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Savage Cadet Rifle

Sunday, May 29th, 2016

The Savage Cadet Rifle recently adopted by the UK as the L144 A1 Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle will come complete with the following accessories:

Box Includes:
1 x Rifle
1 x 1 point sling
1 x 2 point sling
1 x X Rest & Pouch
4 x Chamber Flags
1 x Basis Iris Rear Sight
1 x Adjustable Competition Rear Sight
1 x Globe Front sight with 10 inserts
1 x Forehand Stop
1 x Manual
1 x Plano Tactical Hard Case

Although the deal was brokered by England’s Edgar Brothers, we may see some of these bolt action .22 rifles available here in the US.

Platatac – New Tactical Clothing For 2016

Friday, May 27th, 2016

Here’s some new clothing from our friends at Platatac.


Tac Dax Mk3

  • Designed to Integrate with D3O TRUST HP Internal knee pad (sold separately)
  • Will accept D3O Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Knee Pad
  • Dual knee cinch adjustment
  • Low pro elasticized take-in tabs on the waist for better range of adjustment fit
  • Zippered fly with Velcro closure
  • Reinforcement stitching on all major seams
  • Rear pockets with Velcro flap
  • Front utility pockets placed higher on front of the thigh
  • Large thigh pockets with angled flap for ease of access
  • Lower leg pockets for survival , E and E kit
  • Tapered but roomier cut for athletic fit and performance
  • Padded biased cut waist for increased user comfort
  • Use of 4-way stretch fabric in crotch, knees and lower back for maximum durability, movement and comfort
  • Reinforced at the seat and pant cuff to reduce wear
  • Double stitched and bartacked in major stress zones
  • Patrol-Shirt-MultiCam--1


  • Zippered from closure with circular hook and loop flap retention
  • 2 large pockets on biceps with hook and loop for patches and IFF, and;
  • Zippered pockets for smaller items such as a security notebook and external pen holder
  • Double layer elbows for durability
  • 2 large bellows chest pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Mandarin Collar can be worn up for added protection, or down for enhanced airflow
  • Adjustable hook and loop cuffs
  • Epaulettes on both shoulders for rank slides
  • Interdiction-CUTS--1


  • 2x Zippered bicep pockets with pen slots
  • Hook and Loop for Patches and IFF and;
  • Double layed elbow sections for durability
  • Zippered Collar
  • Velcro Cuffs
  • Made from MultiCam 100% Cotton
  • CUTS-V2-AOR1


    The CUTS V2 is specifically designed to promote cooling when using body armour in warm environments or whilst conducting strenuous activities.

    The CUTS differs greatly from a regular BDU shirt though the use of lightweight, moisture wicking fabric in areas where body armour contacts the body, such as the torso. The fabric maximises air flow and heat dissipation where it is required. Furthermore, the shoulders are constructed from 3D air mesh allowing maximum comfort when using load bearing equipment. The elbows of the CUTS have been redesigned to accept the D3O® Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Elbow Pad (sold separately)

    The sleeves are constructed from a heavier weight fabric ensuring maximum durability. The sleeves feature upper arm pockets with pile tabs allowing the attachment of multiple IFF patches and include a webbing flap allowing the user to either hide or display an IR Square with minimal effort. The pockets also feature an additional smaller zippered pocket on top of the original pocket.


  • 2x Velcro Pockets on Sleeves with
  • Hook and Loop for Patches and IFF and;
  • Zippered Pockets for smaller items
  • Accepts the D3O Tactical Soft Foam (TSF) Elbow Pad (sold separately)
  • Airmesh Shoulders to promote cooling and enhance comfort when using packs/armour carriers
  • Zippered Collar
  • Velcro Cuffs
  • Available in MultiCam 100% Cotton, AOR1 NYCO and Woodlands NYCO
  • Jungle Slick Shirt -MultiCam--1


  • Zippered from closure with circular hook and loop flap retention
  • 2 large pockets on biceps with hook and loop for patches and IFF, and;
  • Zippered pockets for smaller items such as a security notebook and external pen holder
  • Double layer elbows for durability
  • 2 large bellows chest pockets with hook and loop closure
  • Mandarin Collar can be worn up for added protection, or down for enhanced airflow
  • Adjustable hook and loop cuffs
  • Epaulettes on both shoulders for rank slides

    Edgar Brothers Awarded Landmark MOD Contract to Provide L144 A1 – Cadet Small Bore Target Rifles

    Monday, May 23rd, 2016

    Edgar Brothers has been awarded a contract by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to provide over 8,000 units and spares, of the Savage .22LR bolt-action rifle. The rifle has also been issued with it’s own unique reference ‘L144 A1’. The L144 A1 rifle will be used to teach cadets the fundamentals of weapons handling, safety, and the principles of target shooting.

    Edgar Brothers’ Director of Police & Military Division, Mike Newman, commented that this announcement is a landmark achievement for the Macclesfield-based distributor: “The most satisfying element of winning this programme is knowing we are playing our part in the development of the Community Cadet Forces’ target shooting skills,” he said, adding: “Over the last 12 months our team, along with Savage Arms, have worked to develop a system to fit the requirement put to industry, by UK MOD, and we are extremely proud to have been selected as the winning bidder. It is very special to become part of a long dated history of in-service Cadet weapons, and we are extremely proud that the Savage ‘Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle’ now joins this list.”

    Terry McCullough, Vice President and General Manager of Savage Arms Canada, added: “We were very confident going into the evaluation that our rifles’ performance would exceed the outlined requirements. The team here at Savage Arms Canada is indeed very proud to have been selected as the winning submission.”

