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SPARTANAT – RangePack – iMessage Sticker Pack

Friday, April 21st, 2017

Range Pack

The “RangePack” is an iMessage Sticker Pack for iOS devices made by TACTICALMEASUREMENTS known from their first app MyRPM. It contains useful stickers for the use at the range. This variety of different calibers, targets and sights are allowing you an easy communication with your friends at the range, your gunsmith or local gun dealer. Just DRAG the sticker into your conversation or on a picture, a other sticker or just to show or point something out. The “RangePack” is an iMessage Sticker Pack for iOS devices made by TACTICALMEASUREMENTS known MyRPM.

Range Pack 2

How it works

After downloading the iMessage Sticker Pack called “RangePack” from the App Store it shows up in your iMessenger. After opening the iMessenger presse the Application button to open your iMessage Sticker Packs and select the RangePack. “explain” – Take a picture of your target, mark your shots and show your problem/score to your friend or gunsmith.

Range Pack 3

RANGEPACK on Facebook: www.facebook.com/iOSRANGEPACK
RANGEPACK on Instagram: www.instagram.com/rangepack
RANGEPACK on iTunes: appsto.re/at/WFEeib.i



TacApps – US Army’s PS Magazine Gets An App

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

The Army has relied on PS, The Preventive Maintenance Monthly (known as PS Magazine) since 1951 to publish a monthly technical bulletin small enough for Soldiers to carry in their uniform pockets. The magazine delivers concise maintenance information, reports on changes in national stock numbers for repair parts, and sometimes preventive maintenance information that is not yet available in other technical publications.

MSG Half-Mast McCanick shares some PS Magazine facts.

PS Magazine has printed 767 issues in 65 years. But today, the magazine’s readers prefer mobile media over printed publications. That is why PS Magazine has created a mobile app to connect with readers.

The app was demonstrated during the Spring Association of the United States Army symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, where readers were able to access PDFs of January 2014 through March 2016 issues through Apple and Android mobile apps. In June, interactive issues from March through June were added, and issues continue to be added to the app as they are published. The PDF issues within the app load to digital devices much faster than the PDFs from the magazine’s website. Links to URLs and email addresses for points of contact are active, and some articles link to videos.

Information that needs to get to the field fast will be in the app’s hot topics within days of its availability. Other resources that contain long-lasting, useful information, such as ground and aviation guide signals, will be available in app resources.

During the Army’s numerous deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, maintenance was often a task performed by civilian contractors. This freed up mechanics and maintainers to increase unit combat power. Now units are spending more time at their home stations, and maintenance is once again the task of the Soldiers who are trained as mechanics, armorers, and communication repairers.

Mid-grade Soldiers may not have much experience in their maintenance specialties. Their company and battalion commanders may not have held weekly battalion maintenance meetings. The Army is pushing to bring maintenance back as a fundamental task for operators, unit maintainers, senior noncommissioned officers, warrant officers, lieutenants, and commanders.

The goal of unit maintenance and sustainment actions is operational readiness, equipment availability, Soldier safety, and maintenance cost reductions. Company and battalion commanders must wrestle with maintenance daily and report on it monthly. Maintenance occurs despite the unit training, formations, taskers from higher headquarters, and the awards, promotions, and disciplinary actions that enhance esprit de corps and unit cohesion. The Army helps maintainers by providing technical manuals (TMs) and bulletins, lubrication orders, modification work orders, and safety of use messages.

However, commanders cannot read all of the TMs for their units’ weapons, vehicles, gear, and equipment. For many maintainers, the length of an operator-level TM is daunting. Further exasperating the efforts of Soldiers returning to a maintenance environment are out-of-date technical publications for which print funding is unavailable.

Worse, some publications have incorrect or missing information. Additionally, Army equipment TMs can be complex. Besides electrical, drive train, and engine components of a vehicle chassis, a separate TM may be required for the main weapon system.

While the magazine is reducing the number of copies it prints, there are no immediate plans to cease printing the publication.

