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Arc’teryx Alpine Academy: July 4-7, 2019

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

The annual Arc’teryx Alpine Academy In Chamonix, French Alps is one of the most fantastic mountaineering clinics available. The downside? It’s during ISPO.

Over a period of four days, you’ll have access to 40 guided clinics, and more than 30 athletes. Immerse yourself into the 2019 Arc’teryx Alpine Academy, advance your mountain skills and share knowledge with like-minded people from all over the world.

It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or expert, you will learn from mountain guides and world-class athletes including Nina Caprez (climber), Will Gadd (ice climber) and Ines Papert (ice climber/alpinist), Adam Campbell (runner) and skiers Thibaud Duchosal and Stian Hagen.

This year you can chose from a set of 40 different guided clinics for all types of mountain activities, skill levels and budgets.

• Mountaineering
• Climbing, ice climbing & bouldering
• Hiking
• Trail Running
• Ski-alpinism
• Photography
• Safety

There are also several educational clinics including Glaciology & Permafrost, Flora & Fauna, Bolts & Belays or Trail Maintenance. For everyone who wants to learn about, support and give back to the mountain environment and local community.

• March 7, 2019: All clinic details online
• March 20, 2019, 15:00 CET: Registration opens…First in, first served! – Clinics usually get sold out within the day.
• April 17, 2019, 15:00 CET: 2nd Chance to register


Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Black Crows, Orb Militari Skis with Pin Binding

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

After the success of delivering the Black Crows Orb Militari with a 75mm Telemark binding we have now added an out and out ski mountaineering setup.  The latest delivery have been fitted with Dynafit TLT Speed bindings.  This combination gives the perfect set up for operating in the steepest terrain.  When used with the Black Crows Pellis skins then you have an ability to cover the most challenging of terrain.

To complete the system we would recommend the Scarpa F1.  This provides an excellent all round ski touring boot at 1230g.

Although not the traditional choice for military skiers this ultra-light and robust system provides arguably the best solution for operating in more alpine terrain.  The skis are exceptionally robust and user friendly whilst the boot enables ski, crampon and normal walking.

For these and additional military ski mountaineering items please give us a shout as we are working on a whole series of personal mobility solutions to cover all environments and terrain.

For more information get in touch by email on international@brigantes.com or for UK customers warrior@brigantes.com.  


Sky Soldier Leaders Conduct Joint Mountain Training

Saturday, January 12th, 2019

PASSO DEL TONALE, Italy — Leaders from across the 173rd Airborne Brigade assembled here from Dec. 10-12 to experience rigorous professional development and build interoperability with Italian allies while summiting the 2,700 meters of snow covered Monte Tonale.

For exercise “Alpini Climb,” the brigade’s company commanders and first sergeants, as well as the battalion commanders and sergeants major teamed with Italy’s mountain warfare experts, the Alpini, for instruction in cold weather operations and field craft. The instruction was put to the test with a platoon sized patrol up to summit the mountain.

“It was an opportunity to bring the entire team of leaders together. We got to experience shared hardships with our Italian Allies and learn about how to live and operate in the cold which is all part of combat readiness,” said Col. Jay Bartholomees, commander of the 173rd Airborne Brigade. “It was a great opportunity to practice our craft and use our equipment in the elements.”

The 173rd Airborne Brigade is the U.S. Army’s Contingency Response Force in Europe, providing rapidly deployable forces to the United States, Europe, Africa, and Central Command’s areas of responsibilities. Forward deployed across Italy and Germany, the brigade routinely trains alongside NATO allies and partners to build partnerships and strengthen the alliance.

As part of the training, the participants surrendered their ranks along with their mobile phones and became members of a temporary platoon. The process allowed these dedicated leaders of the companies of the brigade to focus, however briefly, on the tasks ahead of them which would be rigorous.

“I found myself as a squad leader of 7th squad,” said Cpt. Jesse Carter, Commander of Bastion Co., 54th Brigade Engineer Battalion. “It gives me a whole new respect of the requirements of a squad leader and how to disseminate information in a challenging environment. I’ve learned a ton.”

At the Alpini base camp, the Paratroopers received instruction on proper use of their arctic equipment, and techniques for trekking up the mountain. Additionally, they received instruction on how to build the “trunne,” Italian for a fox-hole in the snow, and what these intrepid Paratroopers would sleep in the following night.

After departing the base camp on Tuesday, the Paratroopers marched up the snow covered mountain, with guides from the Alpini Julia Brigade, a ruck on their back, and snow shoes on their feet.

“We all feel ourselves to be very physically fit, but traversing this mountain was a smoker,” said Cpt. Andrew Williams, commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 54th Brigade Engineer Battalion. “Along the way we’ve had invaluable training opportunities in survival, how to sleep in the snow, things like layering of clothing and the critical value of not sweating,” continued Williams.

After reaching the stopping point for the first night, the Paratroopers dug their buddy-team trunna and got a few hours of much needed rest to prepare for their final climb of the mountain on Wednesday morning.

At the summit, the platoon was able to witness first-hand the view that their Italian and Austrian predecessors saw over a century ago when those two Armies met in these mountains as each nation vied for the dominance of northern Italy during World War I.

“Our fighting forefathers did this same event but with much older equipment and in far harsher conditions than we did,” said Williams. “It really brings a lot of perspective while we’re up here.”

In all, the exercise was a valuable experience for the participants. These paratroopers were challenged to perform and excel in an extreme environment. But more than that, they were able to do it as a team and with allies, which besides the training, was the whole point of the exercise.

“One of the things we’ve stressed is teamwork. It’s absolutely critical that we all work together as a team and ensure that everyone makes it up as a team,” said Williams.

