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New Ownership at Ase Utra

Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Ouneva Oy has acquired full ownership of Ase Utra Oy on 10.10.2018. Ouneva Oy as the new owner of the company will continue the successful business of Ase Utra Oy in Joensuu.

The change of ownership has no effect on either company’s status or operative actions. Your contact details will remain unchanged. The new Chairman of the Board will be Mr. Mikko Nevalainen, also acting COB of Ouneva Oy. Mr. Pekka Heikkinen, CFO of Ouneva Group has been appointed to new CEO of Ase Utra Oy. Mr. Kari Hirvonen, founder of the company will continue his work within the company. In addition, Mr. Lauri Kakkonen has been appointed to sales director. Lauri is one of the founders of gun sling company 3HGR. Also Mr. Tuukka Jokinen will continue his work as a sales director.

“The strength of Ase Utra Oy is brilliant, internationally known firearm suppressor products. Ouneva Group has been actively looking such companies with solid financial figures and considerable growth prospects as an alternative for financial investments. After this merger Ouneva Group will be able to support Ase Utra Oy with production development and automation but also with marketing resources. We believe this offers a great possibility to Ase Utra Oy to grow internationally and expand for new market areas”, says Ouneva Group President Mikko Nevalainen.

Ase Utra Oy, established in 1994, located in Joensuu Finland, is one of the largest manufacturers of firearm suppressors in the world. The turnover of Ase Utra Oy in 2017 was 1,4 milj. euros and employee number 11.

Ouneva Oy, established in 1972, located in Tuupovaara Finland, is family-owned company working in areas of electrical connectors, components and sheet metal industry. Ouneva Group companies are specialized for wide range of industrial subcontracting. The turnover of Ouneva Group is around 90 million Euros in 2018 and currently employs around 595 people.

SilencerCo Releases Quietest .22 Suppressor to Hit the Market

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – September 25, 2018 – SilencerCo has unveiled a new .22 suppressor that is aimed to silence the rimfire market and to commemorate the company’s 10-year anniversary.


The Switchback 22 allows users to choose between three lengths, with the long configuration optimized for either a pistol or rifle host. As the most versatile rimfire silencer ever developed, the Switchback 22 is the first to use rocket propulsion principles. This approach to engineering results in non-intuitive baffle reversal and reduces the sound report on a .22LR rifle to an unheard-of 108 dB (with subsonic ammunition).


SilencerCo is not new to creating modular products—they blazed the market on modularity with the Salvo 12 in 2014. Two years later the Osprey Micro 22 continued the legacy of modularity. SilencerCo then successfully launched the first and only integrally suppressed 9mm pistol on the market, the Maxim 9, which supports modularity with its short and long configurations.


“Gas flow can be sped up or slowed down by tapering a bore wider or tighter,” said Jake Turnblom, SilencerCo engineer. “Cones act as a nozzle (to speed up) or a diffuser (to slow down) gases in propulsion.The effect a cone has completely flips when transitioning to or from supersonic or subsonic velocities. Using cones (by flipping them) as supersonic diffusers is what led to the discovery of improved suppression on rifles.”


Finished in raw titanium with black nitride end caps and coupler, the Switchback 22 has a MSRP of $499 and can be configured into three sizes. On a rifle, the suppressor is hearing-safe in the shortest configuration of 2.5 inches with a weight of only 3.2 oz. The medium configuration is 3.59 inches and 4.3 oz, while the long is 5.75 inches and 6.5 oz.

SilencerCo dealers will have the chance to purchase the Switchback 22 from distributors starting today. If a customer is interested in getting their hands on one, they should reach out to their local FFL/SOT.

MDM 18 – SOCOM 260-TI Suppressor

Tuesday, September 25th, 2018

SureFire displayed the new Titanium version of their 260 Suppressor. It offers a 40% weight reduction over the standard model.

Live Fire – USSOCOM Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG)

Thursday, September 20th, 2018


I recently had the opportunity to fire the newly selected USSOCOM Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG), built by SIG SAUER. It’s based on an MCX upper receiver group and is designed specifically to work with the suppressor attached. The suppressor is considered integral to the design. However, the direct thread suppressor is removable by the operator, for cleaning and maintenance. The weapon is also capable of firing without the suppressor, however there is no muzzle device. In that case, there is a gas selector, which will most often be used to deal with ammunition issues.


For the units receiving SURG, they’ll mate it to their issue M4A1 carbine lowers, giving them access to the MCX piston driven upper.


