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Griffin Armament 30SD-K GATE-LOK Suppressor

Friday, October 4th, 2019

New Silencer for the Active Retention Tactical Market Segment


Griffin Armament is proud to introduce the 30SD-K to the GATE-LOK™ product line, a .30 caliber silencer with size and weight specs similar to traditional full size 5.56 NATO suppressors. This new product development stemmed from Griffin’s devotion to its customers and end users who have been requesting a shorter, .30 caliber GATE-LOK™ variant for some time. The 30SD-K was engineered specifically for semi and full auto applications and features Griffin Armament’s patented HEDP baffle technology which optimizes flow and achieves properly balanced blowback and muzzle performance. Signature reduction is not exclusive to sound performance as the 30SD-K also features Griffin’s patented low profile, integrated 3-prong flash hider end cap which further reduces flash signature versus tradition designs.

Austin Green, Griffin Armament’s Founder and Lead Engineer offered this comment when discussing the 30SD-K and the GATE-LOK™ product line:

“I originally developed the GATE-LOK™ interface after encountering shortcomings in other designs that interfaced with NATO style muzzle devices. The goal was for a simple, robust, active retention mount that didn’t incorporate any wear prone geometry, had minimal POI shift, and could be mounted easily with one hand. I believe we have absolutely achieved that with the GATE-LOK™interface. And now with the 30SD-K, Griffin Armament end users have the versatility of a high performance .30 caliber silencer with the size and weight similar to that of a traditional 5.56 can. “

30SD-K Features:
• 17-4 PH Stainless Steel construction
• Hi-Temp Cerakote finish
• 5/8×24 GATE-LOK™ Muzzle Brake included
• Patented HEDP™ baffle stack
• Low profile 3-Prong Flash Hider End Cap
• Compatible with all M4SD and 30SD mounts
• $945 MSRP

30SD-K Specs:
• 6.6” Length
• 17.8oz
• 127dB SPL with .300BLK (Subsonic)
• 136dB SPL with 5.56 NATO
• 138dB SPL with .308WIN

For more information regarding the 30SD-K, other GATE-LOK™ series products, or any of Griffin’s badass kit offerings, visit their website at

Crux Suppressors and F-1 Firearms Form Joint Operating and Technology Agreement

Monday, September 30th, 2019

(Spring, TX) — F-1 Firearms, LLC., the manufacturer of AR-style rifles and skeletonizing features, and Crux Suppressors, which manufactures lightweight titanium silencers, have formed a joint-operating and technology-sharing agreement to supply exciting firearms-suppression devices to customers faster.

Dion Podgurny, Owner of F-1 Firearms, said, “F-1 Firearms will manufacture Crux Suppressors in this Joint Operating Agreement and then ship and provide customer support for Crux. This partnership of manufacturing and shared office functions between F-1 Firearms and Crux will bring customers value, innovation, and speed to the delivery of cutting-edge suppressors. Crux will integrate into F-1 Firearms’ sales-and-administration team, including moving into F-1’s facility, which opens access to F-1’s dealer and distributor network. F-1 Firearms parked its  suppressor ideas and innovation for too long, and now we will bring them into a new product line marketed under the Crux brand.”


Cade Nobles , Co-Owner  at Crux Suppressors, said, “We here at Crux Suppressors value our customers. We’re undergoing a significant transformation within our organization to address demand, manufacturing, customer service, quality and personnel to align with a better experience.  We understand some disruption is inevitable as we integrate, and we appreciate our customers’ continued patience and support.”


Kyle Haman, Vice President of Production at F-1, said, “We are happy to help out a fellow Texas company. F-1 Firearms has world-class manufacturing, finishing, and assembly departments, so we can assist them and help deliver Crux products in a timely manner.”


Haman added, “Crux Suppressors has a valuable product line of suppressors and accessories with growing challenges, so a manufacturing and technology operating agreement helps us deliver and support those great products to our customers. We are setting production levels to have minimum level inventory and quicker delivery to the origin of the order. Our goal would be to have suppressors transferred to the dealer location of order within one week. Support calls answered and handled same day. More personal touch with dealers and distributors.”


