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20$Bandit – Micro Kit

Friday, October 24th, 2014


The Micro Kit is a smaller scale model of the already compact Mini Kit MK-7 pouch. Made from 1000D ballistic nylon, the Micro Kit was created to carry the bare minimum EDC items when cargo or BDU pants aren’t an option. Sized to fit inside a standard blue jean back pocket, it can be considered a real ‘gray man’ inclined piece of kit. The external field loop panel allows for ID or morale patches.


The quick access clam shell opening can accommodate either a Samsung Galaxy 5 or iPhone 4, 5, or 6, while allowing for manipulation of the phone through the clear plastic window. Modularity is key with the Micro Kit, as through its retention straps and pockets it can carry all manner of EDC items:

- Micro multi tools
- Knives
- Pens
- Cash
- Credit cards and IDs
- Micro first aid kits
- Micro SERE kits
- Etc.

Available for pre-order on 20$Bandit’s website. The first 100 Micro Kits are running for a special introductory “early bird” price.

Made in the USA by HonorPoint USA.

LUPUS TMR Introduces Task Adaptive Panel System

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

cool news from Germany

LUPUS Training & Mentoring Resources, a training and consulting company from Germany, is introducing the first two modules of their TAP System. Developed together with Mayflower R&C and their German retail partner Gearmaniacs, the TAPS Modules are designed to offer a hybrid kydex-nylon solution for users that prefer the use of kangaroo pouches in their platecarriers.


TAPS is compatible with most kangaroo pouch equipped Platecarriers but is optimized for products made by Mayflower R&C and Velocity Systems. TAPS facilitates magazine extraction since there is no flap or bungee needed for retention. The modules are velcroed into position and are ready to use. Installed properly, they enable the user to carry up to four AR-style magazines and two pistol magazines in a small package.


The first Modules are Single AR15 and Single G36/Double AR15.

Available via Gearmaniacs in black and made in Germany from German Mil-Spec Materials by manufacturer ZentauroN. A Berry Compliant version of the TAPS will be released soon along with Pistol\Flashlight and Baton Pouches. There are also Combo Versions planned.

High Speed Gear – TACO Belt-Compatible Pouches

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

High Speed Gear announced a new line of TACO pouches, featuring a belt mountable configuration without the need for an additional attachment system. The full release can be read below:

SWANSBORO, NC – 20OCT2014 - High Speed Gear® is pleased to announce a new line of TACO® pouches. Select TACO® magazine pouches will now be available in a belt mountable configuration without the need for any other attachment systems. Utilizing the Velcro® Brand One-Wrap®, the TACO® pouch secures to our 1.75” Cobra Riggers belt, which is also available now without a d-ring. These pouches will also attach to a wide variety of law enforcement sized duty belts.


By demand, High Speed Gear®, is also providing a solution for handcuffs. The Handcuff TACO® can be either open or closed top via the removable strap. While maintaining the adaptability of the original TACO®, the Handcuff TACO® easily accommodates handcuffs from most major restraint manufacturers.

Belt Mounted TACO® pouches include: Original TACO®, Pistol TACO®, Extended Pistol TACO®, Double Decker TACO®, and Handcuff TACO®.

For more information, please visit

Limitless Gear – OPFOR Magazine Carrier

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014


Limitless Gear has announced that the OPFOR 5.56 AR-15 Magazine Carrier is currently in production and is available to order. The OPFOR is a high strength polymer magazine carrier system which features two exclusive technologies:


Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble (RSEE \R-C\), which is a new MOLLE/PALS compatible attachment system. RSEE enables users to quickly and effortlessly adjust or transfer their loadout to adjust to changing mission requirements.


Positive Magazine Retention (PMR), which is a magazine retention technology that automatically locks magazines in place. To remove a magazine all the user has to do is apply a natural twist and pull. PMR is designed to eliminate the need for flaps or bungee cords which can obstruct access to magazines.

OPFOR is made in the USA. Available in Coyote Brown.

Tactical Advantage, Inc. Now Carrying All Remaining BAE Systems ECLiPSE Gear

Friday, October 17th, 2014

ECLiPSE product sheet

Over this past Summer, Tactical Advantage, Inc. negotiated with BAE Systems to purchase all remaining ECLiPSE load carriage equipment inventory from all of BAE’s production facilities. As a result, they’ve taken in over 23,000 pieces of ECLiPSE LCE MOLLE gear in ABU, ACU, Coyote Brown, MJK Khaki, Multicam OCP, Ranger Green, and a small amount of Black.

ECLiPSE was originally developed in conjunction with Matt Johnson, formerly of Eagle, while under the employment of BAE Systems. The product line started with the RBAV-SF, developed to fulfill a USSOCOM contract for a SPEAR BALCS compatible carrier. Different configurations of the RBAV have been in use with the Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, as well as Air Force Security Forces, TACPs, and PJs.

