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Regulation Tactical – Why They Designed The Glide Belt And How To Use It

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Tactical Tailor And Grey Ghost Gear At The 2015 USASOC Sniper Competition

Saturday, March 21st, 2015


Nate from Tactical Tailor and Kevin from Grey Ghost Gear and Grey Ghost Precision will be on-hand at the 2015 USASOC Sniper Competition, taking place March 23-27 at Fort Bragg, NC. Additionally, there may be a guest appearance by Tommy Batt Boy of Ranger Up.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Beat Up Plate Carrier

Friday, March 20th, 2015

This week we feature a FirstSpear original. The Beat Up is a plate carrier that was one of the first armor platforms produced when the company launched. A government agency overrun has allowed them to close out a limited stock of Medium and Large SAPI cut Beat Ups (Ranger Green only).


This is a great opportunity to grab a full featured carrier or replace an old one at a very low cost. These are not seconds and are fresh off the floor and still come with the FirstSpear lifetime warranty in materials and craftsmanship.

With a name borrowed from the lexicon of the elite Long Range Desert Group (LRDG) of World War II, a “Beat Up” was considered to be a raid, ambush or direct action of the type that group favored and this PC is developed for just that sort of operation. The Beat Up is lightweight and integrated with all appropriate functions that reflect input from Professional Users, the experience of the FirstSpear Design Team and the very best in modern materials technology.

The Beat Up features full comfort padding and ventilation on the front and back body just like the Strandhögg. Includes full cummerbund that accepts 6×6 side plates, Drag handle, fully adjustable shoulder straps, and FirstSpear design and quality craftsmanship you can trust. Fits Hard Armor plates cut to SAPI in the corresponding size, ie. Medium Plate fits a Medium Plate Carrier.


The Beat Up retails at $349.98 now available while supplies last for $149.99 AND they are offering Free Domestic Ground Shipping (APO/FPO/DPO) with purchase of the Beat Up (Ranger Green only).

CSAT – Paul Howe Combat Rack On Sale

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

Paul Howe Combat Rack

Designed by Paul Howe and manufactured by Tactical Tailor, the CSAT Combat Rack is designed to be worn over armor and for quick assembly of necessary assault equipment. It features 6 multifunction pouches which can fit up to a .308 magazine each, and the Combat Rack can also support up to two pistols. Pistol pouches on the Combat Rack support double stack magazines, multitools, flashlights, etc. The bottom pouch is designed for a medical or survival kit.

It’s currently on sale on the CSAT website for roughly 20%-off MSRP.

Available in OD Green and Tan. Made in the USA.

ECHO NiNER – Flashlight Holster

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

ECHO NiNER has introduced two styles of Kydex flashlight holsters.  They come outfitted with 1.5 inch belt loops but can also be made PALS compatible via MALICE clips.  Both are offered in Black or Coyote.  

The M-style works with all Surefire flashlights that have a 1.37″ Bezel Diameter such as the P2X Fury, P2X Fury Tactical, P2X Fury Defender and P2X Fury Combatlight. 

The S-style accommodates all SureFire flashlights that have a 1.25” Bezel Diameter such as the G2, G2X, G2X PRO, 6P Original, 6PX,  6PX PRO, 6PX Tactical, 6PX Defender, Z2X Combatlight, G2ZX CombatLight and also the PKfl2le flashlight.

LBX Tactical – 1015 And 1016 Pouches Back In Stock

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

LBX1015-LBX1016 1

LBX Tactical’s popular 1015 Small Window Pouch and 1016 Medium Window Pouch are now back in stock.

Both pouches feature hook and loop backing for quick insert and removal, and work great with Grab and Go Insert or the Arc’Teryx KHARD series of packs. Clear windows on both pouches allow for easy item identification.

Small Window Pouch dimensions: 4″ x 5″ x 3″

Medium Window Pouch dimensions: 5″ x 7″ x 3″

Tactical Tailor Rolls Out New And Improved MALICE Clips

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015

Tactical Tailor has announced the release of an updated MALICE Clip which coincides with the new Fight Light line. The new MALICE clips are lighter, stronger, easier to weave, and have a slimmer standoff. The full release can be read below:


When we rolled out the new Fight Light line here at Tactical Tailor we concentrated our efforts on being lighter and slicker while maintaining the phenomenal durability that we’re known for.

Every aspect was scrutinized, and we deliberately studied and considered feedback from professional end-users. We removed extraneous weight and maximized utility wherever we could. Part of this process was reviewing some things that we’ve done the same way for more than a decade. We put pen to paper, constructed countless prototypes, and put them through rigorous testing for months before anything was rolled out.


If you’ve purchased any of the Tactical Tailor Fight Light line recently, you may have observed something: We changed the MALICE Clip.

Our MALICE Clip is the long-time, now ubiquitous industry standard: and the new MALICE Clip is even better. Everything you liked about the old MALICE is still present:

Same heavy duty construction. They won’t come unwoven even if accidentally unlocked. They work with a variety of attachment methods. They’re not affected by extreme temperature changes. They will never corrode.


Now, however, now they’re easier to weave due to the non-square edges, significantly lighter, 15% stronger, and have a slimmer standoff.

Pricing and lengths remain exactly the same. The new MALICE Clips are shipping with all Tactical Tailor Fight Light items, and soon will ship with everything we sell. Don’t worry OEMs, we’ll still provide you with the new MALICE Clips as well.

The new MALICE clips are shipping on new LBE and gear – watch for them to be available as a standalone purchase soon.

SORD – Nav Platform

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

Sord nav

SORD’s Nav Platform is a Don/Doff aid for the attachment of navigation devices. Made from Kydex, the Nav Platform features functionally spaced holes for threading elastic cord. It comes with 600mm of elastic shock cord, along with a single toggle for the end user to cut, thread, tie, and/or weave the cord to their own requirements. MOLLE spaced slots on the platform allow for speed threading of batons. The platform is designed to be flexible enough so that it will bend rather than splinter in the event of a face-first landing.

sord nav 2

MOLLE column-sized tangs allow the end user to weave the Nav Platform into a carrier or vest. Fefatures a quick attach / single handed release.

Available in Black. – Nav Platform

Mayflower Inserts for Arc’teryx LEAF Khard Packs Now Available

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Mayflower has released a slew of inserts for the Khard family of packs offered by Arc’teryx LEAF.  There’s a little bit of everything from the very specialized 40mm/Flash Bang pouch and AN/PRC-117G carriers to the more generic with multiple sizes of admin and laptop pouches available.  

Available in Black and Wolf Grey and as always, Made in USA!

Mayflower UW Gen III Chest Rig in Wolf Grey

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

That’s right, available in Wolf Grey!

Wolf grey Gen III Chest Rig

The UW GEN III Chest Rig is a low-profile mission focused vest built to be ambidextrous and designed to carry the following: 4 ea 5.56mm magazines, 2 pistol magazines, up to 2 small radios (PRC-152/MBITR) as well as two GP pockets. The H style harness features loops to route antennas, comms wires and hydration bladder tubing. Elastic is provided for cable management and antenna relocation. The UW Gen III Chest Rig is made in the USA.