Anecdotal comments by general officers tell us that PS Magazine played an essential role in helping them when they served as platoon leaders and company commanders. Some would read the magazine and then use the information to inspect unit equipment, leaving mechanics to wonder how their leaders knew so much. Others have insisted that operators and maintainers read the magazine not only to help them in their current work but also as a continuing education opportunity.

Experienced maintainers know preventive maintenance cannot be done by memory. Hidden lube points are often overlooked, and there are things that look like lube points but are not supposed to be lubed. There are also drain plugs that should be open sometimes, but not other times. Getting the right tension for tracks on combat vehicles requires specific procedures so that the track is not too loose or too tight.

TMs have more specific information in them than PS Magazine could publish in a year. Nevertheless, the magazine is a tool that can help keep your maintenance know-how current, your equipment running, and your passengers and cargo safe. And Soldiers will find PS to be an easy read; it is direct, concise, and often humorous.

PS Magazine is a tool that belongs in your toolkit. Its information is official and has been approved by equipment proponents. In print or in the mobile app, PS Magazine can go with you wherever you go. The mobile app is available in the Apple App Store and through Google Play.

Jonathan W. Pierce is the supervisory editor of PS Magazine. He holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Maryland and a master’s of fine arts degree in creative writing from Wilkes University. He is a retired Army master sergeant and a graduate of the Defense Information School Basic Journalism Course, Newspaper Editors Course, and Intermediate Photojournalism Course.

This article was published in the November-December 2016 issue of Army Sustainment magazine.

SPARTANAT: MyRPM App By Tactical Measurements

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Tacmeasurments Begin

“Pew! Pew! Pew!”, everyone wants that. And like with techno music, everyone wants to know how fast the beat booms. “Beats per minute” is the correct term for that in music, “Rounds per minute” in the military. And that‘s exactly the name of the new App by TACTICALMEASUREMENTS: MyRPM. It will be released on the 31st of January and is available for Download on the Google Play Store. A version for iOS is already on the way. We from SPARTANAT have already been on a shooting range – and let our guns rattle.

Tacmeasurments 1

That‘s the sound of music… To generate the tunes that are analyzed by MyRPM we have used two boom boxes: a M16 and a MP5. In the photo above you can see the magazine with 5.56 ammunition. The second magazine – not in the picture – is much slimmer and is filled with 9mm ammunition.

Tacmeasurments 2

And that’s our measurement device. Up to now the measurement of the Rate Of Fire has been complicated and inconvenient with special hardware required – expensive and with varying accuracy. With MyRPM everything works on a smartphone. The App is activated by pressing a button. We will explain the rest to you in a jiffy – it pays off to watch the video. It shows how astonishingly simple it is to measure the Rate Of Fire.

Tacmeasurments 3

…3, 2, 1 – record. Whilst getting you firearm in the shooting position, a countdown allows you to get ready for the measurement. MyRPM can be used in- & outdoors. Keep in mind that wind, voices and other shots should be avoided during a measurement.

Tacmeasurments 4

Rock‘n‘Roll! – Like you can see in the video, this is the sound of a M16. When you are satisfied, just press Stop or use the automatic record timer. A few seconds are enough to achieve a result.

Tacmeasurments 5

Now you can proceed to the analysis: First, the record taken by MyRPM is documented. The sequence is displayed in a graph and can be saved for further use.

Tacmeasurments 6

But first of all the concrete result is of interest: 756 Rounds Per Minute are fired by this american boomstick.

Tacmeasurments 7

Data saved until infinity: The result can be saved effortlessly. That‘s interesting because it helps the user to check how different types of ammunition affect the Rate Of Fire of his gun. The powerful algorithm of MyRPM makes it possible…

Tacmeasurments 8

That’s the result of the MP5 with the used ammunition next to it. Also taking this measurement was uncomplicated and fast, precise and effortless.

MyRPM is an affordable and reliable tool  for gunsmiths, marksmen and everyone who wants to know more about their firearm. It shouldn’t be missing on any smartphone. It´s an affordable and reliable tool that allows you to analyze and control your weapon system. We are excited about what´s coming next from TACTICALMEASUREMENTS. 

