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Sneak Peek – Paladin Custom Packs

Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

Here’s a shot of what’s coming from Australian brand, Paladin Custom Packs. That A-TACS IX looks pretty good and they’ve got some interesting features.  What say you?


Conqueror Australia – UEV-490 Evolution Trailer

Sunday, September 18th, 2016

There are a a lot of great off-road camping trailers on the market, but Conqueror Australia’s flagship model, the UEV-490 Evolution is a sight to behold.

The trailers actually begin life in South Africa where the company has been building military trailers for over 15 years. Then, they are brought to Australia where they are outfitted as one of Conqueror’s different models.


Morgan Advanced Materials Awarded UK MoD Contract Valued At £1.1m  For Ballistic Shields

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

The Composites and Defence Systems business of Morgan Advanced Materials, a global leader in composite armour technology for personnel and platforms, has secured a £1.1m contract from the Ministry of Defence (United Kingdom) to supply ballistic shields and supporting services.

The contract will see Morgan provide a range of bespoke ballistic shields drawing on Morgan’s class-leading composite armour technology capability. With outstanding levels of multi-hit protection, the shields showcase the latest in lightweight armour, ensuring maximum mobility and protection for army personnel in the arena of combat.

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business, also commented: “We are enormously proud to be supplying ultra-lightweight, bespoke ballistic shields to the Ministry of Defence. Our cutting edge ballistic composite materials knowledge, coupled with rigorous in-house research, development and testing has allowed us to create ultra-lightweight ballistic shields, delivering outstanding levels of protection whilst enabling maximum manoeuvrability.

For further information, please visit www.morgandefencesystems.com.

BeaverFit – Training Plates and Carrier

Monday, September 12th, 2016

BeaverFit was founded by Tom Beaver in 2010 who created what is essentially a gym-in-a-box to facilitate functional fitness for deployed British military personnel. Since then, they’ve picked up some international business (including America and Australia) and created a wide variety of fitness equipment. Their latest offering are training plates which mimic the form of actual ballistic plates but are intended for use in non-ballistic training such as lifting, runs and road marches.  The plates can be had in curved (£150) or flat (£60) configurations.  The plates weigh 5 kg each.  The curved version incorprate Cerakote to the plate from rust and 10mm neoprene at the rear for use while working out.  The flat plates are 10mm thick and offer powder coat protection.


BeaverFit it has been working with C2R and also offers a complimentary Plate Carrier. Available in MultiCam and MultiCam Black, it is made from laser cut 500D Cordura and Hypalon, weighing .5 kg. Additionally, the Plate Carrier is outfitted with a removable Hypalon three magazine carrier,along with three .5 kg training weights to simulate magazines.  The Carrier is offered alone or with two 5 kg BeaverFit training plates.  



UF PRO – Striker Stealth Smock

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

UF PRO Breathes New Life Into The Classic Combat Smock


As announced at this year’s IWA exhibition in Nuremberg, today UF PRO will be releasing their new and innovative Striker Stealth Smock to the international market. The UF PRO Striker Stealth Smock merges features of a combat jacket and a load bearing vest in a very unique way.

Ever since the paratroopers of WWII adopted the classic smock design it has been the trademark of elite users worldwide. However, with the increased use of chest rigs and plate carriers many have questioned whether such a design is still valid for the modern battlefield. To answer this, the Design Team at UF PRO have completely reinvented the concept with a unique twist.


The concept of the Stealth Smock was born out of a project with a German military unit which was in search of a jacket that would offer a full pocket functionality for their most essential gear on a short-term mission.
UF PRO came up with a design so that the jacket could carry a wide range of gear; the Stealth Smock can be loaded with as much as 12 – 15 kg, but in order to maintain user agility with a fully loaded jacket, they had to rethink the whole concept of a smock design.


A substantial part of the new Stealth Smock is the breathable load bearing system, which consists out of two modules; a waist belt which not only carries the weight but also fixes it onto the hip area, and a huge area of air/pac® inserts in the upper torso and back area which carries the remaining weight.

The special thing about the Stealth Smock pocket configuration is that it is modular. The integrated front MOLLE system allows the wearer to either attach his own or the new UF PRO pouches.

The Striker Stealth Smock can be equipped with the UF PRO Elbow pads, and benefits from the excellent Hood/Harness system which allows unhindered vision, air circulation and good hearing while wearing the hood.


MultiCam and PenCott GreenZone variants are created using a combination of 50% Nylon, 50% Cotton Ripstop, and 100% CORDURA fabric in the reinforced areas, whereas Flecktarn and Brown-Grey make use of the Polyester, Cotton Ripstop blend, and 100% CORDURA fabrics, all of the very highest quality and durability.

The unique load bearing system of the Striker Stealth Smock combined with the choice of first rate fabrics and some cutting-edge design ensures that even fully loaded the jacket does not get caught up around you whenever you make a move. It ergonomically distributes the weight over the whole torso and provides truly excellent levels of comfort and performance.

Find out more about the Striker Stealth Smock at ufpro.si/striker_stealth_smock

Morgan Advanced Materials signs global distribution agreement with Level Peaks Associates

Wednesday, August 31st, 2016

Morgan Advanced Materials, a leading global manufacturer of specialist armour technology and soldier systems used by elite military and law enforcement applications, has finalised a reseller agreement with Level Peaks Associates, an internationally-renowned distributor of military equipment.

As part of the agreement, Level Peaks will be supplying products made by Morgan’s Composites and Defence business to help satisfy the demands of the global military equipment market. These will include selected items from Morgan’s acclaimed LASA™ (Lightweight Armoured Soldier Architecture) range of soldier protection equipment, including ultra-lightweight scalable ballistic inserts.

Jim Clarke, Head of Solutions at Level Peaks, commented: “Morgan’s LASATM soldier protection range is synonymous with class leading composite armour technology and innovation. By adding such an esteemed range of products to our portfolio, our mission to deliver the best in soldier protection systems where there is a demand can be realised.”

Duncan Eldridge, President of Morgan’s Composites and Defence business, added: “As an agency founded and staffed largely by army veterans, Level Peaks is without doubt one of the most trusted suppliers of military protection in the world. Their understanding of the challenges faced by military and law enforcement personnel places them in a strong position to promote our leading protection products to an international audience.

“We are proud to work in collaboration with such a prestigious partner, whose network of customers and credibility with the military and law enforcement communities will help consolidate Morgan’s position within the global market.”

For further information, please visit: www.morgandefencesystems.com/level-peaks

5.45 Design – Russian Made Performance Base Layer

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016


Pentagon – Kalahari Hat

Saturday, August 20th, 2016

This summer has been a scorcher here in Hampton Roads so anytime I see a sun hat while doing research (aka web surfing) I check it out. This one is from Greek brand Pentagon. They make a lot of 5.11-style clothing and I only learned about them during IWA this year as they are not well known here in the US. However, I do know you can find some of their stuff on Amazon.

What I find interesting about this hat is that they’ve laser cut ventilation into the sides of the hat and incorprated a neck shade in a wide brimmed hat. That’s some pretty serious business and between the material and design they promise SPF 50. UV damage to skin is serious business boys and girls. Protect your skin while you’re young. Offered in Coyote, Tan and Grey.