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MATBOCK Monday || Jump Assault Pack

Monday, March 19th, 2018


A variant of the 1 day assault pack, the jump assault pack is specifically reinforced and designed for jump operations. All strapping is either continuous or connected in the backing of the pack to include the two connection loops meant for attachment to the parachute itself via release lines. Additionally, the system had a 1 pull release system for a primary weapon system. The weapon is mounted and jumped in the horizontal position and then can be released with one pull to give the jumper instant access to the primary weapon if necessary. The belly band of the parachute mounts across the top third of the pack, just above the primary weapon to keep it secure during the jump. The entire front flap of the containment system is released by this mechanism. For easy stowage, the flap can be snapped back into place instead of reweaving the pull handle. The pack also allows integration with the S&S Precision jump board across the back via webbing and Velcro.


MSRP for the pack is $600 and it is available immediately.

BivyPack on Kickstarter

Friday, March 9th, 2018

BivyPack is billed on Kickstarter as the backpack that transforms into a bivy tent. On the upside, you’ve got both shelter and load carriage in one package. The opposite is that you’re always carting your shelter around.

The 40 liter pack section is manufactured from hex grid ripstop nylon. It is a flapped too loader with front packet as well as two side pockets and includes a carbon fiber frame along with shoulder, waist and chest straps.

The poles are integrated into the head section. Now, here’s another issue to consider. While the body is a laminate, the head section is noseeum mesh. In inclement weather this could be a real issue. Their solution is to place your coat over the head area when you need the extra protection. That’s one way to keep weight down, I guess. It’s only about one pound all told which isn’t bad.

While it’s innovative, a few design choices make it only applicable for a narrow set of circumstances.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – OEM Partner Series – Hill People Gear

Friday, March 9th, 2018

Today we have another edition of FirstSpear’s OEM Partner Series. This time we’re featuring one of FirstSpear’s first OEM customers, Hill People Gear, and the all new Aston House Back Country Pack.

The Back Country is based on the original Aston House Pack integrating FS laser cut technology on the interior and exterior of the pack to maximize personal equipment organziaiton while reducing weight and bulk. Tried and true HPG suspension system with the capability to add a waist belt.

The pack compresses down for hiking and mountain biking, but is suitable for overnighters in temperate climates with ultralight gear.

Made in the USA by FirstSpear

* use the coupon code “rbwithpack” to get a $10 discount on a Recon Belt when purchased with this pack *

Enforce Tac 18 – Direct Action

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

At Enforce Tac, Direct Action is showing the HALIFAX Medium Backpack in it’s pre-production phase. The pack that was shown at last year’s IWA, but it is finally finished and ready to be released.

As a full size assault pack it incorporates laser cut MOLLE/PALS system on the outside, inner pile lining and detachable MOLLE/PALS compatible hip belt.

The pack is jumpable and accepts various inserts including medical, radio or magazine inserts for carbine/rifle mags or pistol mags.

Small and Medium versions are on the way as well.

Sneak Peek – Ammo Pouches for Arc’teryx LEAF Packs from Spartan Village

Wednesday, March 7th, 2018

The title sums it up. Reportedly, in colors to match your Assault Pack.


Monday, February 26th, 2018


The MATBOCK Backdraft Medical Kit was designed for smaller units with pretty quick access to next level care.  Instead of carrying an entire med bag, the medic or corpsman can now have a more streamlines system.  The Backdraft mounts on the back of the plate carrier via MATBOCK’s Tabs and contains two separate pouches, one for airway and one for bleeding.  The bags are held in place via adjustable amounts of velcro and they have lanyards that secure near the side plates on the carrier. 

When one pouch is needed, the operator can simply select the correct lanyard and pull.  From recent combat action in Afghanistan, one medic had the following to say, “It’s an awesome system and perfect for the mission set we’re doing, much more comfortable and streamlined than a traditional aid bag.”  The system is made from MATBOCK’s Ghost and Ghost Lite materials making the bags lightweight and water resistant to protect your medical kit.


Velocity Systems – Khard Medical Insert System

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018


-Two-piece insert designed to fit the 30L and 45L Arc’Teryx family of Assault and Khard Packs
-All Pouches have VELCRO® brand loop fasteners for attaching pouch contents/name tapes
-Main insert piece consists of six pouches
-Lid/front flap insert consists of two pouches that adhere to the lid/front flap of the pack
-Available for 30l and 45l Assault and Khard Packs
-Offered in Black and Wolf
-100% Made in the USA


Kifaru Launches Urban Ruck

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

The Urban Ruck is a rucksack-style bag which includes two zippered pockets, a space behind the main compartment for their new chamber slider panels (available in two styles and colors) and a belt pouch matrix on the front. Additionally, there are 4-way stretch water bottle pockets on either side as well as a front zippered pocket. The back is padded with .25″ closed cell foam and offers padded shoulder straps and a simple waist strap for stability.

Weight: 1 lbs 12oz / .79kg
Volume: 1,400ci / 22.9L main bag expands to 1,700ci / 27.8L with collar extended
Bag Dimensions: 18″ / 45.7cm tall x 11.5″ / 29cm wide x 6.5″ / 16.5cm deep (24″ / 61cm tall with collar extended)
Top opening circumference: 33″ / 83.8cm

External features:
Front slot pocket with organization: 7″ / 17.7cm tall x 10″ / 25cm wide slot pocket with internal organization for pens, pen lights, notepads, passports.
Lid Pocket: 7″ / 17.7cm tall x 9″ / 22.8cm wide
2 side compression straps
2 bottom compression straps
Belt pouch matrix on back panel
Expandable collar with drawstring closure
Two water bottle holders
1″ webbing belt strap

Internal features:
Chamber pocket (included)
Chamber Slider sleeve / water bladder sleeve (Chamber slider sold separately)

(h/t JB)