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Tuesday, July 30th, 2019

B&T displayed their 9mm APC9K, recently adopted by the US Army as the new Sub Compact Weapon. So far, 10 weapons have been delivered and an order for the remainder of the initial procurement of 350 APC9Ks should be soon. Ultimately, the Army requires about 1,000 SCWs for the requirement outlined below.

The SCW requirement arose from the Military Police. United States military operations take place worldwide and in all types of terrains as well as under every environmental condition. The Secretary of the Army and/or the Chief of Staff approves senior commanders and key personnel as High Risk Personnel (HRP). HRPs are authorized a Personal Security Detail (PSD), which are assigned to guard against outlined threats. To address this operational need, PSD military personnel require weapons with greater lethality than pistols that are more concealable than rifles. The ultimate objective of this program was to acquire a highly concealable Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) system capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal force while accurately firing at close range with minimal collateral damage.

Although it’s seen here equipped with an Aimpoint ACRO Red Dot Sight, there’s no word on which, if any, optical sight the US Army will use. They do however, come equipped with backup iron sights.

There is a great deal of interest in the SCW by federal law enforcement. Interestingly, B&T can provide lower receivers which accept GLOCK or SIG P320 magazines, rather than the proprietary B&T magazines seen here.

TRIGGRCON 19 – Mission First Tactical

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Mission First Tactical showed their new trays, just launched on their website today.

They’re highly durable and available in several patterns. The smaller compartment fits my iPhone 8+ perfectly.

TRIGGRCON 19 – T-Mag AR-15 +3 Baseplate by Taylor Freelance

Monday, July 29th, 2019

Taylor Freelance makes accessories for competitive shooters like their T-Mag AR-15 +3 Baseplate.

It not adds three extra rounds to a Magpul M3 PMAG, but it also serves as a non-skid platform for shooting off of the bipod. The curve makes it easy to quickly adjust rifle elevation.

Additionally, the design incorporates a built-in tab to facilitate reloads from a pouch.

Available in Red, Aluminum, Black and Blue as well as with a coupler kit to attach two together.

TRIGGRCON 19 – Sun Optics USA

Monday, July 29th, 2019

CMC Triggers purchased Sun Optics USA and is completely revamping the line. Right from the get go, they’ll acknowledge that these are value priced optics. While they’re introducing a new line of variable power optics, they also have three new Red Dot Optics.

Firs off are the RAID Micro and Wide Angle RDOs. Both offer a 2 MOA dot with 11 brightness and 3 Night Vision settings. The Micro has a 26mm lens and the Wide Angle 30mm.

The Micro boasts 50,000 hours due to a Rheostat switch and the Wide Angle and 40,000 due to digital push button controls. They use a 2032 battery.

They feature a cast aluminum housing and both models come with Absolute, Lower 1/3 and Low mounts.

There is also an unnamed pistol RDO coming from Sun Optics.

TRIGGRCON 19 – Combat Curve Trigger From CMC Triggers

Monday, July 29th, 2019

During TRIGGRCON, CMC Triggers released the new Combat Curve Trigger. It’s a Drop in model, offered in Semi and Full auto configurations as well as single and two-stage. It will be available in any trigger weight currently offered by CMC Triggers. Look for it in four to six weeks.

TRIGGRCON 19 – GEN 12 from Genesis Arms – 12 GA Upper Receiver for AR10

Monday, July 29th, 2019

The GEN-12 from Genesis Arms is a 12 ga upper receiver group for use with DPMS 308AR (gen1) lowers.

The short recoil operates as a delayed blowback with the barrel actually moving each time it is fired, like on a GLOCK. You can see the guide for the barrel in the end of the handguard. They are currently developing a standoff system for use as a breaching shotgun.

The reciprocating charging handle is on the right side of the receiver.

In addition to the upper, they provide a reliability package with beefed up springs for the bolt catch and magazine release.

Due to the operating system, the lower can be fitted with a folding stock.


The GEN 12 uses proprietary magazines. Five round versions are currently available, but they are working on a 10 rounder. The biggest issue was working out the curve shape for a smooth feed.

Here, you can see the follower.

TRIGGRCON 19 – HKPDW Pistol Stabilizing Brace by SB Tactical

Saturday, July 27th, 2019

SB Tactical has introduced a 3-position, telescoping, Stabilizing Brace for HK PDW pistol’s.

Manufactured from 6061 hard-coat anodized aluminum adapter, steel rods, and incorporates an integral QD sling socket.

TRIGGRCON 19 – Limitless Gear Rocket MC-R Mag Carrier

Saturday, July 27th, 2019

Limitless Gear is back, with the new Rocket MC-R Magazine Carrier. PALS compatible, they can also be stacked.

With the new owners, comes a new price. It’s almost a $10 price reduction than before. Soon most dealers will be selling this product for $18.95.

Offered in Grey, Black, FDE, and OD Green. Made in Bozeman, MT USA.