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SPARTANAT – B&T Behördentage 2017

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

0 BT Aufmacher

B & T invites every second year to Behördentagen in Switzerland. Around 800 visitors and many companies follow this invitation. The program includes lectures, training – above: car shooting, an exhibition of different companies and of course weapons of B & T.


A novelty of the year at B & T: the APC comes as an assault rifle in caliber .308. This can be used for regular infantry or police use or also a DMR or semi sniper.


The rest of the family is well known: APC9 / 45, APC300 and APC556 / 223 are reliable weapons that are strongly represented in the police area.

3 BT-LHT-1

Linderhof Taktik from Germany presented the plate carrier HL – laser cut from their hybrid laminate – and the plate carrier Gen VI. Lindnerhof is strong with Bundeswehr and German special forces.

4 BT Revision

First seen in Europe: Revisions Revision Military’s new Caiman Head System. The Caiman Head System is a true full-spectrum special operations helmet solution, and will be commercially available in stages, starting with the Caiman Carbon Bump Helmet System. The Caiman Carbon Bump System-including carbon bump helmet, a streamlined rail system, and an innovative liner and suspension system-will.

5 BT First Spear

Made in USA. First Spear presenting their products at B&T Behördentage. Laser cut and Tubes makes a great combination for a Plate carrier.

6 BT Fibrotex

Fibrotex from Israel with a very nice, flexible BDU and great camo innovations.

7 BT Marom Dolphin

Marom Dolphin also originating from Israel, was showing their plate carriers in Israeli style. This is a very nice, small carrier with an integrated flotation kit. It is inflatable and helps you swimming with your gear in the water.

8 BT Ulbrichts

Europe goes antiterror. Helmets are becoming more important, especially for Police. Ulbrichts from Austria manufactures helmets from Titan. ULBRICHTS Protection has provided the police, special units and the military with high quality protective helmets for more than six decades, producing the most modern and effective ballistic helmets for protection against bullets available worldwide – the result of many years of development. The ZENTURIO is their high end product.


USW is B&Ts new pistol. Or to be honest: it is the smallest pistol carbine we know. With a fordable stock and an Aimpoint made red dot – specially produced for B&T – this weapon gives police officers more flexibility to fight als first responders, and not to have necessarily an assault rifle.–usw-a1-kal-9-x-19-bt-430001

10 BT Baltic Shooters

One highlight at B&T Behördentage was a Car Shooting Workshop with Frank Thiel from Baltic Shooters: training at it’s best. Thiel is a well known als shooting trainer for German SWAT teams and special forces.



RAMPART Awarded Contract to Supply OPP & MNRF with New Glock Service Pistols

Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Artboard 1 copy 2

RAMPART Corp., the law enforcement supplier for GLOCK Inc. in Canada, is extremely proud to be providing the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) and the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNRF) with their new service pistols. GLOCK pistols are the most commonly used Law Enforcement pistol in Canada and can be found in service in over 40 countries worldwide. RAMPART looks forward to providing years of service and support to the OPP and MNRF.

6th Arc’teryx Alpine Academy in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc from 29th June-2nd July, 2017

Monday, June 19th, 2017

North Vancouver, BC – The Arc’teryx Alpine Academy, the world’s largest alpine-education event, will take place in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc on June 29 – July 2. The world-renowned Academy brings together alpine enthusiasts, mountain guides and professional athletes to create a unique experience where beginners and experts alike gain alpine knowledge through top-notch clinics, seminars, social festivities and experience sharing. Public activities during the Academy such as seminars, concerts, movies and other activities are free of cost. The public is welcome and encouraged to join.
The Arc’teryx Alpine Academy is only global event of this scale with the aim of enhancing alpine education through direct interaction with mountain guides, world-class athletes and mountain experts. The annual event draws almost 400 alpine enthusiasts from 25 countries across the globe to Chamonix.

Serving as the hub of activity is the Arc’teryx Alpine Academy ‘Alpine Village,’ located in the Place Balmat in downtown Chamonix. The Alpine Village includes a free-to-the-public climbing wall, bouldering wall for all levels, GORE-TEX® Repair Center, and partnered activity pods where everyone can learn climbing techniques, mountain safety, outdoor cooking techniques – and win daily raffle prizes. Nightly concerts and Movie Night (on July 1) will crown these intense days. At the Alpine Village attendees will benefit from first-rate Master Classes by renowned athletes and mountain guides such as Ken Wylie, Tamara Lunger, Ines Papert and Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll. The Alpine Village provides a fun, festive atmosphere for attendees to meet athletes in person, sharpen their mountain skills and celebrate their respect of the alpine environment.

The four-day event kicks off on June 29th, with a special Mountain Clean-Up day. Attendees will work to clean trash from La Mer de Glace with a cadre of over 25 prestigious athletes including Will Gadd (Can), Nina Caprez (CH), Ines Papert (Ge), Brette Harrington (Can), Thibaud Duchosal (Fr) and Luka Lindi? (Slo). Starting on Friday, June 30th clinic participants will head into the alpine early in the morning and return to enjoy afternoon and evening festivities. All 24 clinics are led by athletes, world-class guides and mountain experts from around the globe. For the sixth year in a row, all clinics have sold out and are full to capacity.

