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Warrior Expo 2017 – MATBOCK OsteoFX

Friday, July 14th, 2017

MATBOCK is now offering the OsteoFX cast system. It’s FDA approved and reimbursibke through Medicare and Medicaid.

Application is simple, offering a 40% reduction in application time over traditional cast systems. Also, OsteoFX can be used most anywhere, including austere areas. You roll the inner material unto the affected limb, wet the outer material, roll it into place, and you have five minutes to make any adjustments before it begins to harden. The material cures as it air dries, fully cured in 15 min. Even better, you can get it wet, like showering or even swimming and the cast won’t compromise while allowing the skin underneath to dry and breathe.

Warrior East 2017 – Juggernaut IMPCT Case

Friday, July 14th, 2017

The Juggernaut IMPCT is the lightest weight case they’ve ever built. Designed for use with the S8, S8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, it features a simple, snap-in floor plate with optional rubber gasket for those times you need to protect the connectors from ingress.

It is also compatible with Juggernaut’s line of mounts.

Although it was designed for LE and ruggedized industry, a wide variety of others will want them as well with pricing below $50.

Warrior East 2017 – Thales Body Conformal Antenna

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Thales developed this Body Conformal Antenna as part of the Soldier Radio program.

It is PALS compatible and the Antenna whip will bend on one axis to conform to your kit. It is safety certified for use worn against the human body and weighs just 9oz.  The Antenna works in 225-450 MHz, 1250-1390 MHz and 1755-1850 MHz. The gain while body worn is -10 to -4 dBi and -5 to 1 dBi in free space. The VSWR < 3.0 for more than 95% of freqs, max < 3.5.

Warrior East 2017 – Beyond A5 Rig ULT Jacket

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Making its debut at Warrior East is the A5 Rig ULT Jacket from Beyond.

Made of the lightest weight Tweave Durastretch, it is the same block as the popular A5 Stretch Alpha, just without the insulation.  Available in a variety of colors including Manatee (seen here).

Warrior East 2017 – Massif FR Field Shirt and Pant

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Massif developed this Field Shirt and Pant for AFSOC and worked with the user community to include the features we’ll go over.

It’s made from a MultiCam print, SIGMA 4 Star which is an amazingly comfortable, yet durable, Kevlar and Nomex blend.

The Shirt features a two pocket layout with Velcro for rank at the center of the chest and two strips above the pockets for name and branch of service strips.

Each pocket consists of two compartments. The outer compartment features a flap and the inner compartment is accessed through a vertical zipper and is lined with mesh.

The hem of the Shirt features a slit for mobility.

The sleeves close with Velcro but there is also seam at the cuff in order to make rolling the sleeve easier.

Next up is a two pen slot at the left wrist.

Shoulder pockets on either side are lined with mesh and feature zippered openings. The two-piece Velcro for shoulder patches helps reduce bulk.

The seams are not at the top of the shoulder but rather, set back.


The big feature for the Shirt is the mesh-lined, vented back.


The Pant features 10 pockets, starting with the front pockets, with horizontally-oriented openings, offering lots of room for pocket access.


There are two flapped pockets mounted to the front of the thigh which will accommodate an iPhone 6 with case or similar.


The cargo pockets are of low-profile design and are accessible through either top or front zippers.


In addition to flapped pockets on either calf, there are zippered pockets at the rear. Additionally, there is a gussetted crotch, for mobility.

Warrior East 2017 – Benchmade 10 Hook

Friday, July 14th, 2017

Originally developed for the corrections community, the large mouth of the new 10 Hook has caught the eye of a variety of users because it will accommodate up to 1″ of material.

The sheath itself offered dual retention, but the 10 Hook can be worn belt mounted with the handle along the belt line and keepers can be used to cover the handle for those who need even more retention.

Warrior East 2017 – Drifire FR Rain Jacket

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Coming Fall 17, the new FR Rain Jacket and Pant from Drifire is made from WL Gore’s Pyrad fabric. The Jacket features for internal pockets, a removable hood and a bias cut at the rear so that the hem overlaps the Pant. The Pant incorporates a fly, waist adjusters and lower leg openings for donning and doffing.

The design has already passed burn tests at UNC and the rain room at WL Gore.

Warrior East 2017 – Tactical Distributors Updates Down Range Jacket

Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Coming Fall 17 is the third iteration of the Down Range Jacket. It’s 600 fill but what’s interesting is that baffles are welded.

Underneath you’ll see a new fleece hoody with built in balaclava.