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Check Out Petzl’s Latest Gear At SOFIC

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

The Special Operations Forces Industry Conference is coming up, 21-23 May at the Tampa Convention Center. There is loads of cool stuff to see you there, but if you are an SSD reader, you need to stop by the Petzl booth and check these out.

TACTIKKA Headlamps

They’ll receive a lumen boost which puts the upper end of the line – TACTIKKA CORE – at 420 lumens on high. 

CORE Battery

The rechargeable CORE Battery integrates seamlessly with Petzl’s TACTIKKA line of headlamps. It recharges through MICRO USB, and replaces 900 AAA batteries. Any 2016 or newer TACTIKKA headlamp can use either the CORE or AAA batteries. 


An adjustable helo restraint lanyard, the HELO ADJUST is a part of an overarching list of individual equipment for SOF, currently out for bid.

Mention Soldier Systems at the Petzl booth to receive a free Sm’D carabiner. How’s that for a deal?

Pimp Your 416 with Maxim Defense

Monday, June 11th, 2018

I have been remiss in writing about the accessories Maxim Defense has created for the HK416. I first ran across this company at AUSA in 2017. Since their initial products were going straight to the civilian AR market I pay as much attention to them as I should have. Maxim Defense is working very hard to become a serious player in the small arms market. One area they’ve placed emphasis on is the HK416.


You could already mount their collapsible PDW stock to the rifle, but they designed a new rail for the platform called the mDX. Available in 7.25″, 9.25″, and 12.65″ lengths, it incorporates M-LOK slots. The QD slots are on 45 Deg.


Additionally, you’ll note the scoop at the business end. There are short and long scooped models with the longer scoop intended to keep the thumb back away from the really hot bits for those who shoot with the thumb over rail technique.

Finally, Maxim Defense is supposed to be introducing 416 lowers.

OTTO Multi-Port Hub/PTT

Monday, June 4th, 2018

During SOFIC I got to take a look at OTTO’s new Multi-Port Hub/Push-To-Talk. It’s both lightweight, and easy to use. I asked them for some technical data and they provided me with this info.

Carpentersville, IL – OTTO Engineering, a US-based, industry leader in the design and manufacturing of two-way radio accessories for military, commercial, industrial, utility, and public safety applications has introduced its latest product for the military market.


The OTTO Multi-port Hub was specifically designed to meet the demanding and mission critical needs of the Special Forces community.  The hub is compatible with major radio platforms, including the new multi-channel handheld radio AN/PRC-163, using detachable cables for each radio.  When used in conjunction with the new OTTO Active Circumaural headset or the new OTTO H3E In-the Ear headset, the OTTO Multi-port hub provides control of up to three communications platforms, each with a separate Push-To-Talk button. In addition, the hub offers modular compatibility with all vehicular and air based intercoms (ICS). Situational awareness can be controlled either via buttons on the headset or volume controls on the hub.

The electrical components of the OTTO Multi-port Hub are encased in a lightweight, machined aluminum housing to meet EMI and RF radiation requirements (MIL-STD-461).  The hub weighs in at a mere 4.8 ounces.  The compact package (1.83” W X 3.50” H X 1.20” D) fits easily onto a molle vest while providing easy access to the PTT buttons and talk-through controls.  Control buttons can easily be depressed while wearing gloves.


The unique design of the OTTO Multi-port Hub enables the device to be oriented for left-hand or right-hand use.  The hub features a reversible clip for securing the unit to a vest.

The hub is immersion rated to 1 meter of water for 31 minutes (IP68), but enhancements are already being implemented to improve the immersion performance to 2 meters of water for 4 hours.

