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2014 Meant ‘More Business, Less Bullets’ for CFF

Friday, December 19th, 2014


Look Who I Ran Into

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014


Grey Ghost Hires Kevin Reagan to Head Grey Ghost Lethality Systems

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Grey Ghost is proud to announce the addition of Kevin Reagan to its staff. Reagan, the former Installation Small Arms Master Gunner at Ft Bliss, will be fulfilling the job of “Manager, Lethality Systems”.


That job is every bit as awesome as it sounds, and Reagan is just the man to do it.

“Kevin will be the tip of the spear for managing rifles and body armor,” says Grey Ghost Gear Director of Business Development Lindsey Lea. “A unique 21 year career with the United States Army has prepared him for exactly this sort of role. We are excited to have him aboard.”

Reagan is indeed singularly qualified for the position. It was Reagan who, in his capacity as G-3 Training NCOIC/Special Projects NCO, developed the Small Arms Master Gunner Course at Ft. Bliss. The 2-week program, which was subsequently disseminated throughout the Army, had an emphasis on weapons, optics, and lasers as well as machine guns, snipers and designated marksmen. While in that billet, he worked not just with key equipment manufacturers but also PEO Soldier, TRADOC, FORSCOM, PEO-STRI and other key organizations.


Reagan served with the 101st ABN, the 25th ID and the 82nd ABN. He deployed with the latter as a Weapon Squad Leader. Previously, Reagan served as a platoon sergeant with the 1ST Armored Division, and before that was an operations sergeant with the 5th BDE Combat Team. He also was a Drill Sergeant at Ft. Leonard Wood and twice recognize in that capacity for superior performance. Reagan has deployed to a number of places in his career, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Sinai.

“During the course of his career Kevin Reagan participated in 27 combat operations and was badly wounded by an RPG attack,” says GGG Vice President GW Ayers. “That event, which would have been much more catastrophic if not for his PPE, is what sparked his intense interest in the whys, hows and wherefores of armor. His knowledge of small arms—both function and employment—is second to none. He will be leveraging that expertise, combined with over two decades of experience kicking doors, to help Grey Ghost develop the best systems available.”

Keep an eye on Grey Ghost in the future to see what Reagan does to expand and improve on their ‘Armoring the Everyman” initiative, as well as forthcoming developments to the Specter series of rifles.


To contact him, e-mail

CORDURA Brand Welcomes Jonathan D. Long To The Military Marketing Team

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Invista recently announced their hiring on Jonathan D. Long as the newest member of their military marketing team for the Cordura brand. Congrats, Jonathan! The full release can be read below:

CORDURA® Brand Welcomes Jonathan D. Long to the Military Marketing Team
Extensive Military Experience an Asset To Military Marketing Team

Wichita, KS – December 12 2014 – INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand team welcomes Jonathan D. (J.D.) Long as the newest member of their military marketing team. In his new role, Long will provide key insights into the defense community and using his extensive military background, he will help develop and execute strategies to build the CORDURA® brand, accelerate product innovation and expand product awareness in the military, tactical, and law enforcement sectors.

“We are pleased to welcome J.D. to our team,” says Ana Torrence, global CORDURA® brand business director. “His extensive military and leadership experience give him an informed perspective on the importance of durability and the top notch performance that we seek to provide. Additionally, his focus on accelerating our product innovations underscores our commitment to continually driving improvement, and we know he will be a great asset to the CORDURA® brand and its global military, tactical, and law enforcement customers.”

Long has more than 18 years of Department of Defense acquisition experience in government and private industry, where he specialized in product management, contract management and product development. He previously served as the director of operations for the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology). As part of the CORDURA® brand military team, he will provide expert strategies for understanding our customer’s unmet needs and exploring new innovations and product development to address these needs for both our domestic and international military, law enforcement and tactical customers. .

“I look forward to being part of a world class brand that consistently seeks to provide its customers with quality products which are a critical part of mission success,” Long says. “Coming from a military background, I know how crucial and potentially life-saving it is to have the best gear available. The CORDURA® brand has proven itself time after time as the “go-to” brand when durability counts.”

