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Unequal Technologies Partners With MMI Textiles, Inc

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


Unequal Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection technology. Its patented fusion of a military-grade composite fortified with, Accelleron™, Kelvar®, and optimal ImpacShield™ is engineered for a personalized, concealed protection. Unequal® is committed to help reduce blunt force trauma generated by military impacts. With more than 89 international and U.S. patents and patents pending, Unequal® products have been tested by independent certified laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities.

Unequal Technologies is partnering with MMI Textiles, Inc. to market their innovative and patented products to the military, law enforcement, and international communities. MMI Textiles, Inc. is a premier supplier to the diverse textile market. Through our commitment to unmatched service and integrity, we are indispensable to our partners.

For information or to purchase Unequal® products contact MMI Textiles, Inc. at or toll free at 888.MMI.0086.

Rampart International Range Day and Expo

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Today, SSD is reporting from the Rampart International Range Day and Expo just outside of Ottawa, Canada. Participants from across Canada will have hands on access to the latest small arms and equipment.

Instituting Soft Power in Equipping Police – A Challenge to Industry

Monday, May 25th, 2015

Last week President Obama announced changes to the 1033 program that transfers surplus military equipment to local law enforcement agencies. These new rules do not end this valuable program but rather restrict the transfer of certain technologies. Concurrently, there was a call for police to soften their image.

To be sure, law enforcement is an inherently dangerous profession. Consequently, body armor is a critical piece of equipment. According to the National Institute of Justice, over 3,000 lives have been saved by body armor since they were introduced in the 1970s. But the adoption of armor isn’t the only thing that’s been going on.  The very image of many Police has transformed.

Over the past 20 years or so, LEOs have begun to wear more comfortable clothing than the standard long sleeve shirt, tie and low quarters commonly associated with policing. Who can blame them? Not many people wear a suit and tie to work anymore.  Increased comfort equates to increased situational awareness and productivity. The requirement is valid and it’s as much a product of supply as it is demand. As one of my friends in LE pointed out, they are getting gear that was originally designed for the military. We may know some of the reasons behind this.

During that same period, the creation of tactical teams literally exploded and officers assigned to those organizations adopted military style clothing and equipment which is quite appropriate for the mission. Eventually, as crime in America transformed, the lines between specialized units and patrol cops began to blur and along with it, the adoption of tactical-style uniforms and equipment by patrolmen. Regardless of whether the gear is actually required by everyone, many are using it, and it is saving lives and improving the quality of life for LEOs. Some of it may be imdustry pushing the “easy” button and offering LE the same designs it created for the military but a lot of it is officers wanting to look the part.

Lately, there has been a great deal of criticism directed at the Law Enforcement profession, accusing them of “militarization”. For some, dressing in tactical clothing is used for the purpose of intimidation. Others want the latest and greatest kit, emulating what they see SWAT wear and the military use on the battlefield. Unfortunately, as good intentioned as they may be, both of these groups play right into the hands of their very vocal detractors who would prefer a return to the days of “Officer Friendly” with his tie and bus driver cap.

The answer isn’t outfitting our Police in “Adam 12″-style uniforms, but wearing camouflage or even Black versions of military uniforms isn’t sustainable either. Not in this climate. Instead, I’d like to offer an alternative. 

I am challenging the tactical industry to create new clothing and equipment for Law Enforcement. I recommend new styles of armor and uniforms that integrate even more effective life protecting features. In fact, as they are purpose built for policing, they could be even better than what they have available today. Much of this will be camouflage, but not the kind you’re thinking of. It’s about making features blend in. The trick is to identify LE in a positive way, yet instill a feeling of trust in the public; to soften the edges of a hard target. Some of the answers may well lie in the adoption of new color schemes. Others may be in how armor and belt mounted gear are integrated. Particularly, new camera technologies as well as GPS and communications. Additionally, there may well be ways to protect the head without looking like a military helmet.

In the same breath, I call upon the Department of Justice to offer research grants for industry to incentivize them to create these new items. I’d also like to see grants to local agencies who wish to adopt new equipment. It’s time for industry to introduce soft power alternatives for equipping law enforcement officers but they must provide the same or better comfort and protection for our police. Functionality is key, but there’s nothing wrong with looking good while you’re doing your job.

