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The ETHOS Package From Overwatch Precision

Thursday, March 2nd, 2017



The ETHOS handgun modification package is designed from the ground up to be a fighting handgun. We’ve taken a venerable platform and tweaked it to meet our extremely high standards.

The grip is stippled to ensure secure purchase during long strings of rapid fire, with hands that are wet or bloody, or when dexterity is compromised by cold weather or gloves. We optionally remove finger grooves to fit the grip to our client’s hand, not the other way around. Additionally, we undercut the trigger guard to allow as high of a grip as possible, for greater recoil control without the discomfort of the infamous “Glock Knuckle” experienced by many with a stock trigger guard.

The ETHOS slide has been expertly milled by ATEi, and in keeping with their reputation they have turned every unused surface of the boring, factory rectangle of steel into an advantage. The muzzle end is narrowed and bullnosed to allow ease of re-holstering, while the enhanced forward cocking serrations do not extend across the frame rail channel where strength is of paramount importance. the forward cocking serrations, in conjunction with ATEi’s signature fish scale top serrations (developed in partnership with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts) allow the end user the same confidence that our stippled grip does; any weather, any malfunction, one hand or two, the job will get done.

The ETHOS RMR cut is also done by ATEi, and is made-to-measure with recoil bosses for a specific RMR housing, providing a level of fit and optic protection not seen elsewhere in the industry. The slide is finished in QPQ (Black Nitride) to prevent corrosion and harden the surface of the steel. Optional cerakote is available, but will never be substituted for the QPQ, we don’t take shortcuts.

Naturally, the ETHOS comes with our tigger, tuned up and installed for a trigger press even cleaner and crisper than our drop in kits.

  • 360 Degree Stippling for a secure grip in adverse conditions
  • Magazine Scallop (Gen2/3 Only)
  • Optional finger groove removal for enhanced ergonomics
  • Trigger guard undercut for better recoil management and comfort
  • Enhanced forward and rear cocking serrations, with top serrations for easy one or two-handed manipulations under the worst of conditions
  • Bullnosed Slide for ease of reholstering
  • Tuned Overwatch trigger of your choice
  • Made-to-Measure RMR cut, backed up with all black suppressor sights
  • QPQ (Black Nitride) metal finish with optional Cerakote on slide, frame and trigger
  • Available with a variety of add-ons

    As always, Overwatch Has You Covered with a transferable, unlimited lifetime warranty on all of our work and products.

  • IWA – Recon Company Offers Big Sky Racks’ Electronic Weapon Mounting System

    Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

    Germany’s Recon Company offers the Electronic Locking System made by Big Sky Racks, which is a weapon storage solution for vehicles. It keeps the weapon secure but allows instant access when needed via the touch of a button, unlike standard key locking systems which take valuable time to access the weapon. The system is also padded to avoid rattle. In the event the vehicle completely loses power, the weapon can still be accessed via a key. Key options are standard, handcuff and barrel.

    While this model holds an MP-5, they are available for a wide range of weapons.

    Enforce Tac – Spuhr G3 Stock Now Available 

    Thursday, March 2nd, 2017

    The R410 G3 Stock from Spuhr is now available. They were developed for the Swedish Army to give a higher check weld when using optics and will be used to configure designated marksman rifles. There are four different cheek pieces available to adjust comb. Additionally, thanks to six positions means length of pull is now adjustable from 12.5 cm to 15.75 cm. Finally, it can be also used on the MP-5 and G-33.

    Spuhr products are available in Germany through Pol-Tec.


    Enforce Tac – H&K Unveils New .300 Rifles – HK237 and HK337

    Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

    At Enforce Tac, H&K has introduced two new weapons. The HK237 is a .300 Blk/Whisper variant of the G36 and the HK337 is a .300 Blk/Whisper version of the HK416. Unfortunately, both are currently only intended for military and police markets and offered as full auto weapons, but the .300 cartridge is picking up steam here in Europe. Perhaps we’ll see civilian versions yet.


    Below is a photo of the HK237 which is kept under glass with bright lights shining on it to deter photography. You’ll note the folding stock which features a cutout to allow firing while wearing a ballistic visor. Both rifles incorporate 9″ barrels.


