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“Special Air Warfare Forces”

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

“Special Air Warfare Forces” is a 1965 US Air Force film about its fledgling Air Commando force.

USAF Activates Recruiting Squadron Specifically For Battlefield Airman

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

The first squadron focused solely on recruiting Battlefield Airmen and combat support career fields stood up recently in a ceremony at the Medina Annex on Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland.

The reactivation of the 330th Recruiting Squadron, U.S. Air Force Recruiting’s 28th squadron, marks the first time in Air Force history that a unit will be dedicated to recruiting men and women for hard-to-fill positions within special operations and combat support roles.

The reactivation began with members of the Battlefield Airmen Training Group and the 330th RCS freefalling into the ceremony with the squadron guidon and the American Flag. Col. Ron Stenger, BATG commander and a special tactics officer, passed the guidon to Col. Robert Trayers, AFRS vice commander, and former commander of the 330th RCS when it was deactivated back in 2009.

Following the jump, members of the 330th RCS participated in memorial pushups at the Lt. Col. William Schroeder Memorial.

“Memorial pushups are a tradition in our community to recognize and honor our fallen comrades,” said Master Sgt. Benjamin Hannigan, a liaison to AFRS from the 24th Special Operations Wing. “They are usually done after strenuous physical activity, because our fallen comrades did more than their physical body could. Our physical sacrifice of remembrance could never match up to their sacrifice.”

Shortly after the memorial pushups, the official party moved into the Lt. Col. Schroeder Auditorium for the assumption of command ceremony. Trayers provided remarks about the squadron’s heritage.

“It’s great to be able to reactivate this squadron with a great team and new leaders,” Trayers said. “You now have the important responsibility of recruiting the folks you want at the tip of the spear of our nation.”

The reason for activating the 330th RCS was to overcome the challenges of recruiting and training Battlefield Airmen, said Trayers.

Since the standup of the BATG in 2016 to the beginning of the current prep course, this activation completes the span between recruiting and training in the of the revolutionary new Special Operations recruiting model.

“What you see before you is an Air Force Chief of Staff directed fix to a 21 year problem,” said Maj. Heath Kerns, 330th RCS commander after receiving the guidon from Trayers. “Our squadron is exclusively focused on scouting, developing and guiding future Battlefield Airmen and combat support warriors to their combat calling.”

Kerns comes to AFRS with more than a decade of experience as a special tactics officer. The 330th RCS is designed to recruit and access the next generation of Special Operations Airmen and combat support forces, which include combat controllers, pararescuemen, special operations weathermen, tactical air control party, survival evasion resistance and escape (SERE), and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD).

According to Kerns, this recruiting squadron is necessary because you cannot mass produce special operators.

“The old model of taking someone off the street to recruit for the Battlefield Airmen pipeline showed a 90 percent attrition rate,” he said. “Out of 100 people, only 10 would make it. This was not only a challenge for the recruiting force to have such low numbers on a high level of candidates, but also a large monetary cost for the Air Force itself.”

Previously, a trainee would be assessed and trained by traditional recruiters, attend Basic Military Training, then begin the indoctrination course. Now, recruiters of the 330th RCS train and access potential candidates alongside contract developers, who are retired service members with experience in special operations and combat support roles.

Master Sgt. Richard Geren, a 330th RCS flight chief for the Texas area, spoke on the importance of selecting the right candidates for Battlefield Airmen and combat support missions.

“First, we make sure they are qualified for the Air Force,” Geren said. “Once we know they are qualified, we see if they are a good fit to become a Battlefield Airman.”

According to Geren, a good fit includes the right mindset, attitude and understanding of the demands of the Battlefield Airmen career fields.

“I want to sit down with every person to explain the ins and outs of every single job we are recruiting for,” he said. “I also want to share stories and examples of what a pararescueman or combat controller’s worst day might be. It’s not all Hollywood and cool gear. It’s about hard work, determination and teamwork.”

Similarly, recruiters took a unique approach to understanding the career fields they seek candidates for by immersing themselves in to Battlefield Airmen training. Kerns commended the squadron for attending the week-long indoctrination before activing the squadron and then closed the ceremony by speaking directly to the 330th RCS members.

“We will become an audacious display of innovation and collaboration,” he said. “We will succeed in bringing the highest quality of warriors the Air Force and the world has ever seen. You embody these qualities; they are forged through a pursuit of personal excellence and enduring great challenge so that you can inspire young men and women to follow you to their combat calling.”

Air Education and Training Command

Air Force Special Operations Command

Become A Special Operations Tactical Air Control Party Airman

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

Do you have what it takes? The Air Force’s Special Operations Tactical Air Control Party Airmen, or SOF TACPs, are ground special operators who direct air power on the battlefield. Specifically, these Airmen call in air and ground strikes while embedded with a special forces team, such as the Army Rangers or Navy SEALs. These SOF TACPs are selected from the conventional TACP force to integrate air and ground in Air Force Special Tactics, with only 5% of TACPs serving in special operations. The majority of SOF TACPs are assigned to the 17th Special Tactics Squadron, who have been continuously deployed “outside the wire” since 9/11.