Jacob Sams Joins ASP As Director Of Military & Federal Sales

Sunday, May 24th, 2015


Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has announced that Jacob Sams has been named Director of Military & Federal Sales. Jacob will work closely with ASP government and military Distributors, as well as federal end users.

Jacob has an extensive background with GSA, military and federal sales. He began his sales career in 2002 with one of ASP’s key Distributors where he learned how to work with GSA contracts and the overall federal procurement process. Most recently, Jacob worked for Atlantic Tactical, another key ASP Distributor. There he initiated and administered their GSA contract, and coordinated government sales.

A former military police officer, Jacob is very familiar with use of force products. Because of his work in the military and his sales career with prominent ASP Distributors, Jacob comes to his new position with extensive knowledge about ASP products.

“I am excited to join the ASP team,” Jacob said. “ASP has always had a great reputation, and I look forward to adding my background to their government sales efforts.”

As the Director of Military & Federal Sales, Jacob will manage the ASP GSA contract and work closely with key federal Distributors on opportunities related to ASP products. He looks forward to listening to his customers’ comments and concerns to meet their needs and grow sales. “I believe that as a manufacturer, we need our Distributors more than our Distributors need us,” Jacob said. “It is key to talk with users of our products and listen to their feedback to stay on the innovative edge of our industry.”

Eric Marks Appointed As Naval SOF And Lone Soldier Liaison Manager at Agilite

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Tel Aviv, Israel, May 18th 2015 - Agilite has announced the appointment of Eric Marks as Naval SOF Sales Manager and Lone Soldier Liaison at Agilite. Marks previously served for five years as an operator in one of The Israel Defense Forces’ most elite Special Forces Units.

Marks took part in countless missions during his time with the Israeli Navy and will use his background and experience in his new position.

Having grown up in North Carolina, USA, Marks is a dual US/Israeli citizen and was classified as a “Lone Soldier,” the IDF’s term for troops who were raised overseas and serve without family members in the country.

One of very few American citizens to ever serve in such an elite Israeli unit, he will serve as liaison to current Lone Soldiers serving all over the IDF and address the equipment needs of them and their units.

“It’s an honor to join the team at Agilite, after using their gear for years I’m proud to represent it and to contribute to its development. I am particularly excited to work with the Lone Soldier community whom I have been a part of for several years.”

About Agilite: Agilite Systems is Israel’s premier designer and manufacturer of tactical and rescue equipment and apparel. It supplies top-tier Special Forces around the world as well as Military, Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue Organizations worldwide. See more on Agilite at

Check Out The SureFire Jeep

Monday, May 18th, 2015


The SureFire Jeep JK Wrangler was on hand at last weekend’s Overland Expo in Arizona.  It was recently wrapped in MultiCam Black by Image Craft. Yes, that’s a Hellfire light mounted to the roof rack.  It is after all, a SureFire.

DEP Technologies To Debut At SOFIC 2015

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


SOFIC 2015 Tampa, Florida - SOFIC will be the official release venue for DEP Technologies, a subsidiary of PHOTONIS USA – provider of night vision imaging tubes, power tubes, digital imaging, and scientific detectors.

DEP will be the exclusive US distributor of the PHOTONIS INTENS™ night vision tubes which set the standard for 4G operational parameters such as minimum high FOM, extended bandwidth sensitivity and high light tolerance. DEP, USA will capitalize on the various aspects of the PHOTONIS INTENS™ tube attributes such as the 45% smaller 16mm format tube, and its high performance wide-band 18mm format image Intensifier tube.

Additionally DEP, USA will provide systems enhancement components to both currently fielded systems and emerging products.

DEP, USA and PHOTONIS Digital Imaging are located in Texas.

