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Tyrant Designs CNC NEW Glock Extended Slide Release

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (03/30/2020) – Tyrant Designs CNC, LLC is proud to debut our Glock Extended Slide Release for Pre Sale! Introducing the first ever Glock Extended Slide Release to be CNC Machined! Made from 6061 Aluminum and hardcoat anodized our drop in replacement Glock slide stop is the perfect upgrade for you pistol.

Our Glock extended slide release adds surface area and a raised texture that greatly improves usability for all! It is the perfect upgrade for conceal carry AND competition. Never again will your thumb slip while manipulating your Glock slide release!

One of the main flaws of the Glock Factory release lever is that it offers very little surface area and/or texture. This results in the operator occasionally slipping when attempting to manipulate the lever. Our Glock slide release offers an extended AND raised surface area to ensure easy manipulation of the Glock slide. It is easy to install, functions great and looks fantastic! Currently available for pre sale is;

Models: Glock slide stop lever Option 1

For Generation: Gen 2-4

For Gun Model: 17 19 22 23 24 25 26 27 31 32 33 34 35

Caliber: 9MM, .45, .357

Available in Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Gold, or Machined Aluminum for $27.95 with a Lifetime Warranty. Now available for pre purchase with an estimated ship date of April 30th, at www.tyrantcnc.com. Stay tuned for the launch of their Gen5, as well as 42, 43, 43x/48 versions as well!

Boyds’ Hardgood Stocks Partners with Pigman

Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Mitchell, S.D. – Boyds’ Hardwood Gunstocks is excited to announce their with Brian “Pigman” Quaca of Pigman: The Series of The Sportsman Channel.

“Brian Pigman Quaca is a true-blue original and a character at the core. Pigman has been using Boyds’ Hardwood Gunstocks for many years, he was a customer first we knew he was the right fit as we looked to expand our Television and Social Media presence.  Pigman entertains the masses with his unique personality and out of the box spin on traditional hunting television. Pigman is a versatile hunter and accomplished riflesmith. We are excited to see the relationship grow” says Dustin Knutson Co-Owner of Boyds’ Hardwood Gunstocks.

“As a custom gun builder for over 20 years, I relied on Boyds’ Gunstocks long before I ever had a TV show.  Boyds’ quality & pricing are unmatched in the Industry, but the real reason I’m so excited about our partnership is because of the people. Dustin & his family are the real deal. They’re genuine, hardworking and understand that folks are spending their hard-earned money for the best product available. I’m proud to be a part of their marketing efforts in remaining the #1 aftermarket stock company on the planet.” said Brian Quaca.

For more information, visit Boyds’ Hardwood Gunstocks.

MD Textil Introduces Last Chance Cartridge Holder

Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

Germany’s MD-Textil has introduced a new line of firearms oriented products with the first being the Last Chance Cartridge Holder.

It accepts 2 cartridges in .308, 6.5 CM, 300 BLK, .30-06 or similar calibers and incorporates an Anti-slip coating to ensure your rounds won’t fall out. It is attached to the rifle via hook Velcro on the back. They include a patch of Velcro loop to affix to the stock.


Tyrant Designs Unveils NEW Glock 43X/48 +4 Magazine Extension

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (03/26/2020) – Tyrant Designs is proud to debut our NEW Glock 43X/48 +4 Magazine Extension! Utilizing our magazine extension technology, the Glock 43X/48 Magazine Extension is the FASTEST and EASIEST installing magazine extension ever! Add 4 Additional Rounds to your factory Glock magazine AND it includes a 10% Power Spring. Drop your mags faster, and more easily grab them with their machined and inlayed knurling! 

We use our Retention Plunger Technology that allows the magazine extension to easily slide onto the bottom of your magazine! The entire install happens in 10 SECONDS or LESS and with no tools! Easily push the plunger down and slide the magazine base plate off!