Tyler Nobles, President and Co-Owner of Crux Suppressors, said, “We are committed to finally having ample inventory and first-class customer service. We appreciate the feedback and patience we have received from existing customers and dealers. I believe we will be an improvement story in the industry before too long.”


Selecting a SureFire 5.56 Suppressor with Barry Dueck

Thursday, September 26th, 2019

The More You Know

Wednesday, September 25th, 2019

Dead Air Silencers dropped this bit of knowledge for those wondering.

How quickly a suppressor discolors, or the Cerakote burns off, depends greatly on how fast it heats up. You’ll find high-mass suppressors (like a Sandman-S) slowly heat up. Tubeless designs like the Nomad get heat to the surface fast. ?

On a side note, because the exterior of our cans are either stainless steel or titanium, you don’t have to worry about corrosion even if the Cerakote is completely gone.?

OSS Begins Shipping SDMR Suppressors

Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

Millcreek, UT – September 17, 2019  OSS Suppressors LLC has begun shipments for the first Elite-QD (EL-QD 762) suppressor units as part the Heckler & Koch® (H&K) contract to deliver between 5,000 and 6,000 complete M110A1 Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (SDMR) systems to the U.S. Army.

“OSS is very honored to have been selected as the official suppressor for the Squad Designated Marksman Rifle.  Coming on the heels of our selection as the official suppressor for the Compact Semi-Automatic Sniper System (CSASS), it’s extremely gratifying to be able to deliver the superior suppression and precision these mission critical programs demand,” said John Spurrier, CEO OSS Suppressors. “OSS’s patented Flow-Through™ technology is increasingly being acknowledged by military programs around the world as the only suppression solution that allows weapon systems to run reliably while delivering exceptional sound suppression, accuracy and durability – in the most extreme conditions.”

“We’re proud and privileged to work with Heckler & Koch to support their SDMR contract and deliver this much-needed capability to every squad in the Army,” said Dennis Cunningham, Director Government Business Development and Sales.

The EL-QD 762 is a Flat Dark Earth (FDE) variant of the commercially available Helix-QD (HX-QD 762).

• Learn more about the EL-QD 762 here.

• View EL-QD 762 technology and testing White Paper here.

For more information on the SDMR contract, please visit

Savage Introduces A22 Semi-Auto Rifle with Suppressor-Ready Barrel

Thursday, September 12th, 2019

Westfield, Massachusetts – Savage now offers a new configuration of its semi- automatic 22 LR which upgrades its original A22 platform by adding a button-rifled, medium-contour barrel and threaded muzzle. Shipments of these firearms have been delivered to dealers. 

Accuracy, reliability and durability all come together in the A22 FV-SR from Savage. The new rimfire rifle features a black synthetic stock, user-adjustable AccuTrigger, reliable straight blowback action and more. 

• 22 LR straight-blowback action
• User-adjustable AccuTrigger
• 10-round rotary magazine
• 16 ½-inch, medium contour, button-rifled barrel
• Suppressor-ready muzzle with target crown
• Rugged composite stock and matte black finish on barreled action
• Two quick-detach studs
• Drilled and tapped with a one-piece Picatinny rail

Part No. / Description / MSRP 

47241 / A22 FV-SR 22 LR, 16.5-inch barrel / $349

SureFire Announces Suppressor Training Product NSNs

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is pleased to announce that National Stock Numbers (NSN) are now assigned to SureFire’s full spectrum of training products.

SF-BSD-556  NSN/ 1005-01-608-7572

Train Smarter. The SureFire Blank Safety Device not only cycles the host weapon when using blank ammunition, but is designed to safely contain up to three inadvertently fired live rounds of M855 without injuring the shooter or others. The BSD duplicates the weight, length and feel of its equivalent SureFire sound suppressor which is critical in providing realistic training value. If a live round is fired, the live round penetrates a sacraficial wall, causing sound and flash to vent from the bottom of the BSD and alerting the shooter and those around him of a problem. The SF-BSD-556 is specifically for 10.5″ barrels, such as the MK18, while the SF-BSD-556-M4 is for 14.5″ barrels. The Fast-Attach® mechanism allows for secure attachment or removal of the Blank Safety Device to SureFire compatible adapters, no tools required.

