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Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Armadillo Merino

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Armadillo Merino, have been working on enhancing the natural FR properties of merino wool and will be launching an range of FR base layers to work alongside the extreme cold weather equipment. So, when you are in a situation when you need to cook in your tent, you are protected, no matter what happens, or who kicks over the stove.

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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – NATO Enabling Contract for Silva Expedition 5 6400/350 Global

Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

We are very proud to announce that the Silva Expedition 5 6400/360 Global has been awarded an enabling contract with NATO through NSPA.

This compass is the ideal navigation tool for militaries all over the world.  Following significant development work with the Royal Marines and Silva the compass has evolved into a substantially more robust tool with a thicker base plate and chunkier bezel, which is also now sealed to prevent air bubbles forming.

Functionally the Expedition 5 is light years from the old Militaire.  It still has all the useful tools that you would expect on the base plate, such as romers, measurers and magnifying glass but now also has an inclinometer, variable declination, measuring lanyard and most important of all a globally balanced needle.

The global needle enables accurate use of the compass anywhere around the world.  This is achieved by magnetising the central gimbal, which rests on a sapphire for the smoothest needle movement possible.  The gimbal allows the magnetic elements to point at magnetic north without disturbing the needle and reducing accuracy.

So not only do you get a compass that lasts a lot longer than the older Militaire but it replaces the need for two compasses, northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.  All in all a great efficiency saving which will help expeditionary forces remain accurate and effective in their navigation.

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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018

It isn’t often that troops need to scale vertical or high-altitude terrain but if you do the La Sportiva Karakorum Evo GTX is a great choice.  At 1760g it is a lightweight technical B3 option and therefore perfect for very difficult ground.  It is fully crampon compatible and with its 2.8mm one piece leather is exceptionally sturdy and hard wearing.  The Vibram sole with Impact Brake system offers excellent control on descents and ascents alike.  The Karakorum is currently in service with the UK’s mountain troops and has enabled a significant decrease in soldier burden with the lighter weight.

Although very similar in build to the La Sportiva Nepal the Karakorum has less insulation making it an ideal all year round boot and therefore perfect for the military user.

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Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – Scarpa Manta Pro Tactical  

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018

Scarpa Manta Pro has been one of the top Mountain Boots in the UK for the past decade.  It has had a number of variations over this time and continues to be the go to boot for winter mountaineers.  As part of our ongoing program of bringing top quality outdoor product to the military user Brigantes has been working with Scarpa on producing a tactical Manta Pro.

The Manta Pro is a B2 rated winter mountaineering boot weighing in at 1640g per pair.  It is the perfect balance between technical climbing boot and high quality walking.  Built on the excellent Scarpa FT last and using a Gore-Tex membrane it is ideal for all conditions from Alpine to Hill.

The tactical boot is a subdued version of this famous boot.  As the military user requires it for general mountaineering rather than sports climbing the B2 offers the ideal compromise between stiffness and flexibility making excellent for long hard days across difficult and varied terrain.

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The United States Marine Corps has awarded Provengo, LLC the Military Ski System (MSS) contract for a total value of up to $9,085,675

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Provengo in conjunction with Serket will be providing the MSS which consists of Skis and Bindings. In direct response to the USMC requirement, the MSS conforms at a minimum to the following specifications:

Provides adequate flotation for an individual and gear up to 300 pounds.

The skis shall have a combined weight of no more than 7lbs

The bindings shall have a combined weight of no more than 7lbs.

The ski binding shall offer either a lock down heel or telemark heel for downhill skiing as well as an unlocked heel for uphill climbing and touring on rolling terrain.

The ski binding shall be universal and be able to fit all types of boots in the Marine Corps inventory (Vapor Barrier and Intense Cold Weather Boots).

The binding shall allow Marines to utilize “free heel” diagonal movement techniques.

Provengo is a provider of personal, operational, tactical and life style equipment. Provengo offers Military/Federal/LE/First Responder end-user discounts at

Brigantes Presents – High Angle Solutions – DMM Helix Raptor Tactical Ice Axes

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Helix provide their high-quality technical equipment to the UK mountain troops.  Made in the DMM factory, in North Wales, to the highest possible standards these tools are ideal for use by specialist troops.


As we are about to enter the season for mountain training it is time to look at your kit and update what is looking a little tired and worn, or maybe not Gucci enough.  The DMM Raptor is an ideal multi use tool.  Great for covering the kind of terrain we need to in winter conditions but with the ability to go into harder areas if required.

