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Rampart International To Carry XGO Clothing In Canada

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016

XGO has recently joined forces with Rampart International to expand its offerings into Canada.

“We are honored to have aligned ourselves with great people and a great organization. We look forward to providing both Non FR base layer and FR base layer solutions to the Canadian Military and Law Enforcement communities. XGO’s strategic partnership with Rampart will help grow our brand and help us reach our customers and friends to the North,” related Aloysius Donovan, Director of Sales at XGO.

“We are thrilled to welcome the XGO brand to Rampart’s expanding lineup of the world’s best operational equipment,” said Mike Klein, President of Rampart International Corp. “XGO’s American made line of performance clothing and FR protective garments offer the quality, functionality and protection our end users require. XGO products will be more accessible and affordable than ever before in Canada and we are excited to get the brand into the hands of our customers,” Klein continued.

From now until May 24th Rampart is offering 20% off retail pricing for all MIL/LE/Agency purchases in Canada. 

Email sales@rampartcorp.com for more information.

101 Years of Honoring the ANZAC

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Having served with units from both Australia and New Zealand during my military service, they often come to mind, and on ANZAC Day, in particular. You see, every April 25th some of our closest allies; Australia and New Zealand, commemorate the service and sacrifice of their military. The day begins with a dawn service and there are several other events throughout the day including parades.

It’s bigger than Veteran’s Day is here, with more participation. It’s what Veteran’s Day was probably like after the War to End All Wars and ANZAC does have its roots in the memory of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps troops who served the empire in World War One.


While April 25th might seem an odd date, it is actually the anniversary of the first major battle fought by ANZAC forces; the battle of Gallipoli in what is now Turkey.


Please join us in honoring not only their fallen, but also the fact that they are on our team. 101 years ago or today, they’ve been on the side of right.

Dutch SF Camo in Mali

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016


This photo depicts members of the Dutch SF contingent to Mali wearing the FR digital camouflage uniforms from FibroTex we showed you last month. You may also notice a G-Wagen being sling-loaded.

Marlborough Communications Delivers UK Dismounted Close Combat Soldiers Hearing Protection Three Months Ahead of Schedule

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

April 20, 2016


A new hearing protection system for UK Dismounted Close Combat soldiers provided by Marlborough Communications, part of Cohort plc, has achieved its in service date (ISD) three months ahead of schedule.

The INVISIO S10 Tactical Hearing Protection Systems for the Dismounted Close Combat User. (THPS DCCU) is an in-ear hearing protection and communication system for use on a single radio and consists of an in-ear hearing protection headset with control unit housing the electronics for situational awareness and impulse noise protection. As a result of the early ISD, Initial Operating Capability for the system has also been declared five months ahead of schedule.

MCL and its Danish partner INVISIO Communications A/S has supplied the S10 Hearing Protection capability with a full support package for the next four years, with the option to extend for a further three years. The initial order was worth £11.2M and further orders are expected to support the Royal Navy, RAF and Reservists.

The system has undergone rigorous testing and user trials and is proven to address the key issues surrounding hearing protection, situational awareness (SA), ease of use and comfort.

MCL Managing Director Darren Allery commented: “The S10 is a major innovative step forward in soldier health and safety, building on our supply of Tactical In-Ear Protection Plugs as part of the Tactical Hearing Protection System for the Basic User Soldier (THPS BU). Working closely with our partner INVISIO and the MoD, we were able to introduce this new capability into service before time by taking advantage of our agility and unique capability in this area.

“This ‘fit and forget’ hearing protection also provides unrivalled situational awareness, crystal clear communications and importantly can be customised to ensure optimum comfort during operations, even in high noise environments.”

Allan Aird, MoD Head of Command and Battlespace Management Soldier, Training and Special Programmes Delivery Team, said: “This fantastic achievement has been enabled by a close working relationship fostered between STSP, MCL and INVISIO. Achieving such a key milestone so early in the programme is testament to the hard work and dedication of both teams in delivering such a key piece of capability to the user. The CBM team very much look forward to continuing this relationship throughout the service life of the equipment.”

