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Operator Coffee Under New Ownership – Appoints Chief Executive Officer

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Houston, TX. (November 19, 2018) – Operator Coffee (OC) is now under new ownership, maintains Veteran owned/Texas roasted status, and is pleased to announce the hire of Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Sara Mellado.

The original founder and CEO Zack Weisenberger and partners are pleased to announce the sale of Operator Coffee, effective mid-October 2018.  The company has maintained Veteran ownership and stays within the Anteris Alliance family which Operator Coffee has been a part of since shortly after launching in summer of 2017.

“We could not be happier than to see the brand that has been so close to our hearts, continuing on in the market under great new ownership with some great friends,” stated Weisenberger.  “We have decided to move on due to life changes in career and at home, and we are proud to see this mission carry on to honor and support our men and women of service, and continue to serve our awesome customers.”

The new ownership officially announces the appointment of Ms. Sara Mellado as the CEO of Operator Club, LLC, dba Operator Coffee.  Sara brings volumes of pertinent knowledge and experience to the position having previously served professionally over the past 10 years, in the roles of Coffee Shop Owner,  Customer Service Manager, Director of Sales and Business Development, Director of IT, Graphic Design business ownership, and Vice President of Events for a number of companies in industries to include coffee, sporting goods, outdoors, human resources, graphic design, IT, and aviation.

“I am honored to step into this role and carry on the Operator Coffee brand.  As a lifelong supporter of our military and first responders, and lover of coffee and business, this position is a perfect fit for me.  I look forward to working with new ownership and the Anteris Alliance to take Operator Coffee to new heights and earn many new customers!” said Mellado.

Operator Coffee has already started to make some moves announcing the new Operator Club subscription program for monthly coffee shipments, as well as free shipping on orders over $60.00, OC Ambassador program, and a brand new dealer program.  Mellado and her team have plans for new roasts and some great new partnerships bringing together Veterans, First Responders, and coffee to drive awareness, business growth, honor of our service men and women, and direct growing and measurable support to a number of great charities.  Operator Coffee will be on site at Alliance Week in Las Vegas in January as well as at SHOT show.

Every Operator Coffee roast supports several outstanding Veteran and/or First Responder charities to include Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW); OATH Inc; Wheelchairs for Warriors with plans for more in the near future.

Operator Coffee is proud to support these and other great charities, and when you purchase coffee from Operator Coffee you are making this possible!  We are very thankful for our customers who support our brand, and assist us in our mission and vision.  In the coming months, there will be many new exciting announcements for Operator Coffee – Strength and Honor in Every Cup!

We are also part of a great network of partner companies, the Anteris Alliance –  This is a group of over 50, Patriot owned, manufacturers and service providers who are working in community to support each other, and do more to support our Vets and First Responders together than we could do alone.  Become a member of this great network today and you will receive invites to special events, an awesome member pack, and great discounts on Alliance company products, including 20% off Operator Coffee!

HENSOLDT Awards “Argus” Prize to Students

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Outstanding graduates of information technology and electrical engineering receive awards
Ulm, 23 November 2018 – The sensor manufacturer HENSOLDT has awarded its “Argus” research prize to outstanding final theses by graduates in communications, information and electrical engineering as part of its cooperation with research institutions and universities. New findings in these specialist areas, HENSOLDT’s technological focal points, are important, for example, for flight safety, earth observation and driver assistance systems.

“The pace of technology development in electronics and sensor technology is accelerating,” said Ryszard Bil, Chief Technical Officer (CTO) at HENSOLDT. “It is therefore extremely important for a sensor house like HENSOLDT to remain in close contact with research and to incorporate new findings into product developments.

The prize, worth 1,500 euros each, has been awarded for 16 years. The award ceremony took place during the annual Professors’ Day at HENSOLDT’s Ulm site. Professors from renowned universities and colleges as well as experts from the company regularly use this platform to exchange knowledge. A jury of university professors and company experts selected six outstanding theses from numerous submissions, one from the University of Ulm and another from the Ulm University of Applied Sciences.

Denis Schlotthauer studied at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Ulm. The prize was awarded for his master thesis supervised by Professor Christian Waldschmidt on the development of a radar-based vibration sensor for use in medical technology. The award also went to the bachelor thesis supervised by Professor Roland Münzner of Dennis Böhm, who studied at the Institute of Communication Technology at Ulm University of Applied Sciences. He impressed the jury with the development of a calibration method for computer chips in radar systems that only takes one percent of the time previously spent.

Hans Schily developed a mathematical method for the detection of a large number of small objects that are difficult to distinguish in his master thesis supervised by Professor Wolfgang Koch at the Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, Information Processing and Ergonomics (FKIE) in Bonn. These findings can be used to improve driver assistance systems.

Katharina Klein also studied at the FKIE and earned her “Argus” prize with her bachelor thesis on the use of artificial neural networks to predict radar signals, for example in car traffic. Her work at FKIE was supervised by Sabine Apfeld.

