drab, UCP, ABU, and MultiCam.

Made in the USA.

Specter Gear – Spartan Series Tactical Thigh Holster

Sneak Peek – New Kit from G-Code

Thursday, September 11th, 2014


Some interesting new items coming from G-Code.


This Is How They Do It In Florence

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Florence 1

Florence, Italy that is. That holster makes for one heck of a drawstroke.

Florence 2