Besides offering better prevention of hearing damage, the INVISIO S10 offers increased mission success by separating radio communication and situational awareness to enable unimpeded situational awareness in both ears even when transmitting and receiving radio traffic.

It provides unrivalled SA in three selectable modes to ensure the soldier can communicate effectively irrespective of the noise environment. Natural hearing mode is equivalent to the human natural hearing and enables face to face communications, while comfort mode reduces the ambient sound level in high noise environments such as in tracked vehicles or on air platforms. This mode makes travelling in vehicles less noise intensive. Enhanced mode is effective when operating in the dark to provide greater sound awareness of immediate surroundings

The INVISIO S10 in-ear headset also offers unsurpassed comfort and crystal clear communications.  Instead of traditional sound wave technology, the patented INVISIO Bone Conduction Technology uses a small and comfortable in-ear microphone that picks up vibrations from the user’s jawbone. The vibrations are converted into sound, delivering crystal clear communication under extreme conditions, even when whispering.


Gentex Introduces Argonaut Ground Crew Headset to European Market At SAFE Europe

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

JSF-Based design supports the most extreme noise environments

Carbondale, PA, April 05, 2016. Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense, emergency response and industrial personnel will introduce its Argonaut double hearing protection (DHP) communications headset to the European market at this year’s SAFE Europe Symposium. Based on the design of the ground crew headset Gentex developed for the U.S. F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program, the Argonaut DHP headset is designed for use in other harsh military and industrial noise fields.


The Argonaut DHP communication headset is a product of Gentex’s recent acquisition, Aegisound, an established provider of products that significantly improve hearing protection, safety and communications in high-noise environments. In addition to the expansion of their aircrew product line, the acquisition also increased Gentex’s contribution to the JSF program. Gentex now provides protective hearing and communication products to JSF ground crew, in addition to the JSF aircrew helmet system platform and respiratory protection system, on which there will be a technical presentation during the symposium.

“The introduction of the Argonaut DHP communication headset to the European market demonstrates how the addition of Aegisound has strengthened our hearing and communications offering and allowed us to further expand in this category internationally,” said Robert McCay, vice president, Aircrew Systems, Gentex Corporation. “We’re excited to demonstrate the Argonaut headset at SAFE, and honored to have been chosen to provide our expertise during the symposium on the latest in aircrew helmet system technology, as demonstrated through our work on the JSF program.” Product experts from Gentex Corporation will lead the presentation “Protecting the F-35’s Most Valuable Asset,” scheduled on Wednesday, April 13th at 1:30 pm.

The Argonaut DHP headset is appropriate for noise fields up to 130 decibels and features a digital noise cancelling microphone, and high-performance earcups with integrated communication earplugs that yield a 32 noise reduction rating (NRR).

Gentex is the leading supplier of high-performance flight equipment for military, law enforcement, and rescue aircrew worldwide. Their comprehensive line of durable and innovative products for fixed and rotary wing aircrew includes: modular, integrated helmet systems; protective visors and spectacles; high-altitude oxygen breathing equipment; communication and hearing protection systems; chemical/biological defense respirators for fixed-wing aircraft; aircrew flight equipment test sets; and a full suite of accessories. Gentex also offers aircrew flight equipment servicing, fitting, and operations/maintenance training. A global network, with expanding services in the U.K., supports the company’s aircrew customers.

SAFE Europe takes place April 11th through the 13th in Old Windsor, U.K. Gentex Corporation is located at stand number 4. Product experts and executives from Gentex will be on hand to meet with customers and media throughout the show. To attend the Gentex presentation on JSF helmet and respiratory protection system technology, please visit the SAFE Europe Symposium website. For more information on the Gentex Aircrew portfolio, visit www.gentexcorp.com/aircrew.

SEALS Action Gear Team Briefing

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

This is a release from SEALS Action Gear regarding their offering of UF PRO tactical apparel.

SEALS Action Gear is pleased to announce that we are now stocking the full range of UF PRO Tactical apparel. This European made, high quality clothing is second-to-none in construction, functionality and striking design; and includes the following key products:

Striker XT Combat Pants diagram

Striker XT Combat Pants

The flagship of the range – the XT pants are setting new industry standards for operational uniforms.
Giving specialists a significant increase in usefulness and efficiency was the highest priority during the development of the Striker XT Combat Pants.

