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US Customs and Border Protection Adopt 9mm Glock Handguns

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Today, US Customs and Border Protection announced an $85 million contract over 10 years, to Glock, Inc for new duty handguns. This contract also facilitates CBP’s transition from .40 to 9mm by 2021.


Rumor has it that the contract includes the G19, G26 and a new pistol which has not yet been made public, but often referred to as the G47. However, it may well be the rumored Glock variant which mates a G17 slide to a G19 frame. Sights are said to be Ameriglo. Both large frame guns are also anticipated to be MOS variants for red dot sights.

These are said to be the pistols selected.

Below is CBP’s announcement:

CBP Awards Contract for Duty Handguns

WASHINGTON – U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded a contract to Glock Inc. today to provide CBP law enforcement personnel the next generation standard duty handgun.
The contract is for up to $85 million over 10 years, which includes other DHS law enforcement components that have the option to purchase duty handguns through the contract.

CBP’s Law Enforcement Safety and Compliance Directorate led the extensive solicitation process to replace CBP’s current duty handgun.
“This contract provides CBP law enforcement personnel the latest in handgun technology and represents our commitment to providing the highest quality use-of-force tools and equipment to our law enforcement personnel who defend America’s frontline every day,” said Deputy Commissioner Robert E. Perez.

The solicitation process included independent performance testing by the National Institute of Justice laboratories, direct input from over 16,000 CBP law enforcement personnel and extensive field evaluations.

With the award of this contract, CBP intends to transition all law enforcement personnel from the current .40 pistol to a 9mm pistol by the end of Fiscal Year 2021.

As a component of CBP Operations Support, LESC’s mission is to optimize the safety and readiness, accountability, and operational performance of CBP law enforcement personnel by articulating use of force policy, establishing appropriate controls and standards and supplying the highest quality education and training, weapons and other tactical equipment.

Arnold Defense Announces the First Order for FLETCHER Laser Guided Rocket Launcher

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019

Arnold Defense, the St Louis based manufacturer of 2.75-inch rocket launchers, is pleased to announce receipt of the first order for their unique FLETCHER Land Based, Laser Guided Rocket Launcher. The FLETCHER 2.75-inch/70mm weapon system was first unveiled just 18 months ago at DSEi in London. Since the launch, FLETCHER has been showcased at a number of international exhibitions, generating exceptional levels of interest whilst Arnold Defense have continued with an ongoing development and investment program to broaden and prove the system’s already revolutionary capability.

With FLETCHER, Arnold Defense has made a bold departure from the traditional concept of use for 2.75-inch rocket systems; that of an area suppression weapon delivered by aviation assets.  Arnold’s evolution has FLETCHER using advanced rocket-guidance technology to utilize ground-based launch platforms, meeting the demands of modern, vehicle-mounted and dismounted asymmetric warfare.

FLETCHER’s unique design allows for ease of operation, maintenance and sustainment.  It employs an existing suite of guidance modules, rockets and warheads, already used in well-known programs and readily available to global forces.  FLETCHER is supported by a team of global defense industry companies, collaborating under Arnold Defense’s leadership to combine their complimentary expertise.  

The first customer for the FLETCHER system, who cannot yet be disclosed, has committed to purchasing FLETCHER due to the system’s ability to accurately engage targets at a range of over 5km, with a 100% hit rate in recent test-firings.   This first order is for an initial batch of launchers, with a larger order expected to follow once successful user trials and demonstrations have been completed.

Mike Brown, Vice President and COO of Arnold Defense said, “Given that the FLETCHER concept was unveiled to the public only 18 months ago, Arnold Defense is delighted to have signed what we anticipate to be the first of many contracts for the supremely capable FLETCHER surface-based rocket launcher.” He added, “FLETCHER has generated huge interest globally with its unique capability to deliver organic, long-range precision firepower to even the smallest tactical element. It is great to see serious international interest now developing into firm orders.” or

The History of Walther

Saturday, April 6th, 2019

Walther Arms and Panteao Productions are happy to announce the release of the new documentary, “The History of Walther.”

In the twenty-two-minute documentary, Larry Vickers with Vickers Tactical, ventures to the Walther Factory in Ulm, Germany. While there, Vickers visits with Product Manager, Peter Dallhammer to learn about Walther’s long history in handguns and the technologies that are moving Walther Arms forward.

The History of Walther documentary will be available for viewing on Amazon Prime and Panteao video streaming service.

The History of Walther on Amazon Prime.


Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 2, 2019) –SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the P320 XCOMPACT is now shipping and available in retail stores.

The new SIG SAUER P320 XCOMPACT is a modular, striker-fired, 9mm pistol with a serialized trigger group that combines concealability, with full-size XSERIES features. The redesigned grip module features an improved beavertail, fastback profile, contoured magwell, and a deep trigger guard undercut fitted with a subcompact slide and barrel.

Additional features of the SIG SAUER P320 XCOMPACT include X-RAY3 day/night sights, a flat trigger, and night sight rear plate making it optic ready. The intuitive 3-point takedown of the pistol requires no trigger pull for disassembly, and safety features include a striker safety and disconnect safety. The P320 XCOMPACT comes standard with two 15-round magazines.


Total length:7”

Barrel length:3.6”

Weight (incl. magazine): 25.3 oz.



Sight radius:5.5”

To learn more about the P320 XCOMPACT and the entire SIG SAUER P320 series of pistols visit

US Army Selects B&T for Sub Compact Weapon

Monday, April 1st, 2019

Less than a year after releasing its requirement for a Sub Compact Weapon, the US Army has selected the Brugger and Thomet APC9K as it’s new Sub Compact Weapon.

The SCW requirement arose from the Military Police. United States military operations take place worldwide and in all types of terrains as well as under every environmental condition. The Secretary of the Army and/or the Chief of Staff approves senior commanders and key personnel as High Risk Personnel (HRP). HRPs are authorized a Personal Security Detail (PSD), which are assigned to guard against outlined threats. To address this operational need, PSD military personnel require weapons with greater lethality than pistols that are more concealable than rifles. The ultimate objective of this program was to acquire a highly concealable Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) system capable of engaging threat personnel with a high volume of lethal force while accurately firing at close range with minimal collateral damage.

An initial requirement was issued in May of 2018 and the Army issued contracts to multiple companies to investigate their weapon systems. However, they soon retracted the offers and instead, issued a prototype opportunity notice to industry for the Sub Compact Weapon. Six companies were selected and eventually provided a total of 15 weapons each.

The companies who competed are:
Angstadt Arms
Global Ordnance, LLC
Shield Arms
Trident Rifles, LLC

Note that B&T USA and Trident Rifle’s, LLC both offered B&T produced options, but that B&T USA was awarded the contract.

The timeline of the PON was fairly quick and the 15 weapons from each company were put through a test regime. The B&T offering came out on top of the source selection.

The Army will initially purchase 350 weapons with slings, manuals, accessories, and spare parts, but has an option to purchase up to 1000. The value of the contract is $2,575,811.76.

The adoption of the SCW is significant as this is the first service program of record to adopt a 9mm subgun and the first subgun service-level program of record since the M3 greasegun.

Please note that the weapon in the images is the commercial version of the APC9K. The contract SCW is very similar.

LAAD 2019: IWI Will Present Its NEGEV NG7 –  The 7.62mm Caliber Light Machine Gun (LMG) with Semi-Automatic Mode and The Advanced TAVOR-X95 Bullpup Rifle

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

LAAD 2019, Rio, Brazil, April 2-5, Hall 4, Stand P.60

March 28, 2019. Israel Weapon Industries (IWI), an SK Group member and a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for law enforcement agencies, governments, and armies around the world – will showcase, at LAAD 2019, its full portfolio of advanced, well known and successfully deployed world-wide weapons. In focus will be the leading NEGEV NG7- 7.62mm caliber Light Machine Gun (LMG) with semi-automatic mode and the advanced TAVOR-X95 bullpup rifle.


“Both the military and law-enforcement markets in Brazil are important to IWI. We are looking at soon introducing both these markets with our latest, most advanced developments, specifically suited to the Brazilian forces’ needs”, says Mr. Ronen Hamudot, SK Group and IWI’s V.P. Marketing and Sales. “IWI provides military and police forces (Policia Militar) worldwide with a wide selection of weaponry solutions for various challenges and missions-range of the modern battlefield.)”, he says. “The Latin American market is one in focus for us. We are looking forward to reinforcing IWI’s ties with this market and expand our activities in the region providing it with new and improved products”.


The NEGEV NG7 is deployed in dozens of countries around the world including Israel, and has been combat-proven in a number of battle arenas. It is based on the NEGEV 5.56mm LMG and designed to meet the modern battlefields requirements. The NEGEV NG7 includes a semi-automatic firing mode that enables accurate fire in combat situations, including ambush and Close Quarter Battle (CQB), when shooting via telescope and is the only 7.62 LMG caliber with single bullet firing capability. In automatic mode, its rate of fire is over 700 rounds per minute. Exceptionally lightweight (weighing less than 8 kg), it can be fired from a variety of mounts, including special mounts on helicopters, land vehicles, and naval vessels. Features include a gas regulator for additional power in harsh conditions such as mud and dirt, tritium night sights, Picatinny rails for optical and other devices, and four safety mechanisms to minimize unwanted fire. The NEGEV NG7 – which delivers remarkable MTBF and a long service life – is drum or belt-chain fed, fires from an open bolt position, and is easily dismantled for maintenance in the field.  

The TAVOR-X95 rifle is an innovative firearm that was created and developed in close collaboration with elite units of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). As the standard IDF assault rifle it is exceptionally reliable in even the harshest weather conditions, and complies with the most stringent NATO standards for small arms. The TAVOR-X95 is offered in three calibers – 5.56mm, 300 BLK and 9mm – with an option for a 9mm conversion kit. The TAVOR-X95 platform incorporates a tri-rail forearm covered by three removable vented rail covers. The TAVOR-style grip is modular and can be easily converted to a pistol grip as well. The charging handle has also been relocated closer to the shooter’s center mass and the ambidextrous magazine release, which enables a firing hand magazine release.

Available in Black, FDE, and OD Green, the TAVOR-X95 features a lightweight trigger pull, weighing around 3 kilos. The rifle can be purchased with compatible sights from Meprolight – either the MEPRO M21 Day/Night Self-Illuminated Reflex Sight or the MEPRO RDS or RDS PRO Electronic Weapon Red Dot Sight.


“It’s Only An Old Prototype,” He Said

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

And no, it’s not the new 6.8mm.

Black Collar Announces Bolt Action Pistol Builder Kits

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

Austin, TX (March 20, 2019) — Black Collar Arms is in production! Our Remington 700 short action-compatible Pork Sword Chassis will be shipping to customers next month. In the meantime we’re taking pre-orders (which, for a couple more weeks only, will come with a free Warfighter Tobacco cigar!) and have now made it even easier for our customers:

Announcing the Pork Sword Chassis Builder Kit!

Intended to provide most of the critical components for your pistol build project, we’ve bundled our 7075 aluminum chassis and 4-slot FARend with an SB Tactical FS1913 pistol brace and the pistol-length barrel of your choice. Then we’ve thrown in one of the best grips available for this size firearm, the ERGO Swift Grip, at no charge.

With factory stripped actions starting at around $300 and magazines around $28, a complete Pork Sword Chassis pistol is possible for just under a thousand dollars.