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TRIGGRCON 19 – HKPDW Pistol Stabilizing Brace by SB Tactical

Saturday, July 27th, 2019

SB Tactical has introduced a 3-position, telescoping, Stabilizing Brace for HK PDW pistol’s.

Manufactured from 6061 hard-coat anodized aluminum adapter, steel rods, and incorporates an integral QD sling socket.


TRIGGRCON 19 – Grey Ghost Pistol Case

Friday, July 26th, 2019

Grey Ghost Prevision is now offering the pistol case which comes standard with the combat pistol.

Available on Black or Coyote, the Velcro lined Case comes with magazine pouches as well as pistol retention.


KET Introduces a New Brass Catcher Alternative at TRIGGRCON

Friday, July 26th, 2019

San Jose, CA – July 26, 2019, KET, LLC is introducing a brand new patent-pending device – the Brass-Clip and Brass-Deflector, a traditional brass catcher alternative, at TriggrCon 2019, 4th floor booth. These products form the ideal training aid for military, law enforcement and performance-focused shooters alike, with a lightweight, non-intrusive design that is easy to attach, no capacity maximum, heat resistance, and high quality construction. Additionally, the products are 100% made in the USA  – an exceptional value to consumers, retailing at $32.99 for the complete kit. 

TangoDown owner, Jeff Cahill, said “Nice simple design, and a quick inexpensive solution. More time shooting, less time collecting empty brass. Well done”. Founder of KET, Mike Weiss, says “We are excited to debut our new product line at TriggrCon, as we’ve designed a product that solves for limitations that brass catchers have not been able to address.” 


The Brass-Clip firearm accessory comes in two formats, designed to attach to scopes or Picatinny rails. Attachment is simple – just slip a hat or the Brass-Deflector onto this durable clip, and snap the clip onto your firearm – no mounts necessary. In addition to blocking spent ammo from fellow shooters, this solution drops brass casings nearby for quick collection. 

Works with: All Scopes and Picatinny rails

Material: 900-series Acetal

Weight: ¼ oz. or less

Colors: Black, Coyote, Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, and Safety Orange

Origin: 100% made in the USA


The Brass-Deflector works with the Brass-Clip to complete your solution to stop spent ammunition. This unique design has been tested on some of the toughest firearms, and has even proven to stop shotgun shells with ease (check out the video if you haven’t yet). One of the most unique qualities of this light-weight firearm accessory is that it has no capacity maximum, since it is not actually catching the brass, but dropping it directly beneath or next to your firearm for easy cleanup. This innovative design blocks ejected brass without jamming or weighing down your firearm, or overheating – allowing for increased accuracy and safe shooting.

For use with: Brass-Clip

Material: 1000D Cordura

Weight: less than 1 oz.

Colors: Black, Coyote, Wolf Grey, Ranger Green, and Safety Orange

Origin: 100% made in the USA

Visit us at TriggrCon: 4th floor, near food court, July 26-27 to learn more

Sales inquiries, please contact sales@ket-us.com

SIG SAUER P320 Patent-Pending XSERIES TXG Grip Module Now Available

Friday, July 26th, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (July 25, 2019) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to introduce the P320 XSERIES TXG Tungsten Infused Grip Module is now available for SIG SAUER P320 Pistols. The TXG grip module was developed by SIG SAUER engineers with a patent-pending process by infusing tungsten into the polymer material providing the weight of steel with the flex of polymer.     

“The new P320 TXG Grip Module is significant leap forward in innovation for polymer pistols, and an exciting addition for factory-direct accessories for the P320,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “This innovative grip module can be easily installed on any existing P320 XFIVE or P320 Full-Size pistol, increasing the weight by over 8 oz., which helps to reduce muzzle flip by almost fifty-percent.”

The TXG Grip Module includes the P320 XSERIES enhancements including a generous undercut, and a high beavertail allowing for a higher grip and better recoil control. The patent-pending process to develop the grip module infuses the polymer with tungsten, resulting in an overall weight of 16.6oz including the removable grip weight and magwell. All of these features combine to give you the weight of steel, with the flex of a polymer that results in one of the flattest, softest shooting 9mm pistols ever manufactured.

