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MMI Textiles – MultiCam Belt Webbing

Friday, April 13th, 2018


MMI Textiles has belt webbing in stock in MultiCam, MultiCam Black and Ranger Green. The patterns are printed on both sides of this Berry compliant Type 13 webbing which is 1 23/32″ wide.


Available by the Roll or Case.

To order call 440-899-8050 or visit www.mmitextiles.com/contact-us.

NoSweat Liner For Headgear

Wednesday, April 11th, 2018

Ironically, I ran across the NoSweat Liner during a recent trip overseas. It’s ironic because it’s an American product, made right here in the good ol’ US of A.


I suppose I’d never run across it because it has been targeted at other industries like construction. But once I saw it, I knew this disposable liner would work well for Ballistic helmets and even soft caps.

It immediately made me think about the panty liners my Drill Sergeants wore in the brim of their campaign hats in the summer of ’85. The idea was to absorb the sweat and keep it from dripping into their eyes so they could maintain that steely eyed stare. The NoSweat Liner not only does that, but also feels cool to the touch, but not damp. The NoSweat Liner kicks in the sweat thanks to their SweatLock technology.


It’s super easy to use. The backside is self adhesive, so you peel the shipping strip off and stick it in place in your headgear, right up front, against your forehead. Not only will it keep the sweat out of your eyes, but it will help reduce fogging in eyepro.


Like I said, these were designed for commercial use, so they have hat, helmet (as in sports helmet) and hard hat liners. Available in 3, 12 and 25 Packs.

The NoSweat Liner will need to be replaced but how often depends on how much you wear the headgear and how much sweat into it. I’d say every few days in the summer for a daily wear item like a helmet or cap.

I spoke with the company yesterday and they agreed to offer SSD readers a 10% discount for the next week by using discount code bullfrogrocks.


Applied Fiber Concepts and Propper International Awarded New US Navy Body Armor Contract

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

St. Charles, MO – Applied Fiber Concepts, Inc. and Propper International have been awarded a contract to manufacture the new Naval Security Forces Vest (NSFV) for the United States Navy.

The NSFV, which was awarded through a solicitation from the Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division (NSWC PCD) for a new ballistic vest designed to protect sailors, consists of a base vest and modular components for tailoring protection levels to defeat multiple ballistic and fragmentation hazards while performing security and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) duties.

“We’re proud to partner with Applied Fiber Concepts, one of the industry’s most innovative ballistic protection providers,” said Anderson Ward, Senior VP, Global Supply Chain Operations for Propper. “The sailors who wear this armor can perform their missions with confidence.”

Michael Haynes, VP of Business Development for Applied Fiber Concepts, echoed that sentiment. “Providing advanced ballistic protection that can be configured to best fit the mission will allow the brave men and women responsible for keeping us safe to focus on their jobs and feel confident that they are protected.”

Applied Fiber Concepts will produce all the Level IIIA ballistic inserts, yoke, and collar assemblies and Propper will manufacture the outer carriers for the one-year contract that has an option for up to four additional years. All the ballistic material included in the NSFV is fully NIJ-certified and tested to perform up to NIJ 0101.06 standards, the highest standard for ballistic protection. Total contract production is projected to reach over 51,000 units.

Back Bay/USA – Ripper

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018

This is the Ripper in Natural and Black. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking the Ripper is made by Honor Point USA, and you’re right. What you may not know is that Honor Point is currently transitioning to become Back Bay/USA.

The Ripper’s full name is the Dyneema Tegris Kit System. You’ll note the use of Tegris Ballistic material which is laser cut to the desired shape and has some body to it, allowing it stand on its own. The material is assembled via a combination of sewing a rivets.

Look for the Ripper soon from backbay-usa.com

JM4 Tactical Sews Molded Boltaron Polymer To Hermann Oak Leather

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Creates Revolutionary New, Quiet Concealed Carry Gun Holster 

Abilene, Texas – March 29, 2017

JM4 Tactical is proud to announce the release of their brand-new patent pending gun holster: Reliable, Easy, Light, Individual, Carry, otherwise known as “RELIC.” RELIC revolutionizes concealed carry in that it adds the quiet delicateness of leather to a strong molded polymer called Boltaron.

JM4 Tactical uses a proprietary holster forming technology that allows them to combine these two, otherwise incompatible materials, to make one of the quietest, most durable gun holsters ever made.

Proudly made in the United States of America with massive support for hundreds of different gun models, JM4 Tactical is set to revolutionize the concealed carry world, yet again. And, they will do so with the launch of four different RELIC models:

• Appendix

• Tuckable IWB

• Hybrid

• Paddle

Each model takes US-Manufactured Boltaron Polymer, and sews Hermann Oak Grade A U.S. Steer hide to the interior of the shell that not only protects the gun’s finish from harsh plastics, but also allows for quiet drawing and re-holstering.

