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Meprolight to Supply M5 and Night Vision Sights to a Western European Special Ops Federal Police Force

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

The advanced and unique capabilities of these sights make them ideally suited to the needs of Police Special Units

October 24, 2018, Meprolight (1990) Ltd. – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, self-illuminated sights, and Laser Range Finder systems for military, law enforcement and civil applications – was awarded a contract to supply a follow-on order of its field-proven MEPRO M5 sightsand MEPRO MINIMON (L) multifunctional night vision monoculars to a Western European Federal Police Force Special Unit.

The advanced and unique capabilities of these high quality sights – much appreciated by satisfied customers – make them ideally suited to the needs of these special police units. Among their features are a ruggedized design that withstands extreme weather and conditions, their light weight, low power consumption enabling extended operation time while requiring only a single AA commercial battery and featuring a unique power-saving system extending operating time without compromising target acquisition.

According to Mr. David Shenhav, Regional VP Marketing and Sales, “Meprolight provides versatile solutions suited to military, HLS and law enforcement missions. This new contract is an add-on to tenders previously awarded to Meprolight for the supply of the same products to the same customer. As with all follow-on orders, it is further confirmation of the suitability of the company’s solutions to the customer’s needs and additional proof of their high quality.”

The compact, energy efficient MEPRO M5 Red-Dot Sight provides thousands of operating hours with a single AA battery. Featuring battle-proven LED technology and rugged MIL-STD design, the sight assures reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. With its large display window and reticle, it ensures rapid target acquisition with both eyes open. Offering numerous reticle brightness intensities and various reticle configurations, the MEPRO M5 suits every tactical scenario. To facilitate night operations and long-range target engagement, the MEPRO M5 is compatible with the most advanced Image Intensification Tubes NVG monoculars as well as with magnifying scopes. Its human engineering allows positioning of NVGs and magnifiers close to the sight’s optics with no decrease in the field of view and without compromising convenient switch operation.

The MEPRO MINIMON (L) can be used in monocular or binocular configuration having two MEPRO MINIMONs connected via a special bridge. It enables full tactical flexibility using either one or both eyes during missions including observation, target acquisition, and driving a vehicle; multi-function and extremely lightweight it can be head- and helmet-mounted, weapon-mounted, or hand-held. The monocular operates more than 40 continuous hours utilizing either a single AA or a CR123 battery, enables exceptional night vision imagery while allowing the user to maintain full situational awareness with the unaided eye or 3-D view in binocular configuration. , It is MIL-STD 810 and has a 40° field of view. It is compatible with all IR illumination and laser pointers, and while weapon-mounted in tandem behind a day “red-dot” sight, it creates an efficient night vision sight.

For more information on Meprolight, please visit: www.meprolight.com.

Shadow Systems Commits to Donating $7,500 to Law Enforcement Charities with Release of Limited Edition Thin Blue Line Pistol

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Plano, TX (October, 2018) – Shadow Systems, a US-based manufacturer of Glock compatible firearms, parts, and accessories, is proud to announce the release of 5 Limited Edition Thin Blue Line Pistols, to support the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund. 100% of the $1,500 purchase price of each limited edition pistol will be donated to the National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund or another law enforcement charity of the customer’s choice.

The Shadow Systems team is made up of former law enforcement officers and military veterans, and has been a supporter of military and law enforcement groups since the company’s founding. Considerations from using weapons in the field as LEOs and in military combat have been what fuels the engineering behind the Shadow Systems product line; the company has even created custom offerings at the request of law enforcement agencies.

The Thin Blue Line Limited Edition pistols were created to show pride for law enforcement and the company has decided to take that pride one step further by donating 100% of the purchase price of each pistol to a law enforcement charity.

“Our team has the utmost respect for our law enforcement community. We acknowledge how difficult their job is and are happy to have the opportunity to support their community with the release of this pistol. I am hopeful that our modest donation will find its way to provide some small relief to the families of those heroes who have fallen in the line of duty.”