SF-TRAINER-556  NSN/ 1005-01-608-7565

SF-TRAINER-762  NSN/ 1005-01-608-7570

Train like you Fight. SureFire Suppressor Trainers are intended for use with marking cartridges (e.g. Simunition® FX®, and UTM), training ammunition (e.g. SRTA), frangible and live ammunition in a training environment. The SureFire Trainers mimic the length, weight, and attachment of SureFire SOCOM Fast-Attach® suppressors allowing warfighters to train as they would fight when participating in force on force training scenarios. Every SureFire Suppressor Trainer is made in the U.S.A.

SureFire Suppressor Division Awarded NSNs

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is pleased to announce that NATO Stock Numbers (NSN) have been assigned to the SOCOM556-RC2 Suppressor and three different SureFire muzzle devices for 5.56 mm rifles.

SOCOM556-RC2 / NSN 1005-01-668-4190

Hold the Objective. Attach the SOCOM556-RC2 to any 5.56 mm weapon system with a minimum barrel length of 10 inches, and you will. The RC2 showcases our USSOCOM contract-winning know-how in cutting-edge suppressor design, and incorporates the latest in manufacturing techniques and materials to produce the most exceptional tool of its kind. Count on it to deliver the utmost in sound, flash and dust signature reduction. Precision-built of advanced Inconel alloys and stainless steel, and CNC laser-welded for uncompromising durability, the RC2 features unique internal baffling that reduces backpressure and sound, matching supreme accuracy with extreme quiet when compared to an unsuppressed weapon. It’s the best overall suppressor in any environment.

WARCOMP-556-1/2-28 / NSN 1005-01-646-9074

Choose the Best of Both Worlds. Flash hider? Muzzle brake? The proprietary design of SureFire’s WARCOMP flash hiders/suppressor adapters provides the best attributes of both devices. WARCOMPs deliver superior flash reduction and significantly reduce muzzle rise, helping to conceal your location, preserve your dark-adapted vision and keep you on target for faster follow-up shots. They effectively eliminate more than 98% of all muzzle flash, even on short-barreled rifles, and their port direction can be optimized for virtually any shooting style. Precision-machined from U.S. mill-certified, heat-treated stainless steel bar stock, every WARCOMP includes high-precision single-point cut barrel threads for optimum thread interface. DLC coating provides maximum protection under harsh environmental conditions and facilitates cleaning even after extreme use. Surefire WARCOMPs are the best suppressor adapters in the world. Period.

SF3P-556-1/2-28 NSN 1005-01-626-8770

Hide Your Position. SureFire’s advanced SF3P three-prong flash hiders deliver superior performance with a patent-pending design that greatly reduces muzzle flash — typically greater than 99% — when compared with a plain muzzle. Available for use with a variety of rifle calibers and muzzle thread specs, they are precision-machined from U.S. mill-certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock and DLC-coated to resist erosion for consistent high performance. SF3P flash hiders feature robust tines built to withstand the rigors of combat, and every SF3P is carefully inspected for concentricity and alignment, ensuring a rock-solid mounting surface for SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® suppressors.

SFMB-556-1/2-28 NSN 1005-01-668-7486

Reign Over Recoil. SureFire SFMB muzzle brake suppressor adapters greatly reduce both recoil impulse and muzzle rise so that your weapon tracks straight back, keeping you on target for faster shot-to-shot recovery. Our proprietary Impulse Diffusion design minimizes side blast and rear-directed concussion effects. Precision machined from U.S. mill-certified heat-treated stainless steel bar stock and DLC-coated for extreme durability, they are available for a variety of weapon calibers and muzzle thread specs, and every SFMB serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire’s combat-proven SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® suppressors. The SFMB design incorporates multiple bearing surfaces to ensure superior suppressor alignment. Blind pilot holes at the 3 o’ clock and 9 o’clock positions enable fine-tuning of recoil characteristics for individual shooting styles or ammunition characteristics. Blind pilot holes at the 6 o’clock position enable indexing the adapter at the bottom dead center. All that’s required is a basic hand drill and appropriate drill bits.