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SCUBAPRO Sunday – What to Wear Under Your Wetsuits

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Most people wear something under their wetsuit to help with getting your wetsuit on easier. The other reason for wearing something under your wetsuits is that the extra layers can help keep your body warmer. Instead of wearing a thicker wetsuit that will restrict your movement it allows you to wear a thinner suit that will give you more flexibility. You can wear a short sleeve top or bottom to help keep your core warmer. The other thing to think about is the air temperature/ wind on your way to the dive site. If you have to worry about the air temp/ wind when you are traveling to the dive site, a linebacker jacket (the kind football players wear on the sidelines) is good to have as you can take it off before the dive and put it on when you are done. For colder temperatures, adding layers underneath the suit is definitely the way to go. You have several options to choose from. If you already have a thinner wetsuit that you usually use for warmer environments a 1mm rash guard, or any other type of garment that’ll provide you with the added warmth around your chest will help.

 When you have to worry about the wind most surf wetsuit or wetsuits that are glossy like surf suits, are designed to stop the wind. That all suit surf suits are not great for diving as most are not made from a material (yes surfing is different then diving) that is designed to be used under water for long periods. Some people go nude under their wetsuits. After wearing a wetsuit for an extended period of time, this can be painful, due to the constant rubbing against their skin it begins to chafe. Normally the neck, armpits, behind the knees, and the crotch are the first to go. You can apply anti-chafing gel/ Vaseline to help with this on long dives. You can also wear a dive skin or bike shorts this will help with getting your suit on and off also.

Whatever you decide to wear keep in mind the water/ air temperature, duration of the dive and what you will be doing. That should put you at a good starting point.



SCUBAPRO Sunday- Galileo Heads Up Dive Computer

Sunday, February 17th, 2019

For more information please contact

SCUBAPRO Sunday – Sea Sickness

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

  Many people suffer from seasickness, especially during your first couple of times being on the water. Once you learn some of the basic tips for dealing with seasickness, it will become more natural and help you to move past having to take anything. A lot of the time, these remedies will be the easiest to implement because they require moving around on the boat.

 First stay ahead of it by taking meds before you go out on the boat. There are a variety of medications that are available to help prevent or treat motion sickness. They need to be taking 1-2 hours before you go out so plan ahead. Medicines for nausea are called antiemetic drugs. They include antihistamines such as Dramamine and scopolamine drugs, which come in pill or patch form and require a prescription.  

Focus on the horizon. By focusing, many people experience the extraordinary power of the brain to overpower the feeling of the waves. Get horizontal and close your eyes. Your ears control balance, but your eyes can deceive you. By adjusting your balance by 90 degrees from standing to laying down and keeping your eyes from paying attention to the rolling motion, your brain can work through the motion more easily.

Keep the fresh air coming. If you are sitting there with the engines running the exhaust air can start to make anyone sick, so try avoiding it as much as possible.

Move to the center of the boat. The rocking motion is typically significantly reduced where the center of gravity for the boat is more defined, so the motion will tend to not be as dramatic in the center of the boat if you are sitting there and can get into the water that will help also.  

      Eat Small Meals and Stay Hydrated. Eating smaller, more frequent treats and drinking water / Gatorade type drinks, will help by putting something in your stomach and also gives you something to do to help take your mind off it.

      Tilt Your Head Into Turns. Synchronizing your body with the motion may help reduce motion sickness. Turns and rotary motion tend to cause more severe motion sickness than travel in a linear motion.

      Look at the Horizon. Looking at the horizon will help you avoid sudden head movements. People who are prone to motion sickness tend to have more body sway while standing. Try to widen your stance to help reduce body sway. This is why people that have mTBIs tend to get motion sickness easier.

      Press on This Pressure Point. The point is located on the inner side of the forearm, about two inches (or three finger widths) above the crease of the wrist in between the two tendons.

     Ginger Root A widely used remedy for nausea, ginger root is often taken in the form of lozenges, tea, capsules, tablets, crystallized root, candies, or ginger ale.

      If you have tried all the above and you still feel sick the last thing you can try is sticking your finger in your mouth as far back as you can get it. Throwing up does help, and the bright side is it might make other people do it also. So you won’t be alone anymore.

If you get motion sickness or thing you will, remedies may be worth considering, especially if you are not able to take medication. If you are going to take meds is to try them before you step on the boat. If you have never tried it, it might make it worse if it makes you sick or sleepy. Good Luck and I hope this helps.