Our magazine base pads are CNC machined from Aerospace Grade Aluminum. This gives any operator the added weight needed for your base pad to drop free and fast. Our magazine extensions instantly add 4 rounds to your Glock 43X/48 9mm.

As always, our products are manufactured in the USA and have a flawless finish. There is no easier or quicker way to add much-needed capacity to your slimline Glock than with our Glock 43X/48 +4 Magazine Extension!

Available in Black, Red, Grey, Blue, Gold, or Machined Aluminum for $39.95 with a Lifetime Warranty. No tools necessary and now available at www.tyrantcnc.com.

SureFire Spotlight: The SFMB Muzzle Brake

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

The advanced SureFire SFMB muzzle brake greatly reduces both recoil impulse and muzzle rise so that the weapon tracks straight back to keep you on target for faster shot-to-shot recovery. Its patented Impulse Diffusion design minimizes side blast and rear-directed concussion effects. The SFMB also serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® suppressors.


SureFire Spotlight – The WARCOMP

Saturday, March 21st, 2020

SureFire Spotlight videos are a high level rundown of specific products. This one focuses on the WARCOMP Flash Hider.

Its patent-pending design provides three valuable functions:

-It provides over 99% reduction in muzzle flash compared to a plain muzzle, which helps to conceal the shooter’s location and preserve his dark-adapted vision.

-It virtually eliminates muzzle rise, which enhances monitoring of target reaction and staying on target for faster follow-up shots.

-It serves as a rock-solid mounting adapter for all SureFire SOCOM Series Fast-Attach® suppressors, including our SOCOM556-RC model, which placed first in the most extensive and rigorous suppressor testing ever conducted by US Special Operations Command.


New Lantac Dragon Muzzle Brakes Feature Dead Air KEYMO Suppressor Mounts

Thursday, March 19th, 2020

Lantac is pleased to announce that it has completed development of its latest Dragon Muzzle Brake that features the Dead Air KEYMO mounting system. Lantac’s range of Dragon muzzle brakes are industry leading products that fundamentally improve the way firearms function, reducing muzzle recoil to zero and giving shooters maximum muzzle control for fast and accurate follow up shots. The Dragon range of brakes are so effective that there is no ‘knock off’ from target and even full auto fire is possible with hugely improved accuracy.

For the first time shooters can now enjoy advanced weapon control with the ability to mount the entire range of Dead Air Sandman® KEYMO silencers to their firearms.

The Sandman range of silencers are manufactured with solid welded Stellite® baffle cores and detachable front caps. Exteriors surfaces are Cerakote® finished for ultimate durability.

Dragon brakes are precision manufactured on Swiss lathes and machined from AISI4150 steel that is then hardened to 48-52Rc (Rockwell C) and QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) Nitrided to AMS2753D standards for enhanced corrosion resistance and improved lifespan.

The mount design is fully licensed from Dead Air, therefore customers suppressor warranty remains unaffected.

Ships with timing shim set.

Lantac recommends the use of semi-permanent thread locker Rocksett, sold separately.


DGN556B-DA: $142.99

DGN762B-DA: $163.99

Mechanical Specification:

Threads: DGN556B-DA 1/2-28 TPI (.223/5.56) & DGN762B-DA 5/8-24 TPI (.308/7.62).

Weight: DGN556B-DA: 4oz (113.3g). DGN762B-DA: 3.42oz (96.95g).

Dimensions: DGN556B-DA & DGN762B-DA LENGTH:2.760’’ (7.01cm), DIAMETER: BODY .824’’ (2.09cm), MOUNT 1.080’’ (2.74cm).

Fiber Laser marked for quality control.

Made in the USA.


Strike Industries – QD Sling Mount for CZ Scorpion EVO

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

Coming soon from Strike Industries, QD sling mount options for the CZ Scorpion EVO.

They’ll be offered in both angled or flat versions which can be installed on either the left or right side of the CZ Scorpion.

Shown with Strike Industries Strike Industries Quick Detach Sling Loop.