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SHOT Show Media Day – EOTech’s New Branding

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

EOTech showed up at Media Day at the Range with a new logo not only for their main brand, but also for their line of Vudu scopes.

While EOTech’s main focus was on the Vudu line, we also caught a glimpse of an EOTech electro-optic sporting the new branding, found on the Q Concepts Honey Badger, which we will focus on in an upcoming article.


Tatiana Whitlock Joins G-Code Holsters as Product Designer & Systems Engineer

Monday, January 16th, 2017

Jacksonville, NC — G-Code Holsters, Edgeworks Manufacturing Co., is pleased to announce that Tatiana Whitlock has joined as Product Designer & Systems Engineer.

“I am extremely excited to announce and welcome Tatiana Whitlock as the newest member of the G-Code family..” Said Scott Evans, CEO and founder of G-Code Holsters, Edgeworks Manufacturing Company. “Tatiana is a highly qualified professional that brings experience, expertise and a fresh perspective to our industry. Sharing G-Code’s vision of excellence, Tatiana makes a great team even better. Looking forward, expectations are high as we anticipate what we will accomplish together!”

Prior to pursuing a career in firearms as a nationally recognized instructor, NRA spokeswoman and host of Trigger Time TV, Tatiana earned a degree in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design. Her 20+ years experience in product design, manufacturing, and marketing in combination with her knowledge of firearms make her an ideal fit for G-Code, the technology driven holster and accessory company.

“I am honored and excited to join the team of innovators at G-Code.” Whitlock said. “I look forward to contributing to new products and programs for Women and the EDC community.”

Mounting Solutions Plus At SHOT Show 2017

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Booth #20201 in the Law Enforcement Section

Miami, FL – (January 2017) – Mounting Solutions Plus (MSP) invites attendees of SHOT Show 2017 to stop by and meet the MSP team at booth #20201 in the Law Enforcement section. The show will be held January 17-20, at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This year’s SHOT Show appearance gives Mounting Solutions Plus a great platform to introduce several new products they will be distributing in 2017.

The following is a small sample of new manufacturers that have been added to the Mounting Solutions Plus product line-up for 2017:

  • Superlative Arms
  • Matador Arms
  • DPM Recoil Reduction System
  • Brigand Arms
  • Armordillo Concealment
  • Henning Group
  • For more information about Mounting Solutions Plus, please visit www.mountsplus.com or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

    Victory First Debuts Victory Wear

    Sunday, January 15th, 2017

    Victory First officially announced today the creation of its lifestyle brand, Victory Wear. Victory Wear, a Division of Victory First will produce lifestyle and apparel items that resonate with the “everyday carry” community.

    The debut offerings feature attractive graphics on a variety of American-made T-shirts, decals, and PVC patches. The theme of all Victory Wear products focuses on mindset and preparedness to protect family, hearth, and home. If you carry a concealed pistol daily, or keep a carbine handy in your vehicle or around the house, Victory Wear is a brand designed for your the way you live your life.

    Although some of the themes will be staples within the brand, most will be limited runs. While the initial run is fairly focused, there are over a dozen different themes slated for release before Independence Day.

    “There are some great lifestyle brands in this industry, but most have a very pronounced military-feel to their products. As a former Marine, I love those brands, but not everyone who carries a gun is a veteran. We created Victory Wear to reflect the values and mindset of the everyday American who carries a gun to protect himself and the people he cares most about,” said Matt ‘Jake’ Jacques, owner of Victory First and Victory Wear. “If you take on the responsibility of carrying a gun every day, you’ll ‘get’ our products. They are a reflection of that mental and emotional commitment.”

    Victory Wear products are available for purchase at victory-wear.com, and you can check them out on Instagram @VictoryWearables and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/VictoryWearables.

    AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems Signs Industry Veteran, Monica Sipp as Director of Sales and Marketing

    Sunday, January 15th, 2017

    Perry, Fla. (January 2017) – AMTEC Less Lethal Systems, Inc. (ALS), a subsidiary of the National Defense Corporation, the Defense Holding Company under National Presto Industries, is proud to announce the appointment of Monica Sipp as the new Director of Sales and Marketing. ALS is a product provider to the law enforcement, corrections and military markets, and in 2013 opened a state-of-the-art training facility focused on law enforcement and corrections officers.

    “In the rebranding of ALS, I couldn’t be more pleased to have Monica Sipp join the team as the Director of Marketing and Sales. She is well-respected within the community that regards her as a proven, no-nonsense professional that gets the job done while having a good time doing it. She has a personality and competency in the firearms community that is unsurpassed. ALS is exceptionally fortunate to have her on board as we introduce our new products to the ALS portfolio,” M. McAlexander, President of ALS said.

    Monica has 30-plus years in the firearms and law enforcement industry and previously held the position of Director of Sales and Marketing for DoubleStar. Previous to that, she held executive positions with POF and LMT as Director of Sales and Marketing and was the VP of Sales and Marketing for Armalite.

