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Spartan Village – Waterproof IR Patches

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015


Spartan Village is now offering custom waterproof IR patch identifiers. While Spartan Village does currently offer Cordura IR patches that are water resistant, these new patches are even more durable in extremely wet conditions, having been torture tested in both fresh and saltwater, with test units submerged for over 24 hours without fail. These patches will be of particular benefit to anyone who conducts maritime and extreme wet weather operations.

Patches will be available in standard Multicam with more Multicam pattern color ways to come. Contact Spartan Village directly at for custom inquiries.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Announces Dragon Silk Recombinant Spider Silk Technology

Monday, June 29th, 2015

Laboratory breakthrough results in Kraig Biocraft Laboratories’ strongest and most flexible recombinant spider silk technology.

LANSING, Mich., – June 29, 2015 – Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (OTCQB: KBLB) (“Company”), the leading developer of advanced spider silk based fibers, announced the creation of Dragon Silk, its strongest and most flexible recombinant spider silk technology.

Dragon Silk represents a leap in the Company’s recombinant spider silk technology, combining both the elasticity and strength elements of native spider silk. A small number of Dragon Silk samples have demonstrated tensile strength as high as 1.79 gigapascals, exceeding widely reported spider silk strength (by as much as 37%, depending on source literature). Several samples of Dragon Silk also demonstrated elasticity above 38%, exceeding native dragline spider silk. This new material has shown it can be more flexible than Monster Silk® and stronger than Big Red, the Company’s leading recombinant spider silk products. The Company is now working to standardize the performance level across the entire Dragon Silk genetic line.

“Dragon Silk is our strongest and most flexible recombinant spider silk material to date,” said Company Founder and CEO Kim Thompson. “We have never believed that native spider silk is the limit of strength and flexibility performance. A few superstar individuals, within the genetically engineered colony we call Dragon Silk, have demonstrated that extremely high level of performance in the laboratory. We are now working to obtain that standard throughout the Dragon Silk line. Even as we undertake that work, our research team is working in parallel to create even more powerful transgenics. Dragon Silk represents yet another material science breakthrough and shifts the standard of performance expectation for spider silk technologies.”

Sneak Peek – Mystery Ranch PowerBuckle

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

During a visit over the weekend to Mystery Ranch in Bozeman, Montana, founder Dana Gleason gave me a quick look at a new technical development. Dubbed the PowerBuckle, it offers the same functionality and stength of a standard side-release buckle, but with the added utility of use as a databus.

Essentially, it buries a data cable in a National Molding buckle such as the quad release buckle used on the IOTV. While it is still a prototype, it is a Mystery Ranch exclusive.

Due to the buckle’s architecture, they can embed between two and 16 conductors.  This one is set up as a USB and features four conductors. You’ll notice an access plate at the rear of the female portion of the buckle. This will only be present on the first thousand or so. Once users begin to integrate the PowerBuckle, they’ll be built to spec and there will be no need to access the circuitry in order to configure the circuits because each will be purpose built for the task. Dana went on the explain, “You may also notice that this isn’t waterproof. It’s a prototype and the production versions will be.”

Regarding the buckle, Dana related, “We saw a clear need for this technology, so we developed it. There were guys with cutaway vests getting hung up by comms cabling and we wanted a way for the gear to cutaway completely and safely.” He went on, “National Molding is our manufacturer. If anyone else is interested in using the PowerBuckle, you know where to find us.”

Patent pending.

Unequal Technologies Partners With MMI Textiles, Inc

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


Unequal Technologies is the leading provider of supplemental protection technology. Its patented fusion of a military-grade composite fortified with, Accelleron™, Kelvar®, and optimal ImpacShield™ is engineered for a personalized, concealed protection. Unequal® is committed to help reduce blunt force trauma generated by military impacts. With more than 89 international and U.S. patents and patents pending, Unequal® products have been tested by independent certified laboratories, OEM facilities and top universities.

Unequal Technologies is partnering with MMI Textiles, Inc. to market their innovative and patented products to the military, law enforcement, and international communities. MMI Textiles, Inc. is a premier supplier to the diverse textile market. Through our commitment to unmatched service and integrity, we are indispensable to our partners.

