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Applications Now Open for 2018 SOFIC Innovation Showcase

Wednesday, February 28th, 2018

NDIA is offering entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their innovative products, ideas, and services at the 2018 SOFIC Innovation Showcase. Selected companies will be given 10 minutes of exclusive time to showcase their innovation to members of the SOF community. This is an exceptional opportunity to present your products and services to this exclusive community.

Do you have the innovation that SOF is looking for? If so, act now to be considered for this limited opportunity. Visit and submit a 2018 SOFIC Innovation Showcase official application.

All applications must be received by March 16. Companies will be selected by Monday, April 2, 2018 to participate in the 2018 SOFIC Innovation Showcase.

Questions? Please contact Reneé Despot at

Hyperstealth Supplies USMC With OPFOR Camouflage

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp displayed their new USMC OPFOR (Opposing Force) camouflage in the ADS Inc booth during last week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference.

This is not the cut of uniform adopted by the Marines for use by their OPFOR. Instead, their uniforms use this camouflaged fabric but are in the MCCUU cut. Below is a close up of the pattern.

SOFIC – 7.62 G2 DMR

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

SIG has introduced an updated version of the 716 G2 DMR refered to as the G2. 716 is an AR – style 7.62mm rifle with ambidextrous controls, two positions adjustable gas valve, 16″ hammer forge barrel and a short stroke gas piston system. Designated Marksman Rifle enhancements include a two stage match trigger and a 20 MOA top rail. Additionally, the 716 accepts SR25 magazines.

Much of the updates center around weight reduction bring it down to 8.7 lbs with magazine. For instance, the rifle incorporates a light weight KeyMod hand guard.

Offered in FDE and black.

New Lockheed Martin Exoskeleton Helps Soldiers Carry Heavy Gear

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

FORTIS K-SRD provides strength to go the distance

TAMPA, Fla., May 16, 2017 – Their demanding missions often require soldiers to carry heavy equipment packs long distances over rough terrain, or up and down stairs and underground infrastructure in mega-cities. Exhaustion and injury are frequently a consequence of these challenging operational scenarios. A new exoskeleton from Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) offers a solution.

Using licensed DermoskeletonTM bionic augmentation technology, the FORTIS Knee Stress Release Device (K-SRD)TM is a computer-controlled exoskeleton that counteracts overstress on the lower back and legs and increases mobility and load-carrying capability. It boosts leg capacity for physically demanding tasks that require repetitive or continuous kneeling or squatting, or lifting, dragging, carrying or climbing with heavy loads.

“FORTIS K-SRD features military-specification batteries that are approved for infantry use, improved control box ergonomics and faster actuators that generate more torque,” said Keith Maxwell, FORTIS program manager at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “These system upgrades resulted from soldier feedback on the initial design.”

Sensors on the exoskeleton report the soldier’s speed, direction and angle of movement to an on-board computer that drives electro-mechanical actuators at the knees. The exoskeleton delivers the right torque at the right time to assist knee flex and extension. FORTIS K-SRD ultimately reduces the energy needed to cross terrain, squat or kneel. These benefits are most noticeable when ascending or descending stairs or navigating inclined surfaces.

Versions of the exoskeleton are also available for industrial workers and first responders who have to perform strenuous tasks in difficult environments.

“For any mission that combines heavy man-portable gear and climbing, FORTIS K-SRD can enhance strength and endurance,” Maxwell added.

For additional information on Lockheed Martin’s exoskeleton technology, visit our website.

Be Sure To See The Rest Of SOFIC

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Right across the footbridge from the Tampa Convention Center on the second floor of the Embassy Suites, are several additional companies including BE Meyers & Co (where you can also see MAWL-Man and a Hodge Unicorn gun), Magpul (with drinks and snacks!), Blue Force Gear, Cubic and Booz Allen Hamilton.

SOFIC – Geissele High Speed Selector for M4/M16

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The Marine Corps conducted a study which showed that full auto fire is more effective than semi auto fire when engaging moving targets. However, the weapon had to already be set to full auto. Otherwise, the time it took to rotate the selector switch into position would result in a missed target. They asked Geissele Automatics to take a look at the issue and they came up with the High Speed Selector.

You can think of it as a spring loaded selector with a quarter throw. When you depress it, the rifle transitions from semi to full auto and when you let up, it transitions back to semi auto fire. It’s kind of like hitting the nitrous button on a hot rod.

SOFIC – Handl Defense Introduces SR25 Magazine Magwell Adapter For HK417

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Handl Defense has been making accessories for the FN SCAR for years and thought they’d try their hand at Heckler & Koch weapons. A common complaint of the HK417 is that it requires proprietary magazines. Not anymore.

Thanks to Handl’s new 417-M110 magwell adapter, the weapon will now accept SR25 pattern magazines like this one from Magpul. The HK417’s magwell is already oversized to accommodate the thick walled H&K magazine, so there’s plenty of room for the patented insert. It also uses a new magazine release.

SOFIC – SIG’s M17 & M18 Modular Handgun Update

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

When we recently reported that the 101st Abn Div and other Fort Campbell, Kentucky-based tenant units would be the first units equipped with the US Army’s new Modular Handgun System, there seems to be confusion by commenters over which model of pistol units would receive. The 4.7″ barrel M17 is similar to the full size P320 and will be the standard pistol. The Compact M18 features a 3.9″ barrel and will replace the M11, known commercially as the SIG P228.

Above you can see precisely how the M17 will be shipped to the Army. Below, is the M18.

Each pistol comes with one 17 round and two 21 round magazines as well as three frames (small, medium and large). Unlike many pistols, the frames are not the firearm but rather expendable parts. The trigger pack is the serial numbered item. The difference between the M17 and M18 is the length of the barrels and slides.

Currently, the pistol features a anti-tamper device so Soldiers can’t swap out frames on their own.  However, the Army is considering removing this feature and replacing it with a standard commercial fastener.

An additional anti-tamper device prevents Soldiers from accessing the striker mechanism.

SIG introduced two additional safety features. There is a 1911-style ambi-safety as well as a loaded chamber indicator at top center of the breech on the slide. Finally, the slides have a removable sight plate with a Delta Point Pro footprint.