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Cub Cubs – Little Critter Hoodie

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

When I saw this photo, all I could think of was Max and the Wild Rumpus from “Where The Wild Things Are”. Now, thanks to Cub Cubs, your child can get in on the action as well.

Made in the USA from Polartec, the zipper front Little Critter Hoodie features cute little ears on the hood and a Velcro patch on the left sleeve for morale patches, as well as two handwarmer pockets at the front.

Offered in Obsidian Zinnia Pink, Black, or Wolf Gray, kids sizes Small – XLarge.


Christmas Is Coming Take 2

Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

These 80s-era waterguns from Entertech are super cool. Who had one?

Christmas Is Coming 

Monday, December 12th, 2016

What a cool set. It even shoots projectiles and smoke comes out of the barrel.

44 Official Issue Skull Cap by YANCO

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

In addition to Tigerstripe, I’m also a fan of dot camo patterns like German Flecktarn. 44 Bikes is offering a skull cap for riders, made from Flecktarn.

Supply is limited, get yours at www.44bikes.com/product/official-issue-skull-cap

h/t to Giff at amendmentarms.com

SOFREP Crate Club

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

If you’re looking for an interesting Christmas gift idea, you might want to consider the SOFREP Crate Club. I joined a few months ago to check it out. I’ve subscribed to a couple of other Crate services to learn about how they work. In some cases, they were boxes full of trinkets, junk really. In other cases, I received items I already owned or had zero use for but every once in awhile, there was a gem. I’ve known Brandon Webb of SOFREP for many years and I thought I’d give the SOFREP Crate Club a whirl, since it’s billed as the only gear delivery subscription where the gear is picked and tested by Special Operations veterans.

At the time there were only two membership levels, Standard and Premium. Because I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, and due to the cost disparity between the two levels, I chose Standard membership. The first month, I received a Gerber seat belt cutter. While I already had one around here somewhere, it’s one of those things that is pretty useful, so I put it in my pickup and didn’t write it off as a loss.

My next shipment contained something I didn’t have. The package contained “100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition” by Retired Navy SEAL Clint Emerson. It’s a fun book with some great diagrams which amplify the one-page overview on any given survival topic. The book was accompanied by trial packets of TUFMED Tufhands and Tufbruise creams. I haven’t tried them yet, but I did read the book. I’m a reader, so I really enjoyed that Crate.


If you’re interested in seeing some items that are offered in the Standard Crate, check out this video.

I’ve since changed my subscription to the Premium Crate and am awaiting my first delivery. I did it because I wanted to get a more thorough experience. This video with Chris Paronto, shows the trauma bag they shipped in September.

If you want a sneak peek of what’s coming next, hit this link.

They’ve recently expanded the membership levels to three. In addition to the Standard and Premium packages, they’ve added a Pro level in between the two. The difference is the amount of gear, as well as the value. The Pro Crate is an upgrade to the Standard Crate, and it includes everything that’s in the Standard Crate as well as a couple of additional items that are unique to the Pro Crate. The Premium Crate is usually a unique set of gear of high value.

SOFREP offers gift options at check out and they are holding a Black Friday Sale from now until Black Friday. You can get 10% Off with promo code HOLIDAYNOW.

To learn more, visit join.sofrep.com/sofrep-crate-club.

Mile Marker Zero – A Short Film by Brian Stephens

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

‘Mile Marker Zero’ is a short film by Brian Stephens who is a professional bow hunter. He also creates some great videos, like this one, which also features his brother Mark who some of you may know from the Army or industry.

‘Mile Marker Zero’ follows brothers Brian and Mark Stephens as they spearfish for grouper, lionfish, hogfish and barracuda. Once they stow the spear guns, they go from 20-50 feet to 1,000 feet of water to bowfish for mahi mahi and tripletail in the Gulf Stream.


UA Freedom x Project Rock

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

To keep our Christmas gift idea theme for the day, we’d like to let you know that the popular Under Armour Freedom line is conducting a collaboration with Dwayne ‘ The Rock’ Johnson.

The line includes T-shirt, hats and bags, emblazoned with a Stars and Stripes variant of The Rock’s iconic bull.

Through UA Freedom, Under Armour commits to a minimum donation of $250,000 annually to support First Responders, Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers & Veterans.


Duke Cannon – Big Ass Brick Of Soap

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Soap comes in several formulations and is made in the same factory that provided soap ti the military for many years. Additionally, they offer a few other men’s grooming products as well such as beard oils and lip balms.  Not only are these products Made in USA, but Duke Cannon also donates some of their proceeds to some great military charities.

Christmas is coming and this might be a good idea for a gift. The U.S. MILITARY FIELD GROOMING KIT contains the following items:
• Big Ass Brick of Soap, Smells Like Victory
• Big Ass Brick of Soap, Smells Like Productivity
• Big Ass Brick of Soap, Smells Like Accomplishment
• #1 Ranked Superior Grade Shaving Cream