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Century Arms Bringing New AES10B and PSL Rifles Back to the U.S. Market

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

DELRAY BEACH, Florida – (January 29, 2019) – Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is excited to announce availability of newly manufactured models of the highly sought after AES10B 7.62x39mm and PSL 7.62x54R rifles from Romania.
The AES10B is modeled after the Romanian version of the RPK, features a heavy barrel profile, RPK bipod, clubfoot stock, and will ship with a 30-round magazine. The PSL is also modeled after the RPK rifle, but in the 7.62x54R cartridge and paired with a new Russian PO4x24 optic.

“We haven’t brought in the AES10B or PSL rifles in many years. AES10B availability has dried up due to a lack of the parts kits used to build them and surplus PSL rifles are  being sent to other parts of the world before we are able to acquire them,” said William Sucher, the company’s Vice President of Business Development. “We have continued to look for a solution for the American market due to the high demand for these models even though the days of low-priced surplus options are long gone. After reviewing all options and working with the manufacturer, we were able to acquire and bring in small quantities of these as newly manufactured rifles, albeit at a higher price, but still uniquely rare and desirable.”

Century Arms will have a limited quantity of these newly manufactured rifles and have sold out of the initial shipments. If you are a dealer please contact your local distributor to acquire an AES10B or PSL rifle while supplies last.
To learn more about the AES10B, PSL and Century’s other models, please visit CenturyArms.com.  

SHOT Show 19 – SureFire MGX

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Back in 2012, small arms innovator Jim Sullivan filed for a patent for the MGX, a 5.56mm box-fed Machine Gun designed as an improvement over the Ultimax, which he also designed.

Below is a drawing from the patent, depicting the MGX from various points of view. It seems to have a bit of a Stoner 63 flair to it. Considering Sullivan contributed to that weapon system as well, it comes as no surprise.

The MGX, along with its associated 60 and 100 round High Capacity Magazines, was later purchased by SureFire from ArmsWest, LLC. The MGX is designed to operate from the closed bolt during semi-automatic fire and from the open bolt on full-auto.

The weapon weighs 9 lbs and is just 17″ with the barrel removed and stock folded. Recoil is managed so well, that like the Ultimax, it can be fired continuously on full-auto with just one hand. Barrels are 11.5″, 16″ and 20″ and the gun is convertible from 5.56mm to 6.8 SPC in seconds with a barrel change. You have to consider when the gun was designed to appreciate the 6.8 SPC option. The rate of fire is 550-650 RPM with an increase of 100 rpm when used with the SureFire SOCOM556-MG Suppressor.

Here you can see the folding stock and foregrip as well as its intended use with the 100 rd HCM.

During last week’s SHOT Show, the MGX showed up in SureFire’s massive booth, celebrating their 40th Anniversary. You’ll notice something interesting. Although the receiver is marked MG 10, it goes by the name MGX. Although the controls are similar to the AR-15, and a Stoner 63 pistol grip, it features a side charging handle and a quick change barrel.

Image by Ho-Tac Tactical

Considering SureFire has kept the design under wraps for years, it was not only amazing to see it there, but to see it with a 2019 placard. Naturally, we wanted to know if that meant the MGX was finally going into production.

Unfortunately, we found out that SureFire is not getting into the Machine Gun business. Instead, they wanted to showcase a relatively unknown bit of history and hopefully raise interest in licensing the technology.

Hopefully, the MGX will find its way into production.


Soldiers Test Squad Designated Marksman Rifle At Fort Bliss

Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Manufacturer of the new Squad Designated Marksman Rifle, Heckler & Koch began delivering weapons last fall. This rifle is based on the HK 417 (German Army designation G28) which was selected by the US Army in 2016 as the M110A1 Compact Semi Auto Sniper System. It fires the 7.62mm NATO cartridge.


Last week, 16 Soldiers assigned to Alpha Company, 4-17 Infantry Battalion, 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, took to the ranges on Fort Bliss, Texas to provide feedback to Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO Soldier). This information will be analyzed and used to make any changes to the SDM-R, accessories and ammunition before full fielding commences.


While the maximum effective distance of the new optic (SIG Optics TANGO6T) hasn’t been fully verified yet, Soldiers were able to positively engage targets at a distance of 800 meters. Other than the optic, both CSASS and SDM-R are the same configuration. The SDM-R also includes a Suppressor by OSS and an Image Intensifier Night Vision Sight (AN/PVS-3) and bipod. The rail is MLOK compatible.


Eventually, over 6000 SDM-Rs are expected to be fielded as part of the Directed Requirement, validated last year. This is a separate purchase than the M110A1 CSASS buy and this is an important distinction as this version is sometimes referred to as the M110A1 DMR.

Photos by US Army SSG Kimberly Jenkins and SGT Brian Micheliche, 1st Stryker Brigade, 1st Armored Division, Public Affairs.

