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LEAF Gear – 4th Of July Free Shipping

Friday, July 3rd, 2015


LEAF Gear is offering a special promotional deal through Independence Day weekend, July 4-5. All orders over €100 will receive free shipping – EU only. Use coupon code FREEDOM to apply the free shipping.

Revision Military – UK Virtus program

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

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UK Virtus program

The latest issue of the British Army’s Soldier Magazine featured an article on the Virtus Program, including details on the kit.  In the US, we have the Soldier Protection System program which is quite similar to Virtus.  Among the gear displayed, you can see Revision’s Cobra Plus Helmet system and Sawfly Military Eyewear.

Additionally, Revision Military has released the following info on their involvement in the Virtus Program:

Revision Military, a world leader in protective soldier solutions, has won the head sub-systems portion of the contract awarded to Source Vagabond Systems Ltd., to provide UK Troops with new kit as part of the Virtus program. The custom head protection solution, known as the Batlskin Cobra Plus, offers an ultra-lightweight helmet that exceeds the UK’s stringent ballistic and impact requirements and can be coupled with the Modular Protective Attachment System (MPAS) for full face protection. In addition, the Sawfly Spectacle and WolfSpider Goggle Systems will be provided for use when full-face coverage is not required.

The first deliveries of Cobra Plus head protection systems are planned to be shipped quickly with 9,000 full systems scheduled for Fall 2015 enabling fielding to first-recipient troops in early 2016.

Stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.

Line Of Fire – Honeywell / D3O Level III Armor Product Brief

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

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ELITE Product brief

Vectronix Introduces New Corporate Logo

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard of Vectronix and you’ve probably heard of Safran. If Safran isn’t familiar, maybe you know about Sagem’s French Future Soldier System, Felin? That’s them. The players are all heavy hitters in the defense industry and they’ve been affiliated with one another for some time. This is just a long overdue update to corporate imaging.

Heerbrugg, Switzerland and Bedford, New Hampshire, USA


Vectronix, a leading observation and precision targeting solutions provider, officially unveiled a newly redesigned logo and brand identity today to better reflect its affiliation as a Safran company. The new logo amplifies the synergy of both companies and their continuing commitment to provide world-class solutions to fulfill mission requirements for all customers. The new brand identity will be integrated into a comprehensive new website and across all Vectronix marketing material in the months ahead.

Vectronix has been part of the Sagem group since 2003. In May 2005, Sagem merged with Snecma, the aerospace propulsion and equipment group, to form the Safran Group. Vectronix has been a subsidiary of Safran as part of its Optronics and Defense Division for the past 10 years, producing a long history of success. With the introduction of the new company branding, Vectronix will continue to offer its well-known portfolio of observation and targeting handhelds and introduce the Sagem portfolio to the U.S. defense industry.

Perroz Designs – Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier (LPSPC)

Thursday, June 25th, 2015


Perroz Designs’ Low Profile Slick Plate Carrier, or LPSPC, is a minimal, lightweight plate carrier, designed to be worn underneath garments with zero printing. It is made of 500D Cordura nylon, solution dyed, made to MIL-C-43734D Class 3 standard.


- 3D spacer mesh 3mm padding inner material.
- 35oz. DuPont Hypalon shoulder-straps.
- 35oz. DuPont Hypalon cummerbund – fully MOLLE compatible.
- Small admin pouch (5 in wide x 4 in high). Velcro sealable with three 2 in elastic loops internally.
- ITW QASM (Quick Attach Surface Mount) buckles included. Swift-Clip compatible for chest rigs, etc.
(Buckles are removable – three different mounting height options).
- Large loop Velcro® surface (10.25 in wide x 6 in high).
- 3/4″ Solution Dyed Nylon Webbing pull-tabs.
- Velcro One-Wrap loops for comms wire routing, hydration tubes, etc.
- Reinforced plate pocket stitching.
- Optional removable shoulder pads.

Made in Canada.

Ivory Coast Gendarmerie Camo

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


Thanks Emil!

Royal Australian Navy Adopts New Jacket from Platatac

Friday, June 19th, 2015

Australia’s Defence Material Organisation has procured a new cold weather jacket from Platatac to replace the current doona/Stanley coat for the RAN.


According to DMO, The RAN cold weather jacket roll-out program has already commenced, with Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia personnel issued their jackets in March and April 2015, followed by units in the ACT region in May. Units in NSW and WA will be issued their jackets over the period May to June, while QLD and NT units are likely to receive theirs in late 2015.

Morgan Advanced Materials And Tyr Tactical Announce Armor System Passes NIJ Level III Certification Testing Requirements

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Morgan Advanced Materials has recently announced that their hard armor system, in conjunction with Tyr Tactical’s soft armor system, has passed the NIJ 0101.06 Level III certification standards. The full release can be read below:


Morgan Advanced Materials hard armor, in-conjunction with Tyr Tactical’s soft armor system, has successfully passed the ballistic, durability, and environmental requirements of the NIJ 0101.06 Level III certification process. Full NIJ certification is pending, with completion expected this summer. With a 10-inch x 12-inch plate weighing 2 pounds and just over ¾-inch thick, the modular and scalable system provides substantial weight and thickness advantages over stand-alone plates.

The system consists of a Lightweight Buoyant LWBIII+ rifle plate developed by Morgan’s Composites and Defence Systems business with Tyr Tactical’s T52/SP or T54/C soft armor. In addition to the NIJ Level III threat, the Level III+ system is capable of stopping a variety of rifle threats, including 7.62 millimeter (mm) ball rounds, 7.62mm mild steel core (AK47) rounds and 5.56mm ball rounds (M193 and LE223T3).

