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Mission Spec Pushes Battlefield Medicine In New Direction

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Mission Spec, LLC (KS) is revealing their latest answer to the battlefield medicine question. Past customers will recognize the acronym EOC™ as Mission Spec’s original plate carrier design that was discontinued in December 2017 and replaced with EC2™. The company has decided to re-designate it from Essentials Only Carrier™ to Essential Oils Carrier™.

Innovation like this will allow combat and law enforcement life savers quick and ready access to a myriad of potential analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial solutions. Some suspect that these types of extracts could potentially replace broad spectrum antibiotics such as the Levofloxacin (500mg) or Moxifloxacin (400mg) (TCCC recommendation for oral antibiotics) commonly found in “Combat Pill Packs”. However, it is not intended as a replacement for intramuscularly (IM) injected or intravenously (IV) infused drugs such as Cefotan/cefotetan (2 grams [IV or IM] once every 12 hours) or Invanz/ertapenem (1 gram [IV or IM] once every 24 hours).

Future associated products include a MOLLE compatible, crush proof, coconut oil (or other carrier oil) dispenser pouch. This will allow for easy field-dilution by medical personnel.  Projected availability for Q3/2020.

The Essential Oils Carrier does come pretreated with lavender to promote a calm atmosphere for both the medical personnel and patient during combat operations.


Mystery Ranch Contributes to COVID-19 Fight with Mystery Masks

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

MYSTERY RANCH is proud to share that with the help of local manufactures, we have come together as a community to provide support to our medical facility during these trying times. Utilizing fabric already available by MYSTERY RANCH, a soft, antimicrobial, breathable and most of all, available resource, and along with feedback from the staff at Bozeman Health Deaconess the team at MYSTERY RANCH has begun work to provide quality protection for our friends and neighbors on the front line of this pandemic. To date, the community has provided over 250 units to the hospital, with daily deliveries as long as demand continues. The pattern is available online for anyone with a sewing machine at home and is interested in participating.

Read more at www.mysteryranch.com/blog/post/mystery-ranch-masks-for-bozeman.

Gerber Technology Creates PPE Task Force Resource Page

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

Gerber Technology, the makers of Gerber cutters used by the textile industry, has created a resource page for companies wishing to transition their production line to manufacture medical PPE. It includes Patterns, Markers and Tech Packs. A special thanks to On Point Manufacturing for providing many of the Tech Packs.

Updated regularly, you can access it at sites.google.com/gerbertechnology.com/gerbertaskforce/home.

Now is the Time for the US to Prepare for the Next Medical Threat

Tuesday, March 31st, 2020

We are currently engaged in a war with an invisible enemy, the COVID-19 virus. While it’s certain, that given enough time, we’ll defeat this challenge like others before it. A pandemic, “the big one,” has been looming for decades, with each year’s new virus making many wonder if this is “it.” But these small emergencies still haven’t been enough. Even the Ebola epidemic which rocked Africa during the last decade haven’t made the cut as the wake up call for us to prepare ourselves adequately for emerging medical disasters.

The Food and Drug Administration has created a system designed for incremental innovation, with lots of oversight to ensure medical materials are safe for use. This is fine for normal situations, but when confronted by a health emergency, we find these processes too slow to affect the course of the threat.

While Congress is in the mood to appropriate money to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the perfect time for them to work with the Executive Branch to establish a couple of organizations to prepare this nation to face future biological threats.

The first looks at long-term development of innovative technologies. A model already exists within the US government; the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is a DoD organization charged to make pivotal investments in breakthrough technologies for national security.

What we need is a Medical Advanced Research Project Agency, or MARPA, which would be under the Food and Drug Administration and work to incentivize the biotech industry to create breakthrough technologies for the public health.

Let me put aside any fear such a new capability will create duplicative efforts. For instance, the Intelligence Community has their own version, called IARPA. Granted, DARPA does already look at both medical and intelligence innovation, but their efforts are based laser-like, on defense requirements. Instead, MARPA would focus entirely on bio-tech, solving the unsolvable and curing the incurable. Things like innovative treatments, immunizations, and devices.

MARPA must be located in a city with a great deal of medical innovation such as Cleveland, Ohio with its Case Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic.

Establishment of MARPA takes care of long-term development. To aid in the transition of promising commercial technologies and quickly identify novel solutions to near-term health issues, a MEDWERX organization is needed. Consider the US Special Operations Command’s SOFWERX organization as a model or the Air Force’s AFWERX. These technology accelerators promote collaboration between government and industry, embracing mid-tier acquisition rules to rapidly identify, assess and field solutions.

MEDWERX could start out as a DoD organization located at somewhere like San Antonio, Texas, home of the US Army Medical Command and San Antonio Military Medical Center. Even if DoD were to stand up such a unit, FDA requires their own as well. While the defense version could concentrate on this current crisis, the FDA version could be created.

A means to provide rapid access to innovation is crucial. FDA’s current certification system is slow, expensive and difficult to maneuver. Smaller companies find it all but impossible to introduce new products and materials to the healthcare community. FDA desperately needs a way to speed up the identification of short-notice requirements to industry and conversely, solicit solutions.

These proposals may not be cheap, but the future only promises more pandemics and more unforeseen medical emergencies. We need to be ready. By creating new organizations focused specifically on bio-technology, we can “book-end” the day-to-day efforts of the FDA with both short-term solutions and long-term development.

Watershed Joins Kitsbow, Industry Nine, Oowee Products in COVID-19 Response

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Switching from Drybags to Face Shields, Watershed helps WNC gear makers produce 1,000,000 units a month

Asheville, NC (March 29, 2020) – Known for their top of the line submersible packs, duffels and cases, Watershed Drybags joins the ranks of Kitsbow, Industry Nine and Oowee Products in creating hundreds of thousands of face shields in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The brand, who also outfits several military units including the Navy SEALs, is assisting by cutting out clear polycarbonate shields to be used in the end design of the reusable, protective medical equipment.

