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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Overlap Cummerbund

Friday, December 12th, 2014

For this week’s FirstSpear Friday, we take a look at a brand new product: the Overlap Cummerbund.


Developed at the request of a FS Professional User, the Overlap Cummerbund is designed to provide additional overlapping soft armor at the front side of the plate carrier where the Tubes closure system meets. The additional soft armor tucks in behind the Tubes allowing full opening and closing of the vest.

The Overlap Cummerbund has been modified so that the body side allows for the attachment of Ragnar Pockets. This means that magazines and other items can be held in close to the body, providing a more streamlined silhouette, a benefit to users who are working in or from a vehicle, conducting tubular assaults, or who simply wish to carry more magazines than a traditional front loading carrier would allow.


Main Features:

  • Soft armor inserts extend behind the tube and overlap the body of the plate carrier, while still allowing full functionality of the Tube system.
  • Body side of cummerbund now has loop allowing you to attach pockets from the Ragnar Pocket Suite (our full Velcro backed pockets)
  • The back bungee cord has been replaced with Velcro and stretch material.
  • FS_OverlapCummerbundOpen

    The Overlap Cummerbund is going to be offered immediately as an upgrade to existing FirstSpear carriers, such as the Strandhögg, and will offered in limited colors and quantities.

    Oneiros Valley Innovations – FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap

    Thursday, December 11th, 2014


    OV Innovations’ FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap is a replacement strap for the USMC FILBE Hip Belt. Made from MilSpec nylon webbing, it features redundant stitching and ITW Nexus hardware to eliminate waist strap loosening. Additionally, it can be cinched over 1″ tighter than the standard strap.


    Made in the USA with US materials.

    Sneak Peek – Honor Point ZOT Adapter Kit

    Tuesday, December 9th, 2014


    The ZOT Adapter Kit or ZAK allows you to mount Honor Point USA’s Zip Off Technology equipped pack directly to the back panel of any PALS equipped platform.

    Maker Monday – S&S Precision Cummberbund Adapter

    Monday, December 8th, 2014

    Cummerbund Adapter

    The Cummerbund Adapter is a modular attachment platform for use with S&S Precision’s minimalist PlateFrame. Designed for reinforced strength and modularity, it attaches via simple buckles for reliability.

    Cummerbund Adapter 2

    The cummerbund’s inner webbing provides additional space for PALS/Webbing accessories. Finally, it’s made from a water resistant material for use in maritime or other high moisture environments.

    Cummerbund Adapter 3

    Available in Toadvine, Black or Tan.

    Made in the 757.

    EMDOM USA – Emdom Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch

    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014


    Emdom’s Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch is a universal rifle magazine pouch, designed to hold nearly any rifle magazine of various capacities. It utilizes elastic loops which are fully user adjustable and replaceable, as well as a foam insert which provides tension and an internal hypalon lining for additional retention. The Universal Rifle Magazine Pouch is MOLLE/PALS compatible, and comes with two MALICE clips.


    Available in Black, Coyoteish 500D, Foliage Green, MultiCam, Sewer Green, and SDU Grey, as well as a variety of custom colors.

    Two New Products From Platatac

    Thursday, November 27th, 2014

    Platatac has recently released two new products: a new combat belt, and a Special Forces bronze figurine.

    Platatac Soldier Integrated Combat Cobra (SICC) Belt Mk2

    The SICC Belt Mk2 is Platatac’s update on the classic SICC belt. The primary addition to the updated belt is an additional column of MOLLE-compatible webbing to better support the attachment of pouches, which makes the SICC Mk2 an even more stable platform for a pistol holster. Manufactured from high strength, abrasion resistant webbing, and featuring an aluminum Cobra Buckle, the SICC Mk2 is also great for running mag pouches, multiple utility pouches for general use, or just holding up a pair of pants.


    Available in Black, Khaki, and MultiCam.

    Platatac/Naked Army ‘SF Operator’ Cold-Cast Bronze Figurine

    Platatac partnered with Naked Army to develop this cold cast bronze figurine of a coalition SF Operator. 1:6 scale, the figure incorporates elements of Operators from towards the end of the War in Afghanistan from countries including Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and New Zealand. Dressed in typical SF gear, the figure is carrying an M4 SOF MOD carbine with suppressor, scope, SureFire light, and Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Laser, and an HK 9mm USP as a secondary.

