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New Qore Performance IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton and IcePlate 3 Launched at SOF Select

Friday, May 24th, 2019

Qore Performance unveiled two exciting new products at SOF Select, the brand new ICE (IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton) and the new and improved IcePlate 3, available this summer.

ICE is a new type of ultra-minimalist, scalable, plate carrier. ICE integrates multiple capabilities never before found in a single platform that weighs so little yet withstands so much. IcePlate 3 brings the same 50 oz capacity and 70 Watt cooling power as did IcePlate 2, now in a new multi curve shape to perfectly match a medium ESAPI plate.

Both additions to the Qore Performance line are dedicated to its mission of providing American troops the means of consistently achieving Individual Operator Overmatch.


ICE (IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton)

The IcePlate Carrier Exoskeleton is a new type of ultra-minimalist, but scalable, plate carrier. ICE integrates multiple capabilities never before found in a single platform that weighs so little yet withstands so much, taking you toward and to Individual Operator Overmatch.

Using a unique and incredibly strong laser-cut, ultra-high molecular weight laminate that is 14 times stronger than steel, ICE weighs approximately one pound. This makes it one of the lightest plate carriers available today. It is also hydrophobic. With MAPs and loop on both the inside and the outside of each sleeve as well as an open-bottom architecture, ICE is configured for maximum ventilation, modularity and drainage.

ICE combines medium ESAPI plates with the all-new ESAPI-contoured IcePlate 3 (see below) for fully integrated hydration, conductive cooling and, in cold climates, conductive heating. Evaporative cooling can be added easily with IceVents Ventilated Padding. The Exoskeleton is built from individual ICE sleeves which can be stacked (via MOLLE and/or hook and loop) for streamlined carry of ESAPI armor plates and IcePlate 3. Don/doff is easy with a flat and durable quick-release system. ICE also features an elastic cummerbund with four pouches for 30-round magazines, SOARescue MedMags, radios, etc. ICE is also equipped with MOLLE, hook/loop and Swift Clips to accept almost every pouch/placard system available today.

ICE anchors all of Qore Performance’s human enhancement and environmental inoculation technologies. This puts them into a single, ultra-light, durable and breathable platform with unrivaled capabilities. It’s a breakthrough.

ICE will be available this summer in Multicam, Coyote Brown and Black.

ICE Maximizes Individual Operator Overmatch with the following features:

• Weight: Ultralight, ~1 pound

• Integrated Cooling/Heating/Hydration: ICE natively integrates IcePlate 3 and IceVents to provide two

forms of cooling (Conductive and Evaporative), and up to 3L of Hydration. No other plate carrier on the market can offer this level of capability in such a light package.

• Versatile: MOLLE, Swift Clips and Loop to take any pouch, placard or chest rig on the market

• Advanced Fit: Fits a Medium ESAPI, elastic cummerbund works for up to 40” waist

• Stackable: Multiple ICE sleeves can be seamlessly stacked when wearing, enabling integration of IcePlate either inside or outside armor plates.

• Incredibly Strong: our unique laminate is 14 times stronger than steel for the same weight

• Hydrophobic: will not absorb or retain water

• Load Bearing: tensile strength of 600+ pounds

• High Tech: laser cut laminate platform results in maximum weight savings, precision, and ventilation

• Stretch: Elastic cummerbund flexes and adapts to your mission clothing automatically and features secure, built-in pouches for up to four (4) 5.56 magazines

• Lightning Fast On and Off: super fast Quick Release side buckles are flat, low profile and strong.

IcePlate 3

IcePlate is the world’s most powerful and efficient cooling and hydration system. The size of a medium SAPI plate, it ergonomically holds 50 oz (1.5 L) of water and gives you control over your environment – keeping you safer, lighter, cooler, and hydrated.

All-new for Summer 2019, IcePlate 3 brings the same 50 oz capacity and 70 Watt cooling power of IcePlate 2 andut in a new multicurve shape to perfectly match a medium ESAPI plate. This provides a compact and seamless inter- face, and the thinnest profile ever.

