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SCUBAPRO Sunday – Gloves

Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

Having the right pair of gloves will make your life so much better when you are working in the water. Whether you are doing a two-hour dive in Norway or you are on a zodiac for a long-range OTB. The right pair of gloves will depend on what you are doing, for how long you are doing it, and the water temperature/ weather. If you need to use your hands a lot during a dive like pushing button on a Navigation board or be able to use your hand right after the dive, like climbing a ladder, shooting a gun. Your tolerance to cold will be the main factors to take into account when choosing the thickness of the gloves. The colder the water, the thicker you will need to go.

1-3mm: water between 60- 75 ° F (16-24 ° C)

5-7mm: water between 45-60° F (8-16 ° C)

Here are the two main things to think about when choosing a pair of gloves for military use.

• Freedom of movement with a minimum thickness that allows you the thermal comfort you will need.

• What is on the palm and fingers? A glove that can be used to grab and hold medal and plastic.

When you are trying them on try and grab stuff around the store.

Dive gloves come in a variety of thickness levels between 0.5mm and 7mm. A good pair of 1.5mm Tropical gloves that have a leather palm is a good start. Some Tactical gear companies are making gloves designed for being in a wet environment that are also good for diving. The WETWORX gloves from S&S Precision come in two styles. One is thinner for warmer water and one is a little thinker (2mm) for cold. I know they have put a lot of work into them and they are nice gloves. As more units get back into the water, I am hoping you can get more companies like S&S that will make gear for use in the water.  That said S&S makes all their stuff so it can be used in the water as they come from a water background. I like gloves that can hold on to medal like if you have to climb a caving ladder or hold onto a gun. Being able to hold plastic like a navigation board or buckles. Some gloves have small plastic beads that are not the best for working in the water. It is hard to find a good pair of thick dive gloves that meet the above requirements. If you have to be on a boat or mostly about the water you can get a pair of dive gloves that are a couple sizes bigger, then you usually would wear and put wool gloves on as a base layer. Wool even when wet, will still hold heat in and the dive gloves will help keep your hands warm and dry. You can also bring a thinner set of gloves like 1.5mm with you and change them out a couple of minutes before you hit the target. The other thing you can try with a thinker pair of gloves is putting a set of gardening gloves on over them.

When choosing the right glove, they should fit well enough to avoid water circulation inside as much as possible this will help keep the heat in also. They should not be so tight that it will cut off circulation to your hands. The thicker the gloves, the more insulated you have, but the tradeoff is less mobility. It will be difficult to manipulate the equipment and also to done and doff them. Choose the gloves that you think will protect you enough for the type of water in which you will perform most dives. If you are diving a semi-dry suit, choose gloves that don’t have a zipper or Velcro. It will make it easier to place the glove in the most sealed way possible between the inner and outer layers of the suit. You will want them to fit close to your wrist to reduce the bulge that can happen if there is too much material between your sleeves and gloves. If you don’t do this right just moving your hands will let water in.

The material the gloves are made of should align with your intended purpose.

• Kevlar: This material is known for its elasticity and strength. It increases the durability of gloves by avoiding premature deterioration.

• Neoprene: This is the most common type of material used for dive gloves because it’s flexible and mainly designed for use in the water.

• Dyneema: It is an ultra-abrasion resistant, strong material. It is suitable for working around piers and ship bottoms. Dyneema isn’t designed for warm, but it will protect your hands,

• Amara is synthetic leather that is usually used on the palm of a lot of dive gloves. It increases your grip. Most tropical dive gloves palms use Amara

Dive Gloves Maintenance Tips

Treat dive gloves like you treat anything you want to last. You should care for gloves like you do your wetsuit. They should soaked in fresh water after each dive. You want to force the salt out. Do not put them in the washing machine or use detergents to clean your wetsuits or gloves. Allow them to dry in a ventilated place until completely dry. Textile gloves, take longer to dry. Do not dry them in the sun, as with all neoprene it will cause it to age faster.


SCUBAPRO Sunday – Drysuits

Sunday, December 16th, 2018

Now that is starting to get cold I thought it would be good to share some Drysuits/ Semi- Dry suit info. David Rhea is a SCUBAPRO ambassador and one of the best explorer divers in the world.

To watch the entire library of SCUBAPRO Drysuit Videos, visit YouTube.

SCUBAPRO Sunday – The Go FIN

Sunday, December 9th, 2018

The SCUBAPRO’s GO fin is designed for traveling or when you need a smaller fin with a lot of power. Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and a fast and agile performer, the GO is the ideal fin for divers, snorkelers and is also great for command PT as it is a great surface fin also. The Go Fin comes in two styles. The Go fin is perfect for when you want to just wear the fin with nothing else. The Newer version is the GO SPORT. It is the same great fin but with a bigger foot pocket for use with shoes or dive boots. When it comes to premium travel fins, nothing compares to the GO and GO SPORT (boot fit) when integrating high quality with lightweight. For example, a pair of size M-L GO fins weighs in at a mere 1.2 kg/2.6 lbs, including bungee straps — again, that’s for a pair. This translates into convenience and weight savings when they have to be carried, and comfort and ease of use in the water. The replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap allows for a versatile fit — one diver can wear multiple sizes. The strap also makes it easy to don and doff the fin, and it fits comfortably against a barefoot is needed.

While extremely comfortable, the GO is also virtually indestructible. Its strong 100% Monprene® construction avoids the problems of de-lamination, broken blades and torn foot pockets that tend to plague average thermoplastic fins. This enables the GO to stand up to long-term, heavy-duty use. The GO fin excels in strength, comfort, and convenience, but where it really shines is in kicking performance. The GO is built with a 25-degree pre-angled blade with a Central Power Panel that provides longitudinal rigidity and creates a channeling effect. Power Bars on the underside of the rails prevent over-flex; this helps maintain the optimum angle of attack under high load conditions. The result is you get a lightweight fin that delivers speed, power, stability, and maneuverability with a minimum of effort. Being lightweight is always a plus when traveling, but so is compactness. GO fins are designed to fit comfortably in IATA carry-on compliant luggage. Even better, they pack exceptionally well due to an innovative Piggy Back Stack system. An interlocking tooth on one fin blade hooks into the second fin, and then the bungee strap from the second fin hooks the heel of the first fin into place. It’s a snug pairing that makes packing and traveling that much easier. They are perfect for when you have to carry a pair of fins with on patrol. They pack light and right; the GO fin is lightweight, comfortable and virtually indestructible. This is an excellent fin for surface swimming, SAR, diving in confined spaces and just everyday diving.


FirstSpear Friday Focus – Maritime Buoyancy Compensator Technology

Friday, December 7th, 2018

FirstSpear is well known for high quality body armor systems and performance technical apparel. What you may not know is they also develop specialized gear for some of the most highly trained amphibious military and law enforcement professionals all over the world. The AAC Frog Kit, for example was developed for the combat diver and specifically designed to integrate with a rebreather system. Today we are looking at just one of the unique features that makes FirstSpear Maritime equipment a top choice by the professional.

The FirstSpear Buoyancy Compensator Kit is designed to be installed inside the plate bag behind the front and back plate pockets. Orally inflated at the operators discretion, you can achieve a maximum of 5lbs (2kg/22N) of lift on each front and back insert in a size Medium – XL to help offset a combat load on the surface in sea water.

Buoyancy Compensators Kits are user configured and can be set up for not only right or left handed users but also single and dual inflate options which give the Operator even more control on how they can trim their system while in the water.

This video shows how to set up your BC kit and the user configurations available. Law Enforcement and Military credentials required for purchase. Contact us for more info.

Learn more about FirstSpear industry leading manufacturing and technology integration for personal protective and load bearing equipment on first-spear.com

To learn more about FirstSpear Technology Group visit First-spear.tech

SCUBAPRO Sunday – “The Silent Enemy”

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Here is a movie about the, Lionel “Buster” Crabbe is the father combat diving in the UK. Thought you might like it.

Aquabotix Launches Three New Products

Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Aquabotix launches three new products in the SwarmDiver family of products:
• the SwarmDiver STEALTHline for covert defence applications;
• the SwarmDiver NIGHTLINE line to support special operations missions; and
• the SwarmDiver EDGE line for security, deterrence and harbor management purposes.

Sydney, Australia and Fall River, Massachusetts, USA – UUV Aquabotix Ltd (ASX:UUV) (“Aquabotix” or the “Company”) today announces that it has launched three new products – SwarmDiver STEALTHTM,  SwarmDiver EDGETM and SwarmDiver NIGHTLINETM, in addition to the Company’s existing base SwarmDiverTM product. The three new products are tailored for specific defence and commercial applications and expand the use cases for the SwarmDiverTM family of products. These three new products will be offered in addition to the Company’s existing base SwarmDiverTM product.

SwarmDiver STEALTHTM The SwarmDiver STEALTHTM line is intended for use in covert defence operations. This line of vehicles features a ruggedized exterior coating over a specialty graphic camouflage paint, a low-noise emitting motor, and no visible vehicle status lights to deliver a stealthy mission capability for SwarmDiver STEALTHTM to transit through littoral, harbor, and other challenging zones where avoidance of adversary detection is critical.

Aquabotix created the STEALTH model to address military end-user and large defence company demand for a highly effective means of covertly collecting intelligence and transferring data in littoral environments where enemies are continuously monitoring activity through the use of acoustic sensors, electromagnetic spectrum monitoring, and visual detection. Beyond collecting intel, the STEALTH line can be used to securely transfer data between two points without the risk of interception posed by wireless transfer methods.

SwarmDiver NIGHTLINETM The SwarmDiver NIGHTLINETM shares the same key features as the STEALTH line, including the ruggedized camouflage exterior and low-noise motors, and also has an added ultraviolet (UV) coating to make nighttime recovery of those vehicles easier. The UV coating is invisible to the naked eye, but can be detected at night or in low light environments when illuminated by the right wavelength UV light source. Aquabotix created this variant specifically with special forces use in mind.

SwarmDiver EDGETM The SwarmDiver EDGETM line has applications in governmental, defence, and commercial domains. This line of vehicles is equipped with high intensity lights to create a visual boundary and act as a first line deterrent along a shore line, around a vessel or docking area, or near any other item of interest. Aquabotix created the EDGE line of vehicles to respond to threats of piracy, militant, or other disruptions to commercial and governmental activities.

Whitney Million, Aquabotix’s Chief Executive Officer, commented “Our SwarmDiver product has literally dozens of applications and end-uses, solving problems that, to date, were difficult to manage, and in some cases, unsolvable, for commercial and governmental maritime and naval users. The three new products focus on only some of these issues. We plan to continue to evolve our family of products in order to enable our commercial and governmental partners to solve the challenges they face in real world situations around the globe.”

For more information on the distinguishing characteristics and applications for use of SwarmDiver, please visit:

SCUBAPRO Sunday – Frameless/Gorilla Mask

Sunday, November 25th, 2018

SCUBAPRO’s FRAMELESS is diving’s original frameless mask, and it’s still the best. Its distinctive rectangular single-lens shape is classic, providing an excellent field of view on the periphery as well as straight ahead. By eliminating the frame, you create a mask that sits closer to your eyes. This provides a broader field of view to better take in the underwater sights, plus it reduces volume which makes it easier to clear. Also, since there is no frame, the buckles attach directly to the skirt. This enables the mask to fold relatively flat for packing or for slipping into a BC cargo pocket.

The soft silicone skirt on the FRAMELESS is comfortable yet durable, and the double-edge seal feels good against the skin. The push-button buckle system is easy to use and allows for quick adjustments. Buckles attach to flexible tabs on the skirt; this optimizes strap angle when dialing in the fit. The wide headband spreads the load on the back of the head, greatly enhancing comfort.

After decades on the diving scene, the original FRAMELESS continues to be the mask of choice among professional divers throughout the world. With its excellent field of view and comfortable fit, this stellar mask is destined to maintain its dominant position on the cutting edge of diving well into the future.

The Frameless Gorilla has a slightly larger and wider lens in a matte finish. Single lens mask, featuring a unique lens and skirt assembly without a frame. The Gorilla Mask is a new SCUBAPRO classic for professionals. This single window lens design is for a superior field of vision. Mask has a tempered safety glass lens and a quality double -feathered edge silicone rubber skirt for exceptional comfort and fit. The unique assembly of the lens and skirt without a frame reduces weight, size and lowers the masks overall internal volume for a streamlined style and a snug fit.

This classic robust quality mask positions the buckles on the exterior of the mask body for convenience and comfort. The buckles system is easily adjusted with one-hand. The mask has a large easy to reach with gloved-hand, nose pocket for ear equalization. The wide split strap design provides even tension on the face for a perfect seal.

SCUBAPRO is always trying to set the bar for diving higher. The newest figures for the Frameless and Frameless Gorilla mask is the addition of the comfort strap adapter. This can be added onto any existing masks and adds several features to one of the most iconic masks ever made.

-It allows the Frameless/ Frameless Gorilla mask to be used with the SCUBAPRO comfort strap. The Comfort Strap is similar to a ski goggle strap in design, and it clips right into the mask buckle adapter and offers a wide adjustment range. It is also a lot less likely to break mid-dive as it is a nylon strap.

-The adapter also makes the mask non-magnetic for EOD use, as it removes all metal parts.

– It allows the masks to be used with the Odin helmet mask strap. The Odin system allows any mask with quick clips to be attached to any helmet that has the Ops-Core ARC rail systems. The Odin straps are perfect for any time you have to wear a helmet well diving. Like driving a DPV, Wearing Jetboots or for Search and Rescue Operations.

For more information contact ecrazz@clannfive.com

Photos by Paul Wildman.

SCUBAPRO Sunday – SeaWing Nova and Jet Fin Skins from MATBOCK

Sunday, November 18th, 2018

SCUBAPRO and MATBOCK have teamed up to make Skins for two of SCUBAPROs most iconic fins. The SeaWing Nova’s and the Jet fins. The Patent pending MATBOCK Skins is a multi-layer adhesive/fabric laminate designed to give the user the ability to camouflage/ change any surface desired. The Skins are waterproof and oil resistant and can be used multiple times. These skins are designed and laser cut specifically for the SCUBAPRO SeaWing Nova’s and Jet fins.