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Spartanat – New by Corvus Defensio: M1 Receiver Rail

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Corvus Defensio M1 1

Corvus Defensio from Austria, specialists for Steyr AUG upgrading, will present at IWA Nuremberg a new part for the bullpup: M1 Receiver Rail The features are similar to the AUG A3 35 Slot Receiver Rail, but without the front KeyMod section due to the special M1 Receiver interface.

Corvus Defensio M1 2

Trijicon ACOGs and Compact ACOGs can be directly mounted to the M16-Carry Handle like mounting slot and on either side it has integrated QD Sling Swivel attachment points. It weighs 117 g/4.1 oz and is CNC milled of 7075 aluminum with a hard anodized coating.

Corvus Defensio M1 3

Corvus Defensio:

SPARTANAT: TILO-3 thermal image helmet / head lamp by Andres Industries

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

This is world’s first thermal image helmet/headlamp. With this product, Andres Industries from Berlin/Germany developed a completely new product group: a thermal imaging system that has all the possibilities of tactical helmets /headlamps:

1. Spotlight white (160 Lumen 20°)

2. Spotlight red

3. IR-Light (invisible)

4. Brightness control

5. Flashing function

If the device is used as a headlamp, it is also worn as such. There is either a helmet holder for attachment to the helmet or an adapter to use the device on the GoPro headband.

Thermal imaging function: To use the thermal imaging function, the TILO-3 is folded down and now it works as a thermal imaging goggle. Despite the small size, the image and recognition quality by far surpasses other commercially available thermal imaging devices. A version with a thermal resolution of <40mK is available for authorities. This is comparable to the performance of a cooled thermal imaging device.

Technical specifications:

  • FOV: 25° H
  • Resolution: 329×240 pixel
  • Rate: 9Hz (hunters), 60Hz (authorities)
  • Weight: about 100g
  • Length: 4cm
  • Price: €2500
  • Protection: IP868 (nitrogen filled)
  • Power: 1xCR123 and external possibleThe lamp function can also be used during use as a thermal imaging device. TILO-3 will have its world premiere during ENFORCE TAC and can also be seen at IWA in Nuremberg.

    EnforceTac March 1st – 3rd, 2017 – Hall 10.1 326

    IWA March 3rd – 6th 2017 – Hall 6-113


    Andres Industries:


  • Sensofusion to Unveil AIRFENCE 4.0 at IDEX 2017

    Monday, February 20th, 2017

    High-profile anti-drone technology boosts capabilities to help keep more men and women safe

    Abu Dhabi, UAE — Feb. 17, 2017 — Sensofusion is announcing increased functionalities and in-demand service features for their premiere AIRFENCE drone countermeasure platform. This announcement is to come during the 2017 International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, UAE (Feb. 19 – 23).

    Included in the AIREFENCE 4.0 platform is new radar system hardware, which boast a plethora of new tricks, including becoming a phased array radar or LTE cell tower. Additionally, AIRFENCE 4.0 is capable of time-of-flight triangulation and MIMO antenna setups. Of perhaps most importance to IDEX’s more than 100,000 attendees is AIRFENCE 4.0’s external detection capabilities, which empower the hardware to collect evidence immediately and transmit to fleet learning platforms. This allows for future detection of the rogue UAV.

    “With these additional features, AIRFENCE builds on its reputation as being the best choice for protecting sensitive locations from rogue drones,” said Sensofusion Vice President of Operations Kaveh Mahdavi. “And we’re extremely excited to debut these features in front of IDEX 2017.”

    Now in its 13th year, IDEX is the most strategically important defence exhibition in the world, featuring live demonstrations of new technologies; access to global leaders, policy and decision makers; and media coverage on a global scale. IDEX is the only international defence exhibition and conference in the Middle East and North African regions demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea and air sectors of defence. The conference provides a unique platform to establish and strengthen relationships with government departments, businesses and armed forces throughout the region.

    Sensofusion’s AIRFENCE technology is in use at international airports in Europe, as well as military bases, high profile government building and VIPs. AIRFENCE is also used in securing prisons from individuals who want to smuggle contraband. AIRFENCE mobile is being deployed for various police and military applications. AIRFENCE will soon begin protecting other critical infrastructure including nuclear power plants, waste and water treatment centers, and energy-producing facilities such as electrical substations and solar farms.

    About Sensofusion

    Sensofusion, with U.S. headquarters in New York City and international headquarters in Finland, is the creator of AIRFENCE, a countermeasure technology designed to automatically detect, locate, track and take over unmanned aircraft system (UAS) controls, all automatically, as well as locate operators. Sensofusion currently partners with NATO, the FAA, the Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems and NASA UTM.