Zodiac Milpro Introduces the Helisling, Helicopter Sling System

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

Zodiac Milpro introduces the Helisling, a helicopter sling system for the delivery of inflatable boats.

The Helisling transports FC series boats in a ready to use configuration. The Helisling can be used as an “at sea” fast recovery system.

-Meets compliance standards for STANAG 3542 and IATA
-Meets US-EU Civil and NATO regulations for helicopter sling loads
-Fits all FC series boats 470, EVOL, 530 and 580
-Installs quickly using standard FC Boat lift boats
-Long lasting and adapted to a maritime environment
-Stows easily aboard boat using waterproof bow bag

Contact or 410-643-4141 for further information.

Additionally, Zodiac Milpro is starting their 2019 product demo season at Miami Boat Show in February with the new SRA 900 Rigid Inflatable Boat (RHIB).  Water demonstrations will be available during and following the show in the Miami area.  They will arrange customer demonstrations upon request in Florida and on the East Coast during March and April, with the boat arriving in Washington DC for Sea Air Space in May. The boat will be available upon request in the DC/NVA area during May.

The SRA900 is the latest iteration of the highly successful SeaRib Aluminum range.   Designed as a multipurpose platform with multiple configurations, the demo craft is outfitted with twin 300hp outboard engines, semi-enclosed cabin, dive access door, and shock mitigating seats.

Zodiac Milpro would like to invite you and any other interested parties to a personal demonstration.  Please feel free to contact Jake Albinio (541-961-3609, to arrange a demonstration and confirm schedules.  

SCUBAPRO SUNDAY – WW2 Salvage Divers

Sunday, January 27th, 2019

Not enough can be said for the men and women who fought in WW2. Right after the attack on Pearl Harbor, salvage divers started to rescue as many people as they could and raise as many ships as they could, so they could be put back into the fight.  

19 ships were sunk or damaged on December 7, by the Japanese; the efforts of the greatest generation raised all but three (the Arizona, the Utah, and the Oklahoma).

Here are a couple of good articles about the salvage diver efforts.





Sunday, January 20th, 2019


X-FORCE is more than a powerhouse of features, making it perfect for passionate and advance recreational divers. New, pre-formed wrap-around bladder provides higher buoyancy with increased volume in the lower back. New quick-release weight buckle retaining system allows one-hand operation and easy to find for optimal safety. 

• Additional back pockets offer trim counterweight storage.

• The backpack and soft neck protection are fitted with Air-Net padding for increased comfort and protection.

• Shoulder pads and straps covered in anti-slip material.

• It is constructed of high-resistance Cordura 500 exterior and Nylon 420 interior, guaranteeing durability.

• Cordura® Lock protects against the elements.

• Octopus holder on both sides keeps gear neat and accessible.

• Available with Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) or optional AIR2.

The SCUBAPRO X-Force BCD is a robust BCD with a pre-formed wrap-around bladder which provides a better fit and excellent comfort. The X-Force has some fantastic features such as a high buoyancy via a new gusset in the lower area of the air cell, a new backpack with air net padding and air net soft protection for the neck.

Secure Quick Release integrated weights use a pinch-clip to hold your weights in position. Trim weight pockets on the rear hold any trim weight either side of your cylinder for a better position in the water. Each side pocket has an octo holder and a D-Ring to hold your alternate air source with either a clip or tucking the hose.

Anti-Slip Shoulder Material holds the BCD in position even when wet so the BCD won’t move or twist. The outside of the BCD is made from high-resistance 500D Cordura for durability, and 420 Nylon interior further increases durability.

The Scubapro X-Black is a high specification, durable yet comfortable BCD that features a new Balanced Power Inflator (BPI) and elbow design, rigid backed integrated weight pockets, redesigned dump valves and a new bladder system. The X-Black features the exclusive AirFlex system, highlighted by the red bungees, that simplifies buoyancy control and guarantees high stability. One of our most feature-rich BCs, the X-Black is also one of the most comfortable even when fully inflated thanks to its ergonomic cut.

SCUBAPRO can also manufacture custom X-Teks.




SCUABPRO Sunday – Nice to have Accessories

Sunday, January 13th, 2019

When planning a dive or a Boat/ Zodiac/ Wing ride, there are a few essential pieces of gear that you definitely should bring with you. But as much as you would want to keep your gear to a minimum, there are still a couple of things you should bring for your convenience. 

