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PowerArmor Solar Panels From IDG Europe Are First To Provide Ballistic Protection, With Dyneema High Strength Fibers

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Dyneema 1

The Netherlands, 17 November 2014 - A new solar panel system for Defense Forces provides ballistic protection and is lighter and more portable than systems currently available. The PowerArmor™ unit from IDG Europe has low-reflectance solar panels protected by an anti-ballistic surface made in an exceptionally strong unidirectional fiber-reinforced composite.

The composite is based on an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber (UHMWPE) produced by DSM Dyneema and branded as Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. It replaces the aluminum normally used for portable solar panels, which provides no ballistic protection. IDG says this is the first time that solar panels have been given such a high level of ballistic protection. Panels made in Dyneema® also weigh around 20% less than aluminum panels of the same thickness.

Dyneema 2

DSM Dyneema and IDG Europe cooperated closely in IDG’s development of the dual-purpose system, intended to power electrical and electronic equipment used by armed forces in the field. The combination of ultra-light, low profile (anti-glare) solar panels and anti-ballistic panels with Dyneema® results in a system capable of providing energy and protection ranging from fragmentation to high-power rifle ammunition.

IDG Europe says that the switch from aluminum for the general-purpose stand-alone solar panels also meets calls from the market for lightweight units with high environmental resistance.

“As Defense Forces continue to carry more and more electronic systems into dangerous, inhospitable and isolated places, the need to keep portable electronic devices operable at all times in hostile environments is essential,” says Göran Johnson, CEO at IDG Europe. “With PowerArmor™, we think that we have a winning combination of solar panels that supply power and provide protection. We believe its chances are very good, especially as the two individual products were already being independently considered—and in some cases used in practice—by various Special Forces around the world.”

“Dyneema® offers the lightest armor protection materials in the market,” says David Cordova, Vice President Business Development for DSM Dyneema – Life Protection. “The combination of Dyneema® with the innovative low-glare IDG solar panels provides a unique value proposition to military personnel.”

IDG Europe introduced the PowerArmor™ concept at IESMA 2014, the conference and exhibition on Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications that took place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on November 12-14. IEASMA 2014 is organized by the NATO Energy Security Centre of Excellence, and the DELTA State Military Scientific Technical Center of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

Millbrook Tactical Exclusive Canadian Dealer For Wilcox Industries

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Today, Millbrook Tactical has announced they are the exclusive Canadian dealer for Wilcox Industries. The full release can be read below:

Millbrook Wilcox

Super T in Brazilian Service

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014


That’s just a cool pic.

Chase Tactical Displayed At ExpoDefensa IV In Bogota, Colombia

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Chase Tactical was present at ExpoDefensa IV, which took place in Bogota, Colombia. The full release can be read below:

Chase Tactical ExpoDefensa

Chase Tactical has been in Bogota, Colombia this week displaying at ExpoDefensa IV. ExpoDefensa IV is a showcase of the most innovative developments in the industry, where industry leaders exhibit the best of products, equipment and services to over 27 South American Countries. Attendees of ExpoDefensa are high ranking Military & Government officials and representatives and executives of the Colombian Defense Sector, official delegates from the region and national and international visitors.

Colombia has become a military and security reference in the region thanks to its acquisition programs, the modernization of its Public Force, the notable operational capacity of its troops and its developments in defense and security technology.

Chase Tactical has been displaying their own products along with the full Line of Warrior Assault Systems, MATBOCK, Tencate Advanced Armor, Victory Tactical Gear, and selected Magpul products.

PenCott Boots from Helikon-Tex

Monday, October 27th, 2014


Helikon-Tex introduces PenCott GreenZone versions of the Mojave desert boot this week.

Dutch Army Adopts Netherlands Fractal Pattern Camouflage

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Yesterday, the Dutch Telegraph released a special edition of their newspaper, regarding the 200 year anniversary of the Dutch Army. Below, you can see a photo of the report which claims that the Dutch Army has adopted Netherlands Fractal Pattern (NFP) as their official new camouflage. The story does not mention teh Dutch Royal Marines who continue to wear M81 Woodland camouflage. However, they may well make the transition to NFP as well. Although the article states that no one has been chosen to manufacture the uniforms yet, they will feature FR and insect repellant properties.


The article goes on to state that another feature of NFP, which took one-and-a-half years to develop by a collaborative effort between TNO and Dutch MoD, is that it’s recognizable. Ben Vlasman, head of the Joint Soldier Systems Knowledge Centre (joint kenniscentrum militair & uitrusting), says it’s not just to camouflage, but also offers something recognizable for other troops and civilians.


NFP is currently offered in two variants; Green aka Woodland and Tan aka Arid. To develop the colorways, they sent soldiers to the area of operations with a camera and a color cardin ordeer to determine the dominant colors in each area.

