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Cerus Gear Introduces series of Instructional Gun Cleaning Mats

Friday, March 16th, 2018

New for 2018, the evolution of gun cleaning has begun with ProMat Gun Cleaning Mats. Featuring vivid colors, accurate to scale designs and manufactured in the USA.

Our signature line of Instructional Promat’s guide firearm owner in field striping and cleaning of weapon.

No more ruined towels or scuffed barrels. Simply unroll ProMat and convert any kitchen table, truck bed or work bench into a gunsmith station.

As a rule, the first thing a new/or seasoned shooter should do after purchasing a new weapon is learn its assembly and disassembly. This is done for a few reasons, 1) the more rounds you put through the weapon, the dirtier it will become and with the dirt the likelihood of a malfunction requiring proper cleaning and maintenance. 2) periodic inspection each component for damage.

Cerus Gear Instructional ProMat’s are the perfect blend of form and function. These lightweight, heavy duty cleaning mats are the perfect addition to your armorer’s bench. Large enough to handle a field-stripped handgun or rifle while instructions remain visible. The soft poly top sheet won’t mar or scratch your investment or heirloom, and resists gun oil or solvent stains, preserving your counter and kitchen towels. Educational, protective, and tacti-cool!

Complement your next firearm purchase with Cerus Gear’s new line of Instructional ProMat.


• Spacious (12” x 17”, 12” x 27”, 12” x 36”, 14” x 48” 3mm) padded work area

• Non-slip textured rubber base protects your work surface

• Heat bonded soft polyester protects your firearm from scratches

• Dye sublimation printing won’t wear or rub off

• Rolls up for easy compact storage

• Solvent and oil resistant

• Hand washable

• Life time warranty

• Made in the USA

Dealers Wanted!

For more information please visit www.CerusGear.com





700 W 1700 SOUTH



Enforce Tac 18 – Heckler & Koch Introduce Gen3 Polymer Magazine

Thursday, March 8th, 2018

Heckler & Kock debuted their new GEN3 Polyner Magazine at Enforce Tac. It is a 5.56mm, 30 round STANAG magazine which is now standard with the HK416 and 433 rifles.


They put quite a bit into the design aesthetic. For instance, the round count window conjures a projectile, moving toward the target.


Speaking of round count windows, there is also a window at the backstrap. The spring has an orange indicator letting you know you are empty.


Grooves for a positive grip extend completely around the magazine’s body, as you can see in this photo of the front aspect.


Here is a view of the feed lips and follower.


It has a removable floor plate.


Made in Germany, the Gen3 PM is available in this RAL8000 shade as well as Black.

Design features will eventually find their way into a 7.62 version as well.

TYRANT DESIGNS CNC | M&P Shield Extended Mag Release

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

For immediate release- Chicago, IL- Tyrant Designs CNC fresh on the heels of their fast selling, quick installing plus 2 magazine extension is now the official launch of their new Extended Magazine Release (EMR) for the M&P Shield. Boasting a crosshair pattern design and a slightly raised (extended) surface Tyrant Designs CNC states the following;

“Our Shield Extended Magazine Release is CNC Machined from aerospace grade aluminum and merges flawlessly with the ergonomics and styling of your M&P shield. In addition to functioning exactly like an OEM release, the profile of our M&P Extended Mag Release is slightly raised with chamfered edges which helps ensure that you eject your S&W Shield magazine quickly and with ease!”


RCS – Freya Glock 17 Gen 4 Sterile

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

The Freya magwell From Raven Concealment Systems has been very popular. RCS currently has a limited number without commercial markings for the Glock 17 (and other full size frame) Gen 4.

In addition to the flat factory GLOCK baseplates, the design is compatible with factory GLOCK +2 baseplates and copies, 10-8 Performance baseplates, Arredondo +2 and +5 extensions, Magpul Speedplates, as well as Dawson Precision’s extended tool-less magazine extensions and Ez-Off baseplates.