I am going to talk about a couple accessories that you may not have thought of to add to your gear list. Everyone knows about the hammock on long plane ride but not enough can be said about being comfortable on a 4-hour boat ride after a 3-hour dive. I will explain what makes them useful and why you should bring them with you. This stuff can be used if on a boat heading to a dive or if you are just on a boat for a long OTB. It’s about comfort and I will say safety.  

It all starts with a good dry bag. It’ll allow you to put all of your gear in one place, so you won’t have to worry about it getting wet or losing any of it. What makes a good dry bag? Well to start it has to have a good waterproof zipper and be able to take the beating of being bounced up and down in the front of a boat. In this bag you can keep your warm clothes for before or after the dive (if you are diving or getting wet) Always have a way to separate wet clothes from dry ones, a small or medium dry bag is good for this. That way you can put it back in away. You can also have a small camp / micro-fleece towel to help dry you off. In your bags hang a small light at the top so you can use it to look around with out having to dig around your bag trying to find whatever you need. This helps whenever you are looking in a pack at night. I like the small push button lights for this on a retractor like you use for your badge. Put one in all your bags will make your life easier when you are looking around your nags in the middle of he night when you are cold and wet.

If you can change out of your wetsuit make sure you do that, when you first get out of the water you will be hot, but if you are in for a long boat ride you will get cold. If you have a mustang suit, it is an easy thing to change into. Try and put on a base layer of wool, as you wont be completely dry wool keeps you warm even when wet. For your hands and feet. SEALKINZ make some great socks and gloves. They are waterproof and windproof. Lastly for when you get out of the water is something to eat and or drink. I am going to sound like and old man, but a thermos with hot chocolate, or soup. This will help keep you warm and also if you are cold and tired a lot better then eating a energy bar that is cold and hard. Some bite size snickers or something like that is good. They are also great for winter warfare or survival situations you can drop a bite size snickers bar into some hot water and you have a good soup.

Ok now that you are warm and dry, its time to get ready for the long boat ride home. Whenever you are on a boat the best ride is always in the back. There is less movement and its less wear and tear on you. If you are on a zodiac/ wing again try and sit in the back. If you have a stadium seat (picture below) take some one-inch tubular nylon wrap it around the seat and tie it together, put a carabiner on it to the D rings on the boat. Now you can sit on it, and it will help hold you in place and give you a better ride. This is great after a long night of being cold and wet.

SCUBAPRO Sunday – Go Sport Fin

Sunday, January 6th, 2019


The Go Sport Fin has a new boot fit fin design. As the name implies, SCUBAPRO new Go Sport Fin is designed for when you need a lightweight fin with a lot of power. Lightweight, comfortable, durable, and a fast and nimble performer, the Go is the ideal fin for diving, snorkeling and surface swimming. 

Lightweight: When it comes to a premium light fin, nothing compares to the Go. With integrating high quality with lightweight. This translates into convenience and weight savings on the road, and comfort and ease of use in the water. 

Super Comfortable: The Go Sport design combines the fitment benefits of an open heel fin. The replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap allows for a versatile fit — one diver can wear multiple sizes. The strap also makes it easy to don and doff the fin, and it fits comfortably against a booted heel. 

Ultra Durable: While extremely comfortable, the Go Sport is also virtually indestructible. Its sturdy 100% Monprene construction avoids the problems of de-lamination, broken blades and torn foot pockets that tend to plague average thermoplastic fins. This enables the Go Sport to stand up to long-term, heavy-duty use. 

High Performance: The Go fin excels in strength, comfort, and convenience, but where it really shines is in kicking performance. The Go is built with a 25° pre-angled blade with a central power panel that provides longitudinal rigidity and creates a channeling effect. Power bars on the underside of the rails prevent over-flex; this helps maintain the optimum angle of attack under high load conditions. The result: you get a lightweight fin that delivers speed, power, stability and maneuverability with a minimum of effort.


Travel-Friendly: Being lightweight is always a plus when traveling, but so is compactness. Go fins are designed to fit easily in IATA carry-on compliant luggage. Even better, they pack extremely well due to an innovative piggyback stack system. An interlocking tooth on one fin blade hooks into the second fin, and then the bungee strap from the second fin hooks the heel of the first fin into place. It’s a snug pairing that makes packing and traveling that much easier. The perfect addition to the SCUBAPRO fin range, the Go Sport dedicated travel fin is lightweight, comfortable and virtually indestructible.

This truly is one of the best fins I have ever used. It is very compact and light. It is great for morning PTs or when you have to carry fins out in the field. It can be used for over the beach or river and stream crossings.