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For Over 15 Years, Mike Lamb Lied About His Service. Now, He’s Telling The Truth.

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Yesterday, I was contacted by several members of industry and told that former Marine Mike Lamb, had been lying about his background. I had met Lamb in late Summer of 2009 while he did a brief stint with Magpul as Director of Military Operations after getting out of the Marine Corps. We had previously only talked that one time, until he had contacted me earlier this evening. When we met in person, he introduced himself and told me he was a former Marine. Later, a mutual friend informed me that Lamb was a former Recon Marine who had worked for OGA. Since I’m press, it wasn’t surprising that he didn’t tell me any details of his background, especially if what I had been told was true. I thought little of it and over the years, anytime I heard Mike Lamb’s name come up, it was associated with his service as a Recon Marine and with OGA. The truth, it turns out, was quite a different story.

Mike Lamb joined the Marine Corps in the Spring of 1997 as a Morse Code Intercept Operator. Despite dreams of joining a Radio Bn, he was assigned to Fort Meade, home of the National Security Agency. It’s essentially a headquarters type of assignment. While there, he managed to work his way on to a couple of temporary duties with National Intelligence Support Teams made up of representatives from the various member organizations of the Intelligence Community, which deploy to support units in the field. His tactical experience included deployments to the Balkans where he worked for an Officer who had actually served in Marine Reconnaissance. During a visit to a unit they were supporting, an Army officer asked about the background of his OIC. Once the OIC’s bonafides had been established the Army officer asked Lamb’s Officer In Charge about him and he replaced that Lamb was “one of my guys.” That act, whether intentional or not, insinuated that Lamb was Recon too, and it certainly made him feel special. He kept up the ruse while deployed and afterwards it began to take in a life of its own. Over the years, Lamb began to be introduced by others as a Recon Marine, but he never stopped anyone to correct them. Eventually, he was selected for a commissioning program called MECEP and after graduating from college while on active duty, attended Officer Candidate School and The Basic School. Rather than becoming an Infantry officer, Lamb was selected as an Air Defense Control Officer. Not exactly the perfect choice for one who aspired to be in Recon. Suffering from injuries he sustained during training, he was eventually discharged as a 1st Lt, with a medical disability. It was around that time that he joined Magpul, and we met.

Despite leaving the military, the trap he had set for himself years before by playing along while others had assumed he was a Recon Marine, became a full time lie. It now opened doors for him and became a central part of his identity. After all, it got him the gig at Magpul. Eventually, he opened Stoic Ventures, a private training company and worked as a consultant and spokesperson for multiple tactical brands, starring in videos and teaching courses. What amazes me about all of this, is that through it all, no one found him out. I asked him about it and Lamb said that he constructed a lie about serving with Recon before he was assigned to Fort Meade. He knew enough answers to satisfy most curiosity and avoided situations which might open him to increased scrutiny. Lamb told me that the OGA stories likely arose from his tails of serving on a NIST, but by his own admission, he never corrected those either.

It all began to fall apart for him just a few weeks ago when he participated in a charity event. Lamb told me that he would donate time and money to charities to satisfy his guilt over living a lie. Someone who attended the event decided that Lamb didn’t add up. An investigation of his background began within the Recon Veteran community. They contacted him, asking for answers. Initially, Lamb said, he offered empty promises to clarify everything. After they insisted, he realized the jig was up and two days ago, began calling those close to him, to tell the truth.

In the end, I think Lamb wanted to get caught. The way he tells it, living the lie all of those years weighed on him. He supplied me with this statement. I don’t want anyone to sympathize with Lamb for his misdeed. Instead, I’d like all of you to read what he has written and learn from it.

I am writing this to take accountability for my choice to lie and misrepresent myself as a Force Recon Marine. I am not asking for anyone to forgive me but I want to apologize to all the people that I have hurt and disappointed. I know some will hate me until I die (which can’t come soon enough to them) and others won’t or don’t care- regardless this is where I’ll start.

I want this message to be an example, of how lying can destroy your life. I let this lie carry on for almost 18 years and it has eaten away at me and at my soul, but not bad enough for me to have ended it long ago. My choice to not end it, is an illustration in my lack of character, and as painful as it is to type this I owe it to the ones I’ve wronged and to my family. I want my son to know that there are consequences for one’s actions.

