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Armor Express Launches Next-Generation Protective Solutions for the Global Fire and EMS Markets

Monday, May 22nd, 2017


Armor Express launched its comprehensive offerings for first responders at the 2017 Fire Department Instructor’s Conference

CENTRAL LAKE, MI, May 22, 2017 – Central Lake Armor Express, Inc. (“Armor Express”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions, announced the expansion of its advanced ballistic systems, carriers, helmets, rifle plates and other related accessories to support the growing need for personal protection by Fire and EMS officers.

“This is a significant step in our commitment to broaden product and service reach to key sectors that rely on innovative body armor solutions certified to meet the most demanding requirements. Among these sectors are Fire and EMS where now, more than ever, firefighting, rescue and medical emergency personnel are facing increasingly dangerous environments and finding themselves in harm’s way,” stated Rex McGrath, Armor Express’ Channel Manager for Fire/EMS. “Building on our successes and lessons learned in Law Enforcement, we are actively investing in R&D and next-gen systems and technologies to bring to market the highest-performing, most versatile and comfortable ballistic armor that safeguard all first responders.”

Firefighters and EMTs have long been taught to operate at a safe distance from potentially violent incidents and await word from law enforcement that the area is secured. That paradigm is now shifting with the rise of active shooter/mass casualty incidents (AS/MCI), as seen with the Columbine High, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook Elementary, San Bernardino Inland Regional Center and Orlando nightclub attacks, as well as the World Trade Center and Boston Marathon bombings. Sadly, we are all too aware of the headlines highlighting how much our emergency officers are at risk (Firefighter Shot, Killed in Maryland; Another Seriously Wounded; New York EMT Shot and Killed by Patient). With the entry into unsecured areas known as warm zones, more departments are looking closely at body armor to protect their officers. They recognize the growing need to provide the proper equipment and training to first responders who may face ballistic or explosive threats while needing to quickly triage, treat and extricate the wounded.

Armor Express is focusing its resources on U.S.-made solutions that offer the highest level of flexibility, mobility and stopping power that today’s firefighters and EMTs need. Considering that most jurisdictions do not supply all of their first responders with armor and that budgets are limited for purchasing equipment, the Company is collaborating closely with departments to meet their core requirements. Using guidelines like that of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Armor Express has developed packaged solutions for the head and body, including Level IIIA ballistic vests, special outer carriers, Level IV hard armor plates that are capable of withstanding rifle rounds (used in more than 25 percent of active shooter incidents), and Level IIIA ballistic helmets.

Multi-compliant Ballistic Armor Protects First Responders in the Line of Fire

Among the latest products demonstrated at FDIC this year Armor Express’ advanced ballistic systems certified to the most stringent standards, including the NIJ Standard-0101.06, FBI and DEA protocols, and special threats testing.

• The FMS™ IIIA is a strong choice for any first responder. This universal and cost-effective package is designed to be robust, offering extreme stopping power in an active shooter scenario. At the same time, the armor’s lightweight construction makes it comfortable for wearers.
• The Quantum™ IIIA is another strong ballistic system utilized by numerous federal law enforcement agencies and is ideal for firefighters and EMTs in need of a light, flexible, yet sturdy solution. It is uniquely certified to the Department of Defense’s standards for frag protection.
• The Vortex™ IIIA combines strength, comfort, and performance in a single package at an incredible value. This soft ballistic can stop some of the most advanced rounds. Flexible and pliable features balanced with lightweight qualities, make it great for both concealed and tactical usage.

Versatile Carriers Meet the Demands of Today’s Volatile Environments

Armor Express launched new and enhanced outer carriers

• The Outer Carrier System – Unified Violent Incident Response (OCS-UVIR) for Fire/EMS uses alpha sizing, making it adjustable to fit multiple officers. The UVIR offers 360-degree coverage with Level II or IIIA soft ballistic armor.
• For the first responder who never really knows what threat they might face, the Hardcore FE Carrier is ideal. The external carrier’s ‘one-size-fits-most’ feature keeps purchasing costs at bay and provides soft and hard armor options in a single shell. It enables more efficient movement for triage and victim extraction.
• The redesigned Med Vest is a comfortable external vest created specifically for emergency officers. This low-profile, side-opening solution includes high-vis reflective bands for safety in low light situations and can accommodate concealable armor panels. It also features an internal front plate pocket for hard armor protection.

Additionally, AE included a Rapid Base Plate Carrier which offers a simple and modular solution for any active shooter scenario, as well as the lightweight Laser Cut Plate Carrier (LCPC), designed to fit most hard armor plates for certified to low visibility special threats.

