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2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – Shadow Tech Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap

Friday, March 23rd, 2018


The Kestrel ATI Wind Wrap from Shadow Tech (makers of the HOG Saddle) allows you to attach your Kestrel to Slings, Tripod Legs or PALS webbing (via MALICE Clip). But the most important features are that it maintains full operation and function of the wind meter and protects sensor holes from being obstructed by mud and debris.

It’s Berry Compliant and available in Coyote for the Kestrel 4500 or 5700.


2018 USASOC Sniper Comp – MODTAC Chemlight Cache

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Modern Tactical Creations are relatively new to the market. Founded by two SF NCOs, they work to create solutions to problems found at the operator and team level. They have several great products, but I thought we should introduce them with the Chemlight Cache.


The Chemlight Cache is an injection molded PALS compatible organizer for chemlights. It is all but impossible to ascertain the color of a Chemlight until it is activated. Guys come up with a varity of means to keep track of them, but things can get confusing, especially in the dark.


MODTAC’s solution provides tactile identification, based on the number of bumps at the top of the Chemlight Cache. Additionally, it’s spring retainer allows you to hook the chemlight directly to the Cache, via its own integral loop, without having to use gutted 550 or mini zip-ties. To remove a Chemlight, simply pull down and forward.


MultiCam Tasmanian Tiger Tac Case S Available Exclusively From TACWRK

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018


Berlin’s TACWRK always has one of the best booths at the annual Enforce Tac Show. I really like how they set up mannequins with equipment from the various brands they sell.


They have a great relationship with Tasmanian Tiger and this year, they showed me one of the exclusive products they offer. It is the Tac Case S in MultiCam.


It’s a fully featured, yet smaller version of Tasmanian Tiger’s Tac Case. Manufactured from 700D Cordura, it incorporates laser cut PALS-compatible slots as well as ample room for a laptop. It also incorporates a removable organizer.



First offically certified men´s handbag

– Functional shoulder bag

– Detachable shoulder padding, rubberised on the underside

– Key holder

– Side pocket

– Zip-up front compartment with organizer

– Removable organizer

– Extensive additional padding

– Detachable, size adjustable carrying strap with shoulder pad

– Durable, reinforced handle

– Zip compartment on back

– Flap secured by Velcro and quick-release closures

– Large M.O.L.L.E. Velcro patch inside

– M.O.L.L.E. system for attachment of holster, magazine pockets etc. under the lid

While the MultiCam variant is exclusive to TACWRK, there are also Black, Carbon and Olive.

Order yours at www.tacwrk.com/en/tasmanian-tiger-tac-case-s-multicam

Sneak Peek – New Precision Rifle Bag

Sunday, March 18th, 2018


This is a new PRB (precision rifle bag) by SERT. This is the 48″ version, but an even longer one is on the way.


SOTECH Introduces SOA Edition Mission Go Bag

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

We at SOTECH are honored to have been asked by the Special Operations Association to design a SOA commemorative satchel based on our iconic Mission Go Bag.  We have delivered over 15,000 of these multi-configurable go bags to SOCOM during the GWOT and find it a fitting design an organization that represents all branches that have served in Special Operations.  The SOA was established in 1977 as a Veteran’s fraternal organization of past and present American and Allied military special operations in a combat environment. The group includes veterans from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Grenada, the Balkans, Somalia as well as those from our most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This edition incorporates the latest version which was recently adopted for issue to 18D medics under the name Modular Medical Pack – Small, which has a large hook and loop field internally that accepts hook backed modular pouches, panels and holsters.  It includes a Velcro back subdued Special Operations Association patch.  A portion of the proceeds for every purchase will be donated to the SOA. For more information and to purchase, go to www.SOTechTactical.com and search for product code: MGB-SOA-OCP  and to learn more about the Special Operations Association, check out www.specialoperations.org

MATBOCK Monday || The Sheath

Monday, March 12th, 2018


The first patented retractable lanyard riggers belt has just been released by MATBOCK.  It incorporates a 4000 lbs Kevlar lanyard with Dyneema stitching at the load point into your normal riggers belt.  The operator can simply pull on the 2 stage carabiner to extend the lanyard and hook into the helicopter or hoist system.  After detaching, the lanyard automatically retracts back into the belt.  Instead of having to stuff the lanyard into a pocket or have a loop near his/her hip as a snag hazard, the operator’s lanyard is tucked away until needed again.  Furthermore, the Kevlar lanyard is spliced at both ends and the Dyneema stitching at the hot point prevents decay from salt water, possibly compromising the safety of the operator during an emergency situation.  This initial version has a fixed length 20-inch lanyard to be at arm’s length for most soldiers.

MATBOCK expects to release an adjustable length lanyard with an emergency release system in the next month to comply with SOCOM requirements.

S – 28-34 in
M – 30-40 in
L – 32-45 in
XL – 32-49 in


AustriAlpin – ANSI Z359.1 Products 2018

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

AustriAlpin, best known for it’s patented COBRA buckles, has been steadily expanding its range of PPE hardware. It now offers a large selection of premium quality, CNC milled aluminum 7075 hardware such as Drings, Orings, Tri-glides and more. These newest items under their ANSI Z359.1 product range are designed to best serve the Fall Protection and Fire Protection markets as well as Tactical and Safety industries. Recognized as a world leader in finely crafted PPE hardware these products are of the highest quality, strength and reliability.

Contact AustriAlpin for further information and/or samples.


Enforce Tac 18 – MD-Textil Modulares Gurtsystem

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Germany-based MD-Textil displayed their Modulares Gurtsystem (English: Modular Belt System) in the TACWRK Booth.


Released last year, MGS makes its first full appearance at Enforce Tac. It is a fully modular and scalable harness system which can be as simple as a first line belt or as extensive as leg and chest harnesses.


We can get into some more technical information in the coming weeks if you guys are interested but there’s a bit of a funny story associated with MGS.


The designer of MGS often gets called Armadillo by friends. The German word for armadillo is Gürteltier or literally, belt animal. Naturally, the armadillo has become the symbol for MGS.