The Arc’teryx Alpine Academy is made possible by support from: Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Natural Resort, GORE-TEX®, Suunto, Petzl, MSR, LYO Food and Peak Design.

For more information on the Academy, please visit

Varusteleka – Särmä TST RP80 Recon Pack

Friday, June 16th, 2017


Varusteleka is a Finland-based company which specializes in military and outdoor gear and related products. They, in collaboration with Finn-Savotta Oy, developed the RP80, an 80 liter sustainment pack which is designed to be tall and slim. This design distributes weight closer and above the wearer’s center of gravity and spine, and also allows unrestricted arm and elbow movement when skiing; a must for Nortic and Arctic users.

The RP80 sports a DUR-Aluminum frame designed specifically for the pack, while the pack body is made of 1000D Cordura nylon. Features include:

  • Max. dimensions 85 x 37 x 25 cm + bottom corner pouches.
  • Weight 1700 g.
  • Drawcord divider inside, top compartment height 60 cm, bottom compartment height 25 cm.
  • Roll top closure with added security/compression strap.
  • Zippered bottom flap with two security/compression straps.
  • Two large baggy bottom corner pouches. Volume approx. 2,5 liters per pouch.
  • Two 75 cm long compression/tie down straps on each side.
  • Hydration bladder compartment inside.
  • Two horizontal tie down straps inside against the back.
  • Carry handles on the sides and lower back.
  • A seamless, uninterrupted 7 x 22 PALS matrix goes around the whole upper half of the bag.
  • Two vertical attachment point straps along the back.
  • The RP80 is assembled in Finland and Estonia.

    Spartanat – New Linderhof Taktik Plattenträger Gen VI

    Monday, June 5th, 2017

    Plattentrager Gen VI 1

    Linderhof Taktik is one of Germany’s leading gear manufacturers with strong ties into german special operation forces, Bundeswehr and police community. Now new: Plate carriers of the acclaimed sixth generation consist of a combination of hybrid laminate and Cordura. This combination, together with the quick-release system, makes for a reliable, lightweight and robust carrier system.

    Plattentrager Gen VI 4

    Integrated cable routing
    Three Velcro cable retainers are located on the front part of the carrier, one on each side and one in the collar area. These can be used for the cables of communication devices and water hoses.

    Plattentrager Gen VI 5

    Velcro-attachable storage compartment
    A closable storage compartment for small parts such as batteries, cable ties or snacks is located in the collar area of the front side.

    Plattentrager Gen VI 6

    Carrier for armour
    Separate compartments are available for hard and soft armour. The dimensions of the pockets are geared to SAPI L-sized plates. Soft armour and shock absorbers used in the “Special Forces Multi-function Vest Set” fit easily into the carrier.

    Caution: Soft armour from BSST as used in plate carriers of the previous generation can be used, but may not easily fit into the compartment provided.

    Plattentrager Gen VI 2

    Integrated plate fixation
    Smaller plates such as SAPI M and NATO standard plates (25/30cm) can be accommodated with the aid of an integrated plate holder for hard armour.

    Product Details
    • Lightweight and robust
    • Equipped with a quick-release system
    • Front part with integrated cable fixation
    • Velcro-attachable storage compartment
    • Separate compartments for armour
    • Integrated plate holder
    • Skeleton waist belt
    • Uniform size can be adjusted individually
    • Manufactured in accordance with TL technical standards of the German Bundeswehr

    HQG Im Internet:
    Linderhof Taktik im Internet:

    Lithgow Arms Is Bringing The F90 Atrax Semi-Automatic Rifle To The US Market

    Friday, June 2nd, 2017


    The F90 is the export variant of the F88 Austeyr, itself a modernized Steyr AUG A1 developed for use with the Australian Army. Lithgow Arms is bringing the F90 to the US in a semi-automatic configuration for the civilian market. The F90 will feature ambidextrous and/or reversible controls, Picatinny rails at the 12, 3, and 6 o’clock positions, and a 1:7 twist, cold-hammer forged barrel.

    The F90 is currently in production, with an expected ship date sometime in September. You can pre-order it now at

    Rampart Range Day 2017 – Polaris Solutions Ltd

    Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

    Israeli company Polaris Solutions Ltd produces multispectral, 3D camouflage systems under their Rajuga line. They offer a wide range of different systems, ranging from observation port or sensor covers to full on OPs as seen below (front then rear).

    As you can see, the shelter offers a rigid frame to help support the TVC panels and includes cutouts for observation ports.  

    Different visual camoufiage patterns can be printed on either side of the Thermal Visual Concealment panel and the material also provides protection in the IR spectrum. Additionally, the TVC material offers sun, rain and wind protection and is bery lightweight at .7kg per sq m. It folds or rolls flat for transport and can be individually configured to mimic local terrain, offering a very effective 3D effect which sensors or observors can be concealed under.

    The desert patterned system seen above is the Sniper kit. It sits atop a rucksack cover which is also part of the kit.

    Polaris Solutions products are available through Rampart.

    Kalashnikov Concern – AK Modernization Kit

    Sunday, May 28th, 2017

    Kalashnikov Concern has begun to produce a series of English language videos detailing their advancements and new products. This video details a modernization kit developed by the company, which aims to update older Kalashnikov-style weapons. Adjustments include the inclusion of Picatinny rails, a new muzzle brake/flash hider, and ergonomically-improved furniture.