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Raptor Tactical – Retainer Belt

Friday, February 17th, 2017

The Raptor Tactical Retainer Belt is one of the most feature rich rigs I’ve run across. It is a two component system consisting of an inner belt you thread through your pant loops along with an outer rigger belt with integrated load carriage slots.

Naturally, the two belts can be worn alone but they are complimentary, integrating via Velcro. The outer belt can be quickly donned and doffed as needed while the inner belt incorporates padding.

This pistol retainer slot can be moved anywhere around the belt.

Their Patent Pending retainer system belt accepts pistols regardless of being left or right handed. Additional retention loops can be moved around your belt creating pockets for the items like spare magazines or a flashlight.

So you can distinguish yourself from the others, they’ve included a Velcro pile section at the rear of the belt for identification or IFF.

Inside the belt, Rapter Tactical has incorporated a secret compartment with a zipper so you can stash your small items like a spare key or money.

This video is a few months old, so ignore the Kickstarter announcement at the very end. However, it does a great job going over the belt.

Offered in sizes: Small: 28-32″ Medium: 32-36″ Large: 36-40″ Extra Large: 40-44″

Colors: Black, Coyote, Ranger Green and MultiCam.

Buckle options: Cobra-D 45mm, Cobra 45mm, Cobra-D Mini 25mm, Conra Mini 25mm, Cobra GT, and Triglide

Who Remembers The Eagle Industries Chest Pouch SF30 AK

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

The SF30AK from Eagle Industries was the second chest rig I owned. While stationed in Germany I had purchased a Arktis 42 Pattern Chest Rig. It was very lightweight and served me well but I was always checking out new kit.

Later, while stationed at Ft Bragg, I purchased the SF30AK chest rig, via mail order from Eagle Industries. I chose the OD version because that’s what gear was made from at the time and wouldn’t stick out quite as much as another color. I used it a bit during training but its only operational use was for a time during Operation Restore Democracy in Haiti. When we first went in, we wore RBA, making it a good choice to wear over the armor vest, but later in the deployment, I just wore a JS Industries Predator Vest with a Camelbak in the back slot or an issue ETLBV. Vests you could just slip on while outside the compound, were easier to don and doff than a chest rig.

Mine is long gone, but even years later, I still like the design for its innovation and carrying capacity. The pockets would accept up to 12 magazines and the GP pockets would take canteens or other gear. What’s more the ammo pouches featured Eagle’s silent closure which required a downward pull on the webbing tab to release or attach the flap.

At the rear, there were two male portions of 1″ side release buckles which would allow the attachment of the assault pack from the field pack, large internal frame. However, most everyone cut them off because they would dig in if you wore a pack. The Vest in the photos is later production and has Coyote buckles. Back in the day, they were Black.

-Four magazine pouches that carry three M4/ M16 or two AK47 magazines each.
-Two large side utility pouches with slotted webbing for “ALICE” clips to hang extra gear.
-Two extra pockets behind the utility pouches.
-One full length inside pocket.
-The back of CP-SF-30AK is padded and uses CoolMax mesh for ventilation and comfort.
-Drop loops will attach to the Eagle Duty Belt or military web belt.
-All closures and fasteners use Mil. Spec. hardware.
-Made in the USA

Unfortunately, they are no longer available.

Did anyone else use this chest rig?

Bulldog Equipment – Reconfigurable Accessory Integrated Load Carriage System

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017

US and UK Soldiers are assessing the Reconfigurable Accessory Integrated Load Carriage System, or RAILS, developed by Bulldog Tactical Equipment during the Army Expeditionary Warfighting Experiment at 2017 at Fort Benning, GA.

RAILS is a capability designed to provide Soldiers with an integrated pack frame that can be configured with essential equipment tailored to a specific mission.

For more info on RAILS click on the image below. It is available with Mortar and MG packs.

U.S. Army photos by Angie DePuydt.

THYRM Releases the CellVault XL

Friday, February 10th, 2017


Sunnyvale, CA — Thyrm expands its CellVault™ line of storage products with the new CellVault™ XL. It features twice the capacity of the original CellVault while staying small enough for easy mounting and instant accessibility.

Users can store up to 6 CR123’s, 8 AAA’s, 4 AA’s, and even two 18650 rechargeable batteries. A removable, internal divider keeps batteries safe and organized. With the divider removed, the CellVault XL can hold a no-compromises survival kit or make sure data and valuables stay protected and handy.

“Customers love the original CellVault’s slim profile for adding critical battery storage to their gear, but many have a bit more dedicated space. So we designed the CellVault XL to maximize storage on a full MOLLE/PALS column. The extra space lets users carry more survival items, more batteries, and adds the ability to store 18650 rechargeables,” stated Thyrm CEO Andrew Frazier. “We were blown away by how many uses customers found for the original CellVault, so we can’t wait to see how the XL’s larger capacity allows for even more possibilities.”


Like the original CellVault, the XL is built to withstand the elements. Mounting also remains unchanged. The CellVault XL easily attaches to one available M.O.L.L.E. webbing column, straps or belts, and features lanyard loops at both ends for more attachment options. It’s available in black, urban gray, olive drab, flat dark earth, and rescue orange to match the user’s gear or intended environment.