    A limited number of the rifles will also be available to the civilian market, making them highly collectable.
    For more information, visit

    TYR Tactical Canada Grand Opening

    Saturday, May 21st, 2016

    President and Chief Designer, Jason Beck, founded TYR Tactical Canada™ in 2015 due to increased demand for our products. TYR Tactical Canada™ has a core focus on soldier survivability while simultaneously enhancing mobility and load carriage capabilities. It continues to accomplish this goal by conducting extensive R&D on existing and newly developed gear. Data collected is applied to custom engineered products such as backpacks, technical clothing, load carriage, low profile and tactical protective vests, ballistic plates, soft armor and an ever expanding list of patented technologies. This integration of expert knowledge and skill sets results in innovative and advanced solutions. As an industry leader in the United States and now in Canada, it is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and integrity, while proudly being able to provide Canadian-Made products. TYR Tactical Canada™ looks forward to continuing to serve and push the boundaries of innovation within the tactical industry.

    Please join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of TYR Tactical Canada™ located in Kanata, Ontario.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2016
    10am – 4pm
    TYR Tactical Canada™
    10 Hearst Way Unit E
    Kanata, ON K2L 2P4


    Saturday, May 14th, 2016

    During IWA I met the guys from the Austrian gear blog, SPARTANAT. They mentioned that they had been conducting interviews with various European gear manufacturers. They thought SSD readers might be interested and I agreed. Please let us know what you think.

    GEAR Made in Europe: VERDANDE.EU

    SPARTANAT: Verdande is a small gear manufacturer from Denmmark. What do you specialize in?
    Verdande: Verdande specializes in designing and producing custom products for Military, Police and EMS persons/units. We are starting slowly to design standard products, in preparation to sell to international dealers, but most work we do is still custom based.

    SPARTANAT: How long have you manufactured gear?
    Verdande: As a company we started aprox 2014. But the footwork started around 2006 when we was in the Danish infantry and had reached a point when the gear we needed to get the job done, either was very bad or did not excist. So started to learn how to sew on a old Pfaff 230 sewingmachine. And then learning everything by ourself and slowly getting better and better machines to make the gear.

    SPARTANAT: You have a significant feeling for design. Where does this come from?
    Verdande: It is a mix of our personal experience from deployments to KFOR, Iraq, ISAF and seeing the different needs to different missions ranging from a Police mission to combat. Trying on your own body to walk with gear that you could easily remove 40% of the weight if it was made in a different way.

    But it is also a mix of our customers idea when they come with an idea that will make their job easier so they can focus on keeping themself and their collegues alive.

    SPARTANAT: Anything you want to tell costumers?
    Verdande: Our design goal is to make products that are lightweight, because the heavier your gear is the less ammo you can bring to the fight. Our products is also lowprofile because its hard to attack through small compound doors if your kit is to bulky. And we try to make things to the highest level of quality as possible because people lifes depend on it. In the Danish infantry we are being trained to be transparent and tell new soldiers from your own mistakes and experinences to make each other better. This is something we have also taking with us into our company and we know there is a lot of new gearmakers around Europe and while other companies might not be willing to share information how to do things then you are always velcome to ask us a question. We see a lot of european gearmakers that are still on a hobby based platform but have potential to something bigger. We are just a message away :-)

    SOLSYS: Why Verdande?
    Verdande: The name Verdande was chosen because we wanted something from the Norse mythology because this is a part of our country’s history and we chose the Norse name Verdande and our logo is the tree Yggdrasil.

    VERDANDE on the Internet:
    VERDANDE on Facebook:

    Interview by

    Warrior West – Canadian Urban Environment Type III

    Monday, May 9th, 2016

    Here you can see Hyperstealth’s Guy Cramer wearing their Urban Environment Type III developed for a Canadian requirement which originated in 2009 by the Department of National Defence, Defence Research and Development Canada – Suffield, (DRDC-S) in Alberta to develop a Canadian Urban Environment Pattern (CUEPAT) based on the unique requirements of Canada’s three major metropolitan areas, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. CUEPAT was intended for use on CBRNE suits.

    Back in 2012, we showed you their developmental Types I & II.


    Both are seen here along with arid coloration samples (CUEPAT 2 is left, CUEPAT 1 is right). While Types I amd II were meant for use in highly urbanized areas, the Type III at the top is tuned for use in the suburbs where concrete transitions to greenway.

    Congrats To Guy Cramer, CEO Of HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp

    Monday, May 2nd, 2016

    Wealth and Finance International magazine (with a global audience of 130,000 subscribers) just awarded Guy Cramer of Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. “CEO of the Year in Canada for 2016”!

    Rampart International To Carry XGO Clothing In Canada

    Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

    XGO has recently joined forces with Rampart International to expand its offerings into Canada.

    “We are honored to have aligned ourselves with great people and a great organization. We look forward to providing both Non FR base layer and FR base layer solutions to the Canadian Military and Law Enforcement communities. XGO’s strategic partnership with Rampart will help grow our brand and help us reach our customers and friends to the North,” related Aloysius Donovan, Director of Sales at XGO.

    “We are thrilled to welcome the XGO brand to Rampart’s expanding lineup of the world’s best operational equipment,” said Mike Klein, President of Rampart International Corp. “XGO’s American made line of performance clothing and FR protective garments offer the quality, functionality and protection our end users require. XGO products will be more accessible and affordable than ever before in Canada and we are excited to get the brand into the hands of our customers,” Klein continued.

    From now until May 24th Rampart is offering 20% off retail pricing for all MIL/LE/Agency purchases in Canada. 

    Email for more information.