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War Sport Makes It Right, Updates NRAAM Entry

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Last night we reported on an apparent sabotage of War Sport’s entry on the NRA Annual Meeting exhibitor page.

Today, it has been fixed. Quick recovery.

It now states:

War Sport is dedicated to producing the highest quality weapons systems and components for the modern shooter leveraging the latest advancements in technology and innovation. Through a superior process of design and engineering, our products are built to a custom standard providing remarkable accuracy and a meticulous quality that remains unmatched across the industry. From raw materials to shooter ready, War Sport rifles, components and accessories are made in house with an attention to detail that enables our products to excel beyond expectation. For more info, go to warsport.com

The link remains s15.a2zinc.net/Clients/NRA/nraam2017/public

War Sport’s Company Description On the NRAAM Website Is, Shall We Say, Interesting

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

I’d like to say War Sport was pranked, but brands are responsible for the descriptions submitted to the NRA Annual Meeting website.

I didn’t believe my eyes, so I checked twice. It didn’t change. Next, I checked a couple of major brands. Their’s were all legit.  This one is, interesting.  Just like the title of the post says.

Here is the link.

In case you can’t read the print in the screenshot, it says:

War Sport is dedicated to producing the lowest quality weapons systems and components for the inexperienced shooter leveraging below average technology. Through an inferior process of design and ninja-neering, our products are built to a sub standard providing inconsistent accuracy and garbage that remains unmatched across the industry. From raw materials to shooter ready, War Sport rifles, components and accessories are made in house with no attention to detail to ensure that our products never meet expectations. For more information on how pathetic we are, go to warsport.com.

Blue Force Gear Showcases New Tactical Equipment At NRA Annual Meeting

Thursday, March 9th, 2017

POOLER, GA., March 9, 2017 – Blue Force Gear®, the designer and manufacturer of the world’s finest weapon slings and tactical equipment, will demo three new products at this year’s National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting, scheduled for April 27-30 in Atlanta.

New product demos of Blue Force Gear’s new Hunting Sling, Micro Trauma Kit Now! TM and ULTRAcomp® Pocket Holster are scheduled for the entire week. Plus, attendees will be available to purchase the new products at the booth.

Larry Vickers, the inspiration for Blue Force Gear’s Vickers Sling, and retired U.S. Army 1st SFOD–Delta combat veteran, will also be at the booth on Friday and Saturday of the show, from 2 pm to 3 pm, to answer questions, sign autographs, and take pictures. Vickers has been directly or indirectly involved in some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. Post retirement, he’s hosted tactical firearms television shows and has developed a variety of small arms accessories.

Attendees can also meet Travis Hall, 18 Delta Special Forces Medic. You’ll be able to hear “Doc T” discuss preparation for today’s world and adding trauma pcare as part of your everyday carry essentials.

Blue Force Gear’s product line and experts can be found at booth number 4374.

“The NRA Annual Meeting hosts more than 80,000 attendees and more than 800 exhibitors, so naturally it’s where we want to showcase our brand new product lineup,” said Ashley Burnsed, CEO of Blue Force Gear. “We’re excited to showcase our new Hunting Sling, Micro Trauma Kit NOW!™ and ULTRAcomp® Pocket Holster, which just a few weeks into 2017, continue to be generating a lot of buzz within the industry.”

The three-day event will feature seminars, workshops, special events and celebrity meet and greets. For more information about the annual meeting, visit www.nraam.org.

Lancer Handguards Get an M-LOK Upgrade

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017

Quakertown, PA: Lancer Systems is pleased to announce an update to their SIG516, SIG716, and HK416 OEM-replacement handguards – their M-LOK compatibility. Prior to now, these handguards sported proprietary cooling slots, but now boast more versatility and accesibility. “Customers can look at this as a sign of further developments for Lancer,” comments business area manager Kas McManus. You can check the product out – it will be on display at Lancer’s booth, #3674, during the 2017 NRAAM Show!


NRA News – Colion Noir On The Media And Racism

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

This is a subject that I’d normally avoid here on SSD but as a gun owner and NRA member, this video speaks to me.  I hope you give it a listen.

No matter your background, if you care about your second amendment rights, join the NRA.

Dom Raso – The Threat Of Lone Wolf Attacks

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

NRA News has released another video by former SEAL Dom Raso.