– Trevor Roe, General Manager

The Thin Blue Line Pistol features the Optics Ready Window Cut Slide, which accomodates a Trijicon RMR or Holosun red dot optic. The window cut on the slide allows a blue-lined Threaded Fluted DLC Barrel to peek through. The Glock frame of the pistol has been modified with a hand-done Enhanced Traction stippled grip job featuring a double undercut, scalloping around the magazine button, and the addition of index pads to each side of the frame; these modifications allow the gun to sit more comfortably in the hand and provide enhanced controllability without feeling too rough to carry daily. Machined from hardened 17-4 stainless steel and coated in cutting edge hard-use DLC, the slide features aggressively raked front and rear serrations and precisely executed chamfers and radiuses throughout. The Thin Blue Line Pistol also features the Shadow Systems Elite Flat-Faced Aluminum Trigger, with a blue coating along with a tuned 4-4.5lb pull weight trigger pack.

Shadow Systems is a portfolio company of Catalyst Holdings. Visit www.shadowsystemscorp.com; engage on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ShadowSystemsCorp; follow on Instagram at instagram.com/shadowsystemscorp.

New Security Solution Designed to Prevent Vehicle Terrorism

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018


In April, a man drove a van into a crowd on a sidewalk in Toronto, killing 10 and injuring a dozen more. In March, an angry driver drove a car into a group outside a bar in Texas, killing one and injuring at least three others. In 2017, several high-profile vehicle attacks occurred globally, including two in London. One, on London Bridge, resulted in eight fatalities. Another, on Westminster Bridge, resulted in five deaths. In December 2016, a man drove a truck into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, killing 12 people and wounding nearly 50 more. In another vehicle attack, likely terror-related, a rented cargo van was used. Eighty-six people were killed. Hundreds more were wounded.

This new and dangerous mass-killing tactic shows no signs of abatement. Indeed, large vehicles may be replacing firearms as a weapon of choice since perpetrators can so quickly and easily gain access to them. Terrorists can rent a large truck quickly and surreptitiously from many places that provide such services. Unlike firearm purchases, these rentals aren’t delayed by cooling-off periods or tracked by law enforcement. Instead, the terrorist can rent a vehicle and become familiar with its operation well before the planned attack. Large vehicles can be obtained globally. Even a smaller vehicle, such as a van or passenger car, can cause mass casualties in a crowded area.

Vehicle attacks are particularly insidious because they attempt to deny people the use of open spaces, gathering areas and common markets, such as weekly farmers’ markets or specialty markets. Parades are also potential targets.

Currently, there is limited knowledge about how to predict or stop such attacks. Until now, no one in government or the private security sector has taken a leadership role in physical security to address such attacks. Now Security Pro USA has stepped up to provide a product to meet this need.

The company provides a variety of portable vehicle barriers which can be used to secure a perimeter from vehicle attacks. The company’s vehicle barriers are available in a variety of sizes to fit the threat level or needs of the security personnel and situation.

Most vehicle barriers have been fixed concrete structures, such as large bollards, or large and unwieldy products that were not portable. Security Pro offers a better option. The company’s HERCULES 100 Heavy Weight Modular Vehicle Barrier can be transported easily in a van, station wagon or SUV. When assembled, this barrier can stop vehicles as large as tractor trailers as well as cars, vans and even large trucks.

Security Pro also offers smaller barriers which are equally effective against a variety of vehicle threats. The Samson Modular Barrier for Heavy Weight Vehicles will prevent vehicles as small as a motorcycle or as large as a 12-ton truck from entering a secured perimeter.

“Our barriers represent the top level of both design and workmanship. Our products have been well-tested with a focus on saving lives,” said Security Pro USA CEO Al Evan.

Security Pro recommends the use of barriers for any event where traffic should be limited for security reasons. Examples of such events include open-air shopping experiences, outdoor concerts, fairs, parades and motorcades.

Security Pro vehicle barriers can be disassembled and easily stored in relatively small spaces. Due to their modular nature, these barriers do not have to be deployed in advance, but can be taken to the site and assembled prior to the event, reducing the inconvenience of barricading areas to a relatively short timeframe.

Security Pro barriers are designed for both civilian and governmental use as well as military applications, particularly where checkpoints are used, but permanent structures aren’t desirable or have been prohibited by host countries.

“We intend to get these barriers out to public safety officials as soon as possible to help protect public safety by assisting police and military personnel with quick deployment and the power to stop vehicles in protected areas,” Evan said.

Vehicle barriers are currently the best solution available to stop these types of attacks.

Visit www.securityprousa.com or call (800) 264-8273 now for more information.