New Hard Armor Accessories Deliver Unparalleled Lightweight Protection

Armor Express has several innovative hard armor plates and helmets (both ballistic and non-ballistic), which bring an entirely new benchmark in protection of the head and body. These will be showcased at FDIC as well.

Notably, the Company’s Harrier III+ SA Single Curve Plate is ideal for emergency officers who require modularity, protection and size options in one package. First responders can rapidly up-armor with this plate if there’s a rifle threat while remaining agile due to its low weight. A full line of other protective rifle plates is also available.

A helmet will complete the ballistic protective equipment kit, including the AEX10 PASGT and AEX25 ACH helmets which provide Level IIIA protection against handgun rounds. The AMP-1 E RTF helmet is also certified to protect against fragmentation and handgun Level IIIA threats while offering the flexibility, performance and comfort options for retention and padding that reinforce end-user confidence. In addition, the AMH-2 SAR (non-ballistic) helmet offers multi-impact protection for search and rescue applications.

For more information on Armor Express’ protective solutions for the FIRE and EMS markets, please visit bit.ly/AE_Fire_EMS.

McGrath continued, “We were very excited to debut Armor Express’ cutting-edge protective wear for the Fire/EMS community at FDIC 2017. Our team looks forward to engaging with customers and distribution partners to drive greater innovation in soft and hard armor systems that save lives. We have an incredible product lineup which features our strongest and lightest ballistic packages; most adaptable carriers; and hard armor solutions that deliver critical protection, performance and comfort benefits that agencies need and can afford. The public expects our firefighters and EMTs to help in a crucial time of need; the appropriate training with law enforcement as well as wearing body armor will help emergency responders to meet this expectation.”

About Armor Express
Armor Express is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor systems. Founded in 2005, the Company has grown to become one of the largest providers of soft and hard armor products and accessories, serving the domestic and Federal law enforcement market, U.S Military and America’s allies around the world. Through its strategic partnerships with technology innovators and its unwavering commitment to advance research & development, the Company’s customers benefit from state-of-the-art protective solutions and best-in-class service. For more information, please visit www.armorexpress.com.

AARDVARK and High Speed Gear Announce Technology Partnership and Addition Of HSGI TACO Pouches to Project 7

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

La Verne, CA – AARDVARK today announced a technology partnership with High Speed Gear® (HSGI®) to incorporate HSGI’s® revolutionary TACO® pouches into Project 7®. A curated selection of HSGI® pouches specifically for Project 7® will be available effective immediately for incorporation with Project 7® armor.

“Featuring groundbreaking and patented technology, HSGI’s® TACO® pouches have taken the tactical market by storm” said AARDVARK’s CEO Jon Becker. “The TACO® pouches and HSGI® are a perfect fit for Project 7® because they represent the best our industry has to offer. Not only do they feature a unique design, they are intensely focused on increasing the capability, operational effectiveness, and safety of the operator.”

HSGI’s® Vice President of Sales and Operations, Bill Babboni stated, “We are extremely pleased to partner with AARDVARK and become a part of Project 7®. Project 7® represents the state of the art in tactical armor and is a perfect platform for our load bearing pouches and technologies. We are looking forward to our pouches being incorporated into Project 7® and to developing new solutions for our nation’s tactical operators through this new partnership.”

More details, as well as the entire list of HSGI® pouches available through Project 7® can be found at www.project7armor.com.

Caveat Emptor: Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK mount counterfeit alert

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017


KDG has recently become aware of an emerging counterfeit concern, dominantly stemming from EBAY and similar online commerce sites. The counterfeits seem to be focusing on the Kinetic Development Group SIDELOK family of Optic mounts, but KDG is investigating possible forgeries of it’s other product lines as well. The first example to show up is an unlicensed copy of the Aimpoint Micro Lower 1/3 Co-witness mount, with the high likelihood of foreign origin. To make matters more confusing, it was being sold as a MRO mount. SIDELOK has a remarkable reputation for its return to absolute-zero technology, which the knock-off mounts do not replicate. KDG is concerned that it’s patented technology will have SIDELOK’s creditability diminished by the inferior forgeries, and will place the customer at a huge risk, beyond just being defrauded.


The failure of any counterfeit optic mount on a service or personal defense weapon could be catastrophic for the user, and cost human life.


KDG highly encourages all customers to purchase through reputable dealers, and trusted online sources. There are some key differences between the illegal copy and an Actual KDG T-1 Mount, listed below. If a SIDELOK mount, or any other KDG product appears suspect, please contact the company at info@kineticdg.com.

1) Different laser engraving. (no cage code, wrong product number on forgerty.)

2) Apparent mold/machine/tool marks throughout forgery

3) Wrong T-1 footprint. Wrong MRO footprint. Forgery missing interface recoil lug, shorter, squared base, mounting holes in wrong location,

4) Finish appears glossy and textured, as though painted instead of treated with milspec hard anodized finish like authentic KDG mounts.

