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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solution – Black Crows, Orb Militari Skis  

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Everyone once I a while you get to play in a project that is ultra exciting.  We have just delivered our first winter warfare Black Crows skis.  Based on the Freebird Orb, the Orb Militari offers the perfect balance of functionality and ease of use.

Made with a white top sheet and base they are ready to go for Arctic operations.  The skis themselves can be fitted with a classic 75mm Telemark binding or with a pin binding for more mountainous use.  The ski itself is more rigid than its civilian relative in order to better deal with the large loads that winter troops carry.  All white skins and poles have also been produced to accompany it.

Initially made in very limited numbers there is only a few pairs left that are available to troops heading out in to the snows this winter.  If you are interested in pbtaining a pair then please email.

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Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solution – Revision Snowhawk Goggle System

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Cold climate operations have become an essential tactical focus for militaries around the world, with many dedicating more resources and training to maneuvers in the Arctic and other cold weather regions. This change has resulted in an increased demand for clothing and equipment that can withstand the harsh conditions that troops face in that environment.

The SnowHawk Cold Weather System is the first-ever fully integrated ballistic goggle and balaclava system offering complete face coverage, superior anti-fog performance, and ballistic protection.

Time, effort and dedication were allocated to ensuring the breathability of this cold weather system: Mesh over the mouth and nose directs breath away from the goggle; the dual-pane thermal gasket lens creates an insulated barrier; built-in top and lateral forced-air vents provide constant airflow; and, Revision’s leading OcuMax© Plus coating is applied on the inside of the lens to prevent fogging, plus a hard-coat is on the outside of the lens to resist scratching. The SnowHawk system’s balaclava design utilizes Anon’s Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI®) technology to seamlessly integrate the goggle and balaclava, ensuring stabilization and seal, with no skin exposed. The system achieves total face and head coverage, but is also intuitively designed for ease of use and swift removal when necessary.

Available in black or white, the SnowHawk Cold Weather System is low-profile and lightweight. This efficient design ensures compatibility with helmets, binoculars, and night vision systems. With improved comfort, functionality, and stability comes enhanced endurance and situational awareness, clearly demonstrating that this weather system is not only recommended but indeed necessary for the military to face the extreme conditions in the Arctic.

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Norway To Conduct Arctic SOF Experiment In 2019

Friday, November 30th, 2018

According to SOFWERX, NORSOF and the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment are hosting the Arctic SOF Experiment in Harstad, Norway, from 28 January – 2 February, 2019. Industry partners and research institutes are invited to bring innovative solutions to combat challenges such as harsh weather, low GPS signals and more. For more information, industry should contact

Mammut Updates Realization Shorts for 2019

Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Mammut displayed this updated version of their Realization Shorts at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

The Realization integrates a sit harness directly into the shorts for climbing gym workouts and competitions. This new version will be available late Summer 2019, although the current model is still available as well as a pant version.

Tecnica – Forge Winter GTX

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

One of the coolest things I learned about during last week’s Outdoor Retailer Winter Market is the introduction, in September 2019 L, of the Forge Winter GTX from Italian footwear manufacturer Tecnica.

As you may recall, Tecnica’s Forge is custom molded to the wearer’s feet during a process first developed for ski boots. Their Thermoform system features an anatomic last Custom Adaptive Shape. C.A.S. consists of a footbed and upper. The footbed works in concert with the upper’ arch. The upper also features a customizable heal cup and ankle pads.

As you can see, they are all Black, without the color pop of the initial launch of the Forge. Additionally, in order to make the Forge more appropriate for winter use, Tecnica has integrated a Gore-Tex lining as well as Vibram Arctic Grip Sole. The Arctic Grip sole does an amazing job of keeping stable in ice.

The rest of the details remain the same. Kevlar loops take the place of metal hardware to form the self locking lace design that doesn’t creep while moving and the tongue overlaps to reduce hot spots.

ORWM 18 – Mammut Diamond Finger Board

Friday, November 9th, 2018

The Diamond Finger Board from Mammut is made from Maple with a steel wall mount.

It integrates a mount for mobile devices and when used in conjunction with a app can record hang time as well as number of pull ups. Mammut also offers workout videos led by their pro athletes.

Coming Spring 19 from Mammut.

OWWM 18 – Team Wendy M-216 SKI SAR Helmet Enhancements

Friday, November 9th, 2018

With nothing else like it on the market, the Team Wendy M-216 SKI SAR Helmet has become quite popular. But like anything else, users have asked for a few enhancements to the helmet.

First off is the M-216 Counterweight Kit. The unique design is patterned specifically for use with this helmet. It is 1 pound of coated lead with a Grey Cordura skin and attached via some very robust Velcro.

Next is the removable chin cup which converts the under-the-chin sports-style chinstrap to a similar strap found on the Ballistic helmet, offering additional stability when wearing night vision devices. It can be pulled out of the way or removed completely.

These enhancements, along with the Wilcox machined aluminum shroud, are available as part of the M-216 Tactical Ski SAR offering.

Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Hilleberg Keron 4Gt

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

The Hilleberg Keron (“grouse” in Sami ) 4 GT has been at the top of the list for explorers and arctic adventurers for many years. Its durability, stability, simplicity and roomy interior that made it popular in the civilian world are the same properties that make perfect for the military user. Being able to increase strength by using threading two 10mm poles into each pole sleeve, mean it can deal with the worst weather and wind.

The sand, nearer a coyote or tan, colour option means the tent can be easily used in a variety of environments. For the Arctic, the tent can be used in conjunction with the size specific multi-spectral camouflage nets from Saab Barracuda. The combination of the strong tent and the advanced, lightweight camouflage net combine to provide the military user with a reliable, concealed shelter, in the most challenging environments.

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