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Whiskey Two Four – WTFix

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

This is an announcement from Whiskey Two Four regarding their new WTFix system. The full release can be read below.


WTFix is a system consisting of Strapped, Strapless, Straps, Surface and Grid. WTFix is compatible with many PALS inspired modular systems. WTFix is precision laser cut from extremely durable, engineered Hypalon fabric. WTFix is as light as it is tough with components weighing as little as .1oz / 3 grams. WTFix is cost effective replacing both traditional stacked nylon webbing as well as the touch labor necessary to mount it.


WTFix Strapped backers are a self contained attachment solution integrated by the gearmaker at the manufacturing level. Nothing else is needed to mount on modular platforms. WTFix Strapped are available in short (2 row) and long (3 row) in 2, 3, 4, and 6 column widths.


WTFix Strapless backers are integrated by the gearmaker at the manufacturing level and are compatible with Whiskey Two Four’s WTFix Straps, Tactical Tailor’s MALICE Clip, Blade-Tech’s Molle-Lok, BLACKHAWKS!’ Speed Clips, Maxpedition’s TacTie, and similar. WTF Strapless are available in short (2 row) and long (3 row) in 2, 3, 4, and 6 column widths.


WTFix Straps are used to attach compatible modular pouches to modular platforms. WTFix Straps are available in short (2 row) and long (3 row).


WTFix Surface is as an alternative to traditional nylon webbing for modular mounting options on the front and sides of pouches and bags.

WTFix Grid may be used as a stand alone or integrated solution to accept WTFix Strapped, Strapless, Straps, and similar PALS compatible modular attachment systems.

As with other WTF products, WTFix is manufactured in the United States by US citizens from US made materials on US manufactured machinery.

WTFix components and other solutions are available at Please email questions to

Whiskey Two Four are proud to continue supporting the gearmaker by offering COTS design and manufacturing solutions for integration into their finished product. From pattern making to laser cut textiles to custom printed milspec tags and more, WTF strive to make applicable technologies and materials readily available and affordable to manufacturers large and small.

Direct Action Goes Live

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014

Direct Action logo

Direct Action, a line which debuted at IWA 2014 in N├╝rnberg, Germany, is Helikon-Tex’s new independent brand. It consists of a head-to-toe system of head gear, garments, load carrying equipment, gloves, and boots, all of which is available in a range of solid colors and camouflage patterns, including Hyde Definition’s PenCott patterns.

Direct Action gear fielded with Polish SOF operators - still from promo video

Direct Action was formed with the backing of 30 years of industry experience from Helikon-Tex. Professional team of designers, prototype makers, and production specialists have all worked on making the products that make up the Direct Action line. All gear in the Direct Action line has been fielded by Special Operations units for end-user trials and evaluations, after initial in-house testing. This input has allowed DA to quickly incorporate suggested improvements to their clothing and gear.

Direct Action wallpaper

The result is a streamlined, flexible system which interfaces with all components: weapons, load bearing equipment, backpacks, jackets, duty uniforms, and camouflage pattern, creating an effective whole, based on the firsthand, real world experience of Special Operations units.

Helikon-Tex plans to begin US production of the Direct Action line starting in October.

For more information, visit:

Warrior Dog Foundation Flagship Video – Featuring LBT’s Tactical K-9 Harness

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Warrior Dog Foundation Flagship Video from Warrior Dog Foundation on Vimeo.

This video from the Warrior Dog Foundation features the LBT-1608K-9 Tactical K-9 Harness.

The Warrior Dog Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to serving the Special Operations community, families, and SOF working K-9 military dogs. They help to transition dogs from an operational environment into a state-of-the-art kennel facility as well as work to educate the public on the importance of K-9s in the combat environment.

MDM – Blue Force Gear – Helium Whisper M4 Triple

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Blue Force Gear has introduced a M4 Triple Mag Pouch.


It incorporates their Helium Whisper technology as well as the ball detail which makes the flap easier to grasp.

MDM – National Molding – Rigid Plate Carrier

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014


National Molding has unveiled their new Rigid Plate Carrier is made from a high impact plastic shell that helps contain spall and frag. It also protects the plate from day-to-day impacts and integrates the National Molding X-Quad single point release. This version is 20% lighter than the Quad release found in the IOTV.


Need PALS-compatible load carriage? Not a problem. National Molding has introduced an adapter that fits over the RPC. As you can see, it can be dipped in any Camo pattern.

Available 3rd Quarter, 2015.

