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TYR Tactical Urban Gunfighter Course Supports Missouri Law Enforcement

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Recently, I had the opportunity to observe portions of a special training course presented by TYR Tactical for members of the Missouri Law Enforcement community. The lead instructor was Dan Brokos. He’s still on active duty, but has done some work for Viking Tactics over the past few years. You may have also heard of the Brokos Belt which was created by him. He’s very knowledgeable and very approachable.

It’s important to note that this is not an open enrollment course but rather presented at no cost to LE by TYR Tactical. Consequently, I’m not going to get into the details about what went on during the training. Instead, I’ll stick to generalities. Additionally, all of these men are currently on the job and I want to respect that. However, I will tell you that the training was hosted at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office Firing Range near Lake of the Ozarks. It’s beautiful country and a well maintained range complex, but with it situated in a bowl, the temps were in the upper 90s.

After a quick discussion about his background, along with that of his AI (I should be introducing him to all of you soon), Brokos went over range safety and particularly how it related to the upcoming two days of training. Day one was carbine and day two was pistol in the morning, with an afternoon wrapup of mixed pistol and carbine work. Dan Brokos will tell you that there’s no one way to do things, although he concentrates on sharing his 26 years of military experience and those proven techniques which have been honed by US SOF over the past 15 years. There are no fads here or questionable tactics. Everything he teaches has been validated on the two-way range. &

Interestingly, the attendees came from several agencies, with different backgrounds, and varying degrees of experience. Most were armed with .223 AR-15 type weapons from a variety of manufacturers, with one agency’s officers outfitted with MP-5s. Pistols were primarily GLOCKs with a mixture of .40 and 9mm. Naturally, their equipment was just as varied. As an aside, fallout from the Ferguson situation continues to set in. For example, there’s a push in Missouri, at least at the state level, to transition SWAT from MultiCam and OD to Black because it is less militaristic.

Next, Brooks talked about the advantages of a 50m zero and the class dove right in, getting it quickly out of the way. Next up was barricades. Brokos demonstrated each event and then had the students run through before introducing a competitive element, whether individual or team races against one another or the clock. While time is a factor, hits in the A-zone are what counts. He also insists students shoot from both strong and weak sides and reinforces effective use of barricades as shooting platforms in his drills.

One point I’ll share is that Brokos puts students in shooting positions, particularly during the vehicle phase, which will require most to shoot with one eye closed. Those same positions, which are variations of ‘brokeback’, require the student to consider how to best stabilize the weapon, be it carbine or pistol. His focus is on offensive action, delivering effective fire, and maneuver. Maneuver, that means moving.

Technically, the Urban Gunfighter Course is an extension of TYR’s Innovate or Die Tour. This means, in addition to the training, TYR brought out their mobile showroom to the range. This was great for several reasons. First off, it was hot and humid, so the showroom was a great spot to cool off during lunch. Second, it allowed students to check out the latest gear and ask questions of David Rice, a recently retired LEO and head of LE sales at TYR.

For those of you unfamiliar, the TYR Tactical Mobile Showroom is a custom 44’ trailer, designed to travel across the country for customer outreach. For the first time, customers have a hands-on experiences with TYR Tactical Pouches, Body Armor, Belts, Revere K9 Products and Huron Clothing and Packs. They also get a chance to view products before their release and provide feedback on existing products.

For upcoming TYR Tactical Innovate or Die Tour dates and locations visit:

Want to setup a tour stop or class for your department? Contact TYR’s Innovate or Die Tour Coordinator, Josh Jones. or call TYR Tactical HQ at 623-240-1400.

Tyler Grey Joins Aztec Training Services

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Aztec Training Services has announced that Tyler Grey has joined its roster of instructors. Tyler is a combat wounded Veteran who has served as an member of the US Army 75th Ranger Regiment as well as a Sniper and an Assaulter in the US Army’s premier special operations unit. He is engaged in various Veteran causes and is a highly sought after instructor as well as an entertainment industry consultant.  Plus, he’s an all around nice guy.

(yes, the gear is too clean because it was a studio shoot)

BeaverFit – Training Plates and Carrier

Monday, September 12th, 2016

BeaverFit was founded by Tom Beaver in 2010 who created what is essentially a gym-in-a-box to facilitate functional fitness for deployed British military personnel. Since then, they’ve picked up some international business (including America and Australia) and created a wide variety of fitness equipment. Their latest offering are training plates which mimic the form of actual ballistic plates but are intended for use in non-ballistic training such as lifting, runs and road marches.  The plates can be had in curved (£150) or flat (£60) configurations.  The plates weigh 5 kg each.  The curved version incorprate Cerakote to the plate from rust and 10mm neoprene at the rear for use while working out.  The flat plates are 10mm thick and offer powder coat protection.


BeaverFit it has been working with C2R and also offers a complimentary Plate Carrier. Available in MultiCam and MultiCam Black, it is made from laser cut 500D Cordura and Hypalon, weighing .5 kg. Additionally, the Plate Carrier is outfitted with a removable Hypalon three magazine carrier,along with three .5 kg training weights to simulate magazines.  The Carrier is offered alone or with two 5 kg BeaverFit training plates.  


Mount Up: Trails Found

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

This is the first in a special series by our friends at Breach-Bang-Clear on Trails Found and SF Vet Jim Grasky. This is some great stuff.

Around this time in 1965 Jim Grasky was a young Special Forces soldier in Vietnam. About this time in 1970 he was a the squadleader for a team of smoke-jumpers parachuting in to fight remote wildfires. For about a quarter century after that he was a Border Patrolman. In about two weeks he’ll be teaching a small crew of media how to track, ride and maneuver on horseback in the back country of Arizona.

It’s the same thing he’s been teaching to USSOCOM and other organizations for years through his school, Trails Found, which is one reason why we’ll be using this event to promote SOC-F (Special Operations Care Fund). Grasky, who was a combat engineer with 8th SFG half a century ago, is now past 80. Most of his students could be his great grand-children, but few of them can keep pace with him. He is generally considered to be one of the best trackers on the continent, and not surprisingly is as adept a mounted tracker as he is tactically savvy when it comes to mounted operations.

Jim and his students will be working in the Dragoon Mountains and around Cochise’s Stronghold during the event, which was the brainchild of Breach-Bang-Clear. They’ll be providing Soldier Systems Daily with updates, reports and equipment reviews from their time on the ground there.

Watch for #trailsfound16 in your social media feed for additional details.

More to follow.

Autonomous Alloys – Digital Steel Smart Target System On Indiegogo

Wednesday, August 17th, 2016


Back in late June, we featured a release on Autonomous Alloys and their Digital Steel Smart Target System. The full details are in the original article, but for a quick refresher: the Autonomous Alloys targets are intended for use with pistol caliber and rimfire cartridges, featuring a magnetic reset and multi-colored backlit light bar for shooter feedback, as well as an onboard wireless system which lets multiple targets sync up for a variety of programmable training and game modes.

Since then, Autonomous Alloys has set up a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which at the time of writing has amassed over 140% of its stated $100,000 minimum funding goal. While the project has met its goal, there’s still plenty of time, if this project interests you, to support it.

For further details, and to fund the campaign, visit

Introducing ‘Greyman’, a New Webseries

Friday, August 12th, 2016

My friend Tyler Grey has a new series called, ‘Greyman’. It is presented by CCW Safe and produced in conjunction with Larry Vickers. Below, he talks about what you can expect.

Countdown to the 2017 Defoor Proformance Training Schedule

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

I just got this note from Kyle Defoor.

Our complete 2017 open enrollment schedule will be posted around 0200 Zulu Friday July 29.

For the past two years we have sold out of every class and had full waiting lists months out from the actual class dates. This year we strived to get the full schedule out at one time and early to allow everyone an equal chance to grab a slot. Luckily, due to an election year, almost all of our mil/LE/ and gov clients scheduled 2017 training early as well so we are one month ahead of schedule.

In 2016 I added a much needed medical block to all OE classes and it has been met with great enthusiasm and success. In 2010 we added a mindset brief that has become part of who we are. Once again next year we are adding more value to the classes by conducting combatives in each class to go with the firearm being taught. To us this is welcome and timely. Along with mindset and basic medical we all here at DPS feel these are interconnected skills for our target audience and should be taught together. In the past, this wasn’t possible but just as a shooter gets better with practice and gear changes over time I and my crew have gotten better and learned how to teach more effectively. Having over 1000 students a year for a 5 years in a row does that.

Students will again see and experience direct feedback from our contracted work in regards to how we are able to fit in these additional subjects and still maintain the shooting curriculum we have become known for. Yes there are longer hours but we think everyone will appreciate the effort and knowledge spread from the ten thousand hands that came before us.

Me and the boys look forward to training with all those who choose to burn some quality reps with us in 2017. Thank you to all those that follow, support, train with, and allow us the opportunity.

Kyle Defoor

Are You Cleaning Your Carbine The Army Way?

Sunday, July 24th, 2016

In this video, from the Army Marksmanship Unit, SSG Michael Howard, shows you how to perform maintenance the Army way.