The ultra-lightweight, high performance hard plate insert which is manufactured from the latest generation durable composite technology is extremely hard wearing and designed specifically for the rugged environments faced by military and security personnel. The products are available to law enforcement, security, and military/defense customers.

The rifle plates, soft armor, and full system are available in the US through Tyr Tactical’s facility in Peoria, Arizona. It is available in Canada through Millbrook Tactical, located in Stittsville, Ontario.

Revision Military Has Won A $20 Million Contract To Supply Silent Watch Battery Pack Systems For Canada’s RECCE 6.0 LAV Vehicles

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Revision Military has announced that they’ve won a $20 million, multi-year contract through General Dynamics Land Systems Canada to supply Engery Storage Systems to retrofit RECCE 6.0 LAV vehicles to silently power on-board sensor suites. The full release can be read below:

Revision Wins New $20 Million Contract to Supply Silent Watch Battery Pack Systems for Canada’s Reconniassance Light Armored Vehicles
The Revision system is built around its NERV CENTR SWatPack™ scalable battery system.

Montreal, Quebec (PRWEB) June 09, 2015 - Revision Military, a world leader in integrated, purpose-built soldier solutions, has won a $20 million, multi-year contract through General Dynamics Land Systems Canada to provide Energy Storage Systems to retrofit RECCE 6.0 LAV vehicles that will silently power on-board sensor suites. The Revision system, built around its NERV CENTR SWatPack™ scalable battery system, is capable of operating in a wide range of hot and cold temperatures and climatic conditions beyond the objective eight-hours of Silent Watch powering time. The Revision battery system provides more silent watch time than 30 standard 6T format AGM batteries at less than half the weight.

This fully customized, ballistic-protected solution re-purposes the winch pocket on the RECCE 6.0 LAV vehicles to house this optimized energy storage with a plug-and-play modular solution that can be serviced in the field.

“Both the silent watch energy storage solution and winning this contract are a testament to the Revision team of experts from the industrial designers, engineers and software programmers to the technical support and product management personnel who worked together to ensure a unique result for the Canadian DND” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. He further stated, “Power is possibly one of the most critical elements for success on the battlefield today, whether for the individual soldier to ensure uninterrupted performance of his powered gear or for situations where silent delivery of power in varying conditions over an eight hour time frame is essential. Revision is a solutions provider that employs science, cutting-edge technology and an innovation-driven approach to solving complex battlefield problems. We are excited to demonstrate our capabilities in the field of energy storage and power management with this contract.”

Development of scalable, upgradable vehicular power management and energy storage capabilities is a natural extension for Revision as the principles behind the design of this example, the Silent Watch Battery System, draw on the philosophy of providing technologically advanced products that focuses on meeting mission needs. This design philosophy has allowed Revision to deliver numerous protective products to individual soldiers from lightweight helmets to integrated facial protection, ballistic eyewear and personal power systems.

Troya To Reveal Its New Aviator’s NVG, The STRIX, At The Paris Air Show 2015

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Troya Tech Defense has announced they will reveal their new Aviator’s NVG, The Strix, at the upcoming Paris Air Show 2015. The full release can be read below:

Troya Tech Defense Ltd., an Israeli manufacturer of Electro-Optical devices and Defense related equipment, will expose in the upcoming Air Show in Paris, the STRIX, its new advanced Night Vision Imaging System for Aviators (ANVIS).

Troya was established by veterans of the Israeli Defense industry, with vast experience in the Electro-Optics world. The company has recently developed the STRIX (the name of an owl genus), a Night Vision Goggles for Aviators, or ANVIS (Aviator Night Vision Imaging System), which complements the company’s abilities in the field of aviation. The STRIX allows the pilot for scenery familiarization at nighttime, or in cases when there is no sufficient light source available in the surrounding area. A rotary or fixed wing aircraft can be landed, ground forces acquisition and ranging can be done at ease, all using the STRIX, which is fully compatible to the illuminated panels of the cockpit. The STRIX is very lightweight, can be mounted on the majority of existing pilot helmets in use, and is compatible with various visors.

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“In such case where a certain country does not have modern aircrafts, we can also provide upgrade services and transform the existing cockpit to a fully NVG compatible platform, so that is a non-issue.” Says Troya’s CEO and one of its founders, Mr. Yacov Galam. “It is true that there are already a few ANVIS models available in the market, but you could say the same thing in regards to cellular phones, for instance. And as you know, every year dozens of new models come out to the market, each taking the existing components and their output a few levels above what we knew to be possible before. This is exactly how we see the STRIX- an idea already known to all, but at the same time, with specifications and performance that were never seen before! And on a side note, it also looks amazing. We very much believe in correct design and ergonomics, and we have invested a great deal of time, resources and efforts in order to bring the user interface to the maximum comfort and functionality levels possible. The STRIX is going to be the chosen ANVIS for military and civilian pilots, for all kinds of missions; SAR (Search &Rescue), EMS (Emergency Medical Services), nighttime landing and many more.”

Troya, a new player in the Night Vision production business, develops a broad spectrum of Image Intensifying devices, where the user is exposed to levels of sight and observation that the human eye simply cannot detect. Galam- “A lot of people have already wrote obituaries for the Image Intensifying Tube, and said that the future is going to be all thermal. This has been heard for over a decade, and we still see today , that there is a growing demand for IIT based devices. There is no way around it, you simply shouldn’t change horses in midstream. Having said that, we do acknowledge the special capabilities of the thermal imaging based devices, and we are obviously working at this front as well, with new capabilities to be revealed”.

Troya’s laboratory is at Kibbutz Negba, Israel. Its headquarters are at Ra’anana, Israel. The company has another office at Milan, Italy that deals with the European market.