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Widget Wednesday:  Integrated Power Solutions

Wednesday, November 28th, 2018

Units at the sharp end often need to integrate organic and non-organic equipment for dismounted or vehicle-based systems – providing reliable power for such systems can be a significant challenge. With the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager, an excellent solution for keeping the power flowing and maintaining continuous mission capability is readily available.

One such SPM-based integrated system is the C-REACH communications system from C4i Systems in the UK. The C-REACH is a modular, man-packable or light tactical vehicle mounted gateway system that provides Beyond Line of Site (BLOS) communications. Users deployed to the forward edge of operating areas have the ability to communicate mission critical information to tactical and strategic decision makers using almost any modern radio communication system. The C-REACH system allows users to achieve complete, secure BLOS communications of voice, video and data information on a global scale from a single, lightweight, self-sufficient solution.

Including the SPM-622 enables operators in even the most remote or austere environments to maintain full communications capability by harvesting and managing power from any available source – for however long the mission lasts.

For further information about the C-REACH system please visit C4i Systems.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is also at the heart of several other integrated systems currently undergoing T&E with US, NATO, and Partner Nation forces. For further information about the SPM’s features and capabilities, visit www.PTXnomad.com or contact us at Team.Room@Protonex.com.

Widget Wednesday:  Improve Operational Effectiveness with the SPM-622 Data Log Function

Wednesday, November 14th, 2018

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager Data Log capability allows small units to measure how much battery power they are actually using, so they can optimize their logistics, resupply, and mission loads – and reduce their Battery Burden.

The Data Log function of the SPM records:

• What devices are plugged into which ports of the SPM

• The voltage, average current and maximum current at each port in use

• The state of charge and temperature of any connected battery / batteries

• A real-time-stamp that includes the date and time of the entry

• Any errors or user alerts

The data log is stored in such a way that it does not disappear if power is lost, and the storage capacity is large enough to keep weeks-worth of usage data. Finally, data logging occurs automatically, but the standard settings can be overridden in order to capture specific or unique data of interest. Once collected, the data log can then be uploaded to a computer and displayed and analyzed using typical tools such as Excel, etc.

To access the data log function of the SPM-622, the operator uses the four buttons along the bottom edge of the SPM-622. From the main screen, press the right arrow Button once to enter the main menu. Once at that screen the operator will see the following display:

Selecting the data log option from the menu selection allows the User to view how much data has already been captured, or to change the data capture intervals. Pressing ‘Erase Log’ will delete all data in the log file.

If power usage data for a particular mission is desired, the User should clear the SPM’s data log before departure and then download the data after the mission is completed. As an example of the benefit of analyzing such data; a SOF unit deployed in a non-permissive environment was able to reduce the battery weight of their mission loads by over 30% – and still maintain full operational capability of their critical electronic equipment.

If you need further assistance, refer to the SPM-622 User Guide or contact Support@Protonex.com. Visit www.PTXnomad.com for further info about the wide range of applications and equipment supported by the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager.

BioLite Launches Limited Edition “Midnight Series” CampStove 2 Bundle and SolarHome 620

Tuesday, November 13th, 2018

BioLite has introduced two of their most popular products, the CampStove 2 Bundle and SolarHome 620 as Limited Edition models. The Midnight Series features an grey/black finish due to lots of requests for a more muted colorway.

CampStove 2 Bundle

• Stove generates 3W power to charge devices
• Burns biomass: sticks, pinecones, pellets, etc
• CampStove packs easily inside KettlePot
• Boil 1L of water in 4.5 minutes
• Grilltop fits up to four burgers
• Total Kit Weight: 4.96 lbs

SolarHome 620

• 6W Solar Panel Charges System in 6 Hrs Direct Sun
• Battery: 3300 mAh @ 6.5V (20 Wh)
• Control Box + Wall Light, MP3/Radio, USB Charge Out
• 3x 100 Lm Overhead Lights With Motion Sensor
• Lights Feature 18ft Cords For Multi-room Setup
• 4.78 lbs (Includes Lights, Panel, and Control Box)

Remember, there’s only 500 of the CampStove Bundles and 800 of the SHS620 so quantities are limited and they are going fast.


Widget Wednesday:  Creating an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) in austere environments

Wednesday, November 7th, 2018

An SPM-622 Squad Power Manager and a few cables is like having a multi-tool for power in your rucksack. With such a system, troops can “scavenge” power from vehicle batteries or power-out ports and from solar panels or blankets to recharge batteries and run equipment – anywhere, any time.

