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N-Vision Optics – ATLAS Thermal Binocular

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

The ATLAS Thermal Binocular is the perfect tool for the serious outdoor enthusiast, security professional, hunter, mariners, and search and rescue operations. Adventure through any environment and be confident that you will locate and identify what you seek. Be bold and effective in any scenario with the ATLAS Thermal Binocular.


ATLAS is the first commercially available thermal binocular based on 12-micron technology. Lightweight and fully waterproof, the N-Vision Optics ATLAS Thermal Binocular is extremely robust and capable. Constructed with durable composite plastics, ATLAS delivers a high-resolution thermal image with extended detection, recognition, and identi?cation ranges in even the most challenging conditions.


Detect, observe, and capture your view in thermal vision with ATLAS’ four selectable polarity modes: Black Hot, White Hot, Color, and Edge Detect.


The long-lasting battery life makes ATLAS the ideal tool for outdoorsmen who demand nothing but the best equipment in the field.


The ATLAS Thermal Binocular will be on full display at SHOT Show January 23rd – 26th, 2018 at the N-Vision Optics Booth #20034.

American Defense MFG Launches Three New QD Auto Lock Optical mounts

Monday, January 8th, 2018

08JAN2017 – NEW BERLIN, WI – American Defense MFG is proud to release 3 new Patented QD Auto Lock™ Optical mounts for both Aimpoint® and Trijicon® families of optics.


• The AD-T1-NV Mount is a one-piece unit that places the Aimpoint® Micro T1 / T2 / COMPM5 Optics at 2.33 centerline height. This mount also fits the Vortex SPARC and Primary Arms Micro Dot. It is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodize. It features the Patented QD Auto Lock™ Lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail systems. MSRP 139.95


• The AD-MRO-NV Mount is a one-piece unit that places the Trijicon MRO® (Miniature Rifle Optic) at 2.33 centerline height. It is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodize. It features the Patented QD Auto Lock™ Lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail systems. MSRP 139.95


The NV editions of the Aimpoint® and Trijicon® mounting solutions are ideal for those LE/MIL and self-reliant individuals who utilize night vision devices, allowing them to easily use all available modes of NV capable optics.


• The AD-B3-C Mount is a one-piece unit that places the optic at 2.1 centerline height. It allows for a rearward position of the ACOG sight while clearing military issued back up iron sights such as the those supplied by KAC / MATECH. It is precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and finished in hard coat T3 Mil-Spec anodize. It features the Patented QD Auto Lock™ Lever system to accommodate both in spec and out of spec rail systems. MSRP 139.95


The AD-B3-C mount fixes the eye relief issue commonly found with mounting the optic traditionally. The reverse cantilever will allow the user to place the eye piece of the optic much farther rearward without interference.

Available now at and at our network of dealers/distributors.

Alpine Innovations – ScopeSlicker NX

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

LEHI UT, January 22nd, 2018 – ScopeSlicker NX is the last scope cover you’ll ever need. Made by Alpine Innovations, ScopeSlicker NX employs a simple yet effective method to keep it from falling off. While other scope covers end up missing in the field, ScopeSlicker NX not only stays where you put it, but offers innovative cleaning features found on no other scope cover.

ScopeSlicker NX is designed with 2 retaining bands that fit under the optic to keep it secure on top of the optics while scoping. When you need to cover your optics, flip both ends of the scope cover down, and your ScopeSlicker stays protected from the elements.

“We knew we could improve upon what is on the market,” says Darren Jones, CEO and designer of Alpine’s products. “We’ve heard that hunters were losing their scope covers while hunting in thick terrain. The last thing you want to do is damage or scratch your expensive optics. Now you no longer have to keep buying scope covers that fall off while you hunt. ”

The .5mm neoprene design includes two handy finger pocket microfiber cleaning cloths, one on each end of the scope cover, to keep your optics free from smudges and dust. The ScopeSlicker NX also has the ability to fit a wider range of the most commonly used scope sizes, ranging from 12″ to 17″ in the regular size, to 14″ to 20″ in the large size. ScopeSlicker NX’s flexible fit even accommodates scopes with high turrets, so it’s sure to fit your preferred optic.

Be sure to see the new ScopeSlicker NX available now at and is available in many major retailers Spring of 2018

Meopta Introduces the MeoRed T Reflex Sight

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2018

TAMPA, FL, January 2, 2018 – Meopta is pleased to introduce the MeoRed T reflex sight (1x30mm). The outstanding optical quality and unlimited eye relief of this red dot sight enable fast and accurate target acquisition when it matters most, regardless of eye position behind the sight.


The MeoRed T is an excellent primary sight on today’s MSR/AR platforms and features a 1.5 MOA illuminated red dot reticle with 12 intensity level settings for use in various light conditions. The tough housing of the MeoRed T is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for ultimate reliability.

“The MeoRed T is an excellent tactical sight for today’s MSR platforms when quick target acquisition is a must,” said Reinhard Seipp, general manager of Meopta USA. “This reflex sight is also compatible with night vision optics and magnifiers which makes it versatile for various situations in the field.”

Meopta’s proprietary MeoBright™ lens multi-coatings eliminate glare and reflections and deliver 99.7 percent light transmission per lens surface. The hydrophobic MeoDrop™ lens coatings ensure the highest level of visual clarity in adverse weather conditions, easily repelling rain and snow in addition to skin oils and dirt. The MeoRed T is also waterproof, shockproof and fogproof.


Optional Accessories:
Yellow Filter
Anti-Reflection Filter
Anti-Laser Filter
QR Base Mount
AR-15 Offset Mount

Nightforce Launches NX8 1-8X24 F1

Friday, December 15th, 2017

At only 8.75” in length and 17 ounces, the new NX8 1-8×24 F is optimized for short and mid-range shooting.


