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Arbor Arms – Flex Releasable Cummerbund Kit – IOTV 

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Arbor Arms has just released an adapter kit which retrofits their popular Flex Releasable Cummerbund to fit the Army issue, Improved Outer Tactical Vest (Gen 2 & 3).


The FRC kit replaces the standard cummerbund with improved MOLLE Elastic while the Front Hook/Loop closure system is replaced with the FLEX Cobra Buckle by AustriAlpin.


Additionally, the FRC improves ease of access for combat medical treatment.


The kit integrates with the current cutaway and offers the wearer a quick and quiet doff and don.


Arbor Arms – Flex Release Cummerbund

Monday, March 13th, 2017

Arbor Arms’ Flex Releasable Cummerbund Kit (FRC Kit) is a cummerbund retrofit kit that incorprates the Arbor Arms FLEX Cobra buckle by AustriAlpin. Additionally, the kit replaces the cummerbund’s standard, wide bands with these three 1″ elastic straps.


However, the Flex Releasable Kit goes even further than just replacing your cummerbund with a simpler means of closure. It’s also a releasable system for their plate carriers.


You might recognize this as the Derma cummerbund from Ares Armor, but Arbor Arms is the new company by designer, Jon Zum.