The SPM-622 is particularly useful as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Simply connect the SPM to a rechargeable battery, an AC wall outlet, or portable generator, and the device, or devices, you want to keep powered up. As long as AC power is available, the battery is kept fully charged-up, and power for the radio is automatically converted, balanced and passed through by the SPM. The diagram below shows how this can be done to provide uninterruptible power to a SatCom radio system.

If the AC power fails, the SPM will automatically switch to drawing power from the back-up battery so that the radio remains powered up. The user is alerted to the change on the SPM’s screen, but no action is required. Once AC power is available again, the SPM will automatically revert to drawing power for the radio from the AC source, as well as simultaneously recharging the connected back-up battery.

Additional back-up power storage capability for critical equipment can be achieved by connecting up to 3 more batteries to the SPM. As long as AC power is available the SPM will keep all connected batteries topped-up, if/when the AC power fails the SPM will automatically switch to drawing power from the battery with the lowest state of charge – ensuring the most efficient use of the back-up power available.

If you need further assistance, contact Support@Protonex.com. Visit www.PTXnomad.com for further info about the wide range of applications and equipment supported by the SPM-622 Squad Power Manager.

Zarges Inc Releases Batterysafe Case For Damaged Lithium-Ion Batteries

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

October 28, 2018 Charlotte NC

ZARGES is a global supplier of storage and transport equipment, used in a multitude of industries and companies worldwide. Our lightweight aluminum cases are appropriate for safe and secure storage and transport of sensitive items and hazardous materials. We offer a variety of aluminum cases appropriate for the shipping and storage of Lithium and Lithium Ion batteries (Li-Ion) that are properly packaged and intact. However, the problem of transporting and storing damaged and defective batteries has posed serious challenges. The US Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR; 49 C.F.R., Parts 171-180) states that lithium batteries are to be regulated as a hazardous material. This is due to the potential of fire, electric shock and chemical burns that may occur when batteries are damaged, defective or improperly handled and stored.

Today, ZARGES, Inc. is proud to introduce our newest product, the ZARGES BatterySafe™, an aluminum case designed for the safe transport and storage of developmental, damaged and defective Lithium Ion batteries. Utilizing the strengths of our classic K470 transit case, the ZARGES solution is comprised of aluminum cases with a custom CIRRUX lining which contains an intumescent fiberglass material and is UN Approved for the transport of hazardous goods. The cases have been successfully tested with up to three batteries, each measuring 814Wh. The test proved that the case suppressed ignition, extinguished flames and reduced thermal transfer, keeping exterior temperatures under 100° C and neighboring batteries intact.

“Storing and transporting damaged Lithium Ion batteries has posed great difficulty up to this point,” said ZARGES, Inc. General Manager, Olaf Klutke. “We are pleased to be able to offer a proven solution to this dangerous issue.”

The ZARGES BatterySafe™ offers all the available features of our standard K470 cases, including secure latches, stacking corners, three fully welded aluminum profile frames, and the cases are easy to load and unload. The cases are appropriate for a variety of uses, including defense contractors standardizing battery management, vehicle battery development, medical equipment and drones. The case will initially be available in one size, with additional sizes and custom options available soon.

For more information on the ZARGES BatterySafe™, please contact info@zargesusa.com or visit www.zargesusa.com/applications/liion-batteries

Widget Wednesday:  C4 Assets Increase Small Unit Lethality

Wednesday, October 31st, 2018

“Lethality” is the new hot Pentagon buzzword, but it also harkens back to the age old Infantry principle of “Find ‘em, Fix ‘em, Finish ‘em” – what could be called “The Lethality Triangle”, if it has a name. On the “Finish ‘em” side, both the Army and Marine Corps have small arms programs underway that will bring significant increases in squad-level small arms firepower and lethality.

In terms of “Find ‘em” and “Fix ‘em”, the proliferation of small, rugged and portable command, control, communications, and computer (C4) assets has dramatically enhanced the level of firepower that small units can bring to the fight – at the right time and in the right place. Programs such as the US Army’s Nett Warrior and the USMC’s Modernized Rifle Squad, incorporating a designated ‘systems operator’, are significant steps forward in creating technologically-enhanced fighting units.

Sgt. Nathaniel Shaver trains on the Precision Fires-Dismounted system, a software application hosted on the Nett Warrior End User Device. (Photo Credit: Dan Lafontaine (PEO C3T))

Operational environments however present significant challenges to keeping small unit C4 assets up and running so that units can cut through the fog of war, dominate the battlespace and win the fight quickly and efficiently. Our rugged, portable, intelligent power management solutions are in the field already and have been proven on numerous deployments in some of the most austere environments possible.

