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Guest Post – Why Military Procurement Officials Should Invest in Proper Storage Solutions

Thursday, February 4th, 2016

Military administration and procurement, by its nature, has always required a strict level of discipline in terms of record keeping, access and storage. In the last two decades, the demand for efficient solutions has soared. Two wars and other military campaigns around the globe have increased the demand on procurement officials. Similarly, political back-and-forth and uncertain long-term budgeting issues have put pressure on administration and storage agencies to ensure the right equipment is ready when needed, without a glut of overstock.

One solution is storage. Smart storage can significantly reduce clutter and give military procurement officials the flexibility required to respond to constantly changing needs. However, as any military procurement official can tell you, storage isn’t always as simple as dumping everything into a single storage facility and then making a quick pickup when needed. Needs are complex, and time isn’t always on your side.

Below, learn more about how the right storage option can take some of the strain off military agencies bombarded by new orders and changing procurement requirements.

Strict Accounting Requirements

Bureaucracies are complicated things. The only way to maintain order is to closely track every resource — manpower, money, supplies, you name it. Even among countless government agencies, no group is under the same level of scrutiny as military. After all, supplies range from commodities to deadly weapons; every last item must be accounted for. Without the right storage option, accounting can be hugely time-consuming if not downright hopeless. Storage options as simple as weapons and media cabinets or mechanical carousels for paper documents can greatly simplify efforts for tracking and accounting for military supplies.


Accountability is certainly important, but so is functionality. As important as military operations and national security are, it’s crucial that military procurement officials are as efficient as possible. In that regard, accessibility is key. Movable storage can be a huge timesaver and help to fill military supplies orders much more quickly. Businesses like Patterson Pope and others specialize in such storage options as universal weapons racks and storage carts that make it much easier to move items quickly. Efficiency also means cost effectiveness. The less time personnel have to spend searching through inefficient storage, the more resources that can be devoted elsewhere.

Short Lead Times

Unlike many other government agencies, lead times for military procurement offices are not always so flexible. Orders can change with little to no lead time, and you must be ready to meet the demand as quickly as possible. For that reason, accessible storage and smart sorting is crucial to everyday operations. Customizable storage options can help to keep items grouped in the smartest way possible without taking up too much space. The right style of sorting can make all the difference when facing a complex last-minute request for military supplies. Intuitive design should be a top priority.

Changing Needs

The United States puts a high priority on new technologies — think supplies that are more compact and lightweight, or weapons that are larger than their predecessors. In turn, that means supplies that are in high demand today could be near obsolete tomorrow. Such rapid turnover in technology complicates the job of a military procurement office. On one hand, you must anticipate new incoming supplies that don’t necessarily fit the mold of what is being replaced. On the other hand, procurement officials should never assume (and typically do not have the luxury of assuming) that the “obsolete” supplies will be phased out entirely or can be discarded. For that reason, storage options should be flexible enough to embrace changing needs without a total overhaul.

Budget Uncertainty

Being caught in a political tug-of-war doesn’t help matters. On top of changing requirements and last-minute requests, military procurement officials also must do their best to anticipate future budget constraints. Naturally, the tools to blunt the inconvenience of sudden budget changes are limited, but with the right storage options in place you can continue to do your job as efficiently as circumstances allow.

It might not be the most top-of-mind priority for military procurement officials, but proper storage can save money, reduce employee stress levels and significantly improve overall operations.

Denny Hammack is the CEO of Patterson Pope, leveraging his 25 years of experience dealing with document filing, business storage and records management solutions. Patterson Pope is a professional storage solutions business, helping customers with organization, efficiency and space.

EOTech Refund Update

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

We’ve received similar reports from multiple sources so we feel comfortable sharing this info regarding refunds for EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights.

The refunds will be in the form of a check, processing has been outsourced due to so many returns, and the checks will be sent out within the next two weeks.  Also, there should be a phone number to deal specifically with return issues.  Once we have it, we’ll share it.  