With an enlarged fill port and center Q-Hex Baffle, IcePlate 3 builds on the success of the original IcePlate design to drive Individual Operator Overmatch to the next level.

IcePlate 3 will be available in Coyote Brown, Gun Metal Grey, Ranger Green and Clear Frost.


SOF Select 19 – S&S Precision Rhodesian Vest

Thursday, May 23rd, 2019

S&S Precision has unveiled their new Rhodesian Vest which is constructed from a waterproof laminate, backed by Tegris for structure.

The Rhodesian Vest is modular and scalable. The shoulder straps can be attached via split buckle or direct mount. Padding is optional. You can also see a horizontal MOLLE Panel for the front, although there is a hanger Admin Panel also available.

Here you can see the ergonomic rear harness construction. There is also hydration carrier available as well.

Finally, above you can see the waterproof bag which features PALS webbing at the front and tuck tabs at the rear as well as an oral inflation valve at the side. There is also a waterproof zipper which covers 3/4 of the side circumference.


Competition Shooter Pack ~ AttackPAK

Tuesday, May 21st, 2019

AttackPAK has created custom products to give our war-fighters the edge.

AttackPAK’s newest custom design is based on our Multi Purpose Carrier and Bison bags. Shaving weight by getting rid of rows or pals/molle and using lightweight fabrics made for a truly innovative system that is the lightest method to carry your gear & your weapon. The design eliminates pounds of parasitic weight found in other leading packs to reduce the war-fighter’s burden. Here is the newest custom designed that weighs 3.5 pounds with belt, ExoSpine™ and bags.

Shooter Bag

Custom design for a shooter participating in the ‘Competition Dynamics Sniper Challenge 2019’ this offering comes in at an astonishingly light 3.5 pounds!

Shooter Bag

A versatile method to carry your long gun and gear. List a couple of features

Beaver Tail made out of durable Centurion Fabric

Draw String Hydration Pocket x2, to keep the weight closer to your center of gravity

Attachment points for our Go Bag Lid

Designed with Capacity

MPC (multi-purpose carrier) with Bison bags, and go bag lid

The Bison Kit is the original modular version that was developed for EOD to carry the PLT-5 comfortably. It can be combined with a Predator Assault pack to act like a “Crew-cab”, but weighing 4 pounds less. The investment for the entire kit is about $800, and will configure to 6 different load bearing options. If you were to buy the same 6 pack capability from other vendors, the cost will be over $1,600.

Weight saving. Better ergonomics. Less fatigue. Cost savings. Ditch the enemy on your back.

AttackPAK is ready to design gear for your team. Link up with us at SOFIC. Drop us a line at hq@attackpak.com.



Sunday, May 19th, 2019

AttackPAK is an emerging leader in load-bearing systems. Their patented Integrated Load Carriage System (ILCS) is poised to be the new state of the art for the military.

Designed with maneuverability in mind, the AttackPAK system improves ergonomics through weight distribution, which relieves stress. The design eliminates pounds of parasitic weight that is found in other leading packs. They are also using lightweight modern fabrics and patented ExoSpine™ to reduce the war-fighter’s burden. AttackPAK has created custom products to give our war-fighters the edge.

The Team will be attending SOFIC to meet partners and develop custom designs. Below are a few designs that showcase their capability, as well as how they incorporate the latest technology.

Integrated Load Carriage System

The ICLS is the foundation of the AttackPAK system. 1 belt and 1 frame, fitted to your size, can be used with all of our packs. The core components are our patented ExoSpine™? and our proprietary belt. The belt gives ergonomic fit to the ExoSpine™ and load allowing for load transfer. We developed the only backpack with independent suspension. The ExoSpine™  and belt allows unrestricted mobility. They are not connected. The main advantage of the ICLS is that it redistributes the weight of a combat load off your shoulders and spine so that it can be properly carried by the strongest part of the human body, your legs. A key feature is the Quick Ditch. If you need to Ditch your Pack you still get to keep your 1st Line gear. AttackPAK’s Load Carriage System allows you to arrive at the ‘X’ less fatigued and less stressed.