My choice to come forward wasn’t easy, and if I wasn’t called out I’d still be living the lie, but luckily I was called out and now have exposed my lie. I look at how my life will never be the same in many ways, some good, some bad. I have lost my credibility professionally, my business and the trust of many people I hold dear. The good is that today is my first day in almost 18 years that I am free and clear of this lie.

My advice, own who you are, no matter how small you may think yourself to be. Be proud of who you are because the people that love you certainly are. No matter what you are or what you do, try and be the best at it, and being the best is only attained by keeping your integrity and character in tact. I gave my integrity away and I will forever wear that shame.

I believe that Mike Lamb feels regret, but I also believe the only reason he stopped the lie was because he was caught. However, even though I don’t know Mike Lamb except in passing, I believe he is sincere. But, that doesn’t mean he gets a pass. I have to say that what he did is reprehensible. We cannot tolerate those in our industry who lie about their backgrounds in order to make a living, particularly as trainers.

Mike Lamb has taken the first steps toward turning his life around. We must acknowledge that, but also insist upon his seeing it fully through. Part of becoming whole again is admitting one’s wrongs, but one must also atone. When I asked Lamb what he was going to do to make it right for all of the customers and companies affected by his selfish acts, he told me he didn’t know. I think that’s something he’ll need to work very hard at, for the rest of his life.

It’s incumbent on all of us to be the best at whatever it is we are. Mike Lamb served his country as both enlisted and commissioned Marine. That’s something to be proud of. There was no reason to tarnish that service by weaving it into a lie, that would forever change his life, and how others view him. I hope that Mike Lamb gets himself together and comes up with a way to make it right for those who he wronged through his misdeeds.

Brownells Honors “FedEx Guy” With All American Dream Gun

Thursday, May 4th, 2017

Matt Uhrin - American Dream Gun

Matt Uhrin (left) holds the All American Dream Gun presented to him by Pete Brownell (right).

ATLANTA, Georgia (May 2, 2017) – Brownells’ NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits special guest Matt Uhrin – also known as the famous flag-saving “FedEx Guy” – was honored by Brownells CEO Pete Brownell during a presentation in the Brownells booth on Saturday, April 29, 2017.

Uhrin, an Iowa City, Iowa-area package delivery man, was recognized for his patriotism and courageous actions for intervening in a late-January 2017 protest where demonstrators were preparing to burn American flags. A U.S. Army combat veteran, Uhrin, who had sent fallen brothers and sisters home from the Mid-East under America’s symbol of freedom rushed into the crowd of protestors, bravely saving three American flags.

In recognition of his actions, Brownells CEO Pete Brownell presented Uhrin with the one-of-a-kind Brownells/Smith & Wesson® All American Dream Gun®. The firearm is a highly-customized Smith & Wesson M&P® M2.0™ 9mm pistol and features, most appropriately, an American Flag paint scheme.

“Matt is a shining example of a patriot, local hero and a real American,” said Brownell. “Too many times we see indifference in society; it’s just great to see someone bold enough to do the right thing. I want to thank Matt for his service to our country both at home and abroad and I’m proud to give him this fantastic firearm.”


Announcing SOF Select Show 2017

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

The inaugural SOF Select Show is May 16-18 at the Westin Harbour Island Hotel, in Tampa, Florida.  SOF Select Show is a new way of interacting with the companies that support the Special Operations community. While you’ll be able to interact one-on-one with each of the brands, the event will also present capabilities based solutions with examples of how different products from the various companies are paired for use in the field.

Additionally, on the evening of Tuesday, the 16th, the event will host a social hour and fundraiser for the Special Operations Care Fund which will include a really cool raffle. It’s a fantastic way to relax, catch up with old friends, and support a charity which has impacted the lives of many SOF operators and their families.  Raffle tickets will be available on site.

Look for additional information, including participating companies soon, here on SSD.

Select Show 2017 is owned and produced by Cove Event Management. Feel free to email rebecca@coveevents.com for inquiries.

Point Blank Enterprises Acquires Gould and Goodrich

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

Now offers complete system of protection, apparel and duty gear

Pompano Beach, FL – April 28, 2017 – Point Blank Enterprises (“Point Blank” or “PBE”), the worldwide leader in the production of soft and hard body armor and related protective solutions, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Gould and Goodrich (“G&G”). Point Blank Enterprises is currently the premier source of body armor systems in the world, with 44 years of experience providing innovative personal protection products to the public safety community and military. PBE recently announced the merger with First Tactical to meet the needs of public safety professionals with new, innovative ideas in apparel, footwear and accessories. With today’s acquisition of G&G, the combined forces of PBE will now provide the latest in protection, apparel and duty gear.

