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Blackhawk Closes Norfolk Headquarters

Monday, April 6th, 2015

It was the mid-2000s and business had never been better for tactical gear manufacturer Blackhawk. The real estate market was booming as well. After moving the company a couple of times around the Tidewater of Virginia during the 90s, Founder Mike Noell purchased a prime piece of real estate right next to the Norfolk International Airport in an industrial area. Fortuitously, the Norfolk Police Department’s training facility was just around the corner. With a fully stocked ground floor pro shop showcasing Blackhawk’s latest products and an inhouse design team, it became a tactical mecca for those visting Hampton Roads.

The plan was to raise two buildings on the property. The headquarters building would house the company with an entire extra floor for lease to outside businesses in order to help offset the bank note. The second building would be another source of additional income. It was never built. By the time the HQ was complete, the housing crisis began to take hold. Not long after, Noell sold Blackhawk to ATK.

Since then, ATK has tried to use the space as much as possible, moving various business units in and out. Last week, ATK’s Utah-based Vista Outdoor Inc closed the facility.

According to Vista Outdoor spokeswoman Amanda Covington “The decision to close this facility was made after careful consideration of the facts and benefits to the business, customers and stockholders.”

This closure affects 43 employees. About a quarter of them were laid off and the remainder reassigned to other facilities in Virginia Beach or Overland Park, Kansas to Vista’s outdoor-products segment.

Meet Mannequin 6,6

Sunday, April 5th, 2015


Named for his height, 6,6 stands guard near the entrance of the ACE Hardware in Lewistown, MT, dressed in full array of Atlas 46 gear.

EOTech Will Be Attending The NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits

Friday, April 3rd, 2015


EOTech will be present at the upcoming NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits, running April 10th through 12th. They will be at Booth #2333 displaying the latest in their line of Holographic Weapon Sights, in addition to new thermal and night vision technology.

Daniel Defense Appoints William W. Robinson As Vice President Of Sales

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Daniel Defense has appointed William (Bill) W. Robinson as Vice President of Sales. The full release can be read below:


William W. (Bill) Robinson Appointed to Vice President of Sales

Black Creek, GA – April 2, 2015 - Daniel Defense is proud to announce that Bill Robinson has been promoted to Vice President of Sales, reporting directly to Marty Daniel, President and CEO.

Bill joined Daniel Defense in 2009 and has been instrumental in growing their distribution network and building their Commercial sales team. He was previously Director of Commercial Sales.

Prior to Daniel Defense, he held many sales leadership positions, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. His twenty plus years of sales experience have more than prepared him to assume this sales leadership role at Daniel Defense. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Management from Clemson University.

In his new role, he will be responsible for leading all Daniel Defense sales. “It’s an honor to be part of such a great team,” explained Robinson. “All of our success over the last several years would not be possible without our outstanding customers and the Daniel Defense team. I am truly thankful. We will continue to work hard to lead the industry in our quality, our on-time delivery, and our customer service.”

Marty Daniel said, “Bill is the perfect fit for this job. He has done an outstanding job for our company. He has already shown great leadership skills, has been committed to process improvements and understands the importance of customer relationships. This strategic move will enable Daniel Defense to continue to be the market leader in customer service.”

First Tactical Launches

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

5.11 Tactical Founder Dan Costa sold his brand several years ago and rode off into the sunset, or so we thought. At SHOT Show I heard some rumblings that a new company was in the offing and yesterday didn’t disappoint. Although First Tactical officially launched on April 1st, I didn’t want to post something and confuse readers who might think it was a joke, because this is very serious business. It is going to have some companies reevaluating their business model.


First off, Dan Costa knows what he is doing. He’s a very savvy businessman and not only built 5.11 into a ubiquitous brand but then sold it for an astonishing amount of money rumored to be nine figures. Second, he took lessons learned from building 5.11 Tactical and will concentrate heavily on product development. While First Tactical is in the same business space, they will do some things differently. The biggest take away is that they are cutting out the middle man. That’s right; no retailers and that means lower, direct to consumer pricing.

Just Us

This short video gives you a few more insights.

First Tactical will begin to take orders on the 4th of July.

Tactical Home Shopping

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Just in case you missed last night’s amazing live streaming event which showcased one of 5.11’s innovative, limited edition, tactical products, they have uploaded it to youtube.

5.11 Tactical Hard Cases will be available for order May 2015.

TNVC Will Be Attending The NRA Annual Meeting 2015

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


TNVC will be attending the NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits in Nashville, TN, April 10-12. If you’re attending, be sure to visit them at Booth 353.

Jordan Hunter Exits Daniel Defense After Four Years With Company

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

We just received this press release from Daniel Defense. It comes as somewhat of a surprise and we are sorry to see you go, Jordan. It’s been great working with you over the past few years and we wish you luck. Looking forward to hearing about what youve got planned.

Black Creek, GA- March 26, 2015 – Cindy Daniel, Executive Vice President and VP of Marketing for Daniel Defense, announced today that Jordan Hunter, former Director of Marketing, has left the Company to pursue other opportunities.

Jordan joined the Company in 2011. Jordan’s marketing expertise has been instrumental in positioning Daniel Defense as a market leader in the manufacturing of premier modern sporting rifles, rails and accessories. We thank Jordan for his contribution to the success of Daniel Defense and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Be Sure to See TYR Tactical at the USASOC Sniper Comp

Thursday, March 26th, 2015


Survival Armor Adds 2 To Their Survivors Club

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

Survival Armor has announced they’ve added two new partners to their Survivors Club. The full release can be read below:

Survival Armor Special Project Director Gary Hughes is pleased to announce two new additions to our Survivors Club. The Survivors Club is made up of our public safety partners who have been protected from serious or life threatening injury and death by wearing or using Survival Armor products. We ask that all officers remember that their Survival Armor body armor is capable of saving them from more than just gunfire, as illustrated below.

-Fort Collins CO

A Fort Collins Colorado Police Department officer was responding to a suspicious person call when he encountered an intoxicated suspect at the top of a stairwell. The suspect presented a .38 special revolver and fired, striking the officer in the upper right shoulder tab of his Survival Armor ballistic vest, less than 1”from the edge of the panel. The officer was able to return fire, killing the suspect. The bullet was stopped on the very front of the officer’s Survival Armor ballistic vest, preventing serious life threatening injury to the officer.

-Cedar Hill TX

A Cedar Hill Police Department officer, Ann McSwain, was attempting to arrest a violent offender who managed to light her and two other detectives on fire. While the two detectives suffered minor burns, Officer McSwain suffered 3rd degree burns over roughly 20% of her body. Her uniform shirt and trousers were burned away, but her Survival Armor ballistic vest, in her words, “protected me perfectly and I suffered no burns whatsoever on my torso”. Officer McSwain is on the road to recovery and looking forward to returning to work.