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SMRT Sniper Grip Unveiled At 2019 NRA Annual Meeting

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Enhanced Tactical Arms is proud to unveil the SMRT Sniper Grip at the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting at the Pride Fowler Industries display (Booth 116). The SMRT Sniper Grip is designed specifically for long range shooters and fits any weapon equipped with an AR15 style grip.  The patented grip includes a groove to improve fingertip indexing when using the Sympathetic Movement Reduction Technique employed by United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers.  Testing by a retired Marine Corps Scout Sniper Instructor showed a 20% increase in hit probabilities at 900 yards when using the SMRT Sniper Grip in conjunction with the SMRT Technique.

The grip is constructed from highly durable material similar to that used in the construction of modern polymer framed pistols and coated with KG Kote for improved durability. Travis Pierce, Enhanced Tactical Arms Military & Law Enforcement Testing, will have a limited number of SMRT Sniper Grips available for purchase on the show floor and will also be taking drop ship orders (shipped in a flat envelope) for customers within the Continental United States who want to avoid transporting products home after the show for no additional cost.

Free shipping will only be available for orders placed at NRAAM!  The SMRT Sniper Grip is available with a molded Macro-Tread and finished in black or FDE KG Kote for $69.99 plus tax and sales fees.  The SMRT Sniper Grip is also available with a composite High Traction Maritime Finish for $99.99 plus tax and sales fees.

Travis will be available at the Pride Fowler Industries booth (Booth 116) to explain the Sympathetic Movement Reduction Technique and give NRAAM participants a chance to see the SMRT Sniper Grip first hand.  Please send any media, sales, or demonstration/sample requests via e-mail to SALES@ETAC-ARMS.COM


The Sympathetic Movement Reduction Technique (SMRT) is used to isolate a shooter’s trigger finger, minimizing unwanted movement (induced by breathing, an inconsistent grip, and/or involuntary muscle movements). United States Marine Corps Scout Snipers typically transition to this technique when engaging targets over 700 yards using a bipod-equipped weapon.  

The shooter will begin by moving the bottom three fingers of their firing hand to the front of the grip within the slotted area and will apply a very light rearward pressure.  This provides an index to improve consistency both with and without gloves.  The shooter then moves their thumb over the trigger finger side of the hand, to minimize thumb contact on the weapon.  The shooter will then lean into the weapon to load the bipod prior to engaging the trigger.

Field test results indicate that the SMRT Sniper Grip (when used in conjunction with the technique previously described) can increase the number of hits on an IPSC target by approximately 20% at 900 yards.


The SMRT Sniper Grips are manufactured using a chemically stable and heat resistant advanced polymer (similar to the compounds used in modern polymer framed pistols) and finished with KG Gun Kote for increased thermal properties and durability.  Infrared reflective backstrap panels are available for military and law enforcement customers.

The SMRT Sniper Grip is also available with a high traction composite finish designed for maritime operations and gloved use.  The shooter can reduce the degree of traction provided by the composite finish by adding several layers of spray paint over the KG Kote.  Custom colors, finishes, and body designs are available subject to minimum order quantities.  Each grip is hand-finished; therefore, shooters may find slight variations depending on the specific production batch.  Minor wear in the KG Kote coating may be eligible for factory touch-up (for a fee) through Enhanced Tactical Arms, LLC.  

SMRT Sniper Grips have been used by United States Conventional and Special Operations Forces in combat and during real-world Law Enforcement operations.  Enhanced Tactical Arms, LLC offers training for armorers and shooters for shooters upon request.  Please feel free to contact Enhanced Tactical Arms, LLC with questions or orders.

Enhanced Tactical Arms, LLC

911 American Pacific Drive, Suite #130

Henderson, NV 89014

(702) 778-0092



KDG Announces Kinect M-LOK GoPro Mount

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

New for 2019: Attach or remove your GoPro camera to any Magpul M-LOK mount in half a second with the KDG purpose built Kinect M-LOK GoPro mount.  The mount is perfect for the three-gun shooter that wants to film a run from the perspective of the rifle or shotgun.  It is also ideal for a Law Enforcement Officer that wants to document use of force when a rifle or shotgun is deployed.  The GoPro is one of the smallest HD cameras that offers a wide field of view, making it ideal for use with rifles, shotgun, or helmet using KDG’s patented Kinect technology and MLOK attachment points. The mount also works on the KDG M-LOK Optics Hub alongside your spotting scope.

In conjunction with the release of the Kinect GoPro mount, KDG will also be releasing in limited quantities, a MOLLE/strap M-LOK plate (Pictured on the pack below). This plate will allow mounting of the Kinect Go Pro to your MOLLE gear (ie: plate carrier, chest rig) or backpack straps. It will also work with any M-LOK compatible accessory.