Long graduated from Lewis Clark College with two Bachelor’s degrees, one in business and the other in fine arts. He completed his Master’s of Business Administration in marketing management from Claremont Graduate University. Long also graduated from the U.S. Army command and general staff officer course and he holds five Department of Defense acquisition certifications. He is a combat veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, retiring from the U.S. Army after 22 years of active duty as a lieutenant colonel.

John Hollister to SIG SAUER

Sunday, December 7th, 2014


A couple of weeks ago John Hollister tendered his resignation with suppressor manufacturer AAC. Rumor was he was going to SIG. Based on the photo he posted on social media, looks like it’s official. Those guys in New Hampshire keep putting quite the team together.

Kalashnikov Concern Introduces Its Development Strategy Through 2020

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

The Kalashnikov Concern has introduced their development strategy through the year 2020. The full release can be read below:

Moscow, December 2, 2014
Press Release

Concern Kalashnikov, a subsidiary of the Rostec State Corporation, has introduced a new development strategy till 2020, within its frames it will be planned to increase production activities, expand global sales and grow revenue by a factor of four times. The total investments volume is estimated as more than 4.5 milliards of rubles. The production modernization has been already started within the strategy realization.

The development strategy aims the increasing of the sales level at the nearest years with the benefit growth at the expense of production modernization and management efficiency improvement. By the 2014 overall results Kalashnikov shall be on the breakeven level and deliver to the customers more than 140,000 units of small-arms weapon, that more by a factor of two times than in 2013.

Concern Kalashnikov CEO A. Yu. Krivoruchko said: “The one of priorities of the Concern will be the position reinforcement at the internal market and active promotion of military and civil production to abroad. At the expense of taken actions to 2020 the maximum production facilities of Kalashnikov will be increased by two times (at 100%), and employers work effectiveness – by four times.Besides, the Concern’s revenue from the sales of small arms weapon is expected to be increased by four times. Kalashnikov will support the full life circle of the product from development till utilization and also will provide the scientific-research and experimental-design works for the perspective systems and arms complexes creation”.

The Concern Kalashnikov takes about 95% of small arms weapon production in Russia. At the same time, the 80% of all production does for the export. The one of priority is to search new markets and to expand existing markets. Fifty countries have been detected for this aim which have the biggest potential in the terms of “Kalashnikov” production purchasing. The Concern has already started the new markets development, and at first the Asiatic-Pacific region and Africa. India and Egypt are more perspective. The contracts with Thailand and Indonesia have been concluded recently. The active discussions take place with the Sothern America countries. And the most attention will be planed for CIS countries where the concern production demand is high traditionally.

The important process within the strategy till 2020 is the product line harmonization. After the first marketing studies “Kalashnikov” took off the production the unclaimed models releasing the resources for new weapons production. For today for these aims about 200 engineers of design bureau work on thirty great project for full weapon spectrum – from new sniper rifle to the gun. Closed presentation the first achievements for the Ministry of Defense has been already planned at the beginning of the next year. Also the realization of the complex Russian army rearming will become the one of the work direction including within “Ratnik” military outfit.

To increase production competitiveness and quality the Concern has started up the scaling program of technical rearming. More than 4.5 milliards [billion] of rubles will be provided in 2014-2017 for complex general repair work and new construction. Particularly it will allow to increase the buildings and constructions product life, decrease operating costs. Also it is planned within these resources to renew the machine park at 90%, herewith the average payback period of every machine is from two to three years which is extremely low index in the field. By the modernization completion the one new machine will replace three old and this will allow to optimize the production areas and therefore to reduce the expenses and effect on the environment during continually increased production volumes.

Also new global brand of the Concern is to assist for business development and production promotion as it is an important expansion element to the new markets and sales expansion in the civil sector. New brand will become as the base for promotion campaigns, distributors universally formed areas forming and also for dress line and accessories creation.