For more than 30 years, Gould & Goodrich has served law enforcement departments, federal agencies, and private firearm owners in more than 20 countries. G&G offers a full line of leather, ballistic nylon, and synthetic duty belts, holsters, and accessories, and is recognized throughout the industry as a leader in quality, durability, and customer service. All G&G products are proudly “Made in the USA” at the company’s manufacturing facility in central North Carolina.

“We are very excited to become part of the expanding Point Blank platform. Our company has built its reputation by providing high quality, durable products through world class customer service, and I am very pleased to see it become part of an organization with the same commitment to excellence. G&G’s products are a natural fit for Point Blank, and I look forward to working with them to broaden our reach, expand our product line, and most importantly, serve our customers well,” said Scott Nelson, President of G&G.

At PBE the mission is to protect and enhance the lives of public safety personnel by providing the highest quality protective solutions in the world. Commenting on the exciting acquisition, Daniel Gaston, Chief Executive Officer of PBE said, “We accomplish this by driving innovation and exceeding customer expectations. G&G will enhance our position as the global leader in public safety equipment with their holsters and duty gear while we maintain our absolute commitment to our customers.”


Considering PBE just announced a merger with First Tactical, this is some very big news. Looks like someone is working to rival Safariland as the one-stop shop.

NRAAM 2017 – ZEV Rifles?

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Is there some foreshadowing going on in the ZEV Technologies booth?  Considering they recently bought Mega Arms, seems plausible to me.  

FireClean v. Fennel / Steel Shield Technologies Settled

Friday, April 28th, 2017

Just over a year ago, we reported that FireClean, LLC had sued George Fennell and Steel Shield Technologies in federal court for false advertising.  Now, they’ve settled.  As is so common in these cases, we’ll never know the details of the agreement, but considering FireClean released a statement first, I’d imagine that they are smiling a little bit more than “Dr” Fennell and Steel Shield Technologies.

FireClean LLC is pleased to announce, in connection with the George Fennell/Steel Shield litigation, that the dispute between the parties has been resolved to their mutual satisfaction.

Best of luck to all involved.

ASP Appoints Rampart International Exclusive Distributor for Canada

Friday, April 28th, 2017


Appleton, WI, April 26, 2017—Armament Systems and Procedures (ASP) has announced that Rampart International, based in Ottawa, Ontario, is the new Exclusive Distributor of ASP products for Canada.

Rampart will support ASP through direct agency sales, as well as through its dealer network.

“We are excited to join forces with Rampart to provide the best gear and unmatched training to our Canadian customers,” says Daryell Harmon, Law Enforcement Sales Manager for ASP.

Mike Klein, Rampart President says, “I am extremely excited to announce this partnership with ASP – their products have been continuously field proven and represent the industry standard in law enforcement technology. Rampart will not only be providing test and evaluation units to agencies, but also facilitating specialized training for teams across the country in the safe and effective use of ASP Batons, restraints and lighting products. We are eager to bring this brand to market and give it the exposure it deserves in Canada.”

Since 2010, Rampart International has dedicated itself to supplying the finest operational equipment to Canadian military, special forces, law enforcement and first responder operators. Its motto, “Advancing the Operator,” reflects Rampart’s mission to offer the finest equipment available, matched with unparalleled service and support.



LBT Inc Issues Statement Regarding Federal Investigation

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Earlier today, I saw on the local news that officers from the Department of Homeland Security and Defense Criminal Investigative Service served two writs on London Bridge Trading Company (LBT) at their headquarters and factory on London Bridge Road in nearby Virginia Beach. Immediately, the conjecture began on social media, but I decided to find out about what was going on before I wrote anything.

What apparently began as a show of force at about 9:00 AM, quickly dwindled to just a few officers as LBT’s employees cooperated with the investigation, clarifying how their business operates and who its customers are. LBT posted this to social media, in response to social media comments about the event.

As far as I know, no one was arrested, and nothing was seized in the “audit”. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to refer to it. Raid seems too over the top and audit seems a bit optimistic considering the way it was initiated. It certainly didn’t end the way it started. In response, LBT issued this statement just awhile ago on social media.