If you are attending the NRA show this week in Indianapolis, stop by KDG’s booth #7057, to check out the new Kinect GoPro Mount.  

Kinect GoPro Mount

M-Lok MOLLE/Strap Plate

Choate Machine and Tool Introduces the Choate Modular Stock, a Modular Chassis System For Remington Pattern Bolt Action Rifles

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

Bald Knob, AR – Choate Machine and Tool, a market leading designer, manufacturer and OEM supplier of rifle stocks, shotgun magazine extensions and firearms accessories, has introduced The Choate Modular Stock (C. Mod) chassis system.   This is a true modular rifle stock, allowing the user to change the forend or butt stock without removing the rifle action from the main chassis section.   This modularity provides the ultimate in adaptability and versatility while not disturbing the critical action-to-stock fit so reconfirming zero is unnecessary after configuring the system as needed.

The heart of the C. Mod rifle stock system is the precision CNC machined chassis.  Made from a solid block of aluminum, the chassis rigidly holds the action while the desired butt stock and forend can be changed as needed.   The chassis uses the time-tested AR style magazine release. This eliminates accidentally dropping the magazine by hitting a release lever located in front of the trigger guard. The C Mod. magazine will accept cartridges up to 2.860 inches in length such as the 308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and 260 Remington, as well as other popular cartridges like 6mm Remington, 257 Roberts and 7X57 Mauser.  Each C. Mod chassis comes with two magazines and the required action screws.

The ultimate in versatility is provided by the C. Mod Stock system of optional forends and butt stocks.  Forends include a target/varmint style forend with a wide, flat bottom and a sniper/tactical style forend that is shorter and slightly tapered toward the muzzle end.  Both come with a T-rail and bipod adapter.  Butt stocks included two conventional types including a basic tactical style, a fully customizable target/tactical style with adjustable check piece and length-of-pull.  Choate also offers two very specialized butt stocks for the C. Mod Rifle Stock including a telescoping AR style butt stock (compatible with any AR butt stock) and a pistol grip folding stock for the ultimate in portability.  All butt stocks and forends come with the required hardware for rock solid installation.

The new Choate Modular stock is available for the Remington 700 short action and Remington Model 7.  MSRP is $710 and includes the CNC machined chassis anodized matted black, the tactical forend and the tactical butt stock both also in matte black and two magazines.


XTech Tactical Releases MTX Magazine Extension for M&P Full Size Pistols & Now Offers Bulk Packs for VP9 magazines

Friday, April 19th, 2019

Mesa, AZ- XTech Tactical, LLC an innovative firearms accessory manufacturer expands line of its patent pending MTX magazine extensions.  First seen for the VP/P30 full size H&K pistols, the MTX compatible with the M&P, M&P 2.0 full size, and Caracal Enhanced F pistols is now shipping! These are anything but industry standard magazine extensions.

The MTX for the M&P uses the patent pending design that is robust, durable, offers flawless feeding, while requiring no tools for installation. The magazine extension uses military grade reinforced polymers, and the inner housing offers the patent pending “Leading Edge” eliminating any catch point during the transfer from the extender into the magazine tube. The kit includes both the extender parts and a custom engineered stainless-steel spring. All components are 100% Made in the US.

MSRP for the MTX M&P Magazine Extension is $29.95 with two packs available for $49.95. The kit adds 5 rounds for 9mm and 4 rounds for .40 S&W.

XTech Tactical, LLC also has released 5 pack (15rd, $165/20rd $237.25) and 10 pack (15rd, $300/20rd $449.50) for their US Made, Stainless Steel, Teflon coated completed VP9/P30 9mm full size magazines.

For more information on how the MTX Extenders work here is a video overview:

They can be purchased at www.xtechtactical.com, and they offer great dealer programs. Dealer and press inquiries please contact jeremy@xtechtactical.com

Pro-Shot Launches New Defense Website Featuring Custom Kit Builder

Friday, April 19th, 2019

Taylorville, IL:   Pro-Shot Products is excited to announce the launch of its new defense website, www.proshotdefense.com.  Pro-Shot Defense will feature its latest defense cleaning

systems and components. The new website will cater to diverse users and provide key and specific information quickly about our products, representatives, and business.

Along with the vast selection of standard kit sets for pistol, rifle, shotgun, and 37/40mm Grenade Launcher cleaning to choose from, Pro-Shot has developed a unique and exciting new feature that allows a user to customize their own kit. John Damarin, Pro-Shot’s President said, “Pro-Shot is committed to providing American Made cleaning systems with unrivaled customer service. Our customer service truly shows the flexibility and excellent selection all in one experience.” 