Chad, co-owner of JM4 Tactical had this to say about why RELIC Holsters use both leather and the US made polymer known as Boltaron, “We have determined 3 major issues with traditional plastic holsters: deformation and cracking due to extreme temperatures, damage to the firearm due to the hard plastic, and they are just rather loud when holstering and unholstering the firearm. The RELIC Holster solves all of these problems.”

The new RELIC Holsters are now available in JM4 Tactical’s online store, and prices start at $94.97 for the Appendix, Tuckable IWB, and Paddle models, with the Hybrid coming in at $139.97.


Honeywell Spectra Shield Material Helps Reduce Weight Of Ballistic Handheld Shields By As Much As 20 Percent

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

Safariland’s breakthrough design is the first of its kind to install lens caps directly into ballistic shields, enabling lighter weight without sacrificing protection



MORRIS PLAINS, N.J., March 13, 2018 — Honeywell (NYSE: HON) announced today that Safariland Group is using Honeywell Spectra Shield® in a breakthrough new design that changes the way ballistic glass is installed in ballistic handheld shields. The resulting shields can be up to 20 percent lighter. Safariland is introducing the new design in its new X Series line of lightweight ballistic shields, sold under its PROTECH Tactical brand.

Handheld shields have a lens cap, also known as a viewing window, made from ballistic glass. It is typically installed into a frame that is then bolted into the shield. Using Spectra Shield, Safariland is able to integrate the lens cap directly into the rest of the shield. This streamlined design eliminates points of weakness that arise from the traditional bulky frame system such as drill holes and seam lines. The result is better ballistic integrity with as much as 20 percent less weight. Traditional ballistic handheld shields can weigh more than 20 pounds.

“When we challenged ourselves to design a lighter ballistic shield for our law enforcement customers, we knew we had to use Honeywell Spectra Shield because it was the most optimal material to help us meet our goals,” said Todd Mackler, Vice President, Armor, Safariland. “Our innovative X Series Lightweight Shields remove common structural weakness points without sacrificing ballistic protection, ensuring that we continue to protect our men and women in uniform while helping to lighten their load. We are excited to offer this latest result from our extensive collaboration with the Honeywell Spectra team.”

Safariland supplies protective equipment to law enforcement personnel in the U.S. and around the world. The PROTECH Tactical line of hard and soft armor products includes ballistic tactical vests, shields, armor plates, helmets and other accessories.

“Demand for Spectra Shield continues to grow as it consistently proves to be the best material for the world’s most advanced armor products,” said Sanjay Sharma, Vice President and General Manager, Packaging and Composites, at Honeywell. “Customers choose Spectra Shield for its unique, mission-critical benefits: best-in-class ballistic performance, while being lightweight, strong and comfortable. They know that our team is dedicated to providing application expertise and support to help them realize their designs, resulting in innovative products such as the new X Series Lightweight Shields.”

Pound for pound, Spectra is 15 times stronger than steel, yet light enough to float. It has up to 60 percent greater strength than alternate aramid fiber. Spectra fiber is made from ultra-high molecular-weight polyethylene using a patented gel-spinning process. It is used to create Spectra Shield, an advanced ballistic-resistant composite material. Honeywell’s Shield technology is a patented Honeywell process designed to optimize the ballistic performance characteristics of Spectra, as well as for aramid fiber in Gold Shield® materials.

Spectra Shield and Gold Shield products have been widely adopted and proven for the most advanced armor applications globally, from bullet-resistant vests, breast plates and helmets to combat vehicles and military aircraft – all of which require lightweight solutions and superior performance.

Honeywell maintains an active Spectra fiber and ballistic materials research program focused on continuous improvement and development of high-performance materials. For more information about Spectra fiber, visit www.honeywell-spectra.com.

SURROUND product technology delivers the first GORE-TEX police duty footwear with 360° breathability

Monday, March 12th, 2018

Nuremberg, March 9, 2018 With its GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) has paved the way for the production of a new class of police duty footwear. This footwear is the first of its kind to offer 360° breathability in addition to durable waterproofness. Moisture and warmth produced by the foot are not only conducted out of the shoe via the upper, but also via the sole. So, police officers’ feet stay dry and comfortable even at higher temperatures or during physically strenuous activities.

Gore’s footwear partners can now supply police duty footwear featuring the GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology and complying with the requirements of EN ISO 20347:2012 for occupational shoes. This footwear is characterised by a new class of climate comfort, extensive protective features, a light weight and an attractive design. In this regard it lives up to the increased expectations of police officers whose everyday, all-day work takes them indoors and outdoors, where they need to be able to rely on dependable and comfortable footwear across a wide range of activities and weather conditions. This makes this footwear the ideal solution for police officers on regular and patrol duty, as well as for policing tasks in urban areas.