Max Venom Product Group Launches Fast Fire Device for GLOCK! Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

Colin Despins of Max Venom Tactical has created an Indiegogo campaign for his latest invention, the Fast Fire Device for GLOCK!

The FFD-H is optimized for a GLOCK 17 or a full-size Lone Wolf frame. It can be installed or uninstalled from the host firearm in seconds and without any tools. But the real point is that it also allows for the handgun to achieve a full auto-like rate of fire. With legislation pending to ban bumpfire stocks and other, similar devices, Despins decided to launch the crowdfunding campaign sooner rather than later.

In addition to this video, they promise additional imagery of the device in action on their instagram page Max_Venom_Product_Group.

The last paragraph on the campaign’s webpage is pretty interesting:

Special Note – In no event shall Max Venom (MaxVenom.com), or any agents of Max Venom, be held liable for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of this product. By backing this project the user/purchaser agrees to hold harmless Max

Venom, indefinitely.

The campaign’s page is www.indiegogo.com/projects/fast-fire-device-for-glock.

New Scarging Handle Colors from Kinetic Development Group

Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

KDG has improved their popular FNH SCAR Charging Handle, The “Scarging handle” and are now offering it in both Flat Dark Earth and matte Black Cerakote. The product is constructed of low carbon 1080 steel, heat treated and finished with a durable black, mil-spec finish before having the rugged Cerakote finish applied. KDG Scarging handle fits both 5.56 and 7.62 NATO versions of the SCAR, and installs in seconds.The design features a radius-faced grasping area, and swept geometry. This allows the user to achieve a more solid grasp when manipulating the bolt, aided by a deeply textured surface. Installation allows for easier charging, clearing of stoppages, and administratively locking the firearm bolt to the rear by allowing the shooter to gain more leverage on the charging handle. Shooters can choose between left or right side installation to match their hand dominance, and can rotate the Scarging handle to either downward or upward sweep. The downward sweep protects the hand from busted knuckles caused by optics mounts and other accessories by keeping it down and away from the weapon’s top. The increased grasping surface benefits those with larger hands or when wearing gloves.  The Scarging handle can alternatively be installed with the curve upward, which provides the user a slick side receiver to prevent snagging or “SCAR Thumb” (i.e. having the reciprocating charging handle strike your hand if using a magwell hold or unconventional shooting position). All Scarging Handles are constructed of low carbon 1080 steel, heat treated and finished with a durable black, mil-spec finish. The accessory protrudes less distance from the receiver than the factory unit, and is profiled to be extremely snag-resistant when wearing body armor or other gear. KDG is currently offering free shipping on all their products.

FDE: kineticdg.com/product/scarging-handle-scar-ambi-charging-handle-fde-cerakote

BLACK: kineticdg.com/product/scarging-handle

Sneak Peek – Armorer’s Kit from Pro Shot Defense

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018


Yesterday, I had a chance to check out Pro Shot Defense’s new Armorer’s Kit. It is housed in a wheeled, hard case.


Although the component list isn’t finalized yet, it includes a variety of tools to maintain small arms such as pistols and M4 carbines, including receiver blocks and armored wrenches as well as cleaning items. As you can see, the case opens with four trays.


Pro Shot Defense products are available via GSA from Tidewater Tactical, via TLS from ADS Inc and via NIB/NISH vase supply stores from Initial Attack.

ZEV Technologies Announces NEW – ZEV PRO COMPENSATOR

Friday, February 16th, 2018

The PRO compensator was designed specifically for the G19 but will fit and function on other 9mm Glock models with a 1/2 x 28 threaded barrel and will generally cycle with standard 9mm ammunition without any modification to the guide rod or recoil spring.


Due to its compact design, when installed on a G19 with ZEV threaded barrel, it has the same overall length as a G34 slide and is compatible with most G34 holsters.

Will also work with on a G17 or G34 with a 1/2×28 threaded barrel.

MSRP $99

Available now at – www.zevtechnologies.com/glocks/glock-slide-parts/compensator