The new defense website features superior American Made cleaning rod systems, tactical jags, and quick assist pull through handles. With over 38 years global defense experience, the new Pro-Shot Defense website showcases and features superior innovative cleaning systems.  For more information, please visit www.proshotdefense.com.

Armageddon Gear – Sticky Gamechanger OG

Thursday, April 18th, 2019

There’s never been a more aptly named firearm accessory than Armageddon Gear’s Gamechanger. Now they’ve made it even better by adding a new sticky fabric to strategic areas of the along the gusset, top, and a single side.

The rest of the design remains the same. You get almost five pounds of pelletized-polymer fill (zippered access to allow removal of fill), configured to offer stability thanks to the split design at the base which remains stabile on almost any irregular surface. It’s just that now, it’s not going to slip once you assume a shooting position.


Maxim Defense Showcases Their 2019 Product Line and Previews the Newly Designed PDX in 300 Blackout at the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting

Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

St Cloud, MN – Maxim Defense, the premier manufacturer in PDW-stocks, pistol braces, accessories, and weapons, is attending the 2019 NRA Annual meeting in booth #3210. Along with highlights of their new products for 2019, and the newly designed PDX™, attendees can get hands-on with a preview of the PDX™ in 300 Blackout.

“The NRA Annual Meeting has always been a great venue for Maxim to display and introduce our new products” Said Michael Windfeldt, Owner of Maxim Defense. “and this year is no exception, we’ll have both the SBR and Pistol Brace version of our newly design PDX™ in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO on hand, as-well-as a preview of the PDX™ in 300 Blackout”.

Maxim Defense PDX™

Leading the way in new products for 2019 is the newly-developed PDX™. Part of the MDX Battle Line, the PDX™ is available in 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO calibers, in both SBR and Pistol formats. The NEW Maxim Defense PDX™ is designed to handle the fierce demands of the Tier-1 community and dominate in close quarter encounters without sacrificing energy on target and accuracy. At just 18.75″ in overall length, 5 lbs. 11oz. in weight and a 5.5” barrel, the PDX™ is the ultimate choice for when concealment and personal defense are non-negotiable. The PDX™ will start shipping in the second quarter of 2019 with an MSRP of $2299.00 for either the SBR or Pistol Brace versions.

Calibers: 7.62x39mm and 5.56 NATO

Barrel Length: 5.5”

Colors: Black or Arid

Overall Length: 18.75”

Weight (empty): 5 lbs 11 oz

Muzzle Device: Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster

Stock: Maxim Defense SCW™ stock system (SBR and Pistol Brace)

Trigger: ALG Combat Trigger (ACT)

Maxim Defense SCW™ Stock System

The Maxim Defense SCW™ Stock System is one of the most complete compact SCW stocks on the market. Available in SBR and Pistol formats the Maxim Defense SCW™ has a collapsed length of only 4”. Both the Stock and Pistol Brace feature an integrated proprietary BCG with MILSPEC bolt and interchangeable buffer weights to give you the flexibility to maximize performance and versatility without sacrificing functionality. The Maxim Defense SCW Stock and Pistol Braces are simply the shortest, most thought-out, and durable SCW stock on the marketing. MSRP starting at just $369.95

Caliber:  5.56mm NATO, 7.62x39mm, .300BLK

Buffer-Carrier:  H1, H2, H3, 9mm PCC

Material Composition:  7075 Aluminum

Finish:      MILSPEC Anodized

Weight:     14.6 oz

Length:       4.0 inches 1st position (closed)

5.25 inches 2nd position

6.5 inches 3rd position

7.75 inches 4th position

8.75 inches 5th position (extended)

Maxim Defense CQB Gen 7 Stock

Like the Gen 6, the Gen 7 is a CQB stock built for comfort and durability for real-world use. No buttons to push, just pull the stock to deploy. At its most collapsed position, this CQB stock only adds 5.35” to your AR15. At full extension, the Maxim CQB stock is the length of an extended carbine stock. And with 4 total positions, you can adjust for maximum comfort and multiple scenarios. Rapid deployment, purpose-driven materials, and the functionality you need, the Maxim Defense CQB Stock is simply the most thought out, versatile, and durable CQB stock on the market. The Gen 7 is for those who want a sleeker profile, eliminating the side sling swivel attachment points from the housing. Instead, the Gen 7 comes with our ambidextrous sling mount already installed. MSRP starting at $369.95.

Caliber: Multi

Buffer:    Standard, H1, H2, H3, 9mm PCC, JP Silent, Captured spring system [Proprietary & Exclusive to Maxim CQB stock]

Material Composition:  7075 Aluminum

Finish:  MILSPEC Anodized

Weight: 18.5 oz

Length:    5.3 inches closed

  6.8 inches 1st position

    8.3 inches 2nd position

    10 inches fully extended


HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster

A common problem in short barrel PDW’s with low-pressure cartridges is reliable cycling. Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster is designed to regulate firearm exhaust gases to ensure PDW’s cycle more reliably. The primary design features include the redirection of the sound signature, decreasing the flash signature, significantly reducing recoil, and increasing accuracy.

