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SHOT Show 18 – LBT-4040J Jumpable Maritime Pack

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Seen beside their “Vault” waterproof insert.

Mustang Survival Announces Delivery on U.S. Government Contract

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

Initiating 5-year contract to provide new maritime assault suit systems for Navy use

Bellingham, WA – Mustang Survival®, the North American manufacturer of innovative solutions for the most demanding marine environments, proudly announces it has started delivering the Maritime Assault Suit System (MASS) and Lightweight Maritime Assault Suit System (L-MASS) for Navy use, having been awarded a 5-year IDIQ contract by the U.S. government.  Developed for users engaging in maritime operations, the MASS and L-MASS are both waterproof and breathable. And while they meet the requirements of splash and/or immersed hypothermia protection, both suits utilize military Gore-Tex® fabrics for a lightweight, comfortable design for constant wear while achieving mission objectives.


“Designing and manufacturing the most innovative gear possible to protect those who protect us is a mission we undertake with an immense amount of pride and respect for those we’re serving. Each article of gear and apparel takes the end-users’ mission, safety and comfort into account. Not only is the weight substantially reduced, but so is the thermal burden traditionally associated with dry suits,” explains Brian Dalgliesh, manager for the U.S. Military Channel for Mustang Survival.

With weights of less than 5 pounds for the MASS (MSD674vMA) and less than 4 pounds for the L-MASS (MSD678vMA), the dry suit’s sophisticated design technology and features do not hinder movement or mobility while keeping the operator safe and dry.  The Mustang Survival MASS & L-MASS deliver surface operations dry suits that wear like standard operational clothing, but provide the protection of a dry suit. MASS is based on Mustang Survival’s MSD674vTO Sentinel™ Series Tactical Operations Dry Suit and the L-MASS is based on the MSD678 Sentinel Series Ultra-Lightweight Dry Suit.

Exclusive to Mustang Survival, the Sentinel Series dry suits feature:

–       Mobility Based Sizing™ offers users a semi-custom fit that reduces bulk and increases mobility without the custom price tag.

–       Rapid Repair Technology™ enables users to field replace neck and wrist seals and repair small leaks in an hour or less. Now includes Rapid Repair Socks.

For more information, visit www.mustangsurvival.com.


Monday, January 15th, 2018


The BLS is a joint project between MATBOCK and MAS Special Ops Training. Its a patent pending Bench, Ladder, Stretcher designed for Wing and Zodiac inflatable boats. The BLS is sold as a pair (bottom and upper sections) and designed to deploy as a unit. For the inflatables, it sits across the side tubes and can be secured to the floor with either ratchet straps or line (not included in the kit) giving space for 4 operators to sit forward facing during transit. When reaching the landing site or ship to be boarded, the sections can be attached together to create a 12 foot ladder with integrated shepherds hooks and offset ladder rungs. Additionally, the ladder rungs are coated on the top surface with nonslip to help prevent falls due to wet surfaces. If there is a casualty, a single section can be used as a stretcher to evacuate the individual as well. Four handles protrude from the sides to aid in transport as well as for positioning the ladder.

Each section is 69″ tall, 17.5″ wide, weighs 20.5lbs and made of aluminum with welded connections throughout the system.

Additionally, the BLS comes with grip feet on the lower section to help prevent the bottom from kicking out while being used as a ladder.

Finally, add-on floatation for each section will be available in the coming weeks.

The unit can be purchased from either MATBOCK or MAS Special Ops Training in the links below.


Mustang Survival Launches Next Generation SOF Life Preserver Unit

Friday, January 12th, 2018

For the past several years, Mustang Survival has been working to introduce a new inflatable life preserver. What they’ve come up with is so low profile and lightweight, it changes the way we will look at them. While the SOF LPU only weights 1 lbs, it provides 40 lbs of bouyancy. The biggest contributor to this weight savings is a new ultralightweight membrane film, used for the inflation chamber.


