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Ares Armor – Polymer 80 AR-15 Receiver Kit

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Polymer Lower

Ares Armor is now offering an improved polymer 80% AR-15 lower receiver kit. The new kit fully complies with the GCA of 1968, featuring a solid core with no indexing marks.

Polymer Lower 2

The lower receiver features a solid core design, stiffened magwell, and beefier buffer tube housing, with a unique, no-thread pistol grip area unique to these lowers.

Complete Kit

The kit comes with a one-time use polymer jig and all of the bits and end-mills necessary to complete the 80% lower. No machine shop required.

The new kit is currently available in Black on the Ares Armor website.


Ares Armor – Archimedes AR15 Lower Parts Kits

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

Archimedes AR15 Lower Parts Kit

Ares Armor has recently released the Archimedes High Quality Lower Parts Kits for the AR-15 platform. Ares partnered with CMC Triggers, Ergo Grip, and Prince50 Designs, among other companies, to create the kits, which come in two configurations: Flat Trigger and Curved Trigger:

Flat Trigger

  • CMC 3.5lb Flat Trigger with the new style anti-walk pins
  • Gavel Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  • Ares Armor Ergo Grip
  • Prince50 Extended Takedown Pin
  • Billet Trigger Guard
  • All other standard required parts such as: Mil-spec bolt catch, detents, springs, etc.


Curved Trigger

  • CMC 3.5lb Curved Trigger with the new style anti-walk pins
  • Gavel Ambidextrous Safety Selector
  • Ares Armor Ergo Grip
  • Prince50 Extended Takedown Pin
  • Billet Trigger Guard
  • All other standard required parts such as: Mil-spec bolt catch, detents, springs, etc.


The kits are currently available at 33% of the total value of the combined parts, so take advantage of the deal while you can.


Ares Armor Writes Letter To ATF Director Todd Jones

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

At approximately 1015 AM PDT, Saturday, March 15th, the BATFE executed a search warrant on Oceanside, California-based Ares Armor, seizing 80% AR-15 polymer lowers manufactured by EP Armory, as well as private customer information. In response to this action, Dimitri Karras – CEO of Ares Armor, wrote a letter addressed directly to B. Todd Jones – Director of BATFE:

Click to view .pdf
Letter to Todd Jones

In this letter, Dimitri, citing specific examples of prior court rulings and product manufacturing methods, outlines his reasoning as to why the 80% polymer lowers manufactured by EP Armory and later seized by the BATFE cannot be classified as a firearm. Dimitri requests that any seized 80% lowers be returned to Ares Armor. Additionally, he also requests that copies of private customer information that was obtained during the raid be destroyed.


BATFE Raids Ares Armor

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

At around 1015 AM PDT, Saturday, March 15th, the BATFE executed a search warrant on SoCal-based Ares Armor. Several websites have reported that this raid was illegal because Ares Armor had been granted a Temporary Restraining Order earlier in the week by a federal judge of the US District Court, Southern District of California. This TRO prevented BATFE from executing a warrant based on what Ares Armor considered incorrect information regarding the 80% AR-15 lowers from EP Armory they had been selling.

Unfortunately, for Ares Armor, District Judge Janis L. Sammartino of the United States District Court, modified the TRO Friday afternoon. His order prevents Ares Armor from divesting itself of inventory and records. This prevents them from destroying or removing any evidence BATFE may be after. Also, the modification To the TRO clarifies that it does “not restrain lawful criminal proceedings.”

link to TRO modification

Ares Armor claims they were willing to give BATFE any unsold 80% lowers but that they would not provide BATFE with a list of their customers. This was the primary reason Ares Armor sought out the TRO in the first place.

BATFE asserts that Ares Armor has had in its possession thousands of firearms in the form of 80% lowers and, as they do not possess an FFL, this is a serious issue.

Ares Armor on the other hand, sold what they thought were perfectly legal, non-firearms in the form of 80% lower receivers for the AR-15. This means that they are only 80% complete and cannot function. Heretofore, it has been perfectly legal for individuals to purchase these non-firearms, which are simply machined aluminum or polymer and complete them on their own, for their own use, without serial number. BATFE has long held 80% receivers are non-firearms. We await to see what rule changes will be announced by BATFE that may affect the status of all 80% completed firearm blanks.

All Good Things Eventually Come To An End

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013


Ares Armor Introduces Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Many are interested in the innovative Derma Armor Carrier designed by Jon Zum and introduced earlier this year by Ares Armor with its custom low profile cummerbund featuring buckles created in conjunction with AustriAlpin. But, the reality is that most must use an issue armor carrier. Ares has heard your pleas and is offering the Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit retrofit that will work with most front opening armor carriers.


Donning and doffing is accomplished with their custom made attachment from AustriAlpine, meaning no more noise from hook and pile tape. It also adds a release to the system so that a non-releasable carrier is now releasable via pull cord attached into the system. Finally, the DUCK offers a triple bungee design not found anywhere else.


Ares Armor – INFORCE APL Sale

Friday, July 12th, 2013

rudius 1911 80 inforce

Ares Armor is having a sale on their branded INFORCE APL pistol light. The APLs are going for 39% off, limit two per customer. Stock is limited, so get them while they’re available.


Statement From “New” Ares Armor CEO

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Ares Armor posted this letter to their customers on their website earlier today. I’ve known Dmitri for several years now and he is one solid dude. I didn’t realize that for a time someone else was at the helm at Ares Armor but its good o see that he taken back the reins to assume position as CEO and that he is taking full responsibility for what is going on there regarding their 80% products. That is what I want to see in American business.

Ares Armor Customers,

For those of you who don’t know who I am. My name is Dimitri and as of about two weeks ago I took back my position as the CEO and am in full control of Ares Armor. I am going to start this letter off with a promise; I will take zero compensation in the form of a paycheck, bonus or any other workaround from Ares Armor until every single order for 80% products has been completed.

I would like to personally apologize for several things that we as a company have clearly done wrong.

Our communication with our customers has been atrocious and there is absolutely no excuse for that. Being busy is not a good reason to ignore the customers that support you. This is completely inexcusable behavior. We took in far too many orders than we were set up to handle. We have fallen far behind. Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” I have spent the last few nights awake scouring the internet reading every negative review I could find. There was plenty to learn.

My focus and the foremost of my attention will be directed at cleaning up our customer service. We have been making some very serious changes in the way we operate.

1. We will no longer take back orders through our website for 80% products.

2. We have set up an online live inventory system for all products that are not made to order items such as Tactical Nylon and Custom Kydex.

3. We have launched a new customer support system that will allow us to organize and respond to inquiries in a timely manner. If you want to get a hold of us please send an email to support@aresarmor.com or go to support.aresarmor.com and submit a ticket directly into our customer support system.

4. We have hired additional staff to ensure that we have someone answering the phones and returning calls.

In life, a man is judged by not only his own words and actions but by the company he keeps. Some of our partners that have acted as suppliers have been poor company indeed. We have received dates, times, quantities, and promises that have all been false. We are to blame for allowing this to happen.

We have secured alternate supply chains and will work nonstop to ensure that we fill orders as fast as we possibly can.

For those of you that have open orders with us. I will not rest until your order is filled.

Dimitri Karras, CEO