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SHOT Show 17 – Trijicon

Friday, January 20th, 2017

MRO Patrol


So, how did Trijicon update the MRO with the new Patrol model? The major change for the Patrol is Trijicon added internal threading to the housing around the objective lens which allows users to mount a kill flash/Anti-Reflection Device and/or Objective Cover to the MRO, and they included an ocular lens cover. Trijicon also now offers a co-witness mount with a one-handed quick detach for the MRO.




The Machine Gun Reflex sight is designed for medium and heavy machine guns, providing a wide 3″ x 2″ view window and 3 MOA/35 MOA reticle to increase probability of first-round hits. The MRGRS is made of 7075-T6 aluminum, is waterproof to 2m, and is powered by a single CR123A battery which can provide over 1000 hours of continuous use on setting 6 of 7 at 70F. The MGRS also has a 3x companion magnifier called, appropriately enough, the MGRS MAG, which interfaces directly onto the MGRS body.


HD XR Night Sights


Designed for a variety of contemporary pistol models, the HD XR Night Sights consist of a “U” notch rear with tritium lamps, and a front post with yellow or orange outline and tritium lamp. The front post on the HD XR sights is slimmer than the standard HD sights, promoting a larger field of view for improved target identification and engagement at longer distances. The steep hooked front surface of the rear notch is optimized for one-handed slide manipulation.



SHOT Show 17 – Wilcox Industries / Aviation Specialities Unlimited

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The Aeronox is a new mount designed by ASU and built by Wilcox. The legacy mount is 30 years old with a few bandaids thrown on over the years. It is manufactured from high impact Polymer with little metal and is intended for a 20 year life minimum with reinforcements in high wear areas.

They’ve eliminated the need for a neck cord by incorporated the Wilcox retractable cord. The cord will release at 10Gs just like the mount. Additionally, the mount fits the lines of a flight helmet very closely with cable connections fitting contours.

The Aeronox is a repairable item rather than a disposable item, unlike the legacy mount.  ASU has also introduced a new battery pack to work with the Aeronox. It’s smaller, lighter and eliminates the need for battery cartridges. They’ve also built in mounting points for a counterweight. Like the Aeronox mount, the battery case is repairable.

ASU/Wilcox also offers an adapter for the mount to attach to ground helmets. It incorporates the proper angles to facilitate use of the AVS-9 aviator goggle with a ballistic helmet. The Ground Adapter works on all three hole shroud systems and is light and sturdy.

You can also use any of the components with legacy systems.


SHOT Show 17 – ZEV Technologies

Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

This is ZEV’s Delta Point Pro Adjustable Sight Plate.

Developed in conjunction with Leupold for elements of USSOCOM, it is the first Leupold approved mounting solution for the Delta Point Pro. Made from 300 series stainless steel, it allows the shooter to easily switch between the irons and DPP. Obviously, it’s also designed to work seemlessly with ZEV’s proprietary slide cut.


SHOT Show 17 – EOTech

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017


This can be considered a bit of a ‘non-story’ since there’s not a lot of ‘new’ info, but it’s worth bringing up all the same.

For a bit of background, at last year’s SHOT, EOTech focused exclusively on their line of magnified Vudu scopes, and didn’t feature a single one of their HWS (Holographic Weapon Sights) at their booth. This was likely in response to the US Government’s lawsuit against L3 Communications regarding performance issues experienced by the EOTech HWS optics in temperature extremes and high moisture environments, and more importantly L3’s failure to disclose they had prior knowledge of these performance issues to the US Government.

As a result, L3 settled with the Government for about $26 million, and even went so far as to offer refunds to virtually any customers who purchased an EOTech sight. After that, the issue was more or less dealt with, although it did leave a bad taste in many people’s mouths.


