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Grey Ghost Precision – .30 Muzzle Brake

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

The Grey Ghost Precision compensator was designed to minimize recoil and muzzle rise. Features a unique porting system to redirect the forward moving gasses rearward to greatly reduce recoil. Black nitride coating for durability and ease of cleaning. Easy installation with supplied crush washer.


Caliber: .30 Caliber
Finish: Black Nitride
Material: 17-4 Stainless
Threads: 5/8-24
Crush Washer Include


Faxon Firearms Announces New Match Series Barrels

Monday, June 19th, 2017

(CINCINNATI, OH) – Faxon Firearms, incessant innovators in the firearms industry, is pleased to announce the release of Faxon’s latest series of barrels – the Match Series. The new Match Series of barrels takes Faxon’s renowned performance and value up a notch.

All Match Series barrels start as 416-R gun-barrel-quality stainless steel. Manufactured 100% in-house, the Match Series features 5R rifling for increased velocity, decreased bullet deformation, and ease of cleaning. All barrels are fully stress relieved and finally salt bath nitride coated inside and out for corrosion resistance and longevity. All Match Series barrels further feature NP3 coated extensions. The nickel-Teflon coating smooths feed ramps and its self-lubricating properties increase reliability.

The Match Series will be available across all calibers that Faxon manufactures including 300 BLK, .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 Grendel, and newly released .223 Wylde. All calibers feature 1/8” twist except for .308 in 1/10”. Available contours will include Faxon’s famed pencil profile, Gunner, heavy fluted, and Flame fluted barrels. Lengths will vary by caliber.

“We are thrilled to formally include .223 Wylde on our production barrels.” stated Nathanial Schueth, Director of Sales & Product Management. “The .223 Wylde chamber takes advantage of the Match Series’ 5R rifling, 416-R Stainless Steel, and NP3 extension to enhance accuracy while staying compatible with both .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO charged loads.”

Faxon’s various stainless-steel barrels will all be upgraded to the Match Series of barrels over the next few months. Retail pricing for the barrels starts at $179 up to $409, depending on length, caliber, and profile. Launch profiles include 16” Gunner, 18” & 20” Heavy Fluted, and 20” Flame Fluted, all in .223 Wylde.

Additional information can be found at the Match Series dedicated website at

Advanced Combat Solutions – Light Emitting Magazine Indicator

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Advanced Combat Solutions (ACS) collaborates with Elite Tactical Systems Group (ETS) to bring you the markets first tritium enhanced clear-bodied AR15 mag!


Fort Lauderdale, Florida June 13th, 2017- Advanced Combat Solutions, the maker of the Light Emitting Magazine Indicator (LEMI), has launched their new and flagship product, an AR15 magazine follower customized to hold a Gaseous Tritium Light Source(GTLS). The usage of tritium technology is nothing new in the firearms industry as it has been used for decades in firearm’s sights, to improve accuracy in low-light or when shooting at night. The latest innovation by ACS improves upon clear-bodied magazine technology that is seeing more and more use by the civilian population of shooters, law enforcement as well as Military use, by providing a visual means to identify quantity of ammunition remaining in a magazine.


Advanced Combat Solutions has been working with the U.S. Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group for a little over a year now to field test clear-bodied magazines,(the usage of which might see more standard issuance depending on approved requisitions.)

“The addition of the GTLS provides added utility to the main reason an operator would choose to use a clear-bodied magazine to begin with, being able to visually see the rounds in-mag”, said Michael Ball, head of R&D @ ACS. “There are many use cases that the US Military considers beyond the magazine simply being inserted into the weapon for use. At night, magazines can and do get shared by soldiers, also the organization of partially spent mags, and a better understanding of their remaining round count can be ascertained easier and faster if a soldier can visually see the answer within the magazine.” “The technology should be considered a performance enhancement feature to existing hardware, nothing more, nothing less.”


The following is from the technical white papers submitted to the PEO Soldier system;

Tactical/Safety/Usability benefits to Operator:
• Conservation of motion – in low-light/zero-light conditions
• Visual recognition of ammunition quantity within magazine irrespective to time of day
• Uniformity of visual check process for magazine remaining round count steps are repeatable in both day and nighttime operations
• Operators using LEMI technology can instantly visually see indication of remaining rounds via indexing of light emissions off the spine of the magazine body
• LEMI light emissions are directly facing the operator of the weapons platform when magazine is inserted in weapon’s lower receiver
• LEMI has a low-light signature making it only easily viewed by operator

Advanced Combat Solutions is primarily a firearm’s technology concept and design shop. ACS has several utility patents, method, and design patents under their belt, some in ACS name others in their holding company. ACS has two products being launched in 2017, the ICSI and LEMI both via partnerships with well-known and reputable companies in the industry. The company’s mission is to provide performance/combat enhancing & innovative product into the firearms market, and currently employs five people between its HQ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and its workshop in Madera, California. The company’s website at contains additional information on the founders backgrounds.

