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Ascent XD 12 USB Solar Charger

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Thornton, CO – Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:ASTI), a developer and manufacturer of state -of-the-art, flexible thin-film photovoltaic (PV) solutions is announcing the immediate availability of the  Ascent XD™12 USB Solar Charger. The XD12 provides 12 Watts and 2.0 Amps of continuous, clean, and reliable power in a light, small, durable, and intuitive package.


Useful Power

In full sun, the XD12 will charge a typical smartphone or tablet as fast as plugging your device into the wall. Ascent Solar’s CIGS technology provides high specific power with an extremely high power to weight ratio. In many military applications, such as powering ATAK equipped tablets or smart phones, the XD12 is lighter than carrying a single BB-5590, with a lower logistics burden over time.  The XD12 is ideally suited to use in concert with a power bank to provide backup power to tablets and smartphones. In addition, the XD12 is compatible with many portable chargers for batteries such as AA, AAA, RCR123s and 18650s.



Ascent Solar uses monolithically- integrated CIGS on polyimide technology. This makes the XD12 extremely durable. It will continue to function if stepped on, run over by vehicles, or exposed to severe weather and common chemicals such as JP8, DEET, and gun lubricants. In repeated testing, Ascent has proven that in an emergency the XD12 will continue to function and provide useful power for hours to days even after being shot, stabbed, and punctured.



CIGS technology also performs better than many other solar technologies in reduced light conditions such overcast, rain, snow and sandstorms; as it harvests from larger portions of the electromagnetic spectrum. Critically, for defense and emergency services, shadow from foliage or camouflage nets causes an arithmetical reduction in the XD12’s power production rather than the logarithmic reduction seen in competing technology. For example, under a camouflage net with 30% shading, the XD12 will exhibit around 30% power degeneration rather than up to a 90% loss with other technologies.

Physical Characteristics


Physically the XD12 packs down to 8.85 x 11.25 x 0.75 inches (about the size of a pad of paper) and weighs 15.5 oz. It’s provided with reinforced grommets in the corners that enable it to be easily attached to tents, backpacks, or vehicles. The single USB port has an attached rubber plug to keep out sand and debris. The XD12 can be deployed and producing power in under 5 seconds by even for a complete novice.

Easy to Buy

The XD12 is available through a very limited number of dealers including Raven ConcealmentVictor Forward and the Telluric Group. Ascent Solar representatives will be at SHOT show and OR for meetings with interested government entities and dealers. Contact jfelushko@ascentsolar.com for more information.

Bionic Power Lands Third Military Field Trial for Wearable Battery-charging Product

Sunday, December 17th, 2017

VANCOUVER, BC. December 11, 2017 – Bionic Power has received a contract valued at CDN$1.16 million, under the Government of Canada’s Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP), to supply low-volume production units of its PowerWalk® Kinetic Energy Harvester to the Director of Land Requirements (DLR) and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) for field testing with the Canadian Armed Forces. The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement, announced the BCIP contracts on December 8 at the BC Tech Association Hub, in Vancouver.

Bionic Power will supply the units in early December, immediately following delivery of previously announced units entering field trials with the US Marine Corps and US Army. The Canadian Armed Forces will share trial results with Bionic Power as soon as field testing is finished, and this information will be available to other militaries looking to purchase harvesters.

“Having PowerWalk units in field tests with multiple military customers supports ongoing product refinement and prepares us for volume production. It also sends a clear signal that our target military customers have confidence in our product and its potential to reduce risks and costs and improve mission effectiveness,” says Yad Garcha, Bionic Power’s Chief Executive Officer. “Every customer has different requirements, from technical specs for batteries to the look of the camouflage. While we know we can deliver the product our customers ask for, they need to see and prove for themselves that our technology delivers.”

The PowerWalk is a light-weight, leg-mounted exoskeleton designed to accommodate a soldier’s full range of motion and harvest energy from the natural action of walking, in much the same way regenerative braking works in hybrid cars.