    When I asked about a .300 version of the recently introduced H433, I was told it was in the works.

    SPARTANAT – 20 Foot Firepower : The Patria NEMO Container System

    Tuesday, February 28th, 2017


    It seems timid enough. It’s is small, black-orange and not dangerous? Completely wrong, if we talk about NEMO from Patria. We found it at IDEX 2017 in AbuDhabi. The state-of-the-art company PATRIA, with its innovative and unique mortar system NEMO, offered a much-respected and highly frequented exhibition space. This heavy mortar, 120 mm in diameter, is integrated into a completely self-contained container container and contains all the equipment required by a mortar unit for general daytime operation and fire fighting in one package. In addition to its own power supply and air-conditioning system, the armored container also includes an NBC filter system in its 20-foot standard EU standard. The basic armor offers ballistic protection against infantry, but can be supplemented by up to 10 mm thick steel cladding / ceramic plates for higher protection. The storage space offers space for up to 100 shells and thus provides a sustained firepower.

    The main advantage of the NEMO container system lies in its simple and unique mobility. The flexible container system can adapt its firing position to the tactical situation within a very short time, regardless of whether it is mounted in static storage / object protection, as a moving mortar unit in the direct support of the advancing infantry or on a ship. The NEMO mortar tower can rotate 360Deg and with its -3Deg to + 85Deg pivot range all surfaces of min. 300 m to max. 9,000m with up to 10 grenades / min. This supporting firepower allows the infantry to react adequately “air” in critical situations to react to unexpected attacks.

    Under the patronage of its Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, the more than 1,200 international suppliers of the defense industry at this year’s trade fair from 19 to 23 February, showed the latest technologies for the three-dimensional defense sector land, air, sea. IDEX 2017 was once again a unique platform to build and strengthen direct contacts and relationships with government agencies, army staffs and other companies. This year again more than 100,000 visitors were counted.

    Patria Nemo Container 7

    PATRIA: patria.fi/en
    IDEX 2017: www.idexuae.ae
    SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

    FIME Group – Rex Zero 1 Product Announcement

    Sunday, February 26th, 2017

    FIME Group has announced new information on the Arex Rex Zero 1, the Slovenian-manufactured P226-inspired handgun, including the release of a new compact model, as well as its introduction to the Maryland handgun roster.The full release can be read below:

    FIME Group Product Announcement
    Have you heard?! FIME Group has 3 important announcements for the Rex Zero 1!

    1. The Rex has a new model, the Compact.
    2. We went through the hoops so our Marylanders can protect themselves. Rex Zero 1S is now on the Maryland Roster. Maryland Part Numbers: REXZERO1S-04, REXZERO1S-05
    3. With all the demand from our magazine restricted states, we have a 10 round magazine coming shortly.

    Arex is located in Slovenia and has over 20 years of design, manufacturing, and CNC experience. When Arex was designing the Rex Zero 1, they knew this was going to be one of the best pistols around. Rex is actually Latin for King. With all the recent reliability/torture tests, it has proven to be an accurate name.


    Rex Zero 1 is manufactured out of T7075-T6 Aluminum with full length rails, full length dust cover, an integrated picatinny rail, and a 1 piece cold hammer forged barrel made from a solid bar stock. The parts are then Nitrocarburized to protect against corrosion and wear. The Rex was designed for hard use with expected 30,000 rounds of service life and has passed extensive NATO/Slovenian military based tests.


    The controls match the well-engineered frame. They feature an ambidextrous magazine release and safety lever. The Slide stop/Decocker lever are integrated into one. Pushing up on the lever is the slide stop, press down will release the slide, press down again and it will decock the hammer. Field strip can be accomplished without pulling the trigger. You can run this in Double Action/Single Action or Single Action Only. If it is your preferred carry, it can be “cocked and locked”. Double Action trigger pull will be 13 pounds, while the single action trigger pull is going to be 5 pounds. The trigger will reset with only .16” of travel.