Tactical Assault Gear – Vanguard Plate Carrier

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Tactical Assault Gear’s New Vanguard Plate Carrier utilizes licensed technology from Crye Precision. The result is a modular plate carrier with an interchangeable cummerbund system. Users can either choose a standard MOLLE cummerbund or the Skeletal cummerbund. The front panel is sewn in place and is adjustable to carry M4, AK-47, or SCAR-H magazines, eliminating the need for alternate magazine panels and pouches. Built-in padding on the shoulder straps in addition to Aero Mesh covering the front and back panels offer better breathability and comfort.


Interestingly, when we discussed the licensed skeletal cummerbund, TAG told us how easy it was to work with Crye Precision to license the design. Communication was open and prompt. Once TAG developed the prototype, they said Crye was quick to sign off on it and execute an agreement.

The Vanguard will be debuting today at Modern Day Marine. Stop by Tent C, Booth 3305 to check out the Vanguard as well as other quality TAG products. It will be available for purchase starting in October.

Pivotal Defence Solutions – FCRS

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Click to view .pdf
FCSR A4 Advert

With the FCSR (Fighting Clearing Standing Reconaissance) webbing system, Pivotal Defence Solutions looked to design a belt order kit which would allow the operator to carry out the four types of patrolling: Fighting, Clearing, Standing, and Reconnaissance.

To this end, they developed a series of individual pouches which are designed to fit any standard 45mm/50mm belt. The pouches are secured using an envelope system, which creates a double-padded hip pad, and also allows for ballistic protection to be integrated into the pad to form a blast belt. This customizable design means that if at any point any of the component pouches are damaged or mission requirements change, they can easily be replaced without disrupting the rest of the pouches; the pouches join side-by-side using a MOLLE strip, which keeps the shape of the belt kit around the operator’s body and stops unwanted movement during dynamic action.

The FCSR line is constructed from quality military specification materials which are treated for being rot proof, UV resistant, infrared and fire resistant. Additionally, each pouch is lined and comes with storm hoods and drainage holes. Currently, Pivotal Defence is offering the FCSR pouches in the following configurations:

- LMG/A2 commanders pouches
- Standard utility pouches
- Butt pouch
- Dump bag
- MBITR pouch
- Bayonet frog
- Rip away medic’s pouches
- Side arm holsters
- Various magazine pouches, as well as 7.62mm and 5.56mm link pouches

Additionally, Pivotal Defence has also built two yolks for the FCSR line. The first is an H-yolk which features an integral bladder pouch on the back. The second is an adjustable mesh and webbing vest which can take a rear plate and has the ability to don a front plate bag using G-hooks and M/F clips.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch

Friday, September 19th, 2014


FirstSpear offers Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouches for the AN/PRC-152 as well as the -148 MBITR. It was designed with multiple access configurations. The user as the choice of mounting it so that he pouch can view and select radio functions or it can be mounted so a buddy can easily access and operate the radio’s functions. The radio is secured via shock cord retention and a speed tab.


The Multi-Access Radio Mission Pouch utilizes the FS 6/9 attachment system. Available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Platatac – Helium Whisper Backed Pouches

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


Platatac has released a series of pouches with BFG Helium Whisper backers, offering a weight reduction of up to 60% versus traditional pouches. Currently, Platatac is offering magazine, medical, GPS pouches, and their popular KS pouch, with the Helium Whisper backers. Platatac plans to expand their HW line including radio, frag, and admin pouches in the near future.

Platatac pouches are made in Australia.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – New Fight Straps for Subguns

Friday, September 12th, 2014


The Fight Strap is the bandoleer you always wanted. This isn’t some cheapo, disposable envelope for your ammo. Instead, it’s a purpose built means to keep all of your magazines organized. The original models accommodate 5 magazines of 30-round 5.56, 20-round 7.62 NATO or 30-round 7.62 x 39.


The Fight Strap is designed to fit as a component in several of FirstSpear’s storage and transport bags. What’s more, it just so happens to serve additional duty as a handy carrier for loaded magazines with its integral shoulder and waist straps. It’s not a chest rig, but it will do in a pinch and is great for taking extra mags up on the line during range sessions.

Now, FirstSpear has added three new Fight Strap models for three new ones for MP-5, UMP, and P90.


Offered in Black, Khaki, Coyote, Ranger Green, MultiCam. Get this, for SSD readers, if you buy any Fight Strap, get FREE domestic ground and APO/FPO shipping on your entire order.