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Milipol 17 – From Russia With Love

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

From Russia’s Applied Chemistry R&D Institute come these training grenades which are perfect for military sport games and training exercises.


Milipol 17 – Hagor Industries

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017

Israel’s Hagor Industries displayed examples of their ballistic protective clothing during Milipol, integrating armor into the unlikeliest of garments.



Milipol 17 – Good Guys In Bad Lands

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

At last week’s Milipol Exposition in Paris, I met the founders of the Italy-based international military/LE chaity, Good Guys in Bad Lands.


Good Guys in Bad Lands was born in 2012 on Facebook by an Afghanistan Veteran as a page to commemorate Fallen Soldiers worldwide. These days they are a charity, raising funds via auctions and the sale of memorabilia to train local agencies, provide support to the survivors of fallen service and LE members, and support those with service related PTSD. They have several industry partners such as Garmin, which is offering a special version of their tactix Bravo.


To learn more, visit goodguysinbadlands.com.

Milipol 17 – NFM Group Introduces Hellhound Grey

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Hellhound Grey has joined Coyote Brown, Raptor Green, Raven Black and MultiCam as color choices for NFM products.


It’s great to see the clothing side catch up with the armor which was first to adopt Hellhound Grey. Here, you can see a THOR carrier along with GARM combat clothing, all in the same color. The gloves are Mechanix Wear in Wolf Grey which also gives you an idea of how Hellhound Grey will blend with Urban Wolf Grey. These Grey hues have become very popular in Europe, particularly with LE CT organizations.


Milipol 17 – Helikon-Tex Previews Boots

Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Helikon-Tex displayed prototypes of a possible expansion into footwear. It’s a natural progression as they add more and more categories to their line. The current models are more focused on the LE amd security sectors than military customers, but if they do get into footwear, I’d expect them to add other models as well.


I’ve been impressed with the amount of new products coming out of Helikon-Tek these past few years. What do you think?


Milipol 17 – SABER ReadiMask

Monday, November 27th, 2017

One of the most remarkable products I saw at last week’s Milipol security exhibition in Paris was SABER’s new ReadiMask. I was literally walking amongst the aisles and I saw SABER’s booth, a brand well known for their pepper spray and saw this mask on a manakin. I immediately stopped and snapped a photo.


Later, I was able to ask them about the full face mask and found out it is called the ReadiMask Adhesive Sealing Particle Respirator. There are two things that stuck out to me. First, the ReadiMask features integrated, fog resistant eye protection. Second, is the hypoallergenic surgical grade adhesive around the entire edge of the mask


While the ReadiMask is currently undergoing NIOSH certification. It’s closest equivalent is the N95 particulate filter mask. However, few if any, N95 masks seal directly to the face. In fact, the test procedure for particulate masks find them sandwiched between two frames and then placed over the blower which puts particulates under pressure. An N95 mask certification means that it is not oil resistant, but filters 95% of particles that are at least 0.3 microns in diameter. But if that mask doesn’t completely seal to the face when used for real, there will be cracks around the edges allowing some material to enter the mask. Additionally, N95 masks don’t incorporate eye protection.

Even without the certification complete, SABER claims ReadiMask, “Substantially reduces exposure to pepper spray, bacteria, spores similar to anthrax, bloodborne pathogens, viruses, smoke particulates, hazardous particulates, pollution, spit & bodily fluids, mold, asbestos, dust, debris etc.”

ReadiMask comes flat packed and can be included in any LEO or first responder’s PPE for in extremis use.

Purchase of ReadiMask is restricted to professional users.


Milipol 17 – Vega Holster

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Apparently, everyone is doing it, even Vega Holster.


Milipol 17 – TPG Black

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


TPG’s Rapid Deployment Plate Carrier features integrated 3 x 30rd magazine carrier (with drainage holes) at the flap as well as a built-in pistolmag/admin pocket. The carrier incorporates a modular cummerbund system as well.


The perimeter of the plate pockets also features double stitched binding tape. Additionally, the plate pockets close via a flap which seals inside the pocket rather than outside to avoid discomfort caused by the flap rubbing.


Finally, so you know, TPG Black is their American made line and they’ve introduced the A-TACS iX camouflage pattern.