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Now Available For Pre-Order – “NATO Special Forces”

Thursday, December 5th, 2019

From K-ISOM, the same people who brought you “Special Operations & Special Missions Aircraft” comes “NATO Special Forces” a current look at a military force that has taken 70 years to create. The book is 206 pages and packed with high quality photographs.

Viral Filmmaker Honors Life of America’s Most Deployed Soldier Killed in Action

Monday, November 11th, 2019


On the 75th anniversary of D-Day, one of YouTube’s most popular filmmakers, Devin Super Tramp, traveled to Normandy with a team of Special Forces soldiers, veterans and Gold Star Mother Scoti Domeij, to document as they jumped from a WWII aircraft to honor the life of Sgt. 1st Class Kristoffer Domeij. Domeij was the most deployed U.S. soldier (14 deployments) to have been killed in action (Oct. 22, 2011).

The film will debut on YouTube on Veterans Day, 11/11, and will be sent to film festivals worldwide. We’d be honored if you’d consider covering this moving piece on service and memorializing someone who gave all to our country this Veterans Day.


“Participation in the 75th Anniversary of D-Day was a lifetime experience of lifetime experiences,” said Matthew Griffin, former Army Ranger and Co-founder of Combat Flip Flops. “A team of Rangers, Green Berets, pilots and filmmakers came together to honor a legend, Army Ranger Kris Domeij. We did this to memorialize his character, provide perspective, and honor the sacrifice of the thousands that lost their lives on D-Day to ensure freedom for the oppressed.”

“We took on this project not knowing exactly what we were going to capture or even how, but we knew it was the opportunity of a lifetime and that we had to be a part of it,” said Devin Graham, Director/DP at Devin Super Tramp. “It ended up being a more meaningful experience than we could have imagined. Due to the subject matter, historical locations, and the personal stories shared, each day after filming there was an immense emotional weight. It genuinely opened our eyes and changed our perspectives on sacrifice, family and gratitude.”

“While we by no means want to compare ourselves to the veterans we had the privilege to work with there, we chose Here Am I, Send Me for the title of the documentary feeling it not only represented so many of these soldiers but also fell right in line with how we felt when this project was first presented to us. Filming these veterans, and a Gold Star mother, and sharing with them this experience in Normandy, was an intimidating and overwhelming responsibility but we essentially raised our hands and said “we’ll do it, send us!” and we are forever grateful that we did.”

“Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan” US Premiere

Friday, November 8th, 2019

Tonight I am in Los Angeles, attending the US premiere of the Australian movie, “Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan” which depicts the most epic battle of ANZAC forces in the Vietnam war. A company of 108 young and mostly inexperienced Australian and New Zealand soldiers are fighting for their lives, holding off an overwhelming enemy force of 2,500 battle-hardened Viet Cong and North Vietnamese soldiers.

Hope to see some of you there.

WILDCraft: South Africa, Season One now Streaming Available on Amazon Prime Instant Video

Monday, October 28th, 2019

Columbia, SC, October 24, 2019 –  WILDCraft Entertainment is excited to announce the release of Season One, WILDCraft: South Africa, on Amazon Prime Instant Video. Presented by SIG Sauer, the four episodes explore the adventures of four professional outdoor writers experiencing a remote tent camp safari for free-range kudu and other species. It is the first of its kind, reality based, documentary, hunting drama, ever produced explicitly for Amazon Prime Instant Video. Click HERE to watch.

Filmed in 4K Ultra HD on location in South Africa’s Northern Cape, by some of the best videographers in the business, WILDCraft: South Africa is an attempt to capture the true essence of hunting and the camaraderie of the campfire. The cast includes renowned African professional hunter Geoffrey Wayland, Gun Digest Editor Luke Hartle, Petersen’s Hunting contributor Joe Afterburn, talented photographer Alfredo Rico, and freelance outdoor writer Richard Mann.

WILDCraft South Africa is the vision of the series producer and host, Richard Mann who said, “Hunting television has mostly become a venue for want-to-be celebrities looking to pound their chests and become famous. I wanted to capture what hunting was really about and the incredible fellowship that is shared around the hunter’s campfire. I knew Fernando Coelho could capture this on video better than anyone and that Geoffrey Wayland could provide the proper venue. With those two on board, assembling a cast of professional communicators who hunt for the right and real reasons was all that was left.”

Director Fernando Coelho was very excited to be involved with the project. Coelho said, “The concept of the WILDCraft series intrigued me when Richard first mentioned it. I was tired of the traditional hunting shows on television and felt that we could capture what it’s really like to hunt. When we scouted locations in South Africa and I met Geoffrey Wayland from Fort Richmond Safaris, I knew we had the right place to make it happen.  After lots of hard work, I feel we accomplished what we set out to do. I also feel people will appreciate the content from the series.”

