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Certainly Inspired

Friday, November 14th, 2014


A little over a year ago, Are Armor introduced the Derma Plate Carrier which features this unique buckle from AustriAlpin. During this week’s SWAT Roundup in Florida a new buckle appeared from a different manufacturer.


It’s not an exact copy, but it was obviously created to accomplish the same function. Certainly inspired. Barring any IP issues, let the market decide.

AustriAlpin Introduces New Buckle Colors

Friday, September 26th, 2014

This is very cool news from AustriAlpin regarding the introduction Of new powder coated colors. Thanks to the guys at Tactical Trim for passing this on to us.

After a development period of 8 months, the big day has finally arrived. AustriAlpin proudly presents the new powder-coated color range of the patented COBRA quick release buckle! The buckle color options of Sand, Coyote Brown, Tan 499, Foliage Green, Elephant Grey, Wolf Grey, White and Signal Orange will all now be finished with a new powder coating process. Buckles in the Black, Matte Black, Titanium Blue and Polished Metal will remain anodized and polished.

Why change? Why not stay with anodizing?

Our dedication to extremely high quality standards is the basis of the trust our customers put in us. Using the anodizing process it was very difficult and sometimes impossible to meet these high quality standards – especially with lighter tones and brighter colors we could not meet the color-match requirements, and the results were also often inconsistent.

Meanwhile, all over the world people are working on developing the best camouflage designs for their respective environments. In order to harmonize with these new camo designs and patterns, all accessories and trims should match the camo colors as perfectly as possible.

Why powder coating?

Powder coating guarantees a consistent and perfectly-even result so that all pieces will match the color standard all of the time.

The powder coating is also very durable and highly resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation. During the ISO cross-cut test for paint adhesion, the achieved rating was 0, which is the best possible test result.

The new color series is in production now; however, it will take until the end of 2014 to fully stock all models in every color.

COBRA HALO Buckle from AustriAlpin and Bushido Tactical

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


Bushido Tactical collaborates with renowned COBRA® buckle manufacturer, AustriAlpin to manufacture the patent pending Bushido Tactical COBRA®® HALO™ quick release buckles.

HALO™ – Heavy Duty, Aluminum, Low Profile, Operator buckle comes in three versions HALO1, HALO2, HALO3 – two versions currently used to eliminate the front Velcro panel fastener commonly seen in traditional tactical nylon vest and plate carriers.

“We started manufacturing newly improved plate carriers (Guardian & Sentinel) and tactical vest (Itus), including a retro-fit cummerbund utilizing our innovative HALO™ buckles at the requests of many law enforcement officers and operators who were tired of the antiquated system using front Velcro panels. They wanted an easier faster way to get in and out of their plate carriers without having to remove magazines and fumbling with the Velcro flap.”
– Wade Rorich, Operating Manager of Bushido Tactical, LLC.

The HALO™’s slim “H” design helps retain maximum armor protection eradicating any possible gaps, which could compromise the operator’s safety. Bushido Tactical nylon gear incorporating the HALO™™ buckles available December 2013.

• Solid, lightweight aluminum construction
• Slim “H” design
• Quick release buckle utilizing the COBRA® buckle locking mechanism
• Patent Pending HALO2 and HALO3 versions offered
• MOLLE compatible HALO3 buckle
• Available in Matte Black and Coyote Brown

Please note: Their website is down right now due to the amount of traffic. They are legitimate and I’ve spoken with them many times.

AustriAlpin Releases New Hybridized D-Ring COBRA

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013


Close your eyes and imagine the synergistic hybrid of two gold-standard pieces of safety industry hardware… the Parachute D-ring and the Cobra Buckle. Rated at 18kN – 4000lb MBS (Straight pull / frame test method). 36kN Loop config. Far and wide exceeds ANSI Z359.1, CSA, EN, UIAA, and NFPA standards.
Made from 12mm – 7075 aluminum alloy. Stainless Steel adjuster, rivets, components and D-ring. Brass Clips. CNC Machined for flawless precision, reliability and safety. No sharp edges.

grey double pic

*Military, Para-Sport, Industrial Safety, Offshore Rigging, Flight suits, riggers belts and just about anywhere else you find D-ring fastener / buckles.

Sneak Peek – Austrialpin Buckle with D-Ring

Friday, September 13th, 2013


Coming 2014

ITW Nexus GT Cobra Buckle

Thursday, August 1st, 2013


ITW Nexus has partnered up with AustriAlpin to produce the GT Cobra buckle series. The GT Cobra buckles are constructed from 100% polymer, are designed for superior crush resistance vs traditional SR buckles, and tensile loads up to 500lbs. They’re non-conductive, non-corrosive, and function in temperatures ranging from -40F to 140F (270F short term). The GT Cobra buckles come in three styles: non-adjust, single adjust, and dual adjust. All models are interchangeable, which allows for the use of various webbing sizes. The GT Cobra buckles be available in the following colors: Tan499, Black, CB498, Foliage Green, with other colors available by special request. The 1.75″ buckle in Black is shipping to master distributors now; all other buckles will follow later this month into September.

Evolution of Austrialpin Buckles for Ares Armor Derma Carrier

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013


This is the evolution of Austrialpin Cobra Buckles developed specifically for use in the Ares Armor Derma Carrier which we previewed back in April.

New from Intelligent Armour – Lightweight 1” Combat Belt in A-TACS FG Camo

Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

Gloucestershire, UK based Intelligent Armour introduces their new lightweight combat belt in A-TACS FG Camo and built to UK Military Specifications.

IA Belt

The new Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt can be worn with any trousers on or off duty without worrying about the width of the belt. At 1″ wide, the Intelligent Armour Lightweight Combat Belt 1″ will fit snugly on tactical trousers or jeans and is easily adjusted.

This belt also features a 1” Cobra Buckle…the smallest in the Cobra Buckle range from Austrialpin, the 1″ Cobra Buckle is lightweight, and very strong.

Cobras are CNC machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminium alloy and feature solid brass and stainless internal release mechanisms. All AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested and certified by highly respected independent/3rd party test houses and exceed Military Specification guidelines.

AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles are tested to the following standards:
• MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Dust Test Cert
• MIL-STD 810F (510.4) Blowing Sand Test Cert
• MIL-STD 810F (509.4) Salt Fog / Corrosion Resistance Test Cert

What Could Be Going On Here?

Friday, March 22nd, 2013


What could Ares Armor have in mind with these custom Cobra buckles from AustriAlpin?

215 Gear – Enhanced Rigger’s Belt 2

Friday, September 21st, 2012


215 Gear has introduced a new Rigger’s Belt featuring a custom 215 Slide rather than the Cobra buckle found on their Ultimate Rigger’s Belt. It’s sewn on a 7 Class machine used for air items.

215 Gear establishes their belt sizing based on the inner circumference.
Medium fits 30”-35” waist
Large fits 35-40” waist
X-Large fits 40-45” waist

Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA!