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Something Is Coming From SCUBAPRO

Friday, July 13th, 2018

S&S Precision Shop Show – Watershed OTB 75 Backpack, Transit Duffel & WIP Sneak Peak

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

All three new products are manufactured from Watershed’s proprietary Kryptothane material which has been RF welded for waterproofness. Additionally, for these new bags, Watershed is using YKK’s Aquaseal Zipper which is polymer rather than metal. The advantage here is that these require less maintenance. Finally, all three bags incorporate an oral inflation / purge valve.

OTB 75 Backpack


Developed in conjunction with Mystery Ranch, the OTB 75 Backpack is a completely new system consisting of a hydrophobic version of the MR NICE Frame, a Watershed 75 liter pack, mesh wet bag for fins, and MR Daypack Lid.




-Laser cut PALS, inside and out
-46” YKK Aquaseal Zipper
-Zipper lockout
-Compression straps

Transit Duffel


This 2700 cu in bag can be used for Swim or Transit thanks to the reinforced lug handle and D-rings for carry or mount in a zodiac.



-24” YKK Aquaseal Zipper
-Internal zippered mesh pocket



Waterproof Individual Pouch fits IFAK, NODs and other similar sized items.



-Laser cut PALS
-Comes with PALS straps
-12” YKK Aquaseal Zipper


S&S Precision Shop Show – OTB Boots RIB Sandal and Abyss III Preview

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018


The RIB Sandal is a true boat shoe. Modeled on a rigid inflatable boat, it’s actually a recovery sandal, with its thick cushion sole and slide styling.


This is the third iteration of the shoe that launched OTB boots. Harking back to the brand’s roots of Over The Beach, the Abyss III features a sticky climbing rubber sole and rand, heel notch for fins, and knit construction upper.




Junglelites deliver 1 August.




Sunday, July 8th, 2018

This is the first installment in a series that will run every Sunday. SCUBAPRO Sundays will focus on Dive Gear, Diving, Combat Swimming, Technical Diving, and Lessons Learned from all types of diving.

The history of SCUBAPRO

Over 50 years ago, SCUBAPRO was created with the idea that diving should be an adventure in fun. SCUBAPRO was founded in 1963 by two very innovative and entrepreneurial adventurers, Gustav Dalla Valle and Dick Bonin.  They have since become known as real pioneers in diving. Their vision and commitment to quality gear is a constant reference for everyone working at SCUBAPRO.

The face of diving has changed dramatically since we came on the scene. It has evolved from an activity for the physical elite to a worldwide recreation enjoyed by men and women of all ages. And we at SCUBAPRO are proud of our leadership in this evolution: developing innovative products that have advanced the safety, reliability, and ease of use of today’s diving equipment.

Some product highlights:

• In 1963 SCUBAPRO created the Mark 2. So simple and reliable that it is still used today.

• The revolutionary Visionaire combined a full-face mask with a second stage.  The faceplate became the regulator diaphragm.

• The SCUBAPRO Jet Fin was introduced in 1965 and revolutionized the way divers swam. Almost 50 years later, it is still used by military and technical divers.

Original still made today in the USA and Jet fin with spring heel
• The Mark 5 was launched in 1966 and was the first high-performance piston first stage.  It was also the first to have a swiveling turret, still used on MK25 today.

• 1969 SCUBAPRO released the 109, first adjustable second stage allowing the diver to fine tune the inhalation effort to the requirements of the dive.

• Before 1978, divers used a horse collar BC, then SCUBAPRO engineers combined two of these, creating the Stabilizing Jacket, the first modern buoyancy compensator.

• SCUBAPRO invented the AIR2 in 1979, a smart concept that integrated the BC inflator with a second stage.

• In 1986, SCUBAPRO invented a radical new blade profile, optimized for efficiency:  the Seawing fin

• The G250 brought together the most advanced technology and materials in a second stage that, combined with the Mark 10, became the benchmark for all balanced regulators.

• The original Aladin dive computer and its successive models have been sold by the hundreds of thousands since its conception in 1987, simplifying decompression for all types of divers.

• The Frameless was the first mask to use the lens as its structural support, which significantly increased the field of vision for divers.  Twenty-one years later, it is still the first choice of military and technical divers.