The HATE BRAKE installs with a 3/8” drive socket from the front, enabling it to be installed under a handguard without removing the handguard. During installation, the HATEBRAKE locks into place with K-Taper, a patent-pending taper locking technology, replacing the need for proprietary tapered barrels. The external shape of the HATEBRAKE is designed to work with M-Slot compatible hand guards. The HATEBRAKE starts at just $199.95.

Caliber:  5.56  / 7.62 / 9mm

Thread Pitch:  1/2×28, 1/2×36, 5/8×24

Material Composition:  17-4 H900 Stainless / 6AL-4V Titanium

Finish:      Black in color DLC [Diamond-Like Coating]

Weight:     4.6 oz

Length:    2.4 inches

Diameter:  1.620 / 1.75 inches


M-RAX Rapid Attachment System

Unlike the traditional M-Slot mounting systems, M-RAX™ utilizes the full slot of your rail, maximizing space. This makes the M-RAX™ system end-to-end stackable, giving you the option to create seamless monolithic rail sections where needed. Installation and removal is a breeze. Thanks to the spring-loaded screws, the M-RAX™ system removes mounting frustrations. Simply push the screw in with a standard hex tool and rotate 90 degrees. The locking lugs engage that readily. No more fighting or timing screws. Offered in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 M-Slot lengths, the M-RAX is shipping today and starts at an MSRP of $39.95.

FITS: Compatible with all M-Slot handguards and forends

LENGTH/WEIGHT:    2 • M-Slot (3.145”) / 1.54oz

 3 • M-Slot (4.720”) / 2.31oz

4 • M-Slot (6.295”) / 3.09oz 

5 • M-Slot (7.870”) / 3.87oz

6 • M-Slot (9.445”) / 4.62oz

MATERIAL: 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum

FINISH: Hard Coat Anodize type 3 Class 2

Available in black and FDE

Visit Maxim Defense at booth #3210 to get a first look at the PDX™ in 300 Blackout and the 2019 line of Maxim products.

To learn more about Maxim Defense, please visit us at www.maximdefense.com.

Adaptive Tactical Exhibits Popular Accessories and Kits at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

Visit Adaptive Tactical at the 2019 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, Booth 4307

Adaptive Tactical will display their growing line of stocks, magazine kits, barrels, shell carriers, and takedown packs during the 148th annual NRA sponsored civilian firearms show.

Nampa, Idaho (April 2019) – Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks and accessories, will be exhibiting at booth 4307, alongside Copper Basin and Adaptive Graphx, during the 148th Annual National Rifle Association (NRA) Meeting & Exhibits at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26 – 28, 2019.

Adaptive Tactical’s accessories and kits are designed around some of the most popular rifle and shotgun models for sport and home defense. The Tac-Hammer TK22 Takedown Stock for the factory Ruger® 10/22 Takedown rifle enhances the highly popular rifle with an M4-style stock with a pistol grip and adjustable length-of-pull. Easy to self-install, the Tac-Hammer TK22 Takedown Stock delivers portability and versatility while improving performance. In addition, Adaptive Tactical offers a Charger Takedown Stock and full-length Ruger 10/22 rifle stock in a variety of finishes, plus Tac-Hammer barrels and barrel/rail combos.

The SideWinder Venom kits transform Mossberg® 12 gauge 500/88 or 590 shotguns into a mag-fed system in both box kits and rotary kits. For the AR aficionados, Adaptive Tactical offers the EX Performance adjustable stocks which provide relief from shooting fatigue and reduced recoil in a high-impact, polymer construction platform.

For 2019, Adaptive Tactical introduces the EX Performance Tactical Light Forend for the Remington® 870 12-gauge and the Mossberg 500 & 88, 590 and 590M 12-gauge pump shotguns. This easy-to-install 300-lumen tactical flashlight seamlessly integrates into the forend body. For home defense, this tactical light offers hours of run time and an easy-to-reach, ambidextrous on/off button and three illumination settings: Momentary On, Constant On, and Rapid Strobe.

“The annual NRA show is a great opportunity for Adaptive Tactical to meet our customers,” said Gary Cauble, director of sales and marketing for Adaptive Tactical. “The feedback we receive from our end-users provides us with valuable insight shaping the products we create to fit specific needs, like the EX Performance Tactical Light. It is a perfect addition to a home defense Remington or Mossberg pump shotguns where a low light scenario demands a tool like our integrated forend light.”

For more information on Adaptive Tactical, visit www.adaptivetactical.com or “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram.