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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Montane Alpine Stretch Jacket MultiCam

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018

As part of the Montane tactical mountain clothing project we have developed a light weight soft shell.  The Alpine Stretch Jacket is designed to provide protection from the elements whilst not interfering with any rope systems or harnesses.

The jacket has an athletic cut with drop tail to reduce drag and protect the lower back when bending over.  Despite the fit the stretch fabric allows excellent freedom of movement as well as wind and moisture protection.  The cuffs have a generous gorilla grip closure to allow for easy use even with gloves.  Long sleeves ensure good arm coverage when reaching and a raglan sleeve construction means that there are no seams to dig into your shoulders when carrying heavy loads.

The jacket is closed with a double zip and there are two large napoleon pockets.  The fully adjustable hood has a stiffened peak and is helmet compatible.  This follows common design features of UK garments which are made to cope with the intense weather conditions encountered in the British hills and mountains.

This is a ultra-focused product which is galaxies away from the standard issue jacket that we are all used to.  A must for all operators.

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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Deuter Alpine Guide 35+ MultiCam

Wednesday, August 1st, 2018

Following two years of hard work Deuter Alpine Guide 35 in Multicam is now available.  Fresh into the warehouse this classic mountain rucksack has been updated and modified to suit the needs of operators in the mountain environment.

Using the Deuter Alpine, X-Frame back system the pack is one of the most stable and comfortable packs to carry.  The lid is extendable to accommodate expanded loads and allow for ropes or other pieces of hardwear.  In order to maximise functionality it has a long side opening zip, which allows you to access the full body of the pack without disturbing the load under the lid or having to completely empty the pack.

The hip belt is removable and uses the Vari-Flex system, which enables it to move with you when moving thereby improving comfort and performance. A double pull waist belt gives secure adjustment and the sternum strap helps the load to remain in the right place on your shoulders.

The pack comes with a removeable sit mat and is compatible with hydration bladders up to 3 Litres.  The sides of the pack provide ski loops and the front of the pack has points for two ice axes.

Overall this is the pack for mountain operations.  It has long been the go to pack for people working in the mountains and is the only option for the military mountaineer.

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High Angle Solution – Brigantes Presents – La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX

Thursday, July 5th, 2018

When you are operating high in mountainous terrain you need a boot that you can rely upon.  One that you can confidently climb in and move aggressively over the most demanding ridges and mountains.

Light, technical, B3, crampon compatible boot it comes in at 1.750g (3.85lbs) for a pair of size 42 EU.  Made with 2.8mm Idro-Perwanger leather it is robust and hard wearing. With its Gore membrane it provides waterproof and breathable protection for your feet.  This combination of features makes it the ideal boot for mountain troops operating far in advance of conventional forces in all conditions be it snow or arid.

La Sportiva have a long tradition, starting in 1928, of building outstanding boots and making products that you can depend upon in the most extreme circumstances.  Based in the Dolomites they are ideally situated to design and build the best.

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High Angle Solutions – Brigantes Presents – Optimus Polaris Multifuel Stove  

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Optimus have long been at the pinnacle of stove design.  The Polaris is right at the forefront of this development.  It is capable of burning almost any fuel and certainly any that you would encounter within military operations.  It uses the tried and tested burner head from the highly successful Nova but also provides the opportunity to use gas.  This gives a very functional and efficient system to -15 degrees centigrade and then the ability to switch to liquid fuel for colder temperatures.

Highly robust it comes with an integrated pin to pierce the burning aperture.  This is activated by the use of a magnetic multitool which enables full maintenance of the stove whilst in the field.  There is no need to change burner heads with this stove it is simply attach your fuel and then follow the procedure to light.

The high level of flexibility and functionality makes it an ideal stove for expeditionary forces or small teams providing formation recce.  The system is simple to use and maintain and provides a highly efficient way to heat food and water and better maintain the fighting capability of troops in the field.

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Serket USA Unveils Berry Compliant Ski System For Military Market

Thursday, June 21st, 2018

DENVER, June 20, 2018 — After years of extensive research, development and end-user testing, Serket USA unveiled their military-specific Personal Snow Mobility (PSM) product line to select NATO members at the NATO Mountain Warfare Congress in Slovenia, June 13, 2018.


Designed in conjunction with Icelantic Skis, an award-winning Denver-based ski company, the Berry compliant skis are hand-made in Denver. Featuring a utility-inspired design custom built for the demands of military use, the line includes three ski models:

The Scout: A nimble, high-flotation ski that occupies the void between traditional long skis and snowshoes. The Scout has a much shorter learning curve than a traditional long ski and requires far less energy than snowshoeing.

• Shorter length and girthy platform for ease of mastery, exceptional maneuverability and excellent flotation.
• Sold with or without pre-mounted inserts for the Serket Patrol Binding.
• Early rise tip for backcountry gliding.
• Dull white Carbonium top sheets.
• Compatible with all binding/skin systems.
• Traditional or waxless bases.
• Available in 143cm and 156 cm
• 100% Made in the USA and Berry compliant.

The Intrepid 9.7 & Intrepid 10.1: With a utility-inspired waist, rockered tip/tail and perfectly balanced radius, this versatile, lightweight ski is well suited to do it all.
The Intrepid 9.7 features a 97mm waist and is available in 155 cm, 162 cm, and 169 cm lengths and is designed for those carrying more modest loads.