Female Officers Attend 2nd Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by GLOCK

Sunday, October 14th, 2018

AUSTIN — A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) hosted eleven law enforcement officers for the 2nd Annual ‘Back the Women in Blue’ Presented by GLOCK. The event took place Sept 25-28, 2018, in north Texas at the Texas Handgun Academy in Dallas and Mission 160 Range in Whitewright. Participants included female officers, deputies, constables, and troopers representing large municipalities, rural counties, and state agencies from five different states.

“It was extremely gratifying to see a tremendous amount of support for the badge that I’m very proud to put on every day to protect and serve my community,” said Officer Meghan Vold of the Park Forest (IL) Police Department. “Every day, in every city and town across the country, police officers are performing vital services that help make their communities safer. Being afforded stellar training like this aids us in carrying out our mission with honor and integrity.”

Training included behavioral analysis, body language cues and pre-attack indicators, communication skills, team building, situational decision-making skills, and advanced firearms skills. Range time culminated with Simunitions scenarios to allow officers put their training into practice. With significant support from GLOCK, ammunition provided by Federal Premium, targets provided by Action Target, and scenario cars provided by Beard’s Towing, AG & AG was able to provide the the training materials, range fees, hotel, and all meals for the officers.

Lead instructor Heather Eckert is the owner of E4Defense, which sponsored training for the event. Heather holds multiple certifications, including Master Firearms Instructor in Shotgun, Patrol Rifle, and Handgun; RBT/Force on Force; and Specialty Training Certifications. She is an active member of ILEETA, IALEFI, and IAWP, and is a Texas DPS PSB Level III Instructor. Detective Josh White is an Army Veteran, Texas Peace Officer, TCOLE Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Force on Force Instructor, and DT Instructor. He is Double Brown belt in Shuri Ryu Karate and Blue belt in Tae Kwon Do.

“The friendship bonds and camaraderie I made this week will stay with me forever,” said Sergeant Kimberly Gill of the Sunset Valley (TX) Police Department. “The incredible generosity of the event sponsors and the gracious efforts by A Girl & A Gun was awe inspiring.”

AG & AG is scheduling additional training events for female officers, as well as a training course designed specifically for wives of LEOs, whose lives face uncertain dangers due to the nature of their spouses’ careers. For more information, visit AGirlandAGun.org/back-the-blue.

MDM 18 – Kydex Handcuff TACO from High Speed Gear

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

Developer in conjunction with subsidiary Comp-Tac Victory Gear, the Kydex Handcuff TACO is available in Black and OD.

Offered by both HSGI and Comp-Tac.

Spirit of Blue Awards Tourniquet Grant to Kentucky State Police in Memory of Fallen Trooper

Friday, September 21st, 2018


FRANKFORT, KENTUCKY – September 17, 2018 – The Spirit of Blue Foundation announced that it has awarded the Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder Memorial Safety Grant to the Kentucky State Police Foundation (KSPF) to outfit all 1,000 troopers and officers of the Kentucky State Police with lifesaving tourniquets inside of rugged duty belt cases.  The KSP uniform policy was amended to include mandatory wear of the North American Rescue Gen7 C-A-T Tourniquet inside of an Eleven 10 RIGID TQ Case with High Gloss finish and Shirt Shield attachment as part of its official uniform.  Both companies worked with Spirit of Blue to configure the product specifically for KSP.  The grant was funded in large part by a strategic partnership with Law Enforcement United, along with contributions from Eleven 10, North American Rescue and Sportsmen Organized for Law Enforcement, along with a number of smaller private donations, and is valued at $83,970.

(left to right) Spirit of Blue Foundation Executive Director Ryan T. Smith and Bill Janson, president of Eleven 10, LLC presented a ceremonial check for tourniquets and cases to Brenda Tiffany, mother of fallen Trooper Cameron Ponder, Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders and Sgt. Josh Lawson, commander of the KSP Public Affairs Branch.

The grant is named after KSP Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder, who was killed in the line of duty on Sept. 13, 2015.  Trooper Ponder’s mother, Brenda Tiffany, was instrumental in the inception of this safety grant and was on hand at a special ceremony held at the Kentucky State Police Training Academy on September 13, 2018.

According to Tiffany, this memorial grant is a very fitting way to help remember her son on the third anniversary of his death. “This is the first time I have looked forward to Sept. 13th,” she said. “It’s such a positive contribution on his behalf.”

“On behalf of the Kentucky State Police, I would like to thank The Spirit of Blue Foundation for this very generous grant,” said KSP Commissioner Rick Sanders. “This grant will allow every officer to have immediate access to an effective tool which may save a life of an officer or citizen.”