The article did not mention which pattern would be adopted for use with camouflage pattern for equipment such as plate carriers. What’s more, the Dutch Army must still determine a way ahead for armor (ie plate carrier or armor vest). Considering the current state of the art it is probable that the vest will be modular is probable. The article mentions two scenarios in particular; worn lightly for a patrol in the jungle, or worn heavily when at a roadblock.

Dutch NFP uniforms

Thanks Robert!

FN Herstal – New Sea deFNder Remote Weapon Station To Be Unveiled At EURONAVAL 2014

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Today, FN Herstal announced they will be launching their new Sea deFNder Remote Weapon Station at the upcoming EURONAVAL exhibition in Paris, October 27th through 31st. The full release can be read below:

(McLean, VA – October 24, 2014) The EURONAVAL exhibition in Paris, October 27 to 31, 2014, will be the backdrop for the launch of the new Sea deFNder® Remote Weapon Station (RWS). This is the third model in the deFNder® range, produced by a world’s leading firearms manufacturer, FN Herstal. Engineered for use by naval forces and coastguards, it follows the innovative deFNder® Light and the deFNder® Medium into global service.

Sea deFNder

The Sea deFNder® provides naval ships and coastguards with the advantage of superior firepower in any scenario. This includes territorial waters surveillance, self-defense, anti-piracy, anti-terrorism and the interception of drug or people smugglers. Its high modularity allows the Sea deFNder® to be mounted on a wide variety of naval vessels, from speed boats and patrollers right up to frigates and destroyers.

The Sea deFNder® RWS’ versatility extends to the weapons it can house. Its universal cradle can hold any machine gun from FN MINIMI® 5.56 up to .50 cal in the range (.50 cal is either the FN M2HB-QCB™ or FN Herstal’s exclusive FN M3R™ that offers an outstanding firing rate of 1,100 RPM). The Sea deFNder® can also be equipped with 40 mm AGLs for additional firepower.

The Sea deFNder® shares many features of the deFNder® Medium used on land based vehicles. This includes its sight module (CCD + IR uncooled or cooled), one-hand or game pad control handle and ammo box capacity. In addition, the Sea deFNder® has special specifications for naval applications:

• Specific surface treatment

• Improved water tightness and water flow

• Specific environmental qualification based on maritime standards

• Specific 2-axis gyroscopic stabilization dedicated to naval application

Prior to its official unveiling, an order has already been placed for a number of Sea deFNder® Remote Weapon Stations. This brings the total number of units ordered across the deFNder® range to over 1,300 for both land and sea based applications.

The Sea deFNder® is the latest example of constant innovation in weapons development by FN Herstal, which has a history dating back 125 years. Its exceptional service packages include everything its customers require for rapid deployment of its Sea deFNder®. This includes associated weapon(s), ammunition, technical documentation, technical support, operator and maintenance training, and installation of the RWS onto the vessel.

For more information on FN Herstal’s state-of-the-art product line and services, visit us at the EURONAVAL exhibition in Paris from October 27 to 31, 2014 (Stand no. E27).

U.S. Tactical Supply Is Present At The 2014 International Sniper Competiton

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

U.S. Tactical Supply is present at the 2014 International Sniper Competition as a sponsor.

The 2014 International Sniper Competition, hosted at Fort Benning, Georgia, brings 35 teams (70 snipers) from all over the world to participate in 10 to 15 sniper related events. The focus of the competition is to bring teams together to share battlefield lessons learned, provide training initiatives and ideas and to compete tactically and technically. Unit coaches, commanders, and spectators are also in attendance.

The competition takes place from October 20th through 24th.

LUPUS TMR Introduces Task Adaptive Panel System

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

cool news from Germany

LUPUS Training & Mentoring Resources, a training and consulting company from Germany, is introducing the first two modules of their TAP System. Developed together with Mayflower R&C and their German retail partner Gearmaniacs, the TAPS Modules are designed to offer a hybrid kydex-nylon solution for users that prefer the use of kangaroo pouches in their platecarriers.


TAPS is compatible with most kangaroo pouch equipped Platecarriers but is optimized for products made by Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems. TAPS facilitates magazine extraction since there is no flap or bungee needed for retention. The modules are velcroed into position and are ready to use. Installed properly, they enable the user to carry up to four AR-style magazines and two pistol magazines in a small package.


The first Modules are Single AR15 and Single G36/Double AR15.

Available via Gearmaniacs in black and made in Germany from German Mil-Spec Materials by manufacturer ZentauroN. A Berry Compliant version of the TAPS will be released soon along with Pistol\Flashlight and Baton Pouches. There are also Combo Versions planned.

Special Edition Gear From SODGEAR

Friday, October 10th, 2014


Italian gear company SOGEAR has released a limited edition run of gear such as the Spectre line of utility pouches and magazine pouches, and the Legion chest rig, in the camouflage patterns PenCott BadLands and CB62.