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SilencerCo – Quiet Riot 2016

Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

This is a cool video from SilencerCo on the 2016 iteration of the Quiet Riot PRS match, last weekend in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.

Fireclean Issues Update Regarding Lawsuit Against George Fennell and Steel Shield for False Advertising

Friday, July 1st, 2016

Today saw action in the court room regarding Fireclean’s federal lawsuit against suit against George Fennell and Steel Shield for false advertising. Fennell had petitioned the court to dismiss the case. However, presiding Judge Ellis saw enough evidence to go forward with the suit.

Consequently, Fireclean issued this statement on Facebook regarding this order.

FireClean LLC is pleased to inform its customers, dealers, and followers that Judge T.S. Ellis of the Eastern District of Virginia denied George Fennell and Steel Shield’s Motion to Transfer Venue and Motion to Dismiss this morning. Judge Ellis ruled that *all* of the Defendants’ false statements, including statements that equate FIREClean® to Crisco™ and Wesson™ oils, are actionable under principles of defamation and false advertising. The case proceeds.

We would like to thank everyone for their support and wish you a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!

Below is a copy of the order.

fireclean vs fennell

Fireclean has also filed a separate lawsuit against Vuurwapen Blog, its owner Andrew Touhy and Everett Baker alleging defamation for a sereies of articles published on Vuurwapen Blog regarding the Fireclean firearm lubricant.

In response, Andrew Touhy’s legal team has made a very compelling case that the current venue in Virginia is not where the trial should be held and have asked to have it dismissed. That question will most likely be settled by the court later this month.

Regardless, as Fennell implicated Tuohy in a Facebook post, the judge’s ruling in the Fennell case assuredly means that Tuohy will be included in the discovery phase of the Fennell case which should commence shortly. Consequently, efforts to stave off discovery in Tuohy’s suit look to be stymied.

Rumor Has It – Don Alexander Is Back At SureFire

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

I’m happy to say, one of the guys I look up to in industry, is back with SureFire.  Good for Don and Good for SureFire.  I look forward to catching up.

Looks Like The Magpul CORE Team Is Having A Great A Time In Mexico

Wednesday, June 29th, 2016

The Magpul CORE Team is with Casey Currie at the 2016 Trail of Missions in Baja, Mexico.

Unity Tactical Is Now The Exclusive Seller For Iron Forged Concepts’ Product Line

Monday, June 27th, 2016

Houma, LA- June 27, 2016 – Unity Tactical™ is proud to announce that it is now the exclusive seller for Iron Forged Concepts™ entire product line. These products include the successful Sordin Arc Rail Adapters (SARA) as well as the upcoming Modular Attached Rail Kit (MARK), which will now proudly wear the Unity Tactical logo. Bringing on IFC’s line of helmet accessories is a natural progression for Unity. In 2015, Unity Tactical™ began delving into the world of helmet accessories with the Knuckl™ accessory mount and an NVG adapter for GoPro™ cameras developed is in association with TNVC. For more information on Unity Tactical’s full line of products, visit: www.unitytactical.com

“In our mission to better serve those that serve us; our military, law enforcement, first responders, and commercial partners, Iron Forged Concepts has accepted the opportunity to come under the Unity Tactical banner. Unity Tactical will continue to support IFC products and customers with the same top notch product and customer support that Unity and their existing products are known for. We are very excited to announce this agreement and cannot think of a better fit for the Iron Forged product family. God bless and stay safe – Zach, IFC “

“Zach and Iron Forged have built an excellent product and reputation in the industry. We are honored to continue to support our military, LE, first responders, and civilian shooters with his products. Unity Tactical will continue to push forward with new products and innovations in this product line to provide the end users with the absolute best products to support their mission.”

-Trent Zimmer, President, Unity Tactical



Monday, June 27th, 2016

This is the second in “GEAR Made In” series featuring European kit manufacturers by the guys from the Austrian gear blog, SPARTANAT. I checked out FROG.PRO during IWA so it’s cool to get a more in-depth look.


Some guys love what they call „Gucci Gear“. It is all about high quality and a price not too low. FROG.PRO is a small company from Italy and the manufacture what we would call „Armani Gear“. Also high quality, but with style. We talked with Fabio Casali, the founder and owner of FROG.PRO.

Fabio Casali

SPARTANAT: Why FROG.PRO? What is the Frog in your companies name?


I always loved frogs. They are tiny animals that seem harmless but some of them can produce toxic secretions from their skin. They have a well colored skin, from bright red or yellow colors to camouflage pattern. They are amphibious, and this is certainly one of the reasons because they became the symbol of some SF raiders. We have a great tradition of SF units and this is in a certain way a tribute paid to them and honor what they do.

SPARTANAT: FROG.PRO origins from Italy. What kind of gear is manufactured by you?

FrogPro  2

FROG.PRO: We produce high-end equipment for Military forces, Security operators and Outdoor activities. FROG.PRO products are made from the selection of the best high tech materials and fabrics available. The major part of these materials are sourced from the USA, the world leaders in military equipment innovation, and they exceed all United States MIL-SPEC requirements. Studies of the design during the different phases of development allows us to make concealed stitching with a protective second layer of material. Furthermore all points liable to wear, through friction or stretching, are sewn with special attention. Our modus operandi may not be the least expensive, however each article that leaves our workshop is a milestone in our company mission to provide the best that money can buy.

SPARTANAT: How long have you manufactured gear?

FrogPro 1

The FROG.PRO brand was born in the second half of 2011 to better represent our customized products, once made as a hobby. We officially launched FROG.PRO, as a proper and registered company, in May 2013. Since that day we never stopped working on new designed products.

SPARTANAT: Who puts on FROG.PRO gear?

FrogPro  9

We are in contact with our SF/SOF r&d teams on a daily basis to develop and test new products based on their special requirements. The past year Italian Air Force raiders choose FROG.PRO to meet their needs and at the moment they can rely on some high tech innovative products such as our LC Hagakure. Our products are not only military personnel related, in fact we provide gears to PSC Operators, anti poaching units operating in Africa, serious amateurs for tactical activities and outdoor enthusiasts. That’s why we decided to set different categories on our website.

SPARTANAT: You have a very special style. Some people say it is „Armani gear“. Where does your feeling for design come from?

Well, to be honest I do not have any design studies in my background like probably somebody else has. My studies as a youngster were directed completely in the opposite way, but I am very meticulous and I always applied myself to reach the best results both in major and minor projects. Anyway, the aesthetic side is not the priority when I design a new product. Functionality and comfort come first. When these standards are satisfied I start working on the design, often introducing new materials or new features that make our products unique.

SPARTANAT: Anything you want to tell costumers?

We are currently working on a new line of products that will introduce some cool innovation in tactical gear. Visit our website, like our Facebook page and follow us to be always updated!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/FROG.PRO
Website: www.frogpro.it

SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

SilencerCo Announces Executive Legal Appointment

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016

SilencerCo Appoints David Bolls, Former COO of Duck Commander, As General Counsel & Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – June 22, 2016 – SilencerCo LLC, the industry leader in silencers, appointed David Bolls as General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs, reporting to SilencerCo’s Chief Executive Officer Joshua Waldron. Bolls will be responsible for SilencerCo’s and SilencerCo Weapons Research’s (SWR) litigation, contracts, licensing agreements, intellectual property, and government relations and will be a member of SilencerCo’s leadership team. Bolls appointment is effective as of Monday, July 13, 2016.

“At SilencerCo, we strive to recruit the best talent across all industries, and are very pleased to have David Bolls join us,” said Waldron. “David is an amazing addition to our executive leadership team because of his breadth of expertise and extensive experience, and he will be a critical player in helping us develop the strategy that grows our product lines and channels. We could not be more excited to have him onboard.”

Most recently, Bolls served as Chief Operating Officer of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, a multi-million dollar empire owned and operated by Louisiana’s camouflage-clad Robertson family, who became well-known by A&E’s Duck Dynasty television series. Bolls worked with a management team directing operations across all companies. Prior to Duck Commander and Buck Commander, he served as Deputy General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Business & Legal Affairs for Outdoor Channel Holdings, Inc. During his tenure at Outdoor Channel, he was responsible for overseeing and negotiating network contracts, licensing agreements, intellectual property matters, and litigation, as well as the development of a wide range of entertainment content and key relationships with talent and producers. Bolls has been an attorney for over 19 years.