Newly Patented Shotgun Shell Holder Speeds Reloading of Shotguns

Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

CHAMPLIN, MN. — Fractions of seconds can cost lives. This couldn’t be more true than when reaching for a shotgun shell under duress to load an empty shotgun. Accessibility, repeatability, and ease of use are key to enabling minimally trained shotgunners to stay focused on the target instead of fumbling for more shells.

That’s why the AmmoPAL shotgun shell holder is both revolutionary and simple. The product designed and created by Strike Hard Gear LLC has recently been granted US Patent No. 9,453,695 for its Ammunition Dispensing Receptacle. The patent includes 14 claims regarding the retention and dispensing of ammunition in a manually operated spring loaded side-release dispenser.

Todd Luebke, inventor and owner of Strike Hard Gear LLC, said the newly issued patent will “serve as the foundation to our vision of providing a broad array of ammunition carry solutions for low capacity firearms.”
Not ones to rest on their laurels, Strike Hard Gear LLC continues to make improvements to the AmmoPAL to satisfy increasing customer demands. The company also recently expanded it’s color options to include Flat Dark Earth. A third color option — OD Green — is said to be in the offing later this summer. The original black option, of course, remains.

“Words cannot express my appreciation for the supportive feedback of our customers and the dedication of our engineering and production partners,” Luebke said. “They’re the ones who made this a robust and easy to use product for the rest of us.”

To order, or for more information, visit

Sneak Peek – New Proprietary Rail on the Modern Carbine MC6 PDW-SD from Modern Outfitters

Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Here’s a look at some initial design work for Modern Outfitters’ new proprietary rail on the Modern Carbine MC6 PDW-SD. The new 6″ .300 Blackout weapon system will be available in pistol, SBR, and PDW. The version shown incorporates the Law Tactical folder to bring the OAL to just 15 inches in the folded position. Perfect for dignitary protection, CQB, and is quite possibly the perfect “backpack/truck” gun.

Available from Modern Outfitters and authorized retailers in a few weeks.

Source: @cheezequintanilla on IG

ADS Federal Range Day – Butler Creek ASAP Loader from Vista Outdoor

Monday, June 12th, 2017

The ASAP Universal Loader from Butker Creek is designed to work with AR magazines and offered three ways to load.


Loose ammo can be loaded one round at a time with a simple click, or you can engage the loading arm to expedite the process. The loading arm can handle up to 10 rounds of loose ammo, or ammo in a stripper clip, and the rounds are locked into the mag with a quick push.


Zäck Stock – Detachable Stock Handgun

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Just as soon as I say I’ve seen everything, someone shows me up and does something new. This is the case with Zäck Stock’s Detachable Stock Handgun.

Even if you already own a handgun, they’ge got you covered with the Zäck Stock Pro Detachable Stock Handgun Holster.

I can think of a couple of reasons why neither one of these are great ideas, but I’m sure SSD’s readers will come up with plenty more.

Although the site is short on details, feel free to check it out at

Darley Defense Days – Crux Ordnance Tripod System

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

It seems like there isn’t a show that goes by recently where I don’t see the Crux Ordnance Tripod System. This thing is impressive. It’s built atop 10 layer, adjustable carbon fiber legs which meet at a spring loaded, aluminum apex, incorporating a bubble level. The apex will accept the Crux Ordnance gimbal mount or the weapon can be mounted direct via their unique, two-piece clamp attached with a 3/8″ x 16 mount thread.

At the other end of the legs are molded feet with stainless steel spikes to ensure a stable platform. All-in-all, it weighs 5 lbs, but will support up to 150 lbs (68kg).

While there are lots of great tripods out there, the gimbal head on the Crux Ordnance model really sticks out because there’s nothing else like it. The ambidextrous side mount gimbal is offered in two sizes and offers smooth tilt and pan as well as one-handed tightening. You can also mount the weapon from top or bottom and still have up and down adjustment. I can’t see a position you can’t get into with this.

Made in the USA and comes with a 5 year warranty.