The Intrepid 10.1 features a 101 mm waist and is available in 171 cm, 178 cm, and 185 cm lengths and is designed for those carrying heavier loads and/or AT configurations.

• Designed for efficient skinning, climbing, trail breaking and aggressive skiing.
• Sold with or without pre-mounted inserts for the Serket Patrol Binding.
• Rockered tip and slightly rockered tail.
• Traditional sintered or Posi-Trac bases.
• Compatible with all binding/skin systems.
• Dull white Carbonium top sheet.
• Super lightweight
• 100% Made in the USA and Berry compliant.

“Serket chose Icelantic as our ski partner because of their reputation for exceptional quality, durability and design,” said Serket President, Trey Harris. “They also have a longstanding commitment to American manufacturing, with all skis being handmade at the renowned Never Summer factory in Denver.”

A watershed military soft boot ski binding system, the Serket Patrol Ski Binding (patent pending) is designed for highly efficient over-snow mobility. Engineered to interface with traditional cold and extreme cold weather boots and capable of accommodating sizes 6 narrow to 15 wide, the Patrol is a dual mode system that locks down for gliding and features a forward safety release that quickly converts to free-heel touring/climbing mode. The Patrol is lightweight, efficient, extremely durable and easy to use. The Patrol quickly mounts to a variety of Serket binding-ready skis with just a screwdriver or a clutch drill. The hearty modular design is engineered to stand the test of time.

• Designed for use with a variety of cold weather military boots including the ICW, Mukluk and VB
• Lightweight (1.16 lb.) and highly durable
• Highly adjustable quick entry/exit
• Adjustable toe wings and heel cup for kinetic efficiency
• Alloy riser bar with dual height settings for uphill efficiency and comfort
• Heel release system for safety
• High-tensile, stainless steel axles with compression inserts at pivot point
• Highly durable, cold weather proven DuPont™ Hytrel® strapping
• Adjustable toe pivots accommodate narrow to wide boots
• Easily sheds snow and ice
• Stainless steel mounting hardware/fasteners with thread-locker friction patches
• Phillips drive stainless steel hardware for interface with standard issue multi-tools
• Lightweight, rapid attachment, aggressive grip ski crampons are also available
• Available as a single line item, or included in comprehensive over-snow-mobility kit
• Made in the U.S.A. (Berry Compliant)

“The Serket Personal Snow Mobility system is the culmination of over five years of research, development and testing,” said Serket USA CEO, Randy Webb. “This system has a lot of benefits, but paramount among them is the quick learning curve for system mastery – even among soldiers with no prior ski experience – and that the binding works with all current and emerging boots, saving the taxpayer the cost of ski boots and the solider from having to carry them.”

Serket is also offering a custom, Berry-compliant Leki pole, which is available when purchased as part of the ski/binding package. The PSM product line rounds out with TAA-compliant Dynafit AT bindings, for those with steeper terrain requirements, and TAA-compliant Scott AT boots in multiple lasts. This comprehensive line allows customers to build and source a complete ski setup for maximum effect.

For additional information on the system, contact Megan at or (561) 508-6204 .

High Angle Solution – Brigantes Presents – Silva Expedition 55 Commanders Compass

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

If you are looking for the one compass that does it all then this is it.  Gone are the days where you carry a plastic lightweight compass for navigation and a brass prismatic sighting compass for accurate direction finding.  This combination provides a tool that will enable you to not only move from point to point but also effectively call for fire and give target indication using mils or degrees.

Not only does this massively reduce the weight that you have to carry, by combining these two devices, but it also drops the cost considerably.  The compass is available in northern and southern hemisphere varieties and comes with a distance measuring lanyard.

Silva have produced compasses for 85 years and supply the European militaries with their navigational tools.  This compass along with the Expedition 5 constitute a small but tight range of military compasses that focus on the needs of a dynamic and flexible force.

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High Angle Solution – Brigantes Presents – Silva Expedition 5 Operators Compass

Wednesday, June 13th, 2018

Silva is the company that you go to for your way finding solutions when in the military. Following feedback from the Royal Marines the standard compass has been updated to better fit the needs of the user.

The base plate has been thickened and the bezel housing sealed to greatly increase robustness and therefore life span.  It still has all the great functionality of its predecessor but with a list of additional features.

The bezel has improved grip allowing it to be much easier to use with gloves.  In addition, it now has variable declination and an inclinometer making it much more usable around the globe and in mountainous regions.  The back of the bezel also has a full degree scale giving it full functionality.  As can be seen in the image it comes with a distance measuring lanyard for 1:25 and 1:50 scales.

The expedition 5 comes in northern and southern hemisphere varieties as well as with a brand new global needle option making it the absolute ideal choice for expeditionary forces who don’t know where they might be one week to the next.

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Salewa Mountain Trooper

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Based on the Mountain Trainer Mid Leather, Salewa’s Mountain Trooper is the same booth expect that it is all black, eyelets have replaced the lace hooks and there is no metal or wires.

I saw it during a recent trip to Canada for Rampart Range Day, where apparently there’s been some serious interest.