Here’s a video of me firing SURG in fully automatic mode. The upper is paired with a SIG full-auto M400 lower receiver due to availability at SIG Academy. You’ll also notice the adapter knuckle which allows the MCX upper to fit on an AR lower. Don’t take anything away from my smiling demeanor, I always look like that. And yes, it is front heavy; every firearm equipped with a suppressor shares this trait.

Although it’s not the intent, even after several magazines, the suppressor shroud could still be touched with the barehand. All the same, I don’t recommend you do this at home. Lots of variables are going to influence how hot the barrel, suppressor and shroud become and how quickly.


Instead, what this does demonstrate is that the shroud will mitigate injury and damage to equipment caused by a hot suppressor. It’s success is a combination of design and materials. There’s plenty of room for the heat to dissipate, and the Aramid cord wrap resists melting or sticking to other surfaces.


Due to SOCOM concerns, SIG is still being tight lipped about performance data, but it had to meet some very stringent selection criteria, which I went over when the upper was selected in August.


Once the SOCOM contract is fulfilled, SIG plans to offer SURG for commercial sale. However, don’t expect it to come cheap. Now Carries OSS Full Line of Suppressors

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Silencer Shop now stocking the OSS Helix-QD line of 5.56, 7.62, and Magnum suppressors.

Millcreek, UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to announce that Silencer Shop, a leading gun suppressor distribution platform with an expansive silencer selection for site visitors, this week officially announced they are carrying all current OSS Suppressors on their distribution platform.

Silencer Shop’s relationship with OSS adds to their growing list of available suppressor brands now available through the Silencer Shop. After this week, the company confirmed they are carrying 23 plus silencer brands.

“OSS Suppressors are increasingly known in the industry for their patented Flow-Through™ technology, superior performance and their growing line of Helix-QD suppressors,” said Silencer Shop spokesperson. “As a leading and premiere brand, we’re pleased to be offering an even bigger selection to our current and future clients.”

On the website, clients can choose from the popular Helix-QD suppressors in 5.56k, 5.56, 7.62, 7.62 Ti and Magnum Ti models, as well as the full line of muzzle devices and accessories.

OSS Suppressors are known for their innovative technology that delivers effective signature reduction without increasing backpressure or blowback in the weapon system. Working with gun manufacturers and military partners, OSS’s suppressors are designed to meet the highest level of performance and durability demanded by sport, law enforcement and military shooters worldwide.  “Rapidly redefining how suppressor features and performance are evaluated, Silencer Shop is delighted to add OSS’s Helix QD line to their suppressor inventory” said the spokesperson.

“OSS Suppressors is excited to offer our HX-QD line and work with Silencer Shop to make Flow-Through™ suppression more accessible to dealers and consumers nation-wide” said Chris Estadt, VP Sales and Marketing at OSS. “Silencer Shop’s innovations in the market and their dedication to protect the health and safety of people who enjoy the shooting sports are remarkable. OSS Suppressors looks forward to working with them and other industry leaders to make suppressors more readily available and easier to purchase.”

OSS’s talented R&D and engineering team design and manufacture their suppressors in Millcreek, Utah. Each OSS suppressor passes intensive quality control prior to shipping including test firing prior to assure that it meets suppression and precision performance.

First Look – USSOCOM’s New Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG) from SIG SAUER

Thursday, August 2nd, 2018

Late last week, the United States Special Operations Command announced they had awarded SIG SAUER a $49 million contract for Suppressed Upper Receiver Groups for the M4A1 weapon.

Here is the first photograph of the SURG in the wild. The SURG components are mounted to a generic AR-style lower receiver.


Based on the SOCOM requirement, SURG includes a 5.56mm NATO upper receiver group (URG) composed of upper receiver, barrel, operating system assembly and bolt/carrier assembly along with a sound suppressor (may be integral with barrel), operators manual and maintenance manual. In addition to the URG itself, candidate systems could include a folding stock if the operating system didn’t require use of the lower receiver extension, buffer and action spring.

As we can see here, SIG went a different direction than most and used an MCX piston driven upper with detachable suppressor and an MCX folding stock. As part of SURG, SOCOM will receive the folding stock and knuckle adapter for use with existing M4A1 lowers. The suppressor is covered with some sort of aramid-based mesh to protect the hand of the operator. When you get to the performance specs below, you’ll understand why this is so significant.

I’m now going to go over some of the requirements for SURG so you can see how SIG (and the other candidates) had to perform to win this solicitation.

SOCOM stipulated that SURG could be no more than 25.5 inches in length but that they preferred a system that was no more than 21.0 inches. The barrel has to be at least 11.5 inches in length and the weapon can’t weigh more than 7.0 pounds, but the preferred weight is just 4.5 pounds. It also needed to be Coyote 498 in color.