With the daylight visible center red dot users can engage targets with speed like a red-dot sight, but as targets increase in distance the intelligent FC-Mil and FC-MOA first focal plane reticles provide precise hold points. For those preferring to dial for long shots, the ZeroStop elevation adjustment allows for a rapid and positive return to zero. Adjustments are a true .2 Mil-Radian or .50 MOA. To aid in fast magnification adjustments, a built-in Power Throw Lever (PTL) is included. Ot is a first focal plane optic and has a fixed parallax at 125 meters. Brightness adjustments also feature “Off” settings in between the adjustment levels.


Meopta Introduces the New MeoNight 1.1 Night Vision Device

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

TAMPA, FL, December 4, 2017 – Meopta’s new MeoNight 1.1 night vision device can be used as a night vision monocular for stand-alone viewing or used with a riflescope to adapt it for nighttime use. The MeoNight 1.1 features premium quality optics, 1x magnification and is also available with an optional 3x magnifying module booster.

The MeoNight is capable of target detection out to 600 meters and automatically shuts off if unused for one hour. This night vision device also features an external brightness control for easy adjustment of image intensity.

When used with a traditional daytime riflescope, the MeoNight is placed in front of the riflescope using Meopta’s quick-release NAR (MIL-STD 1913) mount or it can be mounted directly onto the objective of the riflescope with Meopta’s custom adapter for 42mm, 50mm or 56mm objective lenses. The MeoNight comes with a remote-control cable that can be attached to the stock of the rifle allowing the user to adjust image brightness without moving the finger from the trigger.

The MeoNight is waterproof, shock resistant and fogproof. Accessories include the battery, Allen keys, protector, sleeve, eyepiece eyecup, remote control, an additional Picatinny rail, bag and grip/hand strap.


Optional Accessories:
Quick Release NAR (Mil-STD 1913) Mount
3x Booster
Adapter 62 for 56mm riflescope objectives
Adapter 57 for 50mm riflescope objectives
Adapter 49.5 for 42mm riflescope objectives

Leupold Adds Shawn Skipper to Marketing Team As Public Relations Specialist

Tuesday, November 21st, 2017


BEAVERTON, Ore. — Leupold & Stevens, Inc., is pleased to announce that Shawn Skipper has joined the optics manufacturer as its new senior public relations specialist.

Skipper will head up Leupold’s public and media relations efforts, putting his years of editorial experience to work. Prior to joining Leupold®, Skipper was the digital managing editor of the National Rifle Association’s American Hunter title, where he covered optics, firearms, ammunition and accessories. An accomplished writer and editor, Skipper now brings his expertise in outdoor media to the Leupold team.

An avid hunter and angler, Skipper grew up in the iconic duck blinds of the Chesapeake Bay region before attending Seton Hall University, where he earned a degree in journalism and public relations.

“We’re ecstatic to have Shawn join us here at Leupold,” said Bruce Pettet, president and chief executive officer for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Over the years, we’ve gotten to know Shawn very well as he’s covered our products or joined us on hunts. His passion for hunting and his knowledge of the outdoors are going to make a great team even better.”

For more information on Leupold products, please visit us at

Meprolight Launches a Unique Multi-Spectral Weapon Sight At Milipol

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Combining Uncooled Thermal Channel with Digital Day/Night Camera, MEPRO NYX-200 improves soldier’s situational awareness and allows rapid target acquisition in any lighting conditions and any environment


Milipol 2017, Paris, France, November 21-24, Stand G-025

November 16, 2017. Meprolight Ltd. – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, self-illuminated sights, and Laser Range Finder systems for military, law enforcement and civil applications – launches the unique MEPRO NYX-200 multi-spectral weapon sight and hand-held device, combining an uncooled thermal channel with a sensitive high-resolution digital day/night camera, at Milipol 2017. This sight improves the soldier’s situational awareness, and allows rapid target acquisition in any lighting conditions and in any environment.

According to Assaf Shimron, CEO of Meprolight, “Modern battlefield challenges force soldiers to carry an expanding array of systems, sensors, and equipment. The weight of this equipment and the need to operate a variety of devices reduces mission effectiveness and may compromise soldier safety. To solve these issues and improve the modern soldier’s operation, we developed the MEPRO NYX-200.”


“The MEPRO NYX-200 is a lightweight, all-in-one weapon sight that includes a thermal imaging channel and day/night sensitive camera, integrated DVR and IR pointer,” Mr. Shimron continued. “This solution replaces at least four (4) different systems currently carried by the average soldier. It allows ongoing work, 24/7, in all environments and weather conditions – meeting the demands of the modern battlefield and increasing mission effectiveness.”

The MEPRO NYX-200 is available in two configurations: thermal channel with digital night camera or thermal channel with digital day camera. The combination of thermal channel and digital night camera (DNC) enables enhanced situational awareness with maximum view at any level of darkness in any environment. The thermal channel can be used in total darkness and through fog, camouflage, etc. The sight’s digital night vision is optimized for Close Quarters Battle (CQB), face recognition, and more.

The combination of thermal channel and digital day camera (DDC) enables the soldiers to use the sight for both day and night operation, eliminating the need to change sights/devices between day and night, and allowing soldiers to move between dark and light environments, such as entering dark places also during daytime.

Long operation time based on four (4) commercially available batteries enables soldiers to complete missions without power failure. The integrated IR pointer supports various tactical scenarios including CQB and covert night operations. Using integrated DVR enables image capture and video recording and transmitting for mission debriefing. MEPRO NYX-200 was designed and fabricated to the most stringent military standards, including MIL-810, to assure years of reliable operation under all field and environmental conditions.