The gentle curve in the shaft gives clearance when swinging without compromising the Raptor’s ability to self arrest.  A full size hammer and adze make light work of cutting steps and ledges and bashing in pegs for security. The spike on the base of the handle rounds out the Raptors mountaineering capability by giving security on snow and ice slopes.  For those wishing to venture into steep terrain the Raptor can be fitted with a Fly pick that improves climbing performance. A Choke Hold Leash prevents you accidentally dropping the axe and allows resting opportunities if climbing steeper ground.

Gone are the days of long heavy walking axes now the lightweight and highly capable Raptor gives mountain troops everything that they need.  The snow may not be here yet but it won’t be long before you are putting on your Bergan and heading up the hills.

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High Angle Solutions – Brigantes Presents – Tactical Grivel G12 Crampon  

Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

Who would of thought it?  Yellow isn’t a tactical colour!  This poses a small problem for Grivel who use yellow on the majority of their products and specifically on the balling plates and straps for their crampons.  Thankfully this has been an easy problem to fix and they have produced all black versions of their key crampons including the G12.  This is the primary crampon used by UK specialist mountain troops.

Designed for use with a B2/B3 boot, like the La Sportive Karakorum or Scarpa Manta Pro, the G12 is a 12-point crampon designed for general mountaineering, glaciers or easy ice.  The four points that are perpendicular to the crampon rails, prevent shearing in soft snow and improve security while descending (facing outward).  The crampons are fully adjustable by hand, without tools. G12 is easily folded for transportation.  The crampon comes with a variety of attachment options.  This can either be classic or use a new-matic system which provides fast easy on and off for moving quickly across mixed terrain.

The G12 is complemented by an all black Monte Rosa 10 point crampon to be used by normal mountain troops.  This is a great quality walking crampon designed to work with a B1 rated boot.

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Team Wendy Introduces 3 New Colors For M-216 Ski Search And Rescue Helmet

Friday, September 14th, 2018

Now Five Total Color Options to Match Your Mission or Style375FAF88-6241-4680-920E-4C8C00B837E7

CLEVELAND, OH (Sept. 14, 2017) – Cleveland-based Team Wendy® announced the release of three additional colors of its M-216 Ski Search and Rescue (SAR) helmet today. These three new color options – MultiCam® Alpine/Gray, MultiCam® Black/Gray and Red/Gray – bring the total number of available colors of the M-216 to five.

The helmet launched in Nov. 2017 with two colors: Black/Gray and White/Gray. Its hybrid shell design is two-tone; an ABS hard front shell provides reinforcement for mounted accessories while an in-mold polycarbonate rear shell reduces weight.

“The M-216 is the only alpine-rated helmet of its kind, providing the special operations community with a platform that can be scaled up or down to meet the mission requirements,” said Jose Rizo-Patron, CEO of Team Wendy. “In the helmet’s second season, we wanted to bring additional colors to the marketplace so that professionals and everyday skiers alike have options to suit their needs.”

Different from traditional ski helmets, the M-216 incorporates mounting capabilities not previously available to operators in any ski or snow rated helmet. Utilizing features originally developed for the military and tactical community, the helmet provides side accessory rails for mounting a variety of lights and cameras, and a glass-reinforced polycarbonate shroud for attaching headlamps and cameras. A machined aluminum Wilcox® shroud insert is available by request for mounting night vision and thermal optics devices. Every helmet includes a Princeton Tec® task light (choice of Switch-MPLS or Switch-Rail) that seamlessly integrates with the accessory rail. The helmet has also been optimized for comfort and stability featuring a Boa® Fit System for precise fit adjustment and single-handed quick release, and an under-the-chin retention system with a Fidlock® magnetic buckle for one-handed operation even while wearing gloves.

The protection offered by the M-216 Ski SAR helmet is highlighted by meeting ASTM F2040-11 for recreational snow sports and BS EN 1077:2007 Class B for alpine skiing and snowboarding.

Black/Gray, Red/Gray and White/Gray retail at $328.95 while MultiCam Alpine/Gray and MultiCam Black/Gray retail at $340.95. All five colors are available for sale on and through authorized Team Wendy distributors; and will be available on Amazon Prime in the coming weeks. The three new color options are available for pre-sale with fulfillment in October.