AFSOC Public Affairs Team

SOFWERX – Combat Ready Utility eXoskin

Friday, July 13th, 2018

SOFWERX, in partnership with Elysian Labs, has innovated the Combat Ready Utility eXoskin (CRUX). The CRUX is a Bluetooth device designed to allow the user to rapidly switch between user-defined Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK) integrated capabilities.

The CRUX is fully programmable, can be set up in minutes, and is easy to operate between commands. The next step is to have the CRUX work with the Near-Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) Personal Area Network.

Special Operations Forces K9 Conference

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

The first Special Operations Forces K9 Conference (SOFK9C) has been held near Warsaw (Poland) in June 2018. The topic of this year’s event was “Use of Service Dogs in the Fight Against Modern Terrorism”.

Operators, dog handlers, trainers and canine specialists from USA and all around Europe gathered to share knowledge and their experience. Various K9 techniques and tactics used in special operations are discussed, demonstrated and trained.

The goal for this event is not only to share knowledge in SOF community but also to build and strenghten relationships between people working on this very special and relatively new subject.

The conference is organised by SOF Project (Poland), Silent Technical (Poland) and Norse K9 (Norway).

The next SOFK9C will be held in 2019.

SOFCON: SOF CEMA 16-20 July 2018

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Warfighter Project Submission Deadline: 20 JuneSubject Matter Expert Deadline: 27 June

Speaker Call for Papers Deadline: 27 June

SOFWERX, in Tampa, FL, will host a dual track SOFCON Working Group with the theme of SOF Cyber Electro-Magnetic Activities (CEMA). The Project Track will provide an environment for SOF related technology exploration and innovative technology use based on direct interaction and feedback with Warfighters at the event. The Speaker Track will give Warfighters the opportunity to view presentations from expert speakers and select exhibitors.


Project Track

• Allow SOF operators and engineers/hackers/makers to experiment with non-standard commercial technologies in order to develop use case concepts and build a common repository of instruction sets.
• Technical training on CEMA related topics.
• Advanced capability exploration with representatives from SANS Institute. (Check back often for details as the schedule becomes finalized.)

Speaker Track

• Informative presentations from Subject Matter Experts (SME) on CEMA related topics.
• Exhibitor presentations and demonstrations on CEMA related products & services.

Focus Areas

• Cyber
• Electronic Warfare
• Signals
• Drones
• Additional Warfighter Nominated Projects


MAKING A NIGHT STALKER: A Special Operations Aviator Memoir

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Now on Kickstarter, “MAKING A NIGHT STALKER: A Special Operations Aviator Memoir” is a memoir by Veteran David Burnett.

Rarely do we get a look inside the 160th, but I’m pleased to mention that the author has stood by his NDA and submitted his manuscript for DoD review.


Pre-order “CCT – The Eye Of The Storm”

Monday, June 4th, 2018


This premium 9×12 hardback ‘encyclopedia’ is filled with nearly 1,000 pages of now declassified CCT stories and hundreds of color photos; it will be a treasured addition to your library, office or man cave.

Celebrating eight decades of Air Force CCT history; this chronicle is filled with now declassified stories of CCT exploits.

CCT: The Eye of the Storm chronicles the exploits of Air Force Combat Control Teams (CCT). It is told in a series of short stories – many etched by a cocktail of blood, sweat and tears. The Combat Control story began in Volume I with the appearance of the first CCTs; i.e., command and control teams cobbled together by the WWII U.S. Army Air Force [USAAF] for Operation VARSITY. VARSITY, the airborne assault across the Rhine; was one component of a multifaceted ground invasion leading to the surrender of Nazi Germany on May 7, 1945. The CCT story continued in Volume II, detailing the 21st Century fight in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Included are several humanitarian missions; two missions of epic proportion in Haiti and Japan.

In this new book, subtitled Medal of Honor (MOH) the CCT chronicle continues, incorporating the two previously published volumes and adding stories of ongoing combat operations in Afghanistan; now America’s longest war. The earlier, self-published volumes targeted a limited military audience of USSOCOM forces, families and friends. This new book is an all-inclusive compilation offered in a single premium publication expected to reach a world-wide audience of US and allied military organizations, families, friends and military enthusiasts.

CCT has been a critical linchpin in thousands of operations over the course of the careerfield’s history, yet they are one of the least known Special Operations Force. Pre-ordering this book will help ensure their story is told.

This book isn’t cheap, but if you’re a true history buff, especially of SOF, this is a must-have volume. What’s more, it’s sure to increase in value.