Led by cycling clothing company, Kitsbow and cycling component brand, Industry Nine, the foursome went from manufacturing their own products to pumping out thousands of face shields a week within days. By working together on sourcing, production and development, the brands shifted into high gear cutting 30,000+ shields ready for assembly in just one day (on March 27).

“Industry Nine CEO and friend, Clint Spiegel, called me after hours on Tuesday March 24, wanting to see if our automated cutting table could cut the shield material. We rushed some personnel back to the shop, and within 30 minutes had laid out the patterns and successfully cut parts. We are proud to be contributing to the nationwide effort at PPE production.”

The shields will be distributed regionally and nationally to medical professionals and first responders and began shipping on Saturday (March 28). The goal is to make and ship 1,000,000 a month. See www.kitsbow.com/collections/medical for more information on the PPE products.

Watershed Drybags are known for their patented Drybag technology that uses their one-of-a-kind ZipDry closure system, abrasion resistant polyurethane-coated fabric and radio frequency welded joints. The end result is a bag so airtight and watertight it can endure up to 300 feet of underwater pressure. Their bags were born from a love of whitewater kayaking, but have filtered into many arenas over the years such as preppers/survivalists, the military, and mountain biking.

MATBOCK Monday – Efforts to Help Supply Critical Medial Gear

Monday, March 30th, 2020

MATBOCK has taken an expeditionary portable chlorine machine and is putting it to work by bottling the chlorine into 3.25oz bottles. Additionally, they are working to hire Virginia Beach locals that are without work during this time to assist in the production.

The idea came from one of their employees, John Bottoms, who spent years traveling to over 30 countries assisting in disaster relief. Having spent time in austere locations battling Ebola, he knew exactly how to get us set up and running.

Simply mix one bottle with 32oz of COLD water and you will have a surface disinfectant or a hand sanitizer alternative. Sold as a 6 pack.

For every bottle you buy we will donate a bottle to a local hospital. If you’re a healthcare provider and need direct support, email orders@matbock.com

Order here: www.matbock.com/products/decon-surface

DOD Establishes Task Force to Meet US Medical Equipment Needs

Monday, March 30th, 2020

WASHINGTON — The Defense Department has established a joint task force to deal with daily requests the department is receiving for medical and personal protective equipment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the departments of Health and Human Services and Homeland Security, and others.

Ellen M. Lord, undersecretary of defense for acquisition and sustainment, said she has established the Joint Acquisition Task Force to deal with the influx of requests.

“The task force will synchronize the DOD acquisition response to this crisis, working closely with all the services and defense agencies,” she explained. “The task force will leverage DOD authorities for maximum acquisition flexibility to provide resilient capability in the current health crisis.”

The task force will prioritize and direct the Defense Production Act authorities and funding in response to the immediate crisis, Lord added. It also is focused on reducing reliance on foreign supply sources, she said.

“I can’t stress enough the importance of the data repositories and portals we have in [Defense Contracting Management Agency] industrial policy and those we are establishing under the JATF,” she said. “These repositories allow us to bring in critical feedback from the contracting officer level all the way up to the Pentagon.”

DOD is also providing portals for good ideas from industry, so that there is one repository where all can go to see what is being offered in terms of technical assistance and manufacturing capability, Lord said.

Last week, DOD had four, productive “synch” calls with Defense Industry Association leaders and other key associations. The calls provided important feedback that allowed Pentagon leaders to make significant progress on matters such as the critical defense contractor workforce’s ability to continue working; ensuring cash flow to the defense industrial base; and getting standardized guidance out to industry, she said.

“I’m working closely with DHS. I issued a memo that defined essentiality in the defense industrial base workforce, ensuring that DIB’s critical employees can continue working,” Lord added.

“This was very important,” she said, “because industrial leaders told us that state and local government had different shelter-in-place rule guidelines, with some even issuing misdemeanor citations to workers trying to get to work.”

Lord said her memorandum will help ensure continuity of mission with a full commitment to the safety of the workforce and state and local governments.

Additionally, the director of the Defense Contracting Management Agency has worked closely with the contracting workforce and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service to ensure invoices are continuing to be paid in a timely manner, Lord said.

“Our office of small business programs within industrial policy reached out to industry small businesses and is working with the Small Business Administration and their small-business emergency loan program to help protect these companies,” she said.

“We know innovation comes in large part from small businesses, and we remain committed to supporting these small businesses,” Lord said.

Moving forward, DOD remains fully engaged with the interagency effort to leverage the Defense Production Act to help reinforce critical elements of the defense industrial base, Lord said.

“As we discussed with the Joint Acquisition Task Force, it’s important that everything we do has joint representation, a joint mindset and the joint warfighter in mind,” she emphasized. “It is critically important we understand that during this crisis, the DIB is vulnerable to adversarial capital, so we need to ensure companies can stay in business without losing their technology.”

Lord said DOD is working as smartly and quickly as possible — in close coordination with Congress, state governors, and the defense industrial base — to do everything it can to support military members, their families, defense contractors and U.S. citizens.

“We recognize how serious this pandemic and national emergency is,” she said. “And we will remain fully transparent and provide oversight and accountability in all we do.”

FEMA Publishes Solicitation For PPE and Medical Supplies

Friday, March 27th, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 National Health Emergency, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has published a solicitation for personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical supplies.

Products identified include (but are not limited to) face shields, gown coveralls, face masks, and gloves. FEMA will receive offers to supply through September 25, 2020. 

For full details, visit beta.sam.gov.

Finally, FEMA has a website dedicated to their coronavirus response www.fema.gov/coronavirus.