This year, EOTech came out with new branding for the line of HWS optics, including a new logo, and has started reproducing their most popular HWS models: XPS2, 512, 552, etc., in both black and FDE. My immediate question to the rep who talked to me was if there were any changes to the internals of the optics. The answer was somewhat vague, but I was told that the engineers at the company spent the past year or so retooling the optics, with the thermal drift issue being corrected.


So, the TL;DR of the situation is this: EOTech claims they fixed the issues with their HWS that caused them to get sued by the Government, and now they’re reintroducing their products to the market with new branding.


We’ll have to wait and see if they hold up this time.


SHOT Show Media Day – EOTech’s New Branding

Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

EOTech showed up at Media Day at the Range with a new logo not only for their main brand, but also for their line of Vudu scopes.

While EOTech’s main focus was on the Vudu line, we also caught a glimpse of an EOTech electro-optic sporting the new branding, found on the Q Concepts Honey Badger, which we will focus on in an upcoming article.


FirstSpear Range Day 17 – Safran Optics 1

Monday, January 16th, 2017

This is the Miskito TI (Thermal Imager) Lightweight Multipurpose Target Locator from Safran Optics 1.

In asdition to a low light thermal imager with direct view day optics, it also incorporates a laser range finder, out to 10 km. It also incorporates a digital magnetic compass. Additionally, a GPS module can be inserted.

They are also offering a lightweight, carbon fiber tripod for use with the Miskito TI.


U.S. Optics Inc. Announces Full Production of the new B-Series Long Range Rifle Scopes

Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Brea, California– 11/11/2017– U.S. Optics Inc., an international riflescope and optics manufacturer, proudly announced today a completely redesigned product line to replace the current commercial off the shelf MR, LR, and ER series of scopes. The development of the new B-Series is a direct result of U.S. Optics Inc.’s dedication to satisfy the ever changing needs of its consumers.

The new B-Series has been developed based upon the requests of military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters. The needs of these professionals were at the forefront of our design and engineering process that produced a lighter, shorter, and more streamline rifle optic.

“As a company, we take pride in listening to our customers’ needs and delivering. Our Legacy optics have proven that we excel in quality and durability, so we took those strengths and developed our optics into an all-encompassing product. We’re very excited to announce the B-Series and know that our customers will be more than happy with the results.”– Jason Kyle (General Manager for U.S. Optics)

The Bravo Series boasts a variety of new features that were engineered into the design of the new scope without compromising its durability and clarity. Some of these new features include:

• Shorter overall length to better accommodate night vision
• 34mm tube across the entire B-Series line
• Compact turret section for compatibility with commonly used mounts
• Locking Elevation and Windage Knobs
• Elevation Revolution counter
• Zero Stop
• Integrated Parallax and Illumination Control
• New MIL and MOA reticle options

All of these enhancements come together in a refined package that transmits a sharp image with maximum clarity, all packaged in a rugged housing that will performs flawlessly across all environmental conditions.

B-Series optics starting at $1699.00

For more information please visit USOptics.com.

More New Products from N-Vision Optics: N-Vision Optics’ Dedicated Night Vision Binocular – DNVB. See It Next Week at SHOT Show – Booth 20034

Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

NEW FOR 2017 and in addition to their brand new line of thermal weapon sights and groundbreaking WFOV PVS-15 binocular, N-Vision Optics is launching an all-new, proprietary Dedicated Night Vision Binocular or DNVB for short.

The DNVB can be purchased with Green or White Phosphor US Gen 3 image intensifier tubes (IITs) as well as FOM-restricted IITs in order to serve as many end users as possible.

The DNVB’s molded composite plastic housing was designed and built to withstand even the harshest of environmental conditions and is equipped with all the standard features expected in the latest night vision equipment.

Perhaps most importantly, N-Vision Optics DNVB is attractively priced when compared to other 3rd generation night vision binoculars on the market. Come see us at SHOT Show to check out all our new gear.

For more information about the DNVB or other products from N-Vision Optics, email us at info@nvisionoptics.com or visit our website at www.nvisionoptics.com.