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Let’s Help Out Maj Gebbie’s Fellow Unit Members

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

I’m sure SSD’s readers can come up with some excellent ways to let Maj Gebbie know the error of his ways. Based on the Major’s behavior, the more passive aggressive, the better.

Zäck Stock – Detachable Stock Handgun

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Just as soon as I say I’ve seen everything, someone shows me up and does something new. This is the case with Zäck Stock’s Detachable Stock Handgun.

Even if you already own a handgun, they’ge got you covered with the Zäck Stock Pro Detachable Stock Handgun Holster.

I can think of a couple of reasons why neither one of these are great ideas, but I’m sure SSD’s readers will come up with plenty more.

Although the site is short on details, feel free to check it out at zackstock.com.

Working Rich – Gunsticles Tactical Testicles

Sunday, May 21st, 2017


Working Rich’s Gunsticles is a product in the same vein as the TAC-SAC; that is to say, it’s a decorative accessory modeled after a pair of testicles that you can mount to your firearm, via Picatinny rail. The difference? These swing.

The Gunsticles are available in both Black and FDE. You can order yours, and check out uncensored imagery, at the link below.


Kick Some Ass with a Rolled Up Magazine – Take 4

Friday, April 14th, 2017

I’m sharing this for a fourth time because it best demonstrates my current mood. However, while this video is quite entertaining, Professor Duncan was the real deal. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2012. A former Marine, may he Rest In Peace.

If you are a fan of our WTF? series of articles then this one is for you. We think we have identified the mother of all WTF?’s and all future articles will be judged against this one. This is awesome!

Professor Ronald Duncan is providing instruction in the art of Hoda Korosu; the art of improvised weaponry. I was actually quite pleased to see this as I have been telling my kids since they were little that you could turn anything into a weapon. I don’t think they really ever believed me until now.

Ever get your ass kicked with a rolled up magazine? Well be careful with this information. It can be dangerous. Seriously, someone (yes it was one of those doubting Thomas children of mine) almost put my eye out earlier. If you do put your eye out, (or anything else) remember, we warned you.

Finally, I gotta say, seeing this guy I immediately think of Pootie Tang and the belt. Then again, if this doesn’t work for you, there’s the Craig Sawyer method.

War Sport’s Company Description On the NRAAM Website Is, Shall We Say, Interesting

Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

I’d like to say War Sport was pranked, but brands are responsible for the descriptions submitted to the NRA Annual Meeting website.

I didn’t believe my eyes, so I checked twice. It didn’t change. Next, I checked a couple of major brands. Their’s were all legit.  This one is, interesting.  Just like the title of the post says.

Here is the link.

In case you can’t read the print in the screenshot, it says:

War Sport is dedicated to producing the lowest quality weapons systems and components for the inexperienced shooter leveraging below average technology. Through an inferior process of design and ninja-neering, our products are built to a sub standard providing inconsistent accuracy and garbage that remains unmatched across the industry. From raw materials to shooter ready, War Sport rifles, components and accessories are made in house with no attention to detail to ensure that our products never meet expectations. For more information on how pathetic we are, go to warsport.com.

Morale Patch

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

That is all…

Someone Trademarked The Term “Morale Patch”-Help Stop Them

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Yesterday, Morale Patch Armory announced they had received a trademark for the term “Morale Patch” and immediately set about having morale patch collector groups shut down on social media. Obviously, the term existed long before these guys came along. I’m all for respecting IP, but if you didn’t create it, you shouldn’t claim it.

Consequently, some folks have banded together to appeal the trademark issue to the USPTO. Naturally, this will take lawyers, and lawyers take cash. They’ve started a gofundme page and raised over $8000 in the first hour. Consider, throwing a few bucks in, in order to stand up to this outrageous act, designed to curtail innovation and trade.


SHOT Show 17 – Where Does All Of That Swag Go?

Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

I recently saw someone refer to SHOT Show as “Tactical ComiCon” and from what I have bserved over the past few years, it seems that way for the average attendee. Companies shell out beaucoup bucks to make their presence known at SHOT Show and folks leave each day with loads of cool swag.

But what happens to all of it? Some is treasured and displayed once the attendee makes it home. Other giveaways are regifted to friends and family by the generous. But some attendees are at SHOT Show to make a buck. They take advantage of indulgent companies, walking off with everything they can get their hands on, only to sell it later.

This example from eBay depicts the normal tchotchkes offered as promotional items, but others will be selling weapon parts and accessories scored as samples from an unsuspecting sales staff.