5) Phillips head top plate screws are used in the counterfeit instead of Allen head screws. Mount may have a mix of screw types.

6) Secondary lock mechanism may not work at all.

7) Inability to hold zero or return to zero if removed.

8) Thinner recoil lug and absence of Ball detent

Spuhr Announces Forge Tactical As Brand Ambassadors

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Löddeköpinge, Sweden And Alliance, OH

Spuhr i Dalby AB, the international defense industry’s leading professional grade optic and accessory mounting solutions manufacturer, announced today the retention of John Chapman and John Spears, of Forge Tactical LLC, as Brand Ambassadors and Product Development consultants.

“I am excited to work with Chappy and John Spears,” said Hakan Spuhr, Founder and Innovator at Spuhr i Dalby AB. “Their level of application and technical expertise, combined with their ability to communicate directly with our end-users, makes Forge Tactical a natural fit for Spuhr.”

John Chapman, Director and Instructor at Forge Tactical, said “John Spears and I are honored to be trusted as Spuhr’s ambassadors to the end user community. Spuhr’s legendary innovation, quality, and application-centered design philosophy align perfectly with the principals upon which we founded Forge; and as long-time users of Spuhr products, we have absolute confidence in their ruggedness, precision and suitability for our military, law enforcement, self-defense and recreational shooting clients.”

Not Seeing the Whole Picture, An OP-ED by Ryan Hey

Sunday, May 14th, 2017

While the Ruger Precision Rifle market continues to thrive, there is still backlash from those that do not see the “BIG” picture. Let’s first address the short-sighted “hater” trend. This same exact pattern of “bashing” occurred back in 2004. That was when the 10 year AWB (Assault Weapons Ban) eclipses and was not re-signed by President Bush Jr. There was some backlash and “haters” bashing those starting to buy AR-15s and talking about it. At the same time, the GWOT (Global War on Terrorism) was in its second (OIF II) phase. And at the same time (September 26, 2006) Zuckerberg launched Facebook publically. All of these factors contribute to the current social media gun frenzy we now see. It just took time to metastasize. Secondly, there is the bashing of the 6.5Creedmoor cartridge. The 6.5Creedmoor cartridge was developed circa 2007 by Hornady and put into production in 2008. 2008-2009 is about the same time the “tactical bubble” popped and the rise of social media based gun companies and advertising started. Acceptance of the 6.5Creedmoor on the competition Precision rifle scene was widespread almost immediately. Science and Ballistics do not lie. And at that time, Precision Rifle matches, competition forums (with the exception of Snipers Hide) were not widely known. Now, there are hundreds of competition forums, groups, and avenues of information sharing. When the abundance of rifles chambered in said cartridge are on or hit the market, and different companies are pushing the cartridge, we see the backlash. And for the record, I personally do not own a RPR. The company I work for does have them for testing and marketing. I do run 6.5Creedmoor in both bolt gun and AR configurations for matches/training and for work related testing. History lesson complete.

I digress.

Most of the RPR “bashing” comes from those that:
1. See so many new shooters entering the ranks of the precision rifle community and immediately begin to share their “years” of experience. (After they just bought the rifle 2 weeks ago.) I get this point. Bluntly put, there are people that have been doing matches, training, and wrenching/building on guns for DECADES. We know who these people are. But people that immediately jump into this discipline and do not want to listen to the actual experts, but yet take advice from a flashy IG gun-famous non-shooters, or the most well know “tactical” instructor. I tend to listen to people winning matches, those that have trained the top competitors and SF/JSOC personnel, and those that have been building precision rifles for decades. Many of these walking encyclopedias of knowledge are untapped by the average beginner in precision rifle. Remember, we are all students.
2. Another factor that “haters” do not understand is the business aspect. Meet Joe Snuffy. Joe wants to shoot 1000y, and learn about Precision rifle. He buys a RPR in either 6.5Creed, 6mmCreed, or even .308 so he can learn, hunt, and maybe compete. Joe then needs an optic. Joe then needs extra magazines. Joe also wants a good sling. Joe also needs a bipod. Joe wants a suppressor and a suppressor cover. Joe needs a Chronograph (cough.cough. Magnetospeed, I know, shameless plug) Joe wants to run good factory ammo, and also wants to learn ammo reloading. Finally, Joe wants to get into training classes.
Let’s count how many companies, minus the initial purchase of the RPR, that now have been affected by one single RPR purchase: 10-12 separate companies. And this is before any customization (hand rails, barrels, and trigger.) Wow, so now a single RPR purchase has now generated sales for a dozen or more companies. How many RPRs have been sold to this date? Here is where I add GGTS. (Go Google that shit.)