WILDCraft: South Africa is available streaming direct from Amazon Prime Instant video:

Season Two of WILDCraft is now in the pre-production stage and sponsor opportunities are available.

Activision/Infinity Ward Appropriates BCM/BPRE Promotional Imagery for Latest Call of Duty Release

Monday, September 23rd, 2019

Back in 2013, prior to the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts, a beta for the game featured a slightly-altered version of the Mil-Spec Monkey logo as an in-game player customization icon.

Needless to say, this was not an authorized use of that copyrighted material. And, it looks like Activision and Infinity Ward are at it again:


This is a loading screen for the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

.300 Blk

And this is promotional imagery for BCM and BPRE. Strikingly similar, aren’t they?

For the curious, this image was featured in promotional materials for BCM’s line of .300 Blackout carbines, among other uses.

Not to excuse the use of this imagery, but it’s worth mentioning that the new Modern Warfare is currently in a pre-release state, and it’s possible that this is being used as placeholder art until the game launches later this year. Still, you’d figure that a big corporation like Activision would be a bit more cautious when it comes to potential intellectual property violations for their multi-billion dollar franchise.

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Gear Up Issue 2

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

The second issue of Gear Up’s webzine is now available.

Download your issue at

Panteao Launches New Series of Hunting Instructional Videos Make Ready for Africa with Geoffrey Wayland

Thursday, August 8th, 2019

Columbia, SC, August 6, 2019 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the release of Make Ready for Africa, with Geoffrey Wayland. This is the first video in a new series of instructional titles that will focus on hunting and hunter education. We’ve all seen the hunting videos that show a hunt but give little information with regard to how to prepare for the hunt or to understand the game being hunted.

In this first video, Panteao has teamed with African professional hunter Geoffrey Wayland of Fort Richmond Safaris. Raised on a remote farm in the Northern Cape of South Africa – a farm that’s been in his family since 1867 – Geoffrey started hunting when he was seven years old. When his father passed, Geoffrey took over the family outfitting service – Fort Richmond Safaris – and has been working as a professional hunter and outfitting safaris for plains and dangerous game all over Africa for more than a dozen years.

Along with Geoffrey, gun writers Richard Mann and Ron Spomer, and Carlos Martinez from the Remington Outdoor Company Custom Center, give their valuable insight — based on more than a century of field experience — to help you make ready for Africa. Topics include selecting an outfitter, travel, firearms permitting, rifle and cartridge selection for plains and dangerous game, optics, clothing, field prep, payment and gratuity, taxidermy, expectations, and much, much, more. Before you head to the Dark Continent on your first, or even next safari, you should watch this video.

Panteao greatly appreciates the support of the sponsors that help make this video happen: Dakota Arms, Remington Custom Shop, Marlin Custom, Meopta, Merkel, Jagdhund, SKB Cases, Hunters HD Gold, Surefire, Versacarry, Work Sharp, Spyderco, African Odyssey, and African San Taxidermy Studio.

Make Ready for Africa Sponsors:

Make Ready for Africa is now available streaming for Panteao subscribers. It can be watched online via a PC or Mac, on a smartphone or tablet using the Panteao Make Ready Android and iTunes apps, or on television with the Panteao Make Ready channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. For more information on how to stream the Panteao videos, visit:

The video will also be available later this month on DVD and Digital Download formats. For more information on this title, visit Panteao at:


Season One of Gunsite Academy NOW! is Live, and Delivers 52 Firearms Instructional Videos Produced for Internet Delivery

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

Columbia, SC (August 5, 2019)—Gunsite Academy, the oldest and largest civilian firearms training academy in the world, has teamed with Panteao Productions to offer 52 Internet-based firearms instructional videos. These short—social media compatible—videos are hosted by gun writer Richard Mann and highlight the diversity of the Gunsite Academy curriculum and the quality of Gunsite Academy instructors.

The videos can be viewed on the Gunsite Academy website,, and the Gun Digest website. Additionally, all 52 videos are available on the Panteao Productions website, and through the smartphone and tablet Panteao Make Ready Android and Apple apps, or on television via the Panteao Make Ready channel on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV. You can also expect distribution through Season One’s partnering sponsors: Mossberg, Crimson Trace, Federal, Galco Gunleather, and Kitanica.

Gunsite Academy NOW!’s Season One’s Associate Producer, Host, and Gunsite alumni, Richard Mann, said, “It was an absolute honor to host Season One of Gunsite Academy NOW and to work with the quality products provided by the sponsors. Not only do these videos highlight the best firearms instruction you can get, they set the bar high with regard to the delivery of firearms related video content to potential Gunsite clients and prospective customers for all the sponsors.”

With a five-season plan in the works, pre-production for Gunsite Academy NOW! Season Two has just begun. Sponsorships opportunities are available. For more information on Gunsite Academy NOW! Season One, and upcoming Season Two, contact: Richard Mann (304) 887-2698 /