But Mustang Survival didn’t build this new system in a vacuum. I first saw a prototype at last summer’s Warrior East. At that point, they’d already been working for five years with ADS to refine the form, fit, and function of what would eventually become the Mustang SOF LPU. But over the last six months that collaboration, conducting some pretty significant customer engagement and feedback, as well as market analysis, looks to have really paid off. In fact, the two companies have been working together for 20 years, since the whole Diving Equipment Prime Vendor program started.


Since my first look, they’ve brought in long-time partner CM Hammar to develop a new programmable inflator which allows the user to configure it to trigger inflation by depth, time submerged in water, or a combination of both. They are also working together to identify and validate a next generation electronic inflator technology for the SOF LPU.


However, the SOF LPU will be offered in three configurations which fit the operational profiles of most LPU users. The MD1500 utilizes a Programmable automatic inflator, MD1501 utilizes HIT Hydrostatic inflator, and MD1502 utilizes Hammar’s new manual inflator.

That video was shot during a demonstration in a Norfolk pool in November. When we discussed the history of the project, Mustang Survival reps told me that a SOF customer had initially approached them, asking if they could integrate a new life preserver into their armor vest. Mustang Survival took a look at how many different vests had been in use at that organization and suggested that they instead create an appliqué which could be attached to any vest. PALS compatibility seemed like the best answer.


It’s being referred to as a SOF LPU, but everyone who currently uses some form of inflatable LPU is going to want this. Not only can it be attached to equipment via PALS webbing, but they’ve also created a stand alone harness so the LPU can be worn alone. That’s great for over the water Helo passengers, parachutists during admin jumps and small boat passengers. Additionally, SOLAS retro-reflective tape or GLINT can be attached to the inflation chamber via hook and loop to support those TTPs which use those markings.


Because of the SOF LPU’s low profile, the wearer will barely know it’s there. It’s not going to impede movement or situational awarenes. In the event of inflation, the chamber is out front, above any equipment such as ammunition, first aid kit, or radios. That way, the wearer can still access that gear.

The SOF LPU will be offered in Sepia, MultiCam, Coyote Tan and Black.

ADS and Mustang Survival will be jointly launching the SOF LPU at SHOT Show 2018 (January 23-26 in Las Vegas).

Survitec Group Goes Global by Adding Extra Engineers to Lifeboat Servicing Programme

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

Safety solutions provider Survitec is transforming its lifeboat services operation into a fully global offering with the addition of 14 extra engineers across a range of sites worldwide.

Customers ordering lifeboat services – along with all their other needs such as life rafts – can now enquire with their local branch, then have services delivered wherever they need globally.

The overhaul means it will now have engineers on the ground in five continents, supported by flying squads in the main global ports. Survitec previously sent engineers from the UK and Scandinavia round the world to conduct inspections, but the enhanced service will be quicker and more cost-effective for customers, as well being able to be booked locally.
Its existing team of more than 100 service engineers can already attend any location worldwide, but adding more operatives in additional locations will further improve the service for marine and offshore customers.

The enhanced proposition will be co-ordinated through one point of contact as opposed to multiple sites; reducing the administrative load for the customer. By providing services for all lifeboat brands and types, complexity is also reduced for users.

In addition to compliance with SOLAS regulations and conforming to the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) requirements, Survitec offers multi-brand inspection capabilities approved under Class and Flag.

Survitec carries Class approval – including DNV GL, Lloyds and ABS among others – and many Flag approvals including Panama, Malta, Norway and Liberia.

Survitec also has a renowned and well-developed re-hooking service, in line with the latest relevant IMO standards.

Paul Watkins, Regulatory & Compliance Manager at Survitec Group, said:

“We have always offered a global proposition, but these expansion plans give us an even larger footprint, which in turn offers operators greater peace of mind that we can reach them wherever they sail. Our cross-trained service agents can help companies improve their operational efficiency, not only saving them time and money, but also ensuring their statutory obligations are met. Customers can contact their local branch and the services can then be delivered wherever their ship is going to be globally.
“Our commitment to compliance and our position as a standard bearer for class approvals means that rather than reacting to regulatory changes, we are influential in helping to develop them. This expertise not only qualifies us to service any brand of life-saving appliance, but also means we can help companies no matter what their fleet requirements are.”