CMC Triggers Fires Back

Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Every trade show there’s industry gossip going around and the NRA Annual Meeting was no different. This time it was hate for CMC triggers and Mossberg for suing pretty much anyone that makes a drop in AR trigger.  Drop in triggers are pre-assembled packages that can be inserted into an AR-style lower receiver and, after inserting the pins into place, offer an enhanced trigger over the Mil-SPEC model. The enhanced trigger and ease of use have made drop ins quite popular because they can be user installed with little to no difficulty.

As I understand it, the story goes that Mossberg bought the rights to the Chip McCormick (CMC, Chip McCormick, see where this is going?) patent, US 7,293,385 B2, a while back, and now Mossberg is on a tear, suing companies that they allege have violated their intellectual property rights. But, everyone is blaming CMC Triggers Corp.

According to a story on The Firearm Blog, these companies have been named in suits by Mossberg:

  • Black Rain
  • DOA Arms
  • Tactical Fire Control
  • Battle Tested Equipment
  • Patriot Ordnance Factory
  • RISE Armaments 
  • T Vehr Manufacturing
  • Elftmann Gun Products

On Saturday evening, CMC Trigger Corp President Jack R Biegel issued this statement:

CMC Triggers is a Christian company, privately held and not owned by O.F. Mossberg or anyone else. 

We pay our bills when they’re due including our royalty responsibility to O.F. Mossberg.

Fair competition in the market place is only fair if the playing field is level.

We proudly stand with them in their pursuit of what is right in regard to all the companies that infringe on their Patent.

Shame on anyone that would spin negatively O.F. Mossberg exercising their right under law to collect royalties.

Jack R Biegel, Pres. CMC Triggers Corp.

I have to say, I agree with him. IP ownership is IP ownership and we support those that protect what is their’s. What make some uncomfortable about this situation is that Mossberg bought the patent rather than creating a design themselves. Regardless, I don’t see how that nullifies their ownership of the IP. Whether they came up with it on their own, bought it for manufacturing use, or just purchased it as an investment opportunity, it has value and they should be allowed to reap the rewards of that investment. Besides, most often in these cases, the IP owner is looking to ensure they are being paid for use of their IP. Most of these are settled before they even go to trial.

This will work itself, one way or another.

NRA – Weather Wool ShirtJac

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

It was great to see Weather Wool on hand at NRA. I’m a big fan of wool and they make a very robust product. Offered in their mid and full weight fabrics, the ShirtJac incorprates two chest pockets as well as slotted buttons.  The cuffs are a little long so you can pull your hands inside if needed but the dual button cuff has enough adjustment so that it won’t bother those with shorter arms.  Additionally, the bottom hem can be tucked in if needed.  

Available in sizes XXSmall – 5Xlarge in colors Black, Drab, Duff and Lynx.


NRA – Barrel Blok

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Barrel Blok is a firearms safety device, designed to allow the use of standard firearms in close quarter training situations such as grappling and arrest procedures. It is inserted into the chamber and out through the barrel and completely blocks the chamber. Additionally, there is a cap for the magazine so that no rounds can be inserted.

Although the Barrel Blok comes in a long length, the plastic, flexible rod construction is intended to extend 1/2″ past the end of the barrel once fully seated in the chamber. The user clips the end of the Barrel Blok based on the firearm it is used with. This length allows it to be used with most any holster. The high visibility orange color also makes it easy to verify by instructors as well as other trainees that the barrel is blocked.  

Additionally, the device has other features that facilitate realistic training.  It is designed to engage the pistol’s extractor so the slide must be sufficiently racked and the material works as a firing pin strike face.  

They’ve also just launched a version for rifles.

The design is the same, it’s longer to accommodate the increased barrel length, although, it’s important to mention that Barrel Bloks are not one-size-fits-all. Rather, they are offered in different calibers do that you get a sealed chamber.  In the image below, the Barrel Blok is not seated completely.  


NRA – Mountainhouse Now Offering Military Issue LRP Ration Components

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

I found out during the NRA Annual Meeting that Mountainhouse is now offering the freezdried Long Range Patrol ration components they make for the military to commercial customers.  There are currently seven entrees available and these differ from their commercially available freeze dried offerings in a couple of ways.  First off, the military rations have about twice the amount of protein.  There’s the packaging.  They are vacuum packed but there’s no oxygen absorber so they are only guaranteed for three years.  

They are very popular due to their lightweight and compact form factor so if it’s not in stock, check back.