From what I understand, the “audit” was part of an ongoing investigation, but so far, no one outside of the government knows exactly what that investigation entails. However, sources tell me that while federal agents knew that LBT manufactured goods in Peru, they had no idea about subsidiary LBX Tactical, nor that business’s purpose, to sell tactical products commercially to the public. It sounds like all they knew was LBT and military contracts. Naturally, this could cause some confusion to anyone who knows that the Berry Amendment requires that all textiles sold to the US military be completely of US origin, from base materials all the way to the finished item. However, many do not know that there are exceptions to this rule.

The governemnt has a lot of flexibility in how it buys the items it needs. The vehicle used to purchase items all depends on who is buying the items, how they are buying them, as well as the overall cost of the purchase. For example, Berry has a threshold of $150,000. This means that if the total procurement is less than $150k, Berry isn’t an issue. This generally applies to direct buys like Government Purchase Card purchases. However, anything purchased through DLA, including via Tailored Logistics System, must be Berry compliant. Another example of an exception to Berry is that if the item is purchased overseas and intended to only be used overseas, Berry requirements can be waived. Early in the war this was sometimes done to buy mountaineering boots.

In addition to Berry purchases, military units can buy through GSA, but this requires that the items be TAA or Trade Agreement compliant in origin. These are made in countries who are on the “good guy” list. Few countries aren’t on the list, but they include China, Vietnam and North Korea, amongst others. Interestingly, several of the countries who aren’t TAA compliant seem to be found in the textile good supply chain. Confused yet?

It can be even more confusing because elements of the national security infrastructure like the intelligence community as well as the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice are not bound to the rules of the Berry Amendment, despite their missions. They must apply other rules which will hopefully be cleared up a bit as the new “Buy American, Hire American” Executive Order, signed just last week by President Trump, is implemented.

Hopefully, for LBT and their employees, this is simply a case of confusion. But, until we know the ultimate outcome, LBT says they plan to continue to fill orders. We will keep you posted.

FightLite Announces Jesse James Firearms License Agreement

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

(Melbourne, FL) April 27, 2017 – FightLite® Industries, the small arms division of ARES Defense Systems® Inc. is pleased to announce that Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, LLC entered into a non-exclusive License Agreement with ARES Defense Systems, Inc. at the beginning of 2017 that grants Jesse James (JJFU) certain rights to manufacture firearms under a patent owned by ARES Defense.

Under the general terms of the Agreement, Jesse James is licensed and authorized by ARES Defense to manufacture and sell rifles that rely on some of the technology and the patent common to the ARES Defense and FightLite Industries SCR® (Sport Configurable Rifle).

Custom artist Jesse James on left with Geoffrey Herring, CEO of ARES Defense & FightLite® Industries holding a JJFU “Nomad Califas”.

“Jesse James has a very unique and creative style to his artwork and products whether they’re motorcycles, cutlery or firearms. So when he approached us with an interest in building rifles that rely on our patent and technology, we were very excited to see what custom models he would come up with and we haven’t been disappointed with the rifle that he calls the “Nomad Califas” first introduced at SHOT Show 2017” said Geoffrey Herring, President-CEO. “Jesse’s selection of materials, product styling and attention to detail is second to none in the custom firearms world as expressed by his many beautiful creations such as his “Skulls” Cisco Especial, “Kingdom of Shadows” Cisco 1911 and most recently his “Bishop” Cisco 1911 pistols set in their custom live edge presentation box. It will be exciting to watch the custom series of Nomad Califas rifles evolve from his imagination and into finished pieces of art that you can still take to the outdoors and shoot.”

MASF to Attend NRAAM in Atlanta, Georgia

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Modern American Shooting & Firearms Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Charity Nonprofit Education Organization, founded by Baraka Ulrich James, who is passionate about applying the Second Amendment in everyday life by promoting firearms education, safety, training and instilling the proper mindset to develop other responsibly armed citizens. MASF places particular emphasis on the fact that we as individual, law-abiding American citizens are endowed with our God-given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Making people aware that we are each responsible for our own lives and safety. The National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting is attended by members from all over the nation who share similar goals, making it a great place for MASF to conduct outreach at the grassroots level.

Founder Baraka James looks forward to meeting other gun owners in Atlanta and said, “I am excited to go and see other NRA members face to face and looking forward to seeing our sponsors and supporters in Atlanta this Saturday.”

Those interested in meeting with Baraka James or other MASF board members, should contact him at bjames@masf.co.

For more information on MASF visit www.masf.co.