After summiting the mountain, and reveling in the view, the Paratrooper leaders reformed and gingerly moved back to the base of the mountain.

While many of these troops may never again be subject to mountain warfare or operating in full kit at below zero temperatures, the experience proves that Sky Soldiers will always achieve their mission weather jumping from 1,000 feet, or climbing their way past that same height.

Story By MAJ Chris Bradley, Photos by SPC Henry Villarama

Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – NSN announced for Lundhags Expedition 75

Wednesday, January 9th, 2019

The Expedition 75 has now been allocated a NATO stock number NSN:  8430-20-008-5818 (For a size 9) contact us for further number details.

To guarantee delivery in time for winter 2019 deployments, orders must be made by the 31st January 2019.

The Expedition Guide 75 is designed for the operator out in the frozen North. (or South) It is the latest in a long line of unique boots manufactured by Swedish company Lundhags, a longstanding family brand, specialising in making footwear, clothing and equipment. They focus on the needs of the hardest users.

A number of specialist military units have them as the in-service ski boot. (including Sirius Patrol) The new lighter and more streamlined boot with its monocoque style of construction is being used by the British forces to provide a versatile, light and reliable boot for operations on the Northern Flank.

As the Expedition 75 has the key features that give it the ability to operate in sub-zero temperatures, this boot provides an excellent balance between skiing and the normal movement required to conduct military operations.

Order deadlines for the boot to ensure delivery for winter 2019 is the 31st January.

Contact: international@brigantes.com

Or for UK customers: warrior@brigantes.com


Looking For Some Proper Mukluks?

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019

Empire Wool & Canvas has opened pre-orders of their True North Boots for Spring delivery.

1. Email your request to empirecanvas@charter.net. They will send you a bit of info.

2. Fill out your size, color, and personal info. And send in your deposit for boots and or extra liners. ($150 boots- retail $350, or $100 liners delivered in the USA)

3. Wait patiently as they gather pre-orders and start building footwear.

Your deposit is refundable if you opt out. Boots will likely start shipping in the Spring.

Colors: Black/Black, White (natural)/Cream, or ATACS AU/Cream

Brigantes Presents – The Brigantes Show 2018

Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

The difficulty of obtaining everything a Unit requires in order to be considered “fully kitted out” is a lengthy affair for all those in a buying position within the military. Those in the know will sympathise with the reams of paperwork and requisitions that need to be signed, often only to order a small quantity of one item. Not to mention the frustration that comes with trying to release funds, once they have been agreed.

This is a difficulty that is shared with militaries around the world.

Enter Brigantes. This year, they held the Brigantes Show in the UK. A trade show that demonstrated the unique relationship that they have with many internationally recognised and revered outdoor brands.

Key representatives from the UK and US military forces attended to realise the true capability of Brigantes in the areas of Adventurous Training and Extreme Cold Weather. Brigantes demonstrated how they are the gateway to solving all military buying issues with minimal effort and how unparalleled their open, honest approach was to the buyers.

The team will be assisting in the organisation of the UK’s only defence show for the outdoor industry, The Outdoor Military Show, in December 2019 as well has exhibiting at DSEI 2019.

For more information contact international@brigantes.com

For UK enquiries contact warrior@brigantes.com

Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solution – Black Crows, Orb Militari Skis  

Wednesday, December 12th, 2018

Everyone once I a while you get to play in a project that is ultra exciting.  We have just delivered our first winter warfare Black Crows skis.  Based on the Freebird Orb, the Orb Militari offers the perfect balance of functionality and ease of use.

Made with a white top sheet and base they are ready to go for Arctic operations.  The skis themselves can be fitted with a classic 75mm Telemark binding or with a pin binding for more mountainous use.  The ski itself is more rigid than its civilian relative in order to better deal with the large loads that winter troops carry.  All white skins and poles have also been produced to accompany it.

Initially made in very limited numbers there is only a few pairs left that are available to troops heading out in to the snows this winter.  If you are interested in pbtaining a pair then please email.

For more information get in touch by email on international@brigantes.com or for UK customers warrior@brigantes.com.


Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solution – Revision Snowhawk Goggle System

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

Cold climate operations have become an essential tactical focus for militaries around the world, with many dedicating more resources and training to maneuvers in the Arctic and other cold weather regions. This change has resulted in an increased demand for clothing and equipment that can withstand the harsh conditions that troops face in that environment.

The SnowHawk Cold Weather System is the first-ever fully integrated ballistic goggle and balaclava system offering complete face coverage, superior anti-fog performance, and ballistic protection.

Time, effort and dedication were allocated to ensuring the breathability of this cold weather system: Mesh over the mouth and nose directs breath away from the goggle; the dual-pane thermal gasket lens creates an insulated barrier; built-in top and lateral forced-air vents provide constant airflow; and, Revision’s leading OcuMax© Plus coating is applied on the inside of the lens to prevent fogging, plus a hard-coat is on the outside of the lens to resist scratching. The SnowHawk system’s balaclava design utilizes Anon’s Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI®) technology to seamlessly integrate the goggle and balaclava, ensuring stabilization and seal, with no skin exposed. The system achieves total face and head coverage, but is also intuitively designed for ease of use and swift removal when necessary.

Available in black or white, the SnowHawk Cold Weather System is low-profile and lightweight. This efficient design ensures compatibility with helmets, binoculars, and night vision systems. With improved comfort, functionality, and stability comes enhanced endurance and situational awareness, clearly demonstrating that this weather system is not only recommended but indeed necessary for the military to face the extreme conditions in the Arctic.

For more information get in touch by email on international@brigantes.com or for UK customers warrior@brigantes.com.