U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Ryan Skinner prepares to fly the InstantEye during the Infantry Platoon Battle Course as part of a training deployment. The InstantEye is a small unmanned aerial system used to be deployed at the squad level for quick and local surveillance and reconnaissance. (U.S. Marine Corps photo/Released)

Troops are already able to draw power from any available source; such as a vehicle battery or DC outlet, a solar blanket, a field generator, standard commercial primary batteries, and most US and Allied Forces military-issue rechargeable batteries. And thanks to our plug-and-play smart cable technology, troops are also able to carry fewer batteries– helping to simplify battery logistics and reduce combat loads.

A Panther 2 SATCOM system powered by an SPM-622 integrated solution in service with a USASOC unit.

Our Power Management systems currently support a wide range of C4 equipment, including:
• radios and SATCOM systems
• laptops, tablets, and smart phones
• GPS systems, laser markers and designators
• and more…

Keep your C4 assets running – no matter where you are.

To see the full list of equipment we can support, visit www.PTXnomad.com/supported-equipment

If you don’t see what you need, contact us at Team.Room@Protonex.com and we will lead you through the process of developing a bespoke solution.

Widget Wednesday:  Operating Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles in Austere Environments

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018

Air and ground based drones continue to become more and more prevalent in military and law enforcement operations, often as ISR and EOD assets, and occasionally in a more offensive posture (as when the Dallas PD took out a cop-killer in 2016 with surprise package).

However, remote or undeveloped areas present significant challenges to keeping UAV and UGV assets fully operational because of a lack of wall sockets and dependable electric power grids for charging their batteries. Our portable power management solutions enable operators to draw power from any available source; such as a vehicle battery or DC outlet, a solar blanket, a field generator, or other batteries. UAV & UGV operators can use our systems to charge the batteries of platforms, control stations, and supporting comm’s equipment.

Thanks to our bi-directional, plug-and-play technology, UAV & UGV batteries can also be used as a power source for other electronic equipment – helping to simplify a team or unit’s energy logistics and battery burden.

Our power management solutions currently support the following UAV and UGV systems:
• Aeryon Labs R60 SkyRanger®  (R70 SkyRaider® in development)
• AeroVironment RQ-11B Raven (RQ-20 Puma in development)
• Endeavor Robotics FirstLook®, PackBot®, and SUGV
• Any system that runs on a standard battery or battery pack

For further information about UAV and UGV field charging solutions, visit www.PTXnomad.com or contact us through Team.Room@Protonex.com.

Revision Purchases Power Tech Company, Protonex

Thursday, October 18th, 2018

Essex Junction, Vermont (October 18, 2018) – Revision—a world leader in both soldier-worn and platform power solutions— has acquired Protonex Technology Corporation, a subsidiary of Ballard Power Systems. Protonex has deployed thousands of portable power solutions globally, and their products align well with Revision’s Nerv Centr® soldier power solutions.

The Revision® Nerv Centr® Power Management Systems are forward-thinking solutions for a wired battlefront, reducing weight burden and eliminating battery life uncertainty. At right is Nerv CentrSharePack™, an advanced lightweight, conformal lithium-ion power pack that integrates power provision and management into one unit. At left is the Nerv CentrSoloPack™, a rugged, high power density lithium-ionbattery offering high power density and state-of-charge display.

“In Protonex, Revision is acquiring an established player in the soldier power management solutions area. Their specialized product focus—particularly their power managers—perfectly complements Revision’s soldier power portfolio,” said Revision CEO Jonathan Blanshay. “With Protonex we are not simply acquiring their advanced technology, but also their talented workforce and engineering expertise. We will now be in an even better position to realize our vision of integrated power and data solutions to enhance warfighter survivability and lethality. Revision is a growth company that seeks complementary diversification; we’ve demonstrated this with expansion across every dimension of our business, but also through proactive acquisitions—including our purchase of MSA’s helmet business in 2012 and Panacis power systems in 2014. This is not just an opportunity to grow Revision’s power management capabilities; it’s also an ideal moment to invigorate Protonex’s established product lines.”

The Protonex® SPM-622 Squad Power Manager is a tough and compact device which weighs less than a pound and enables military units to optimize power for multiple electronic devices.  

In its history, Protonex has innovated in fuel cell design, invented the modern Intelligent Power Manager, and grown to become a leading provider of advanced power solutions for portable, remote, and mobile applications. Protonex’s commitment to providing solutions that overcome energy gaps for military, scientific, and commercial communities will continue.

For the immediate future, Protonex will operate under the Revision name as a stand-alone entity in Southborough, MA, under the continuing stewardship of David Long, General Manager. Current customer contracts and orders will be fulfilled as planned and Revision will take care to minimize disruption for customers and suppliers. Simultaneously, Revision will pursue business opportunities that leverage Protonex technology and know-how to provide increased capabilities and effectiveness to global warfighters.