“I’m very excited to join SilencerCo’s already best-in-class team. They’re brilliant, extremely creative, and not afraid to take risks. Most importantly, its leadership team continually puts employees first.” said Bolls. “In less than a week, I’ve already had the privilege of witnessing this firsthand. Josh and Jon simply want the best people working together to win. It’s exactly the type of environment in which I thrive and I couldn’t be happier.”

Bolls graduated cum laude from Warner Pacific College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He holds a Juris Doctor from McGeorge School of Law at University of the Pacific and completed an executive tax accounting program at the University of San Francisco. He also holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Taxation from Golden Gate University School of Law and a Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Taxation from Golden Gate University Masters School of Taxation.

For more information, visit SilencerCo.com.

Firearms Prohibitions Are Damaging To Our Nation’s Defense

Sunday, June 19th, 2016

I originally wrote and published an article with this theme back in 2012. Based on current events I felt it was time to revisit the subject.  Once again, anti-Second Amendment groups are taking advantage of a tragedy to further their gun control agenda and attempt to take away the liberty of our citizens. The conversation is much larger than feelings, which are being manipulated by these groups who seek to chip away at our civil rights. Last week, even our nation’s President played party politics, calling for a reinstatement of the so-called Assault Weapon Ban. What’s more, there are currently no less than four amendments up for vote in the Senate this Monday to legislation that would in various ways, deny due process to Americans by instating a ban on the purchase of firearms by those on the “Terror Watch” and “No-Fly” lists. The very existence of such secret targets lists is Un-American and the notion that a person can be placed on a list without their knowledge and for unknown reasons, and with no way to ever get off of the list, is Orwellian. The Congress is the voice of the people and must gain control of this list making by the Executive branch. Until then, any attempts to expand their use must be stopped. But this move is endemic of an even larger issue. This article focuses on a relationship between commercial firearms industry and the ability to produce arms for National Defense and why the Second Amendment is the linchpin of that connection.

While these calls for additional firearms legislation are a direct threat our rights enumerated in the Constitution, they have other effects as well. A vibrant firearms industry, serving law-abiding citizens purchasing and responsibly using firearms results not only in innovation, but also a robust industrial base which can be called upon by our Nation in times of crisis. Since 9/11 all innovations in military firearms, whether targeting, accuracy, man-machine interface or lethality, have all been accomplished by industry.

Rarely do legislators consider the second and third order affects of laws. Only later, like ripples in a pond do these implications manifest themselves. Now, we can look at the AWB and its affects not only on crime, but also on national defense. Let’s not repeat mistakes of the past.

History has taught us that prohibition does not work. But, from 1994 until 2004 the American firearms industry suffered under a form of prohibition. The “Assault Weapons Ban” not only covered weapon features but also magazines over 10 rounds. This legislation did nothing to alter crime and, once lifted, did not result in any increased gun violence. Overall, it was useless legislation.

These very magazines and weapon features that were banned under the “Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcemenent Act of 1994” have been crucial to the US Department of Defense’s and our Allies small modernization as part of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as globally against piracy, terror and general mayhem. During the 10-year period of the AWB, US businesses curtailed small arms innovation. The point of a business is to make money. When there is little market for a product (as was the case during the AWB), the business case is not there to service it. This was most definitely the situation with magazines for the M9 Beretta Handgun. Many who served early in the war will remember poorly produced high capacity magazines for that weapon. This is because there was no competition in the marketplace due to a lack of market. Rather, government contractors for that magazine were allowed to produce products that performed poorly on the battlefield since there was no competition. There was no innovation. A pistol magazine might seem inconsequential to some, but a pistol is a self-defense weapon. If the magazine fails, the pistol is useless. The same goes for sub-standard magazines for rifles. What good is an Infantryman if he can’t engage the enemy?

It has been more than a decade since the ban was lifted and an entire industry has grown and flourished, producing innovative solutions for both law-abiding citizens and our military alike. American troops are the best equipped in the world and other countries look to us for technical innovation in small arms. We must maintain that edge.

Contact your Congressional representation (switchboard 202-225-3121) and let them know how you feel about any proposed firearms legislation which would hurt our military’s warfighting capability. A strong Second Amendment fosters a robust American firearms industry which contributes directly to our National Defense.