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ADS Presents Phokus Research Group at SHOT Show 2017

Sunday, February 19th, 2017

ADS presents Phokus Research Group displaying their latest trauma kit solutions during the recent SHOT Show.

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Long-Time ADS Employee Promoted To CFO

Friday, February 17th, 2017


John Dunn will now serve as the company’s Chief Financial Officer

Virginia Beach, Va. – Company officials announced the promotion of long-time employee, John Dunn, to the position of ADS Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer earlier this week.

Dunn began his career with ADS as Corporate Controller in 2010, before being promoted to Vice President of Finance in 2013. He helped lead the company’s financing efforts over the past seven years and frequently represented ADS at investor conferences and lender meetings.

“I am excited to engage in this new chapter with the company,” said Dunn. “ADS is an amazing organization and I am extremely honored to serve as its CFO.”

During his tenure with the company, Dunn has worked closely with key vendors and customers in a way that has contributed to ADS’ success and ensured the company maintains the highest standards in financial reporting.

“With the company’s recent refinance of its senior secured notes complete, ADS has the necessary capital and is well-positioned for continued growth,” said the company’s CEO, Jason Wallace. “John was a key part of that effort and I am confident he will continue to have a positive impact on ADS’ success as our CFO.”

ADS also announced this week that Karan Rai, the company’s current President and CFO, will be transitioning away from his involvement in the daily operations of ADS to focus fully on continuing his role as CEO of the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Theodore Wille Intertrade, GmbH.

“Karan has been instrumental in assisting the organization’s expansion into new markets and geographies globally with the acquisition of TWI,” said ADS Executive Chairman, Luke Hillier. “He guided the company through a critical capital markets refinancing and I look forward to his continued role in the growth of our new markets.”

In his role, Rai will be responsible for overseeing TWI, a global provider of integrated supply chain solutions to customers primarily operating in the United States European Command (EUCOM) and the United States Central Command (CENTCOM) regions.

“Over the past 12 months I was heavily focused on our capital markets refinancing process and ensuring post close success at TWI. During that time, Jason and John have been doing much of the heavy lifting in running ADS day to day,” Rai said. “The ADS platform continues to be in very capable hands with Jason and the rest of the management team and I look forward to taking on a more focused challenge of leading our growth platform at TWI.”


SHOT Show 17 – ADS Inc / Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Guy Cramer and his team are on hand in the ADS booth, displaying their ever-growing colelction of camouflage patterns which have been adopted by military and LE forces worldwide.

Hyperstealth’s camouflage development services are available to units and agencies through ADS Inc.

Executive Returns to ADS, Inc as VP of Operational Clothing, Individual Equipment

Saturday, January 7th, 2017

Amy Coyne rejoins in key sales leadership role after nearly five years

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. January 4, 2017 – Amy Coyne has rejoined ADS Inc. as the company’s Vice President of the Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment Market, company officials announced.

Coyne returns after nearly five years leading the national and global operations for two other defense contractors. She previously served as ADS’ Vice President of Integration Programs from 2007 to 2012.

During my time away from ADS, I always kept a close watch on the company’s growth and success. There is truly no place like ADS, and I’m just so excited to once again be a part of this company’s culture and future success.”

– Amy Coyne, ADS Vice President of the Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment Market

In her new role, Coyne is responsible for establishing the strategic vision, market growth and development of executable plans for the ADS Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment offering.

Her extensive experience in supply chain management, sales leadership and supplier relations will be make her a valuable resource to the ADS customer base. Coyne will lead the company’s business development efforts, manage relationships with industry-leading manufacturers, maximize new and existing contracts and have oversight of the annual budget for the Operational Clothing and Individual Equipment Market.

“Amy’s experience, knowledge , and deep industry insight is a great asset for us and—more importantly—our customers,” said Ryan Angold, ADS Vice President of Market Sales. “We’re really glad she’s back with us.”

Congratulations to Amy and ADS.

ADS Inc Presents – Kopis Mobile On Military Apps

Monday, December 5th, 2016

In preparing for a recent blog post entitled, “Assessing the Need for Operational Apps in the Warfighter Community” ADS spoke with local defense technology company Kopis Mobile to discuss both commercially available mobile apps as well as custom military themed apps. Designed to save time and increase productivity, a quality app is also intuitive and easy-to-use.

