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Indiegogo – Buy Eye Protection For The Men And Women Of IDF

Monday, July 21st, 2014


Eric Fine of The Gear Locker is currently holding a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to provide ballistic and anti-shrapnel eye protection to the men and women of the IDF currently serving in Operation Protective Edge. The plan is to purchase the eyewear from Numa Eyewear, which will be facilitated by Agilite Tactical in Israel. The end goal is at least $10,000 – $85 will cover the eyewear for a single IDF service member.

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste – How The Conflict In Ukraine Resulted In A Ban on The Importation Of Kalashnikovs Into The US

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Back in March, President Obama signed Executive Order 13661, “Blocking Property of Additional Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine”.

Yesterday, the Secretary of the Treasury expanded exactly what that means by adding additional interests to the list. It was bound to happen, and now Concern Kalashnikov is on that Office of Foreign Assets Control list.


There’s a whole slew of companies and individuals on the list so the Obama Administration didn’t single them out, but this will those involved in the AK enthusiast market.

This has been anticipated by that community. The guns in the country are the guns in the country. I’m sure panic buying will ensue. If you already own one, you can sell it, free and clear. But if Kalashnikov or another individual or company listed on the OFAC list has a stake in it, then you need to contact OFAC. This should only be a concern to importers who might be selling on consignment.

To be sure, a friend in the region, Ukraine, is struggling with a Russian-backed insurgency. In response, the President of the United States decided to use the economic element of national power as leverage against Russia to encourage them to lay off.

Consider the importation of guns from Russia into the US as collateral damage. A ban on the importation of Kalashnikovs from Russia would not have been possible without new laws, stemming from legislation in Congress. But a crisis such as the one in the Ukraine is a convenient opportunity that can’t be passed up by an Administration that likes to take unilateral, executive action to further its aims.

Rampart International 2014 Live Fire And Range Day

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

Rampart Range Day & Expo 2014 from RAMPART Corp. on Vimeo.

Rampart International held its 4th annual Live Fire Range Day & Expo on May 27th as a prelude to the CANSEC defence trade show in Ottawa, Canada.

More than 40 companies exhibited including Armament Technology Inc, Beretta, Colt Canada, General Dynamics, Sky Watch, Alexander Battery, Twenty 20 Insight, North Eastern Arms, Wolverine Supplies, G Code, Haley Strategic Partners, Israel Military Industries, S&S Precision, Mystery Ranch, Laser Devices, and other leading providers of tactical equipment. The event drew several hundred attendees from the Canadian Department of National Defence, the Canadian Army, CANSOFCOM, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Ontario Provincial Police, and other Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal agencies.

For 2015, the Live Fire Range Day & Expo is planned for May 26th and will be covered by SSD. Companies interested in participating are welcome to contact Rampart for details.

Put the Hot Shots Girls on Kilimanjaro to Benefit Help For Heroes

Monday, July 14th, 2014


Some of the the same young ladies who adorn the pages of the popular Hot Shots Calendar plan to summit Africa’s Kilimanjaro next Summer. They need your help. In turn, they’ll be raising awareness for their favorite charity Help for Heroes.

Hotshots Calendar are climbing Kilimanjaro! After 7 years of raising money with the annual Hotshots Calendar, the girls, along with two members of the HSC Team are going to the extreme! They will be climbing Kilimanjaro with Help for Heroes in February 2015! Aiming to raise in excess of £25,000 for the charity, HSC Girls Kelly Hall & Daisy Watts will be joined by Ming Davies and Adam Edgar as they give everything to ‘Conquer the roof of Africa’. Please give generously, every penny counts, help be apart of making a difference to the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.Donating through this page is simple, quick and secure. It is the most efficient way to give – so every donation goes further – and if you are a UK taxpayer and give Gift Aid consent you will boost your donation.Thank you for your support.

Executive Protection Dogs, A Learning Curve!

Monday, July 7th, 2014

This is a guest post from the CEO of Intelligent Protection, regarding the use of ‘Executive Protection Dogs’.

Having been involved in the security and protection industry for a number of years, I was bemused at a client from the US traveling with Executive Protection Dogs.

Not much use in London, Paris and Rome right? No, Very wrong!

As not only the owner of Intelligent Armour, but also of intelligent Protection International Limited, (a UK based close protection company), I see many different things and many different places. So, a client of mine tells me that he is bringing over to Europe two working Executive Protection Dogs to assist in the role of protecting the principle and his family – I thought he was mad and that it was a waste of time and his money. I was very much mistaken.