Quantico Tactical To Hold Weapons & Gear EXPOs In Texas And California

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Quantico Tactical

Quantico Tactical, a leading supplier of Special Operational Equipment, is bringing its Weapons & Gear EXPOs to Killeen, Texas and Oceanside, California May 15-17. The events are designed for military, law enforcement and the general public, and will take place at Quantico Tactical’s stores located at 820 South Fort Hood Street in Killeen and 420 South Coast Highway in Oceanside respectively. The EXPOs provide opportunities for local military, law enforcement, and tactical enthusiasts to get quality time with manufacturers, see the newest equipment and gear and purchase at great prices. The EXPOs feature close-out merchandise, free gifts with purchase, and opportunities to register to win gear and equipment.

Something Is Afoot With Shellback Tactical

Saturday, May 9th, 2015

First, we get this from Shellback:

Microsoft Word - Shellback Tactical - Press Release - Dealer Cha

Then, we get this from Shellback:


What is going on?

The High Threat Security Industry Gets A Little Smaller As Olive Group Joins Constellis Group

Friday, May 8th, 2015

It was just shy of a year ago that we were mentioning how security heavy hitters Academi (the company formerly known as Blackwater and Xe) had joined Triple Canopy to form Constellis Group. Yesterday, Constellis and Olive Group released a statememt that they would be combining. From the outside, it seems as though the dust still hasn’t completely settled on the Constellis Group formation so we are quite interested to see how further consolidation within the most prominent members of the High Threat Security Industry will proceed.  The merger may possibly be a move to create a business entity with enough value to attract major investors. 

There were layoffs associated with the previous merger. More are likely, although according to the press release, the Olive Group leadership are already assured membership on the Constellis Group board. You can read the full release below.

RESTON, Va. and DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Constellis Group and Olive Group jointly announced today that the two parties have agreed to merge Olive Group into the existing Constellis Group of Companies. Olive Group will drive the entity’s global focus on commercial sectors, and this merger establishes the combined resources and funding to deliver ambitious plans for commercial expansion, to which both parties are committed. The merged entity will leverage Olive Group’s market leading position and reputation for new growth.

Olive Group is a leading provider of innovative risk management solutions, which include security, program management, life support and technology solutions, to blue chip commercial customers operating primarily in the energy, aviation, and infrastructure sectors. Headquartered in the Middle East with principal offices in the United Arab Emirates, U.K., and U.S., Olive Group has more than 5,000 staff operating in 20 countries on five continents. Olive Group will continue to operate its distinct and highly respected brand, driven by its reputation of delivering operational excellence in conformity with the strictest compliance standards in the industry. Olive Group’s management team will remain unchanged and is committed to driving the growth of the combined Group with the scale and support afforded through this new partnership with Constellis Group’s global operations.

Chris and David St. George, co-founders of Olive Group, will join Constellis Group’s Board of Directors, adding immeasurable value, insight, and relationships in the commercial markets they and Olive Group’s leadership team helped establish over the past decade. Olive Group’s founding shareholders have chosen to maintain a significant ownership position in the combined entity.

“We are excited to welcome Olive Group into the Constellis family,” said Craig Nixon, CEO of Constellis Group. “The leadership, experience, and capabilities of our combined operations establish us as a full-service risk management, integrated security, and managed services provider with a global presence.”

Olive Chairman Chris St. George said, “Olive Group’s clients face increasingly complex challenges in managing a myriad of risks including the safety of personnel, integrity of investments, regulatory compliance and the protection of corporate reputation. As a result, Olive Group needs to offer more services, and this merger establishes a unique position for the company to meet these global operational demands.”

Martin Rudd, Olive Group’s Managing Director, who will continue to lead Olive Group, added, “Triple Canopy and Olive Group share deserved reputations for operational excellence and governance across government and commercial clients. Not only will this combination allow each company to benefit from the other’s considerable experience, but it will provide us both with a broad and resilient platform for growth. We are tremendously excited about the opportunities which lie ahead for the combined Group.”

The transaction brings together a global team of industry leaders serving a broad list of customers that include governments, NGOs, and a diverse mix of commercial entities. The transaction furthers Constellis Group’s participation in the commercial sector and provides global expansion into established and emerging markets across several continents. Operating under the oversight of a distinguished Board and an experienced management team, the combination of these companies will enable a significant expansion of services within the global stabilization market, delivering complex program management, mission support, integrated security solutions, training, and advisory services throughout the world.