Kopis Mobile not only specializes in designing and manufacturing custom apps, but they also offer app-enabled equipment, often integrating existing commercial technologies. Their success is based in their keen understanding of military requirements, from a programmatic as well as end-user standpoint, combined with the agility only a small, focused business, can offer. I’ve known the guys from Kopis going back over a dozen years, to my time at SOCPAC and later, after retirement with Blackwater and Mav6. They’ve introduced some very cool capabilities.

Read the whole thing at adsinc.com/operational-apps amd learn what apps can do for your mission.

ADS Presents – Two Marines, Worlds Apart, Jumping for The Same Purpose

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016

Combat Wounded Coalition’s 8th Annual JUMPING FOR A PURPOSE | Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Presented by Geico Military Team and Skydive Suffolk

ADS was honored to be a sponsor of the 8th annual Jumping for A Purpose skydiving charity event. Skydive Suffolk and Combat Wounded Coalition partnered together with the ultimate goal of giving our wounded warriors renewed hope and inspiration. Skydiving is a feat most people wouldn’t do even if they weren’t injured. This event reminds our wounded warriors that they too are capable of anything and it teaches them to continue to live life to the fullest despite their debilitating injuries.

During opening remarks, Jay Redman, founder of Combat Wounded Coalition & Wounded Wear and also a wounded warrior, described the brief moment of hesitation before jumping out of a plane 10,000 feet in the air as a moment where “wounded warriors recognize once again that they’re still alive and can live greatly and overcome anything.”
Also in attendance were several event sponsors, non-profit organizations and Virginia delegates including Virginia Senator, 8th District, Bill DeSteph and Suffolk Mayor Linda Johnson. Mayor Johnson had this to say in the opening ceremony:

“To have this event in our city is such an honor. The morning left me feeling so inspired and grateful for the heroes that build, protect and defend our country. Watching the Gold Star Flag come down through the clouds was a chilling reminder of the sacrifices families have made for us. Thank you to all who make these events possible. God bless our warriors and our country.”
– Mayor Linda Johnson, Suffolk, VA

A total of 10 wounded warriors and 5 Gold Star family members were sponsored to skydive. ADS had the unique opportunity to meet these brave men and women first hand, to hear their story and share in their joy as a result of this event.

For two American heroes, the time and experience they had while serving are worlds apart but their purpose for jumping is very much the same.

A total of 10 wounded warriors and 5 Gold Star family members were sponsored to skydive. ADS had the unique opportunity to meet these brave men and women first hand, to hear their story and share in their joy as a result of this event.

For two American heroes, the time and experience they had while serving are worlds apart but their purpose for jumping is very much the same.

To read more, visit adsinc.com/two-marines-worlds-apart-jumping-purpose.

6 Important Things You Need to Know About DLA’s TLS Contracts in 2016

Monday, September 5th, 2016

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are reluctant to use the Defense Logistics Agency’s Tailored Logistics Support program to satisfy their requirements. Oftentimes, it is misunderstanding more than anything. When a unit purchases from TLS they are buying from DLA just like with requisitioning an NSN item, but the requirement is being fulfilled via a standing contract with one of six commercial vendors. While the needs are fulfilled by commercial vendors, it is a fully vetted government program put into place by DLA in order to reduce the strain on the standard stock system. DLA’s TLS supplements items with existing National Stock Numbers and allows authorized users to purchase low demand items along with the latest versions of gear.

I recommend that agencies and units consider the use of TLS, particularly when they have a laundry list of items to buy or know exactly the item they require. TLS offers the purchaser simplicity as well as control over what they buy. Additionally, with End of Fiscal Year right around the corner, TLS is a great way to obligate funds to satisfy requirements rather than spending them on a six month supply of toilet tissue. But, if you’re going to use TLS for EOY, you can’t wait. There have been some program changes this year which you need to know about. ADS Inc posted this article to their blog, summarizing these updates to TLS, which we asked to share. While we really appreciate ADS sharing this, we’d like to point out that the information pertains to the DLA TLS program as a whole, no matter which TLS vendor might fulfill your requirment.

ADS Inc. is a proud multiple award recipient of the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Special Operations Equipment (SOE) and the Fire & Emergency Services Equipment (FESE) contracts as part of the Tailored Logistics Support Program (TLSP). As an incumbent Prime Vendor, ADS has proven itself successful in fulfilling customer equipment and incidental service needs and requirements since its first prime vendor contract awarded back in 2001 and its first TLS award acceptance in 2005.

ADS’s experienced contracting team, expansive customer-focused sales task force and its positive relationships with over 3,000 partner suppliers contributes to its ability to exceed the TLS program’s primary goals of reducing costs, ensuring product of choice, improving logistics response time and increased customer support. In this blog, we are going to highlight 6 important things you need to know about leveraging DLA’s TLS contracts in 2016. Be informed with ADS!

1. The deadline for submitting End of Year (EOY) orders through DLA’s TLSP Contracts have been moved up two weeks!

It’s all too common for government entities to reach a “use it or lose it” period towards the end of the fiscal year. This is a pertinent time for buyers to determine any outstanding requirements and submit them to their contracting office for approval.

Did you know the TLSP contract submission deadlines are set almost two weeks earlier than they were last year?
This means NOW is the time to start gathering any last minute purchasing requirements. See Diagram A – TLSP Procurement Vehicles for additional information regarding order processing as it pertains to the FESE and SOE programs.

Note: All TLS orders must be submitted to DLA by September 9, 2016 at 11:59 p.m. Any orders with Fiscal Year (FY) 16 funds submitted past that timeframe will be returned to the submitter. Any orders received after that timeframe will be processed as FY17 funds.

2. The process for ordering through FESE and SOE TLS has changed as recent as May 31st, 2016.

As defense budgets shrink and a larger emphasis is put on improving the ordering process, the FESE and SOE TLSP contracts have adapted to continue to provide users with a simple, efficient procurement vehicle. The changes adopted this year give customers greater visibility on orders, more accurate pricing information and valid obligation/transfer of funding directly with DoD Finance personnel.

Changes to the SOE TLS Program (Effective November 2015) & FESE TLS Program (Effective May 31, 2016) Due to a mandate to conform to Audit Readiness requirements, several changes have been made to the SOE & FESE ordering process that the customer may or may not be informed of.

Most recent changes under the DLA Troop Support – Construction and Equipment Program:

For more information on how these changes affect the ordering process flow please download the flowchart provided by DLA.

1. Customer must now register a designated Finance Office Point of Contact (FOPOC) with their account and submit their information. Here are instructions on how to complete the designation form provided by DLA.
2. Once the customer’s FOPOC is registered, orders can be submitted for equipment, supplies and/or services under the current Order Request Spreadsheet. Once DLA approves the items for scope the request will be solicited amongst the qualified TLSP vendors.
3. DLA will email the Price Acknowledgement Spreadsheet to BOTH the Ordering Activity as well as the FOPOC.
4. Once the order is approved by the FOPOC and the Ordering Activity, the customer submits required funding information via the FOPOC Review Spreadsheet to DLA.
5. Upon award, DLA will send a second notification to the FOPOC and the Ordering Activity letting them know the order is awaiting obligation in the system.
6. Once the KO obligates the order, a third email will be sent to the FOPOC and the Ordering Activity with final order line item details.
7. A final email will be sent from DLA to the customer and will include a request to post receipt of the order in DoD EMALL.

3. It’s easier than ever to register with DLA.

To have access to a wide variety of Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) equipment, incidental services and training through the SOE &FESE TLS Programs, qualifying customers must be authorized DOD, Federal or other DLA approved, federally-funded agencies. For more information on how to register, if you haven’t already, contact the following contracting offices:

DUNS: 027079776

Registration: Email | FESECustomerRegistration@dla.mil
Ordering: Email | FESOrders@dla.mil
Questions: Email | FESECustomerInfo@dla.mil

Registration: Email | SOECustomerRegistration@dla.mil
Ordering: Email | SOEOrders@dla.mil
Questions: Email | SOECustomerInfo@dla.mil

4. Every request is approved on a case-by-case basis. Increase your chances of a quick, smooth approval process with these tips:

There are several reasons why DLA would not award or approve product requests. It’s important to keep in mind that DLA may not always know of the product (if it’s new technology for example) and may not always know the relevant application and how it pertains to your mission and the contract scope.

5. You can buy incidental services through TLS if they’re ancillary and purchased with a product.

According to Bloomberg Government, the government’s top four spending categories are services-related.

When it comes to the purchase of incidental services through the FESE and SOE TLS Program contracts, they are typically requested as an additional line item on the Customer Order Request Form and are ancillary to a product being requested. Incidental service requests should also ensure proper functional capability and safety of the accompanying product(s). Consistent with product requests, DLA will approve incidental service requests on a case-by-case basis. 

See Diagram C – EXAMPLES OF INCIDENTAL SERVICE REQUESTS for examples of these requests for both FESE and SOE programs. For additional instruction, visit the DLA SOE TLS Customer Guidelines and DLA FESE TLS Customer Guidelines or contact your respective TSLP Contract Manager.

6. ADS can…

Help you tackle road blocks early on.

Help you select equipment that fits your needs and requirements.

Provide procurement options through both of our FES and SOE TLS contracts.

Keep you updated on shipping information when your order is complete.


1. Send RFQ to ADS

Request a quote from your ADS Account Manager. They will help you identify the best procurement options for your requirements – GSA, TLS, Open Market, etc.

2. ADS Provides Quote

Our knowledgeable ADS Account Managers can help you select equipment to satisfy your requirements, determine procurement options, as well as verify part numbers, lead times, pricing (including freight), and country of origin.

3. Register for the Program

If you determine that the TLS Program is best for your requirement, register for the corresponding TLS Program with DLA Troop Support.

Instructions for Customer/FOPOC Registration:

4. Submit Your Order

Email your completed order request to DLA Troop Support. They will act as your contracting office.
Contact Info: SOE TLS Orders: SOEorders@dla.mil
Contact Info: FESE TLS Orders: FESorders@dla.mil

5. You’re All Set!

DLA Troop Support will compete the requirement amongst the participating TLS vendors and provide best pricing for all items requested.

Once approved, DLA Troop Support will contact you and your FOPOC for funding information.

Once that is processed, an award will be made!

To learn more, visit adsinc.com/6-important-things-need-know-dlas-tls-contracts-2016.

ADS Presents – Active Shooter Impact on Law Enforcement Response Training and Preparedness

Sunday, August 21st, 2016

Law Enforcement across the country have focused on planning for, and reacting to, Active Shooter events. ADS Inc has shared this blog entry with us to briefly discuss the scenario and to show some material solutions. 


As it relates to law enforcement, an “active shooter” situation is described as one in which a shooting is in progress and typical law enforcement protocols may be affected in terms of methods used for responding to the incident. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the “active” aspect of the term implies both law enforcement and the bystander have the potential to affect the outcome based on their responses. (Federal Bureau of Investigation 2013) According to a study released by the FBI in 2013, Law enforcement and an active shooter exchanged gunfire upon their arrival to the scene in 45 out of the 160 active shooter situations throughout 2000 – 2013.

Nearly half of the shooter involved officer deaths in this study were due to being under fire in open spaces and having little training or knowledge of how to respond or protect themselves. According to Greg Ellifritz, President of Active Response Training (Follow his blog), this study revealed the importance for law enforcement to undergo additional training similar to that of military tactics such as “bounding overwatch.” (Ellifritz 2014)

The new FBI study of 2014 and 2015 active shooter incidents was released just three days after the Orlando nightclub shooting (omitting the statistics from this incident). There were a reported 40 active shooter incidents throughout the 2014 to 2015 time period.

Of the 40 incidents, more than half (26) ended with law enforcement at the scene; 14 incidents ended in both gunfire exchange with law enforcement and the shooter being killed, while 12 others resulted in the shooter being apprehended. This is a dramatic difference from the FBI’s 2000 – 2013 study that revealed more than half (90) of the 160 active shooter situations ended on the shooter’s initiative with the shooter committing suicide, ceasing to shoot or fleeing the scene. (Federal Bureau of Investigation 2016)

Although these frightening statistics (see Diagram A) are hard to comprehend, they show a strong trend towards improving the way our law enforcement are educated and protected in responding to active shooter situations.


In response to the growing number of ballistic threats to Law Enforcement, and the government’s effort to create awareness around active shooter situations, ADS has worked with reliable tactical & body armor manufacturers, LBT and Custom Armor Group (CAG), to develop a custom packaged solution.

ADS is proud to offer affordable ballistic protective equipment for law enforcement officers that is light weight, NIJ06 certified and available to ship immediately. ADS’s easy and affordable solution is the ballistic protection your department needs at a fraction of the cost.


situation. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for one. Our Active Shooter Ballistic Response Kits are designed to provide you with the utility and protection you need to effectively respond to an active shooter situation without breaking the bank or dealing with long lead-times.

Starting at just $295, each kit comes with your choice of a black Standard or Advanced Plate Carrier Vest from LBT, a set of Level III or Level IV rated ballistic armor plates from CAG, and a matching “POLICE” hook and loop patch.

Click here for a spec sheet.

Visit adsinc.com/active-shooter-response for more information.