For information or to purchase Unequal® products contact MMI Textiles, Inc. at or toll free at 888.MMI.0086.

SOFIC 2015 – WL Gore & Associates

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

Rumors have been swirling about a new “Jungle” fabric from WL Gore & Associates. Currently under evaluation by several DoD organizations, this new fabric relies on Gore’s proprietary ePTFE technology. But, don’t get the wrong impression. This isn’t like your ECWCS jacket at all. Instead, the ePTFE content allows for quicker drying times, both higher breathability and durability-to-weight ratio as well as no melt / no drip; all properties that not only make for a great hot/wet uniform fabric but for a general combat material as well.

It’s important to note that the garment shown is representative of the technology only and not a final production or “issue” uniform. As the fabric is currently under evaluation by government clients along with other competitive materials, we won’t disclose any specific technical data just yet. More and more vendors are beginning to integrate the material. Soon we’ll be able to share additional details.

PenCott GreenZone Now Available On 70D Ripstop Nylon Through MMI Textiles

Sunday, May 17th, 2015


MMI Textiles is now printing MilSpec-grade and Berry Compliant 70D ripstop nylon fabric in PenCott GreenZone camouflage. The fabric features a DWR finish and a PU-backing, making it perfect for tent files, hammocks, bashas, groundsheets, and other applications that require a lightweight and waterproof fabric solution.

Hat tip:

McNett Microfiber Towels Now Treated With SILVADUR Silver Antimicrobial Ions

Thursday, May 14th, 2015


All Ultra Compact Microfiber Towels by McNett® now treated with silver antimicrobial ions called SILVADUR™.

Bellingham, WA (May 13, 2015) – McNett® Corporation announces that all microfiber towels sold under the McNett® Tactical and Outgo® brands will now be treated with SILVADUR™ silver antimicrobial ions. SILVADUR keeps the towel fabric fresh and odor-free by inhibiting the growth of microbes. The antimicrobial technology prevents unpleasant odors, decay and discoloration by preventing the growth of bacteria in the first place.

“The Ultra Compact Microfiber Towel by McNett is packed with more features than a Swiss Army knife. From patented sewn grommets, snap loops and retention straps to the free toiletry bag, our microfiber towels have always been loaded with attractive features missing from the competition,” said Gerald Craft, consumer marketing director. “Now that we’ve added the SILVADUR treatment by Dow consumers can grab the towel that truly has it all.”

The SILVADUR antimicrobial treatment is unique in that it offers a controlled release of silver for improved durability. During testing, after 50 rigorous launderings, SILVADUR still had a 99% antimicrobial control rate against bacteria and fungi.

In addition, SILVADUR has been approved as non-toxic by the International OEKO-TEX® Association. Tested at 10 times the recommended dosage and use levels, SILVADUR is proven to neither irritate nor cause sensitizations in humans. It is truly a durable antimicrobial that can stand up to real life.

All Ultra Compact Microfiber Towels by Outgo and McNett Tactical will now be treated with SILVADUR silver antimicrobial ions to keep them fresh and odor free. For more information, please visit:

US PALM Shop Towels

Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

US Palm shop towels

US PALM Show Towels are exactly what they sound like; post-consumer automotive shop towels with the US PALM logo silkscreened onto them. They’ll work well with, say, cleaning an AK, as well as cleaning up messes and the like.

Available in colors Green and Red, in quantities of 3, 10, or 25.

1947 LLC – MultiCam Alpine Fabric Now Available

Monday, April 20th, 2015

MultiCam Alpine

1947 LLC. has announced that they are now distributing MultiCam Alpine fabric in 500D Cordura (ideal for gear) and 2 oz. textured Patriot Lite nylon (ideal for overwhites and pack covers). Alpine webbing will soon follow.

To request a price list and order form, visit

Now Available – MultiCam Tropic, Black and Arid Binding Tape and Webbing

Friday, March 27th, 2015

1947, LLC is has launched MultiCam Tropic, Black and Arid – binding tape and webbing. All color options are at the same price as the original flavor. To request a price list please click on the following link to enter your information:



Stay tuned for a launch of Alpine fabric, webbing and binding tape soon.