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ADS Presents – Active Shooter Impact on Law Enforcement Response Training and Preparedness

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Law Enforcement across the country have focused on planning for, and reacting to, Active Shooter events. ADS Inc has shared this blog entry with us to briefly discuss the scenario and to show some material solutions. 


As it relates to law enforcement, an “active shooter” situation is described as one in which a shooting is in progress and typical law enforcement protocols may be affected in terms of methods used for responding to the incident. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the “active” aspect of the term implies both law enforcement and the bystander have the potential to affect the outcome based on their responses. (Federal Bureau of Investigation 2013) According to a study released by the FBI in 2013, Law enforcement and an active shooter exchanged gunfire upon their arrival to the scene in 45 out of the 160 active shooter situations throughout 2000 – 2013.

Nearly half of the shooter involved officer deaths in this study were due to being under fire in open spaces and having little training or knowledge of how to respond or protect themselves. According to Greg Ellifritz, President of Active Response Training (Follow his blog), this study revealed the importance for law enforcement to undergo additional training similar to that of military tactics such as “bounding overwatch.” (Ellifritz 2014)

The new FBI study of 2014 and 2015 active shooter incidents was released just three days after the Orlando nightclub shooting (omitting the statistics from this incident). There were a reported 40 active shooter incidents throughout the 2014 to 2015 time period.

Of the 40 incidents, more than half (26) ended with law enforcement at the scene; 14 incidents ended in both gunfire exchange with law enforcement and the shooter being killed, while 12 others resulted in the shooter being apprehended. This is a dramatic difference from the FBI’s 2000 – 2013 study that revealed more than half (90) of the 160 active shooter situations ended on the shooter’s initiative with the shooter committing suicide, ceasing to shoot or fleeing the scene. (Federal Bureau of Investigation 2016)

Although these frightening statistics (see Diagram A) are hard to comprehend, they show a strong trend towards improving the way our law enforcement are educated and protected in responding to active shooter situations.


In response to the growing number of ballistic threats to Law Enforcement, and the government’s effort to create awareness around active shooter situations, ADS has worked with reliable tactical & body armor manufacturers, LBT and Custom Armor Group (CAG), to develop a custom packaged solution.

ADS is proud to offer affordable ballistic protective equipment for law enforcement officers that is light weight, NIJ06 certified and available to ship immediately. ADS’s easy and affordable solution is the ballistic protection your department needs at a fraction of the cost.


situation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one. Our Active Shooter Ballistic Response Kits are designed to provide you with the utility and protection you need to effectively respond to an active shooter situation without breaking the bank or dealing with long lead-times.

Starting at just $295, each kit comes with your choice of a black Standard or Advanced Plate Carrier Vest from LBT, a set of Level III or Level IV rated ballistic armor plates from CAG, and a matching “POLICE” hook and loop patch.

Click here for a spec sheet.

Visit adsinc.com/active-shooter-response for more information.

ADS Inc / Phokus Research Group / Cardiac Science – AED and Bleeding Control Pack

Wednesday, July 20th, 2016

At Warrior East, I found out that ADS Inc, Phokus Research Group and Cardiac Science have teamed up to offer an AED and Bleeding Control Pack solution for wall mount installation.  Not that many years ago, Automated External Defibrillators were only used by medical personnel and it was rare to find one outside of a medical facility.  Today, they are more sophisticated and found everywhere.  They are used to restart the heart after a sudden cardiac arrest which can strike those with a variety of conditions.

Unfortunately, mass casualty events such as mass shootings have become more common over the past few years so it seems obvious to combine a Cardiac Science AED with Phokus Research Group’s bleeding control packs.

In addition to the Cardiac Science AED, the box also contains a kit filled with Individual Bleeding Control Kits consisting of Quickclot dressing, Tourniquet, Z-fold sterile frog gauze, chest seals, medical frog tape, nitrile gloves and a rescue blanket. What’s more, the wall mounted boxes can be alarmed to alert medical and security personnel when they are used.

Available for agency and unit purchase through ADS Inc. 

Warrior East Preview – WeaponLogic

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

At this week’s Warrior East you’ll get a chance to check out WeaponLogic, a weapon shot counter and wireless inventory control system. It was created in response to a long-standing government interest in a means to measure weapon usage for maintenance purposes. The idea is to collect highly accurate weapon usage data and manage the weapon’s maintenance via software.

Specifically, it fulfills the characteristics put forth in a Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane RFI for a Cartridge Shot Counter:

CSC is a system of components that detect and record shots fired, cadence of fire, and possible other maintenance specific data for family of weapons (pistols, carbines, rifles, machine guns, and precision rifles). The CSC will read all passive tag identification on barrels and various ancillary attachments (Scopes, Lasers, and Flashlights Etc…). The capability is sought for all family of weapons configurations.