At the Institute of Technical Electronics of the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (Professor Robert Weigel), Jonas Fuchs wrote his master thesis on the improvement of the accuracy of radar sensors by artificial intelligence methods. The jury also considered the master’s thesis submitted by Maurice Hott under the guidance of Professor Peter Höher at the Institute for Information and Coding Theory at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel to be worthy of an award. The prizewinner developed novel signal processing methods for radar systems that use several antennas simultaneously and therefore work faster and more accurately.

In his laudation, HENSOLDT Technology Manager Dr. Guy Kouemou emphasized: “New products that help our customers to make means of transport safer and more efficient, for example, require a great deal of detailed research. The outstanding graduates of our partner universities make a valuable contribution to this.

HENSOLDT’s Ulm site employs around 2,000 people who develop and manufacture complex safety electronics, including radars, electronic protection systems and high-frequency electronic components. The majority of the employees are engineers and technicians, about 180 young people are in training.

Colonial Shooting Academy – VB Is Now Known As Freedom Shooting Center

Monday, November 26th, 2018

Last week, a local range and pro shop, Colonial Shooting Academy Virginia Beach posted an announcement to Facebook that they were changing their name to Freedom Shooting Center. Considering the local area once hosted a company named Academi which concentrated primarily on military and government training, some confusion is understandable. I’d also say that the acronym for Colonial Shooting Academy probably wasn’t the best choice in today’s hypersensitive environment. No matter the name, the team and facilities are first class and it’s worth a visit if you find yourself in the Tidewater.

Their statement:

Our mission at Colonial Shooting Academy Virginia Beach has been to “Promote responsible gun ownership and attract new people to Shooting Sports”. We consider it a great privilege to participate in serving and growing the shooting community. In our quest we have been met with challenges, but one in particular has been the most prevalent. Many have informed us they thought Colonial Shooting Academy is a private facility and that the ranges were not available to the public, but rather reserved for professionals such as Law Enforcement and Military units.

The first step we are taking to overcome this challenge is beginning on November 20, 2018 Colonial Shooting Academy Virginia Beach will begin doing business as Freedom Shooting Center. Our team is very excited about the new name and we want you, our most loyal members, to be a part of this new development. Our team takes great pride in serving the best members and their guests. It is members and guests like yourself that embody every sense of the word community and make it more like family.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of the Shooting Sports community. Preserving all things that make it a great sport is important to us. We want to share everything that we love about the Shooting Sports so that new people can enjoy it too. We have the privilege of serving members and guest that are truly the best ambassadors for our community.

Freedom Shooting Center will continue to deliver exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a comprehensive product offering to members and guests. There is no immediate action required for members. It is simple, the next time that you come in; just swap your current membership card for a new one and check out the updated membership benefits.

We appreciate your business, and if you have questions, please contact us at 757-227-9130 and check out our updated website at


Skyler Thomas – Manager

Freedom Shooting Center

Phipps Joins Union Sportsmen’s Alliance as Strategic Accounts Manager

Saturday, November 24th, 2018

Spring Hill, Tenn. — The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) has expanded its union relations department with the addition of U.S. Army combat veteran, union pipefitter and lifelong outdoorsman Sam Phipps as the organization’s new strategic accounts manager.

The USA is stepping up its union relations efforts to keep pace with a record-setting increase in projects and events aimed at protecting North America’s outdoor heritage by uniting union members for conservation, outreach and community service.

Under the guidance of Union Relations Director Walt Ingram, Phipps will manage the USA’s strategic endemic partnerships and help launch the organization’s new Partner Local Program—which provides local unions with greater opportunities to benefit their communities. He will also serve as the USA’s liaison with the Union Veteran’s Council and grassroots contact with United Association (UA) members.

A lifelong resident of Elsberry, Missouri, Phipps grew up hunting and fishing on the Mississippi River. He served his country as a U.S. Army Infantryman in Afghanistan 2011 and 2012. Upon returning home, he entered the UA’s Veterans in Piping (VIP) program, and is currently a 5th-year apprentice with UA Local 562 out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Phipps remains a diehard sportsman, and has dedicated himself to helping youth and U.S. Armed Forces veterans enjoy the outdoors by volunteering with the Union Veterans Council, The Fallen Outdoors, the USA and various mentorship efforts.

“Sam has exemplified leadership and service to his country, to the Union Veteran’s Council, as a fundraiser and organizer for The Fallen Outdoors, as a mentor to both youth and veterans, and he continues to demonstrate that commitment daily as he works as a UA fitter and a devoted husband and father,” said USA CEO and Executive Director Scott Vance. “Sam has a proven track record of developing strong partnerships both inside and outside of the union community, and he’s demonstrated that he can grow those partnerships into something meaningful for the outdoor passions that he loves.”