Unique Partnership Of Veteran Owned Businesses Featured At The Great American Outdoor Show

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016




Harrisburg, PA, – A powerful alliance between several veteran-owned companies will be on display at the Great American Outdoor Show. This unique partnership will showcase a variety of brands and Tactical, Hunting, and Survival Products that are all independently owned but work in close collaboration to achieve a single goal – developing, promoting and giving back to veteran-focused organizations. The Veteran Family of Brands is comprised of American heroes and the products they represent.

Featured brands include:

– Axelson Tactical – Owned by the Gold Star Family of Navy SEAL Matthew Axelson
– Offering a variety of Combat, Warrior and Tribute rifles, Custom Handguns, Knives and more
– Reaper Ammunition – Led by Retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, Ron Bellan, Host of the TV show Reaper Outdoors “Survive the Hunt”
– Offering a full line of Weapons, Hunting Ammunition and specialty products
– SEAL1 CLP – Veteran owned company featuring
– Offering a full line bio-based lubrication and cleaning products
– Team Never Quit Ammunition – Led by Lone Survivor, Retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell
– Offering a full line of ammunition, including the latest in Reduced Ricochet Frangible self-defense and training rounds.

Celebrity appearances and autograph sessions: Will allow the public a rare opportunity to interact and learn from one of America’s finest warriors, Ron Bellan (Reaper 01) from the hit TV show Reaper Outdoors “Survive the Hunt”. A PA native and Retired Navy SEAL, Ron will be signing autographs and talking about Weapons, Ammunition, and all other Outdoor products at the Axelson Tactical BOOTH #886 on Feb 6-8, 10:00am to 1:00pm and Feb 12-14, 10:00am to 1:00pm. There will also be free giveaways of products and discount cards on the hour at booth #886.

Each member of the alliance donates a portion of their profits to organizations that help veterans and their families including Lone Survivor Foundation, Special Operations Wounded Warrior Foundation and Matthew Axelson Foundation.

Axelson Tactical Booth #886

Come Join Breakthrough Clean Technologies at the 2016 Great American Outdoors Show

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016


Feb 1st, 2015: Breakthrough® Clean Technologies, is going to be exhibiting at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA from Feb 6th-Feb 14th. Be sure to stop by booth #641 and check out Breakthrough Clean Technologies’® line of odor less solvents, lubricants, and cleaning kits that will give you the extra edge when out on the hunt.
Also, new for 2016 is Breakthrough’s Battle Born HP Pro Oil. It is the next generation in lubricants for high use full-auto guns and austere environments. Stay tuned on Breakthrough Clean’s social media pages on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

Mr. Matthew Meyers Named President of B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Matt MeyersB.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. is proud to announce that Mr. Matthew Meyers has been named President of the Redmond, Washington company. Mr. Meyers will assume the position effective immediately.

“Matt is the right person to lead this company. He is the inspiring figure that every company wants in this role.” said company founder and CEO emeritus Brad Meyers. “His vision will guide the company as B.E. Meyers introduces groundbreaking technologies.”

Mr. Matthew Meyers joined the company in 2010, serving initially as Product Manager for the Weapons Product Segment. He was later promoted to Director of Sales and Marketing, and then eventually to Director of Business Development. As an owner in this family firm, Meyers serves on the Board of Directors for B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc., and continues his role in facilitating B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. corporate strategy.

“This is also a very exciting time to be at B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc. We have made great strides over the last year in new product development as well as programmatic successes, and there are terrific efforts underway in advancing our capabilities as a company as well as providing top-tier support to the Warfighter.” said Matthew Meyers. “We have assembled an unbelievable team here, and it’s my honor to lead them and build upon the great tradition of quality and precision that the B.E. Meyers brand has come to embody.”

Prior to joining B.E. Meyers & Co. Inc., Mr. Meyers graduated with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in International Studies from the Virginia Military Institute. He was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the Infantry upon his graduation in 2001. While serving with the US Army, Mr. Meyers deployed to Iraq in support of combat operations during Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as a separate deployment to Kuwait, and a third deployment to Afghanistan in support of combat operations during Operation Enduring Freedom.  

Mr. Meyers is originally from Sammamish, WA. He and wife Nicolle have one son, Jack.

Ron Bellan To Appear At The Axelson Tactical Booth At The Upcoming Great American Outdoor Show

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Special Appearance at Great American Outdoor Show Harrisburg Pa.

Ron Bellan

Reaper Outdoors appearances and autograph sessions:
Axelson Tactical BOOTH #886

Ron Bellan (Reaper 01) Host of the TV show Reaper Outdoors “Survive the Hunt”.

Feb 6-8 – 10:00am to 1:00pm

Feb 12-14 – 10:00am to 1:00pm

A PA native, Survivalist, Outdoorsman, Hunter, Woodsman and Retired Navy SEAL, Will allow the public a rare opportunity to interact and learn from one of America’s finest warriors, Ron will be signing autographs and talking about Weapons, Ammunition, and all other Outdoor products.

There will also be free giveaways of products and discount cards on the hour at booth #886.

American Elements – Marty Daniel

Friday, January 29th, 2016

American Elements takes a look at Daniel Defense founder, Marty Daniel.  He also shares the story of his family, wife Cindy, and son Connor who helped him get where he is today.  

(Click image to view link)

SB Tactical Announces Expanded Leadership Team

Thursday, January 28th, 2016

Jeff Creamer and Amy Pevear bring years of experience from firearms industry

Saint Petersburg, FL (January 28, 2016) – SB Tactical™, the inventor and manufacturer of the Stabilizing Brace™, is pleased to announce the hiring of Jeffry Creamer as Vice President of Business Development and Amy Pevear as Vice President of Marketing. Creamer and Pevear join the SB Tactical team from the highly regarded firearms manufacturer, SIG SAUER, Inc.

Today’s announcement marks a significant milestone for SB Tactical. In 2015, the company completed a critical transition from operating under exclusivity agreements with SIG SAUER, Inc. and Century Arms to selling directly to consumers through the SB Tactical online retail store. The addition of Creamer and Pevear will further empower SB Tactical to aggressively seek new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partnerships, develop platform-specific offerings, expand distribution channels and cultivate a more robust consumer direct sales model. SB Tactical will be announcing several new Stabilizing Braces™ in Q1 2016.

SB Tactical innovates, designs, develops, and manufactures accessories for firearms and personal defense weapon (PDW) pistols. The initial product introduced to market in 2013 was the SB15® Stabilizing Brace, often referred to by enthusiasts as the “SIG Brace.” The product was developed specifically to improve shooting accuracy and reduce felt recoil when firing with one hand. That same year, the SB15 was named the Firearm Accessory of the Year and the Stabilizing Brace has since revolutionized shooting sports for those in need of improved stabilization and assistive devices.

“Jeff and Amy add unmatched experience and market knowledge to the SB Tactical team as we continue positioning the company for future growth and expansion,” said Alex Bosco, Founder and CEO. “Their presence will enable SB Tactical to further expand our market footprint and enhance our ability to develop and deliver innovative products.”

“The entrance of SB Tactical into the market in 2013 reinvented the dying platform of AR pistols, creating an entirely new category of firearms. The company and their product lines have redefined modern shooting sports, which is largely evidenced by the growing number of manufacturers that are developing PDW-style pistols today,” said Jeff Creamer. “Tremendous opportunity lies ahead for SB Tactical as the company pivots for growth and the rollout of expanded product lines in the future.”

“SB Tactical presents a unique opportunity to further develop a world-class accessories company in a fast growing market. Our team is excited to focus on expanding our product line, building a recognizable brand within the industry, and deploying business to business and consumer based market strategies that will drive sales and new product development,” stated Amy Pevear.