Complete Parachute Solutions – Maritime Military Javelin Tactical Parachute System

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017


The Maritime MJ Tactical Parachute System features the Maritime Military Javelin harness with the container constructed of 420DWR Parapack with removable spacer foam and leg pads. After fresh or salt water immersion, the system is designed to dry quickly once rinsed.


The Maritime MJ is paired with their Cormorant CT280 main canopy and TR281 reserve with fabric and line sets specially treated for multiple water landings. The Maritime MJ has cargo attachment rings, weapon stow loops, oxygen and communications pouches as well as multiple flotation stow loops.



Milipol 17 – TR Equipement / Stidd

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


TR Equipement is exhibiting the new DPD System 2 by Stidd. It’s an optionally manned underwater propulsion system with a completely new navigation system, designed specifically for it. It can be manually operated, or the RNANAV2 system, powered by Greensea, can be programmed to swim the route as well as loiter duirng a mission, or even return to base autonomously.


Additionally, the DPD System 2 offers two propulsion propellers giving it a top speed of four knots as well as the power to two 300kg in a container.



6160 Solutions To Distribute ProVitaTec’s sens07 “Smart Inflator”

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

6160 Solutions announces North American partnership with Swiss company ProVitaTec, to distribute the sens07 “Smart Inflator”.


6160 Solutions was looking for a new inflator to meet the upcoming military requirements for a safer and sustainable personal floatation device, when it found PVT and their sens07. 6160 is working on a few niche flotation devices at this time. A flotation device made specifically for body armor is in the works.

Sens07 is a microprocessor-controlled inflator module applicable to a large variety of life jackets. Inflation time is based on a patented risk calculation algorithm considering static limit settings as well as dynamic behavior in water. This allows distinguishing normal water contact from perilous drowning risk. The sens07 algorithm, features, and user interface can be fully customized to special needs by a smartphone. The smartphone is an option and not needed for operation. Conventional automatic life jackets are unsuitable for operations, which may involve water contact due to the accidental inflation in non-perilous situations. The inflator can be used for helicopter operations, which was not advisable in the past. You can set the inflator to fire if you are below 12 feet for more than 20 seconds, for example. The inflator will hold multiple profiles for different environments. Operational range between surface and depths of up to 3Om and also can be programmed with indefinite time or both. The inflator can be password protected, so once programmed, it will stay programmed. If the inflator has been activated, resetting is as easy as replacing the used cartridge and CO2 cylinder.

Sens07 is designed to work fully autonomously and does not require any user interactions, but can be turned off, or switch profiles on the fly. The sens07 offers a wide range of features to protect the user in various situations during water emergencies. The unit is always ON and therefore is always in operational mode. Pressing the self-test button gives a clear and interactive feedback confirming fully operational sens07 device. The self-test covers battery status, sensor and microprocessor checks as well as a fresh and correctly inserted activation module. The inflator uses an ultra-low power consumption battery that has a service life of 5-year service life. No recharge or replacement battery necessary. The inflator is similar in size to conventional inflators, and is completely inert to air humidity, water spray, splash, or rain. The inflator can be retrofitted into most current flotation devices.

– 30 to 80 degrees Celsius

Lithium-Polymer battery gives a life span of min. 5 years without charging or replacing

Battery, CPU, all sensors, correctly inserted and unused activator device
Compatible with all bladders with standard manifold

½ inch or 3/8 inch thread
Meets ISO 12402-6 Standard

6160 is led by of two military veterans who have over 50 years of extensive experience in design and fabrication of Lifesaving Floatation Devices, Search & Rescue Equipment, Military and Civilian Parachuting, and Outdoor Recreation.