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Richard Mann Joins Panteao’s Cadre of Instructors

Tuesday, March 20th, 2018

Columbia, SC, March 16, 2018 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the addition of Richard Mann to the cadre of instructors available from Panteao’s online firearm training center. Richard was born and raised in West Virginia and has hunted from the Montana Mountains to the green hills of Africa. With his experiences in the field and his military and law enforcement background, Richard might be considered a mountain man of the new millennia. Richard worked as a firearms instructor during his time in the military, and while serving as a patrol officer and a special agent for the Railroad Police. He has competed competitively with the pistol, winning the West Virginia Army National Guard Pistol Match in 1999 and the West Virginia Governor’s Twenty in 1995. Richard is also a multiple graduate of Gunsite Academy. Richard now works as a firearms journalist and consultant, and has contributed to every major firearms and hunting periodical. He has also authored numerous books to include, Rifle Bullets for the Hunter, Handgun Training for Personal Protection, Shooters Guide to the AR, Cartridges of the World, Under Orion, and The Scout Rifle Study. The Empty-Cases website is a written and video journal of Richard’s firearms related involvements, and his 60 Seconds or Less video series highlights his experiences and lessons on social media.

Panteao recently added Richard’s 60 Seconds or Less video series to the Panteao streaming video library. The first new full length video Panteao is filming with Richard is “The Scout Rifle Study” which will be the companion video to Richard’s new book of the same title.


“I’ve known Richard for many years and once he mentioned his new book, we decided that a video on the Scout Rifle would be a great addition to our video library,” said Fernando Coelho, President/CEO of Panteao Productions.

The Panteao instructional video with Richard Mann will be available on DVD, Digital Download in HD and SD formats, and streaming in Ultra HD and HD video to the Panteao streaming video subscribers. Panteao subscribers can watch all of the Panteao video titles from a PC or Mac, their phone or tablet with one of the Panteao Make Ready mobile apps, or on television via the Panteao Make Ready channel on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV.

Leupold VX-Freedom Named New Optic of the Year at 2018 Worldwide Spring Show

Monday, March 19th, 2018

BEAVERTON, Ore. — The VX®-Freedom™ from Leupold & Stevens, Inc., was named the “New Product of the Year” for the optics category at the 2018 Worldwide Spring Show in Reno, Nev. earlier this month.

Worldwide is a member-owned buying group that has been supplying independent retailers across the United States and Canada with products and services for 60 years. It’s comprised of professional merchandise buyers with extensive wholesale and retail backgrounds. The “New Product of the Year” awards are voted upon by the independent dealers that comprise Worldwide.

“The VX-Freedom line is built to deliver the relentless versatility and performance hunters and shooters have come to expect from the Leupold brand,” said Bruce Pettet, president and chief executive officer of Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “We’re ecstatic that the Worldwide retailers have seen it and deemed it worthy of such recognition. They’re on the frontlines, working with consumers every day – which makes this honor a true testament to the Leupold brand.”

The VX-Freedom delivers relentless reliability and elite optical performance at a price point that’s impossible to disagree with – especially given that the line is designed, machined, and assembled in the United States. It is currently available in some of the industry’s most popular magnification ranges, such as 1.5-4×20, 2-7×33, 3-9×40, 3-9×50, 4-12×40. The series supports muzzleloader, rimfire, and centerfire rifles. Duplex®, Pig-Plex and the new Rimfire MOA, Tri-MOA and UltimateSlam reticles are available.

For more information on Leupold® products, please visit us at

KF Armory MIB2S demo at USASOC Sniper Comp

Monday, March 19th, 2018

Alpharetta, Ga., March 17, 2018 ? KF Armory, LLC, is a proud supporter of United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and will exhibit the Modular Interlocking Ballistic Barrier System (MIB²S) at the USASOC 9th Annual International Sniper Competition.  Attendees are invited to come visit the KF Armory Sponsorship table and the on-range live fire vendor display located on Range 37 on March 22nd and 23rd.


The MIB²S defeats up to .50 Caliber BMG Armor Piercing Incendiary Tracer (APIT) and in recent Department of Defense testing successfully stopped multiple MK 211 .50 Caliber Raufoss rounds and multiple RPG-7 HE Fragmentary rounds.  The MIB²S was designed for maximum force protection with easy assembly, disassembly, and extreme durability. The MIB²S is the ideal solution for creating a man portable, rapidly deployable (and re?deployable), fire retardant, multi-hit ballistic barrier system for military, law enforcement, operational, and safety requirements. For more information about MIB²S please visit

“We are honored to showcase our revolutionary ballistic defense system to USASOC. Our goal is to offer unmatched capability and versatility, which we feel will ultimately save lives.” said Tony Dill, Senior Vice President for Business Development, and Government Solutions for KF Armory.