    For more information, visit, email or call +1(570) 239-4912 in the U.S. and +359 9 8561 9420 in Europe.

    Fibrotex – Personal Modular Camouflage

    Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

    This is Personal, Modular, Multispectral, Multifunctional Camouflage (UV-VIS-NIR-TIR- RADAR … and more) from Isreal’s Fibrotex.


    Click to view .pdf

    The concept is to have a single system that will be carried on each and every Soldier in the battlefield, could be used in many operational uses by itself or to be connected easily to each other creating a non limited size of 2D, Reversible, Multispectral camouflage system.

    The system is very light in weight at less than 1 kg and very small in size (Rolled ~60 cm length X 10 cm diameter, unrolled ~1.8m X 2.5m).

    On top of the 2D reversible multispectral personal net Fibrotex has now added the following operational functions:
    -Standalone post (soft or harden edges); either as a wall or a standing screen, or on the ground as an individual OP
    -Connected to each other with a quick connection system and create a camouflage system as big as needed
    -Backpack cover – the system is designed to be used on the backpack/equipment as a camo cover if desired – as seen in the pictures
    -Emergency stretcher – by using the loops, one could be carried on the net surface used as an emergency soft stretcher

    As with other Fibrotex systems, the pattern could be chosen individually and create the Mix-and-Match requested.

    VPAM-Certified Ballistic Helmets Now Available from Armor Express via Strategic Partnership with Busch PROtective

    Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

    New helmets represent the ultimate breakthrough in ballistic science and design, exceeding requirements for law enforcement, anti-terror and special ops units across the Americas

    CENTRAL LAKE, MI, February 6, 2017 – Central Lake Armor Express, Inc. (“Armor Express”), a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance body armor solutions, announced today that the Company has entered an exclusive distribution agreement with Germany’s Busch PROtective, to market its revolutionary ballistic helmets certified to the VPAM standard. Building on Armor Express’ strong heritage in innovation, these latest ballistic helmets are now commercially available to law enforcement officers across the Americas (North, South and Central America), who stand to benefit from an unprecedented level of protection.

    “The new VPAM-certified ballistic helmets surpass current NIJ helmet testing levels of performance, creating an entirely new benchmark in head protection for today’s officers,” stated Steve Murphy, Tactical Channel Manager, Armor Express. “Working with the Busch PROtective team, we have determined the very best ballistic material and capabilities typically utilized by the most elite police and military allies around the world, were also the very best solutions for our law enforcement officers here in the U.S. We’re extremely excited about this partnership, being the first licensed distributor in North America to deliver these cutting-edge helmets to the men and women who deserve the highest-performing head protection on the market. In addition to VPAM-certification, the helmets have been independently tested against NIJ .06 Level IIIA threats, as well as special threats, surpassing some of the most stringent requirements of the NIJ Standard.”

    Certified to VPAM, the Gold Standard of ballistic testing within Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the advanced helmets bring first rate protection to tactical law enforcement, anti-terror and specialized police officers who may be exposed to close quarter combat and increased risk of being shot within the head region. The AMP-1TP specifically, is the lightest and first composite (non-metal) helmet to achieve the certification through independent testing labs both in Europe and the U.S. The helmet is constructed of a multi-layered aramid composite, using a patented EBSP method – a unique production technique that creates elite ballistic capabilities previously attainable only in Titanium helmets.

    Weighing an average of 3.6 pounds, the AMP-1TP is capable of stopping ballistic threats as close as .78” from the edge and multiple shots on a small surface area. The increased edge and multi-impact capabilities enhance the helmet’s protective area by up to 50%, compared to standard ballistic helmets. For officers at risk of taking multiple hits at close range, another key protective element is the helmet’s ability to transfer and dissipate energy around the helmet’s shell, thereby reducing back-face deformation/blunt force trauma. VPAM’s extremely high testing requirements measure back-face deformation, ensuring when the helmet is hit by an incoming round, there is minimal energy transferred from the helmet shell to the user’s head.

    Further, the AMP-1TP offers high fragmentation protection of more than 2,034 f/s, in accordance with STANAG 2920, the NATO testing standards for military ballistics protection and armor.

    Commenting on today’s news, Matt Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer, Armor Express, stated, “We believe this is a disruptive technology in the marketplace that will transform the way the industry has addressed protection of officers in one of the most critical areas of their body – the head – particularly when this region comes under greater threat in certain hostile environments. It’s not only about stopping bullets; we looked extensively to find the right solution that safeguards against trauma to the head, and with Busch helmets, we believe we have found the best helmet technology the industry has seen.”