P320 TXG Grip Module:

Frame Size: Full-Size Medium    

Weight: 16.6oz (includes grip and magwell)    

Finish: Gray Polymer    

Compatible with P320 XFIVE or Full-Size Slide Assemblies    

MSRP: $299.99

The SIG SAUER P320 XSERIES TXG Grip Module is available at the SIG SAUER Web Store, and is currently shipping to dealers.  

TangoDown Inc ACRO Mount for GLOCK MOS Models

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

TangoDown® Inc. is excited to announce the latest addition to the lineup – the TangoDown® ACRO® Mount for GLOCK® MOS® Models (AAM-01).   Due to Aimpoint® having a reputation of developing top-notch products, we decided to introduce an ACRO® mount plate that wouldn’t dent your wallet while maintaining a solid mounting platform.  The AAM-01 is made from ordnance grade steel with a Melonite finish to remain rust free.

**Please read installation instructions prior to installing.  If you aren’t familiar with modifying your firearms, seek appropriate assistance from a certified GLOCK® Armorer or Gunsmith.

For more information on the AAM-01, including model compatibility, visit:  tangodown.com/tangodown-aam-01-acro-mount-for-glock-mos-models

Fits GLOCK® MOS models only.

MSRP:  $28.95

Customer Questions:  sales@tangodown.com

Samson’s 9mm AR Compensator Now Available in Stainless Steel

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

Keene, NH — The Samson 9mm AR Compensator is now available in stainless steel. For a limited time it’s priced at $47.99, the same price as the original Nitride finish version. As a special introduction to the new stainless steel compensator, both the stainless and Nitride finished compensators are 20% off, now through Sunday, July 28. That’s a savings of $9.60…so hurry and get yours before it’s too late!

Originally designed for 9mm pistol caliber carbines, these 1/2x28mm comps work equally well on 5.56 pistols and SBRs. With an overall length of 1.25”, they’re perfect for your compact build, and come with a crush washer for installation.

Like all Samson products, these compensators are made in New Hampshire, USA.

Don’t forget to check out the incredible deals on Samson Clearance page.

Sneak Peek Savvy Sniper x Maxim Defense Cobranded QUAD dual QD MS Sling

Thursday, July 25th, 2019

I recently got a sneak peek of a Maxim Defense cobranded version of the Savvy Sniper QUAD dual QD MS Sling. The guys at Maxim tell me this is the preferred sling of those who have been shooting their PDX Carbine. It can be quickly reconfigured from 1 to 2 point use and incorporates bungee material to facilitate shooter range of motion. Additionally, the thumb loop facilitates rapid length adjustment.

Coming soon.

New Atlas Bipod Universal Tool from Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC

Wednesday, July 24th, 2019

New from Warren Innovative Technologies, LLC, above and beyond a customer’s request:

Atlas rifle bipods have three different tension knob types, depending upon when they were produced. There is a $40 tool available for each of the three variants.

Atlas bipods with tension knob variants 1, 2 and 3 (from left to right).

Our new tool fits and torques variant 1.

Our new tool fits and torques variant 2.

Our new tool fits and torques variant 3.

We have just developed a singular tool that works for all three knob geometries and also includes a pusher pin on one end for pressing in the bipod foot removal detents for cleaning and maintenance.

Our new Atlas Bipod Universal Tool also includes a pusher pin on one end for pressing in the bipod foot removal detents for cleaning and maintenance.

Some shooters own at least two different Atlas bipod variants and don’t like buying two different $40 tools. We have solved this problem and added the detent pusher pin feature, all at the $35 price point. One tool does it all! First class shipping with tracking is included.

A bipod foot is shown disassembled using our universal tool’s pusher pin.

You can see the rest of our product line and contact us via our email address at suppressortools.com

Don’t like the corporate markings on our tools? We’d be happy to custom make them for you with markings that suit your needs.