KF Armory provides world class support, training and consulting services to Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian clients. KF Armory is a stocking dealer of firearms, NFA firearms, ballistic products, accessories and ammunition. For more information about KF Armory and their products, please visit For any inquiries regarding MIB²S, please contact Tony Dill at

Kopis Mobile and Beeper Communications Announce Partnership

Monday, March 19th, 2018

JACKSON, Miss. – Mar 16, 2018 – The Mississippi Development Authority (MDA,) which is the state of Mississippi’s lead economic and community development agency, and Governor Phil Bryant, this week hosted the 2018 Homeland Defense and Security Summit with a goal of fostering cross-border and bilateral cooperation between the United States and Israeli companies, and the sharing of advanced technology platforms. As a result of the Summit, Kopis Mobile, a Flowood, Mississippi company, and Beeper Communications Israel have formed a technology partnership to advance and improve safety and awareness for first responders and military personnel.


This new partnership exemplifies the goal of the Summit and will result in an immediate economic impact for Israel and the State of Mississippi.

For law enforcement officials and first responder leadership, understanding a rapidly-evolving situation is critical for a timely and effective response. Live video has become the preferred method for building this awareness, but is hindered by two major challenges: lack of cameras in the ideal locations, and overwhelmed communications links. The Beeper-Kopis partnership directly eliminates these problems through a network of tactically-deployed cameras that actively seek the best available communications route. Beeper and Kopis now offer this integrated system to interested government agencies.

Beeper Communications is a leading provider of advanced SD WAN communications platforms, early warning and alert technologies and other wireless solutions. Beeper attended the Summit as part of an Israeli delegation with the International Defense Cooperation Directorate of the Israel Ministry of Defense – SIBAT, (IMOD). Israel is known around the world for its pioneering, operationally-proven defense systems. SIBAT facilitates international cooperation through its various services facilitating B2B and B2G relationships. SIBAT works closely with the Mississippi Development Authority and the Governor’s office to facilitate and promote business between the State of Israel and Mississippi.

“The Beeper solution is unique and we were very pleased to find such a complementary technology to enhance our platforms for public safety communications. The integration of our two platforms will provide an even more comprehensive and cost-effective solution for our law enforcement customers to enhance their situational awareness.”

Dr Henry Jones

Co-founder, Kopis Mobile

The Beeper IE 5000 SD WAN Cellular Bonder, is a Comprehensive Communications Device (CCD,) delivering high capacity wireless broadband connectivity. It provides a “network in a box” that actively and dynamically analyzes and profiles existing cellular (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) networks for capacity and availability. It identifies the four most available channels (regardless of frequency), aggregates that capacity, then bonds the four channels into one high-capacity Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is securely managed by the end user.

Kopis Mobile provides electronic products and mobile applications for LAN (Local Area Network) communications for public safety and military users.  Kopis is the fastest growing technology company in Mississippi, and number 384 on the INC 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list. Kopis Mobile designs and deploys Networked Tactical Television (NTtv) for the personnel on scene or responding to an incident. NTtv is a first-person video sharing system which connects to any type of camera and allows any team member to view multiple video streams by simply swiping the screen of any smart device that is wirelessly connected to the system (e.g. iOS, Android). NTtv can be body worn, put in vehicles, buildings, and ships, connected to certain unmanned aerial systems, put on dogs, robots or connected to stand alone devices like day/night thermal cameras.

The integration with Beeper’s SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) multi-channel bonder, will now allow command and control concerns to also access video, voice and data communications from anywhere without limitation. Kopis will provide the local “inter-connection” among users, while Beeper will now provide the “intra-communications” and backhaul for the combined system, which will greatly enhance access, common operational picture and situational awareness for state agencies and leadership.

The Beeper system is fully backward compatible, frequency/device agnostic and ideal for the transmission of low-latency (less than one-half of a second), analog and digital, real-time data and video from the field to the command center, anywhere in the world. The system provides untethered mobility in the most challenging environments. Additionally, by integrating the SD WAN Cellular Bonder with the Kopis system creates a highly scalable solution, as multiple feeds for any, data and video can be daisy chained through the Bonder, leveraging other existing PD/SWAT/MIL assets.

Each company already deploys their technologies globally. Most recently, Beeper has completed projects with Police Departments in Baltimore, Maryland and Houston, Texas. Kopis Mobile customers include each branch of the U.S. military and multiple civilian first responder agencies.

“The Beeper solution is unique and we were very pleased to find such a complementary technology to enhance our platforms for public safety communications. The integration of our two platforms will provide an even more comprehensive and cost-effective solution for our law enforcement customers to enhance their situational awareness,” stated Dr. Henry Jones, co-founder of Kopis Mobile. “We can see the direct impact that the cooperation between our companies will have to create new high-tech jobs at Kopis and for the State of Mississippi as we expand the initial pilot and develop our complete solution.”

“I am extremely pleased with the welcoming atmosphere and open exchange of ideas that the Governor, the Mississippi Development Authority and SIBAT provided throughout the Summit. I am even more pleased to have entered into our agreement with Kopis, as they are exactly the kind of partner we look for as we further commercialize our solution and deploy for U.S. LEA and Military. We will be starting our collaboration immediately and look forward to providing enhanced capabilities for the State of Mississippi,” stated Moshe Levinson, SVP Business Development and Special Situations for Beeper Communications.