In 2008, BAE Systems began to offer the RBAV family of vests and complementary load carriage equipment through the commercial market. In 2012, BAE Systems was outbid on the standard issue MOLLE contract, and any new production of the ECLiPSE line discontinued. Now, Tactical Advantage, Inc. is the sole commercial source of all remaining ECLiPSE Performance Gear, although BAE Systems maintains the copyright of the brand.

Key features of the ECLiPSE line include:

  • Unique secondary closure system on select pockets
  • Double layered for increased durability
  • Triple stitching
  • SilentStrips, which eliminate noise created by hook and loop extraction
  • Currently, Tactical Advantage, Inc. is offering a 25% discount on all Coyote, Khaki, and Ranger Green ECLiPSE products, and a 50% discount on all ABU and ACU ECLiPSE products, until current stock runs out. ECLiPSE products are wholly US made and Berry compliant.

    AUSA – HSGI’s New Rigger Belt Mounting Option for TACO Pouches

    Wednesday, October 15th, 2014


    HSGI has introduced a new Riggers belt which integrates AustriAlpin’s D-ring buckle.


    There’s also a new mounting option for TACO pouches that relies on Velcro one-wrap to put them right in the belt.

    As an added bonus, they also previewed a new TACO handcuff pouch.


    O P Tactical Currently Selling S&S Precision SMR MOLLE And Belt Adapters

    Saturday, October 11th, 2014

    O P Tactical is selling the S&S Precision Skeletonized Mag Retention (SMR) MOLLE and Belt adapters, in addition to the SMR itself. The MOLLE and Belt adapters are not currently featured on the official S&S Precision website, so take advantage while they’re available from O P. All three components are only available in Tan, and are made in the USA.

    Skeletonized Mag Retention

    S&S Precision’s Skeletonized Mag Retention is a magazine retention system which consists of two components: the magazine holster, and the Base Plate docking station. It’s a streamlined, low profile system which offers a high degree of modularity, especially when paired with additional Base Plate mounting accessories.

    SMR MOLLE Adapter

    The SMR MOLLE Adapter is a base adapter that allows the SMR to interface with PALS webbing. Requires 2 columns and 2 rows of PALS to mount.

    SMR Belt Adapter

    The SMR belt Adapter is a base adapter that allows the SMR to interface with a belt up to 2″ wide.

    For the background on the SMR system, check out these previous posts:

    FirstSpear Friday Focus – Short Incursion Chest Rig 6/12

    Friday, October 10th, 2014

    Back in 2011 we discussed the FirstSpear Short Incursion Chest Rig or SICR when it first debuted as a MOLLE compatible product. In this week’s Friday Focus, we’ll show you the updated version that incorporates 6/12 technology as well as a kangaroo-style pouch on the body side which also allows the user to access the inside of both 6/12 panels. The laser cut details make it even more lightweight than the original and yet it still accepts PALS equipped pouches.


    In teh gallery below you can see several features including the low-profile, cross over shoulder straps, G-hook attachment for the waist strap and kangaroo-style opening into the SICR.

    Available in Ranger Green, Coyote, MultiCam and Black.


    Hill People Gear – Heavy Recon Kit Bag

    Thursday, October 9th, 2014


    Hill People Gear’s Heavy Recon Kit Bag is constructed from 500D nylon, and features FirstSpear’s 6/12 Pocket Attachment System externally and internally, which allows for full MOLLE/PALS and 6/12 pouch compatibility throughout the HRKB with a reduction in overall weight. The main compartment has dual slot pockets with dummy cord loops, and Velcro loop 6/12 fabric. The pistol compartment is fully lined with Velcro loop if the user wishes to set up the compartment for something other than pistol carriage. Both the pistol and main compartments have buttonhole style drain holes at the bottom.

    Available in Coyote Brown, Foliage Grey/Green, and Ranger Green.

    Velocity Systems – SCARAB Light Plate Carrier

    Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

    SCARAB Front

    The SCARAB Light is a newly released plate carrier from Velocity Systems. According to Velocity Systems, the SCARAB Light was designed to meet unique user needs and solve industry-wide armor carrier issues. It features a color matching Velcro loop Admin Panel on the upper chest, a front kangaroo pouch, and integrated SwiftClip buckles for rapid don/doff of auxiliary chest worn equipment.

    SCARAB Shoulder

    The shoulder straps are designed to alleviate common fit issues seen with traditional sewn fixed angle shoulder straps. They are made from ULTRAcomp, with an articulate D-ring which allows them to swivel to sit correctly and comfortably on any user. I’ve used a developmental version of the vest and I can attest to the design. The straps are adjustable for length and have a padded sleeve, which can also be used to route cables.

    SCARAB Armor

    The SCARAB Light is initially configured for standard front flap opening. It can also be set up by the user for dual or single quarter flap opening. The flaps can be easily and quickly reconfigured if one style of opening works better for a particular mission.

    SCARAB Rear

    The upper back features color matching Velcro loop for identification. The rear is also equipped to accept Zip-On Back Panels of various configurations.

    Currently available in Coyote Brown and Multicam; Black and Ranger Green will soon follow. Made in the USA.