Ounces equals pounds, pounds equal pain. Parasitic weight is like bringing a bag of rocks to a gunfight. AttackPAKs are designed to eliminate the unnecessary parasitic weight. Here is AttackPAK’s newest custom designed kit that weighs less than just about anything out there, even when you include the belt, ExoSpine™? and bag.

Pulse Med Bag

The newest addition to our line of products this light weight Med Bag is made from Cubic Tech fabric for durability and weight savings. It cuts a 1 1/2 lbs of parasitic weight off of the leading med pack weighing in at 4.5 lbs. Built with customization in mind.

Designed for the Team Medic, Pulse Med Bag interior can be organized and customized to your preference. Equipped with a placard interface, splint shelf organization, and instant, full splay access to all of the contents. Organize your med supplies for quick and easy access when you’re in the field.

Ditch the enemy on your back.

If you want to see the gear, understand our system then link up with us at SOFIC. Drop us a line at hq@attackpak.com.

ITW Nexus FastMags Now Available Through MMI Textiles

Friday, May 17th, 2019

The ITW Nexus family of FastMags are now available through MMI Textiles.

This line of products includes the GEN IV FastMag™, FastMag™ Heavy, and FastMag™ Pistol. FastMags™ reduce reloading cycle time for the operator and can be mounted in the up or down direction (operator’s preference). This system eliminates the need for traditional top closures, while providing a secure point of access. The enhanced urethane tension strap is adjustable to meet the user’s preference for removal tension. The mounting slots on the front allow operators to “double-stack” FastMags™

The main difference between this new generation (GEN IV) and the previous (GEN II) is the re-done tab on the bottom so a tool is no longer needed – you can now pull a tab to thread. Also, the retention bands have been reinforced.


Warrior West 19 – Watershed Drybags

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

Watershed Drybags has introduced a new material called Armathane to their line of waterproof bags.

Developed for their use by Trelleborg, it is highly abrasion resistant and can be laser cut and RF welded as well as printed.

Watershed Drybags products are available for agency and unit order through ADS.

ITS Releases an All-New Slimline Pouch

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

[ARLINGTON, TX, 5/13/2019] Imminent Threat Solutions is proud to release a more versatile solution for general purpose pouches, the ITS Slimline Pouch. It’s perfect for storing pocket-sized items like the ITS EDC Trauma Kit, compasses, cell phones and other electronics. Additionally, with the patent- pending 4-Way Mounting System™, the ITS Slimline can be mounted to virtually any piece of gear.

The fold-over cover of this GP pouch features a webbing pull tab, a 1.5” square section of loop material for affixing hook backed patches and the ability to adjust for items of varying height. Durable elastic is also used for the pouch body to ensure items stay retained inside, no matter how the pouch is mounted.

The patent-pending 4-Way Mounting System™ means the ITS Slimline Pouch can be mounted vertically or horizontally on a belt, vertically through MOLLE webbing and onto backpack straps or other wide items using the attached VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® straps.

Imminent Threat Solutions provides indispensable skill-sets and products to explore your world and prevail against all threats.

For more information on ITS Nylon products, please visit store.itstactical.com/collections/nylon-gear

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Ragnar Pocket Series

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Today we are taking a closer look at FirstSpear’s versatile Ragnar pocket suite. Constructed with a full hook backing for fast attachment or removal from any vest using a loop field including the Ragnar Vest, Deceptor, DOV, as well as the Overlap and Adaptive Cummerbund. Ragnar Pockets also work great with absolutely any other bag or pack that features a loop panel.

Today FirstSpear offers a wide range of options from single, double, triple M4, double pistol, admin, radio options, and even a new soft holster. The Ragnar pocket suite is a simple yet effective sustainment solution with the sort of flexibility that allows you to use one system across a variety of profiles. 100% Made in the USA with USA Materials.