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Fighter Design USA – Texas Mag Bags

Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

I ran into Fighter Design USA’s head man Adam Slank while walking the SHOT Show floor. Every time I see him, he’s got some cool new product. I noticed he was carrying a nylon bag over his shoulder. Not unusual for SHOT Show, but he sat this one in the ground and said, “Got a minute? I’ve got something to show you.”


He pulled back on the handles and the flap came open and I muttered something like, “oh, wow! That’s a lot of magazines.” Adam didn’t miss a beat, replying, “Of course there are, it’s a Texas Mag Bag.”


Offered in both 12 pack and 6 pack (seen below) configurations, the Texas Mag Bags from Fighter Design USA give you quick access to your magazines. A single flap secures with Fighter Design USA’s signature magnets along with dual zippers on a single pull. You simply give it a pull and voila; magazines…lots of loaded, high capacity magazines each nestled into its own slot.


Texas Mag Bags come fully kitted out with the appropriate number of SureFire 60 rd magazines.

ODG Advanced Reconnaissance Chest Rig

Monday, January 26th, 2015

Manufactured by the good folks at Grey Ghost Gear, the Orion Design Group Advanced Reconnaissance Chest Rig is a PALS compatible, Modular Chest Rig. There’s quite a bit going on with the ODG ARC so we asked them to send us a write up.


We are proud to finally announce the ODG ARC. This design has been on the drawing board for awhile. It was conceived during a winter mobility training package I was invited to attend with an NSW Recce troop in the mountains of Idaho. It was also a collaboration between us and S&S Precision. Drew was instrumental in coming up with the silent closure and building the second article for us.


The ARC is comprised of five pieces. First the heart of the system is the optics pouch. This pouch is capable of holding large framed 10x Binoculars and some small Thermal imagining devices. It is constructed with padding to help protect mission critical optics.


It has an array of features:

Molle webbing on the sides to accommodate pistol mags, multi tools, laser range finders, and kestrel ballistic weather meters.
Fold down admin panel to accommodate GRG, ballistic data cards, maps, and some smart phones.
Elastic webbing to hold pens, chem lights,as well as loose ammo.
Bungie tie downs to hold elk bugle/game calls or remote antennas for personal coms.
Loop panel to accomodate magazine/pistol carriage


The yoke will be offered in two configurations the “Alpha” (Not Shown) will be a slick minimalist yoke constructed in a four way stretch. The “Bravo” (shown) will be a mesh/ MOLLE platform for additional hydration/load carriage capability.


The next component are the side panels which give you the ability to integrate into the optics pouch for a more robust load carrying capability, or the ability to remove the optics pouch and use as a stand alone micro chest rig.


The panels contain internal and external loop placement for endless options for versatility in carrying magazines, radios, and pistols.


Lastly the system offers a small roll top minimalist pack with an internal 32oz hydration sleeve and external hose port.


We are happy to announce that the system will be manufactured by the newest member of the ODG Tribe, Grey Ghost Gear. They are consummate professionals, and the reason this third version came to be a reality. I can’t frankly say enough good things about them. They are great people as well as great professionals and we are thrilled to be working with them. If you are a small company like us and in need of nylon manufacturing capability these are the folks to get it done. I hope everyone had a great SHOT show we certainly did!

Train Hard! Hunt Hard! and CHOOSE YOUR PREY!!!

Look At The Surprise That Came In Our Package From HSGI

Monday, January 26th, 2015


High Speed Gear sent along one of their proven TACO Mag Pouches, but the real surprise is what was contained within. HSGI has started to manufacture their own polymer MOLLE-compatible mounting clips. Dubbed HSG Clips, the clips are flexible, are secured using a button snap closure, and are made in the USA. Look for HSG Clips to soon be included with HSGI’s line of load carrying gear.

ORWM – Atlas 46

Saturday, January 24th, 2015

The legend John Carver has applied years and years of tactical nylon production toward the manufacturing market. Ever since he’s lived in Montana, he’s been doing lots of DIY projects.


He makes a belt system with a variety of pouches that can be quickly swapped out.


The pouches themselves are also modular with a simple attachment system. The drill holster takes some design cues from pistol holsters including a shock cord to keep it secure. Additionally, the material extends down further because so many carry their holster with a bit installed which can cut the user or his clothing.

SHOT Show – High Ground Gear

Friday, January 23rd, 2015


The beastly Load-Out Bag is a monster. Made from 600D material, it offers 5600 cu in of space for your deployment gear. What’s really cool are the wide, all terrain wheels and braided webbing handles. Those are the two components that tend to blow out on a load out bag. Offered on Coyote, MultiCam, Ranger Green and Black.


SHOT Show – Renegade Armor / Limitless Gear

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

I’ve mentioned the OPFOR 5.56 magazine carrier in the past. It was great to meet the guys behind the brand.


One thing I find very cool about this polymer mag carrier is the PALS attachment mechanism that is built into the carrier. You just lay it on the webbing and click it closed. You can also stack them one atop the other. The lidless retention system holds the magazine fast with just a twist and pull to get it free.

Tactical Tailor Introduces Wolf Grey to Line

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


Tactical Tailor has introduced Wolf Grey into their Fight Light line. Made from 500D Cordura, the MBAV Low Vis Plate Carrier as well as the suite of pouches.


Coming soon in Wolf Grey is the Fight Light Plate Carrier.

SHOT Show – Hill People Gear

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

For the first time, HPG is showing their entire backcountry living system in one place.