    See how the VPAM-certified AMP-1TP helmet with patented EBSP technology (right) stacks up against a standard IIIA style ballistic helmet (left). Watch the comparison of three helmets on bullet impact by visiting

    Compared to other test standards, the VPAM protocol uses a more realistic ballistic testing aspect for close quarter combat threats. Unfortunately, most helmets used today by law enforcement and first response teams are more suited for military operations.

    “We are thrilled to have Armor Express as our partner, as they have one of the strongest distribution networks throughout North America. Most importantly, they are a leader in innovation and have earned the trust of the law enforcement community,” stated Shammass Khan, International Sales Director, Busch PROtective. Together, I believe we will do great things and provide the most essential head protection that officers deserve.”

    All helmets come with a unique rail-system with speed-system technology, advanced protective padding system certified to the EN 397 (impact/shock attenuation standard), wheel dial for ultimate uni-sizing flexibility, and protective bag. The ‘uni-size’ feature is especially instrumental, helping LE departments with typical limited budgets to remove the cost of having to purchase multiple units based on individual fit. 

    The unique rail-system and its speed-system connector point (SSCP) gives the user even more tactical and modular protective capability. The modular protective visors (Impact, Fragmentation, 9mm/44Mag) can be added/removed from the helmet within seconds, without ever having to take off the helmet – providing the benefit of always being protected. Additional accessories include the NVG 3-hole shroud, helmet cover (black or green color), helmet Velcro kit, helmet counter weight kit, visor protective cover, and side-rail adaptor. The AMP-1TP helmet comes in black, green and sand colors.

    SPARTANAT – Black Lion Gear Pipe Bag

    Sunday, February 5th, 2017

    Black Lion Gear is a German nylon goods manufacturer, and has created a tactical smoking pipe bag, which would make an excellent compliment to a camo smoking jacket, like this one. SPARTANAT’s translated and edited article on the bag can be read below:

    Pfeife 2

    BLACK LION GEARs smoking pipe bag is made of 500D Cordura. To insure a high-level comfort for the content they use a lightweight nylon ripstop fabric. For the perfect fit of the required smoking utensils a 50mm wide rubber strap is implemented. The smoking pipe bag gets closed by Velcro. For your personal identification they attached an extra velcro surface to bring on your name tape.

    Pfeife 3

    Size: 40cm x 20cm
    Colors: Coyote Brown, Black, RAL 7013, Pencott Greenzone, Multicam (Further colors are available on request.)
    Price: €40,00

    BLACK LION GEAR im Internet:
    BLACK LION GEAR auf Facebook:

    Was Ist Das Denn Für Eine Neue Sturmgewehr von Heckler & Koch?

    Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

    My friend JP has posted the first story mentioning H&K’s new 433 on his blog, Strategie & Technik.

    The blog is in German and rife with technical jargon making it difficult for many to make out. The guys at Spartanat have provided this translation. Correction, Mike Hartman provided the translation.

    Roughly translated from German:
    “The system connects – as HK in a first info – the advantages of HK416 and G36, both known as short-stroke gas pressure loaders with rotary head closure. The modular, two-hand operated weapon is not an AR-15 architecture, which eliminates the buffer tube. This allows the assembly of a foldable, length- and height-adjustable shoulder support. The transfer lever has an integrated closing aid, can be mounted without tools on both sides of the gun and remains in its position during the closing movement. The barrel lengths are interchangeable on utility level. The “Lower” can be adjusted to the G36 or the HK416 operating concept (45/90 or 90/180 degree firing levers). All loading operations can be carried out in the safe state. In accordance with the NATO standard AC225 / D14, safety is given according to the manufacturer in both the safe and the firing state. The upper part of the housing has a continuous 4694 rail at 12 o’clock. On the hand guard, a Mil-Std 1913 rail is still attached to 3 and 9 o’clock HKey interfaces and to 6 o’clock.”

    Update: Larry Vickers shared these photos os the 433 on Facebook.

    Additionally, SPARTANAT shared these images from H&K.

    I hope to see it first hand during next month’s IWA in Germany.

    SHOT Show 17 – Marina Trans Jungle Camo Pattern

    Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

    Marina Trans Jungle formally known as US4CES resurfaces during Shot Show via Naval Infantry of Mexico with a few images of the pattern in various environments. The pattern was on display in the ADSinc booth with a few other patterns from developer Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp.

    The pattern was spotted at the LBTINC booth as well, full combat uniform with matching kit and accessories.

    Word is that end users are quite happy with the move to Marina Trans Jungle as it has outperformed their old camouflage pattern in their operational environment.