Military organizations around the world are looking for ways to improve soldier safety while lowering mission costs and risks. Wearing a PowerWalk harvester mitigates the need for extra batteries, reducing the weight a soldier carries while providing continuous life-saving power in the field. The PowerWalk also reduces or eliminates logistical tail challenges, results in a smaller environmental footprint, and can increase mission duration and effectiveness. All these features provide a compelling value proposition for military decision makers.

Canadian Armed Forces testing of Bionic Power’s PowerWalk device will take place in early 2018.

PTX Power Management Solutions at AUSA 2017

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

Protonex Technology Corporation will be showcasing its PTX line of rugged, intelligent, lightweight power management solutions at the 2017 Annual AUSA Expo from October 9-11th, in Washington, DC at booth #3304.


Power Managers are small, portable, multi-function devices that pull power from a variety of power sources, convert the power as needed, and push it out to run connected devices and to charge batteries. They solve the operational power challenges faced by units using equipment such as; radios, satellite phones, GPS receivers, laptop and tablet computers, unmanned vehicles and aircraft, medical equipment, power tools, and more.


The PTX line-up consists of the following products:
• SPM-622 Squad Power Manager – dramatically reduce the number and variety of batteries needed by today’s warfighter
• ABC-812 Adaptive Battery Charger – charge multiple batteries twice as fast, anywhere, and with half the energy
• VPM-402 Vest Power Manager – manage both data and power for military communications and situational awareness systems


The PTX range also features a number of specialist / application-specific kits, including:
• Special Operations Forces
• Dismounted Infantry
• Prolonged Field Care
• Fire Support
• UAV Operators
• Recon, Surveillance and Target Analysis

Protonex is also pleased to announce the release of a new and expanded website focused on the wide range of capabilities, applications and solutions that the company’s power management systems deliver. Visit www.PTXnomad.com for the full story.

Ballard Subsidiary Protonex’ Squad Power Manager Product Receives Go-Ahead For Full Rate Production By US Army

Monday, September 25th, 2017

VANCOUVER, CANADA and SOUTHBOROUGH, MA, USA – Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) and the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary – Protonex Technology Corporation (“Protonex”) – today announced that the U.S. Army Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO-Soldier) has received signature approval for its Mobile Soldier Power Program of Record to full rate production status, commonly known as “Milestone C”.


This Program of Record includes a number of new devices focused on improving power and energy management on and around the soldier, including Protonex’ Squad Power Manager Kit (SPM-622), conformal wearable batteries, and man-worn power and data distribution devices, such as Protonex’ Vest Power Manager family.

SPM-622 Squad Power Manager
“With the digitization of the battlefield, the U.S. military identified a capability gap in energy and power management for its increasing array of electronic devices,” said Paul Osenar, President of Protonex. “Our Squad Power Manager is one of the solutions that fill this gap. Lightening the load of warfighters by eliminating many of the batteries, adapters and chargers they carry was a requirement that we identified years ago. We are excited to work with the Army to provide innovative and practical power solutions like our Squad Power Manager. The Milestone C designation now enables the U.S. Army to field the SPM-622 as part of the Mobile Soldier Power Program of Record in significant volume.”


The SPM-622 is a tough, versatile and agile power management device, weighing less than a pound and enabling military forces to manage and prioritize power use for various electronics devices – including portable radios, GPS systems, Medical and EOD equipment, and computers – from any available power source. In addition, the SPM-622’s ability to scavenge from vehicles, other batteries, solar panels and other energy sources allows military units to recharge mission essential batteries when resupply is unavailable or delayed. As a result, the U.S. Department of Defense and Allied militaries have deployed more than 5,500 Protonex SPM Power Manager Kits through the limited production phase of the program.


