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PPSS Group’s Latest Body Armour Video The Most Powerful Yet

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

PPSS Group have released their latest body armour demo video today and it is the most powerful and most dynamic to date.

Witnessing a CEO who is willing to be subjected to assaults using knives, expandable batons, machetes, baseball bats and hypodermic needles is a very unique experience. He clearly trusts his products.

Having frequently produced product demo videos over the past few years, their CEO Robert Kaiser wanted to make sure this latest production really highlights his body armour’s true performance:

“Our mission statement is ‘to protect frontline professionals from human threats’ and this new video is once again physical evidence on what our body armour are really capable of.”

“Our objective is to protect and maybe even save the lives of those who protect us and serve their countries, and body armour made by PPSS Group will precisely do that.”

The firm’s stab resistant vests, as featured in the video, have made a worldwide impression due to their unmatched protection from blunt force trauma and unlimited shellfire. They are now being issued to several international homeland security agencies, such as the prison service, border control, immigration and customs, as well as privately owned security and facility management firms.

PPSS Group is headquartered in the UK but its body armours can be purchased via their international licensed distribution partners or their head office in North Yorkshire, England.

PPSS Group is specialised in the development, manufacturing and supply of high performance body armour, offering unrivalled protection from firearms, edged weapons and blunt force trauma. The firm’s social media presence: Face book , LinkedIn , Twitter , Go ogle+ and Instagram .

Coming Soon…ThruDark

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Over the past few months, we’ve been following a new clothing company on Instagram called ThruDark. They are currently working on a line of 12 garments, with the first three launching in late May. We thought now was a good time to introduce Louis and Staz to our readers as well as a sneak peek of one of their new designs.


ThruDark was born out of Adversity…

Louis and Staz have spent the vast majority of their military careers within UK Special Forces. During this time, they’ve endured some of the world’s most arduous environments and terrains in extremely demanding circumstances. Consummate professionals, with incredible attention to detail, yet humble in approach.

The brand was born out of their constant requirement for the best clothing and equipment to assist them in their ‘Endeavour Through Adversity’.

“As Special Forces, we were equipped with the highest specification equipment for the operation at hand. We are always critical of the way it performs and we are at the forefront of developing it to meet our demands”.
-Louis, cofounder

The brand name ‘Thru-Dark’represents the endurance through difficult situations experienced not only by ourselves and our colleagues but to all those who encounter hardships in their own lives.

It’s been over two years from the inception of the brand and it’s beginning to come?to fruition. After traveling around the world in order to find the best factory possible, the garments are now being made in Italy.

They are manufactured to the highest standards using a diverse range of fabrics that are continually tested and developed by the founders and still serving Special Forces Operators.

“We are very fortunate that we are afforded unique skill sets that allow us to continually trial and develop our equipment both personally and through our network of Special Forces contacts across the globe. We feel we have both the credibility and passion to push this to the next level.”
-Staz, cofounder

Research & Development:
We have operated and thrived in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Our Special Forces background gives us first hand experience in developing our products for a broad spectrum of climates from extreme cold tundra, humid jungle to searing arid desert.

We test, evaluate and develop all of our products ourselves, that’ll do will never do. It needs to look amazing and perform even better, surviving on operations without a moments hesitation.

British Design:
Our uncompromising quest for perfection means we work exclusively with one of the worlds most talented design teams ‘Jeffrey Griffin’and ‘Griffin Studio’. Incorporating a?combination of unique ideas, advanced fabrics and technical features to create superior equipment. We are constantly developing a range of products to be utilised in Air, Sea & Land environments.

Here’s a sneak peek of ThruDark’s upcoming SF ZODIAC HALF SHELL Jacket. Colors will include MultiCam and Raven Grey.


The SF Zodiac jacket has a 3-layer waterproof ripstop hood and shoulders designed for intermittent weather. A hard wearing half shell jacket providing protection from the elements whilst maintaining body heat and perspiration regulation.