The stretch areas have been expanded and new and ergonomically perfected knee protection has been introduced. This is made using an intelligent combination of technologies that enable highly efficient protection of the knee and tibia areas without fitting the protection system with a Velcro strap.

The width-adjustable lower leg area enables the effective fixing of objects in the lower leg pocket, including during rapid movement.

The large side pocket with inner compartments can be accessed in two ways.

The stretch areas in the hip/buttocks area and above and below the knee protection are made of an extremely resilient Schoeller-dynamic stretch material.

Strike XT Combat Shirt

Striker XT Combat Shirt

Based on the previous Striker Combat Shirt, some important components have been changed in the new XT model that considerably improves the wearing comfort and functionality.

In the torso area, the mix of polyester and merino wool offers extraordinary durability, wearing comfort and odor-inhibition.

The cut of the sleeve and the slide-in pockets have been ergonomically improved so that you will always land on the inserted elbow pads. Furthermore, this optimized cut allows users to pull up their sleeves comfortably for medical access.

An additional elastic ribbon in the underarm pocket offers better fixing for inserted equipment.

Delta Ace Jacket 1

Delta Ace Jacket

This is THE jacket for extreme physical activities at very cold and windy climatic conditions.

For the worst possible outdoor conditions, the Delta AcE Plus jacket provides excellent comfort properties, maximum wind protection and water repellent thermal insulation.

Protection against cold wind is provided with a two layer nylon ripstop-PU membrane laminate lined with the 37.5™ micro fleece.

A significantly increased wear comfort is achieved by air/pac inserts in the shoulder and upper back areas.

UF PRO tactical clothing is available in a variety of colors and camouflage colors and can be viewed and purchased through SEALS Action Gear’s totally new website (note – all prices in CANADIAN dollars): www.sealsactiongear.com/collections/uf-pro

SPECOPS.PL Update For March 2016

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

ULPC-3 Plate Carrier


SPECOPS.PL’s latest plate carrier, the ULPC-3, has now been publicly revealed, after a major delivery to a premiere Polish SF unit in December 2015. The ULPC-3 is SPECOPS’ ‘ultralight’ tactical plate carrier, which builds upon the basic ULPC-1 design.


-Integrated, load-bearing system, capable of attaching to abseiling harnesses or safety ropes.
-Integrated, removable, comfort-pad system for better thermal comfort
-Integrated IFF ID system available in visible and IR markings
-all 2X500D DuPont Cordura laminate construction, laser-cut.
-full MOLLE / PALS compatibility
-detachable SAPI side pouches
-Integrated extraction handle

MBS-3 Uniform


The MBS-3 uniform has now been delivered to a series of Army and Police units in Poland since its original reveal in August 2015. The MBS-3 uniform is also available in fire-retardant DEFENDER-M version.

The MBS-3 uniform is being offered in the full A-TACS family of camo patterns (MBS-3 is available in most patterns on request). A-TACS LE remains a popular choice for PL law-enforcement, while A-TACS AU and FG variants are gaining popularity. One prototype of the MBS-3 was made in A-TACS IX transitional pattern, and has generated much interest from various parties.

Equipped.pl wrote up an extensive overview of the MBS-3 uniform, which can be read at the following link: www.equipped.pl/specops-mundur-bojowy-specops-mbs-3

Individual customers can purchase the MBS-3 uniform at: www.sprzetmilitarny.pl

Also, for our Polish readers, there’s an article in the latest edition of FRAG OUT! tactical online magazine – soon in English – of SPECOPS.PL’s company history:



2016 Lindnerhof Taktik Catalog

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

I got to meet several new companies at the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nürnberg, Germany earlier this month. One of them was Lindnerhof Taktik which represents a couple of SSD favorites like Mystery Ranch, Arc’teryx and Salomon in Germany. They also offer their own line of products which can be seen in this digital catalog.  You’re going to see some very interesting items in there.


(Click on cover to read PDF.)