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Frag Out! Issue 3 – English Edition Now Available

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Frag Out! 3

Featured articles:
SHOT Show 2015
Tactical Combat Casualty Care
AK Assault Rifle Training Pt 4
Arc’teryx LEAF Khard 60
MSA TC500/800 helmets

You can read it here:

Hyperstealth Develops New Jamaica Defense Force Camo Pattern

Monday, March 30th, 2015

Although we haven’t heard from Canada’s Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation in awhile, that doesn’t mean they haven’t been busy. The Jamaica Defense Force just unveiled their new Digital Combat Uniforms which sport a camoflauge pattern developed by Hyperstealth. This pattern replaces the British DPM used since 1992.

Chief of Defence Staff, Major General Antony Anderson, said said the new uniform has security features, which will ensure that it does not end up in the hands of criminals and is proprietary meaning it cannot be purchased at a surplus store.

The new uniform will be available in land and maritime variants amd is said to be up to 50% more effective at camouflaging troops than the outgoing DPM, as it blends more easily into both the urban and jungle-type terrain as well as coastal conditions in which the JDF operates.

ASE UTRA Civilian And Mil/LE 2015 Product Catalogs

Sunday, March 29th, 2015

Finnish Suppressor company ASE UTRA has released their 2015 Civilian and Military/Law Enforcement catalogs. You can click the images below to view them.

Military/Law Enforcement


TPG Awarded $1+Million Ballistic Helmet Contract

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

TPG Awarded $1+Million Ballistic Helmet Contract

TPG awarded contract to produce nearly 6,000 ballistic helmets for a large South American Military Customer

Boynton Beach, Fla. (March 2015) – Tacprogear (TPG), a leading manufacturer of tactical equipment used by professionals around the globe, announced today the receipt of a $1+ million dollar award to provide ballistic helmets to a South American Military.

TPG Armor and TPG BLACK, the American Made Mission Specific line of products made in South Florida, include a complete line of both hard and soft armor. The helmet line, which includes their standard PASGT, ACH/MICH and High Cut SCOUT helmets were all possible contenders for the end-user, who specified a product with certain performance, weight and overall ballistic properties important to the end-user on the ground.

Helmet 1

The new helmet production line, which recently relocated from Delray Beach, FL. to a state-of-the art 30,000 square foot facility in Boynton Beach, FL, is one of the fastest growing product lines for TPG.

Helmet 2

Alex Cejas, President of Tacprogear, stated, “We are excited about this new award given our recent return from Europe where we evaluated the latest new ballistic helmet technologies and machines. At TPG, we always want to be on the leading edge of development and production for all of our products,” Cejas added.

For more information on any of the Tacprogear product line, visit or

Hyde Definition – PenCott At IWA 2015

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015


At this year’s IWI, Hyde Definition’s PenCott family of patterns made a showing at an impressive number of companies’ booths. Along with longtime adopters such as Helikon-Tex and UF PRO, companies including Tasmanian Tiger and GECKOsuperior rolled out gear in PenCott patterns including GreenZone and BadLands.

You can read the full post here:

STRATAGEM – New Product Line Brochure

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

Click to view .pdf

STRATAGEM has made available their brochure from the recent 2015 Enforce Tac expo in Nürnberg, Germany. It features their 2015 product line.

Fabrique National Model AS 24

Monday, March 16th, 2015

Built by Belgium’s Fabrique National, the Model AS 24 was an airdeliverable, motorized folding combat trike which came complete with its own trailer. In addition to operational use in the Congo, the country of Peru is said to have also used the AS 24.


Passengers: 4 including Driver
Weight: 374 lb (170 kg)
Cargo: 770 lb (350 kg) of men and equipment.
Height: 2 ft 10 in (85 cm)
Engine: 15 hp (11 kW) Two-cylinder, two-stroke, 15 cubic inch (0.245 litres, 245cc) model FN 24
Speed: 60 mph (97 km/h)


Can you image driving that thung at 60mph? I can see how it could catch some air.

The US Army even evaluated the vehicle in 1963 but didn’t adopt it.

Although other commercial three wheelers were adopted by specialists units such as USAF CCT, eventually they were abandoned due to safety concerns of roll overs, particularly during turns.  

If you want to see how to configure the AS 24 once it had successfully parachuted safely to the ground, check out this video.

Thanks to Jon S for the tip.

Mission Ready’s Protect The Force Inc Wins Subcontract For DHS Next Gen First Responder Uniforms

Friday, March 13th, 2015

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Mission Ready Services Inc. (TSX-V: MRS) – Mission Ready Services Inc. (“Mission Ready” or “MRSI”) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Protect The Force, Inc. (“PTF” or “Protect The Force” or the “Company”), has been awarded a 14 month, $97,500 subcontract through prime contractor, North Carolina State University – Textile Protection and Comfort Center (“NC State-TPACC”), to develop an Advanced Multipurpose Base ensemble for Emergency Responders (“AMBER”) for the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”).

