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SHOT Show 17 – LBX Tactical

Friday, January 20th, 2017

This is the new LBX lightweight shell pack. It offers top/bottom/middle pack access with uretek zippers. Look for a summer/fall release date in a variety of colors.

This is the LBX4020 Armatus II in MultiCam Black with integrated G-Code Scorpion pouches.


SHOT Show 17 – Outdoor Research

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

OR always has lots of new stuff for the warfighter. This SHOT Show they’re unveiling an entire clothing system which can go four layers deep.  They’ve taken their success in modular give Systems and taken it clothing.

We’ll start with their new Foundation crew and zip tops as well as bottom. Made from Polartec Power Wool, which is a plaited knit construction, they can be laundered with adverse effect to the wool. It’s a bicomponent fabric (poly and wool) which also gives moisture management, low odor and low shrinkage. Foundation features an athletic fit.

Next is the Barrow Pant made from Polartec WindPro and is a heavy weight insulating layer which can be worn alone or under a shell. It’s built with stretch and mobility in mind.

On the softshell side they’re offering the Obsidian Pant and Obsidian Hooded Jacket. These are made from Tweave 4-way stretch with a lighter version of Tweave under the arms. In fact, all of the garments feature their Dynamic Reach construction with no seams under the arm. However, they’ve added SuperFabric along the elbows of the Jacket as well as the rear of the Pant. The Jacket has a helmet compatible, adjustable hood. The Pants feature a slated button fly. The Pants also incorporate laser cut, glued pockets which is stitched for added durability. Lots of stretch in these garments and they’ve also incorporated a DWR coating.

The Prevail Hooded Jacket is a super lightweight wind jacket. It is almost silky and has some breathability but the full zip helps with ventilation as well. It has adjustable hood and packaway fabric. This Black version is a prototype.  Production will be Coyote and MultiCam.  

Their puffy garments go by the name of Tradecraft and include Jacket, Vest and Pants. They are all insulated with varying weights of PRIMALOFT Gold. The Vest features 130 gram fill while everything else is 70 gram. The Vest also has stretch panels under the arms. All of the garment shells are DWR treated 40D ripstop. However, the Jacket offers 70D on the upper arm and the Pant also has 70D on the lower leg and rear for abrasion resistance. Full sides zips for don and doff on the Pants.

The Colossus Parka 180 gram PrimaLoft Gold insulation. They’ve taken it down to -26 deg in mountain field trials. It incorporates an internal neck baffle, similar to a sleeping bag and has offset quilting to reduce cold spots. The hood is adjustable and an internal stuff it pocket for water bottles, etc.

Although not commercialized, they’ve made a few in MultiCam Alpine.

The Infiltrator Jacket and Pant is impressive. They’ve incorporated WL Gore & Assoc’s FLEX2FIT stretch fabric in key areas, combines with Gore 3-Layer Light and Fast. In addition to the mechanical stretch, their Dynamic Reach construction was great when I tried the Jacket on. In addition to the Helmet Comaptible Halo Hood design, which moves with your head, they’ve added two TorsoFlo venting zippers at the hips. Additionally, the pockets are mesh so that when you open the zips, you get some decent ventilation.

The Pants have 3/4 zip for don and doff a paling with SuperFabric knees and seat. Here you can see the hybrid construction with FLEX2FIT, SuperFabric and 3-Layer Light and Fast.

The Infiltrator Jackets and Pants will be available in April in Coyote, Grey and MultiCam.

Across the board, this set of garments is available as Berry or TAA compliant versions.

Outdoor Research products are available for unit and agency order through ADS Inc.

SHOT Show 17 – Snake Eater Tactical 

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Awhile back we posted a preview of Snake Eater Tactical’s rifle plate carrier and its unique grid mounting system.

Although he came up with the grid concept right away, over the past two years, Inventor Chris Calvert has refined the design of the plate carrier to give it a proper platform. They are using Whiskey 24’s Acronym laminate which is plenty strong for this application.

The idea of using 550 cord to attach pouches to a platform is foreign to many SSD readers because it went out of fashion before the war. You have to consider, the Grid system was designed specifically for use with 550 cord, unlike using parachute cord to attach a pouch to PALS which has a lot of wiggle room for the cord to move around. However, Snake Eater has moved beyond just 550 and has also used shock cord, for some applications, which can be used to hold items like tourniquets and chemical lights.

They’ve also introduced a Velcro panel to the front in order to attach cummerbunds or their magazine carrier panel as well as those from other vendors. 

As a complimentary feature they’ve offered loops to accept G-hooks or SR buckles. The loops can be tucked in when not in use.

The inside of the carrier uses four-way stretch and will accept Medium – XLarge SAPI cut plates so you don’t need sized carriers.


SHOT Show 17 – Helikon-Tex in A-TACS iX

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Helikon-Tex is a Polish company with an ever-growing line of tactical clothing and equipment. They’ve introduced A-TACS iX for several of their most popular items.

Here, you can see their MBDU Jacket and Training Mini Rig. Details are below.


SHOT Show 17 – A-TACS

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

A-TACS has introduced two new patterns to their X series. The three main patterns AUX, iX and FGX all use the same colors but in different ratios. This allows clothing and equipment in the various patterns to work more effectively together.

This is the AU variant.

This is the FGX.

As you will probably recall, AU and FG were the first two patterns from A-TACS beginning in 2009.


SHOT Show 17 – SIG SAUER Introducing FDE MCX & MPX

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The title of the story pretty much sums it up. SIG is introducing FDE Cerakoted variants of their MCX and MPX layer this year.

The MCX is available in 5.56 and .300 and the MPX is currently offered in 9mm.


SHOT Show – ITW/DownEast Innovation

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

DownEast Innovation has developed numerous molded parts used in the tactical industry as well as full finished items like the FASTmag.

FASTmag Gen 4

In conjunction with ITW Military Products, they released the FASTmag Gen 4 at SHOT Show. One big update is the attachment system which is much easier to manipulate. You can see the wide strap to the right compared to the older style to the left.

I was shown two variants, one for 5.56 and the other for 6.8 magazines.

As you can see, it can be stacked one in front of two. Available from ITW, they will still be available in stackable and PALS compatible versions.

3D SR Buckle

Another new product from DownEast is the 3D SR Buckle. Unlike other side release buckles, it releases under load.
What’s more, it releases while using the whole hand in a clasping or squeezing fashion, rather than using the finger tips. Additionally, it’s quite flat making it a great choice for shoulder straps. Interstingly, it’s also frag resistant.

Holster Lock

This is the most interesting thing I’ve seen so far at SHOT Show. The patented Downeast Innovation Holster Lock may well herald a boom in holster development. Many smaller companies are hesitant to get into the holster game since much of the IP for retention is sewn up by a few companies.

This new part will allow companies to offer license-free level 2 and level 3 retention which can be actuated with the thumb of the shooting hand without compromising the grip on the pistol. Additionally, the same Lock is user configurable left to right. The parts can be removed and reinstalled in a mirror fashion.


SHOT Show 17 – MATBOCK Ghost TAB

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

For decades, MOLLE/PALS has been the industry standard for attaching pouches and accessories to your plate carriers and belts. While others have tried to improve this system, they generally add pieces, parts and ultimately weight and bulk. MATBOCK is stoked to introduce the Ghost TABs (Jokingly stands for Tactical Advantage Bite System). The Ghost TABs not only lower the profile of your pouches and accessories, it also significantly decreases the time spent on modifying your carrier or belt.

 The TABS are cut directly into the backing of the pouches (single, double, triple mag, M60 pouch, admin pouch, and backdraft med pouch) and attach quickly and effectively to the either laser cut MOLLE systems or traditional MOLLE systems. This has all been done without adding useless pieces and parts. Coupled with MATBOCK Ghost fabric and carriers, these systems decrease weight and volume for the operator. Lastly, Ghost Tabs are patent pending.

Please allow 6-8 weeks new pouches to ship. Available at www.matbock.com