Increased overall breathability?The GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology a patented footwear technology that is already well established in the mountain sports and casual sectors means that police duty footwear can now also move moisture and warmth away from all-around the foot, not only via the upper, but also via the sole. As about one third of the sweat produced by the human foot is produced on the sole of the foot, this offers a considerable advantage over the police duty footwear that was typically worn in the past and was not breathable under the sole of the foot. The special structure of the GORE-TEX® SURROUND® sole creates a significantly larger area through which moisture can be moved away from the foot, increasing the overall breathability of the safety shoe. Moisture and warmth produced by the foot can now also escape from the bottom of the shoe. Via a special GORE-TEX® laminate in the sole area, they are directed into a ventilation grid from where they are conducted out of the shoe through side openings in the sole.


Tests conducted in the climate chamber have revealed that during periods of activity the relative humidity of the skin on the foot is lower and during periods of rest the speed at which moisture is moved away from the skin is significantly higher. Shoe styles engineered with GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology offer up to 25% more breathability than GORE-TEX® Extended Comfort footwear.

Reliable protection?The durable waterproofness of the police uniform footwear is ensured by special GORE-TEX® lining laminates that are integrated into the upper and sole of the shoe, surrounding the foot on all sides. They provide protection against exposure to water and other liquids while simultaneously preventing the penetration of commonly occurring chemicals, including diesel, AFFF fire-fighting foam (3%), sulphuric acid (37%) and caustic soda (30%), in accordance with ISO 13994/ ASTM F 903, method C1.

GORE-TEX® SURROUND® Tactical Footwear is certified in accordance with EN ISO 20347:2012 for occupational footwear and fully complies with safety legislation without restricting climate comfort in any way. The GORE-TEX® SURROUND® product technology allows for flexibility in the structure of the sole: footwear partners can choose whether they attach the sole to the upper using an injection moulded or cemented construction.

First styles on show at IWA 2018?At IWA 2018 in Nuremberg, Gore and Gore footwear partners AKU (I), CRISPI (I), FAL (ES) and LOWA (D) are showcasing the first styles within the framework of this new GORE-TEX® police uniform footwear concept.

Fabrics Division?Forty years ago the Fabrics Division of W. L. Gore & Associates revolutionised the outdoor apparel industry with its waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® products. Today it is still a leading innovator in the field of functional garments. Products with Gore functional fabrics offer comfort and protection, allowing their wearers to set themselves more ambitious goals and experience more: both in adverse conditions and in everyday use. Whether they are hiking in pouring rain, on a military manoeuvre or attending a fire fighting incident Gore knows the needs of its wearers and the sectors in which they are active. This helps ensure that the company develops products with features that make god practical sense. www.gore-tex.com; www.gore-workwear.com

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Disruptive Technology

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

In January 2012 FirstSpear introduced the first production tactical vest with a laser cut MOLLE compatible platform along with Tubes, a new standard for rapidly donning and doffing ballistic protection.  Since then the technology has been fielded with assets of the United States Department of Defense, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and early adopters from the international special operations community.


Ronnie Fowlkes, VP Business Development – “Everyone said the technology wouldn’t work when we first released it and thought we were crazy when we said we were discontinuing MOLLE permanently. Now, everyone else is trying to catch up and move this direction.”

Today, we take a look at some of these vests after more than five years of continuous field use.

Lieutenant Dan Colasanto heads up the Garland Police Department and SWAT Team and was one of the first teams to test, evaluate, and field the original Strandhögg plate carrier system more than 5 years ago. Those original vests are still in service with the Garland PD today. According to Dan, “Through heavy use and long continuous hours we have had zero issues with the carriers and they have exceeded our expectations.”


Garland SWAT Vest

We have been FirstSpear customers since the company started. The 6/12 system provides superior performance and durability compared to other carriers I have used in my 25 years of service in law enforcement and 22 years of SWAT. –Lt. Dan Colasanto – Garland Police Department

Tubes single hand operation was a game changer all on its own and the perfect complement to 6/12. When the two technologies are used together they can afford the operator about 40% reduction in weight compared to vests with the same features.

With increased demand from end users and adoption by operators within the US DOD, FirstSpear has agreements in place with industry leading manufacturers and OEM partners to license FirstSpear laser cutting technology and integrate Tubes into systems supporting the warfighter, law enforcement and security professionals. An enormous amount of energy was put forth to bring these disruptive technologies to the front lines and FS welcomes additional equipment manufacturers to expand upon the success of Tubes and laser cutting technology for their own equipment solutions.


Scott Carver, President & CEO – “After years of investment and development in new technology, we’ve demonstrated lighter weight, improved performance, and now real world durability at a level never seen before. In an effort to get this technology to the men and women who need it as rapidly as possible, we are actively working with other domestic manufacturers to help them integrate laser cutting and Tubes in to their vest systems.”

FirstSpear was founded in 2010 by a team of former service members and industry professionals dedicated to building the most advanced load bearing equipment and armor platforms for todays armed professional.