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UF PRO Blog Post – The Breaking Point Of Schoeller Stretch Material

Sunday, February 28th, 2016

UF PRO recently made a post on their blog on the Schoeller dynamic stretch material utilized in the construction of their P-40 and Striker combat pants. An excerpt can be read below:


“Is this stretch material going to keep up over time?“ We get that a lot when people first encounter the Schoeller-dynamic stretch material, which we use in our P-40 and Striker combat pants.

And you always get that suspicious look when the answer is: “Well each material has a breaking point, but in most cases, for example your NyCo ripstop material will rip way earlier.”

But where is the real breaking point of this amazing stretch material?

To those of you, who do not know Schoeller yet, they are a Swiss manufacturer of highly technical textiles. While Switzerland in general already has a great reputation for quality (the best watches, great ski resorts, and the best chocolate ever), Schoeller is a picture perfect example as well.

You can read the full post at ufpro.si/news/blog/135/the_braking_point_of_schoeller_stretch_material.

TWN Industries Releases Highly Anticipated A-TACS iX Pattern

Sunday, February 21st, 2016


PRINCETON, FL – February 18, 2016 – TWN Industries Inc., the leading Water Transfer Printing supplier, releases A-TACS iX (Intermediate Xtreme) Camo hydrographic pattern. This is the first in a new generation of camouflage patterns from Digital Concealment Systems. A-TACS iX is the flagship pattern in a new “X series” line of camouflage patterns from DCS–what will become a complete multi-environmental concealment solution. A-TACS iX utilizes the very latest in printing and camouflage design technology combined with the perfect blend of colors from the already popular A-TACS AU and FG camouflage patterns to create a pattern with vastly improved depth and definition. A-TACS iX Camo also incorporates enhanced edge detail in the transitional areas between light and shadow within the pattern to create the added illusion of depth while maintaining the unique A-TACS Camo “pattern within a pattern” concept. New A-TACS iX Camo is best suited for transitional environments with a blended mix of intermediate greens and desert tans.

Soon, DCS will follow the launch of its new iX pattern with running changes to the already popular AU and FG variants to further integrate them into the “X” series of camouflage patterns. For more information, visit A-TACS Camo online at www.a-tacs.com or, contact Clint Hoover at clint@a-tacs.com.

A-TACS iX water transfer printing film is available exclusively through TWN Industries, Inc. Three meter accessory packs are available immediately. Part number for A-TACS iX is WTP-854. To find a TWN Certified Decorator who can decorate products for you or to purchase film, call 305-258-9622.


CORDURA Brand – Less Suck Campaign

Tuesday, January 26th, 2016

At SHOT Show, I started to see the Less Suck campaign from Cordura Brand show up.  What do you think? 


SHOT Show – Outdoor Research Introduces New Outerwear in WL Gore’s Topo Technology

Friday, January 22nd, 2016

Outdoor Research has debuted a new jacket in WL Gore & Associates’ new Topo fabric.  Topo features a stretchable membrane.  


The jacket has an articulated, close fit in order to bring the jacket’s Gore membrane closer to the body where it will work better. The Brown segments you see are Topo and allow the jacket to stretch when you layer up for colder temps, yet keep the jacket as close to the body as possible in order to move the perspiration out through the membrane.


You can place order now in MultiCam and Coyote.


SHOT Show – Biothane Belt

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

So I’m in the Murdock Webbing booth when I spy a belt made from their Jacquard webbing in Kryptek Mandrake, treated with Biothane. I remarked that I didn’t realize there was Biothane webbing that thin. Then, the guys from Austrialpin added their Vobra buckle to the mix and we had a new concept for a belt.

The belt is not available, but the stuff to make it is.  

SHOT Show – Murdock Webbing

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Murdock webbing continues to impress with their variable width, jacquard weave webbing.


It’s available as soon as you place an order because each run is custom, based on the customer’s needs.


SHOT Show – Downeast Innovations

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016

Downeast Innovations is a design house that has developed numerous products including the MOLLE frame and FASTMag. They showed us two new innovations that are coming soon.


This is the Gemini buckle which is made up of two symmetrical buckle components. It’s designed for heavy loads yet offers a light fingertip release. You can also squeeze the buckle to get it to release. While this is a prototype buckle, the molds are done and production buckles will be available within two weeks.


Next up is an upgrade to the PALS compatible attachment of the FASTMag. Its easier to use than the current version (bottom).


SHOT Show – ITW Nexus

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016


ITW Nexus has been doing some test shots of different colors for the GT Cobra buckle to gauge interest. At the top is Wolf Grey which has been launched already along with White. Next up is OD, once they get the IR locked in.