    Magazines come in 3 different sizes, 15 rounds and 17 rounds, and the new 10 round magazine (coming soon) for the states that have restrictions. We believe everyone should have their ability to protect themselves, even the ones that are unfortunately in the restricted states. The 10, 15, 17 round magazines will work for Compact. Only the 10 and 17 round magazine will work with the Standard. The best part is the MSRP on the magazines are $25. This allows you to stock up on magazines, a great price for spares or if you need them for an upcoming class. Make sure you pick up a few more.


    Do you want some videos on the Rex Zero 1? What would you like to see from us? Send your suggestions to Info@FIMEGroup.com.


    FIME Group, LLC is a manufacturer, importer, and exporter of the finest, high-quality firearms from around the world. Founded with the mission to manufacture the finest firearms and establish long-lasting business relationships with multiple manufacturers, FIME Group, LLC seeks to provide all of the customer favorites among rifles, handguns, and shotguns.

    FIME Group, LLC.’s partnerships include:

  • Arex from Slovenia – the manufacturer of the Rex Zero 1 pistols, with a proven track record of over 20 years for manufacturing highly competitive products with premium quality and precision;
  • Molot from Russia – the manufacturer of the Vepr rifles and shotguns, one of the most rigid, toughest systems in the world;
  • Zastava Arms from Serbia – the manufacturer of the rifles based on the famous Mauser system.
  • FIME Group, LLC. is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada and may be found online at www.fimegroup.com

    Lipsey’s Adds Stainless Steel To The Proven Ruger Bisley Flatop .44 Special Revolver

    Friday, February 24th, 2017

    Baton Rouge, LA – Lipsey’s, a nationally renowned firearms distributor, has added the highly anticipated stainless steel option to the popular line of Ruger Bisley Flattop .44 Special revolvers.

    Lipsey’s has offered Bisley .44 Special revolvers since 2010, but only in a blue finish. Now these desirable configurations will be available in a tough, weather resistant stainless steel. They are being built on the mid-size 357 Magnum frame in both the 4-5/8” and 5-1/2” barrel lengths. Rosewood laminate grips and pinned front sights adorn these rugged sixguns.

    Jason Cloessner, Lipsey’s Vice President and Product Development Manager, couldn’t wait to add these revolvers to Lipsey’s growing line of special make-up firearms. “Our line-up of Ruger single action .44 Specials continues to be one of my favorites. The stainless Bisleys give you both a classic and functional field gun.”

    The all new stainless steel Bisley Flattop .44 Specials are now available and ready to ship.

    Located in Baton Rouge, Lipsey’s was originally formed as a wholesale hunting and fishing distributor in 1953. Today, the company leads the firearms industry in the collaboration and distribution of exclusive firearms. An authority in NFA regulations, Lipsey’s also offers a robust line of silencers, short barrel rifles and accessories. With a committed focus on relationships, Lipsey’s provides value and innovation to federally licensed dealers and the industry’s top manufacturers.

    Please visit www.lipseys.com and find us at facebook.com/lipseysguns, Instagram @LipseysGuns and
    Twitter @LipseysGuns.

    Spartanat – New by Corvus Defensio: M1 Receiver Rail

    Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

    Corvus Defensio M1 1

    Corvus Defensio from Austria, specialists for Steyr AUG upgrading, will present at IWA Nuremberg a new part for the bullpup: M1 Receiver Rail The features are similar to the AUG A3 35 Slot Receiver Rail, but without the front KeyMod section due to the special M1 Receiver interface.

    Corvus Defensio M1 2

    Trijicon ACOGs and Compact ACOGs can be directly mounted to the M16-Carry Handle like mounting slot and on either side it has integrated QD Sling Swivel attachment points. It weighs 117 g/4.1 oz and is CNC milled of 7075 aluminum with a hard anodized coating.

    Corvus Defensio M1 3

    IWA: https://www.iwa.info
    Corvus Defensio: http://corvusdefensio.com
    SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com

    Daniel Defense Offers DD5V1 Rifle in Two New Cerakote Finishes

    Sunday, February 19th, 2017


    Black Creek, GA- February 17, 2016. Daniel Defense, manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, is offering its DD5V1 7.62mm (.308) rifle in two new durable Cerakote finishes. In addition to basic black, this best-selling rifle is now also available with a gray-colored Daniel Defense Tornado® finish and a Mil Spec +® finish, which is a tan or earth color.