Through a Cooperative Agreement from DHS’s Science and Technology Directorate to NC State’s Textile Protection and Comfort Center (“T-PACC”), PTF will collaborate with T-PACC and leverage its vast commercial textile industry network and cutting-edge technology portfolio to provide subject matter expertise in advanced protective materials selection including the identification of materials as they relate to functional design, prototyping, end-user functionality requirements, desired performance attributes, material availability, and manufacturer competence and readiness.

PTF’s team of product development experts based in the innovation district of Boston, MA, will support NC State-TPACC in the development of concepts for review and selection by DHS to be prototyped and then manufactured for limited user evaluations. The team is also exploring the integration of the No-Contact technology for further user evaluations.

PTF’s Chief Technology Officer, Francisco J. Martinez states, “We are critically involved in the innovation and development of next-generation body armor for the Marines, United States Army and, now, the development of next generation uniforms for the Department of Homeland Security. It is an honor to contribute at this level and provide support in an industry that is poised to be revolutionized by the ever-growing leaps in technology in advanced textiles as they relate to personal protective clothing and individual equipment. Working with the T-PACC team of experts is a dream come true and being selected to receive this funding is a compliment to the excellent team of product development experts within PTF and the reputation we have developed within the industry.”

Savox Thor – The Future of Headgear

Monday, March 9th, 2015

savox THOR 4

Tactical Headgear for Operational Requirements (THOR) has been adopted by the Finnish Defense Forces as the helmet component of their Soldier Modernization Program: Warrior 2020. A multi-year contract was recently let by the Finnish Defense Forces Logistics Command, with initial deliveries being used for acceptance testing. Savox is the prime contractor of the consortium behind THOR, along with industry partners, Millog Oy (night vision) and Fy-Composites Oy (ballistic protection).

savox THOR 1

The core of THOR is a boltless design ballistic helmet made from a Dyneema/Aramid blend providing protection against ballistic threats: fragments and bullets to STANAG 2920 1.1g FSP-v50: 450. 750m/s – back face deformation <25mm; NIJ0106.01 9 mm FMJ bullet 430m/s. The shell also meets EN 397 shock absorption requirements.

savox THOR 3

Additionally, special night vision goggles and hearing protection have been designed specifically to integrate with this helmet. As you can see in the photos, the NVGs stow very close to the helmet and are light enough to not need a counterweight. The goggles offer a 60°-wide view angle (also available is 40° FOV) and can be used in mono or bino configurations. These us Millog’s Hi60 3rd Gen tubes offering human recognition up to 150-250m as well as an integrated IR illuminator.

The various technologies developed specifically for the helmet are marketed under FLEXfamily.

For example, the FLEXfit ratchet system allows the rapid adjustment of fit for a wide variety of head types. Next comes FLEXadjust which covers the adjustable, multi-axis mounting systems for the NVGs and earpro. In addition to ANR headphones (23dB), the user can attach a boom or bone conductive skull microphone in addition to throat and internal respirator mic options. Like most systems currently fielded, power and volume adjustments are on the side via buttons. Additionally, the earphones can be placed in one of three positions without removing the helmet or losing communications.

savox THOR 2

FLEXnet is an integrated databus both internal and external to the helmet. This works hand-in-hand with the FLEXrail which allows the mounting of Picatinny compatible accessories to the powered rail system incorporating a USB integration interface. THOR features five of these FLEXrails which can bring data into the from cameras and sensors helmet as well as exfil it to other devices such as radios. These FLEXrails also incorporate FLEXpower which provides power to the devices as well as all accessories internally through the helmet.

Savox Thor

Click to view .pdf

TacJobs – Platypus Merchandising

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Creative design sales position

Platypus Merchandising

Do you want to work within a team that create and provide merchandise solutions for military and law enforcement clients?

We are looking for the right motivated person to step into an exciting new role at Platatac HQ.

Due to a high influx of custom work we are seeking an artistic, graphic designer with the presence and ability to comprehend customer direction and follow through to finished products.

Your role:

-To create designs, logos and concepts for merchandise such as tee shirts, caps, hoodys, patches, plaques, badges, flags, stickers ect.
-Liaise directly with the client from initial contact to completion.
-Seek out new exciting merchandise options for our clients.
-Communicate with multiple manufactures to ensure on time delivery.

Job requirements:

-In depth knowledge of design software including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.
-Experience in the graphic design field or similar.
-Ability to learn and adapt quickly to in house processes.
-Experience with developing client relationships
-Sales background is desirable.
-Excellent communicator.
-Ability to work solo and within a team.

Full-time position Monday to Friday based at our headquarters in Hallam, Victoria.

Further details will be provided on request via email.

Please submit all applications with examples of work to