• Air X was the first dive computer to measure tank pressure with a radio transmitter instead of a hose and to calculate Remaining Bottom Time.

• The Twin Jet fin was the first SCUBAPRO  “split fin,” modeled after the flippers of marine mammals.  This design delivered power with minimal effort.

• Based on scientific research and thousands of dives, Smart computers’ algorithm was the first to incorporate micro-bubble suppression.

• Galileo revolutionized dive computers in 2007, with hybrid air-oil filling, dot-matrix display and a maximum operating depth of 330 meters or 1080 feet.

• It’s also the first to have used the diver’s heart rate to estimate the workload.

• The Seawing Nova, successor to the 1986 Seawings, introduced a new streamlined blade design with a high-tech flexible joint.

SeaWing Nova Gorillas
From its inception, SCUBAPRO has been a different kind of company. Even before our first product was made, we had a policy of professionalism.  From the very beginning, SCUBAPRO developed this ‘professional’ business model selling only to full service dive stores that could provide technical assistance and professional diving advice to ensure that our products were being used safely. We refused to sell to catalogues or sports stores that didn’t have divers on the premises.

The SCUBAPRO strategy worked because dive shops that became SCUBAPRO dealers developed quickly, thanks to their reputation as professional shops and ability to create demand by teaching new divers. What was a daring idea in 1960 is commonplace today. The SCUBAPRO tradition of carefully selecting only professional and full-service partners to carry our products, and advise on their use, has built diver’s trust in our brand. Thanks to our vast network of exceptional dealers you can find our products and reliable servicing anywhere in the world.

As we salute our forerunners, today’s team rededicates itself to carrying on the SCUBAPRO tradition. Because we are more than products; SCUBAPRO is people. Our engineering and testing teams are the pride of the company and set the standard for the industry. The last 50 years have seen SCUBAPRO continue a unique position of leadership in the diving industry. Professionals and demanding sport divers select our gear because they know they can depend on it in the harshest environments.


SCUBA PRO To Exhibit At SOF Select

Monday, May 21st, 2018

Crye Precision Adds Maritime Series Carrier And Pouches To Website

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Crye Precision just updated their website with the Maritime Series which consists of the Maritime JPC 2.0 (Swimmer Cut), Pouches and accessories. 

The biggest difference is that the items feature mesh construction for drainage in a maritime environment. 

It’s also important to note that the Maritime Series is made-to-order and not part of their standard stocking system. That means a minimum lead time of 12 weeks.


Zodiac Milpro to demonstrate the Hurricane H1300 at Sea, Air, Space APR 9-11 National Harbor, MD

Saturday, March 24th, 2018

Stevensville, MD 22 MAR 18-Zodiac Milpro will be demonstrating the capabilities of the Zodiac Hurricane H1300 Interceptor at the Sea, Air, Space Conference April 9-11 in National Harbor, MD.

Zodiac Milpro is regarded as a global leader of military and professional Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB) and inflatables for naval operations, search and rescue, border security, law enforcement and special applications.

The Zodiac Hurricane H1300 is a brand new platform designed as a high capacity, long range interdiction craft. Designed on a patented MACH 2 (Military Air Channeled Hull 2) stepped aluminum hull, this craft features dual consoles, reconfigurable deck spaces fore and aft, dive access doors, and advanced propulsion control/vessel positioning systems. The dual consoles are fitted with a removable roof, and foldable mast and windscreen to reduce transportation height. With the true RHIB design and high speed capability, the H1300 provides an excellent pursuit and boarding platform.

The H1300 is ready for full production as-is. All electronic components, engines, control systems, outfitting items, and deck layout may be changed at customer request. In addition, hull design changes can be considered to achieve mission specific payload/range/speed requirements.

Boat Features

Intercept speed-up to 61 knots

Range-up to 400 NM

Payload-8,800 lbs

Fuel capacity-505 gal

Maximum horsepower-up to 4×400 HP

Durarib foam collar with auto inflation

Aft quarter dive door

Triple or quadruple propulsion packages available

www.zodiacmilpro.com or +1-410-643-4141

SHOT Show 18 – LBT-4040J Jumpable Maritime Pack

Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Seen beside their “Vault” waterproof insert.