SureFire Names Jeff Barger VP Of Marketing And Commercial/Consumer Sales

Thursday, December 4th, 2014

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high performance illumination tools, suppressors and tactical products, Is pleased to announce Jeff Barger as our new Vice President of Marketing and Commercial/Consumer Sales. Jeff will be responsible for expansion of all sales and marketing channels.

“I believe we can successfully drive SureFire’s growth into key segments of the commercial/retail markets that are high margin and large volume due to my background in both the industry and retail channels that coincide with SureFire’s product categories,” said Jeff Barger, SureFire’s VP of Marketing and Commercial/Consumer Sales.

Barger brings extensive sales and business growth experience to the role, having spent almost 30 years delivering impressive business solutions in several different industries. For some six years, Jeff served as Executive Director of Corporate Development for Sturm Ruger Firearms and more recently as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Viridian Green Lasers (Laser Aiming Systems Corporation).

Jeffrey holds BA’s in Economics and Political Science from Denison University in Granville, Ohio and Corporate Finance from Northeastern University in Burlington, Massachusetts. Jeff is an outdoor hobbyist actively enjoying skiing, target shooting, hunting, fishing and forestry.

Jamie Wiedeman will be transitioning over to the role as Vice President of Military Sales to focus on Department of Defense procurement opportunities. His decades of experience and leadership make him a perfect fit for this role.

Organizational Changes at SureFire

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

According to a memo issued yesterday at SureFire, there are a couple of organizational changes.

First, Jamie Wiedeman who recently returned to SureFire, will move over to Vice President of Military Sales. Jamie is no stranger to the military market having served a full career in the US Army. I got a chance to catch up with him at AUSA and I’d say he is an expert on SureFire products as well as their practical application.

Additionally, new hire Jeffrey Barger will be joining SureFire as Vice President of Marketing and Commercial/Consumer Sales. He brings 30 years of business experience to this role including six years as Executive Director of Commercial Development with Sturm Ruger as well as time as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Viridian Green Lasers.

We wish both well in their new positions.

Juggernaut Defense Occupies New Building

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Juggernaut is proud to announce that it is now 100% fully operational in its new building located in the McDowell Mountain Corporate Center in Scottsdale, AZ.


Both Juggernaut Product Design (specializing in consumer/medical products) and Juggernaut Defense (specializing in Defense/First Responder products) occupy the upstairs studio while all Juggernaut.Case™ and Radio.Dock™ products are assembled in the newly completed manufacturing area. This new facility not only increases production capability, but allows for further growth in case, mount, and dock production.


-11,000 SQ. FT. LGE Design/Build – Built 2004
-Situated in the McDowell Mountain Corporate Center in Scottsdale, AZ
-Upstairs Design and Engineering Studio
-5500 SQ. FT. Manufacturing Area for Juggernaut.Case™ and Radio.Dock™ products
-Fully enclosed shop for machining prototypes
-Large conference room for training on Juggernaut.Case™ Products with smartdevices running ATAK and APASS with various tactical radio systems

Tactical Assault Gear Announces Mike Pino As West Coast Regional Sales Manager

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Tactical Assault Gear has recently announced the hiring of Mike Pino. Mike will be taking the roll of West Coast Regional Sales Manager. The full release can be read below:

Tactical Assault Gear is pleased to announce that Mike Pino has joined Tactical Assault Gear. Mike brings years of experience and knowledge in the tactical and firearms retail industry. Mike has most recently worked with US PALM, out of Phoenix, AZ. Prior to that, he was with the Scottsdale Gun Club. Mike’s new role for TAG® will be the West Coast Regional Sales Manager.

“We are very excited to have Mike joining our team. He not only brings years of experience to TAG®, but he is highly motivated to continue to grow this region for our company”, said Chris Osman TAG’s® Director of R&D. Chris also said, “TAG® has gone through a lot of changes since my return to the company 11 months ago. We will continue to grow our TAG® specific sales force, focus on the TAG® brand as well as bring on other products that compliment what we are doing and are considered best in class in their respective space.”