Phipps is eager to tackle his new responsibilities. “I am extremely grateful to begin working for an organization whose mission means so much to me,” he said. “To work in the name of conservation, community, youth, veterans and my union brothers and sisters is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

SIG SAUER Wins 2018 Guns & Ammo Awards for “Handgun of the Year” and “Innovation of the Year”

Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Newington, N.H. (November 20, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has been recognized for two of Guns & Ammo Magazine’s prestigious annual awards for SIG SAUER products. The SIG SAUER P365 pistol was named “Handgun of the Year,” and the SIG SAUER Electro-Optics Ballistic Data Xchange (BDX™) rangefinder and riflescope system was named “Innovation of the Year.”

Recipients of the 2018 Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards were evaluated on the following criteria: 1) the product was new and available for purchase in 2018, 2) the product must have demonstrated quality and reliability to a degree that met or exceeded its design objective, and 3) the product must offer the greatest appeal to the masses.

2018 Guns & Ammo “Handgun of the Year”: Since its introduction in January 2018, the SIG SAUER P365 pistol has taken the market by storm, and is the top selling pistol on the market today. The P365 is an everyday, concealed carry pistol. This high capacity micro-compact pistol is smaller and lighter than other pistols in its class. It features a high-capacity, patented modified double-stack magazine for a 10+1 full-size capacity, with 12-round factory made magazines available for 13-round capacity.

“To have the P365 micro-compact pistol receive the Handgun of the Year award by Guns & Ammo magazine is really an exceptional honor, and is the direct result of the relentless drive of our engineers and product managers to push the envelope when developing new products,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “Our goal with the P365 was to bring an everyday carry, micro-compact pistol with full-size capacity to the market that consumers could depend on 365 days a year, and this award is validation that we succeeded.”

2018 Guns & Ammo “Innovation of the Year”: The SIG SAUER Electro-Optics BDX system combines traditional hunting equipment with technology. BDX™ is a fully integrated rangefinder and riflescope system that utilizes Applied Ballistics Ultralight and Bluetooth™ to calculate and illuminate the exact holdover dot for the perfect shot. BDX™ is simple, fast, and intuitive – just connect the dot. The SIG BDX app is free and available for Android or iOS devices.

“The foundation of the BDX™ rangefinder and riflescope system is innovation, and to have the editors of Guns & Ammo Magazine recognize the rangefinder, riflescope, and app that creates the BDX system makes our entire team at SIG SAUER Electro-Optics immensely proud,” added Andy York, President, SIG SAUER Electro-Optics. “In their analysis the magazine editors really hit the mark by acknowledging BDX™ for its simplicity, speed, quality, and affordability, and further noting that when used together, it is the most advanced hunting technology introduced in many years.”

The 2018 Guns & Ammo of the Year Awards, and the full-feature articles on the SIG SAUER P365 and SIG SAUER Electro-Optics BDX™ system, are featured in the current issue of Guns & Ammo magazine.

Century Arms Responds To Romanian Factory Incident

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – (NOVEMBER 14, 2018) – Century Arms, America’s leading AK manufacturer and importer of classic firearms, is saddened to learn of a recent event at a factory of one of the company’s sourcing partners in Cugir, Romania. This factory produced a number of firearms imported by Century Arms including the popular WASR rifles and Micro Draco pistols.

While the company has a small quantity in stock, future delivery status of these products is uncertain.

We support our Romanian partners in this tragic loss and time of need.

For those unfamiliar with the accident in Cugir, Romania which resulted in death of a woman employed at the state owned factory, click here.

Industrial Fabrics Association International Announces New Leadership For Military Division

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

In my opinion, IFAI is the most influential industry association for the textile business. It is well organized and works with its members as well as government to promote the health and awareness of the industry. Of particular importance to the Soldier Systems arena is the Military Division which works to promote Berry compliant capability.

During their recent expo in Dallas, Texas, they announced leadership changes for the Military Division.

According to a press release, these are the changes:

Leaving his term as chair of the board, Nick Rivera of MMI Textiles is stepping into the role of immediate past chair. Former vice chair Jennifer Fennell of Polo Custom Products will now serve as the chair, and Jeff Papalia of National Industries for the Blind will move to vice chair. Two new board members were also announced for their first three-year terms: Geoff Senko of MMI Textiles and Peter Raneri of HLC Industries.

Several of those names are well known to me and I know they will do a great job. Congratulations!

For more information on IFAI’s Military Division, visit

ArmsPay – A Peer-to-Peer Payment System For The Firearms Industry

Thursday, November 8th, 2018


We all know that many payment systems have refused to do business with law abiding businesses in the firearms industry as well as individuals making legal purchases. John Hwang, founder of Rainier Arms and TRIGRRCON, has been working on a peer to peer payment system for the firearms industry for nearly five years and feels they are getting closer and closer to the solution.

He says they tried partnering with payment provide Pistol Pay but the payment processor pulled the plug because they didn’t like the exposure. Consequently, they decided to build our own in order to fill this need. is the peer to peer payment solution. will be the peer to peer market place.