Battle Arms Development – OIP Gen 2

Friday, January 25th, 2019


Battle Arms Development’s OIP Gen 2 is on display at their booth, featuring some noticeable changes since its appearance at last year’s Industry Day at the Range. The OIP Gen 2 comes in at 3.8 lbs bare and unloaded, and features a 14.5″, 1:7 twist barrel with a 5.56 NATO chamber, midlength gas system, and a pin and welded Battle Arms Ti THUMPER compensator, bringing the barrel to 16″ in length. Both the pistol grip and forend are constructed of carbon fiber, with weight-reducing lightening cuts, and the later also features M-LOK compatible accessory mounting slots. The receiver set is also aggressively skeletonized, and a majority of the components are made of titanium, including the bolt catch, gas block, bolt carrier, and takedown pins; a fixed aluminum, minimalist receiver extension/stock completes the rifle.


SHOT Show 19 – More Details On SIG’s New 338 Norma Mag Machine Gun

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

The SIG SL MAG in 338 NM continues to impress. We got a few minutes to check a few of the features we mentioned in our initial article as well as some others. For example, it was designed specifically for use with a direct thread Suppressor. Additionally, SIG has developed an optic specifically for use with this and other weapons.

If you’re a machine gunner, you’re going to appreciate the adaptability of the feed mechanism and cover.

There are both top open and side open feed tray covers. This means the optic stays put.

Additionally, feed can be converted from left to right.

The SL MAG also does not require the gunner to open the feed tray to add a new belt. Simply insert the belt into the feed tray cover.

You’ll also notice an optic, mounted to the Picatinny Rail along the top of the receiver.

It’s based on the same technology developed for SIG Optics’ Ballistic Data Xchange or BDX family of optics for hunting.

However, rather than a separate, stand-alone Laser Range Finder, this optic features an integrated LRF in addition to Applied Ballistics software to offer a disturbed reticle as well as distance and azimuth to target on the screen.

This optic will also be featured on the SIG Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle PON currently underway and could be used with any existing crew served or individual weapon. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with a magnifier for long distance shots. SIG even mentioned offering a variable power magnifier for use with this smart optic.

Announcing Black Collar Arms

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Black Collar Arms Lead Pork Sword Chassis Pistol Scorpitrol

Black Collar Logo

New company launches Pork Sword and Scorpitrol®

Austin, TX (January 22, 2019) — Whether you’re blue collar or white collar, if you’re pro-Second Amendment you’re black collar.

We’re Black Collar Arms and we’re here to bring innovative and functional firearms products to market at a fair price. Black Collar’s founders have backgrounds in product design and development and extensive firearm experience. Our engineers are former and current competitive shooters in various disciplines with engineering degrees from MIT and other snooty, prestigious places they’d love to tell you all about.

As you may have noticed from some of our product names and our marketing, we like to have fun and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. What we do take extremely seriously is our customers and the quality and functionality of our products.

Black Collar Arms is located in Central Texas and is committed to manufacturing our components in the U.S. from U.S.-made raw materials and components.

Contact us any time at manservant@blackcollararms.com, visit us at www.BlackCollarArms.com, and find us on Instagram at @blackcollararms.

Pork Sword Graphic

Announcing the Pork Sword Chassis

Weighing in at a scant 14.7 ounces, the Black Collar Arms Pork Sword is a minimalist, modular chassis compatible with left- or right-handed Remington 700 footprint short actions.

Pork Sword Pistol FDE Left

With a rear Picatinny rail, build yourself a pistol with a brace like the SB Tactical FS1913 or dust off that old R700 rifle and start a new, shoulder stock-equipped project today!

Pork Sword Pistol Green Right

Ideal for hog hunting, general truck gun use, or just finding some fun on the shooting range, a Pork Sword Pistol suppresses wonderfully and puts rifle accuracy and capability in an extremely compact package.

Whether it’s the handy size, the additional handgun hunting seasons in some states, the ability to keep it loaded in a vehicle (hunting-related restrictions on loaded rifles don’t apply), the simplified ownership in some states as compared to a semi-auto pistol or rifle, how great of a suppressor host it is, or simply the cool and fun factor, a bolt-action pistol makes all sorts of sense.

Pork Sword Pistol Chalk

The Black Collar Arms Pork Sword:

• 7075 Aluminum
• Type III Hard Coat Anodized as standard (Cerakote options available)
• Accepts most AR-15 pistol grips
• Accepts any M1913 Picatinny rail-compatible pistol stabilizing brace or shoulder stock
• Accepts AICS pattern, single-stack magazines
• Ambidextrous QD sling sockets front and rear
• Two front Picatinny rails for barrier stop, bipod, angled or vertical forward grip, and/or Black Collar Arms FARend or handguard adapter (2nd front Pic rail not seen on these prototypes)
• Uses standard, 1-inch AR-15 grip screws for the front and rear action screws and the grip (duh)
• 100% designed and manufactured in Texas from domestic aluminum
MSRP: $299.99

Pork Sword Rifle Left Folded (1)

Coming soon from Black Collar Arms for the Pork Sword:

FARend — The Pork Sword Chassis’ integral front Pic rail is a bit close for a bipod. Mount it out farther with our FARend. That’s Forward Accessory Rod. Then the word “end” so it sounds like forend. Anyway, the FARend’s M-LOK® slots allow you to mount a bipod, angled or vertical forward grip, and/or barrier stop(s) out in front of the Pork Sword Chassis, all nice and close to the bore. A lightweight, minimalist, and simple solution for extending accessories up to a foot farther out front. The production version will be quick detach. (ETA late Q1, early Q2)
Handguards — yes, yes, we’re finalizing the design on those, too. (ETA Q2)
Stock Options — lightweight, M1913 Picatinny rail-compatible, folding stocks from Black Collar Arms are coming! These will have a typical length of pull for a rifle. Our Preferred Stock Option will have an adjustable cheek rest and butt pad. (ETA late Q1, early Q2)
Black Collar Arms’ own custom pistol action (ETA mid-late Q2, maybe early Q3). Once ready, we will be submitting this to California’s Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale so it’s an easy purchase for our customers who aren’t lucky enough to live in the U.S. of A.
• Chassis for other firearms, from Ruger 10/22 to…well…we aren’t spilling the beans quite yet but other fits are coming very soon! Sign up for our email notifications to be…well…notified.
Please visit www.BlackCollarArms.com for more photos and lots more information, including ballistic data from our 10-inch .308 Winchester example builds.


Announcing Scorpitrol®

Do you suffer from a heavy, gritty sensation in your trigger finger while shooting your CZ Scorpion EVO? If so, ask your doctor about Scorpitrol®! It’s the cure for that squeaky 9-lb factory pull and will have you enjoying a truly excellent 4.5-lb, 2-stage pull with a crisp, clean break and a short reset in only one application.

Black Collar Arms Scorpitrol 2

Realistically Scorpitrol® is a much better trigger than a little PDW like the Scorpion needs, but man oh man is it enjoyable to shoot!

Black Collar Arms Scorpitrol 1

Drop-In Scorpitrol® contains the same internal components as our Component Scorpitrol® (coming soon), but our staff of highly-trained rhesus monkeys has gone ahead and installed everything inside of a factory CZ trigger housing. It’s ready to drop straight into your Scorpion EVO!

• Maintains full-power hammer spring for reliability even with NATO-spec or cheap ammo
• Wire EDM cut hardened S7 tool steel hammer
• Wire EDM cut hardened A2 tool steel sear and disconnector
• Hammer, sear, and disconnector are polished and nickel boron treated
• aluminum inner chassis
• 2-stage trigger pull
• clean break with short, crisp reset
• 4.5-lb pull
• MSRP: $199.99

Scorpitrol Label

Please visit www.BlackCollarArms.com to sign up for our email notifications when new products are released — there’s a lot in the works! — and existing products are in stock.

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SHOT Show 19 – B&T Entries for US Army Sub Compact Weapon OTA

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

The US Army is currently evaluating several 9mm commercial sub machine systems to satisfy their Sub Compact Weapon requirement for Military Police Personal Security Details which protect dignitaries. Swiss company B&T has two variants of their APC9 under evaluation.

The APC9 is their standard model with collapsible stock and ambidextrous controls.

The APC9-K SD has a short Suppressor, under the handguard. While integral suppression was not a threshold requirement, it was an objective. Additional suppression to become fully ear safe can be threaded into the barrel.

Below are two photos which depict how compact the weapon is with the telescoping stock fully closed.

For more information on this product and other B&T products please visit their website www.bt-ag.ch/eng.

For information on becoming a B&T USA dealer please contact Jon Scott at B&T USA, +1 (813) 653-1200. Or email sales@bt-arms.com.

SIG Range Day 19 – SL MAG, SIG’s New 338 Machine Gun

Sunday, January 20th, 2019

The coolest thing at SIG’s Range Day was the unveiling of the SIG Light Machine Gun (SL MAG) in 338 Norma Mag. You may recall the SIG Next Gen Squad Automatic Weapon candidate which was shown at AUSA back in October. Although revealed first, that machine gun is actually an offshoot if this one which was developed awhile but put on the back burner while SIG worked on their USSOCOM contract winning Suppressed Upper Receiver Group.

Designed to satisfy a desire for a 338 NM Machine Gun, the SL MAG boasts ranges that rival the .50 M2 MG from a weapon lighter than the M240.

Designer David Steimke went over some of the details of the SL MAG.

It is a multi caliber design and can quickly be switched to 7.62 NATO for use on training ranges with the swap of just four components (barrel, bolt, feed tray and cover). Additionally, the feed tray cover can be swapped for a side folding model. Below, you can see the receiver reinforcement insert common to SIG weapons.

The feed tray design allows a new belt to be fed into the weapon without opening the cover and ammunition feed can be swapped from left to right.

The collapsible stock is side folding.

On this SL MAG, you can see the ROMEO8T Red Dot Sight with Magnifier.

We were treated to a short demo of the weapon firing.

For the demo, they fired SIG Ammo.

Although the demo did not feature a Suppressor, the weapon was optimized for use with one. There are three gas setting including a Suppressor setting.

We’ll update you as we learn more about the SIG family of machine guns.