Here we can see, Heavy Recon Kit Bag up front, attached to the Ute Back Pack, with a mounted PALS Pocket. On top, is the 8/12 Stuff Sack.


Check them out in booth #32513.

CamelBak Launches New Lumbar-Based Hydration Packs

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

CamelBak Launches Tactical Lumbar Packs; Rubicon and Skirmish
Lumbar Reservoir-based hydration packs reposition water weight on the hips for a lower center of gravity and increased upper mobility.

Las Vegas, NV (January 20, 2015) – CamelBak announces the launch of the Rubicon and Skirmish as part of its Maximum Gear line for 2015. Utilizing a unique 100 oz. (3L) Mil Spec Antidote Lumbar Reservoir, these packs re-invent the way water is carried in tactical hydration packs. The low profile, baffled lumbar reservoir integrates into a specially-designed insulated hydration compartment at the base of each pack. This exclusive reservoir design moves the weight of the water onto the hips for a more comfortable and ergonomic load-carry and is built from the same material as the standard Mil Spec Antidote Reservoir, which meets the USMC hydration system requirement for tensile strength, puncture resistance and burst resistance.


With cargo capacities of 2,868 and 2,014 cubic inches respectively, the Rubicon and Skirmish are two of the largest packs in the Maximum Gear line. To reduce bulk, both packs are equipped with innovative, sleek and low-profile laser-cut composite MOLLE panels on the face and harnesses that provide secure attachment for pouches and gear.

“Water is one of the heaviest pieces of gear to carry, and is essential to staying hydrated and surviving in hot climates,” said Jeremy Galten, VP of R&D of CamelBak Products. “Our unique lumbar reservoir design gives warfighters the ability to carry their water low and around their hips for a lower center of gravity and more stable load-carry.” Designed for extended missions, both packs feature full clamshell openings for easy access to main compartments, additional lower access to the main compartment to quickly stash or grab items, a front pocket organizer pocket, internal mesh pockets keep items organized and easy to find and an internal MOLLE panel allows custom configuration of essential gear/pouches. The larger of the two packs, the Rubicon also includes low-profile padded side pockets to protect critical gear, a second large main compartment with full clamshell opening and additional internal organization mesh pockets. It also comes with a deployable internal panel to create an upper/ lower compartment in the main cargo pocket for added versatility.

Calemlbak Packs

Other shared features include a contoured back panel for a more comfortable fit, side carry handles for loading and unloading, top grab handle, two main compartment adjustable lash straps to secure large or bulky items, multiple drink tube exit ports for routing the tube over the shoulder or under the arm, ASIPS radio attachment points with dual antenna ports to hold communications securely, quick-release shoulder straps, a removable and stowable fully adjustable padded waist belt, upper and lower compression straps, an adjustable sternum strap and hook-and-loop panel for the hassle-free removal of nametags and unit badges.

Given all the gear a warfighter carries, CamelBak helps lighten the load by using lightweight, durable 500D Ripstop Cordura material, which has a tighter weave and is significantly lighter than standard 1000D Cordura . Using this material with the unique design of the Mil Spec Antidote Lumbar reservoir makes these the most advanced and versatile tactical packs for carrying ammunition, cargo, and hydration. Both packs come with the Mil Spec Antidote Lumbar Reservoir that includes the essential features CamelBak is known for, such as the Quick Link exit port, Big Bite Valve, HydroGuard technology for easy cleaning, and QL HydroLock for secure shut

Available in October, 2015, the Rubicon and Skirmish measure 21.9 X 14.5 X 13.1 and 20.3 X 14.6 X 12.1 inches respectively and come in Coyote and MultiCam.

Available on GSA contract GS07F-9727H, at Exchanges, and all usual CamelBak Maximum Gear distribution outlets.

S.O.TECH Announces The Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System Generation II

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

S.O.TECH has announced the Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System Gen II, as well as the developement of a taser holster and IFAK pouch, with the LAPD and LASD. The full release can be read below:

Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System Gen II

SOTech is proud to announce the debut of it’s Speed Clip Thigh Rig Quick Attachment System (Generation 2)(US patented). We are also proud to announce our development of a Taser Holster and Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) pouch with LAPD and LASD. The “Los Angeles Speed Clip” development resulted in agency-wide purchases by LAPD and LASD of Taser holsters and IFAK pouches across Los Angeles.

· Both agencies worked together in an effort to standardize their gear according to common requirements.

· Additional pouches including rifle magazine pouches are in use by these departments on the same platform.

· What is unique about SOTech’s Speed Clip configuration is that it can be quickly mounted on a thigh, duty belt, or MOLLE-compatible vest. SOTech recognizes the need for patrol officers to be light and nimble, while quickly Speed Clipping-on situation-dependent gear, like Tasers, rifle magazines and IFAKs.

· SOTech is also developing a third level of “Suit Up Gear” including vests and packs for deliberate preparation events such as civil disobedience control and warrant service.

· SOTech designed these pouches to be professional looking and compact keeping in mind they are in the public’s view.

· SOTech also has Speed Clip rigs for plain clothes agents and detectives, fire suppression, riot control, terrorism response, radios, and gas masks.

· SOTech began development of it’s Speed Clip line in 1997 as one of it’s first products. After decades of refinement on the streets of Los Angeles, we are proud to have been approached by two of the world’s most progressive law enforcement departments to create Generation II.

SOTech will be debuting Speed Clip Generation II at SHOT Show in Booth 20113. Learn more at or by contacting us at info@specopstech.