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AOG Q&A with Travis Rolph of Mayflower Research & Consulting

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Travis Rolph is an old friend of mine. When he told me he was going to run the Grand to Grand Ultra race I must admit, I was a bit skeptical. That’s a lot of race for a first time out. But I also know that nothing stops Bad Travis. I mean, the guy’s got a posse. But I digress. He did it. The stories he’s told me about the race have been fascinating and I’m glad to say that he shared some of the experience with some other guys that I like, Adventure Operations Group.


At AOG our mission is to train for “beyond normal limits” mindset and performance. Drawing inspiration and influence from the Special Operations community, as well as other elite performers and outdoor athletes, we lead individuals and teams to accomplish more than they imagine possible by applying “SOF Focus”. The principles of SOF focus are grounded in the truths of Special Operations Warriors and in the mindset of constant preparation and improving capabilities that all elite performers possess.

AOG recently caught up with Travis Rolph, retired 5th SFG Green Beret, owner of Mayflower Research & Consulting and modern day adventurer, to hear about his most recent mission, competing in the Grand to Grand Ultra race. The Grand to Grand ultra is a 7 day stage race that covers approximately 169 miles over an epic course.

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AOG 2-Day Go Bag and Practical Short-Term Survival Course

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Grey Group Training is offering a 2 Day Go Bag and Practical Short-Term Survival course presented by Adventure Operations Group September 8-9, 2012, in Myrtle Beach, SC.


According to the description topics of instruction will include:

-Designing tactical go bags, bail out kits, micro survival kits and secondary gear bags.
-Bail out survival:- the art of short term survival in a tactical environment utilizing your go-bag
-On the go shelter:- shelter you build ,find or take with you
-Practical fire application:- the art of building fire with standard everyday fire material
-Common sense water procurement:- procuring water in non traditional methods
-Food for function:- you have the ability to go for great lengths without food but if you can or if you need to, things to look out for Day two will start with a review, then move to the range for a morning session of shooting w/ go bags and bail out scenario drills.
-Shooting and moving with go bags.

In addition to lectures on preparing bags, the course will culminate in an afternoon scenario-based practical exercise where students will be tested on all the skills and equipment they have learned how to use, as they complete a bail out mission. This course will involve moderate physical challenges such as walking over uneven terrain and trails while carrying a small pack and navigating as a team.

This is a course I definitely want to attend. The subject matter is very poignant and the guys at AOG are awesome!

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Whiskey 5 with Adventure Operations Group

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Tactical Adventure Courses, Adventure Travel, Specialized Consulting and Low Profile Protective Security. AOG’s Tactical Adventure Courses are designed to develop and enhance mission focus and performance and are perfect for corporate groups, military and law enforcement teams and adventurous individuals. AOG’s consulting services range from conducting staff and operations assessments to providing highly adaptable, low visibility security and executive protection teams.

Adventure Operations Group is based out of the Hampton Roads area near Virginia Beach and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Our Tactical Adventure Courses can be held at Private Training Facilities, Urban and Rural areas, Military Bases and US Government facilities. AOG staff can travel to your facility, office or city to consult with your group. AOG’s low profile protective specialists can deploy on short notice for special events, domestic and international travel or any occasion that requires adaptable security specialists.

Adventure Operations Group was founded in 2009.

Adventure Operations Group is a company that is focused on our client’s missions and goals. We follow many of the same principles and imperatives that guide our nation’s special operations forces and other elite teams. We continually innovate, communicate effectively with our clients, listen to their needs and seek to deliver services that exceed expectations, every time. Contact AOG today to see which of our services are right for your organization.