    Mayflower Introduces New Helium Whisper Assault Back Panels

    Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

    Mayflower Research and Consultinghas introduced two new, purpose built, Helium Whisper assault panels consisting of the Type 1 Mod 2 and the Type 2. Like I said, they are purpose built and designed to accommodate the minimum amount of equipment for short duration dismounted missions. It’s all about the application and associated load. Both are PALS compatible and while they were designed for use with MRC vests, they will adapt to a wide variety of platforms. Just a note, both panels in Coyote Brown and MultiCam are on the shelf now, but Mayflower promises additional colors to follow. Naturally, these are made in the USA.

    Type 1 Mod 2 HW


    The Assault Back Panel Type 1 Mod 2 HW features a redesigned main body to carry a greater variety of 50-70 oz water bladders; the upper zippered pouch is designed to hold the SOCOM issued NVG protective insert, the bottom pouch is designed as a re-moveable medical pouch.


    The re-moveable medical pouch features internal elastic retainers, a flat Velcro external pouch and elastic on the bottom to hold a tourniquet.


    Type 2 HW


    The Assault Back Panel Type 2 HW has a main body has been designed to carry a 100 oz/3L water bladder; the top row of pouches is designed to carry four flash bangs or four 40mm grenades, the upper zippered pouch is designed to hold the SOCOM issued NVG protective insert, the bottom pouch is designed as a re-moveable medical pouch. The re-moveable medical pouch features internal elastic retainers, a flat Velcro external pouch and elastic on the bottom to hold a tourniquet.


    Haley Strategic – Disruptive Environments Chest Rig Heavy

    Monday, November 24th, 2014


    Haley Strategic has just released a new variant of their Disruptive Environments Chest Rig designed to support .308 platforms.


    The D3CR-H features 4 .308 magazine pouches with Hypalon magazine retention tabs. They are designed to fit almost any .308 magazine, including:

  • SR25
  • SCAR
  • FAL
  • AR10
  • M14
  • Lancer Systems
  • 04

    The two Multi-Mission pouches also feature Hypalon magazine retention tabs, and are designed to accept a variety of single and double stack pistol magazine, as well as many handheld lights and multi-tools.


    Also included with the D3CR-H is the GP Pouch and Tool Pouch. The GP pouch is designed for medical, compass, GPS, phone, batteries, and other small electronics. The Tool pouch includes elastic keepers for Kestrel wind meters, ballistic calculators, dope cards, batteries, tool, and various electronics. Both pouches are zippered, and feature external hook loop panels for ID or morale patches.


    The D3CR-H is designed without a radio or dedicated full size medical pouch, so no matter the posture, essentials such as comms and med kits can remain on the end user at all times. It is also compatible with the Haley Strategic D3 Expansion System, which allows the user to add features such as the Holster Wedge or Multi-Mission Hanger pouch.

    The D3CR is constructed of 500D nylon, and is available in Coyote and MultiCam. Made in the USA.

    Maker Monday – S&S Precision’s GRT Adapter

    Monday, November 24th, 2014


    The new GRT Adapter allows most pouches to be used with the SSP Gear Retention Track. Additionally, the mounting plate can accept most pistol magazine pouches for use as a double pistol magazine pouch. One application that I really like is that the GRT mounting plate is compatible with Safariland’s single injection molded pistol magazine pouch. I really like it. Naturally, it works with virtually any other soft pistol/rifle mag pouch as well.


    • Machined 6061 GRT adapter
    • Plastic mounting plate


    Maker Monday – Trifecta Connecta

    Monday, November 17th, 2014


    S&S Precision refers to the Trifecta Connecta as the “Gateway to Modularity” and for holsters, it certainly is. It’s their solution for adapting their new Gear Retention Track (GRT) to a variety of holsters. GRT versions are PALS as well as belt compatible. The Trifecta Connecta’s hole pattern makes it compatible with Safariland, Blackhawk! and G-Code holsters, as well as S&S Precision’s own Grenade Launcher Holster. With the included spacers and screw kit, you will be able to get the standoff you need.


    By adding the Trifecta Connecta to the Grenade Launcher Holster they have been able to reduce the cost while making the product more adaptable for mounting to a variety of platforms.


    Features include:
    -Low weight and high speed
    -Gear Retention Track modularity
    -Snag-Free Design