    The DD5V1 is a groundbreaking, performance-driven platform that established a whole new standard in the .308 platform. Its design incorporates over a decade of expertise from industry-leading Daniel Defense engineers and designers. With innovative features like a 4-bolt connection system, an optimized upper receiver, an improved bolt carrier group, ambidextrous controls, a configurable modular charging handle, and a Cold Hammer Forged (CHF) barrel, the DD5V1 took 7.62 rifles built around the traditional AR platform to a whole new level. And with a weight of only 8.3 pounds, the DD5V1 represents one of the lightest, most maneuverable .308 DMRs (designated marksman rifles) ever built.

    DD5V1 rifles with Daniel Defense Tornado® or Mil Spec +® Cerakote finishes have an MSRP of $3,198, while black-finished models retail for $3,044. They are available for purchase from authorized Daniel Defense firearm dealers or directly from Daniel Defense at danieldefense.com.

    TrackingPoint Debuts Its Latest .300 BLACKOUT Rifle – the M400XHDR

    Friday, February 17th, 2017


    Pflugerville, TX (February 14, 2017) The exceptionally popular .300 Blackout returns to TrackingPoint’s stable of Precision-Guided Firearms in the form of its latest design – the M400XHDR. Built on TrackingPoint’s own lightweight AR platform, the Gen-2 night vision-enabled M400XHDR features an extended 400-yard lock range and the stopping power of a .30 caliber, making it ideal for home defense, predator and varmint control. The simplicity and the familiarity of the AR-15 platform coupled with TrackingPoint’s patented lock-and-load precision guiding technology makes the M400XHDR the most innovative .300 BLK on the market today.

    The M400XHDR shares many of the same standard technological advances present across the TrackingPoint lineup of Precision-Guided Firearms. Elements such as the RapidLok Trigger System that ensures pinpoint accuracy by acquiring, tracking and locking on ranged targets and TrackingPoint’s video/audio capture capability that allows shooters/hunters the ability to record each memorable PGF experience. Broadcast capability, via the onboard WiFi, allows friends and family to live each event as if they were right alongside you.

    The same five (5) extensively-tested and proven optical modes found on every TrackingPoint PGF power the M400 system. Precision Target and Precision Mover calculate the ballistic and firing solutions for the shooter, delivering exceptional accuracy on both stationary and moving targets alike. Auto-Acquire mode snaps the reticle to the pre-determined center of mass of a tagged target, while the Suppressive Fire mode calculates and holds real time ballistic solutions coupled with a live trigger to quickly engage multiple targets. But the final mode, Night Mode, is where the M400XHDR truly shines. Utilizing CMOS sensor technology to deliver Gen-2 night vision performance, when used with the rail-mounted IR illuminator that comes standard with every M400XHDR, the M400 system acquires and tracks targets after dark as easily as it does in the daylight, ensuring precision shots on predators and hogs alike – day or night.

    Precision shots require precision ammunition, and the new M400XHDR features engineered compatibility for not one, not two, but three ammunition profiles. The custom loaded TP 300 AAC Blackout 120gr OTM for the target shooters, TP 300 AAC Blackout 120gr Tac-TX for the hunters, or a similar high quality 300 AAC Blackout 110gr should a shooter/hunter find themselves out of the 120 gr loads. And at $6,995, TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearm system delivers features and benefits the competition just can’t match, making the M400XHDR the perfect choice for precision-minded shooters everywhere.

    Order your new M400XHDR directly from TrackingPoint by calling (512) 354-2114 or by visiting the M400 product page. Shipments of the new rifle begin late February and financing is available for qualified buyers, with payments as low as $177/month for up to 48 months.

    TrackingPoint Logo

    TrackingPoint, based in Austin, Texas, created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in small arms, enabling shooters to make shots previously considered beyond human ability. To learn more, visit www.tracking-point.com.