Features of the OTTO Multi-port Hub

·         Machined aluminum, rugged construction

·         3 separate Push-To-Talk buttons

·         Left hand, right hand reversible

·         Up/Down volume, On/Off control buttons for situational awareness

·         Single/Dual/Triple Comm modularity

·         Molle attachment system included

·         Small, lightweight hub form factor

·         Compatible with all major radio platforms

·         Optional compatibility with both Android and iOS devices

·         Detachable cables for each radio/device

·         Volume control +/-12dB

·         No batteries required

OTTO is known for quality and thoroughly tests its products to ensure the highest quality, most durable products in the market.  The company is ISO9000 and AS9100 certified.  The OTTO Multi-port Hub, OTTO Active Circumaural headset, and OTTO H3E In-the-ear headset are all made in the USA at OTTO’s manufacturing facilities located in Illinois.

For more information about the OTTO Multi-port Hub, the OTTO Active Circumaural headset, the OTTO H3E In-the-ear headset or other OTTO two-way accessories, please visit us at  or call us at 888-234-6886 (OTTO).


Friday, June 1st, 2018


SURUS (Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure) is a collaboration between the US Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center and General Motor’s Hydrotec.


SURUS is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, offering low temperature, silent, zero-emissions operation. Additionally, it can be configured for autonomous operation with LIDAR sensors embedded at the sides.


This Gen 2 fuel cell system combines a Hydrogen storage system capable of more than 400 miles of range with a Lithium-ion battery system, offering Exportable Power Takeoff (EPTO) where high-voltage DC from the fuel cell stack could be converted to both high- and low-voltage AC to power tools or equipment.

SURUS features two advanced electric drive units along with Four-wheel steering to get in and out of tight spaces.


While configured here as a cargo carrier, there are other modules such as weapons stations, troop carriers, medical, and even hydrogen power generator sets which offer up to 100kW of portable power. Additionally, a cab can be fitted for manned operation as a more traditional cargo vehicle.

SOFIC 18 – Possible Glock Sub Compact Weapon Concept

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Earlier this month the US Army released an RFI to industry, seeking sources for a full auto, 9mm sub compact weapon. Just weeks later, Glock displayed this combination at SOFIC.

It combines a Silencerco suppressor, Mako foregrip and Endotactical stock adapter with a Magpul stock, all mounted to a select fire Glock 18.

SOFIC 18 – Advanced Offroad Trailer

Friday, May 25th, 2018

The Advanced Offroad Trailer is designed for use with ATV/UTVs, offering a 1500 lbs capacity.


According to the manufacturer, the body is made of a very strong HardOx steel that is more than 5 times stronger than standard structural steel. It is also fully Powder Coated.

It features a long travel (9 in), independent suspension along with air adjustable shocks allows for the adjustment of spring rate depending on the size of load in the trailer. It is fitted with an Anti-Sway Bar.

A removable trailer tongue allows for easy shipping as well as reduces storage space and a fully articulating hitch allows your trailer to track behind you anywhere you go. It has two receivers, forward and rear. The Rear Receiver allows for a multitude of accessories to be attached, give the ability to piggy back trailers, and allows for a tow point for vehicle retrieval.


The trailer can be fitted with a HALO Rack System for additional storage, drop sides and a pallet bed.

Additionally, AOTs are assigned VINs for registration and on-road use, but there is also a ski kit to replace the Highway rated tires and aluminum rims combo, for over-snow transport.


SOFIC 18 – Kotu Tanto Knife from Gearaid

Friday, May 25th, 2018

The full tang Tanto blade is made with Ti dipped,420 stainless steel and incorporates serrations about halfway down the working edge of the blade. The butt features a glass breaker and bottle opener.

The injection molded sheath is PALS or belt compatible, drains easily, and features a quick thumb release.

SOFIC 18 – DS Raider from Mistral

Friday, May 25th, 2018

The DS Raider is a Tactical Electric Manned Vehicle offered by Mistral.

It weighs 154 lbs with a deck 26 in wide. This four wheeled scooter will carry up to two fully equipped passengers (463 lbs) and features high torque electric motors and patented suspension system for off-road use. An optional motorized trailer will accommodate an additional 1,000 lbs of cargo. The top speed is 43 mph, with a range of 43 miles.