Tourniquets are vital pieces of medical equipment that officers require on the road in the event of a traumatic injury to an extremity. When only precious minutes exist to treat such an injury, tourniquets are able to be applied individually or on a fellow officer to prevent excessive blood loss until that individual can be placed into medical care.  As a secondary benefit, officers who carry a tourniquet are also able to use them to rescue a member of the community who may have experienced a similar type of injury.

“Tourniquets are quickly becoming one of our most granted pieces of equipment,” explained Ryan T. Smith, Executive Director of the Spirit of Blue Foundation. “The reason is because they are more affordable than most safety equipment and, sadly, officers need this type of lifesaving device more as threats to their lives, and others, become more prevalent.”

To date, Spirit of Blue has granted 2,196 tourniquets nationwide and five documented Community Saves have been made as a result.

Law Enforcement United (LEU), the grant’s sponsor, is an organization of 1,000 active and retired police officers who honor fallen officers and raise funds to assist charitable organizations that serve the law enforcement community.  Each year members of the organization ride 250 miles or more into Washington, DC to participate in National Police Week events and carry flags in honor of each fallen officer which are given to the surviving families upon their arrival.  Since its founding in 2009, LEU has raised over $5,750,000 for law enforcement causes.

Statistics released by the Officer Down Memorial Page show that 105 law enforcement officers have already lost their lives in 2018 – a 5% increase over the same period in the year previous.  40 of those deaths were firearm related, an 18% increase over the same period in 2017.  The reality of these statistics, and the increasing number of underfunded law enforcement agencies across the country, fuel the Spirit of Blue safety grant initiative.

The Spirit of Blue Foundation actively encourages the public at large to honor and appreciate law enforcement officers who serve and protect our communities. By supporting the Spirit of Blue Foundation, the public can make an impact in the lives of law enforcement officers every day. To learn more about the Spirit of Blue, or make a donation, visit www.spiritofblue.org.

Detroit Police Department SWAT Adopts SIG SAUER M400 Rifles

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Newington, N.H. (September 17, 2018) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the Detroit Police Department has adopted the SIG SAUER M400 Rifle for their SWAT officers. The Detroit Police Department is a municipal police force comprised of twelve precincts protecting the largest city in the state of Michigan and one of the largest cities in the U.S.

Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. began, “the M400 rifle is designed to exceed military standards to be the most accurate and reliable rifle in its class, which makes it an optimal choice for specialized law enforcement units in extraordinary enforcement situations.”

The SIG SAUER M400 is an AR-platform rifle with a direct impingement gas operating system. The M400 features a full-length free-float M-LOK handguard, enhanced SIG trigger, 6-position telescoping stock, and a rotating lock bolt.

“We are honored that the Detroit Police Department has entrusted SIG SAUER firearms to support the special tactical operations of their SWAT officers, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship with the department,” concluded Jankiewicz.

The rifles for the Detroit Police Department will be distributed through Vance Outdoors.

KDH Defense Systems Wins Prestigious Drug Enforcement Administration Contract  

Thursday, September 13th, 2018

Eden, NC, September 13, 2018 – KDH Defense Systems, Inc. (“KDH”), a leading manufacturer of American-made, high-performance protective solutions, today announced it has been awarded a competitive, multiple-year Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (ID/IQ) Contract for Ballistic Body Armor from the Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”). Under the terms of this award (15DDHQ18D00000014), KDH will manufacture and deliver both concealable and tactical vests, as well as hard armor plates to the DEA. The contract covers one base year with four one-year options, with a maximum value that shall not exceed $2.9 million.

“For the past several years, KDH Defense has supported the DEA’s body armor requirements and we are honored again, to have been selected as their protective solutions company,” stated Dave Herbener, President of KDH.

Jim Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of the holding company that owns both Armor Express and KDH Defense Systems stated, “Between Armor Express and KDH, we now service most of the pre-eminent Federal agencies. Our goal is to continue to expand our reach, enhance our solutions and deliver the best service that our customers mandate. We stand ready to support the DEA’s mission-critical requirements and look forward to building on our partnership in the years to come.”

Manufacturing will be performed at the Company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Eden, North Carolina. All body armor will be delivered, inspected and accepted at the DEA Headquarters and regional division offices located throughout the 50 United States and overseas.