Data Collection Device (DCD). A Data Collection Device (DCD) will be used to read the Item Unique Identification (IUID) of the weapon and ancillary attachments, store and transmit this information to the CSC (located on the weapon). It will also read and the record shots fired, cadence of fire, and possible other weapon history details such as barrel temperature. The DCD will also transfer data while sitting in and charging in the DCD cradle connected via USB 3 (compatible to USB 2.0) to the Weapon Enhanced Arms Repair (WEAR) maintenance software loaded on a NMCI Standard seat and/or a SOCOM Standard.

As you can see below, WeaponLogic consists of a Weapon Hub Data Collection Device which fits into a weapon’s pistol grip and an Weapon Identification Maintenance System which includes an Scanner and ID system to wirelessly import information from the DCD into the computer.

An added bonus is that the RF-based tagging system allows the simple inventory, of even a roomful of weapons. This facilitates new storage options for home station as well as while deployed.

Be sure to check it out at Warrior East, this Thursday and Friday.

Weapon Logic

Click to view .pdf

Marine South – Big Ass Solutions

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

ADS Inc had Big Ass Solutions in their booth at Marine South.  This model is the 6-1/2 foot tall Black Jack which is impressively quiet considering it’s, well, a Big Ass Fan.  The variable blade speed Black Jack is mounted on wheels and has a 25′ cord.  This chart gives you an idea of what kind of air movement you are seeing.  


ADS, Inc. Announces Partnership With OxyBand Technologies Inc.

Thursday, April 7th, 2016


State-of-the-art OxyBand Product To Revolutionize Healing For Injured Skin and Tissue

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. April 1, 2016 — ADS, Inc. provides customized solutions to all branches of the military, first responders, law enforcement and government organizations. As a leader in the industry, ADS, Inc. seeks out manufacturers and partnerships that are on the cutting edge of technology in order to provide their customers with the best possible products to complete their missions.

Enter OxyBand, cleared by the FDA to administer oxygen to wounds and tissue for up to 5 days directly from the dressing without a generator, tank or carrier solution. In a clinical trial conducted by the United States Army Institute for Surgical Research (USAISR), OxyBand significantly outperformed the standard of care for accelerating healing and reducing pain without infection.

When tissues in the body are deprived of oxygen, the irreversible process of tissue death begins. For those on the front lines suffering burns, blasts and other injuries, damage can occur to tissue and blood vessels; interrupting the blood supply needed to deliver oxygen to the wound site for tissue regeneration. Thanks to this recent partnership, OxyBand™ will be on the battlefield, in the line of duty or in the wake of emergency when needed most.

In an effort to simplify and expedite the procurement process for their customers, ADS, Inc. has made OxyBand available on their Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) Schedule with DLA, and proofed the product to fit the scope of a variety of their other Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Contracts. ADS, Inc. is also stocking the product to minimize the delivery time for orders.


Virginia Beach Defense Contractor ADS, Inc. Awarded $975 Million Contract To Support DOD Counter Narcotics And Global Threats Operations

Sunday, March 20th, 2016

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. March 18, 2016 – ADS, Inc., the Virginia Beach based defense contractor, has received a Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract with the Department of Defense Counter Narcotics and Global Threats Division (CN&GT) of the U. S. Air Force Air Combat Command Acquisition Management and Integration Center (AMIC). The 3-year base contract includes two 2-year extensions for a total of 7 years with a total not-to-exceed value of $975 million.

Under this contract, ADS will provide services, equipment, material and perform minor construction to support U.S. Government and partner nation operations and logistics efforts to detect, deter, disrupt, degrade and defeat national security threats posed by illegal drugs, trafficking, piracy and transnational organized crime within the continental U.S. and abroad.

ADS has a long-standing relationship and proven past performance supporting the CN&GT Division. In 2014, the company stood up a team specifically dedicated to expanding its capabilities in an effort to earn the position of prime supplier with the division and provide even more value for their critical mission. After investing the resources to build the necessary capabilities and obtain the requisite certifications, ADS was awarded the contract in February.

“We are thrilled with this opportunity to continue to support DOD CN&GT efforts,” said Karan Rai, ADS President and Chief Financial Officer. “This is the culmination of many months of work on the part of many ADS team members. This contract has a lot of moving parts and our team looks forward to supporting our customers with the equipment and services they need to complete their mission while expanding our role in the defense of the U.S. and our allies.”


ADS Inc Completes Acquisition of Theodor Wille Intertrade

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

ADS, Inc. Finalizes Acquisition of Leading International Prime Vendor to the U.S. Department of Defense

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA–(Marketwired – November 03, 2015) – ADS, Inc., a leading provider of value-added logistics and supply chain solutions, announced today that it has closed the acquisition of Theodor Wille Intertrade (TWI). In September 2015, ADS entered into a definitive agreement with TWI shareholders to acquire all of TWI’s outstanding shares. Headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with operations in Germany and the United Arab Emirates, TWI will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of ADS, Inc.

TWI is a global provider of integrated supply chain solutions to customers primarily operating in the United States European Command (EUCOM) and the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) regions. As an ADS subsidiary, TWI will continue to operate its business as a division of ADS.

TWI delivers construction materials, equipment, hardware, food and food services, as well as providing logistics and transportation management services to the U.S. military and other large government contractors operating in the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) and the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) regions. TWI’s existing business and pipeline will complement ADS’ current portfolio of contract vehicles and provide both companies with exciting new business development opportunities.

Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Va., ADS provides equipment, procurement and support solutions to Department of Defense (DOD), other U.S. Government agencies, defense contractors and foreign governments. The company ensures mission success, operational efficiency and cost savings for its customers. The ADS team is comprised of dedicated professionals, veterans and retired government personnel with unmatched knowledge of suppliers, products, procurement, budget processes, supply chain management and logistics.

Joining forces with TWI allows ADS to immediately diversify its business into the food and subsistence market. The ability for ADS to combine its global capabilities with TWI’s existing logistics, transportation and supply chain management services expertise in local markets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Central and Southwest Asia will bring tremendous benefits to its customers and partners.

“Now that the acquisition is officially finalized, the entire team is eager to commence with plans to integrate these two highly complementary businesses,” said Karan Rai, ADS President and CFO. “While our focus will be on successful integration execution in the short term, I am genuinely excited about the long-term growth opportunities for this combined ADS and TWI platform.”

ADS and TWI have a long history of building customer loyalty; both are two of only 15 companies recognized as a Gold-Tier supplier for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) as part of the Department of Defense’s Superior Supplier Incentive Program. The Gold-Tier distinction is the highest honor awarded to a supplier by DLA.

The Gold-Tier program is designed to identify the highest performing suppliers measured in areas such as cost, schedule, performance, quality and business relations. To be eligible, companies must have significant DLA contracts, a proven track record of performance and an established rating with the federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS). More than 150 suppliers were considered for these awards, with only the top 40 selected as DLA’s Gold-Tier suppliers. The Gold-Tier distinction is the highest honor awarded to a supplier by DLA.

“We’re excited to welcome TWI to the ADS family,” said Damian del Toro, ADS Vice President. “TWI is an amazing company with fantastic people. When combined with the industry-leading team at ADS, we have a unique opportunity to further enhance our global services to solve our customers’ challenges while achieving our strategic growth plans.” Mr. del Toro will be spearheading the ADS-TWI integration and will serve as the TWI Division General Manager.

Specialized Chemical Ordnance Transport System for EOD

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

Streamlining Equipment for the Leak, Seal and Pack Evolution
UTS and ITS’ Interoperable Specialized Chemical Ordnance Transport System (SCOTS)


Department of Defense (DOD) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) warfare capabilities exist to locate, identify, render safe and transport unexploded chemical ordinance to specified locations. Across all branches of service, EOD technicians embrace the same basic evolution of “Leak, Seal and Pack.”

To address this mission requirement, commands would each develop their own Initial Entry Team (IET) kit, usually an expensive and cumbersome task with numerous variances from their other service counterparts. In short, the equipment used to accomplish the “leak, seal and pack” evolution was disjointed and varied from service to service. This somewhat hindered community effectiveness due interoperability issues. The question was, how to leverage EOD technician expertise, across services, in an attempt to mitigate variances in equipment and increase effectiveness. That’s when ADS got the phone call from United Tactical Supply (UTS) on behalf of the U.S. Navy EOD community. Recognizing that the issue was one of interoperability, standardization and effectiveness at a reasonable price, the partnership was designed to develop an adaptable kit, keeping the different requirements of the end-users in mind.

UTS SCOTS Linecard

Feedback, knowledge, and real-world experiences from all U.S. EOD communities are at the core of the development of the Specialized Chemical Ordnance Transport System (SCOTS). Over the course of a year, we worked to identify EOD technician requirements, using them as a blueprint to develop a kit that addressed their concerns by using the latest products and technology in the industry. We filled the capability gaps, not just for the U.S. Navy’s EOD community, but also for all branches of the military. This kit is truly built by the EOD community, for the EOD community. Until the creation of the SCOTS kit, no standardized kit, with service-wide applicability, had existed.

“We at ADS, teamed up with UTS and the EOD end-use customers to develop a kit that could be used by every branch of service,” said Brad Riddick, special missions business development manager at ADS. “Whereas before, EOD teams had their own kits, the SCOTS kit filled the interoperability void perfectly.”

Each component has been carefully considered and evaluated, not only by EOD community expert technicians, but also by ADS and UTS experts. Some components include, activated carbon cloth technology, combined with a fully validated individual decontamination system. This technology not only aids sealing and containment of chemical rounds, it also allows for swift decontamination. The entire system is contained in a portable transport case, and can be tailored for multiple chemical round scenarios.

“We have fielded it [SCOTS] and, to date, everyone we fielded it to has given exceptionally positive feedback on it,” said Riddick. It’s applicable, cost-effective and suitable to the task at hand. It’s a win for everybody.”

The SCOTS is a combination of manufactured nylon components, vetted decontamination media and activated carbon cloth, in conjunction with procedures directly out of the EOD publications, that make this a total solution for the decontamination, sealing, containment and transport of chemical ordnance.

This press release was written by Ellen Bock and supplied by ADS Inc