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Meet The MatBockers

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Violent Little Machine Shop came up with this cool send off on ‘Meet the Fockers’.

SharpWriter – Ronald Reagan The Liberator

Monday, February 23rd, 2015

Ronald Reagan the man, the myth, the legend. Driving the most the definition of American Muscle how can you get more Liberty into a painting, not much else to say about this.


You’ve probably seen SharpWriter’s numerous depictions of America’s Presidents but didn’t know anything about the artist or where to buy copies of the prints.

To order your copy of “Ronald Reagan The Liberator” or any of his other prints visit

Save The World – Think Green Tip

Thursday, February 19th, 2015

The “Save The World” design has been around for many years but was discontinued in 2014 with plans to bring it back with a fresh, new look.


The redesign has been in the works for months now but with all the new drama surrounding M855/SS109 “Green Tip” Ammunition, Pipehitters Union figured there couldn’t be a better time to re-release this classic design. Show your support by picking up one of these bad mama-jamas on the Pipe Hitters Union website today. Save the world, think green tip!

Tactical Tailor / Scroll Factory Caps

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Normally you have to reenlist to get your hands on one of these hats!

The Scroll Factory out of San Diego, CA, a Ranger veteran owned and run business, has teamed up with the Ranger department at Tactical Tailor to produce a limited run of signature series DUI cut out TT Operator Hat.

The 75th Ranger Regiment Distinctive Unit Insignia is symbolic of the 5307th Composite Unit Provisional, commonly referred to as Merrill’s Marauders from which the modern Ranger Regiment draws its lineage. The unit’s close cooperation with the Chinese forces in the China-Burma-India Theater is represented by the sun symbol from the Chinese flag. The star represents the Star of Burma, the country in which the Marauders campaigned during World War II. The lightning bolt is symbolic of the strike characteristics of the Marauders’ behind-the-line activities.

The Scroll Factory TT Operator Cap gives you classic ball cap styling combined with useful tactical features. Constructed to last from 100% cotton and features a rivetless top design, loop fastener panels on the front and top and heavy duty webbing with an adjustable slip lock buckle in the back. This hat is available exclusively from the Scroll Factory.

Fighter Design – Magnetic Patches

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Patch Magnets

Velcro-backed patches on a fridge?! Totally possible, thanks to Fighter Design’s Magnetic Patches. Featuring Velcro loop panel, the patches can be used with virtually any Velcro hook-backed morale patches to add a bit of flair to most metallic surfaces, including a fridge or inside a vehicle.


They’re currently available from Mil-Spec Monkey in packs of 5:

Thirty Seconds Out – Leadslinger Mulisha Patch

Friday, February 6th, 2015


Our Second Amendment roots run deep. We’re patriots. We know that our freedoms will be taken from us if we can’t defend ourselves. Ideals are peaceful. History is violent. Sling lead, train smart and never disarm. We are the Leadslinger Mulisha.

New from Thirty Seconds Out, the Leadslinger Mulisha leather patch comes in at 3.25″ x 1.5″, and features Velcro hook backing.

Battle Mug – SwayMore Flask B18A1 Tactical Liquor Dispenser

Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

SwayMore Flask B18A1 Tactical Liquor Dispenser

New from Battle Mug, the SwayMore Tactical Liquor Dispenser is a flask, machined from solid billet aluminum. It is accurate sized to match a real Claymore anti-personnel mine, and holds 12 oz of liquor. It’s made in the USA.

MATBOCK – Brotherhood Of War Patches

Sunday, February 1st, 2015


MATBOCK is now offering the Brotherhood of War patch collection. These four leather patches represent Special Operations Forces within the United States Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. They serve as a reminder of the fallen, and the continuing fight against those who would cause us harm. 100% of the total sales from every patch sold will go to Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

#costagate2015 Patches from Violent Little Machine Shop

Friday, January 30th, 2015



Violent Little Machine Shop – Relinquish U R Fate Charity Patch

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Relinquish U R Fate Charity Patch

Violent Little Machine Shop has made available the Relinquish U R Fate charity patch. Made in support of ART 15′s Relinquish U R Fate Vet Fund Drive, each patch is selling for $10 a piece, with only 100 patches available. 100% of the purchase price are going to benefit the Relinquish U R Fate funding campaign. VLMS already sold about a 1/4 of their stock, so if you’re looking at getting a patch, you’re better off ordering ASAP.

The Relinqish U R Fate Vent Fund Drive is a charity funding campaign started up by the ART 15 crew post-SHOT Show. They are currently trying to raise $15,000 for three charities: Gallant Few, Raider Project, and All In All The Time Foundation. The ‘Relinquish U R Fate’ portion of the fund comes into play should the funding goal be met by March 1st, 2015:

1. Mat Best will shave his beard into a “Dale Comstock” mustache.
2. JT will be tazed by an X-26 Tazer.
3. Rocco will receive a Ranger Up tattoo.