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High Angle Solutions – Lifesystems Dual-Action Firestarter

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

UK company Lifesystems has introduced a Dual-Action Firestarter to their Outdoor Survival range. The compact Firestarter incorporates two rods offering a complete fire-starting solution and weighing just 42g you won’t notice it in your backpack when exploring the great outdoors.


One rod produces the ferrocerium spark which is used with the integrated striker, the other Magnesium rod provides tinder. It is suitable for use in all weather conditions and altitudes and boosts 8000 strikes.

Being prepared and having the right kit for emergencies should they arise is essential for any survival situation and the Dual-Action Firestarter could be just the item you need. With our 25 years of survival and expedition experience, you’ll be safe with Lifesystems by your side.

Contact brigantes@brigantes.com for more information or contact us through www.brigantes.com.

Imminent Threat Solutions – SPIE Pouch

Monday, April 9th, 2018

The ITS SPIE Pouch (Special Purpose Insertion Extraction) provides a compact and versatile carrying method for your escape and evasion kit.


Whether your insertion is simply getting back into the door you just locked yourself out of, or your extraction is escaping from illegal restraint during a home invasion scenario, the SPIE Pouch has you covered.

The SPIE Pouch can be simply slipped into a pocket, routed horizontally on a belt through the elastic closure loops, or mounted vertically on a belt to facilitate working out of the pouch by pulling off the lower elastic loop (see photos).


The unique pouch design combines nylon webbing and elastic to create a very low-profile storage solution. Various stitched elastic-storage pockets allow you to easily organize tools so they’re easy to locate and access.


While designed to hold the contents of the SPIE Kit (available as an add on product) the SPIE Pouch is only limited by your imagination. It’s available in Black, Coyote and MultiCam, the ITS SPIE Pouch is handmade in the USA from Berry compliant materials.



Leatherman Signal Now In Green

Monday, April 9th, 2018

Already available in Steel and Black, Leatherman has added Green as a color option to their Signal Multitool.

Its 19 features include a Hammer, Safety Whistle, Ferrocerium Rod and a Diamond Sharpener which accommodates both straight and serrated blades. Made from 420HC Stainless Steel and featuring DLC (diamomd like coating).


HemiSERE is a Titanium Lapel Knife by Gearward

Wednesday, March 14th, 2018

HemiSERE is a modernized version of the OSS Lapel Knife made of a Titanium/Ceramic composite.

Because the knife only weighs 4 grams, it can be attached directly to the collar with a “glue dot;” unlike other “lapel knives,” the HemiSERE really can be worn on the lapel 😉 At 1mm thick, it can also be stuck to a credit card, or slipped into a phone case. And of course it can also be integrated into a mini SERE kit.


High Angle Solutions – Lifesystems Heatshield Blanket

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

UK company Lifesystems has introduced a new Heatshield Blanket to their Outdoor Survival range and with a weight of less than 100g, there’s no excuse not to carry one in your backpack when exploring the great outdoors.


Made from a heat-reflective, metalised low density polyethylene, the advanced Headshield Blankets are capable of retaining 90% of your radiated body heat. The blanket’s wind and waterproof material also helps to reduce wind-chill and can therefore play a crucial role in keeping you warm if you become injured or lost on the hill. The durable Heatshield Blankets are tear-resistant, meaning you can easily reuse them time and time again, and each blanket is supplied with a bag to keep it safe inside your rucksack.

The exterior of the Heatshield Blanket is a highly visible, safety orange that makes it easy for help to spot you during an emergency situation. For even greater practicality, the outer surface of the blanket is also radar reflective, making it much easier for emergency services to locate you when you’re far away from the beaten track. Crucial safety information is printed directly onto the outside of the blanket, helping you to take Lifesystems’ extensive survival knowledge out on your adventures with you.

Available in both single and double versions, the Heatshield Blanket is particularly useful for situations where someone has fallen and you can’t risk moving them. By tucking the Heatshield Blanket around the injured individual, you can help them retain crucial body heat, reducing the risk of hypothermia – a real, year-round threat on the British hills. Before you head out onto the trail, make sure that not only have you prepared for the unexpected with your kit, but you are also aware of the early symptoms of hypothermia so you can deal with situations before they arise.

Slurred speech and mumbling
Shallow breathing
A lack of coordination
Drowsiness or confusion

Contact tribe@brigantesconsulting.com for more information (Minimum Order Quantities apply)

High Angle Solutions is a weekly series of articles focusing on military mountaineering solutions. It’s brought to you by UK-based , in conjunction with several other brands, both here in the US and abroad.

High Angle Solutions – Silva Tactical Compasses

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Three entrepreneurial brothers. One great invention. In 1933, Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invented the first ever liquid-filled compass, and the Silva began. Not only was it the first compass of its kind, but is also set the global standard for how navigation works.


From this beginning, 85 years ago, Silva have grown significantly.  As part of that expansion they have been making compasses for militaries all over the world for a number of decades.  This has predominantly been based on the Expedition 4, which was due an update.  Following development work with the Royal Marines and other elements of the UK military Silva have now launched an updated range of compasses.

The new range includes a more robust base plate and bezel which address the needs of a challenging operational environment.  It also brings in line a number of interesting technologies including prismatic elements for commanders and global needles for expeditionary forces required to deploy anywhere across the globe.  Included in the package are lanyards with distance measuring scales for 1:25000 and 1:50000.  They also allow measurement in both mils and degrees enabling greater accuracy and the passage of accurate information for fires as well as air.

Alongside these must have navigation tools Silva also provide headlamps, binos, mapcases and a huge range of accessories to help you find your way.  If you want any further information please email tribe@brigantes.com.

High Angle Solutions is a weekly series of articles focusing on military mountaineering solutions. It’s brought to you by UK-based , in conjunction with several other brands, both here in the US and abroad.

UST – ParaShovel Pro

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

The ParaShovel from Ultimate Survival Technologies is an inexpensive, multifunction item, suited for keeping in the trunk.

Think of it as more of a trowel than shovel, but the handle is wrapped in 2.5m of ParaTinder, essentially paracord with an added internal strand of tinder which is distinguished by its red color. The rest of the stands have the same common use as other paracord.


• 4” trowel blade for burying waste and maintaining fire safety

• Line cutter cuts paracord and other cord

• Cutting blade

• Tent peg pry-tool

• Black-oxide finish reduces rust and protects the shovel.

• Protective sheath for safe storage included



Monday, February 12th, 2018

This mini compass is liquid-filled and has a luminous dial with a rotating bezel with degree marking that can actually be used to navigate with.

-The case is clear acrylic embossed with an inch/cm ruler.

-360 degree rotating bezel w/ degree markings

-Dimensions: 1.13″ w x 2″ long. Wt. 1/3 oz

-Includes a 34″ nylon lanyard