– 3-Layer waterproof ripstop shoulders and hood. (MAJO-TECH ’RIPPER’ 100% Polyester. Micro ripstop woven with the same yarn used for military supply. The ripstop construction increases the resistance in tear and scuff, it also provides total protection and comfort against water and wind thanks to a functional breathable membrane and an extra protective mesh as inner layer.)
– 4-Way stretch body to allow for a diverse range of functional movements. (‘SERATES VENTO FX4’ 87% PA 13% EA. 4-way stretch with superb water resistance.)
– Upper arm and hood velcro molle patches designed to incorporate reflective patches, emergency strobes and lighting systems for use in emergency situations.
– Laser cut breathable micro fleece chin guard for protection.
– Elasticated and velcro adjustable cuffs with thumb loops.
– 2 YKK aqua seal zip arm pockets and 2 YKK aqua seal zip micro fleece lined hand warmer pockets for multiple storage options.
– Oversized hood peak for protection against sunlight and showers.
– 3 elasticated drawcords for correct hood fitment.
– Made in Italy


Look for the launch, May 24th, 2018 at

Danish Armed Forces Selects SIG P320 X-Carry

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

This is something we haven’t discussed. Late last year, the Danish Armed Forces adopted the SIG P320 X-Carry based on a tender overseen by the Ministry of Defense’s Food and Purchasing Board (FMI). The pistols are supplied by local vendor, CT Solution Aps.

According to the Danish Army, a total of four guns were tested and they were subjected to “all conceivable conditions” by users of the Special Operations, Military Police, Air Force and Army. The P320 was the best candidate in the four-week trial period. The test program was prepared by Hærens Kamp- og Ildstøttecenter (HKIC) in cooperation with FMI. of malfunction test, accuracy test, shooting in the dark and field field. The gun was also tested by experts from Direct Shooting Weapons (DSV) at HKIC. made drop test, penetration test and precision test.

The P320 will be supplied in two versions, a standard and a concealed carry version. These will replace all pistols in the Armed Forces, such as the M / 49 which would only carry 8 rounds compated to the 21 rounds of the P320.

Fielding has begun and the new pistol is expected to be full fielded to all units by the end of 2019 with new equipmemt training to be completed by the Commonwealth Defense Command (VFK).

This video from the Danish Defense’s YouTube Channel depicts the testing.

Thanks Keld!

Frag Out! Presents – Sport MSBS / GROT

Thursday, April 5th, 2018

Our friends at Frag Out! Magazine have been gracious enough to allow us to share their exclusive look at the Sport variant of the Polish MSBS/GROT rifle.

Civilian MSBS/GROT S16 FB-M1 coming soon
Today we had an opportunity to pick up one of the first .223 Rem GROT S16 FB-M1, the long-awaited civilian-legal version of MSBS/GROT.


223 Rem GROT S16 FB-M1  is semi-automatic version 5.56×45 NATO Fabryka Broni ?ucznik-Radom MSBS/GROT C16 FB-M1 assault rifles, initially adopted by Polish Armed Forces in 2017. The Fabryka Broni ?ucznik-Radom announced that rifles will be available for sale next week.


The pictured GROT S16 FB-M1 comes from the first production run of 500 pieces. First 100 pieces will be limited, to commemorate Polish Independence (regained in 1918), edition which will have some special laser-engraved markings and certificate. Every rifle will come with engraved Polish White Eagle on the right side of the upper receiver.


Semi-automatic GROT S16 FB-M1 comes assembled with side-folded collapsible stock, Magpul M-LOK attachment system handguard (officially licensed by M-LOK) with three short MIL-STD-1913 rails, folded ironsights, Magpul MOE handguard, green translucent polymer 30 round magazine, cleaning kit, manual, warranty card, etc. The rifle comes factory wrapped in anti-corrosion foil (in the past, rifles were packed in paper…, future is here!) and packed in the hard case.


What are the differences between the  GROT S16 FB-M1 and GROT C16 FB-M1, except being a semi-only rifle? Of course, the standard fire control group was replaced with two-position (Safe & Single) selector lever (90 degree rotation). Icons are stamped, but not painted. FCG is ambidextrous. Next thing is the above mentioned M-LOK handguard with four mounting slots at the 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 o’clock and three at 2 and 11 o’clock. The 16” MIL-SPEC quick-changeable fluted barrel with 1:9 twist has 1/2-28-UNEF-2A thread, so the users can easily change the muzzle device. The GROT version adopted by Polish Army has muzzle device which can be only removed by armorer. Rifle is compatible with .223 Rem and 5.56×45 rounds.