Joe then goes out with a group of friends and shows off his new rifle. Guess what happens; Friend A, B, C, all want in on this. Rinse and repeat the cycle. If Joe has enough money and wants to dedicate himself to matches, Joe goes to some matches. Joe now sees the custom bolt guns being used. Joe then starts asking questions to those doing moderately good to winning matches. “Hey, what action are you using?” or “Excuse me, what Chassis is that?” and “What Scope is that?” or “what is your load data and velocity?” Joe then starts to plan out a custom bolt gun, or maybe a competition level AR. More companies now being involved.
So while it’s cool to bash and hate new shooters getting into precision rifle shooting with the RPR, the “creed” or whatever scope they are using, remember this; it is making the market thrive. It’s forcing innovation that is not as evident in other markets. It’s forcing other companies to develop new product lines to supplement rifles on the market. It is also forcing competition to keep up. Ask yourself, or actually ask your grandfather, what was the backlash like when the .308 Winchester was developed and brought into circulation? His answer might be, “well, we wouldn’t have worried about what some jagoff on that idiot box you kids call the internet said about it, we just wanted to face shoot commies and hit the target.”



Brand & Oppenheimer Acquires the Assets of Cutting Edge TexStyles inFirst of Prospective New Business Additions

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

PORTSMOUTH, RI – May 11, 2017 – Brand & Oppenheimer Co., Inc. (“B&O,” “the Company”), a leading textile converter and provider of technical fabrics to multiple industries, today announced that it has acquired the assets of Cutting Edge TexStyles, a 99-year-old manufacturer of bias binding, trims and textiles based in Bedford, MA. The new business will continue to operate in its existing location with its current staff, including former CEO Joe Goldman, who will now serve as Vice President of the Cutting Edge TexStyles Sales Division of B&O alongside the Company’s Performance Textiles and 1947 Sales Divisions.

Cutting Edge TexStyles has a longstanding reputation as a third-generation manufacturer of “narrow” fabrics in bias bindings and trims. Like B&O, the business is also a textile converter known for delivering quality and service to diverse industries and niche business.

“We are very pleased to welcome Joe and his team to Brand & Oppenheimer. We view the addition of Cutting Edge as synergistic and a means to diversify into the narrow textile sector,” stated Edward Ricci, B&O CEO. “With the support of our owners, Praesidian Capital, we will be able to explore similar acquisitions in the future that will allow B&O to expand its capabilities within the overall textile industry and thereby provide increasingly more robust products and services to our customers.”

According to Goldman, “we see new opportunities by joining forces with B&O. We are both century-old businesses that continue to thrive by constantly meeting customer demands with quality materials. This will be a seamless transition for our customers and employees. We look forward to offering the B&O product line to Cutting Edge customers.”

The Founding Partner of Praesidian Capital, Jason Drattell, noted that “we are encouraged by the progress that Brand & Oppenheimer has made in the past two years under the management of Ed Ricci, Ben Galpen and Bryan Boulis. We look forward to seeing more acquisition opportunities like Cutting Edge that support the Company’s growth strategy.”

INVISIO Communications Inc Opens US Office

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

INVISIO Communications Inc. is now completely operational and the organization is capable of efficiently targeting customers within security and defense throughout the United States. The key focus is to support existing customers, partners and programs, increasing the customer base and to maintain and expand business networks.

During next week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference, you can check out INVISIO, who will be located just outside of the convention center at the Waterfront Boardwalk next to Jackson’s Landing, INVISIO Vessel Name: “La Dolce Vita”.

Come aboard to meet their new US Sales Team and check out their latest product line. Products will be available for live demonstrations. In addition to several radio control units, you may want to look at these headsets.


Finally, you can download their catalog here.


Even More Reasons To Attend SOF Select Show Next Week In Tampa

Monday, May 8th, 2017

SOF Select Show 2017 will be held in the ballroom at the Westin Harbour Island Hotel, in Tampa, Florida, May 16-18. The hours are Tuesday and Wednesday 8 AM – 5 PM and Thursday 8 AM – 1 PM. There is no registration process or badges, but attendence is limited to Military, Government and Industry Professionals.

Attendees will get to see the latest solutions for Special Operators from:
American Defense Mfg
Arc’teryx LEAF
Knight’s Armament
Mayflower / Velocity
Pilot Innovations
Princeton Tec
Scuba Pro
Smith Optics
S&S Precision
Team Wendy
UBX Defense

It’s an event you won’t want to miss.

Select Show 2017 is owned and produced by Cove Event Management. Feel free to email rebecca@coveevents.com for inquiries.