The real meat of the requirement is in the suppressor performance. First off, a SURG equipped M4A1 has to be optimized to fire the M855A1 and the MK318 MOD0 / MOD1 cartridges and be able to do so reliably for at least 1200 rounds without lubrication. Obviously, they also didn’t want anything that could vibrate loose. While the suppressor must be rebuildable, only one component of the suppressor has to be serialized but that part had to last the lifetime of an M4A1 lower receiver (125,000 rounds). The rebuildable components need to last at least 15,000 rounds but SOCOM further challenged industry to make them last for 20,000 rounds.

Additionally, a SURG equipped M4A1 shall not exceed 140 dB ten shot average sound pressure level at shooter’s ear during barrel life minimum (15,000 rounds).

In the past I’ve mentioned the so-called SOCOM suppressor torture or stress test. The SURG equipped M4A1 has to withstand at least 6 complete cycles of the firing schedule seen below below using MK318 MOD0 / MOD1 ammunition with SURG allowed cooling to 120°F after each cycle. However, SOCOM was hoping to complete 20 cycles.


The weapon firing MK318 MOD1 for 5 groups of 10 rounds each suppressed, has to average over the 5 groups no more than 1.50 MOA Extreme Spread (ES) beyond the ammunition Lot Acceptance Test (LAT) average ES at 300 yards. Also, it has to maintain a maximum ES Average of 1.50 MOA over LAT using MK318 MOD0 / MOD1 ammunition from 0 to 10,000 rounds fired.

In addition to that stress test, SURG has to prevent operator contact or sustained contact burns from the suppressor (or equivalent) through 1 layer of standard military duty uniform material after firing 210 rounds in 7 minutes at a rate of 1 round every 2 seconds ± 0.2 seconds. A contact burn will be defined as a peak temperature over 160°F in 1 second of contact. A sustained contact burn will be defined as a peak temperature over 160°F in 5 seconds of contact.

These stringent requirements, combining suppression, reliability, accuracy service life, and operator protection were very challenging for industry. It took three tries at bat for the SURG program to finally select a system. In the two earlier attempts, none of the systems could meet all of the program’s objectives. Kudos to SIG for putting together a winning system.

ASA – Raffle for Hudson H9 Pistol & Rugged Obsidian 9 Suppressor Including $200 Transfer Tax

Monday, July 30th, 2018

Ticket Sales end on July 31st @ 11:59pm EDT

Hudson Manufacturing, Rugged Suppressors, and Silencer Shop are teaming up with the ASA to bring you an opportunity to win one of the summer’s hottest (and quietest) setups: a Hudson H9 pistol with their new factory threaded barrel, a Rugged Obsidian 9 modular suppressor and payment of the $200 transfer tax courtesy of Silencer Shop!

As the only organization that’s dedicated to enacting pro-suppressor reform across the country, every dollar raised is another dollar that supports our work. Buy a ticket today and help us fight for your right to protect your hearing!

For full contest rules and to purchase tickets, visit Ticket sales end July 31st at 11:59pm EDT. Drawing will be held August 1 at 5:00pm EST.

The ASA is a 501(c)(6) industry trade association. Contributions or gifts to the American Suppressor Association, including raffle tickets, are not tax deductible.

USSOCOM Awards SIG SAUER $48 Mil for Suppressed Upper Receiver Group

Sunday, July 29th, 2018

The Department of Defense has announced that USOCOM selected SIG SAUER to provide SURG.

Sig Sauer Inc., Newington, New Hampshire, was awarded a $48,000,000 five-year, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, firm-fixed-price contract for the acquisition of the Suppressed Upper Receiver Group (SURG).  The SURG weapon is an upgrade of the M4A1 lower receiver group in support of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Procurement Division.  Fiscal 2018 procurement funds in the amount of $24,620 are being obligated at the time of award.  The majority of the work will be performed in Newington, New Hampshire, and is expected to be completed by July 2023.  This contract was awarded through full and open competition.  USSOCOM headquarters, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, is the contracting activity (H92430-18-D-0005).

SURG is a 5.56mm, integrally suppressed upper receiver. Despite assertions to the contrary on other websites, this is not a SIG Rattler kit.

However, there an entirely different program to offer a Personal Defense Weapon upper in .300. Earlier this year, SOCOM purchased a handful of SIG upper receiver systems to inform the requirement. Expect SOCOM to release a solicitation in FY19.

SURG asked industry to keep the handguard cool enough to handle even after firing the SOCOM suppressor torture test with M855A1. Several companies took up the challenge but experienced various issues.