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Survival Tactical Systems and ReadyMan Team Up to Create the Cold Weather Bug-Out-Bag

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

A lot of people think of survival, they think of activities associated with warm weather – camping, fishing, hiking and such.

Truth be told most of us are comfortable in warmer weather so it’s not surprising that we tend to practice and hone our survival skills during the summer months. This can be a dangerous and even ready mistake.


When you are faced with an emergency situation in the winter and find you haven’t adequately prepared.

Nick’s Cold Weather BUG-OUT-BAG will help you be prepared.

Read about it here:

ReadyMan Wilderness Survival Card

Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit from Prometheus Design Werx With Special ITS Tactical Edition

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Multi­use Submersible EDC & Field Compass for Watch Band and More

For this Spring 2016, San Francisco based specialty outdoor products company Prometheus Design Werx debuts their Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit on Friday, March 18@12noonPST. PDW introduces an EDC and field, magnetic compass designed to be worn on a nylon NATO­ style watch band, or with the accompanying silicone carrier, can be worn on anything from a pack’s sternum strap, to belt loops, and more. Unique and notable to their oil filled button compass found in this product, is the water resistant rating to a depth of 100M making it operational on land or underwater. The button compass component is cushioned in a Glow ­in­ the ­Dark silicone gasket and housed in a Type III hard anodized 6061T6 billet case,precision milled in the USA.  

The EWBC Kit includes a complete compass and housing assembly, and a choice of one of three pictured colors in the silicone carrier. The button compass component is removable/replaceable from the billet housing and new units can be obtained by contacting the company’s Customer Service Department. This EWBC Kit will be and evergreen product for Prometheus Design Werx.

The Design and R&D Team at PDW states:

While we can use to great effect and marvel at the products of our digital age, there is still something substantial to be respected, acknowledged and said for analog and mechanical devices.  The invention and introduction of the magnetic compass transformed the known world. Unreliant on batteries or circuit boards, a magnetic compass is the directional navigation tool in its most distilled and purest form. Our design process to create this modern classic drew inspiration from similar units as used and worn by UDTs, Combat Swimmers, Explorers and Adventurers from a different era. No less relevant today as it was yesterday, a compass that only needs the earth’s magnetic field to operate and is a tried and trued navigational device for anyone who spends time in the field.   

Each compass case is precision machined in the USA. The Black ITS Tactical model features a slot on the back that’s laser engraved with the ITS shield and slides onto most NATO-style watch straps up to 22mm.


Includes: Button Compass, Silicone Compass Gasket, Billet Compass Case and Silicone Compass Carrier.

Button Compass Specs
20mm x 8mm
Oil Filled
100m Water Resistance
Black Face w/ High Luminosity Glow-in-the-Dark Markings
Glow-in-the-Dark Silicone Gasket
User Replaceable

Compass Case Specs
6061T6 Billet Aluminum
Measures 1.063” x .455”
Slot Fits Up To Most 22mm NATO-Style Watch Band
Black Type III Hard Anodized Finish (ITS model Only)
ITS Shield Logo Laser Marking (ITS model Only)
Billet Case Machined in USA

Compass Carrier Specs
Silicone w/ UV Inhibitors
Body Measures 4.75” Long x 1.170” Wide x .550” Tall
Loop for Girth Hitching onto Straps, etc.

Everyone who ventures into the backcountry should have a compass and know how to use it. If you prefer button compasses this is definitely one to check out. It is well made and offers several carry options.

The PDW Expedition Watch Band Compass Kit will be available for purchase on Friday, March 18, 2016 @ 12 noon PST via their website, prometheusdesignwerx.com. A Type III hard anodized black variant will also be available exclusively through their friends at ITS Tactical on the same date and time.  

Center Line Systems Mother Canteen Carrier

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Available from Heavy Cover Inc, the Center Line Systems Mother Canteen Carrier will carry all of your survival essentials in one bag, hence the name ‘Mother’ as in ‘the Mother of all Canteen Carriers’. As you can see, it will carry more than just you canteen.

It’s pretty bversatile and will fit the Heavy Cover Titanium Canteen and cup (with an additional slot for lid) as well as the old G.I. issue canteen, or Nalgene bottle. They’ve also incorporated two side pouches for IFAK, flashlight, knife/survival tool, cordage, food, water purification tablets/straw, etc. There is a center pouch for larger items such as shelter, bivy liner, fire starting kit, signals kit, cell phone, small child, etc. and bottom tie downs. The front and back both feature PALS webbing. Adjustable shoulder strap with removable Fastech buckles.


Triple Seven Gear – Nano Survival Kit

Monday, March 7th, 2016


The Nano Survival Kit is the latest survival kit from Triple Seven Gear. It is based on and inspired by 72 years of military-issue and MilSpec items. The Nano, true to its name, is compact enough that it comes in a MultiCam/Orange CORE Nano Wallet. All modules of the NSK come in 6 mil heat sealed plastic bags.


(2) Water purification tablets, type Katadyn Micropur MP-1

(1) Water bag, 27 oz, type WHIRL-PAK stand-up


(1) Matches, wind and waterproof, pack w/ striker


(6) Hooks, assorted

(2) Jigs, swirl tail grub, tiny shad

(1) Jig head

(1) Bait, salmon eggs

(1) Leaders

(6) Split shot, assorted

(1) Bobber, toothpick orange

(1) Line, 50 Feet


(1) Bandage, type 3M Steri Strip

(2) Alcohol prep pad, 2 ply

(2) Bandage, assorted Band Aid Brand

(1) Bandage, knuckle

(1) Triple antibiotic, packet .9 g

(1) Hydrocortisone, packet .9g

(1) Burn Gel, packet 3.5g (lidocaine 2%)


(1) Magnifying lens, Fresnel

(1) Rubber band, type ranger

(1) Signal mirror, plastic w/ lanyard

(1) Cord, braided Technora, 25 feet


(1) Compass, liquid filled, button type


Sneak Peek – FieldCraft LLC’s Minimalist Survival Kit

Friday, February 19th, 2016

FieldCraft LLC (SOFsurvivor on Instagram) released a preview of a Minimalist Survival Kit, available for order on 23 Februrary, 2016. In the video, he goes over the kit in detail, explaining why he chose each piece.


Tactical Tracking Operations School Launches New Website

Thursday, February 18th, 2016

Although you may not have heard of them, Tactical Tracking Operations School has been around for over 20 years. In fact, they were the only company for many years to provide specialized tracking instruction here in the US. The website has loads of information; 22 years worth, to be exact. There’s also info on their latest programs of instruction.



TIHK – Urban SlimTool

Tuesday, February 9th, 2016


The creators of the Tiny Inconspicious Handcuff Key have just released a new product, the Urban SlimTool, a credit card-sized survival pocket tool which is made of laser cut stainless steel. The Urban SlimTool comes with a 4-piece lockpick set, integrated universal door jam shim, and 10 different wrench sizes.


Sneak Peek – Triple Aught Design SERE Pouch 1 Releases Tomorrow

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Attention all TAD Addicts, they are releasing the SERE Pouch 1 during tomorrow’s drop at 0900 PST.

The SERE Pouch 1 (SP1) is a micro tool roll engineered to provide secure and rapid access to survival, evasion, resistance and escape tools. Using vertical and horizontal compression, small tools can be secured into 5 flexible compartments or a removable micro sheath. They will offer a stand alone pouch or a loaded out version with essential E&E tools.


Deployment Scenarios

The SP1 is capable of providing a secure mobile workspace while still being instantly removable.

-The SP1’s vertical lashing strap is MOLLE compatible, able to be woven through a single column of PALS before being secured around the body of the pouch via an ITW G-Hook.

-To access the contents, unhook the G-Hook, pull down on the horizontal compression strap and unfold the SP1. The pouch will remain attached to the PALS platform in this open position, providing a mobile workspace to contain and organize small tools during use.

-The SP1 may be rapidly detached by unhooking the G-Hook and firmly pulling the pouch away from the PALS webbing.

Escape and Evasion Kit

Outfit your SP1 with the optional Escape and Evasion Kit designed by the experts at SEREPICK, including:

-Titanium Bogota Lockpicks
-Folding Razor Saw
-Miniature Ceramic Razor Blade
-Handcuff Shims (2x)
-Universal Handcuff Keys (2x)
-EZ Decoders (2x)
-Diamond Rod

-Rolled : 2.75” x 4.00” (6.99 cm x 10.16 cm)
-Unrolled : 8.00” x 7.25” (20.32 cm x 18.41 cm) 

-Lateral & Vertical Compression Straps
-5 Pockets for SERE Tools
-Micro Sheath with Shock Cord Pull
-Ranger Eye


Also, don’t miss out on their Super Bowl Sale, honoring San Francisco, the game’s host and their hometown. Savings are up to 20% off on a wide variety of TAD products.


Triple Aught Design has also issued a limited edition patch commemorating Super Bowl 50. You can order it now and it will be delivered in time for the game.