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Max Velocity Tactical – Special Operations Rig Back in Stock

Friday, July 20th, 2018

MVT’s Special Operations Rig is a chest mounted design featuring two collapsible side pouches which accommodate two AN/PRC 152 radios (one each side), or 2 x 5.56 magazines in each radio pouch. Additionally, these pouches can be used for admin items or just left collapsed. In addition, the front of the radio pouches have four rows of PALS webbing, for the attachment of additional admin pouches, as needed.


• 5.56 (.223) magazine pouches with kydex inserts x 4.
• The 4 front kydex mag pouches also come with elastic removable retention pull-tabs, to give you more options.
• Low profile slim fit with the 4 x magazine pouches close to the body.
• Each magazine pouch is supplied with a Kydex insert which both secures the magazine and allows for fast reloads.
• 3 rows of MOLLE across the rig for maximum versatility.
• 4 MOLLE wide side panels for the attachment of additional pouches.
• 2 x collapsible radio/magazine pouches behind the side panels, specifically designed for the AN/PRC 152 radio / 2 x 5.56 magazines.
• The side radio  pouches also feature a velcro adjustable bottom panel, which allows for adjustment of the radio fit up or down to operator comfort.
• Adjustable elastic cord straps on the radio pouch to secure items of various sizes.
• 4 adjustable points for a “perfect fit” for almost any body type / shape.
• H-harness design – providing comfort to be worn by itself, or with a backpack.
• Map / Notebook Pouch on back of rig.
• Rear velcro patch, with optional cover, to allow the attachment of a sub-load pouch.
• Antennae loops on the bottom of the rig. By using a flexible antenna extension, you can route the antennae(s) down and under the rig.
• 500D Cordura.

Finally, the SOR standalone chest rig, attached to a plate carrier, or as a hybrid allowing optional attachment to a plate carrier.

• Wear the SOR with the supplied H-harness, over a Plate Carrier or standalone.
• Utilize the supplied PC Kit to attach the SOR directly to your Plate Carrier.
• Multiple use options, as an assault panel over a PC, or standalone in ‘recon mode.’
• The SOR is designed to allow the radio pouches to adjust comfortably across your chest, or if worn over a PC, the radio/mags fit into the space beside your front plate.

TacHacker – Vietnam DIY Ammo Vest

Friday, July 20th, 2018

TROPIC LIGHTNING NEWS                          

March 16, 1970

FSB PERSHING – Most combat infantrymen fighting in Vietnam really don’t worry too much if their wearing apparel isn’t in step with the latest fashions.

One exception, however, is Sergeant James J. Ross, who just might be a winner in the Army’s Suggestion Program.  Ross now qualifies as one of the best-dressed Warriors of the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry, with a coat he fashioned for himself.

Ross’s coat of many pockets is truly a unique garb to say the least.  It features 24 large pockets for M-16 magazines and a pouch on the back to port a Claymore mine.

“I scrounged up the canvas material,” Ross said.  “I gave the measurements to our interpreter and he gave the specifications to a civilian tailor who made up the jacket for me.

“It’s really great to have on an operation,” Ross said.

Other Warriors are following suit.  “A few others in my platoon have had them made too,” said the functionally, if not fashionably dressed, Warrior sergeant.

S&S Precision Shop Show – S&S Precision ZipFlip

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018


S&S Precision developed the ZipFlip to satisfy a user requirement for a scalable chest mount for ATAK equipped Android devices which could be worn while attached to armor or in a stand-alone configuration, while parachuting or conducting mounted and dismounted operations.


The basic component is a NavBoard which can be used by itself but will also accept a removable soft pouch, sun shade, auxiliary battery pouch and stand alone harness.


The system is PALS compatible via the S&S Precision Tenacious Tab.


The Android device is secured to the NavBoard via a low-profile cinch lock. Additionally, cables and excess cinch lock material can be stored between the NavBoard and soft case.


A removable stand-alone harness is included for operations where Armor is not needed such as admin jumps.


The FlipZip can be secured via a zipper Er with dual slides.


S&S Precision Shop Show – Watershed OTB 75 Backpack, Transit Duffel & WIP Sneak Peak

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

All three new products are manufactured from Watershed’s proprietary Kryptothane material which has been RF welded for waterproofness. Additionally, for these new bags, Watershed is using YKK’s Aquaseal Zipper which is polymer rather than metal. The advantage here is that these require less maintenance. Finally, all three bags incorporate an oral inflation / purge valve.

OTB 75 Backpack


Developed in conjunction with Mystery Ranch, the OTB 75 Backpack is a completely new system consisting of a hydrophobic version of the MR NICE Frame, a Watershed 75 liter pack, mesh wet bag for fins, and MR Daypack Lid.




-Laser cut PALS, inside and out
-46” YKK Aquaseal Zipper
-Zipper lockout
-Compression straps

Transit Duffel


This 2700 cu in bag can be used for Swim or Transit thanks to the reinforced lug handle and D-rings for carry or mount in a zodiac.



-24” YKK Aquaseal Zipper
-Internal zippered mesh pocket



Waterproof Individual Pouch fits IFAK, NODs and other similar sized items.



-Laser cut PALS
-Comes with PALS straps
-12” YKK Aquaseal Zipper

Mission Spec Obtains Rights To Produce Sherpa Mag Pouch For Yeti Wurks

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Mission Spec, LLC has recently obtained the rights to the Sherpa Scorpion Evo III Mag Pouch from Fight and Flight Tactical and will be producing it exclusively for Yeti Wurks.

The Sherpa is a four mag carry solution made specifically for the thicker magazines used by the CZ Scorpion Evo III.  The pouch comes standard with both bungee and flap-over-mag Velcro retention options. It can be attached to a plate carrier via the included MALICE clips or worn as a standalone piece of gear in a bandoleer style (strap included and removable).

The Sherpa is 100% manufactured in the United States with US sourced components and is Berry Compliant.  Black and Coyote are available at the time of this writing. As production ramps up, other colors/patterns will include MultiCam, Ranger Green, and Kryptek Typhon.

Some reports/reviews indicated that the original Sherpa mag pouch was too tight when inserting the magazine. Mission Spec has slightly edited the design to include more tolerance in the pouch area.


Produced by:

Platatac Peacekeeper Mk IV Chest Rig in Woodland Camo

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

The Peacekeeper Mk IV is designed to be a standalone low profile chest rig or to be worn over body armour systems. It features three 5.56mm Double magazine pouches at the center with PALS fields at either side.

At either end are radio pouches and small, zippered utility pockets.

4 x MOLLE Rows 2 x MOLLE Columns (x2)
2 x medium sized zippered pouches with front zip pockets
3 x 5.56mm Double magazine pouches
1 x Horizontal zippered pocket with cyalume loops (under magazine pouches)
3 x External mesh pockets on rear
1 x Internal Velcro pocket
Sewn drainage holes
Built from 500 Denier Multicam Cordura nylon fabric
YKK Zips with Paracord pulls

Coming Soon – Teeter Pouch 3 from OV Innovations

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

The Teeter Pouch is a PALS-compatible, bikini-style water bottle carrier from OV Innovations.   They’ve got a new version on the way, called the TP3. It is sized for 3 columns and 3 rows of PALS webbing instead of the 4×4 that the original was designed around. It is particularly well suited to 20oz bottles, but it will handle 1 liters without issue.

Eagle Industries Catalog Sighting

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Today at the ADS Federal Range Day I picked up the new Eagle Industries catalog. I haven’t seen a new one in years. Guess that retail program is finally happening.