The small, light and intelligent SPM-622 system increases mobility and flexibility of the warfighter. The product fulfills a U.S. Army requirement that has been validated by deployed units engaged in combat operations in austere environments, delivering a number of high-priority benefits to military end-users that include: reliable power for a variety of electronic devices, including equipment for communications, medical, explosive ordinance detection and directed fires; lightened load due to reduced battery burden; reduced logistical strain in remote locations or austere environments as a result of the lower quantity and variety of batteries needed; increased energy independence; and increased operational and mission effectiveness.

The SPM-622 Squad Power Manager was developed by Protonex and is manufactured at production facilities located in Southborough, Massachusetts.


Lincad Takes Further BPMS Orders to Power Leonardo’s LINAPS

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

Lincad, a UK-based leader in the design and manufacture of bespoke batteries, chargers and power management systems, is delighted to announce that it is taking further orders from Leonardo for its battery power management systems (BPMS) to power its Laser Inertial Artillery Pointing System (LINAPS).

Lincad’s BPMS is a ruggedised UPS system that provides a regulated 24 V DC power supply to a host system. It is engineered to the highest mechanical and environmental specifications and provides a robust and reliable power source for mobile and stationary placement systems. Leonardo’s LINAPS is a self-contained gun mounted navigation, pointing and weapon management system for all artillery and mortar platforms. It is currently in service in the UK, Canada, UAE, Oman, South Africa, Malaysia and Thailand.

As a result of this contract, Lincad will be playing a role in the supply chain for the M777 series howitzers ordered by the Indian Army. Manufactured by BAE Systems, the Indian M777 will be fitted with LINAPS.

Peter Slade, Lincad’s Joint Managing Director, commented:
“We have a long and successful record of developing advanced power management solutions for the military. We have worked closely with Leonardo over a number of years and are delighted to continue that relationship with further orders for our BPMS. It also provides evidence that SMEs, like Lincad, can demonstrate world-class, industry-leading excellence.”

Lincad will be exhibiting its latest batteries, chargers and power management systems at DSEI which is being held at ExCel London from the 12th to 15th September.


Never Run Out of Power in Austere Conditions

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Protonex is demonstrating the impressive capabilities of their PTX series of power management solutions for response and recovery teams and individuals alongside more than 15 others at the 4th biennial ‘Strike Challenge’ event at Camp Rilea this week.

Protonex has also donated a special one-of-a-kind custom Geissele 13″ S Mod MLOK Rail w/ PTX logo valued at $485 dollars for the event’s silent auction to benefit the ‘Racing for Heroes’ charity. To learn more about Racing for Heroes, visit: www.racingforheroes.org

To learn more about the PTX series of power management solutions, visit: www.PTXnomad.com

BioLite SolarHome 620

Monday, August 7th, 2017

At the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, BioLite gave everyone a sneak peek of their new SolarHome 620 system. It consists of control box, 6w solar panel, motion sensor security light and two ceiling mounted lights. Designed to produce household power for off-the-grid dwelllings in India and West Africa, it will work just as well for those who have hunting cabins, DIY van campers and have to set up regularly in austere areas.

The heart if this system is this control box which not only gives real-time feedback on power, but also serves as an light, MP3 player and terrestrial radio.

They’ve already deployed thousands of these systems in emerging markets, and they plan to launch it here in the Spring. However, a limited run of 500 will be offered in November. Based on the existing deployments of the SolarHome 620, the World Bank has issued this spec sheet which gives some realistic performance data.


ORSM 17 – Goal Zero Venture 70

Thursday, July 27th, 2017

I’ve been using the Goal Zero Venture 30 as a backup power supply for my phone and iPad since it came out. At OR, I got my first look at the new Venture 70. At 66.9 Wh, this 17,700mAh Power Pack not only offers more than double the power of my Venture 30, but it’s also waterproof to IPX67 standards. Additionally, the Venture 70 features a light bar charge indicator as well as two USB ports capable of 2.4A at the same time.