MyRPM is available on Android in two versions (iOS is coming soon): 

– MyRPM – Limited functionality (save max. 3 results, contains ads). The free version gives everyone the possibility to try out the product.

– MyRPM Pro – Full functionality. The full version allows you to save as many results as you want and you are not getting bothered by ads. The full version is available for just $ 20.99.


Article by SPARTANAT: spartanat.com

ADS Inc Presents – Kopis Mobile On Military Apps

Monday, December 5th, 2016

In preparing for a recent blog post entitled, “Assessing the Need for Operational Apps in the Warfighter Community” ADS spoke with local defense technology company Kopis Mobile to discuss both commercially available mobile apps as well as custom military themed apps. Designed to save time and increase productivity, a quality app is also intuitive and easy-to-use.

Kopis Mobile not only specializes in designing and manufacturing custom apps, but they also offer app-enabled equipment, often integrating existing commercial technologies. Their success is based in their keen understanding of military requirements, from a programmatic as well as end-user standpoint, combined with the agility only a small, focused business, can offer. I’ve known the guys from Kopis going back over a dozen years, to my time at SOCPAC and later, after retirement with Blackwater and Mav6. They’ve introduced some very cool capabilities.

Read the whole thing at adsinc.com/operational-apps amd learn what apps can do for your mission.

Victor App: Veteran Resource Provider On Indiegogo

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016

Victor is a project currently on crowdfunding site Indiegogo created by USMC-Veteran Greg Jumes, and is a Veteran-focused mobile app that is designed to assist with the transition from service to civilian life. It might be a bit simplistic to refer to Victor as social media for soon-to-be and recently-discharged servicemembers, but in a way it functions in a very similar manner. Those utilizing the Victor app can research communities and reach out to others to begin the planning stages of their post-military life, including seeking out Veteran-friendly businesses and active job listings looking to hire Veteran employees.


Desert Tech Relases The New TRASOL Ballistic App

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

Trasol Horizontal White Logo with Light Gray

West Valley City, UT – August 30, 2016 – Desert Tech has announced the full release of the TRASOL ballistic app complete with Heads-Up Display (HUD).

disply options

TRASOL is the first ballistic application to incorporate Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology. By using your mobile device’s built-in camera and onboard sensors, TRASOL allows users to point their device at their target and automatically generate extremely accurate ballistic solutions. 

The HUD environment has highly intuitive drag and drop tools for quick input of range, wind speed/direction, and the device’s sensors automatically input atmospheric data.  The HUD also allows tracking of moving targets to provide very accurate lead solutions.  Lastly, the photo/video capturing capability allows you to log your shots easily and share them with your friends.

ballistic solution

HUD Features:

A) Auto-sensing technology
B) Moving target tracking
C) Photo/video capturing with image zoom
D) Photo/video sharing

TRASOL was developed for precision shooters who rely on first round hit accuracy to 1500 meters and beyond. Desert Tech has developed new ballistic algorithms that reshape predictive flight curves to align with Doppler radar data, and accurately predicts the change in Ballistic co-efficiency through the flight of the bullet. TRASOL provides the most accurate ballistic trajectory predictions available.

Trasol calculates for bullet stability & spin drift, coriolis, density altitude, multi-wind bands, and rifle cant. Trasol also features cold bore tracking, tracking of zero settings, and field condition zero profile tracking.

Available for download on Google Play and iTunes.

Please visit www.Deserttech.com.

Kopis Mobile – FastForm Apps

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


Well, it is not exactly like the one in Back To The Future. It won’t really transport you through time, but it will give you tons of time you never had. The warfighter has plenty of bullets, beans and boots, but what they don’t have enough of is time to deal with the ever-increasing mountain of administrative tasks on their plates.

Most senior officers think that because of digitization, their troops are getting more productive because of less paperwork. Actually the opposite is happening. Despite all of the digitization, they now have more paperwork than ever. Research conducted by the American Action Forum revealed a 47.8% increase in just the last 20 years alone.

Kopis is helping give time back to the warfighter with their family of FastForm Apps. Produced about a year ago, FastForm 1306 is a mobile system that significantly cuts down the time it takes to create jump manifests. It digitally manifests a jumper quickly and generates a 100% accurate jump manifest form for the jumpmaster. http://4ksolutions.com/4k-supports-paratroopers-at-fort-bragg/

The just released FastForm Readiness app is a time and money saver as well. It tracks individual warfighter’s medical, dental and OER/NCOER. The app provides senior leaders with instant notifications if a qualification is about to lapse or already has and creates the form DA Form 1379. Among its many features, it generates an email that can be sent to the warfighter notifying them what the deficiency is, how to fix it and what will happen if it is not taken care of. It can also create and send emails to chow halls and billeting offices to cancel reservations so charges aren’t incurred for not showing up, saving an organization thousand of dollars annually.

These two products, and all of Kopis’s other products for that matter, were created via their proprietary diagnostic system. Their engineers and SMEs spend a few days interviewing multiple levels of leadership in a military organization in order to discover what their pain points are. They then produce software and/or hardware that will help reduce inefficiencies and generate cost savings. With this approach, Kopis puts the warfighter at the center of their product development and gives them direct input into the products they ultimately end up with.

For more information about Kopis products or their diagnostic system, contact them at info@kopismobile.com or call 866-535-1985.


Panteao Videos Now Available On Apple TV

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Panteao Apple TV

Columbia, SC, February 15, 2016 – Panteao Productions is happy to announce the launch of the much anticipated Panteao Make Ready Channel on Apple TV. With Apple TV, Panteao now has the Trifecta of streaming platforms, bringing the Panteao videos directly to subscribers’ televisions on Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

When Panteao first launched streaming content from the Panteao website in May 2011, the only option was to watch the Panteao videos directly from the Panteao website on a desktop or laptop computer. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds in the past five years and Panteao has continued to expand the platforms that subscribers can benefit from. First there were the Apple and Android mobile apps. They give subscribers the opportunity to watch our content on their phones and tablets anywhere they want. The launch of our Roku Channel in August 2015 bridged the gap between computers and mobile devices, introducing televisions. With the addition of Amazon Fire TV and now Apple TV, subscribers have many ways to enjoy our content.

Panteao offers a monthly subscription as well as a 3-month, 6-month, and a yearly subscription. Subscribers have access to over 30 instructors and all the video content Panteao offers as often as you want, whenever you want. More videos are added on a regular basis, expanding the amount of content subscribers have access to. Yearly subscribers (domestic customers only) also receive a free one year membership to the National Rifle Association and a choice of one of their magazines.

While training online does not replace actual trigger time on the range, it is an excellent supplement to a class. Instructional videos can prepare you for what an instructor is going to present as well as serve as a refresher of what you learned when it’s months later.

The unfortunate reality of training is the majority of firearms owners do not seek it out. Whether it’s because of a lack of ranges nearby, the cost of attending a class, or the inability to take time away from work or family. Some may even feel they simply don’t need it. Whatever the reason (or excuse) it doesn’t change the fact that firearm handling skills do not come by simply purchasing the firearm and reading about an instructor and his/her drills in your favorite gun magazine. If you are lucky enough to take a class, will you be able to afford another? What about that carbine class you want to take but the trip to Disney with the wife and kids is coming up? Or the braces little Johnnie needs? Every firearm owner should be seeking out formal training with a qualified instructor on the range, but most never will.

Then there is the seemingly endless flood of supposed firearms experts releasing videos on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. Many are a walking liability waiting for an accident to happen. It’s hard to filter the nonsense from the true firearms instructors on the net. The vetting process doesn’t exist. Anyone with a video camera and a social media account can portray themselves as a firearms expert. With Panteao, you are presented with top instructors who have been vetted. Their backgrounds are legitimate and they are considered to be among the best in their circles.

With Panteao’s Make Ready with the Experts Series you have no excuse. Start learning proper firearms safety and gun handling skills from the best. Then go to the range for some trigger time. No excuses.

For more information on the Panteao streaming video subscriptions, visit: panteao.com/subscribe-now.