Thyrm is proud to design and manufacture the entire CellVault product-line in the USA. Available at your favorite local dealer, online retailer, and

SOTECH Recce Vest

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

During our SHOT Show coverage we told you about SOTECH’s Recce Vest based on the item issued to the British SAS for decades and officially known as the Pack, Lightweight Combat. Now, their modernized version is available for order.

SOTECH presents a high ride vest that rides above gun belts / LBE Harnesses and over plate carriers.
The Recce Vest was designed as a lightweight vest with large pocket capacity to be folded up in your pocket or pack. While this is ideal for recce applications, it is also well suited for SERE, narcotics eradication, motor bike use, and numerous other uses.

This vest has some improvements over the UK models with flap or shock cord retention on the two smaller front pouches – you can engage the flap, or fold it away to use just the shock cord. We also added a cinchable storm hood to the back pack for retention. The vest is made of 500D Cordura for lightweight durability. Removable foam insert providing padding for optics and electronics sold separately.

• 5 Compartments (4 front pockets, 1 Rear pack)
• Lightweight design, small buckles, ¾ in webbing
• Dimensions:
-Rear Pack- 10″ x 12″ x 4.5″
-Large Front Pockets- 9.5″ x 6″ x 2.5″
-Smaller Front Pockets- 5″ x 4″ x 1.5″
• Material: 500D Cordura Nylon®, Elastic, Small Polymer Buckles, Heavy webbing
• Made in the USA

SKD Tactical – FirstSpear STT.1 Plate Carrier

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

SKD Tactical has partnered with FirstSpear to create the STT.1 Plate Carrier, an inexpensive carrier featuring both 6/12 and Tubes technology, optimized for use with SDK’s 10×12 armor plates. SKD’s rather spirited release/product description can be read below:


Combine the technological advances of First Spear and the marketing gonads of SKD in a dirty, backseat tryst, and the only thing that could gestate is a ground-breakingly evil product like the First Spear STT (Six-Twelve-Tubes) Plate Carrier.

Add to that the ultra high performance-to-cost-ratio of the SKD Armor Level IV Plates and a re-design of the STT to fit these plates like a custom Italian suit, and voila… TACTICAL ORGASM, otherwise known as the “STT.1”.

The First Spear STT.1 PC features the following:

  • First and only sub $200 plate carrier featuring BOTH 6/12™ and Tubes™ technology.
  • ONLY FITS SKD Armor 10×12 Plates, but fits them PERFECTLY.
  • All-Molle compatible front, back and cummerbund.
  • Weights 1.5 lbs.
  • Bottom flap pushes the plate to the top of the pocket for proper placement over your upper thoracic region.
  • Exclusive SKD-spec loop fastener strips to add PIG AFC Pontoons for increased air flow and padded goodness.
  • 3 different cummerbund sizes to maximize fit*.
  • Available in Ranger Green, Black, Coyote, Multicam, and MultiCam Black
  • Made in USA.
  • SKD Exclusive!
  • We’ve also packaged the STT.1 with 2 SKD Armor 10×12 Level IV plates for an incredible deal at $499! Click HERE for the complete package!

    G-Code Assaulter’s System

    Sunday, February 5th, 2017

    If you’re looking for a turnkey belt system, you might want to check out the Assaulter’s System from G-Code. It offers 2 Scorpion Softshell Pistol and 2 Scorpion Softshell Rifle magazine carriers arranged side by side, attached to the included Operator’s Belt via their new R2 & P2 clips. It also includes 1 RTI Rotating Belt mount and 1 RTI Optimal Drop pistol platform as well as a GSG015 med pouch.

    While the graphic shows a Holster, it’s sold separately. However, this kit also features their new Operator’s Belt which is a dual belt system incorporating a lightweight inner belt with outward facing loop pile. This inner belt is intended to be worn by weaving through the trouser loops and secures with a low profile buckle. The outer belt is lined with a mating hook material and secures, outside the trouser loops to the inner belt. Together they form a solid, comfortable, low profile, load bearing system. These belts are all Cordura wrapped and the RTI Med Pouch comes standard with a black anodized RTI hanger.

    SPARTANAT – Black Lion Gear Pipe Bag

    Sunday, February 5th, 2017

    Black Lion Gear is a German nylon goods manufacturer, and has created a tactical smoking pipe bag, which would make an excellent compliment to a camo smoking jacket, like this one. SPARTANAT’s translated and edited article on the bag can be read below:

    Pfeife 2

    BLACK LION GEARs smoking pipe bag is made of 500D Cordura. To insure a high-level comfort for the content they use a lightweight nylon ripstop fabric. For the perfect fit of the required smoking utensils a 50mm wide rubber strap is implemented. The smoking pipe bag gets closed by Velcro. For your personal identification they attached an extra velcro surface to bring on your name tape.

    Pfeife 3

    Size: 40cm x 20cm
    Colors: Coyote Brown, Black, RAL 7013, Pencott Greenzone, Multicam (Further colors are available on request.)
    Price: €40,00

    BLACK LION GEAR im Internet:
    BLACK LION GEAR auf Facebook: