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Warrior East 18 – Belleville Boots Introduce Vibram’s Arctic Grip Anti-Slip Technology

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

Belleville Boots is the first company to integrate a Berry Compliant version of Vibram’s Arctic Grip Wet Ice Tech.

Initially introduced the commercial market at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market a few years ago, the sole offers stability on ice as well as oily surfaces. The active components are a slightly darker brown in the photo below. The first boot with this sole will be the C775ST, a Cold Weather, safety toed boot with 600 grams of Thinsulate.

Coming 4th Qtr 2018 from

Warrior East 18 – TYR Tactical EPIC Armor Vest In Grey

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

TYR Tactical recently produced a run of their EPIC Armor Vests for the Phoenix PD’s SAU.

This goes to show that Grey, which has become quite popular in Europe and Canada for LE clothing and equipment, has begun to gain a foothold here in the US.

Warrior East 18 – S&S Precision Max Mount for Team Wendy Rail

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

S&S Precision has introduced a version of their Max Mount to fit the Team Wendy rail. The gimbaled design allows you to focus the helmet mounted light where you need it. It fits the CR123 battery in the body and accepts any 3v SureFire head and tail cap.

2018 Warrior East

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

For the next couple of days, we’ll cover the latest industry has to offer from the 2018 ADS Warrior Expo East.

Check Out Wild Things At ADS Warrior East

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

The WILD THINGS Team will be on hand showcasing all of our new, cutting edge products for 2018.  Stop by and check out the new White Out™ Over White System and our very first offering within our Active Insulation Collection; the Active Flex Jacket.  The sales team is standing at the ready to provide you with any and all of your layering needs.  Stay WILD!

Show Details:

ADS, Inc. Warrior® Expo East
Booth# 421

Where: Virginia Beach Convention Center

When: Wednesday, July 11th from 1000 – 1630

Thursday, July 12th from 0930 – 1530

TYR Tactical Tuesday – ADS Warrior Expo East

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

The TYR Tactical® Innovate or Die® Tour & Mobile Showroom is proud to announce its participation in the ADS, Inc. Warrior® Expo East. Get hands-on with the latest TYR Tactical®, Huron™ and Revere K9™ designs. Following our mantra, Innovate or Die®, these products continue our mission of pushing the standards of today’s tactical equipment, defining modularity and scalability and are custom made for you, The Next Generation Warrior®.

Show Details:

ADS, Inc. Warrior® Expo East

Booth# 636

Where: Virginia Beach Convention Center

When: Wednesday, July 11th from 1000 – 1630

Thursday, July 12th from 0930 – 1530

—> Learn how TYR Tactical® integrates DuPont™ Kevlar® Brand into not only soft armor but almost every piece of tactical nylon kit.

—> Pick up a FREE Innovate or Die® Tour T-Shirt

—> Speak one-on-one with our Team Specialist

What is the TYR Tactical® Innovate or Die® Tour & Mobile Showroom?

We understand that to create Mission-Adaptable Gear, one has to spend a tremendous amount of time and resources on R&D – making sure that the feel, comfort and ergonomics of our products are right for our customers. To better serve this mission we have created the TYR Tactical® Mobile Showroom. This completely custom 44’ trailer was designed to travel across the country so we can better show our complete breadth of products. For the first time customers will have a hands-on experiences with TYR Tactical® Pouches, Body Armor, Belts, Revere K9™ Products and Huron™ Clothing & Packs. They will also get a chance to view products before their release and provide feedback on existing products.

Want to speak with a sales rep or schedule a meeting? Email us at or call 623-240-1400.

LBT To Exhibit At Warrior East

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

10 Things To See At ADS Warrior East 2018

Monday, July 9th, 2018

Warrior Expo East is this week in Virginia Beach at the Va Beach Convention Center, July 9 and 10. If you’re going to be there, here’s a few booths you might want to check out.



INI Power Systems provides right-sized, man portable, Multifuel, Inverter Generators and Hybrid Power solutions, for deployment to austere, unimproved environments anywhere in the world. Turning the U.S. DOD, single fuel forward policy into a tactical advantage.

Features Include:

• Autostart capable with optional ALLY
• Can use multiple fuel types (JP-8/F-24, F34 “NATO”, gasoline, propane, methanol, isopropanol)
• Quiet, small noise signature
• Plug-in compatible with Trinity Systems or stand-alone
• Immediate functionality on startup – No waiting
• Auto turn down when load is low
• 2,000 hour rated lifetime, low maintenance
• 2,000 hour/2 year limited warranty (repair or replace)
• Tunable for high elevation

Check Out! – IntelliGEN 1000 Flex Fuel Generator V3.5 and IntelliGEN 5000 Flex Fuel Generator V3.5 with 2000 Hr Sustainment Kit



When Leo Brenna founded Bren-Tronics in 1973, he set out to produce batteries that would deliver reliable power in both military and industrial applications where failure was not an option. From those early secondary batteries to today’s lithium-ion systems, they’ve succeeded in engineering solutions that deliver the staying power of primary cell batteries with the extreme reusability demanded by today’s military.

Features Include:
• Lower cost compared with batteries that must be replaced frequently
• Ruggedized systems to meet mission requirements
• Combines proven off-the-shelf technologies with innovative solutions
• Certification, first article, and UN Transportation Safety testing

Check Out! – Foldable Lightweight Expeditionary (FLEX) Charger and AC/DC Adapter for Multi-Chem and Charge Controller

L3 – BOOTH #1101


L3 Warrior Sensor Systems provides the most extensive line of products enabling warfighters to Maneuver, See, Locate, Target and Accurately Fire, Day, Night and in Adverse Weather. L3 Warrior Sensor Systems is a global leader in the development and production of advanced night vision and electro-optical technology and systems for the U.S. military, federal agencies, public safety and sporting communities, and international markets.

Features Include:

World leader in development and production of the following advanced night vision and electro-optical military systems and components:

  • Aiming and illumination systems
  • Holographic Sights
  • Tactical illuminators
  • Thermal imaging systems
  • Image intensification systems
  • Thermal imaging and fused systems
  • Precision targeting systems
  • Night vision goggles
  • Night vision tubes
  • Eye – safe laser rangefinders
  • Laser target designators
  • Multi – function laser systems

Check Out! – Cratos and PVS-31 (BNVD)



Beyond was created out of the need for survival clothing systems engineered specifically with the mission in mind. We build clothing systems, training for those systems, and future-use concepts that drive the way we think about human exposure to all environments. Fusing technology, field experience and training into our products allows for a capability that adapts to all environments for one purpose – “The Save.”

Features Include:

• Made in the USA – Berry Compliant
• Active and static subsystems
• Breathable
• Dries very fast
• Designed to work with end user gear
• Adapts to dynamic environmental conditions and mission sets

Check Out! – AXIOS Layering System


BeaverFit USA was founded by former US Navy Riverines and British bridge builders. Out of their passion for endurance, fitness and tactical readiness, they have created the most innovative, durable and effective training products available in the world today.

Features Include:

• Performance Equipment – Performance Lockers, Gym Boxes, Rigs, Racks, accessories and attachments are custom designed for the Military, First Responders, CrossFit boxes, Universities & Schools, Athletic Clubs, Physical Therapy clinics and more.

• Operational Equipment – This world-class equipment is custom designed for every location, enabling focused preparation for modern-day tactical operations and exercises. Consisting of Operational Lockers, Operational Rigs and Operational Villages, our SOE line creates modular and portable training centers for the mission essential tasks of forced entry/breaching, tactical fitness, urban warfare and more.

Check Out! – Performance Locker 10’ Light and Tactical Gym Box – Dual Rack – Heavy



Like hundreds of soldiers before him, Rob Hanna discovered during his career with Naval Special Warfare that training is the father of invention. During an “Over the Beach” evolution off the California coast, Rob devised a better kind of knife to cut away the parachute connected to the Zodiac – inflatable boat while holding on in the choppy ocean current. His idea sparked an invention, but more importantly, a life-long passion for making life- saving tools better.

Features Include:

• Trauma Kits you can rely on!
o Machine sealed RF welded vinyl, tamper proof, and ruggedized
o Contents are easily inspected
o Contents are protected from all environmental conditions
o Contents are easily accessed all at once
o Zippered training kits allow the unit repeated use without expending a sealed kit o 25% lighter when worn under the armor plate due to removal of extra pouch
o 50% thinner than current kit configurations—same contents!

Check Out! – Phokus Wound Cube, IFAS War Fighter System v1, and Medium Bleeding Control Kit



Engineered for rapid deployment, Harris Broadband Communications solutions provide unmatched high- speed, high-capacity voice and data for mobile or dismount operations. These standalone systems are ideal for military, public safety, security force and commercial applications. They are ruggedized for extreme environments, ensuring reliable 4G LTE cellular and wireless broadband connectivity.

Features Include:

• Exceptional audio quality
• Top performance in harsh environments
• Long battery life
• Receive streaming video feeds and access data bases while on the move
• Push-to-Talk applications extends connectivity
• Talk with and track locations of team members through smartphones, tablets, and PCs

Check Out! – SFS Configuration Multiband Portable Radio



Cardiac Science designs, manufactures, and markets Powerheart® automated external defibrillators (AEDs) and related services that facilitate successful deployments.

Features Include:

• Fully Automatic
• Dual-Language
• Pads IntellisenseTM Defibrillation Pads – disposable, non-polarized
• Battery Intellisense® Lithium Battery – 4 year, full operational replacement
• Automatic Self-Tests
• Event Documentation – 90 minutes of rescue data

Check Out! – Powerheart AED G5 Automatic

LBT Inc – BOOTH #501


Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia, London Bridge Trading Company, Ltd. (“LBT” for short”) is not, in fact, a trading company. That’s just our name. Our founder and Chairman, Dr. Doug McDougal, started LBT in 1985 after leaving a career as a professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, to pursue his dream of turning an interest in the military into a business that supports the very hard work done by the men and women of the armed forces. Dr. McDougal’s “hobby” of attending trade shows and “trading” in militaria, antique arms and other military paraphernalia – hence our name! – has, today, turned into a company with manufacturing facilities in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and El Paso, Texas, that employs more than 250 people from 18 countries with an average tenure of nearly 10 years.

Features Include:

• Products made in the USA
• Mil-Spec stitching standards, Type E thread
• 1000D Dupont Cordura
• Bartacked stress points and MODULAR webbing
• Reinforced stitching on straps and handles
• Lightweight and accessory compatible

Check Out! – Standard 3-Day Assault Pack, Large Wheeled Load-Out Bag with Padding and Modular Large Plate Carrier



Sometimes a storage challenge exists in the market without a standard solution. It is here that Spacesaver can step in and develop new products to alleviate these challenges that our customers face. One example: weapons storage for the military. The U.S. Marine Corps was challenged to store weapons of different sizes, shapes and models. Each time they added a model to their armory, new cabinets and weapons racks had to be designed and installed. Spacesaver partnered with the U.S, Marine Corps to develop an alternative solution. Through research, prototyping and test installations, the Spacesaver Universal Weapon Rack (UWR®) was born. Celebrating its 13-year anniversary in 2013, the UWR has become the standard in weapons storage.

Features Include:

• Manufactured and designed in the USA of heavy-duty steel
• Fully configurable and deployable
• Design tools and resources include color charts, CSI specifications, BIM Objects and sustainability information

Check Out! – Preconfigured mobile storage units