The civilian version of the rifle does not feature the bayonet lug. Since the bayonet in military rifle is attached to the lug and to the muzzle device itself, it is impossible to fix it to the S16 FB-M1. The QD sling attachment point location was changed accordingly to the feedback from military users.


There were also some changes in the internals of the rifle – except the lack of full-auto capability. The bolt carrier was modified and the six wolfram plunges were removed. The S16 FB-M1 trigger works different too, it’s not MIL-SPEC one either the Match. The trigger reset is quite long, so no quick double taps. Unfortunately, it is not modular and cannot be replaced without some serious modification of the rifle.


Driving home from the FB Radom, we decided to have a short trip to shooting range to check this piece out. Well, basically it shoots close to the military rifle. It is stable during shooting, fully ambidextrous and comes with the 90 degree rotation fire control group. The selector switch has quite strong resistance, but we hope it will soon go on. There was some wobbling in the collapsible stock. We were using cheap GGG rounds and there was no stoppages. According to the manual, the S16 FB-M1 is compatible with almost all STANAG magazines, except the Magpul PMAG M3… In upcoming days and months we will see how the rifle will perform when we will get it some serious use.


Some tech specs:

Caliber: 5.56×45 mm NATO/.223 Remington

Overall length: 681 mm (26.81”) with folded stock or 903 mm (35.55”) with stock fully extended

Barrel length: 406 mm (16”)

Barrel twist: 1:9

Weight: 3.7 kg (8.16 lbs)

New Camo For The Royal Australian Navy

Sunday, March 25th, 2018


This is the replacement of the Disruptive Pattern Print (DPP)-derived Disruptive Pattern Naval Uniform (DPNU) with the MCP-derived Maritime Multicam Camouflage Uniform (MMCU) for the Royal Australian Navy.

Federal Receives Five-Year Duty Ammunition Contract from Norway, Sweden and Denmark

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

ANOKA, Minnesota – March 15, 2018 – Federal Premium is proud to have secured a significant ammunition contract with the Swedish Police Authority, Danish National Police and Norwegian Police. These forces have committed to a five-year contract beginning in 2018 for the delivery of 223 Rem./5.56x45mm Tactical Bonded and 308 Win. Tactical Bonded Tip ammunition for use in all duty rifles.

“Police in Norway, Sweden and Denmark will now be relying on Federal Premium in their duty rifles to keep their residents safe and protected,” said Federal Premium President Jason Vanderbrink. “We’re extremely proud of this important contract. Our Tactical Bonded ammunition was chosen for its reliability, accuracy, terminal performance and ability to defeat barriers.”

Designed to penetrate the toughest barriers while maintaining terminal performance, both rounds have quickly become the choice for some of the most intense duty situations. The 308 Win. load in particular achieves accuracy and terminal performance unmatched by other ammunition.

Federal Premium is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on Federal Premium, go to

Australian Army – LAND 400 Phase 2 Announcement: Rheinmetall has been selected to deliver Australia’s new Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle, the Boxer CRV

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Following a rigorous testing process, Rheinmetall’s Boxer CRV was assessed as the most capable vehicle for the Australian Army. The vehicle will enhance the safety, security and protection of our troops, and will replace the ageing Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV).

The vehicles will be equipped with high levels of protection; firepower and mobility provided by the vehicles will be used for operations, varying from peacekeeping to close combat. They will able be used at facilities in Puckapunyal, Bandiana, Adelaide, Townsville and Enoggera.

The Boxer will be manufactured in South East Queensland and use over 24 manufacturers located across Australia.

Photo: LTCOL McKendry

IWA 18 – Multi Utility Denim by LMSGear

Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Portugal (home of the explorers), the new Multi Utility Denim Pants From LMSGear are available in Selvedge or 1% elastene models.

At either side of the rear are inset pockets for rifle magazines. At the front, there are pockets which accommodate 2 Pistol magazines each.

The belt loops are also double sewn for carabiners and the front pocket gems are reinforced for pocket clip carry. Finally, there is a hidden pocket inside the rear waist, large enough to accept a credit card.

Available in sizes even waist 30-40 with 34″ length. Contact