The companies expect to begin their first technical integration and deployments in April 2018.

For more information:

Hi-Lux MTD30 Red Dot Turkey Scope

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

For Immediate Release – Wednesday, March 14, 2017

Don’t finish patterning your turkey load without a Hi-Lux MTD30 Red Dot Scope on your turkey gun.

Hi-Lux Max-Tac Dot

The MTD-30 is a zero-magnification (1x) electronic reflex type sight that is parallax free – allowing you to quickly get on the bird and quickly take the shot. 

Hi-Lux Max Tac controls

The brightness sensor will automatically adjust the brightness to ensure that the 4 MOA red dot is clearly visible in your sight picture without any starburst. The MTD-30 sight includes a solid picatinny mount machined right into the housing for quick and easy mounting to any Weaver-style one-piece base or picatinny rail. 

Hi-Lux Max-Tac flash kill

The Max Tac Red Dot comes with an anti-reflective flash-kill device that shields the objective lens from direct sunlight, eliminating the chance of the bird seeing any lens flare. Get a Hi-Lux MTD30 Red Dot Turkey Scope setup for your turkey gun today and save 25% – Use Promo Code: TURKEYFEVER18×30-mtd-30-red-dot-sight

For additional information on this or any other Hi-Lux Optics product, send us an e-mail at, call us at 888-445-8912 or visit us at

Hi-Lux Optics, based in Torrance, California designs and manufactures top-quality, feature-rich, rugged optics at affordable prices. Hi-Lux guarantees the workmanship and materials of their scopes for life because they’re rugged and reliable optics built for the demands of law enforcement, military, hunting and competitive shooting.

CCI Adds to Mini-Mag Product Line with Segmented Hollow Point

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

LEWISTON, Idaho – March 13, 2018 – CCI Ammunition is pleased to announce an addition to its popular Mini-Mag rimfire product line. New Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Point combines all of what made the original a favorite with a bullet engineered to split into three equal-size parts on impact, creating three distinct wound channels that quickly take down small game and varmints. Shipments are being delivered to dealers.

Mini-Mag remains one of CCI’s most popular 22 LR lines, offering unbeatable accuracy, high velocities, flat trajectories and superior reliability. New Mini-Mag Segmented Hollow Point also features CCI’s extremely reliable priming and specialized powders for clean, consistent ignition.

Features & Benefits

• Segmented Hollow Point bullet

• Bullet design splits into three equal size parts on impact

• Flat shooting and highly accurate to maximize effective range

• Reliable feeding

• Clean-burning powder causes significantly less barrel fouling

• Consistent CCI priming

Part No. / Description / MSRP

36CC / Mini-Mag 22 LR 40-grain SHP / $9.95

CCI is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on CCI Ammunition, go to

Samson Manufacturing Announces New and Improved Website

Friday, March 16th, 2018

Keene, NH –Samson Manufacturing, a leader in firearms accessories is pleased to announce their new and improved website.

Chief Operating Officer Tim Mulverhill explained the thought process which drove the update.

“Samson Manufacturing has long been an accessory provider to a number of well know OEMs and Distributors. As we increase our offerings to the public, updating our website was the next logical step. Our website is now more informative, easier to use and more secure than it has ever been before.”

The new website features:

• Faster Search Results

• Enhanced Security During the Checkout Process

• More Product Technical Information

• A Better Mobile Shopping Experience

To celebrate their new Website, Samson is offering website specials until 3/21/18.

View the new website here:

Reaper Ammunition Partners with SEAL 1 CLP Plus and Lehigh Defense

Friday, March 16th, 2018

“Reaper Ammunition” have partnered up with SEAL 1 “CLP Plus” and Lehigh Defense. What better way to have a partnership. Reaper Controlled Chaos, dirties the weapon and SEAL 1 Cleans the weapon. Its a match made for each other. The ying to the yang.

The partnership works like this, Reaper Outdoors is going to sell SEAL 1 products on their E commerce. and SEAL 1 is going to distribute and be a fulfillment center for the New England States. SEAL 1 is Headquartered out of the state of Maine. This will open up many New England Stores because of the lower cost of shipping. Reaper Ammunition is currently owened and operated by Navy SEAL Ron Bellan, Host of the show “ Survive the Hunt”. Reaper Ammo is taking the lead no the net generation of bullets, using brass and copper projectiles from Lehigh Defense.

Ron Bellan, call sign, Reaper 01 has this to say, “If i am making bullets for the next generation, then we will be around a long time, All the companies I have partnered up with, SEAL 1 and Lehigh Defense not only to make the best bullets, projectiles and weapons cleaning products, we give back. All the Reaper packaging has the SOWW logo printed, Special Operations Wounded Warriors Charity.

All three companies donate a annual check to the charity. We do this so the customer doesn’t have to and we want to give back to those who have sacrificed and served our country. My brothers and sisters in arms deserve it. When people purchase a Reaper Product they are not only getting a very high quality product, but are giving back to a great organization thats doing great things for great people. I am proud and blessed to have SEAL 1 and Lehigh defense as partners.”