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Hi-Lux MTD30 Red Dot Turkey Scope

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

For Immediate Release – Wednesday, March 14, 2017

Don’t finish patterning your turkey load without a Hi-Lux MTD30 Red Dot Scope on your turkey gun.

Hi-Lux Max-Tac Dot

The MTD-30 is a zero-magnification (1x) electronic reflex type sight that is parallax free – allowing you to quickly get on the bird and quickly take the shot. 

Hi-Lux Max Tac controls

The brightness sensor will automatically adjust the brightness to ensure that the 4 MOA red dot is clearly visible in your sight picture without any starburst. The MTD-30 sight includes a solid picatinny mount machined right into the housing for quick and easy mounting to any Weaver-style one-piece base or picatinny rail. 

Hi-Lux Max-Tac flash kill

The Max Tac Red Dot comes with an anti-reflective flash-kill device that shields the objective lens from direct sunlight, eliminating the chance of the bird seeing any lens flare. Get a Hi-Lux MTD30 Red Dot Turkey Scope setup for your turkey gun today and save 25% – Use Promo Code: TURKEYFEVER18×30-mtd-30-red-dot-sight

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Hi-Lux Optics, based in Torrance, California designs and manufactures top-quality, feature-rich, rugged optics at affordable prices. Hi-Lux guarantees the workmanship and materials of their scopes for life because they’re rugged and reliable optics built for the demands of law enforcement, military, hunting and competitive shooting.

Visit Nightforce At The USASOC Sniper Competition

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Members of the MIL-GOV-LE team will be in attendance to exhibit products and provide support to customers and end-users. Products on display will include MIL-SPEC riflescopes and accessories, which are designed and built for today’s warfighter, and currently in-use around the globe.

This annual competition takes place during the week of March 19, 2018 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Teams from the United States and other allied special operations units will be tested in real-world based events designed by instructors of the Special Forces Sniper Course. Exhibitors will be located in a vendor tent on Range 37.

Nightforce is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium sport optics and related products, including riflescopes, spotting scopes and accessories. We are known for our rugged, high-precision engineered designs that are capable of holding up to punishing conditions. Based in Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce has established a benchmark for high-quality, high- performance products that have accompanied soldiers into battle, world champion shooters to the winner’s podium, and helped hunters take the trophy of a lifetime.

Aimpoint Announces Limited Run of Micro T-2 Flat Dark Earth Sights

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Manassas, Virginia – March 15, 2018 – Aimpoint, the originator and worldwide leader in reflex sighting technology, has announced the launch of a limited run of Micro T-2™ carbine ready sights in Flat Dark Earth (FDE) color. This is the first time the company has offered an FDE finished sight to the US market.

The sights are being finished with Cerakote® H-Series surface coating – an advanced thin-film ceramic coating that bonds completely with the aluminum alloy housing of the sight. Cerakote® finishes are known worldwide for their corrosion and chemical resistance, UV and thermal stability, and durability under extreme conditions.

“We needed to match our choice of color surface finish with the durability and performance of the Micro T-2 sight,” said Jonas Ardemalm, Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing at Aimpoint AB. “Cerakote® offers an extremely durable coating that has been proven to perform under very demanding conditions, and it offers advantages beyond typical paint applications. We are very happy to offer this enhanced Micro T-2 to our customers in the USA.”

This initial run of FDE Micro T-2 sights is being offered on a test basis through a select group of authorized Aimpoint Dealers in the USA, and they are expected to sell out quickly.

Leupold Upgrades Thermal Line With LTO-Tracker HD and LTO-Quest HD

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

BEAVERTON, Ore. — Leupold & Stevens, Inc. has upgraded its award-winning thermal imager line with the introduction of the LTO-Tracker™ HD and LTO-Quest™ HD.


Designed to be compact and light enough to take on even the farthest backcountry hunt, the LTO-Tracker shows hunters the heat signature of game, blood trails and more – day or night. The new LTO-Tracker HD takes things to another level: the second-generation thermal sensor detects heat out to 750 yards and a new 390×390 pixel full circle display offers improved resolution. The LTO-Tracker HD will feature new Copper and Range color palettes not previously offered. It is capable of detecting temperatures from -40°F to 572°F and will perform in temperatures from -4°F to 140°F.


The LTO-Quest delivers a powerful handheld thermal device, a camera and a dual-mode 300 lumen flashlight all in a single piece of gear. The LTO-Quest HD uses an advanced thermal sensor to extend its detection range out to 750 yards and provides storage space for up to 3,000 images. The 320×240 pixel display has been ruggedized with Gorilla® Glass. The unit features four hours of continuous use.

“When we launched the LTO-Tracker and LTO-Quest, we knew it was just the beginning,” said Tim Lesser, vice president of product development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “The new LTO-Tracker HD and LTO-Quest HD represent the next step for the line – they offer superior detection distance and a bevy of other features that make them essential gear, akin to a binocular or rangefinder.”

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Bushnell Launches New Ballistics Calculator App

Sunday, March 11th, 2018

img_6988.jpgOVERLAND PARK, Kansas – March 9, 2018 – Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance sport optics, announces the release of a new Bushnell Ballistics App powered by the proven and powerful Applied Ballistics Ultralite Engine.

The new Bushnell Ballistics App is a companion app to use with Bushnell riflescopes to calculate firing solutions for ammunition and rifle combinations. The app allows users to use current atmospheric data and AB Laboratory bullet data to calculate the hold-overs needed to make precise shooting solutions.

“The new Bushnell Ballistics App is powered by the Applied Ballistics Ultralite engine, the most trusted ballistics data-cruncher in the industry,” said Bushnell Marketing Manager Matt Rice. “With a clean and user-friendly interface, this app allows users to easily build and modify gun profiles and build range cards to calculate firing solutions based on their specific scope and ammunition choices. All of our Bushnell scopes and reticles have been pre-loaded, giving users simple ballistic solutions anywhere they go.”

The free app works on both Android and iOS operating systems, and is available on Google Play and the App Store. It is optimized for Bushnell riflescopes and reticles, but is compatible with all optics. Once downloaded, the app functions off the grid, with no cell service required.

The app features AB Connect, which gives users a live library of G1/G7 data as well as the Applied Ballistics Bullet Library with more than 740 pre-loaded bullets. The Bushnell scope library features more than 150 scopes and 30 reticle options. Gun profile management provides up to five saved profiles with reticle-based firing solutions. Plus, multiple target engagement saves up to five targets. Atmospheric data can be updated manually or from the internet when connected. Angle range compensation is also calculated. Range cards can be shared or printed using the Email Range Card Function.

“The new Bushnell Ballistic App puts the power of long-range, first-shot accuracy into the hands of any shooter,” Rice said. “Like all of our products, it was designed to perform in any condition and to offer our consumers true value, with features that far exceed the price—which, in this case, is free!”

To download the app, simply go to Google Play or the App Store and search “Bushnell Ballistics” to get started.

Bushnell, a Vista Outdoor brand, is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in precision hunting, tactical and recreational optics and accessories. For more information, visit

Enforce Tac – SIG Optics Exhibits USSOCOM Squad-Variable Power Scope Candidate

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

SIG Optics had their contender for the USSOCOM Squad-Variable Powered Scope solicitation. It is a 1-6x intended for use out to 600m. It is seen here mounted to a SIG716-G2.


It is a variant of their commercially available Tango 6 optic, with final assembly in their Oregon plant. Additionally, they manufacture the mount there. The optic also comes with a throw lever installed.


Interestingly, it is a second focal plane scope. The contract had a small business set aside for first focal plane submissions, while the second focal plane versions are a full and open competition. If you’re wondering why there’s even a second focal plane option, it’s because the customer wanted the dot to be crisp and visible, even in full daylight.


The optic is a red dot, with a SOCOM-specified reticle. At the intensity setting, you can lock out the dot.


Although they have not made a final decision on naming convention, you will be able to purchase a version of this optic. Options will include tube color, reticle and first or second focal plane.

Hi-Lux Introduces the PentaLux TAC-VF 4X-20X FFP Rifle Scope (Gen 2)

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

Specifically designed for the requirements of the tactical and competitive shooter, the Hi-Lux PentaLux TAC-VF 4X-20X FFP features the illuminated CW1-FFP first focal plane reticle.


The Mil scale CW1-FFP reticle remains constant at all magnifications and can be use for holdover at any power. The CW1-FFP reticle is available in red or green illumination and includes 3 night vision light levels.


The Gen 2 version has larger, more tactile turrets with increased internal adjustment. The total adjustment range is 20 Mils for windage and elevation in 0.1 Mils-per-click increments with 120 clicks-per-revolution. Each turret can be re-indexed after zeroing. The 30mm tube provides incredible light gathering ability for better sight picture resolution and clarity at dawn or dusk.

In addition, the Hi-Lux PentaLux TAC-VF 4X-20X FFP includes parallax adjustment from 10 meters up to infinity, Throw Lever and Magnetic Flip Covers.

For additional information on this or any other Hi-Lux Optics product, send us an e-mail at, call us at 888-445-8912 or visit us at

MATBOCK Monday || Tarsier Eclipse

Monday, March 5th, 2018

The Tarsier Eclipse ™ is the most advanced Night Vision Goggle (NVG) accessory on the market, allowing the operator to see objects from 18″ to infinity at the same time and without loss of clarity. Think of this amazing product as an “otter box” for the very expensive optic lenses found on NVGs. Not only will it help protect your investment, but it will also allow you to see clearly throughout the entire operation without constant adjustment. Simply adjust your Tarsier Eclipse aperture to the ambient lighting condition to enjoy the clarity and focus throughout the operation.

• Provides the ability to see objects at all distances without adjusting the focus on Night Vision Goggles.

• Infinitely variable from open to close to allow the optimal amount of light into the NVGs and maintain auto-focus capability.

• Clear front sacrificial lens to protect the lens of NVGs and prevent dust and debris from entering apparatus.

• Rapid adaptation to ambient light by turning the adjustment ring, opening or closing the iris.

• Easy and secure attachment to end of NVGs.

The Tarsier Eclipse are also NAVAIR approved. The 25lb test laynard comes standard on all Tarsier Eclipses’ but tested

and approved for helo crew door gunners.