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EuroOptic Welcomes New CEO Jonah Gregory

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

Montoursville, PA (July 1st, 2017) — EuroOptic, LTD announced today that it has named Jonah Gregory as its new CEO, appointing him internally from the Chief Technology Officer role to this new leadership position.

Mr. Gregory has led the technical and marketing teams for EuroOptic for over 2 years, with a background in both the high tech industries (Cisco, Azuki Systems, Ericsson) and in the firearms industry, with significant management experience in all.

“EuroOptic’s story is one of stellar customer service and a ton of hard work – one that I’m proud to be a part of. We take a lot of pride that we’re out there doing the same things our customers are, and then when you give us a call, you’re talking to another hunter, long-range shooter, or outdoorsman. The opportunity to help shape this company going forward is an honor”, said Mr. Gregory.

Ask TNVC – “What Does ‘VAS’ Stand For?”

Wednesday, June 28th, 2017

Normally, it’s “Ask SSD” but we received this entry from our friends at TNVC. Guys, you could have asked us.


Ya know here at TNVC we pride ourselves on our education all things NV related. We are constant learners as well, and when I got asked this morning what the “VAS” stands for in Ops Core VAS Shrouds, I had a deer in the head lights moment! We have so many acronyms flying around, this one I missed or had forgotten. So I picked up the bat phone and talked with Ops Core (Gentex) and they wrote me back with a chuckle as it’s been a long time anyone had asked them as well. So the million dollar answer for the day is, VAS— Visual Augmentation System (VAS) – which allows you to mount something to your helmet that allows you to see at night, or augmenting your vision for night time operations.

The dumb question is the one you never asked and as the late friend Pat Rogers we all miss dearly had always stated, “Learning has Occurred”.

Stay Safe – Vic Di Cosola, TNVC.

TNVC Announces Amazing New Warranty Program

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

June 20, 2017
For Immediate Release
From the desk of Victor Di Cosola (President/CEO, TNVC, Inc.)

TNVC, Inc is thrilled to announce a new ten year warranty on all TNV/PVS-14 Night Vision Monoculars and five year warranty on all TNV/Sentinel and MOD-3B Night Vision Goggles.

TNVC, the industry leader in professional grade night vision equipment, builds the most trusted night vision devices for law enforcement professionals and serious commercial end users. Using the highest grade new-production Gen3 image intensification tubes from both L-3 and Harris, along with the same MILSPEC housings and lens systems that go down range with American Warfighters, the TNV line of PVS-14, Sentinel, and MOD-3B NVG’s is second to none. As such, TNVC Inc has decided that all TNV/PVS-14’s will be warranted for a period of ten years after purchase and TNV/Sentinel and MOD-3B systems will now be fully warranted for five years after purchase. We are so confident in the quality of our components, that we are willing to guarantee our NVG’s for an extended period. This warranty covers the entire NVG, including image tube, system components, and lenses, insuring that the unit will be free of manufacturer’s defects. If the NVG fails due to manufacturer’s defect, TNVC will repair or replace at no cost to the customer.

The extended warranty covers manufacturer defect only. It will not cover physical damage to the system due to misuse, negligence, or abuse, nor will it cover damage to the image intensifier tube from light damage, laser exposure, or recoil damage from weapon mounting to higher than posted ratings.

What’s more, we are extending this longer warranty to customers who purchased a TNV/PVS-14, TNV/Sentinel, or MOD-3B on or after June 20, 2016. The legendary TNV-branded NVG’s already have the best reputation on the market. We figure they ought to have a warranty to match.

We want to personally thank each and every TNVC customer who has trusted us to deliver the best night vision gear and information on the market. We will continue to deliver the best products and education, while providing the best customer support in the night vision industry.

NSWC-Crane Issues Presolicitation For New Optics – Miniature Aiming System – Day Optic Squad – Close Quarters Sight and Clip-On Magnifier

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division, which manages small arms development for USSOCOM, has issued a presolicitation, informing industry that it intends to issue a solicitation contract for a full and open competition for an anticipated Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract that will cover a five year ordering period with five (5) additional one (1) year options that may be exercised at the Governments convenience. When you see the minimum and maximum for the IDIQ, your eyebrows will raise a little, but it will make sense.

The anticipated requirement is for a Miniature Aiming System – Day Optics (MAS-D) Squad – Close Quarters Sight (CQS) and Clip-On Magnifier (CM). The sights will be used on both compact and assault rifles. The anticipated contract minimum quantity is thirty (30) units OR $36,000 and the anticipated contract maximum quantity is thirty-nine thousand three hundred units (39,300) OR $47,160,000. These numbers give the command a great deal of flexibility, allowing them to select more than one contract awardee. Additionally, there is room for other organizations to purchase from this contract.

This slide comes from COL Samuel Ashley’s (USASOC G8) briefing at last month’s NDIA Armaments Symposium. Many know that USASOC divested itself from the use of EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights due to their thermal shift issue. What many don’t know is what they replaced them with as an interim solution. The 75th Ranger Regiment had an immediate need and a shoot off of Commercial Off The Shelf red dot sights was conducted at Ft Bragg, NC. The sights evaluated included the EOTech as a baseline, Aimpoint T2, Leupold LCO and Trijicon MCO. I am told that the EOTech performed very well but that it was not a candidate for selection due to its thermal shift problems. I am also told that the user evaluation preferred the Leupold LCO. However, in a second phase of the evaulation conducted at Crane, the LCO had some reliability challenges, so ultimately, the Rangers got the Aimpoint T2. Interestingly, 1st Special Forces Command (Airborne)(Provisional) chose to field the Army’s service common M68 optic, also by Aimpoint. The use of service common equipment saves the command’s MFP-11 Dollars for other capabilities.

Below is another slide from that same briefing that shows, in generalities, what USSOCOM expects from a Close Quarters Sight and how many they want to buy.

The anticipated timeframe for the release of the solicitation is expected to be in the Fall of 2017. For full details, visit

Ascendant Advisory Group Announces Down Range Solutions Group Acquires U.S. Optics

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Brea, California (June 19, 2017) Ascendant Advisory Group’s Mergers and Acquisitions Division announces, Down Range Solutions Group has completed the acquisition of U.S. Optics, a leader in the firearm optics industry. Down Range Solutions Group will continue doing business as U.S. Optics and the company will carry forward the reputation for manufacturing and assembling optics to exacting specifications, creating optics that consistently perform in the best and worst of environmental conditions.

Arnold VonBargen, former Owner comments: “We are very proud of what we built at U.S. Optics, great products from dedicated employees. Now we have the ability to reach our potential with additional resources and opportunities. I am extremely excited to see where we go from here.” VonBargen will stay on to oversee product development and to assist with maintaining a brand of durability, reliability and performance

“U.S. Optics will continue to serve our loyal customers in the precision and tactical shooting communities while we work to satisfy the precision optics needs of the military and law enforcement personnel.” says Down Range Solutions Group President and former Green Beret, Pat Harrigan. Harrigan has appointed Kevin “Chief” Peterson as COO of U.S. Optics.

Peterson brings the experience of being Command Chief USAF for Ellsworth AFB(ret) and Director of Operations at Sonju Industrial. “First and foremost, we intend to continue the lineage of excellent products from U.S. Optics, creating a zero-defect environment and increasing production so delivery times will decrease. Secondly, we intend to engage directly in providing product to our military, so they have the most advanced and dependable optics available” Stated Peterson.

Ascendant Advisory Group’s consulting and growth division will work with the U.S. Optics management team to help execute the go-forward strategy. The existing employees and management at U.S. Optics, together with the management at DRSG and Ascendant Advisory Group’s consulting division combine to create a partnership of diverse talent which will continually drive the production of high quality products. Additionally, increased production capacity will allow for the release of additional products and designs to a broader section of the market.

Down Range Solutions Group is a veteran owned and operated company that provides the most advanced and dependable products on the market for our military, law enforcement and civilian customers. By partnering with the best companies in the industry, hiring the best talent in the world, and engineering solutions thought impossible, we have developed unparalleled solutions and will continue to advance beyond expectations to serve those whose lives depend on our products.

Ultimate Night Vision Company Seeks To Expand Offerings

Friday, June 16th, 2017

Ultimate Night Vision Company (UNV) is seeking to expand its distributorship to interested and qualified small businesses, distributors and non-competitive manufacturers.

With industry dynamics and product designs evolving significantly, particularly that of the Electro-Optics (EO) sector, UNV is moving to expand distribution and include new key product offerings to a wider genre of users and customers.

UNV is now distributing open-source and increasingly popular modular and scalable systems/system components in which previous options were few or non-existent in the EO community.

For distribution/re-seller consideration the below items will be weighed:

-Responsibility with minimum oversight.

-Honest/forthcoming communications to customers, clients, and company.

-Knowledge/understanding of how EO products function.

-Financially solvent.

-Personal interest in EO and related technologies.

If you or your company feels this may be an opportunity to offer both consumer and military grade products such as night vision monoculars/goggles, optical interface hardware, LWIR/thermal imagers and related industry wares, please contact contact Tyler Adair @ 214.295.1043 or e-mail

About UNV: Ultimate Night Vision stocks and distributes night vision components as well as complete systems for retail, wholesale, and government agencies. UNV also offers a nationwide night vision rental program for a wide variety of night vision and thermal imaging optics manufacturers.

UNV offers newly released and forthcoming releases of INTENS image tubes from PHOTONIS, USA, modular night vision from DEP Technologies and critical interface components from RQE among other new products.

ADS Federal Range Day – Optics 1 I-CUGR

Monday, June 12th, 2017

The Optics 1 Integrated Compact Ultralight Gun-Mounted Rangefinder is Picatinny compatible and will Range man-sized targets out to 1300m (+/- 1m) and vehicles out to 2500m. That’s thanks to the Vectronix 3013 Module with all lasers operating on the same optical plane.


In addition to Range dividing, it offers a Visible laser, IR laser and IR flood light as well as a Night Vision mode.


Now, it’s also compatible with Kestrel weather meters integrating the Applied Ballistics software. Connecting via Bluetooth, the I-CUGR displays accurate holds.


I-CUGR is 5.96″ x 2.84″ x 1.80″, weighs 12 oz and is powered by a single CR123A battery which provides over 3000 ranging events.

The I-CUGR in these photos is attached to a CADEX Guardian.

ADS Federal Range Day – C2i Advanced Technologies

Monday, June 12th, 2017

C2i Advanced Technologies exhibited their Remote Aiming System – Rifle. Essentially, it places a see through camera in a weapon’s optic. This allows the reticle to be viewed remotely, whether by the Soldier via a monocle, or an arm mounted screen. This means the shooter can remain behind cover, only exposing the weapon to enemy fire and still effectively engage threats.


Furthermore, the image can be viewed by others. In the case of marksmanship training, this is a great capability.