Seeing these Dogs and handlers in action is awesome, total concentration. A pair of working dogs in a crowded London street in theatre land, something to see.

I cannot tell you how professional these dogs and handlers were. Ultra professional and my mind is totally changed about the use of Dogs in this roll. If you are in a country where carrying firearms is not permitted, then one of these highly trained dogs is the next best thing. As an addition to a close protection or executive protection team, hell yes and well worth the money, time and effort.

A colossal shout out to Vohne Liche Kennels

For more information about Intelligent Protection International Limited see: or

Agilite – Mohawk NORSK

Saturday, July 5th, 2014

Mohawk NORSK Square

Agilite has just released a variant of its Mohawk Ops Core FAST Helmet Cover in Norwegian Woodland Camo for Norway’s Rigg As Tactical Group, a leading supplier of equipment to Norway’s Military. Norway was the first country to issue the Ops Core FAST Helmet wide scale for regular troops, and the Mohawk NORSK will bring helmet-borne functionality to troops wearing the National pattern.

“We enjoyed working with Agilite on this project to allow us to provide another unique high quality tactical product to Norwegian forces. The combination of our experience with Norway’s Military, Law Enforcement and Security units and Agilite’s excellent level of design and manufacture not far from Europe, is always a winning combination.”

- Joachim Riise, CEO of The Rigg As Tactical Group.

For more details and unit orders contact Tore Haugli at: or check out and

For Agilite Custom design projects contact

New Zealand Defence Force Receives Government Approval To Replace AUG

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014


New Zealand Defence Minister Jonathan Colemon announced that the New Zealand Defence Force has received government approval to replace the Steyr AUG currently in service with up to 8800 new rifles.

A competitive tender will be conducted to purchase an off-the-shelf replacement. The NZDM is currently seeking a rifle capable of being optimized for a variety of situations, one that offers consistency in fire from close quarters to out to 500m in daylight conditions, half that in low light. According to a 2011 Ministry of Defence report, operations in Afghanistan showed that the AUG was ineffective at ranges greater than 200m, and it was difficult to accurately identify adversaries.

The NZDF has already introduced new light machine guns, combat shotguns, and marksman rifles into service. Future projects would consider replacements for the current pistols, sniper rifles, and grenade launchers.

Hat tip:

Alias Goes International

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Alias Training and Security Services has teamed up with Elite Defense to introduce their lineup of instructors to the international community. Both companies have been working on this for some time in order to comply with US State Department ITAR regulations. They’re not only going international, but they’re doing it right.


For details, visit

High Leg Pilgrim Boots from AKU

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

You asked for it, so they built it. Italian brand AKU has been making some great militarized trekking shoes for many years now and about a year-and-a-half ago they teamed up with Trekkit Mountain Sports, an outdoor specialty shop in Hereford, UK to introduce the Pilgrim. Now, they’re offering up High Leg versions of the very popular Pilgrim.

High Leg Pilgrim from AKU

Based on the successful NS564 Bosco (despite assertions to the contrary, the 564 was not designed for the SEALs but rather an Army unit), the Pilgrim is designed to carry pack loads over 55lbs and incorporate several technologies. This includes an Internal Midsole System which uses an anatomically shaped 3D midsole that mimics the natural foot shape to increase support and minimize slippage. Above the IMS midsole is a 3mm layer of high density EVA which protects the user from loading forces particularly when carrying heavy packs. It also provides a layer of protective support for foot rather than it resting on a hard material. Below the IMS midsole is a thicker layer of 5mm (under the forefoot) and 17mm (under the heel) high density EVA which absorbs impact forces from the ground. The Pilgrim continues to integrate the AIR8000 upper materials found on the Bosco. The two styles are designated by Pilgrim DS for dry, hot climates and Pilgrim GTX for wet, temperate climates. The real change here is the High Leg 9″ upper, making them more palatable for wear with uniforms and to provide increased protection above the ankle.

Pilgrim HL Group

New AMCU General Purpose Jacket Spotted

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Australian Camo Jacket

One of our readers pointed out to us that the latest issue of the Australian Army News features the new General Purpose Jacket in AMCU camouflage. That one that folks said wasn’t going to happen when we posted a sneak peek.

You can check out the whole thing here: