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Agilite Announces Limited-Edition GreenZone RAPTOR Helmet Cover

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

Israeli tactical gear supremos Agilite® have made a Limited Edition of their RAPTOR Ops Core BUMP helmet cover in PenCott-GreenZone® at an end-user group’s request. Overruns of this unique cover can be purchased at agilitegear.com/products/raptor-ops-core-fast-bump-polymer-helmet-cover-1


One of Agilite’s specialties is manufacturing precision tactical helmet covers for SOF units and LE Agencies that meet their specific operational requirements and accessory sets, as well as designing and manufacturing covers for some of the largest helmet manufacturers in the Industry.

The RAPTOR helmet cover, as well as the rest of Agilite’s line-up can be produced in any of the PenCott patterns for Retailers and Dealers who would like to add this item to their line-up as regular stock – contact Agilite for further details.

Follow Agilite on Instagram @agilitetactical and Agilite Tactical Gear on Facebook for all their updates and sneak peeks.

Agilite Memorial Day Sale

Friday, May 25th, 2018

On this Memorial Day we remember that freedom is not free but is provided to us by brave men and women in Uniform, many of whom are our customers. As a Veteran-owned company we’d like to remember our Brothers who served alongside us but did not make it back.

In honor of those who paid the ultimate price we’d love to give modern day heroes a little extra to help them get gear that lets them do their jobs better and more comfortably.

Active Duty Military get an additional 20% off when they use their Agilite Pro Accounts.


Agilite’s New Incursion 30 and Swag Offer

Monday, February 12th, 2018


The Incursion 30 is an ultra modern backpack designed to be more streamlined than traditional Military backpacks. Its unique aerodynamic design is built to give the wearer a large load carrying capability without the usual bulk of larger packs.


Even when fully loaded it maintains a narrow silhouette and a higher center of gravity for maneuvering obstacles and for use in a CQB environment.


Essential for SOF and outdoor enthusiasts alike, the Incursion 30 is a tactical backpack with some very unique features. The “gator-mouth” zip closure allows you to stow larger items and still be able to close the main compartment. other features include an add-on rifle attach kit, (sold separately) a grab handle, a contoured rear padding & air flow system, over 12 internal organisation cells and much more.


The Incursion 30 is made in Israel from mil-spec materials and polymer hardware and comes in Multicam and Black, with additional colors on the way mid 2018. Additional color/camo requests and suggestions should be sent to support@agilitegear.com.


The incursion is the second of a new family of backpacks released by Agilite, the AMAP 30 was released late 2017.



Agilite told us that buyers who purchase within the first 48 hours will receive their backpack filled with swag for free! T shirts, patches, decals and much more (see pic) so hurry! (offer ends midnight Wednesday Feb 14th EST).

See more about the Incursion 30 Backpack at www.agilitegear.com/incursion30

Agilite – AMAP 30

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017


The AMAP 30 is a unique 30 liter assault pack for longer missions. It attaches either directly to an Agilite K series plate carrier or to the Agilite K Series shoulder straps to become an independent backpack.


When a pack is connected directly to your plate carrier you don’t need rear padding as the pack sits on your rear plate, rather than your back. For this reason, the AMAP 30 was designed so that when worn over a plate carrier, its rear padding rolls down and stows inside the lower back padding and becomes a lumbar support. This brings your pack closer to your back and creates a lower back support below the plate carrier for a whole new level of modularity and comfort.

The exterior of the pack features an expandable helmet carrier and a rifle attachment system as well as covert lower connecting straps for sleeping bags, outdoor mats and other larger items. The top of the pack has both a lift handle and a drag handle as well as dual exit ports for hydration/comms tubes and a zip pocket.


The inside features a zipped mesh pocket, a long with a pocket which can be used for hydration reservoir, ballisitc plate, or laptop sleeve.

The AMAP 30 is made in Israel and ships worldwide.


New Ops Core Sentry Covers from Agilite

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Most people aren’t aware that the Ops Core Sentry is not just a FAST helmet with a mid-cut ear area, it has very different overall geometry. Due to demand from US SWAT Teams, Agilite has made new versions of both their Raptor and Mohawk helmet covers, specifically for the Sentry.

Custom designs, camo patterns and colors are also available on request from Agilite, subject to MOQs. To speak to them about a custom cover contact support@agilitegear.com.

To see more details of Agilite’s Ops Core and other helmet covers, visit agilitegear.com/collections/helmet-covers

O P Tactical Now Carrying New Agilite Helmet Covers

Friday, September 15th, 2017

O P Tactical, who recently opened a brick and mortar store in Raleigh, NC as well as their longstanding online store are now carrying Agilite’s latest Ops Core helmet covers and other new Agilite gear.

Designed and manufactured in Holon, Israel, the FAST helmet covers, including the new Raptor are sized individually for Ops Core Polymer and Ops Core Ballistic versions and include many unique features. See sizing details here.


Agilite -Raptor Helmet Cover

Friday, July 7th, 2017

The Raptor™ helmet cover has several unique features such as a goggles cover attachment system, a built in counterweight pouch and an accessory tether point.

The Raptor has two different optional goggles covers, the Visor™ and the Visor Nocturn™ (with NVG shroud access hole) that also serve as goggles cases when detached from the helmet.

The Visors stop tactical goggles from glinting in the sun as well as providing protection from dirt, dust and scratching; all while keeping them at arm’s reach.

The Raptor is available in Multicam and Ranger Green and comes in two different sizing systems for the Ops Core Ballistic XP and Ops Core Bump helmets respectively, as they have different geometry and sizing systems. The exact sizing ensures a perfect fit.

For a guide to how to size an Ops Core helmet cover correctly see the Isratactical blog article here.

The Raptor also comes in an ACH high-cut model and can be adapted to other helmet models and styles on request, subject to MOQ’s.


SPARTANAT – Gear Made in Israel – Agilite. “Our experiences come from the battlefield“

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

The Israeli army is considered one of the best in the world. No wonder, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) must defend a country that is surrounded by enemies in the truest sense of the word. At the same time, Israel has a creative defense industry. In the gear sector, AGILITE is one of the most outstanding companies. We talked with Eric, who is the international salesman for Agilite and was a member of the maritime SOF unit Shayatet 13, about the “Israeli way of gear”.


SPARTANAT: Eric, where does Agilite come from and when did you start it?

AGILITE: Agilite is an Israeli company that uses experience from IDF units to make clever and more creative solutions to make tactical gear more ergonomic. It was founded in 2006 in Tel Aviv, Israel and is a supplier to both the Israel Defense Forces and Forces worldwide.


SPARTANAT: IDF is an army with a lot of experiences. Is there a specific Israeli way of gear?

AGILITE: Yes, The IDF was founded under fire and often had to get by with whatever bad gear they could get hold of and just make it work. Right from the start, adapting the gear to make it work better was a part of the military culture. Soldiers had to get creative to make their equipment work well enough because being too heavy or not being able to move fast enough could cost you your life.
SF units and even regular infantry battalions all set up their own in-house gear studios to adapt or design their equipment from scratch to make it work well. They say “Necessity is the mother of invention” and when there’s a direct link between soldiers coming back from nightly missions and gear designers within their units gear can be refined and refined until it’s optimal for combat. This lead to a very different gear culture to other countries.

Agilite was founded to take this clever, creative, experience-based approach to gear design and combine it with professional manufacturing and to take it worldwide to other allied forces who can benefit from this mindset and gear that works with the body, not against it.

It’s gear ideas and experience going from the battlefield to the manufacturer, not the other way around like in many places.
As time goes on, weapons, enemy tactics and types of threats change but our soldiers’ bodies remain constant so gear has to adapt to keep operators light on their feet and agile.


SPARTANAT: What’s your favorite Agilite product?

AGILITE: My favorite Agilite product is the Axis knee pad, a product that fixed the IDF’s problem of knee pads that fall down. Axis are now the standard issue knee pad for the entire Israeli military and they are outstanding. Every operator knows what it’s like to have to pull your knee pads up from your ankles non-stop and with Axis you don’t have to do that. You put them on and forget about them. They are also great because they are very well priced to be relevant to all soldiers not just SF which is rare.

Personally I also love them because they grip wet surfaces, do not slip on boats and also don’t absorb water. which is important in naval operations. Some people are bothered by their physical appearance but anyone who tries them is instantly hooked.


SPARTANAT: Where is Agilite also in use beside Israel?

AGILITE: Agilite equipment is in use in over thirty countries and in some of the world’s most elite special forces units. Many top tier units operate in Middle Eastern combat terrain and climates very similar to ours and so our gear is very well received. We also do a lot of custom gear that is unit-specific but obviously not all of this is for public knowledge.

Eric M is head of International sales for Agilite. He spent 5 years as an operator in Shayetet 13, Israel’s Tier 1 Naval Special Warfare Unit. Contact: eric@agilitegear.com

AGILITE Homepage: www.agilitegear.com
AGILITE Facebook: www.facebook.com/AgiliteTactical
AGILITE Instagram: www.instagram.com/agilitetactical
SPARTANAT: www.spartanat.com