    “I am thrilled to be on the ALS team. After a career on the lethal side of our business it is refreshing to be working on the less-lethal side. As part of my new responsibilities, I will be focusing on growing awareness and attendance of our 500-acre training facility, working with combat experienced spec ops operators offering both professional and civilian training classes.”


    Frankie McRae Assumes Leading Role with Grey Ghost

    Saturday, January 14th, 2017

    Dalton Gardens, ID – Frankie McRae Assumes Leading Role with Grey Ghost


    “The world needs men – not grand geniuses or plausible talkers. It is not sentimentality and dreams that will save it, but acts and deeds.” (Von Doss, c. 1887)

    Grey Ghost Precision takes sublime delight in making the following announcement.

    Frankie McRae is now our Senior Adviser for Training and Product Development.


    McRae is a man of acts and deeds. A storied former Special Forces soldier (18D and 18Z), he has effectively been a brand ambassador – a real ambassador mind you, the way it should be – since long before it occurred to us to have brand ambassadors.

    Nearly 2 years ago he completed a long and thorough review of the first GG Light rifle before we knew he was considering it (that review shared here on Soldier Systems Daily).

    He put over sixteen thousand rounds through a GGP production rifle (that he purchased himself) before writing that review.

    Afterward he began providing advice and insight to GG “Just Because.” He trained some of our friends and family. He was instrumental in having our rifles sent on a proving deployment to a CENTCOM combat zone (which is as best we know the first time it spoke in anger). Since then his influence on GGP has steadily grown. This is due in no small part to his incredible knowledge and experience. Now he is friend and family.


    McRae was an instructor at SFAUC (Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat) and the NCOIC of the SFARTAETC (US Army Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation Techniques) course at Ft. Bragg. Over the course of his career he served with the 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st SFG(A), and 3rd SFG (A). Some of that time was spent in the assault team leader billet for F team, Troop 1 of the Combatant Commander’s In-Extremis Force (CIF/OEF-P); he was later with B-2-3 as a team sergeant and troop sergeant major with 3rd Group’s CIF. He was a Company SGM advisor to the Iraq Counter-Terrorism Force, an exchange instructor at the Israeli Counter-Terrorism School and was honored for having the highest graduation rate in SFARTAETC’s 2 decade history. He was later assigned to a special projects team with USASOC HQ R&D.

    Since his retirement Frankie has developed Range 37PSR, made Raidon Tactics a premiere training organization, “deployed” all over the world as a contractor to both combat zones and disaster areas, and taken the stand as an expert witness in homicide cases involving soldiers brought up on charges for shootings during combat operations.

    There are a host of reasons why McRae deserves the title Ambassador Plenipotentiary, any one of which would sufficient on its own. Unfortunately few people know what that term means (especially in our offices, where much knuckle dragging occurs), and even the few who do can’t pronounce it.

    Senior Advisor for Training and Product Development will do.

    We are as proud as we are elated to begin 2017 by making this official proclamation.

    If you’re interested, you can learn more about McRae in this interview.

    “Being born an American is a birthright. Every human has a calling. God gave us a talent. It’s our job to find that talent and help others with it. You can’t be a good American if you’re not.” Frankie McRae

    Sneak Peek – Q Launches Website

    Friday, January 13th, 2017

    This coming Monday, <www.liveqordie.com/b> goes live, along with a catalog.

    Sentinel Concepts Announces Partnership with FN for Product Development and Training

    Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

    Howell, Mi. – Jan. 11, 2017) — Sentinel Concepts, leading consultant and training organization specializing in the firearms industry, announces a partnership with FN America, LLC to provide input to the company’s product development as well as instruction on cutting-edge training protocols for their staff. Additionally, Steve Fisher, owner and President of Sentinel Concepts, will act as a brand ambassador for the FN brand, utilizing the company’s FN 15™ series of modern sporting rifles and semi-automatic, polymer pistols during his training courses.

    “We are very excited to have Steve Fisher joining us in this role.” said Greg Livermore, vice president of product management for FN America, LLC. “Steve’s background will see him play two important roles at FN – as a subject matter expert and as a trainer for FN personnel. Our goal remains to develop the best possible platforms for our civilian and professional customers.”

    FN America selected Fisher for his practical approach to training and reach within the civilian and law enforcement training communities. Fisher will transition to the FN 15 Series of rifles – the Tactical Carbine II and the DMR II for his 2017 classes. Fisher will be participating as a professional representative of the FN line of rifles and pistols and as an active member of the product development team. Consulting for manufacturers in product design and testing has long been a part of Fisher’s contribution to the industry.

    “I am honored to join the FN team and represent such high quality, well designed products.” Steve Fisher said. “The team of design engineers at FN are some of the most forward thinking individual I have yet to work with in the industry and I look forward to contributing to new innovations at FN.”

    That’s some pretty big news. Congrats Yeti!